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Chapter Seven Act 4
Started: 8/20/2013
Published: 9/4/2013
Word Count of Act: 8894

The sun was rising and there were a few clouds. Xover and Kirby were sleeping on a crate and the sunlight shined on Xover's eyes. Xover woke up with a startle. “Oh, I must have fallen asleep, Kirby, what are you doing with me?” Xover asked. “Poyo.” Kirby said. “Oh, the little guy's asleep, (Xover grabbed Kirby and placed him onto the crate) I wonder where Zero and the crew are?” Xover thought. (He began to walk around and found Billy on the wheel) “So you've woken up, sleeping on the job eh.” Billy said. “Oh, sorry, it's just that I felt tired.” Xover said. “Machines like you are very odd, I haven't seen any like you before.” Billy said. “Oh, me and Zero are called Reploids in our dimension, we're not from here.” Xover said. “Dimension Travelers, not very common here.” Billy said. “Yeah, and I come from the future.” Xover said. “Why would a young lad like yourself be in the past?” Billy asked. “I wanted to save the future, one of the things I failed to do is keep X from going to a place, I tried to keep him safe, but he refused because the Dictator and others had Zero.” Xover explained. “Holding a friend hostage, that's what we pirates do, hahaha!” Billy laughed. “Have you seen Zero, I can't find him anywhere.” Xover said. “Maybe on the crows nest.” Billy said. (Xover yawned and then went to the ropes on the side of the ship and began to climb up.

  When he made it to the top, he found Zero looking down) “Hey Zero, what are you doing up here?” Xover asked. “Well look who I found.” Zero said. (He pointed down to Slasher who was asleep) “What the, what's Slasher doing here?” Xover asked. “I don't know, but I tried to wake him up, he's dead asleep.” Zero said. “Let me try something, ah, Waterman's attack.” Xover said. (He fired a Water Balloon and hit Slasher in the face. Slasher had woke up and shook his head) “Hey, I was just having a good, (Slasher looked and saw Zero and Xover) oh dear.” Slasher said. (Right when he was about to activate his jet pack, Zero grabbed Slasher by the neck) “What were you doing on our boat?” Zero asked. “I didn't know that I was on yours, let me just go fly away and find another place to rest.” Slasher said. “Your coming down with us and are going to tell us what your doing.” Xover said. “Alright, besides, I don't want those hand cuffs on my wrists again.” Slasher said. “Oh don't worry, (Zero revealed very thick hand cuffs that were long enough to cover the forearms of Reploids. There were yellow crystals and Zero placed them onto Slasher) I brought them just in case.” Zero said. “You jerk, how are you so lucky with me?” Slasher asked. “Well, since you've been arrested too many times by me, I can easily see why.” Zero said. “Fine, what are you going to do to me?” Slasher asked. “I'll ask questions and your going to respond nicely.” Zero explained. “Do we just wait for the others?” Xover asked. “Yeah, but your staying on this boat.” Zero said. (Slasher had jumped down and landed onto a crate) “OUCH, oh man, I hate these things, why do they stop Reploids functions?” Slasher asked. (Zero and Xover jumped down and landed on the floor and waited till the others were awake.

  After an hour, everyone woke up and all went upstairs. They saw Zero and Xover with Slasher) “What's Slasher doing on the boat?” Sonic asked. “We found him sleeping in the crows nest.” Xover explained. “And he's got some explaining to do.” Zero said. “Heeheeehee, just take these things off.” Slasher ordered. “No, your a Maverick and we can't trust you.” Xover said. “Fine, do you want me to talk right now?” Slasher asked. “Yes, first, tell us why your here.” Xover ordered. “Okay, I was in the Dictator's Palace and went into where the Mother Computer was, I saw Tackione on it looking through files and then was called by the Dictator to do something.” Slasher said. “Which files did Tackione read through?” Silver asked. “I don't know, but when he left, I went onto the computer just to see information about Neo Island, when I began to look through it, Tackione came back and saw me.” Slasher explained. “What happened then?” Blaze asked. “I escaped and went to Vile where he ordered me to go to Tranquil Gulch.” Slasher explained. “That's when we all met.” Stevie said. “That's right, but when I came back, I was with Vile, X, and the Dictator, the Dictator told the three of us that there was a traitor, I feared it and then, he ordered X to kill me.” Slasher said. “That's awful, how could X do this?” Tiffany asked. “He's under the Dictator's control, when I was with them, the Dictator said that X was his 'best friend' and said that Zero was the enemy.” Slasher explained. “What, the Dictator made X believe that I was a foe?” Zero asked. “Yeah, but I managed to escape from X, all he did leave me are these wounds, I went to Tranquil Gulch and from the files, I headed over to Neo Island.” Slasher said. “So you found my boat and thought it was a nest for you.” Billy said. “Yes, but now they've called me a traitor just like Return X, have you found Axl yet?” Slasher asked. “No, but why do you want Axl?” Xover asked. “Personal things.” Slasher explained. “So that's all you have to say?” Ivory asked. “Yeah, nothing much, now can you let me go?” Slasher asked. “No, but I will if you promise to help us with the two figures that need to be rescued.” Zero said. “I'll do it, just remove the cuffs and I'll repair myself.” Slasher said. (Zero had pushed a tiny button on the left cuff and they both opened up. Slasher had jumped up and was flying around. He continued and the wind began to pick up. The boat was going much faster and was spinning in circles. Everyone was holding onto things) “Slasher, stop right now!” Zero yelled. (Slasher had stopped as the boat had now began to sail in a path. Slasher was flying back towards the boat. Unknown to Slasher, there was a tiny boat which had Ava and Bristol. They both heard a loud noise and woke up) “We must have fallen asleep, we must chase with them, come on Bristol!” Ava ordered. “Yes mam!” Bristol said. (He grabbed onto the paddles and began to make the boat move as fast as he could.

