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Dimension Heroes Chapter 3 Act 1
Word Count: 6174

The dimension portal had opened up. Sonic, X, and Mille had exited out into a beach. “Hey, where is everybody?” Sonic and X asked. “Now calm down you two, your friends are in different locations, just keep calm and head on foreword, I will explain later.” Mille said. “Ugh, why do I feel weird, hey what’s going on?” Sonic asked. (All three were corrupted in a bright light. When it died off, Sonic was a Pikachu with blue cheeks. X was a Squirtle with green eyes and a red jewel on his shell. And Mille was a Caturn with pure white eyes) “What happened to us?” Sonic asked. “Ah, the Rules of Dimensions had changed us into creatures we are not normally used to.” Mille said. “So that's why I'm not a Reploid?” X asked. “Yes, the laws forced us to transform.” Mille explained. “Mille, how do you know so much?” Sonic asked. “That‘s secret, I cannot tell you.” Mille said. “Okay, now we have to find out who is who, I'm the turtle, Sonic's a mouse, and Mille's a cactus, am I correct?” X asked. “Yeah, hey what's going on over there?” Sonic asked. (The trio see a Glaceon running. The Glaceon was at the mouth of a cave and collapsed. X then rushed towards it) “Hey young cat, is everything alright?” X asked. (The Glaceon notices X) “No, my younger brother, Eevee was kidnapped by an Arodactayal, I had tried to fight it, but I got injured.” The Glaceon explained. “That's terrible, hey guys, we should help this cat!” X yelled. “You don't have to yell X, we're right here.” Sonic said. “So you have friends, my name is Glaceon, I'll be waiting to heal my wounds.” Glaceon said. “Okay, let's get inside.” Mille said. (The trio had entered into the Sand Caverns.

  They were walking around the caverns, they noticed stairs and when they were about to enter into the second floor, three Krabbys had appeared and were all firing bubbles. The trio had hid behind a wall) “So what can we do to not get hit?” Sonic asked. (X ran out and hid in his shell. He fired a spear of ice to his suprise and it had hit the right Krabby. Sonic grabbed X before he could get hit) “Did I fire Shotgun Ice?” X asked. “Well that's good for you, but how are we going to deal with this again?” Sonic asked. “I'll get in front while you get behind me, I'll be cover and you attack those crabs.” Mille said. “Got it, (Sonic grabbed X) don't worry X, I'll just use you as a shield.” Sonic said. “Sonic, you better not.” X said. (Sonic had ran from Mille and the Krabbys were firing more bubbles. X had hid in his shell and Sonic was using it as a cover. Sonic had ran up to a Krabby and had slammed his tail onto it. The Krabby fell and more bubbles were coming from the other crabs. Sonic had jumped up and threw X. X had hit another Krabby and was spinning around the room. The Krabby had fired a pillar of water and Sonic got. Mille had ran out of the room and had punched the Krabby and it had fainted along with the other two. Sonic had grabbed X and he came out of his shell) “Sonic, you didn't listen to my words.” Mille said. “Sorry Mille, but a hedgehog's gotta do what a hedgehog's gotta do.” Sonic said. “But your a mouse.” X said. “Inside I'm still myself, well we better get going before more of those guys show up.” Sonic said. “Please don't use me.” X whispered. “Don't worry X.” Mille said. (The trio had kept on walking through the caves.

