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Chapter Seven Act 5
Started: 9/5/2013
​Published: 9/30/2013
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While the group were going through the forest, Mille was waiting at the edge of Billy's Boat. “You seem bothered Mille, is everything alright?” Knuckles asked. “Yes, I think so.” Mille said. “What bothers you?” Knuckles asked. “It's Anna, perhaps I've seen her before, but sadly, I don't remember.” Mille said. “Speaking of Anna, is she still crying?” Knuckles asked. “Yeah, but I can understand, Ivory's gone.” Tails said. “Hey, I think I see Sonic and others!” Ava said. (Everyone looked to the island and saw Sonic and the group heading towards the boat. They got on and Sonic went to Billy who was with Bristol and Doppler) “Billy, we got what we were looking for, it's time to set sail.” Sonic said. “Very well young lad, alright mates, it's time to leave!” Billy yelled. (The goat crew had rushed around and had gotten the anchor and set the sails to get wind. The boat had then began to go onto the ocean.

  An hour later and now the group is in the middle of the ocean. Everyone was looking around and all they saw was water) “So it's been a while since we left, now where do we go?” Sonic asked. “I'm not really sure about that myself.” Doppler said. “Should we head back to Pirates Coast?” Billy asked. “I don't think so.” Ava said. “Poyo.” Kirby said. (The three boys looked and saw Ava with Bristol. In Ava's hands was a golden metal beetle with a wind up key on it's back) “What is that?” Sonic asked. “It's one of the Rebellion Beetles, they are used to find us members.” Ava explained. “So how is it able to find you out of other members?” Rose asked. (She was sitting on a barrel) “What are you still doing here, your part of the Dictator's army, the third highest member compared to General Metal Android!” Bristol said. “I quit because I had enough with the Dictator.” Rose said. “But how could you quit, you were very loyal to him.” Ava said. “I was, until I had began to discover who I ounce was.” Rose said. “Can we just get back to the beetle already?” Sonic asked. “Whatever you say.” Rose said. “Um yeah, the reason this beetle can follow us is by, (Ava and Bristol removed their left gloves and had revealed a green ring with a tree symbol colored brown) these.” Ava explained. “These are Tracker Rings, you see this beetle's closed wings, it forms the brown tree so it can follow us no matter where we are.” Bristol explained. “Interesting, all my years of science and I've never seen anything like this being used like this before.” Doppler said. “Well we do come from different dimensions.” Sonic said. “Your right, but what else can the beetle do?” Doppler asked. “Well, it does have a message, let's see what it says.” Ava said. (She pushed on the beetle's head and it's wings opened up to reveal a small blue sphere. The sphere had opened up to reveal a tiny recorder. It began to play and there was a voice) “Bristol, Ava, I had heard about you in Neo Island, it's time to head back and give Anna to us where she will be safe.” The recorder said. (It ended and the wings and sphere had closed) “Who was that talking?” Billy asked. “It's the Leader, he's the one that created the Rebellion ten years ago.” Ava explained. “Ava, does this mean we must head to Mobijypt?” Bristol asked. “Yes, but it will be a problem with Dr. Doppler.” Ava said. “Is it because I'm a machine?” Doppler asked. “It is, but we have to find a way to get you and the other machines to safety.” Ava said. “Well, we might as well go to the captains cabin and discuss this whole thing.” Bristol said. “Yes, it's time we go figure out what to do.” Ava said. (She and Bristol had walked away. Rose jumped off the barrel and passed by the others and went into the gallery. Doppler had walked towards the gallery) “Poyo!” Kirby said. “Hey doc, where are you going?” Sonic asked. “I want to talk to Rose, her words about the past bother me a bit, but I want to help her.” Doppler said. “Well good luck with ye.” Billy said. (Doppler had entered into the gallery and Kirby followed.