  Meanwhile, on the boat, Billy was moving the wheel) “Ah the winds, there a blowing!” Billy yelled. “I don't think this is a good thing!” Knuckles said. “We have to make it to Neo Island and this is much quicker!” Ivory said. “When will the wind stop?” Tiffany asked. “I don't know!” A goat said. “They will die off soon little one, just let me have the thrill just like the Windy Ocean!” Billy said. “Ah yes, I remember that one!” Ivory said. (The wind began to die down and the ship was slowing as well. It slowed down enough for Slasher to make it back. He landed onto the ship and Zero walked towards him) “See, I came back, all I wanted to do was test if my jet pack works after that long flight to get here.” Slasher explained. (Zero had his hand on his Z-Saber and was about to take it out. He then let go) “You've earned my trust, for now.” Zero said. (He began to walk away) “Did I do something wrong?” Slasher asked. “No, you just caused the winds to push us towards Neo Island.” A goat explained. “I think I see Neo Island!” Another goat yelled. (Everyone looked up to find a goat with Tails pointing towards the distance. Ivory and Sonic went up to the front and saw an island in the distance. There was brown colors and one building) “That's it alright, nothing's changed since we've hid here, but that thing, I've never seen them before.” Ivory said. “Could they be the places where the two figures are being held?” Sonic asked. “It could be, Billy, how much more time till we make it there?” Ivory asked. “Just a few more minutes till we make it to Vegetation Zone.” Billy said. “Vegetation Zone, why does it look like that?” Sonic asked. “The war caused this to happen.” Ivory explained. (The boat had kept moving towards Neo Island.

  After a while, the boat had landed onto the shore of Green Hill Zone. Everyone but Billy, Stevie, Whirlpool, the goat crew, and Angel had gotten off the boat) “Okay, you go on ahead while we keep an eye out for any of the Rebellion.” Whirlpool said. “We'll do!” Ivory said. “Good luck!” Stevie yelled. (Everyone ran off and left the boat. They made it past a loop and stopped at an open patch of grass. Mille stopped and looked around) “Mille, is something wrong?” Knuckles asked. “I can sense it, we're not alone.” Mille said. “I congratulate you Mille, but this place is off limits.” Someone said. (Metal Android had appeared. Tiffany got behind Shade) “Metal Android?” Shade asked. “Ivory, it's been a long time since we've fought here.” Metal Android said. “Yeah, what do you want?” Ivory asked. “I've wanted to fight with you, but the only one I'm interested in fighting with is Sonic.” Metal Android said. “Why me instead of anyone else?” Sonic asked. “You forgot that we have unfinished business to take care of.” Metal Android said. “Sonic, we'll go on ahead while you fight Metal Android.” Shade said. (Everyone but Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles left and were heading towards a building in the distance) “Tails, Knuckles, why are you staying with me?” Sonic asked. “We're your friends, we can't let you down.” Tails said. “Even better then I had expected.” Metal Android said. “What did you mean by that and the business?” Knuckles asked. “So you don't remember, it has been a very long time when we all met.” Metal Android said. “Let's just fight already!” Knuckles yelled. “Very well, but things are very different then the last time.” Metal Android said. (He formed a laser sword and then boosted right towards Tails. Tails jumped out of the way and had hit his two tails at Metal Android's back. Metal Android grabbed Tails and threw him towards Knuckles. Knuckles jumped into the ground and then reemerged right in front of Metal Android and had punched him. Metal Android went up in the air and Sonic jumped up. Tails had flown and grabbed Sonic by the arms and threw him towards Metal Android. Sonic hit Metal Android and was punching him. Metal Android then slashed Sonic and kicked him towards Knuckles. Sonic went into a ball and Knuckles punched him towards Metal Android. He allowed Sonic to ram right into his chest and four yellow claws had grabbed Sonic and kept him in place. Metal Android began to charge up an attack and then fired Sonic in yellow energy and Sonic had hit the ground and formed a crater. Metal Android fell to the ground and Knuckles was punching him. Sonic had gotten up and boosted towards Metal Android and the two had hit trees. Metal Android got his sword and slashed Sonic. Sonic was moving around as Metal Android was slashing branches. When he was looking around, he was scanning trying to find Sonic. Sonic and Tails had rammed into Metal Android while balls and Knuckles had risen up from the ground and done an uppercut. Light was emitting from Metal Android and he began to explode. He landed onto the ground with electricity flowing through his body) “What do you have to say about that?” Sonic asked. “You were all impressive, but you cannot catch me!” Metal Android said. (He teleported away. Sonic looked to the sky and saw smoke) “Tails, Knuckles, go back to the ship and figure out what's going on!” Sonic ordered. “Got it Sonic.” Knuckles said. (The two left Sonic and Sonic had ran to another direction.

