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Chapter Seven Act 3
Started: 8/17/2013
Published: 8/19/2013
Word Count: 3911

​After a long time, the group made it to a rocky coastline as the sun was setting. They turned off their Link Rings and went over to a giant black boulder. When they looked, there was a dock with many giant pirate ships with many flags of both black and red. “Wow, that's Pirates Coast?” Silver asked. “Yeah, quite a nice place, it's mostly a dock with ships being homes, bars, or just ships docking here.” Ivory explained. “Do they hate robots too?” Sonic asked. “Not really, there was one robot pirate known as Blackbot the Pirate, he has lived for over thousands of years and his core programing and memories are hidden to this very day.” Ivory explained. “Interesting, but I feel bothered.” Blaze said. “Why, is something wrong with pirates?” Stevie asked. “Sonic, Tails, remember when you went to my dimension?” Blaze asked. “Yeah, I get it now.” Sonic said. “Well, Captain Whiskers doesn't live here.” Tails said. “Well, what are we doing just standing here, let's go find your friend.” Knuckles said. “Oh, he's named Captain Billy, now let's get going.” Ivory said. (They had moved away from the boulder and were going to the dock.

  They passed by a sleeping pirate and then looked around) “So many ships, which one is with Billy?” Sonic asked. “Poyo?” Kirby asked. “Well, let's ask some pirates, let's split up.” Stevie asked. (She, Tiffany, and Mille had went away. Sonic, Shade, Tails, and Knuckles had went into a boat with a black flag while Ivory and Zero had walked away through the dock) “Well, it's just the three of us, let's go see what we can find.” Silver said. (The three had began to walk and made it to a boat with a red flag. The cannon slots were opened and there was the noise of singing nonsense) “Well, let's go in that place.” Blaze said. (They went onto a plank leading up to the boat. When they got to the top, there were many pirates and there was a set of stairs leading down into the galley. Silver, Blaze, and Kirby went down and found many pirates on chairs with mugs filled with drinks and were waving them around. There was a bar with an anthropomorphic hippo wearing a dress. Silver and Blaze sat down in the bar seats while Kirby was on top of the table. The hippo went up to the three) “Hello young ones, you don't look like your from around here.” The hippo said. “Yeah, we aren't, now we're looking for someone called Captain Billy, have you seen him?” Silver asked. “No, I haven't seen him here, but I'm only at the bar part.” The hippo said. “Thank you, we just wanted that info.” Silver said. “Well, we pirates don't say those things, but even with a war going on, those sea dogs know how to be jolly.” The hippo said. “Right, let's just keep looking.” Blaze said. (The three had continued to look around and there were two pirates) “Poyo!” Kirby said. (The two pirates looked at the three) “Um, can you tell us where we can find Captain Billy?” Silver asked. “The captain is in a ship.” A captain said. “Which ship?” Silver asked. “Any.” The two pirates said. (They began to laugh and drink more from the bottles. Blaze's hands began to emit fire and she had slammed her hand onto the table) “Listen you pirates, I am a princess and you should treat me with respect, now which boat is Billy in before I burn you.” Blaze said. “Yes princess, he's on a boat with a blue flag, it's brown with white decorations and a statue of a Merhog on the bow step!” A pirate explained. “Thank you, you can douse the flames yourselves.” Blaze said. (She began to walk away and Kirby got on top of Silver's head and Silver went after Blaze. The pirates had poured their drinks on the flames.

  The two went out of the middle section of the boat and then got off. They began to look around for a brown ship. They were looking around and found Tails) “Did you find anything?” Tails asked. “Yes, where's the others?” Silver asked. “They're near a boat on the left side, come with me.” Tails said. (He ran and Silver and Blaze began to follow him with Kirby holding on. Tails stopped at a boat where Sonic, Shade, and Knuckles were) “I've got great news, we know where Captain Billy is now!” Tails said. “Perfect timing, now let's get to his ship, lead the way.” Sonic said. “But shouldn't we look for the others?” Blaze asked. “Yeah, where's Stevie and the two girls anyway?” Knuckles asked. “Well, we'd better search for them, Blaze, can you go to Captain Billy's location and see if Ivory and Zero are there?” Sonic asked. “Okay, but Silver, Kirby, you both know where to be.” Blaze said. “Poyo. “Kirby said. (She had ran off looking for the boat. While the others had began to look around.