  Up above on the crows nest, Axl was looking around till Slasher had flew towards him and landed onto a mast) “Well hello Axl.” Slasher said. “Slasher, what were you doing flying around?” Axl asked. “It's my type of thing, that's why I was part of the Reploid Defense Squad.” Slasher said. “I know that, but do you know anything about Red Alert?” Axl asked. “No, I never knew anything that happened to you after that night, why did you ask?” Slasher asked. “Well, I just remembered what happened those years ago.” Axl said. “That's why I was looking for you, when I was flying towards this boat, I had flashbacks play in my mind about memories involving the two of us.” Slasher said. “Yeah, Limited Reploid or not, are we still friends?” Axl asked. “Maybe, but I'm still a Maverick, so maybe we should keep it to a minimum.” Slasher said. “Thanks, I worry for X in the state that he's in, I'll make sure that the Dictator pays for doing this.” Axl said. “You should also blame Tackione.” Someone said. (Slasher and Axl looked and found Zero on the other side of the mast with his long yellow ponytail blowing in the wind) “Zero, what were you doing up here without me noticing you?” Axl asked. “Wait, how did you meet with Tackione?” Slasher asked. “Well, many years ago, two months had passed after the fall of Doppletown, we got a distress signal coming from Central Point.” Zero explained. “Hey, what are you talking about?” Xover asked. (The three looked and saw Xover climbing up a rope ladder on the side of the boat till he stopped near the crows nest and looked up. When Xover got to the top, Slasher grabbed him and flew into the nest) “Zero was telling us how he and X met with Tackione.” Axl explained. “Oh, him, to be honest, I never knew who he was or his past.” Xover said. “Just let Zero continue, I want to know what happens next.” Slasher said. “Fine, me and X were sent to the location, but something was making us lose our energy, so we had to stay out of the city itself.” Zero said. “Did you two split up?” Axl asked. “Yes, while I was investigating, X had fought against some Limited Mavericks.” Zero said. “So what were you doing at this time?” Xover asked. “Both me and X were outside of the city looking around while fighting Mavericks, after X defeated Chill Penguin, I got contacted by X saying that he needed help, there was the noise of charge shots and it ended with X screaming.” Zero said. “Was X alright?” Axl asked. “Axl, we know X is alright because he was with us.” Xover said. “Yeah, but this all happened before I was built.” Axl said. “When I got to the scene, X was gone and all that was left was pieces of his X-Buster, I fused them with min and formed the Neo Buster.” Zero explained. “How were you able to do that, fuse the two busters into one?” Xover asked. “From what I can remember, during the first Limited Incident, a Limited Parasite from Wire Sponge's body had escaped and I had fired a charge shot at it.” Zero said. “It must had splattered all over X's buster just like my arm.” Axl said. “Yes, so with the new buster, I settled off to find X and the unidentified enemy, I met with the first Limited Maverick, Magna Centipede, with the Neo Buster, he was destroyed, but when I was looking around, I saw something, a Capsule.” Zero said. “Oh, so you downloaded it into your memory and gave it to X later on.” Xover said. “No, when I got closer, a hologram of an old man appeared, I remember the words, 'perhaps this also was fate, hmm, Zero.... I wish to grant you a new power... come, please, step inside', I went into the capsule and gained a new armor.” Zero said. “Wait, wait, wait, no, this is not possible, how can you get an armor from Dr. Light if he said that he cannot make an armor for you?” Xover asked. “Maybe it was the Neo Buster, but even to this day, I still don't know how I obtained the Energy Armor.” Zero said. “Oh, well, just continue, sorry.” Xover said. “After defeating Blast Hornet and Neon Tiger, I was in Central Point's power plant and fought against Spark Mandrill Limited, during the fighting, Mandrill had fired an Electric Spark which hit a generator and caused the plant to go critical and explode.” Zero said. “Ouch, that's got to hurt, how did you survive that explosion?” Axl asked. “The Energy Armor had absorbed the power from the power plant and formed the Neo Armor, after I gained this armor, three figures had appeared.” Zero said. “Was it Tackione, Luxione, Bloodione?” Xover asked. “Yes, how did you know of Bloodione and Luxione?” Zero asked. “Well, they're kinda servants to Master X along with Tackione, but he's the prime minister.” Xover said. “Really, I thought he looked like Doppler.” Axl said. “I thought of that myself, and when I asked him, he slapped me and told me to be quite.” Slasher said. “Well, how did the battle with the tree go?” Axl asked. “I fought against the two Order Breakers and destroyed them in one shot from the Neo Buster, I rushed to Tackione and found that he was in a small building, I entered inside and went through a long hallway.” Zero said. “What did Tackione do, did you find him?” Slasher asked. “Calm down, I entered into a rather big room and found Tackione, just like Light, I remember the words, 'after all, I only created those offshoots for amusement, I still have another disciple, the strongest one in fact', I noticed a figure behind Tackione and he moved away to reveal the 'strongest one'.” Zero said. “Another deadly Order Breaker, how powerful was he?” Axl asked. “It was....” Zero said. “Hey Zero, we're almost at Mobijypt, get down here with the rest of us!” Sonic yelled. “Who was it?” Axl asked. “I can't say, let's just get down.” Zero said. (He, Xover, and Axl jumped off while Slasher flew down to the others.