  He made it far from Tails and Knuckles and saw Xover, Kirby, Slasher, Janet, and Mille all in one spot. Sonic stopped and then went towards them) “What are you guys doing here?” Sonic asked. “Mille said that she found a building here, but I don't see anything.” Xover said. “Well, let me see if Mille's right or not.” Janet said. (She turned on her visor) “Is it true or not?” Slasher asked. “I see it, there's a lock, Mille, can you open it?” Janet asked. “No, we need a drill weapon.” Mille said. “Don't worry, which one do you need?” Xover asked. “Anything, maybe you can blow up this lock.” Slasher said. “Alright, stand back, Crash Bombs!” Xover yelled. (He fired many Crash Bombs and everyone moved back. The bombs all exploded and reveled a door. The building had then appeared. It was golden with purple colors) “Wow, that just appeared out of nowhere.” Sonic said. “Well, we can't just stand here, let's go!” Xover said. “Poyo!” Kirby said. (They all entered into the building.

  Meanwhile, Ivory and the others had made it to the other building and then found many machines) “Okay, me, Zero, and Silver will get inside while you deal with the others.” Ivory said. “Just be careful.” Tiffany said. “We will.” Zero said. (The three had ran while everyone else was fighting. The three got inside and found a stair case in the distance with robots moving around. Zero grabbed Ivory and he dashed right through enemy fire while Silver had grabbed the attacks and threw them back. They were going up and passing by laser cannons. Robots appeared and Ivory and Zero got out their swords. They were slashing through them and they made it to a thin platform which connected to a big ring platform. Ivory was going on top of the platform and then made it through. Zero had jumped and landed while Silver levitated across. On the ring platform, there were three doors. One door had two colored circles and there were wires going through the circle gems and they were connected to two other doors which were opened. Zero and Ivory went into the two opened doors and were slashing through robots as Silver had kept fighting with his psychic powers.

  Ivory and Zero both found a generator with the colors of black and gray and slashed at them. They both died down and power went down, making it dark to see. Zero was able to look around and saw more robots coming. Ivory was getting hit due too not seeing anything. She had just kept slashing at the air hoping to hit something. She got hit in the back by a laser and screamed. Zero heard this and dashed to where Ivory was. He found her getting attacked and was slashing through them. He grabbed Ivory by the waist and he dashed away as the robots were chasing after them. The lights turned on and the two got out of the room. The spheres on the middle door had opened up and there was a hallway of stairs. The three went up and many laser cannons were trying to hit the three. Silver had thrown the lasers and had destroyed them. They got to another door and Ivory pushed on it a bit. The door had began to open and the three went inside.

  They were in a giant room with many computers and chairs. There was someone sitting on a chair) “Listen, we need to find someone, are you that person?” Silver asked. (The person had turned around. On the chair was a dark red echinda with purple irises. She had three dreadlocks in the form of upside down triangles. The middle on on the back of her head was long and reached to the tail. All three had black tips. She had a white lab coat and her gloves were long and fingerless. Both the gloves and boots were black with blue cuffs and stripes. The gloves had white rings with cobalt blue spheres. Above her were Light and Devil. She got from her seat and then looked at the three) “Anna, I can't believe it, your alive.” Ivory said. “Ivory, (Anna ran up to Ivory and hugged her along with Devil and Light) oh Ivory, I was so scared when I was taken from Sky City, who's your friends?” Anna asked. “This is Silver and Zero, a machine.” Ivory explained. “Wow, your making friends with machines, so you've grown from that fear.” Anna said. “Fear, I didn't know Ivory had one.” Silver said. “Yes, oh, I forgot to properly introduce myself, as you know, I'm Anna the Echindna, (She bowed down) I'm Ivory's best friend.” Anna said. “Yeah, (Ivory began to cry) thank you for helping me you two.” Ivory said. “Don't say that just yet, we have to stop the Dictator.” Zero said. “I know, but it's just to see my only childhood friend alive, it's such a joy.” Ivory said. “Yeah, I know how that feels.” Silver said. “Ivory, did you know what happened to the Dark Jewels?” Anna asked. “Yes, we took them from your lab in Sky City.” Ivory explained. “So you have all of them?” Anna asked. “No, we just need one left, they were taken to different dimensions when I foolishly tried to use Dimension Control.” Ivory explained. “Oh, I see, but six is very good, we have to get going, I remembered that there is something important on the upper floor.” Anna said. “Well what is it?” Silver asked. “I don't know, but I think there will be a lot of guards.” Anna said. “Don't worry, I can take care of this.” Zero said. “Wait, I want to come too, I've had enough of being used.” Anna said. “Okay Anna, just be careful.” Ivory said. “Understood, even though I can't fight, I will still go.” Anna said. (Many robot guards had appeared and opened fire. Zero grabbed Anna and shielded her while Ivory and Silver were fighting the robots.