  After fighting many Krabbys, the trio continued their way and had made it to Floor 7. Everyone found an Eevee and around it's neck was a bag) “Are you a Rescue Team?” Eevee asked. “No, are you the creature Glaceon mentioned?” Mille asked. “Yes, she’s my older sister, can you help me get out of here?” Eevee asked. “But have you seen an Aerodactyal?” X asked. “Up here.” Someone said. (All four looked up and find Aerodactyal. It had let go of the ceiling and swooped down) “Why is Eevee here?” Sonic asked. “He and his sister were stealing my treasures, I cannot forgive the two for doing so.” Areodatyal said. “Are you filled with greed, Eevee is innocent, he didn’t know about your presence.” X said. Silly Squirtle, you say that Eevee is innocent, what silly thoughts you have in your head.” Areodactyal said. “They’re not silly, you are too blind by greed to see what you are doing!” X yelled. “So you want to fight for Eevee’s safety, very well, be prepared!” Areodactyal said. “Eevee, stay behind that bolder, you’ll be safe.” Mille said. (Eevee ran straight towards the bolder and hid as Areodactyal had swooped down and was about to hit Sonic. X had fired Shotgun Ice on Areodactyal’s wing. The wing was frozen in ice and Mille grabbed Eevee and everyone ran out of the cave as fast as they could. They saw Glaceon waiting for them. Everyone kept running on the sandy beach. Areodactyal had gotten out of the cave and was chasing our heroes. Then a huge bolt of lighting had affected Areodactyal. Another bolt had hit Areodactyal, causing him to fly back into the cave. Sonic and others look up and see a group of Zebstrika with Glaceon. There was a Zebstrika that had a medal around it’s neck. The Zebstrika with the medal had went down to Sonic and the others) “Eevee, are you alright?” The medal wearing Zebstrika asked. “Yes, how did you find us? Eevee asked. “I waited for you all to get out of trouble.” Glaceon explained. “Aerodactyal had claimed that cave as his own, don’t worry, he will leave, soon.” The medal wearing Zebstrika said. “Thank you for rescuing me, I was too careless about my surroundings.” Eevee said. “It’s okay Eevee, all we just cared about was your safety, do you know where to go from here?” X asked. “Yes, come with me guys.” Glaceon said. “Excuse me, coming through.” Someone said. (A Luxio pushed through the Pokémon and met Sonic and others) “Who are you?” Sonic asked. “Sonic, is that you, oh it is, I’m Lighting!” Lighting explained. “Oh, Lighting, I didn’t know because of these new bodies.” Sonic said. “Um guys, shouldn’t we get going?” X asked. “OKAY X, LETS ALL GO!” Sonic and Mille yelled. “Why did I deserve that?” X asked. “WE DON’T KNOW!” Everyone yelled. (Sonic and others had left the Zebstrika team and were getting out of the cave) “Hey Mille, I wonder how I could use Shotgun Ice.” X said. “I don't know myself, but at least Eeeve is out of trouble,” Mille said. “But what are you two talking about?” Glaceon asked. “Oh nothing, hey, I can see the exit.” Sonic said. “Soon, we'll get to there.” Eeeve said. (They saw the light and had went outside.

  They were starting to walk up the sandy hill. Going to the top, the landscape was now becoming a meadow filled with old cars rusted up to a brown color. Plants and vines had risen from the ground and were getting stuck on the cars. The group had began to walk past the ruined meadow) “This meadow used to be what mama calls it, a highway.” Glaceon said. “So is this the place you mentioned?” Sonic asked. “No, it’s over there.” Eevee said. (Everyone looked towards a ruined city with broken skyscrapers. Everyone had left the meadow and made it to the ruined city. While walking around, there were tents that had stuff like a merchant Combee selling honey and flowers. A Bastiodon selling crafted stones. Inside of a ruined skyscraper were a Throh and Sawk. Sonic and Sonic’s team had entered into the building) “Welcome to the Training Dojo, I am Sawk and this is Throh.” Sawk said. “I’m Mille, these other animals are Sonic, X, Lighting, Eevee, and Glaceon.” Mille said. “An animal, no we are called Pokémon.” Throh explained. “So what are you doing?” X asked. “We are rebuilding the dojo to be even taller.” Sawk said. “You see the dojo had only ten floors, now we are making it to a hundred, making the roof of this building the top.” Throh said. “If you make it to the top, we will give you a special prize.” Sawk said. “Good, let’s go.” Sonic said. “Hold it Pikachu, the dojo’s not finished.” Throh said. “Okay, do you know where to go from here?” Sonic asked. “I’m not really sure, maybe you should head over to the magic shop.” Sawk said. “Thanks, we’ll be on our way.” Sonic said. (Everyone left the dojo.