  After going through bars, houses, and other ships, they couldn't find the three girls) “Okay, after that, nothing.” Shade said. “We should probably get to Billy's boat, maybe they found there way there.” Knuckles said. “Okay everyone, follow me and Kirby.” Silver said. (He ran and the others followed. They made it to a brown ship with white decorations of paint and ironwork along with a golden statue of a hedgehog with a lower body of a fish's tail. There was a plank and the group had went up. There were a group of anthropomorphic goats with crates and began to stare at Sonic and friends) “Hello, is this the ship of Captain Billy?” Sonic asked. (One goat with brown fur had walked over to them) “Why do you need to see the captain?” The goat asked. “We need to go to Neo Island.” Sonic said. “But isn't that place off limits?” The goat asked. “Listen, our friend knows about your captain, you'd better tell us where he is on this boat.” Shade said. (There was a sound of a door bursting open and then came out a anthropomorphic mountain goat wearing a blue shirt with brown pants. The shirt was with three golden buttons and golden cloth on his shoulder pads with small tassels. The goat had a long white beard, brown irises, and thick horns) “So you wanted to see me?” The white goat asked. “Are you Captain Billy?” Sonic asked. “Indeed I am, so what brings you here to Pirates Coast?” Billy asked. “They say that they want to go to Neo Island.” The goat explained. “Very well, release the group of animals and machine.” Billy ordered. (The hatch opened up to the galley and there were stairs. Out came Blaze, Stevie, Tiffany, Mille, Xover, Janet, Whirlpool, Solar, and Angel) “Sonic, what a great time to see you.” Janet said. “What were they doing with you?” Sonic asked. “They didn't know which side they were on, (Everyone looked up and saw Ivory on a mast with Zero) Billy, there my friends.” Ivory said. “Ivory, so you've returned, it's been three years since I last saw you.” Billy said. “I know, but this is important, we need to get to Neo Island before the Rebellion does.” Ivory explained. “The Rebellion, what a bunch of scurvy ones, I will get you there before they do, (Billy raised his sword) untie the ropes, rise the anchor, and lower the sails!” Billy yelled. (Ivory and Zero jumped off as the goat pirates were scrambling to do the things Billy ordered.

  After doing the three things, Billy had went up to the ship's wheel and then steered it to the left to avoid another ship that was in front of it. Ava and Bristol had ran and stopped as they couldn't reach the ship) “Was it a good idea to be here?” Bristol asked. “Yes, the Rebellion wants a machine dead and maybe it has more information about the war then the organic!” Ava said. “So how can we convince them that we're not enemies?” Bristol asked. “First we have to get to the boat, I saw Ivory on the mast.” Ava explained. (Bristol had saw some stairs to the dock and grabbed Ava. There was a boat with paddles and they got on. Bristol had started to use the paddles and then began to make the boat move. They were going after Billy's ship) “I just hope we can make it to them in time!” Bristol said. “I know, but we must follow them to Neo Island.” Ava said. (The boat continued to move and was following the ship.