  Meanwhile, Sonic and the others had made it to a hallway and there was a loud noise. They got to the doors and opened them up. Inside, they find many robots fighting with Axl and Return X. The group had rushed to the others and Xover just fired weapons at a distance. Slasher had grabbed onto Axl and lifted him up to the air. Axl was firing energy shots as the robots were firing at the two. Sonic was dashing right through the machines and Janet was firing energy spheres from her hands. Mille had punched through the metal and Return X was slashing through the machines. Sonic had jumped up and was homing attacking the machines and some blue energy was escaping. Mille had looked at the energy and then got hit in the back by an iron bar. Mille hit the ground and was about to get crushed. Mille's hands glowed yellow and she had punched right through the robot. Her hands turned to normal and she almost got hit again. As the fighting was going on, Sonic was punched and hit the ground. He looked up and then a giant robot was about to body slam him. Sonic closed his eyes and then, time stopped. Xover and Return X were looking around. The room then began to turn gray and the robots faded to dust) “What the, time froze?” Xover asked. “It looks like it, did you do something?” Return X asked. “No, it must be something else.” Xover said. (The two looked around not noticing that two shadow hands emerged from the ground. They made a screech noise and the two Reploids backed up. The two fired from their busters at the shadows. They slapped them away and grabbed onto Return X while slapping Xover away. The white Reploid hit the wall and he saw Return X getting punched to the ground as he was screaming in pain. Xover ignighted the O1-Saber and dashed forward. The two hands had then went towards Xover, but he slashed right through them. Return X got up and fired a charge shot at a shadow hand. The two hands were blasted and slashed to no end till they disappeared. The two Reploids went back to back as they looked around. The two then noticed the floor open below them and formed a clam which had trapped them inside and sank back into the darkness. A figure watched and went into the portal.

  Meanwhile, on Billy's ship, a goat noticed another big ship and went down to Billy) “Sir, I think the Rebellion has made it.” The goat said. (Billy got out a telescope and looked at the ship. It was black with a red flag) “It must be the Rebellion Ship, Whirlpool, can you check and see?” Billy asked. “Sure thing.” Whirlpool said. (He had jumped into the salty water and had swam towards the boat without being seen. He made it to the boat and began to hear a conversation) “So this is where the two are, all we need to do is kill one and spare the other, isn't it strange?” Someone asked. “Not very much, we always kill machines, what I don't understand is how long it took us to find this place.” Someone #2 said. “Yeah, I wonder why, maybe it was because of that battle at Calamity Forest with Captain Bristol.” Someone said. “There's another question I have in mind.” Someone #2 said. “And what's that?” Someone asked. “Why hasn't Mech City been destroyed, we had the Rust Bombs, but now there gone.” Someone #2 said. “Quick slacking off, we found another boat and we need to take it down.” Someone #3 said. “Oh shoot, I've got to head back before they get to Billy's ship!” Whirlpool thought. (He dived down into the water and was swimming with his fins closed.

  Stevie had looked to the side and Whirlpool had emerged his head out of the water) “Whirlpool, are you alright?” Stevie asked. “Can you help me get up?” Whirlpool asked. “Sure thing, (Stevie dropped down her lasso and Whirlpool grabbed it) just hang on.” Stevie said. (She had began to pull Whirlpool up. A goat had helped Stevie and they both got Whirlpool up onto the boat) “Thank you.” Whirlpool said. “What happened, is there anything wrong with the boat?” The goat asked. “Yes, the Rebellion, there going to blow up this ship.” Whirlpool said. “Well, we just have to wait before we fire.” Billy said. (They had waited as the Rebellion's ship had gotten closer. There was a loud noise as a cannonball had flown towards Billy's ship. It landed into the water and there was a big splash. Billy got out his sword and raised it high. The goat crew had rushed over to the gallery and had aimed cannons at the boat and were firing) “So what should we do?” Stevie asked. “We fight till the end.” Billy said. “But how can we do that?” Whirlpool asked. “Boss, the ship is coming closer, we could ram into it!” A goat said. “What?” Billy asked. (The Rebellion's ship had rammed right into Billy's ship and then planks had appeared and anthropomorphic animals had ran onto the ship and had their swords. The goat crew were fighting against the animals with their swords and were slashing. More members came out holding onto other weapons to fight the Rebellion. A anthropomorphic bear had began to punch through the crew and was heading towards Billy. Stevie had thrown her lasso at the bear and caught his neck. Stevie was pulling as the fighting was going on. A Rebellion member had raised his sword and was about to hit Stevie. A burst of water had hit the member and he slammed into two others. Stevie looked and it was Whirlpool with his mouth open dripping water. Two foes were trying to slash at Whirlpool as he was using the Sapphire Trident to attack. The bear had broke the rope and jumped up. He landed right in front of Billy and Billy had rammed his horns into the bear and pushing him back. The goat crew had continued to fight as Stevie went up a rope and had grabbed out her pistol. She had fired six shots and all of them missed. The bear had tried to punch Billy, but he kept on ramming into him. The goat crew had also rammed onto the Rebellion members and pushing them to the Rebellion ship. A grapple hook had hit the mast and then both Ava and Bristol had gotten onto the boat. The Rebellion members had stopped upon looking at the two) “Ava and Bristol, I thought they were back in the forest.” Stevie whispered. “I don't know, but let's listen.” Whirlpool whispered. “Listen Rebellion members, as leader of a group, I order you to stop this instant!” Bristol said. “But we were following orders.” A member said. “But do we allow it, no, leave everything to us, tell the Leader that we have everything under control.” Ava said. “But what will you do with this ship?” A member asked. “We came here just like you for the same propose, so now you can leave.” Ava ordered. “Yes miss Ava, alright everyone, let's leave the leaders to do the work, let's head back.” The bear said. (He among the others had went back onto the Rebellion ship and began to swim away.