  In the distance floating is a purple mist. Upon closer examine of the mist, it revealed where it’s being made, a wooden trailer with a smoke stake emiting the purple mist. X had opened the door and they were greeted by a Gothorita) “Welcome to Goth’s Magic Shop, I’m Gothorita, what do you seek?” Gothorita asked. “We are looking for friends of ours, do you know where to go?” Sonic asked. “I see, friends, Gothia, can you find my Crystal Ball?” Gothorita asked. “Just a minute, big sister, I’ll get it.” Gothia said. (She was in a different room) “It will take Gothia a while to get the ball due to it being in the Spirit World, why don’t you go to Musharna Inn?” Gothorita asked. “Okay, thanks for the info.” Sonic said. (Everyone left the shop and started to look for the inn. They found signs and one lead to a farm) “I know where the inn is, follow me!” Eevee said. (He began to run and everyone followed. They went out of the city. Passing through another meadow filled with rusted cars, there were more signs and Eevee kept running. They had made it to a grass land with many Milktanks eating on the grass. Beyond the grass was a building and there was a sign with a Musharna and a Dugtrio. Around the two Pokemon was a heart and it was palced below the roof) “This is it, I'm glad you remembered Eevee.” Glaceon said. “Your welcome sister.” Eevee said. “Well let's not waste time.” X said. (A Dugtrio had pushed the door open and ignored everyone. While it was opened, everyone entered into the country style inn. A Munna was waiting at the counter) “Hello, welcome to Musharna’s Sweet Dreams Inn.” Munna said. (An earthquake was starting to shake up the inn. Pokémon were hiding under all sorts of furniture and X hid inside of his shell. An anvil fell right next to X and cause him to fly in the air. An Audino had opened the door to the basement and X had entered into the basement. Then the earthquake stopped) “Is everyone alright?” Munna asked. “Yeah, I feel dizzy, but everything is alright.” Sonic said.

  (A Dugtrio appeared right next to Munna) “Sorry Munna, we accidental hit a support beam for the inn.” Dugtrio said. ”Thank you for the explanation.” Munna said. “Yeah, hey, did anyone see a Squirtle?” Glaceon asked. “I saw a Squirtle fly into the basement.” Audino said. “Thanks, let’s go find X.” Mille said. (They enter into the basement and they see X still hiding in his shell. When Sonic was about to grab X, an Excadrill had risen from the ground) “What are you doing here?” Excadrill asked. “Our friend is in here and we need to get him out, so can you go back to where you belong?” Sonic asked. “Very well, but if you come down again, you have to fight me.” Excadrill said. “Forgive us, but we've never been here before.” Mille said. (Sonic grabbed X and everyone left the basement. Sonic placed X down and looked inside of his shell. Eevee looked at Glaceon) “Glaceon, when will be able to see our mother?” Eevee asked. “I don't mind staying with those guys, at least well be safe with them.” Glaceon said. (Inside of the shell, two green eyes had flashed in the darkness of the shell. Sonic placed his head into X’s shell and X lunged out and bit Sonic’s nose) “Ouch, let go X!” Sonic yelled. (X opened his mouth) “Sorry Sonic, you were in my way of getting my head out.” X said. “Are you alright X?” Mille asked. “Yes, but while I was in the basement, I grabbed this map.” X said. (His tail emerged from the shell and wrapped around it was a map and a door opened up. A Musharna had came out and Munna flew to her) “Munna, what happened?” Musharna asked. “The Diglett and Dugtrio had both caused an earthquake by accident while they were underground, no one was hurt during the shake.” Munna said. (Musharna notices X holding onto the map and flew next to him) “Excuse me little Squritle, how did you obtain that map?” Musharna asked. “Huh, oh this map, I found it when I was flung into the basement.” X said. “Were you injured?” Musharna asked. “Nope, I was in my shell all the time, except when I grabbed the map with my tail.” X said. “Hey X, let’s see what’s inside of your map.” Lighting asked. “Not right here, um excuse me receptionist, can you tell us where we can find a large table?” X asked. “Over there, here let me open the door.” Munna said. (She opened a door.