  They found everyone going into the gallery while a goat member was on the wheel with Kirby holding onto the wheel) “Hey guys, glad that you could come on down.” Sonic said. “What is it about?” Slasher asked. “Well, we made it to Mobijypt and are heading to the docks, Shade, you know more about this place then us, right?” Sonic asked. “Yes, we were making a plan to get you out of harms way.” Shade said. “I do know of a place to go, but it's going to be risky for you all.” Anna said. “Why's that Anna?” Doppler asked. “Well, the reason was that your all machines and the only way out is in the desert.” Anna said. “I think I've got an idea, Ava, am I still wanted out here?” Rose asked. “Since this city has Rebellion H.Q, yes that will be a problem for you as well.” Ava said. “Great, and since there are slave trades here, I think I know what your going to say.” Bristol said. “Right, let's get this plan ready.” Sonic said. (They all began to discus as they were heading closer to Mobijypt.

  The boat had hit the side and a plank was placed to get everyone off the boat. Sonic had walked down and an anthropomorphic elephant had walked up to him. On the boat, the Reploids were wearing brown cloaks and had ropes tied to their arms. Anna walked up to Zero) “I hope your alright with this.” Anna said. “Don't worry, as long as we follow the plan.” Zero said. “Okay, but here, (Anna got out a small book) take this, if you ever go to the pyramid, use it.” Anna said. (Zero grabbed it and managed to hide it in his cloak) “Thank you.” Zero said. “Hey slaves and friends, are we going?” Sonic yelled. “We're coming!” Anna said. (She, Rose, and the Reploids had walked down. Rose also had a cloak) “Well, who are the slaves?” The elephant asked. “None other then the cloaked ones except this one next to me, you see, I am tired of them and want to sell them to someone else.” Sonic said. “Very well, is that Anna, the wanted one alive?” The elephant asked. “Um, well, I.” Anna said. “Mille you listen to me young boy?” Rose asked. “Why yes, what do you want?” The elephant asked. (Sonic moved closer to Rose) “Do it.” Sonic whispered. (Rose raised her arms and vines had emerged and wrapped around the elephant which caught everyone's attention) “Oh my, that was Rose?” Anna asked. “Quick, get that general!” An animal yelled. (Rose had rushed towards a barrel and jumped onto it and then went into a roof) “Hey boys, are you going to be quicker then that?” Rose asked. “Get her!” The animals yelled. (Rose had jumped and all of the animals at the dock were gone. Sonic looked to the Reploids and got them loose) “Okay, while Return X get's the groups attention, you go on ahead!” Sonic yelled. (Zero, Axl, Xover, Slasher, and Doppler were running while Janet, Kirby, Knuckles, Solar, and Stevie went after them. Billy, the goat crew, and everyone else had moved the boat away from the dock and were sailing up the ocean with Whirlpool in the water swimming. Sonic, Anna, Bristol, Mille, and the three chao walked into the city while Ava chased after Rose.