  Stevie had jumped and landed right in front of Ava and Bristol. She hugged Ava) “Oh thank sweet Tranquil Gulch that your here, so you had a change of mind eh.” Stevie said. “Yes, it was because of Mech City, we learned from our mistakes and decided to follow you.” Ava explained. “But how were you able to learn where we were going?” Stevie asked. “A bird had listened to you and told me about Pirates Coast.” Ava explained. “But your a cat, how can you do that?” Whirlpool asked. “Ava has quite a special talent, but never uses it that much.” Bristol explained. “Following me ship, what brave souls here.” Billy said. “Where's Sonic and Ivory?” Ava asked. “There on the island, we were keeping an eye on things here for the Rebellion.” Whirlpool said. “We remember the mission, I wanted the machine prisinor to die, but with Sonic's words, I kinda had a change of mind.” Bristol said. “So we wait till Shade and the others can come back, alright I suppose.” Ava said. (They had began to look at the surrounding areas hoping for no ships.

  Meanwhile, in a different place, a portal opened up and both Return X and Xover came out) “Ouch, where are we?” Xover asked. (They were on a pink path with a dark space sky. Around them were floating fish and trees with spikes on the tops. Many fish were swimming around) “This must be the Warp of Confusion, the Dictator told me about it how it is a banished exile.” Return X explained. “You know this place, does that mean you know how to get out of here?” Xover asked. “No, I've never been here before.” Return X said. (He fell down and then began to shape shift into Rose. He was screaming until fully formed into Rose) “Return X, what happened?” Xover asked. “My time ran out, ugh, when I stay in my Return X form for too long, the Dark Chains force me to turn against my will.” Rose explained. “That's a bad sign, but for now, we have to get out of here and help the others.” Xover said. (Rose got up and they looked to the distance. There were more fish swimming around and the background had changed to a green. The fish increased size and were trying to body slam Rose and Xover. Rose had raised her arms to try to form plants. Instead, they formed into more fish and were trying to attack them. Xover grabbed Rose's arm and they were running away.

  They kept on running and made it to a dead end. Behind them were many fish and they were almost ready to push them off the edge. Xover noticed some fish and then began to step on top of them and make it to the other side and kept running. The background turned blue and the fish shrank and were slowing down. Xover and Rose hid behind a wall and the fish passed by them) “Well, there gone, but I didn't know the Warp of Confusion had done this.” Rose said. “Done what, I don't see anything that's normal around here.” Xover said. “No, what I meant was the sky affecting the fish, space means normal, green means big, and blue means slow.” Rose explained. “But how could that work?” Xover asked. “Again, no clue, hey, look over there.” Rose said. (She pointed to a set of platforms leading to a purple moutain with a blue spiral shape going around) “Those weren't there when I last saw them.” Xover said. “Is this world trying to lead us somewhere?” Rose asked. “Who knows, but we have no choice other then that.” Xover said. (The two began to go jump on the platforms heading to the mountain.

​ The sky turned to a space them as the two make it to the mountain. They landed onto the spiral to notice a path which lead to a door which was slightly open) “So what do we do now, go inside?” Rose asked. “Well, might as well find someone who can tell us what's going on.” Xover said. “I don't think anyone who can talk is alive.” Rose said. “Okay, let's go in.” Xover said. (He grabbed onto the door and opened it up.