  On Billy's ship, up on the crows nest, Mille and Tails were looking around and didn't find the small boat following them) “Such a nice night, well, there's nothing here.” Tails said. “Anything Zero?” Mille asked. (Tails and Mille looked on the left and saw Zero on top of a mast with the white sails) “Nothing, but remember that the Rebellion will be going to Neo Island, we have to get there first before they do.” Zero explained. “Yeah, we already know, why aren't you in the crows nest with us?” Tails asked. “I'm just looking from down here, Xover doesn't look too happy, I'll go check on him.” Zero said. (He jumped from the mast and landed right behind Xover. Xover had looked behind and saw Zero and jumped a bit) “Zero, oh you scared me.” Xover said. “What are you doing here by yourself looking all sad?” Zero asked. “Oh, it's just after what happened with X, I'm sorry that this happened.” Xover said. “I know, but this isn't the first time X had turned to the Mavericks side.” Zero said. “Really, can you tell me?” Xover asked. “I don't want to remember the pain I suffered, and with what's going on right now, I don't want to talk about it right now.” Zero said. “Um, okay, I'll just go with that.” Xover said. (Whirlpool, Solar, and Stevie were with Billy) “I wonder how Zero and Xover are doing?” Whirlpool asked. “Aren't you a Merhog?” Billy asked. “No, I'm an Aquarius, I've never heard about them before.” Whirlpool explained. “They must be the Dimensional Opposite of the Aquarius.” Solar said. “Dimensional Opposite?” Stevie asked. “Yeah, that may be it, but why did you ask that Billy?” Whirlpool asked. “I've remembered the first time I witnessed those cursed creatures.” Billy said. “When did that happen?” Stevie asked. “Many years ago, when I was a young pirate, I was shipwrecked on an island with the captain and crew.” Billy explained. “Interesting, I remembered when the Volcannons get shipwrecked all the time.” Whirlpool said. “Stop insulting my kingdom, if my father were here, you'd be a burnt fish.” Solar said. “I'm half hedgehog and fish thank you very much.” Whirlpool said. “Can Billy continue?” Stevie asked. “Fine, but you don't have your Ruby Sword.” Whirlpool said. “Grr, Billy, where's my sword?” Solar asked. “In the gallery, (Solar had left the three and went to the middle of the boat) well, I was shipwrecked with the captain and crew, we both had to survive and go through the island and then we met with those creatures on rocks near the coast.” Billy explained. “So how did you become captain of this ship?” Stevie asked. “Well, when we returned from the island, the captain was dead and I had claimed his leadership, some of the crew from those days still set sail with me.” Billy said. “That's great, just like my ma and pa back home.” Stevie said. “How does that fill with anything?” Whirlpool asked. “Well, my parents had taught me to be the best I could, that did invole going in the desert with the cattle for a long time.” Stevie explained. “Alright, I wonder what Solar is doing?” Whirlpool asked. “Maybe someone is down there with him, but for now, we still have no one out in the ocean.” Billy said.

  (Meanwhile, Solar was going downstairs, but he found Janet) “What are you doing?” Solar asked. “Oh Solar, I was just thinking about something, but are you going downstairs?” Janet asked. “Yeah, maybe you can help me look for the Ruby Sword.” Solar said. (The two went downstairs to the galley.
When they made it inside, they found Shade, Tiffany, and Angel. Solar hid behind a pole while Janet was behind crates. They both looked and found Shade was sitting on a crate with his outfit and gloves off. His arms and hands had white bandages with burnt marks on them. The symbols of rage were on his hands, forehead, and chest. Shade was sewing his outfit as Tiffany watched) “How are you doing big brother?” Tiffany asked. “I'm doing fine, but this is harder with my hands from that fire.” Shade said. “Yeah, I remember that, but I want to see you smile.” Tiffany said. “I'm already smiling, just looking at your innocent face, those eyes.” Shade said. “Aren't you happy to be home?” Tiffany asked. “No, I don't like this at all.” Shade said. “Why not?” Tiffany asked. “Because I don't want you to die, your my sister and were the last thing I saw before we lost our home and our parents.” Shade explained. “I'm strong on my own, your my brother and you said it before, I will always protect you, because your my little sister.” Tiffany said. “But you were a baby when I said those words, how could you have remembered?” Shade asked. “Those were the first things you said to me, I felt like that I needed to remember them close to my heart.” Tiffany explained. (She hugged Shade and he wrapped his arms around her. Shade began to cry) “Do you want to go to bed?” Shade asked. “Sure, I do feel tired since we got here.” Tiffany said. “Okay, just let me carry you.” Shade said. (He grabbed Tiffany and carried her to a hammock and placed her onto it. Shade began to rock the hammock and Tiffany yawned) “Can you play the song mother hummed to me on your flute?” Tiffany asked. “Her lullaby, yeah, I remember it, but I'll play it just for you.” Shade said. (He grabbed out a flute and began to play a tune. Angel flew over to Tiffany and then cuddled with her.