  Rose had made it to a market and saw that the group chasing her now had swords. The elephant had two swords and rushed towards Rose. Rose formed two swords and began to slash at the elephant. They slashed up, down, side to side, but it got more chaotic when two anthropomorphic monkeys had joined in and were slashing at Rose. Rose had kicked the three away and they rammed into the rest of the group. Rose had formed vines and they all wrapped around the group. Rose had turned away and was walking till an arrow had hit her back. She looked and saw an anthropomorphic male deer wearing a green cloak similar to Ava's) “A general to the Dictator here, your quite foolish to come, but I Stag will stop you.” Stag said. (He grabbed out a staff and merged the bow with it and jumped up. He fired three arrows and Rose had backed up and formed flowers while ripping the arrow out of her back. Stag had twisted his body and moved out of the way of the flowers and had fired more arrows at Rose. Rose had moved out of the way and threw leaves. Stag had moved his staff and had made every leaf fall to the ground. Rose had formed a venus flytrap and it nearly consumed Stag. He had hit staff get stuck in between the jaws and fired out five arrows. Stag jumped from the flytrap and grabbed onto an arrow and land on top of Rose and slashed at her face. Rose fell down and right when Stag was about to jab the arrow into Rose's chest, another arrow had hit the weapon Stag was holding. The two looked right and saw Ava) “Leave her alone Stag.” Ava said. “But she's an enemy to the Rebellion and the Forest Clan!” Stag said. “Yes, we know that, but I brought her here to be punished, leave her with me while you go patrolling.” Ava ordered. “Yes Miss Ava, let me just get my staff.” Stag said. (Rose moved her hand and made the flytrap let go of the staff and enter back into the ground. Stag grabbed it and then went over to the group who chased Rose earlier) “What, we have to let her go?” A person asked. “Yes, Ava is taking her to the Rebellion's Leader, go back to the place where you came from.” Stag said. “We won't forgive you for this Rose!” The elephant yelled. (They all walked away and Stag had jumped to the buildings and ran off. Ava reached her hand out for Rose and pulled her up) “Are you alright?” Ava asked. “Yeah, did I give Zero and the others enough time?” Rose asked. “Let's not ask that here, I'm sorry to say this, but we must go to the Rebellion's main base.” Ava said. “They'll interrogate me, won't they.” Rose said. “I do believe that will happen, but we'll try our best to help.” Ava said. (The two were walking towards a palace like structure in the distance.

  Meanwhile, in the desert out of the city, Zero and the others were right in front of a yellow pyramid with an entrance and a hall of palm trees leading up to the entrance. They were walking towards it) “Um Zero, do you think this is a good place to stay in?” Axl asked. “I think so, besides, Anna told me about a pyramid here.” Zero said. “Well, let's get inside.” Solar said. (They went into the pyramid and found many stone statues of humans and other animals, mostly hedgehogs. It was dark with only fire from the walls were lighting up. There were three hallways with two in the left and right. There was another statue but was above the third and center door. It was in form of a hedgehog who was holding onto a Chaos Emerald and Dark Jewel) “Wow, look at that, aren't those the Chaos Emerald and Dark Jewel?” Knuckles asked. “It looks like it, but since when has Chaos Emeralds existed in this world?” Solar asked. “Poyo.” Kirby said. “Beat's me, but what should we do here?” Stevie asked. “My guess is to look around, maybe we might find either the Chaos Emerald or Dark Jewel here.” Slasher said. “Well, there is some Hieroglyphics on the doorways, I'll translate them the best I can.” Zero said. (He got out Anna's book and was flipping through the pages) “Hey Janet, have you read hieroglyphics before?” Solar asked. “Yes, but not much, I'll just let Zero figure this out.” Janet said. “Okay, the symbols on the right door say Path of the Tomb, the other on the left say Dimensional.” Zero said. “So should we split up?” Janet asked. “That's my guess, I'll go in the center one with Doppler while you go to the other paths.” Zero said. “Got it, if we find anything, we'll send one of us back.” Solar said. (He went with Axl, Slasher, and Knuckles while Janet left with Xover, Kirby, and Stevie) “Why did you choose me?” Doppler asked. “Well someone has to protect you.” Zero said. “I understand, so what does the middle path hold?” Doppler asked. “It says Heroes.” Zero said. (He began to walk off and Doppler ran after him.