  Inside, the two found themselves inside of a big room with statues of X, Zero, and Return X. The two made it to the center and looked upon them, not knowing that someone was watching them. Dark hands had quickly escaped from the ground and quickly grabbed Rose and Xover. The two were facing the X statue. Up above was Hunter with his golden pocket watch's hands moving backwards) “Hello guys, it's been a while, hasn't it.” Hunter said. “Hunter, what are you doing here?” Rose asked. “Oh, nothing much, just going around to kill those who are against master Dictator.” Hunter said. “So what was with those hands?” Xover asked. “Them, well, I was just going to use them on you, just to get you here to the Warp of Confusion.” Hunter said. “Well then, get take us out.” Rose said. “Sorry, but I'm not under your orders now, you gave up on that, and I'll make you pay.” Hunter said. “We'll see about that.” Rose said. “Okay, traitor.” Hunter said. (He fired a wave of fire at Rose. She moved away and formed vines around Hunter. He had countered it with his vines and they ripped through Rose's. Xover fired a charge shot, but Hunter had jumped away to fire ice at the two. It hit Rose on the leg and froze it. Hunter had rushed towards Xover and kicked him away while wrapping him in vines. When Hunter faced Rose, he got hit by a swift kick to the ribs. Rose had fomed flowers on her wrists which closed to buds and unleashed a pollen to paralyze him. The flowers disappeared as Xover fired a gray wheel with sharp edges to cut through the ice. The Spin Wheel disappeared and Rose had kicked Hunter again. Xover fired a charge shot, but Hunter had fired a wave of fire. Xover dodged it and Rose had threw leaf shurikens. It had hit Hunter as he threw a ball of ice. It hit the ceiling and had summoned giant icicles which were falling to the ground. Xover pushed Rose out of the way as one almost impaled her. Hunter had fired a wave of fire and it hit the two and sent them flying. When Rose hit the ground, she slid as an icicle had impaled her by the hand. Ice began to consume it and went up to her arm. Xover got up with burn marks on his armor. Hunter fired another wave and Xover ducked. He fired a giant brown boulder with machine parts attached to it. It went through the fire and impaled Hunter. He hit the ground as the boulder had exploded. Xover fired triangles of ice and had hit Hunter. The wolf had moved away as there was a massive cut on his arm which began to bleed. Xover dashed and had fired a yellow and blue Napalm Bomb. It had exploded at Hunter's back and he fell down with a loud thud. Xover dashed to Rose and had fired a flame thrower from his buster. The ice melted and Rose quickly got up. The two looked around for Hunter, but they noticed him on the X Statue) “Well done guys, you really know how to put on a show, but for now, here's something for you.” Hunter said. “And what's that?” Xover asked. “A prediction, one of you isn't going to make it through this war.” Hunter explained. “What do you mean?” Rose asked. “Sorry, I've got to get going.” Hunter said. (With a snap of his finger, shadow hands emerged and grabbed onto Rose and Xover, taking them out of the Warp of Confusion.

  The two had reappeared back in the room where everyone was fighting. Time was restored and everyone was looking around) “Where are the robots?” Sonic asked. “Hunter took care of them.” Xover said. “Hunter, where is he?” Amy asked. “I don't know, but he pulled us into a place known as the Warp of Confusion.” Rose explained. “So you fought that wolf there?” Mille asked. “Yeah, but that isn't the worst of our problems!” Xover said. (A door opened up and Mavericks came in. Sonic had boosted right through them and everyone followed.

  They had made it up some stairs and Sonic had rammed right into a door and bursted it open. Sonic was spinning around while rubbing his head. They found a Reploid in the form of an old man. He had yellow irises, black lines down his cheeks and white hair. He wore a labcoat and had orange lines on the inside and the sides. On his shoulders were two cylinder generators which were gray and brown with two blue and red wires connecting above his eye brows. In between the wires on the generators was two tubes which connected to the back. There were also two brown tubes connected to the ear pieces with the red circle gems. The chest was blue with gray on the sides. On the top part was a gray circle going around and an orange circle gem surrounded by gold. There were also two black holes next to the gem. Beneath it was a golden piece with lines connecting with it and were going in between two brown tubes. There was a belt and had an orange oval on the center. His forearms were mostly covered by the coat and had a brown cuff with another orange circle. The hands were like Tackione's but mostly blue. The boots were also blue and the feet part was gray with a lime green square that is where the ankle is. The joint part was orange with brown on the center part. He was typing on the computer and quickly turned around)

  “What the, who are you?” The Reploid asked. “Ah Dr. Doppler, it's been a while since we last met.” Slasher said. “Slasher, what are you all going to do to me?” Doppler asked. “Listen, we need to get you out of here before the Rebellion comes and destroys you.” Sonic said. “The Rebellion wants me dead, please, get me out of here.” Doppler said. “Sure thing, oh, and from what I heard, were you with a Reploid named Return X?” Slasher asked. “No, I've never heard of a Reploid with a name like that.” Doppler said. “Where did you hear that?” Xover asked. “Well, after X became a Maverick, Tackione told us that Return X was in your hands Doppler.” Slasher said. “Strange, but Tackione, he was the one who kidnapped me during that party.” Doppler said. “Well, it's good to hear that your safe.” Axl said. “Axl, what happened to you, why do you look like Vile?” Doppler asked. “Well, you can blame it on Limited, it's the reason I look like this.” Axl said. “That looks nice on you, at least your accepting me.” Slasher said. “Well, we were both friends before Red Alert.” Axl said. “Limited, but that's impossible, it never returned to our dimension and went to where you were.” Doppler said. “It was my fault, I went insane and used Limited to stop X from saving the world.” Rose explained. “Poyo.” Kirby said. “You were able to use it, it must mean that your smarter then I thought.” Doppler said. “You thought, did we meet before?” Rose asked. (The alarms had started to go off and many Mavericks had appeared) “Rose, get us out of here!” Sonic yelled. “Okay, (Rose moved her hand) what, the roses aren't appearing, what's going on?” Rose asked. “Did the Warp of Confusion cancel out your power?” Xover asked. “Wait, I might be able to get us out, just give me time.” Rose said. “Got it, just hurry!” Slasher said. (Everyone but Rose and Doppler were fighting. Sonic was kicking and boosting through while Slasher was doing dives and firing Sonic Slicers. Kirby was sucking up the machines and was spiting them out. Xover and Axl were firing energy pellets until Rose had grabbed out the Sigma Chip and had inserted it into her chest. She then was consumed in purple energy and then had formed roses and consumed everyone. 