  Everyone looked inside and saw a Berry Bar. There were many round tables with Pokémon on chairs. Sonic and others enter into the berry bar and find a table, X had placed the map down and opened it up. It had revealed many islands, coastlines, forests, mountains, and jungles) “Wow, where does this map lead to?” Sonic asked. “It has a very strange writing, it must be very old.” X said. “It must be Pokeia, a very old language, many Pokémon elders know this language.” Eevee said. “How did you learn that old language?” Glaceon asked. “My teacher mentioned the language during history class.” Eevee explained. “Let me see this map, I can translate it.” Mille said. “You do, what does it say?” Sonic asked. “It says, When the Dragons of Fire and Lighting strike ounce again, the world beneath them shall fall into a blazing fireball.” Mille said. “A fireball, what does that mean?” X asked. “Let me continue, when the World is about to end, the God of all Pokémon, Arceus shall summon heroes with this map. It will lead them to the Justified Mirror, it’s power will break the barrier to the Trio Islands. The Guardian of Luck will greet the heroes and lead them to the mirror.” Mille read. “So this is the Legends Map, I’ve never knew that it was so important to Arceus.” Musharna said. “Who are the dragons of Fire and Lighting?” Sonic asked. “They would be Zekrom and Reshiram, legend has it, ounce every hundred years, these two Pokemon will attack each other, the clash will be held at this dimension.” Musharna said. “How did you know about this?” X asked. “My ancestors had witnessed the two dragons clash.” Musharna explained. “It’s making me worry.” Eevee said. “About what?” Glaceon asked. “The dragons, Zekrom and Reshiram, why do they have to clash if their not enemies to each other?” Eevee asked. “I don’t really know Eevee, it is quite a mystery.” Musharna said. (Mille looks at a window and sees a crescent moon in the night sky) “It’s clearly night time, maybe the answer might pop up in our dreams.” Mille said. “Yeah, maybe Mille’s right, yawn.” Sonic said. “I feel exhausted, maybe I can find Zero and Axl in the morning.” X said. “Well don’t worry, since you had found my map, I can let you all stay in here for free.” Musharna said. “That’s nice.” Sonic said. “Sonic, is that your voice?” Someone said. (Sonic and everyone turned around and saw a Lilligant) “Ivory, is that you?” Lighting asked. “Lighting, why are you a lion?” Ivory asked. “The Rules of Dimensions had forced us to change from our original bodies.” Mille explained. “I think I can understand, ounce you get to your room you’ll explain on what’s going on.” Ivory said. “That’s right Ivory, but what do you mean ‘your’ room?” Mille asked. “I had bought another room, maybe I had entered this dimension first, but oh well.” Ivory said. “Ah yes, there’s two empty rooms next to your room.” Munna said. “Where did you from from?” X asked. “I'm Psychic.” Munna explained “That’s great, so let’s go.” Ivory said. (Munna gave Sonic and Lighting two keys) “Thanks flying pig thing.” Sonic said. “I’m a Munna.” Munna introduced. “Whatever, let’s get going, Ivory, can you do the honors.” Lighting said. “Follow me.” Ivory said. (They had left Munna and Musharna inside of the berry bar. After climbing down five floors, everyone enters into Ivory’s room. Sonic sat down on the straw bed. X had sat down on a chair while others had sat on the floor) “So X is a Squirtle, Sonic’s a Pikachu, Lighting’s a Luxio, Mille’s a Caturn, and I’m a Lilligant, did I get all that?” Ivory asked. “Yes, you’re getting the hang of our names, Ivory, I’m Glaceon, and this is Eevee, we can show you around town tomorrow, we’ll go to our room, let’s go Eevee.” Glaceon said. (They both go to the room left of Ivory’s room. Lighting and Mille went to the room on the right. Leaving Sonic, X, and Ivory in Ivory’s room. Everyone had fallen asleep.