  After Shade had played the song on his flute, Tiffany began to fall asleep) “Goodnight, big brother.” Tiffany said. “Chao.” Angel said. (The two fell asleep and Shade had used his cape as a blanket. He went back to the crate where his clothes were and began to sew again. Solar and Janet had walked up to him) “So how is everything?” Solar asked. “Solar, Janet, I thought both of you were upstairs.” Shade said. “What did you talk about involving your parents?” Janet asked. “Well, seven years ago, my mother gave birth to Tiffany, ten days later, Rose and Metal Android were going to destroy our village.” Shade explained. “Did they do it?” Solar asked. “Yes, my father had told me to run away with Tiffany and hide in the mines nearby, I escaped with Tiffany and hid, after a few hours, I went back to my home and saw that it was burned to the ground.” Shade explained. “That's so sad, but how did Tiffany react?” Janet asked. “I began to cry and some of my tears had fallen onto Tiffany, she opened her eyes and starred at me without a noise, I looked into her eyes and I told her of what Tiffany remembered.” Shade explained. “Well, thanks for the story, what happened to your arms?” Solar asked. “Oh, these, it happen a few days after we lost our parents, our house caught on fire and I burned my arms trying to save our adopted father, he died in the fire.” Shade explained. “I guess life hasn’t been to kind to you.” Janet said. “Yeah, but I don't know why I keep going, was it because of Tiffany?” Shade asked. “I don't really know since I don't have siblings, just friends.” Solar said. “I know that, but to think about it, did my father think it was the right choice to let us on our own?” Shade asked. “You just have to keep on going, your our friend and we can help you.” Janet said. “You think so?” Shade asked. “I think of it that way, have you seen the Ruby Sword anywhere?” Solar asked. “Yeah, it's on top of a crate on the far left.” Shade explained. (Solar had walked away and went searching for the sword. Shade and Janet looked at Tiffany who was smiling while holding onto Angel like a stuffed toy) “Such a cute scene, but I do hope Lighting is alright, (Janet got out her music box) and so is my husband.” Janet said. “Don't worry, I'm sure they'll come back.” Shade said. (Janet looked at a lantern) “I hope for the best.” Janet thought.

  (Up on the ship's wheel, Ivory and Sonic were with Billy. Ivory was watching the moon when Sonic got close to her) “Hey Ivory, is everything alright?” Sonic asked. “No, I just had another vision.” Ivory said. “What, another one, what was it about?” Sonic asked. “I can't see to well, but I saw one of us fall.” Ivory said. “As in fell over?” Stevie asked. “No, I saw one of us die.” Ivory said. “What, you saw something like that, who was it?” Whirlpool asked. “I can't see that well, but I do see a shadow, I heard someone yell, but it was too blurry, my powers haven't been used that much because of the Dimension Ring.” Ivory explained. “But is that true?” Sonic asked. “I don't know, but it looked so real, will we make it all alive?” Ivory asked. “ I believe it, were not going down without a fight.” Sonic said. “But.” Ivory said. “Ivory, you need to calm down, when you were on this ship when you were younger, you had the same problems.” Billy said. “Maybe your right, but it looked so real.” Ivory said. “Calm down, we don't need you to get all sad over nothing, it's just a vision.” Stevie said. “Yeah, maybe you might need some water.” Whirlpool said. “I do feel kinda thirsty.” Ivory said. “Don't worry, can anyone get me my trident?” Whirlpool asked. “Okay, I'll look for it.” Sonic said. (He ran from the three and went into the gallery. He found the Sapphire Trident and grabbed it. He ran back upstairs and gave it to Whirlpool) “Thank you, (Whirlpool grabbed the trident and it began to glow an aqua blue. Whirlpool had formed a bubble filled with water and then popped it. It was now a sphere made of water. Ivory had gotten it onto her hands and then began to drink) not bad, don't you think?” Whirlpool asked. “Tastes normal, but I still feel nervous.” Ivory said. “Maybe we should rest for the night and let Zero and Xover patrol around the boat.” Sonic said. “Okay that sounds nice, did you hear that you two?” Stevie asked. “Yeah, we'll be alright out here.” Xover said. “I'd better get Tails and Mille.” Knuckles said. “Where were you?” Sonic asked. “I was looking around the ship.” Knuckles explained. (He walked away to some ropes on the side of the boat and was climbing them. He made it to the top and startled Tails) “Oh Knuckles, you surprised me.” Tails said. “Sorry, did you find anything?” Kunckles asked. “No, but I heard of Ivory's words.” Mille said. “Do they bother you?” Knuckles asked. “Not that much, but it's best we leave Zero and Xover to watch over us.” Mille said. “That's what I was going to say.” Knuckles said. (Mille, Tails, and Knuckles had gotten out of the crows nest and the three went down. Everyone but Zero, Xover, Billy, and the goat crew had went into the Gallery as the ship had continued to swim towards their destination.