  Meanwhile, Ivory, Anna, Zero, and Silver had made it almost near the end of the stairs) “So you've been going all over dimensions just to find the Dark Jewels and entities known as Chaos Emeralds because this Sonic was in trouble.” Anna said. “Yes, and it was my fault.” Ivory said. “Don't put the blame on yourself, you just wanted to help your friends.” Silver said. “Hey, I see the end of the stairway!” Zero said. (They had continued to run up the stairs and made it to the top of the building. There were two doors and Ivory opened them up. The room was filled with many computers. They all saw Tackione with X) “Tackione!” Zero yelled. “Ah Zero, I was expecting you and your friends.” Tackione said. “You, I've had enough of being here, you've used me enough, I won't be used by fools like you ever again!” Anna said. “Is that what you wish?” Tackione asked. “Yes, I would rather die then be here with you.” Anna said. “Very well, X, do just what Anna wants, death.” Tackione ordered. “Yes master.” X said. (He had grabbed out his Dark Scythe and went through the floor. X had risen behind Ivory and she had turned around. X slashed but Ivory grabbed the blade with her crystal hands. Silver had grabbed some computers and threw them at X. They hit his back and Ivory kicked him. Zero had dashed towards X and done an uppercut with the saber. X had fired a charge shot and hit Zero and flung him to a wall wrapped in chains made of ice with a skull lock. Ivory grabbed her sword and was slashing at X. Silver had grabbed some debris and the Z-Saber and then threw them all at X. X had slashed the debris with the scythe. The saber was flying in the air and Ivory grabbed it. She slashed at X while Anna had rushed to Zero and was trying to break the chains. Silver had then tried to pull X's scythe away and was having problems. Ivory had slashed at X and X had fired a charge shot at Silver. Silver grabbed it and then threw it towards X. X had gotten hit and let of the scythe. Silver had made it go right at X. X had grabbed his weapon and fired a Speed Burner. Silver had gotten hit and rammed right into some computers and Tackione laughed. X had fired a charge shot at Ivory and she was consumed in electricity and fell to her knees. X had walked over to Zero and Anna with the Dark Scythe and was ready to kill them both. Ivory had used all of her strength and then shielded Anna and Zero from the attack. The scythe had pierced her chest) “NO!” Anna yelled. (Ivory looked back at Zero and Anna and gave a smile as blood was dripping from her back. She then fell backwards and fell onto Zero's hands. X had raised his scythe and was about to strike again) “Enough X, we have done enough.” Tackione said. “We will meet again Zero.” X said. (He and Tackione teleported. Anna had broken the ice chains and Zero got up while holding onto Ivory. The two found more blood on the chest) “Ivory, can you hear me?” Zero asked. “Ivory, wake up.” Anna said. “Ugh, what happened?” Silver asked. (Zero had given placed Ivory down onto Anna's arms) “Ivory, get up!” Zero yelled. (They watched as their friend wasn't moving)

  “IVORY!” Someone yelled. (The three looked at the doorway and saw Shade breathing heavily. He rushed over to Anna and touched Ivory's cheek) “Shade, what are you doing here?” Zero asked. “I was sent by everyone to check on you, what happened?” Shade asked. “We lost Ivory, I'm sorry.” Zero said. “You did this to me, (Shade had turned around and slashed at Zero with his katana) how could you let me down?” Shade yelled. “Shade, stop it.” Someone whispered. (Shade turned around and everyone saw Ivory with her eyes opened and she was crying. Shade rushed over to Ivory) “Ivory, your alive.” Shade said. “I know, but now, I can't go on, please don't hurt Zero.” Ivory said. “But he is a machine, your afraid of them.” Shade said. “I was, but I overcame the fear, Shade, I have a request for you.” Ivory said. “And what is that?” Shade asked. (Ivory gave another smile and reached out her hand to Shade) “Save this world from a terrible fate, show me that you care.” Ivory said. “I am, but your dieing, how can I carry on something?” Shade asked. “Shade, don't think about the past, I know you can do it, protect everyone you love.” Ivory said. (She closed her eyes and died. The energy spheres on her hands had turned black and began to crack. Anna had her hands over her face while crying. Shade, Silver, and Zero were silent.

  After a while, outside, there were many remains of robots and everyone was exhausted. Roses had appeared and formed Sonic and others) “Sonic, there you are!” Blaze said. “Were here, but where's Shade and Ivory?” Sonic asked. “Ivory and big brother aren't here with us.” Tiffany said. “Their coming, I can see their shadows.” Mille said. (Everyone looked to the distance and saw the figures of Anna, Zero, Silver, and Shade holding onto Ivory's body) “No, that can't be.” Janet said. “Hey Shade, is everything alright?” Tails yelled. (Tiffany ran over to Shade and the others and she stopped at Shade. She looked at Ivory and looked up at Shade. Shade didn't look at Tiffany and walked away from her. Tiffany was confused and then Zero walked up to her) “Zero, what's going on?” Tiffany asked. “It's best not to ask Shade.” Zero said. (He grabbed Tiffany's arm and the two were walking towards the others. Shade had made it to the others) “Ivory, how can this be?” Sonic asked. “Shade, what happened?” Blaze asked. (Shade had walked away with Ivory. When Sonic was about to run, Anna had placed her hand onto his arm) “Please, just take me away from this nightmare.” Anna said. “It's alright Anna, we no longer have to fear getting killed.” Doppler said. “But Ivory, she's my friend, and her dead, I don't know what to do.” Anna said. “We've rescued you, now it's time to leave.” Sonic said. “But what about big brother?” Tiffany asked. “He'll come back, don't worry.” Janet said. “But are you sure?” Anna asked. “I'm a mother of a son, so I know what's best.” Janet said. (They had all left for the boat and went back onto it.