  While everyone was asleep, Munna had came through the open window and saw what dreams everyone were having. Sonic was having a picnic with his friends. Ivory was in a garden. Mille’s was about her at ancient ruins, and Lighting was helping a friend. Eevee and Glaceon were dreaming about playing in the snow. When Munna got to X’s dream, it was filled with mystery. X was in a hall of mirrors and each was showing his reflection. X looked around and began to hear Zero's voice whispering. There was a purple mist that began to form, but X ignored it as he kept hearing the voice. As X kept walking, he was hearing a different voice) “X, X, X.” Someone whispered. “Huh, who said that?” X asked. “It's me X, but you don't remember, do you?” Someone asked. “Who and where are you?” X asked. “Look in the reflection silly.” Someone said. (X looked and saw his reflection looking at him while smiling. X walked over to the mirror and poked the image. X got closer and then, the refection's arm had risen from the mirror and was choking X. X had managed to break the mirror and fell to the ground while breathing. X got up and began to walk again. He was looking at another reflection and saw that the armor on his neck was ripped and revealed the insides. X had rubbed his neck and felt the wounds. The whisperers of Zero became more louder and X had ran towards it. X had found Zero looking at him with his right arm behind his back) “Zero, there you are, where are we?” X asked. “Come closer, (X took one step closer) now get to me.” Zero said. (X walked up to Zero) “Are you alright, why were you whispering?” X asked. “I'm not, now close your eyes, I have a surprise.” Zero said. (X closed his eyes and waited) “So what is it?” X asked. “Here it is, (X heard a loud noise and felt pain in his chest. X opened his eyes and saw that Zero's right arm was hiding the Z-Saber and it was jammed from X's back into his chest. X looked at Zero and saw him with red irises and grinning. X backed up and a portal had opened up behind X. X fell into it and was falling into darkness. He landed onto a flat surface and cables began to connect to X's body. He looked up and saw Zero still smiling and now there was a yellow color on his cheeks. The portal began to close and X was trying to reach out for Zero as the cables were consuming him) farewell Megaman X.” Zero said. “ZERO!” X yelled. (Everything went dark and there was a glowing red diamond. X had immediately woke up and was breathing heavily. He looked around and saw Munna) “Are you alright, I saw your nightmare.” Munna whispered. “So it was a nightmare, I'm alright, but what are you doing in here?” X whispered. “Well, I always read dreams from others, but if it really bothers you, I won't come back in.” Munna whispered. “It's okay, yawn, I better get back to sleep, goodnight Munna.” X whispered. (Munna winked and flew out of the window and closed it. X looked out at the moon) “That wasn't Zero, it was someone else, but I can't remember, yellow, oh well, maybe I might have another dream.” X thought. (He went into his shell and fell asleep ounce again.

  Meanwhile, on an island, an Eevee with brown fur around it’s neck, the tip of the tail, ears, and hairs on the head. It wore dark blue boots with orange lines. There was a red Servine with Zero's helmet. The two were walking through the woods) “Where are we?” The Eevee asked. “Calm down Axl, we'll find out where we are soon.” The Servine said. “Hey Zero, catch me if you can!” Axl said. (He began to run off) “Axl, get back here!” Zero yelled. (He started to chase after Axl. Then, a few seconds, Axl fell of a cliff. Zero rushed over to the edge and saw Axl bouncing on a Snorlax) “Weeee, hey Zero, come on, this is, (Axl went back down to the Snorlax’s belly) REALLY FUN!” Axl yelled. “Get back up here right now!” Zero yelled. (Axl bit Zero's tail and pulled him from the cliff. While they were falling, Zero used Iron Tail and buried his tail deep into the rocks. Axl had just let go and continued to bounce on the Snorlax) “Come on Zero, jump on this big creature’s belly.” Axl said. “Did you forget to help me find X a few minutes ago?” Zero asked. (Axl grabbed Zero’s hand and pulls on it. Zero had finally let go and they both fell onto the Snorlax’s belly. They bounced and landed onto the ground) “Wasn’t that fun Zero?” Axl asked. “That was a bit fun, but we need to focus.” Zero said. “I guess your right, but you won't stop me from having fun, (Axl noticed Zero trying to stand up right with his eyes began to close) hey, are you alright?” Axl asked. “I, feel tired, we better find a place to sleep for the night.” Zero said. “Okay, I feel tired myself, (Axl began to look around and noticed something) I’ve found the perfect place.” Axl said. (He jumped to a tree and started to fall asleep) “Axl, fine, I guess that will do.” Zero said. (He got on top of athe tree and fell asleep. Unknown to the two hunters, they were sleeping on a Torterra. It had woken up and got out of the ground. It heard Axl snoring and it walked away.

