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Calcite's Quest
A door opened, letting Calcite enter. Computer screens everywhere with robots typing. A giant map of the world on a wall, having many red dots. Calcite smirked at one robot near the map. He went up to it and had a hand to it's shoulder) “Hello Realgar.” Calcite soothed. (The robot looked at Calcite. It was a tall anthropomorphic white weasel. On his body were shards of Realgar and streaks of gold. The face had an extended round muzzle with a realgar nose. Black unfused eyes with red irises. Covering most of it's body was a long golden coat tied by a thick black belt. Sticking out was a tail with a golden streak and realgar tip. The weasel glared at the bat) “You, how dare you step into my central computer room!” Realgar chided. “Calm down, Obsidian punished me, so I'm working alongside you.” Calcite explained. “With someone who mocks me?” Realgar asked. “I won't bother you, even if it's delightful.” Calcite said. “What do you plan on doing?” Realgar asked. “Oh, I'm just adding new files on my research.” Calcite explained. “About the Memento Mori?” Realgar asked. “Yes, and I've made discoveries.” Calcite said. “How important are they to this war?” Realgar asked. “Not telling, unless you lend me a computer.” Calcite trolled. “Fine, (Realgar pointed to a computer next to his. The bat sat down on a chair. He began to type. During this, he opened his wings, pushing Realgar away) hey, don't do that!” Realgar yelled. “Oh, I'm sorry, I haven't moved my wings in a while.” Calcite joked. “Don't do that again.” Realgar chided. “Where's your own computer?” Calcite asked. “Getting repaired, now what are you typing?” Realgar asked. “Nothing important, just focus on your business.” Calcite said. “Fine, don't be a jerk to me.” Realgar chided. “You only hate me for my research, how come you don't want me to report on the Memento Mori?” Calcite asked. “It's not important, do something useful like Azulite and Stromatolite.” Realgar chided. “Where are those two, Azulite was with Obsidian, right?” Calcite asked. “Yes, he returned due to the Rebellion attacking one of our bases.” Realgar explained. “Well, near water, but I've had enough talking.” Calcite said. “It'd better be on how to defeat the Rebellion.” Realgar thought. (The two kept working on the computers.

  Calcite saved his work onto a flash drive. He glared at the robot weasel. Spreading his calcite wings, they pushed Realgar into a robot. They both crashed, Calcite chucked) “Sorry Realgar, my wings wanted to open.” Calcite lied. “Get out!” Realgar yelled. “Forgive me Realgar, (Calcite took out the flash drive) but I'll be a good boy.” Calcite joked. (He felt a laser hit his wing. The bat rubbed his wing before running out of the room. Realgar sighed, now glaring at the computer Calcite used) “Why did I build him if he was going to mess up?” Realgar asked. (The robots surrounding him shrugged before returning to work.

  In an empty hallway, Calcite rubbed his wing) “Realgar, why hide when you can fight?” Calcite thought. (He continued walking, passing by robot ants) “Tanzanite's army, where are you going?” Calcite asked. (An ant looked at the bat. It ran off alongside others. Calcite followed them.

  Calcite and the robot ants arrived to a big door) “Master Obsidian's throne room.” Calcite thought. (The door opened up, revealing a large cylinder room. White walls and floors with long red carpet. Hanging around the room were crystal spheres, having small lights illuminate. The carpet lead to a throne near a wall. Rubies inside of the marble throne shined. Near the throne were two long red curtains. A marble pedistal in the center, with Memento Mori cape hanging in white energy. Calcite went towards the cape. Tanzanite's ants pushed him back) “Of course, my reputation isn't good with you.” Calcite thought. “So you don't want me in here, fine, I won't bother you.” Calcite soothed. (He walked out of the room) “I need to find a way to get that cape.” Calcite thought.

  Walking through the now empty hallway, Calcite stopped at a door. Calcite color, a sphere shined in the middle. The bat placed his hand onto the sphere. He moved back when the door opened. Inside, the room was dark, illuminated by calcite yellow. The bat entered, letting the door close. He looked around, everything clean. A thin laptop lied on a desk. Calcite went to it. He sat down on a chair) “What to do, I need something like the Pure Glove.” Calcite mused. (He opened the computer and inserted the flash drive. Pressing his long fingers into the keys, he typed.

  Bored of the words he typed, Calcite went upside down. Words of plans and locations) “Where do I go now?” Calcite thought. “Need a location?” Someone asked. (The bat landed onto the floor, wings spread. Having computer in hand, he pointed it at the voice) “Who are you?” Calcite asked. “I cannot say, but I know where to go.” Someone said. “Where, how did you break into Master Obsidian's palace?” Calcite asked. “I am a spirit, before my death, I researched the Memento Mori.” The spirit introduced. “Interesting, did you make any findings before passing away?” Calcite asked. “Plenty, even finding another Pure Glove.” The spirit said. “Another, so I was right.” Calcite thought. “Tell me where this glove's located.” Calcite ordered. “Understood, shouldn't you tell Realgar?” The spirit asked. “Him, (Calcite looked at a wall) if that's the only way to get outside, fine.” Calcite chided. “I'll wait till you get your agreement.” The spirit said. (It vanished, leaving Calcite) “Strange how that happened, I talked to a spirit.” Calcite sighed. “A weird day, but for research, I'll take that.” Calcite thought. (He walked down the hallway.