  Meanwhile, in the Dictator's throne room. He was with Slasher, Vile, and X) “So you lost to the animals at Tranquil Gulch.” Vile said. “Yeah, well they did have fire and psychic powers, plus that little pink ball.” Slasher said. “Hahahah, that's so pathetic!” Vile said. “Hey, the one I hate is Zero, that guy treats me like a Maverick.” Slasher said. “So you hate Zero, but that Return X, why does he even exist, I've never heard about him before, anything X?” Vile asked. “He is only a waste of time, and Zero, he is only our enemy, isn't that right friend?” X asked. (He looked at the Dictator) “Yes X, Zero is only our foe and we have been friends for a very long time.” The Dictator said. “Um wait, isn't it the other way around?” Slasher asked. “I know, but I've made X follow me through the programing the Dark Crystal had given off, oh, I almost forgot something.” The Dictator said. “And what's that?” Vile asked. “I have known of you all for a very long time, but we must get rid of a traitor.” The Dictator said. “But Master Dictator, what happened?” Vile asked. “Tackione found the person with our computer looking through our files.” The Dictator explained. “Tackione, oh no.” Slasher thought. “I have my reasons, and besides, he was going through data, X, kill our traitor.” The Dictator ordered. “Yes Dictator.” X said. (He looked at Slasher and ignited his scythe. X went through the ground and then reemerged right behind Slasher. X had slashed at Slasher's back and damaged his back but not the jet pack. Slasher had jumped up into the air and fired two Sonic Slicers at X. X had slashed them away and reflected them back and turned them purple. Slasher had flew down as the slicers had ruined a bit of the wall. X had then fired Shotgun Ices from his buster and Slasher was flying trying to avoid them. One hit his arm and then X had thrown his scythe. Slasher ducked but was impaled with two Tornado Fangs on X's arms. The Dictator laughed as Vile backed up. Slasher had kicked X and flown up) “You'll regret this Dictator!” Slasher yelled. (He turned into a Teleport Beam. X floated up to his scythe and grabbed it) “Shall I go after him friend?” X asked. “No, you've taught him a lesson on being a hacker.” The Dictator said.

  Meanwhile, at the outskirts of Tranquil Gulch, an orange Teleport Beam had hit the sand and reformed into Slasher) “Ouch, what a nightmare that was, curse that Tackione, all I wanted was information.” Slasher said. (He looked upon his wrist to find the Eggman watch, he grabbed it and crushed it) “I'm not going to let me get bossed around by anyone, the best bet from those files is to find Neo Island, maybe Axl might be there.” Slasher thought. (He activated his jet pack and then jumped up. The crystals on the feet part of the boots began to glow and Slasher had flew away towards Pirates Coast) What a betrayal from the Dictator? What will Slasher do when he finds Axl? Can Sonic and friends get to Neo Island in time? The answer in Act 4!