  Back at the Musharna Inn, morning has risen. And after everyone had woken up, they all entered into the Berry Bar and sat down) “So yeah, a new day, what a wonderful morning, (Sonic noticed X with a frown looking down upon the wooden table) hey X, is everything alright?” Sonic asked. “Huh, oh, I was just thinking about a nightmare I had last night.” X said. “You had a nightmare, what was it about?” Eevee asked. “I was in a hall of mirrors and I was hearing Zero's voice calling out for me, as I was heading their, a refection tried to kill me.” X explained. “Oh dear, were you alright?” Glaceon asked. “Remember, it was a dream, but when I got to Zero, he attacked me and I fell into a portal, when I looked up, he had red eyes and I noticed a yellow color.” X said. “Where was that yellow?” Ivory asked. “On his cheeks, but I remembered that there was a Maverick I fought before with the yellow, but I don't remember who it was.” X said. “X, you need to stop thinking about it for a while.” Mille said. “I know, but I'm just trying to remember.” X said. “Your Oran Smoothie is here.” Someone said. (They all saw a Wobbuffet holding onto a plate with a blue smoothie) “That would be mine.” Mille said. (The Wobbuffet gave Mille the drink and she placed it on the table and began to drink) “So Mille, do you have any idea who the Maverick was in my dream?” X asked. (Mille had placed the smoothie down) “No, I don't know, but.” Mille said. “What?” X asked. “I do have a feeling that this Maverick was from the past.” Mille said. “That's what I think, but maybe the answers will come back to me when I return home.” X said. “Hopefully.” Mille whispered. “What was that?” X asked. (Mille had spitted out some of her smoothie and all of it landed onto X) “Oh, I'm sorry X.” Mille said. (Eevee had ran out of the Berry Bar and had gotten a towel. He ran back and gave it to X. X began to rub his face with the towel) “Thank you Eevee.” X said. “Your welcome.” Eevee said. “Let’s think about other things, like the map.” Ivory said. (Musharna had walked into the Berry Bar and went over to Sonic and the group) “Hello everyone, how did you sleep?” Musharna asked. “Mille spited Oran smoothie all over X and X had a nightmare about his friend trying to kill him and reminding him of a Maverick.” Sonic explained. “Oh, so that’s why X smells like Oran Berries, Munna told me all about your nightmare X, do you know who this figure was?” Musharna asked. (X had his hands on his head) “I don’t know, I don’t know.” X said “Don’t ask him Musharna, Mille had advised X not to talk about it.” Eevee said. “Did you guys know about the earthquake that had struck at Ion Valley, where the Justified Mirror is kept?” Musharna asked. “What, is it okay?” Glaceon asked. “Yes, but other areas had been infected by lighting and fire.” Musharna said. “It must be Zekrom and Reshiram, hey Sonic, do you have the map?” Mille asked. “Sure thing, I stored it in X’s shell.” Sonic said. “Um, you stored it in my body?” X asked. “Sure, your a turtle, now get it.'” Sonic said. “Alright, (X placed his head into his shell and got the map out) what a very odd place to store it in, hey Musharna, do you have a different place to store this map?” X asked. “Sure, (Mushrana got a map pouch and gave it to Ivory) you do know where to go, right?” Musharna asked. “Yes, as long as we have the map, we will make it to whatever location we need to go.” Ivory said. “Musharna, are you going with us?” Eevee asked. “I have to work at my inn, but Glaceon, can I take care of Eevee?” Musharna asked. “Yes.” Glaceon said. “Glaceon, is there a reason that I’m not going with you?” Eevee asked. “You’re too young, I don’t want you getting hurt like before.” Glaceon said. “Okay sister, I’ll stay, but tell me what happened after your adventure.” Eevee said. “Okay, everyone, let’s go!” Sonic said. (Everyone got off the seats and went back into their rooms.