  The door opened up, Calcite entered, he glared at Realgar) “What do you want?” Realgar asked. “Calm down sir, I was heading out.” Calcite answered. “Where to?” Realgar asked. “Anywhere, I'm a high ranking general, so you should agree with me.” Calcite said. “No, your knowledge is better suited for war.” Realgar said. “I don't want to waste my time on weapons, the Memento Mori is more important.” Calcite chided. “Calcite, I may built you to be smart, but stop it, we have a war to win.” Realgar chided. “I don't care, but if you want me to help, let me research the Memento Mori.” Calcite demanded. “Fine, but you won't get your hands on the armor.” Realgar chided. “Fine, I can research them without it.” Calcite joked. “Get out!” Realgar yelled. (Calcite walked out, smile on his face.

  Calcite picked up his laptop) “I heard your conversation.” The spirit said. “Behind our backs, of course.” Calcite muttered. “Now show me a map.” The spirit said. “One on my laptop.” Calcite said. (He opened his laptop, letting it reveal a map. Calcite's eyes flashed with the spirit placing a shadow hand onto the screen. Pointed at a jungle) “This is where you go, I'll meet you there.” The spirit whispered. (He vanished, leaving Calcite to close his laptop. The bat ran off towards the unknown destination.

  Calcite arrived to the jungle, he flew around. Looking below, he noticed an opening. Landing, calcite wings flapped till the bat landed. Thrashed tents, skulls and bones lay across dirt. Calcite picked up a bone) “Failed expedition, this location, where the hunt started.” Calcite sighed. “You arrived.” Someone said. (Calcite turned to face the shadow figure, hiding under trees) “Where's the Pure Glove?” Calcite asked. (The spirit pointed to a decent looking tent. Calcite ran in, pushing the ruins away. His monocle flashed, the other Pure Glove. He gripped it, raising it high) “Now I can research the Memento Mori with ease!” Calcite thought. “Now that you have the Pure Glove, it's time I bid farewell.” The spirit said. “Wait, you have more information upon the Memento Mori, give it to me!” Calcite demanded. (Silence, Calcite sighed, looking at the Pure Glove) “At least I got what I need, now's the time to research.” Calcite thought. (He flapped his wings and flew off.

  Back at the palace, Calcite typed onto his laptop. The Pure Glove lay near Calcite. He looked around, no sign of the spirit. Calcite looked at words on the screen. 'How strange this day became. I meet with an unknown spirit and he tells me about the Pure Glove. The Memento Mori, I've spend most of my life researching these artifacts. I was only built to fight in the Ten Year War, but these artifacts. They interest me more. I will begin practicing with the Memento Mori. With Obsidian gone, I can begin my illusions.' Calcite closed the screen and walked off.

  The bat arrived at Obsidian's throne room door. His monocle shined, forming an illusion of Obsidian. The two walked up to Tanzanite's ants. They moved away, letting Calcite and the illusion pass.

  Entering into the throne room, Calcite went up to the pedestal. He grabbed the cape, letting the illusion step near him) “I gave Calcite my permission to use the Memento Mori for study.” The Obsidian illusion said. (The ant gaurds backed up) “Thank you Master Obsidian.” Calcite thanked. (He bowed to his illusion. They both walked out of the throne.

  Calcite wore the Memento Mori cape. He looked at it, examining it while adding information to his laptop) “Feel better?” Someone asked. “The spirit again, you made my day, now I can mess around with this cape.” Calcite said. “There is a way to improve your research.” The spirit paused. (Calcite turned to face the darkness) “How, I must know.” Calcite demanded. “There is a person that can use the Memento Mori's power.” The spirit said. “Amazing, someone I can toy with.” Calcite chuckled. “First, return the cape to it's original spot.” Calcite ordered. “Fine, but you won't mess with me.” Calcite chided. (He got out the Pure Glove. With it's power, the emerald Memento Mori cape fell. The bat ran out of his room.

  Darkness, the spirit waited for Calcite to return. He looked at Calcite's laptop, looking upon the bat's findings) “He knows nothing of the full legend. Then again, it's been many centuries.” The spirit thought. (He moved away when Calcite came in. Cape and monocle gone) “I did what you asked, now tell me about this person.” Calcite ordered. “Many years ago, there was a bloodline which was 'tainted'. This blood could use the power of the Memento Mori. Only one is still alive.” The spirit explained. “What's this person's name and where is he or she?” Calcite asked. “Her name is Ivory Stone, and she is with the group Obsidian's against.” The spirit explained. “Excellent, wait, didn't I know someone with the last name Stone?” Calcite asked. “That doesn't matter, what you need to do is continue your research. My info dump is over, and I'll leave you to your own life.” The spirit said. (It vanished, leaving Calcite alone) “Ivory Stone, I'm going to enjoy the info you'll give me.” Calcite mused. He sat down at his laptop. Fingers tapped onto the keyboard. All for info on the otter.