  A few hours later, Shade still hasn't returned. Tiffany with walked towards the island and Sonic rushed in front of her) “Sonic, let me through.” Tiffany said. “No way, your to young, I'll go look for Shade.” Sonic said. “Please Sonic, I know where he is.” Tiffany said. “I can't, but if you tell me, I'll go looking for him.” Sonic said. “You don't understand!” Tiffany yelled. (She had pushed Sonic and ran away and Angel flew with her. Sonic tried to run, but Mille had grabbed Sonic's arm) “What Mille, you want Tiffany to get hurt?” Sonic asked. “This is a test of memory in my eyes.” Mille said. “A test, never mind, I'll go look for her.” Sonic said. (He ran off and Whirlpool saw Sonic running) “Wait Sonic!” Whirlpool yelled. (Sonic stopped and looked at the Aquarius) “What is it?” Sonic asked. “I'm coming with you.” Whirlpool said. “Thank you, now let's hurry.” Sonic said. (The two ran off and left Mille.

  The three made it to a forest and began to scream for Tiffany. Sonic was running around looking while Whirlpool was searching in a different area, he found Solar on top of a giant rock. Whirlpool had ran up and stopped at Solar. They were both on a cliff with there being many trees at the bottom) “Solar, what are you doing here?” Whirlpool asked. “I just wanted to rest and think about my people.” Solar said. “Have you seen Tiffany anywhere, she ran off and now I fear we lost her.” Whirlpool said. “I think I know where she went.” Solar said. (He pointed towards a mountain with half of it consumed by dark clouds) “How could she get there that fast?” Whirlpool asked. “She knows more about this place then us.” Solar explained. “Well, what are we waiting for, let's go.” Whirlpool said. (They were climbing down the landscape.

  Meanwhile, on the mountain. The top part was flat and it was a blizzard. The ground was covered in snow and there were frozen statues. There was a path and Tiffany was going through the path with Angel) “Chao.” Angel said. “Yes, I know Angel, your cold, but this is where to find big brother and Ivory.” Tiffany said. “Chao.” Angel said. “Ivory, she's gone and maybe she's with my mommy and daddy.” Tiffany said. (She looked up to the dark clouds) “Up there.” Tiffany thought. (She had continued to walk through the frozen place. A flashback occurred happening two years ago with her being younger with Ivory in her Dimension Form, Shade, and the three chao. They were going the same path while there was a ragging blizzard. Tiffany wore a thick fur coat) “So we've made it this far.” Ivory said. “Yeah, but how can we be sure that were safe?” Tiffany asked. “Don't ask questions, besides, Metal Android and his, machines are searching for us in the forest, it's best we stay here.” Ivory said. “But the chao don't like it.” Tiffany said. “That doesn't matter, we have shelter out here.” Ivory said. “Ivory, tough on us as always.” Shade said. “What was that?” Ivory asked. “Nothing, let's just rest here.” Shade said. (The flashback ended and Tiffany and Angel saw a figure. Tiffany ran towards it while Angel flew. They both saw Shade with a tombstone. It was stone with the words IVORY on them with two hearts on both sides) “Big brother?” Tiffany asked. (Shade got up with his back turned on the two. In his hand was a dagger that had a bit of marks) “Tiffany, what are you doing by yourself?” Shade asked. “I was worried about you, what are you doing back here?” Tiffany asked. “So you remember that memory, you were just seven when that day happened.” Shade said. “Did you bury Ivory?” Tiffany asked. “Yes, it was the best thing I could do, I heard Anna's words about this.” Shade said. “Tiffany!” Solar yelled. “It's Solar, he found us!” Tiffany said. “Chao!” Angel said. (Solar had ran towards the three and had Zero with him) “Tiffany, you found Shade, but what you've done was wrong, going up here by yourself.” Solar said. “It was me, she was worried and went up here by herself.” Shade said. “What are you doing up here, and is that a tombstone?” Solar asked. “Yes, I've just made it.” Shade said. “It was for Ivory, wasn't it.” Zero said. “Yes, but now she lies deep within the snow.” Shade said. (He opened his hand to reveal the red fragment of a gem) “Rest in peace Ivory, I won't let you down.” Shade thought. (He closed his hand and they had all began to go back down the mountain) A main character has said her goodbye through death. Will the Dictator pay for what he has helped cause? Can Zero bring X back to who he ounce was? Will the Author finish Chapter 7 in one more Act or will there be another one to make six? Find out if the chapter is finished in Act 5!