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Chapter 6 will be put on hiatus until the finishing Chapter 4's edits. I'm very sorry if you are waiting for the next chapter, but I will do my best to finish Chapter 4. Also, Chapter 3 has been fully edited and is now published.
Updates for many things to come.
Hiatus for Chapter 6
Chapter 4 has been finished and is now completed. Sorry for the three day wait. I will now get back to working on Chapter 6.
The end of editing
Chapter 4 is edited ounce again and now has Acts. I will soon work on the edits after Chapter 6 Act 1 is done
The passing of acts for Chapter 4
Chapter 6 Act 1 has been published and now edits to other chapters will be worked on
Chapter 6 Act 1 and the many edits
Chapter 6 Act 3 got published
Chapter 6 Act 3 has been completed and uploaded. Tomorrow, Act 4 will be worked upon
The beginning of Chapter 7
Chapter 7 Act 1 has been published. Hopefully there will be two more acts to this chapter.
The Fourth Act
​Chapter 7 Act 4 is done and I still have much more left. Nineteen more days till the third year anniversary of the story of Dimension Heroes!
Three years since the Begining
Well, it's now the third year anniversary. I thank all of you for reading my story. Even though I still have a lot more things needed to be done for Chapter 7, I will continue on.
One number left till 7
Well, one more act left till the end of Chapter 7. Hopefully I'll be able to begin and finish the act before October 13 2013
A message to those waiting for Act 5
Sorry everyone, I forgot to upload Act 5 of Chapter 7, well, here you go. Also, I've got the last act. Right now, I'm going to be taking a break till the first day of November for my next idea. I hope you all have a great Halloween.
The Show must go on!
Well, today is the Second Anniversary of this website. Well, here's to more publishing for this website! To celebrate it, you will find a new title below Chapter 7. I thought I was going to get a longer break, but I was wrong
Fanfiction addition
I have just made a new account on fanfiction.net and had published the first chapter. My profile is named Limited Master RX and the title of the posted fanfic is still Dimension Heroes. You can check it out, but it will just be the first chapter there.
It is Finished.
I thank you all, new or old visitors, for now, the very first story, Dimension Heroes, is now over. Again, I thank you all for reading this story. This story was finished on December 17 2013.
​Hi everyone, well, I managed to publish something during my two week break. It's time I explain something involving what I'll be doing. After I finish a Chapter Story. Take Dimension Heroes as an example. I will do short stories to even out the wait to each Chapter Story. For this one, I will have about four or five short stories before the next Story Arc. I hope you can understand that I just can't do long stories each day. Well, I hope you all had a Happy New Year and for more stories to come this year!
A late New Year and a new story!
Hello everyone, it's me again. I have some important news. For Dimension Heroes, I'm going to rework on the first five chapters. After reading the first two Chapters, I noticed many mistakes and I will go over them. For all of the chapters (Mostly 1 and 3) I'm going to just update the grammar. Chapter 2 will have the major updates as there will be new scenes replacing the old ones. Both Chapter 4 and 5 will have new Acts. 4 will have a fifth act to split up the first and Chapter 5 will need to be split too. I hope this will be alright with you all for I don't want to look like a bad Fanfic Writer.
​New updates for Dimension Heroes
Hi everyone, please forgive me if you have been waiting for two months upon the retyping of Dimension Heroes. The three reasons are being lazy, thinking up new ideas which contradicts older parts, and playing Luigi's Mansion due to nostalgia. I hope you can understand, but I promise to make the new versions of Chapter 1 and 2 to be even better. So as of right now, I am on Chapter 2 Act 2. The new version of Chapter 1 isn't being worked on, but after I finish Chapter 2, I will quickly work on the first. Thank you for reading this. The Author.
Well, it's been a while since I updated. The good news is that the new version of Chapter 2 is almost done. Another thing is, I'm not going to make a new Chapter 1. The reason is because, I've grown too attached to it. I still have memories writing the chapter trying to come up with a premise until I typed it up. All that will come for it is new scenes and better editing. The Late Year of Luigi is still coming, so I do hope that ounce I publish the new version of Chapter 2, I can get to working on it. Chapter 1's update will come, but not right now. Thanks for reading.
Keeping something that was of the past.
Important News
Oh look, another update. Hi everyone, well, good news is that the first two acts of Chapter 2 are done and right now, I'm working on the third act. Here's another thing I have to mention, almost all of my fan characters will be changing species. Yes, I am going to be reworking my characters and remove them of being hedgehogs. The list is a spoiler for those who haven't read Chapters 1-5. The charcters who are getting a make over are, Ivory, Shade, Tiffany, Will, (Who has a new name) Polar, Solar, Lighting, Janet, Crescent, Janet, and Whirlpool. A new thing to note is that the species (Volcannon, Thundria, and others) will be getting the same treatment. As of right now, Ivory, Will, and Polar have their new designs while Solar is almost done. I am certain that these new designs will be much better then the original hedgehogs. I do hope you can enjoy reading about them when I'm done. So that's most of the updates. I hope to publish the new Chapter 2 and updated Chapter 1 before May 4th. Until next time. Bye.
Hey everyone, yeah, I know, Chapter 2 still isn't updated. But, there's something I have to say. I'm going to Animazement at North Carolina! Yes, you will have a chance to see me cosplay as Kalinka Cossack, (I will have photos posted before Memorial Day weekend) and you can ask me questions and have pictures! Make sure these questions aren't personal, (The only one I will allow is "How did you begin to write stories?" and similar questions) and you must call me either Kalinka or Author. Well, that's all I have to say upon this matter. Thank you for reading!
Hi everyone, it's me again. For family reasons, I'm only appearing at Animazment on Friday. For good news, the new version of Chapter 2 is almost done and I will publish it hopefully today and update all of the other chapters for the new characters designs. My cosplay is nearly done for pictures and I will only have one today. So that's mostly it, there are some other things I could talk about, but for now, thank you for reading this. From the Author. (EXTRA) Chapter 2 is done and for right now, I will not reveal the new looks I gave for Polar, Solar, Crescent, and others. For right now, ounce I get Ivory, Shade, Tiffany, Will's, and Lighting's details to the story.
Hello everyone, I'm very sorry for what happened with the Late Year of Luigi. Due to new ideas that will confuse you without other stories, it has been pushed back for two new stories. For good news, the new story has the first chapter finished and will have two acts for the second. That's mostly it, but Chapter 4 and 7 of Dimension Heroes has new parts of scenes.
​A month since updates.
The Author here again, I was able to post something that has been finished for a while. The next story I have is an important one. The first chapter is done and I will work on the second soon. I hope that you will all have a great Fourth of July soon.
Dangerous Games
Hello everyone, I'm very sorry that I haven't updated so long. I have a reason for that. I've been reading over Dimension Heroes (The story) and I wanted to change a lot of things, for right now, I'm thinking up new ideas for Chapter 4 and re writing a chapter from the ground up. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll get all of that done before December. I just hope you aren't angry at me for this, but for now, I just have plenty of stuff to do.