  After getting their stuff, everyone had left the Musharna Inn. Outside, Musharna, Eevee, and Munna wave goodbye and the group had left. The team made it to the ruined city and Sonic and others went back to the Goth Magic Shop. They got near the door and Ivory had opened it, they were greeted by Gothorita) “Hello everyone, what are you all doing back here?” Gothorita asked. “We came here to get the supplies, we need to go to Ion Valley.” Glaceon said. “Isn’t it dangerous to go there?” Gothia asked. “It must be because of the earthquake, don’t worry about us, we found a map that will take us to Ion Valley.” X said. “Okay, oh hey Squirtle, I hope this will come handy to you.” Gothia said. (She walked away from X, X had started to follow Gothia. The two had made it to Gothia’s room. Inside was a pedestal. On top of it was a Statue of Flame Stag. X had walked toward it and had touched the statue. It had began to dissolve in X’s hands. A dark aura was forming around X’s body. The shell had changed colors. It was now a sky blue color with a darker blue for the borderline of the shell. On the center of the shell was a fire symbol and X had his helmet. X was still a light blue color for the skin, just like a normal Squirtle) “A statue of Flame Stag, where did you get it?” X asked. “We found it on a beach near Ion Valley, but nothing like that has ever happened before, who is Flame Stag?” Gothia asked. “Hey X, what’s taking so long?” Sonic asked. (Both X and Gothorita went back with the others entered into the room) “Sorry Sonic, look what I have.” X said. “Oh yeah, you’ve got your helmet back, now you look more recognizable.” Sonic said. “Thank you, and Gothia, we will make it to Ion Valley!” X said. “Good luck X, have a safe trip everyone!” Gothia said. (They waved goodbye and followed Eevee to the food market. It was a row of old buildings on the left and right. On the first building to the right, the team saw a broken window shop. On the door was a banner saying ‘Apple Shop.’ Through the broken window, they saw a Cinccino making fresh apple pie. Near the window were three Minccinos helping out with displaying the apples in a pyramid shape. A door opens up and a Castform (Sun form) leaves the greenhouse part of the house. On the left side was a store where a Maractus and a Darumaka selling cactus water that’s topped with sliced Aspear berries. The second row’s right was a Krokorok and a Sandile selling grapes. The other side had a Ducklett and Swanna selling Peat Moss. The third row’s left building had a Golem selling Rock Candy. On the other side was a bakery shop. Outside was a trio of Kricketune making noises. A top hat was placed and it was gaining golden coins with P imprinted on them. Inside of the nut shop was a Pansage wearing oven mitts holding onto a sheet of roasted sugar coated nuts. A Pansear wearing an apron was at a display window showing off many treats. A Panpour was holding onto a batch of cupcakes that had green frosting, and a Pansage leaf on top of each cupcake. The next shop at the fourth row, it was a Leavanny and a Whirlipede selling various fruit trees that were beginning to grow fruits. On the other side, was a berry shop. On the baskets outside of the shop were Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear, Oran, Persim, Lum, and Sitrus berries. On the front patio of the house, they were hanging baskets which contained many Oran, Pecha, and Lum berries. A Growthie was watching over the berries. Inside of the building had many trees that were covered by many berries, around the trees were Balm Mushrooms. Glaceon went inside and the others did.

  Inside, there were many garden tools including shovels, water pails shaped like Squirtles, and pots. There was an Azumarill walking around with a pot. She was having trouble and Sonic had helpped her place it down on the ground) “Thank you mister, oh Glaceon, it's been a while since you and your family visited, but where's your parents, shouldn't they be with you?” Azumarill asked. “I know, but I brought some friends along, were going to Ion Valley, but we don't know how to get there.” Glaceon said. “Ah, I know what you need to do, just a sec.” Azumarill said. (She walked off and X looked at a Squirtle Pail) “X, is something wrong?” Lighting asked. “Oh, I just wonder why a Flame Stag statue would be doing in this dimension instead of mine.” X said. “I know X, but thinking about it right now won't solve anything, just like that nightmare you had.” Ivory said. “Oh, I'd wish I knew who it was, is it a Maverick, a hunter, or something else?” X asked. “That was bad Ivory, just calm down X.” Mille said. (Azumarill came out holding onto a cookie in the shape of a Cloyster) “I know how to get to Ion Valley, do you have anything I can look at?” Azumarill asked. “Yeah, I still have the map in my shell, just let me get it, (X dug his head back into his shell and pulled out the map with his mouth and gave it to Azumarill) here you go.” X said. “I see, well you have to go see Lapras, she loves these Cloyster Cookies, but I hope you will be alright going to the valley.” Azumarill said. “We'll be alright, besides, Musharna is taking care of Eevee.” Glaceon explained. “I see, well good luck.” Azumarill said. 
“Right, we'll be careful!” Lighting said. (The team had left the shop and made it to the fifth and final row. On the left side was a map place. An Elgyem was selling a bunch of maps. And the final shop was a tourist info booth) “So Glaceon, where can we find this Lapras?” Sonic asked. “She’s back at the beach where we all met, me and Eevee had been on her before.” Glaceon explained. “We better head on back to that ocean.” Sonic said. “Sonic, are you that mouse?” Someone asked. (Everyone turned around and found the Excadrill from Musharna's Inn) “Knuckles, is that your voice, and why were you so angry at us?” Sonic asked. “I’m sorry Sonic, it’s my fault I had a bit of a short temper.” Knuckles said. “I’d like to tell you that your Master Emerald is safe, I didn’t do anything dumb.” Ivory said. “That’s good, so where are you guys going?” Knuckles asked. “To the beach, first, we better head back to the meadow.” Sonic said. (Everyone had left the market and went back through the meadow) “So what were you doing in Musharna's Inn?” X asked. “Well, I was flung into the dimension and that's when I became furious.” Knuckles said. “Okay, a bad temper, makes sense.” Ivory said. “Well the beach is pretty close from here.” Glaceon said. (They had made it to the beach and found the Zebstrikas watching the entrance of the cave) “What are you doing out here?” The leader asked. “We're here just to see Lapras, can you let us through?” Glaceon asked. “Areodactyal hasn’t come out of the cave yet, but are you sure you can defend yourselves?” The leader asked. “We will, just be careful.” Lighting said. (Everyone left the Zebstrika team and had made it to a small port. Glaceon had rushed over to an old search light and flashed it to the dawn sky.

  The sun began to rise, and in the distance was Lapras swimming towards the port. She landed near the port and looked at everyone) “Hello Glaceon, are these your new friends?” Lapras asked. “Yes, can you take us to Ion Valley?” Glaceon asked. “Yes, I will take you to the North Border of this island.” Lapras said. “But, isn’t there too many of us, won’t you sink?” X asked. “I know, that’s why I've brought my other friend.” Lapras said. (Another Lapras had appeared and it had a giant flower on it’s head. And it had glasses on it’s eyes) “Hello, my name is Aqua, ride on my back to get to your destination.” Aqua introduced. (Sonic and Knuckles had split up the Shelder Cookie and Sonic, Lighting, and Ivory got on top of Aqua. X, Glaceon, Knuckles, and Mille got on top of Lapras. Sonic and Knuckles had given the two Lapras' the halves of the cookie. Then, the two Pokémon had swum away from the shore. What will happen to the group at Ion Valley? Mille they save the world? The answers will be revealed in Act 2.