  In the Path of the Tomb, Janet, Xover, Kirby, and Stevie had walked through the long hallway) “So what do you believe is here?” Stevie asked. “I don't know, sniff.” Janet said. “Janet, are you alright?” Xover asked. “Maybe, it's just that we still haven't found Lighting.” Janet said. “I know Janet, but he'll be alright.” Xover said. “Poyo, poyo.” Kirby said. (He jumped up to Janet and hugged her) “Who's this Lighting fella?” Stevie asked. “He's my son, we were separated for a few days and reunited back in my dimension, but now, he's gone again.” Janet said. “I see, so you miss your son, I remember when I heard that I lost my parents, I was adopted by the turkeys and became who I am today.” Stevie said. “I know that's good, but what do you think is in the tomb?” Janet asked. “I don't know, hey Stevie, have you heard of the Warp of Confusion?” Xover asked. “Yes I do, I remembered hearing it from some guys in Tranquil Gulch.” Stevie said. “Why did you ask that?” Janet asked. “Well, while we were rescuing Doppler and Anna, we were sent to the Warp of Confusion, since you Stevie came from here, I was wondering if you knew.” Xover said. “Poyo!” Kirby yelled. (He jumped from Janet and ran off. They found Kirby near a door and it opened up to reveal a shaft with hooks having golden rings on them) “Look at all these rings, hey, I see some of that hieroglyphics on the door!” Stevie said. “Let me take a look, (Janet went to the door and read through the symbols) it says, 'one who has enough rings will enter into the Burial Chamber'.” Janet read. “Wait, how did you know of hireoglyphics?” Stevie said. “Well, when your a busness woman, you have to learn other languages.” Janet explained. “Poyo?” Kirby asked. “Well, let's get the rings and go down.” Xover said. “But are you sure that we can get enough, we don't even know what enough is!” Stevie said. “Don't worry, I'll get them.” Xover said. (He jumped down the shaft and was grabbing rings. There were walls that opened up and had sharp objects. Xover avoided them and continued to grab the rings. After grabbing one hundred rings, he looked down and noticed a bed of spikes. Right as he was expecting the worst, the spikes disappeared and Xover hit the ground. There was more spikes on the walls in the same colors as the rings. Xover carefully placed a single ring onto each spike till all hundred were on. The spikes and rings glowed brightly and opened up) “Xover, is everything alright down there?” Janet asked. “Yes, get down, I'll catch you!” Xover yelled. (Janet and Stevie jumped down and fell. Xover caught Janet while Stevie held onto Kirby who was holding his breath and they went into the Burial Chamber.

  In the room, there were four walls decorated by hieroglyphics and there were many sarcophagus and sculptures of horses with their two feet up rearing. In the center was three golden statues of women with their arms up wearing robes and golden hats. They were surrounding a table with more hieroglyphics and a red base. On top of it was a sarcophagus made of gold with purple decorations in the shape of a fat man with a mustache) “Wow, look at all of this.” Janet said. “So much treasure, should we head back?” Stevie asked. “No, maybe there might be something in here that can help us.” Xover said. (They went into another room and found it filled with treasure. They were walking by hills of gold and many other treasures) “Maybe Pirateman and Bubble Crab would love this place.” Xover said. “Can you find anything involving what your looking for?” Stevie asked. “No, maybe Kirby can look, Kirby?” Janet asked. (They saw Kirby swimming in the gold with a challice. He ate it, but then spitted it out as it was filled with gold coins. Xover had gotten to Kirby and rubbed his belly) “Is the pink fella alright? Stevie asked. “Yes, maybe you two should go on ahead while I search through here.” Xover said. “But will you be alright with that?” Janet asked. “Don't worry, I'll be okay with Kirby. Xover said. (Janet and Stevie left the treasury and passed the sarcophagus and went up the hooks holding the rings to the door's entrance and were climbing up.

  Meanwhile, Solar and the group had made it to a giant room with a few murals. One of them was an island in the sky) “Isn't that Angel Island, how is this in here?” Knuckles asked. “Beats me, but an island up above, sounds like it could mean something.” Slasher said. “Do you know what it says Solar?” Knuckles asked. “I'm trying to find out, but there are more murals.” Solar said. (They showed two hedgehogs with a fox and an echninda with a man) “Hey, those animals kinda look like me, Sonic, Tails, and Eggman, is it a coincidence?” Knuckles asked. “Well, there are more.” Slasher said. (He pointed to another mural showing the Master Emerald with the hedgehog on top of it with the Chaos Emeralds. The next image showed the hedgehog with a shiny white form and the Chaos Emeralds were gone. The group kept looking and found more connecting the story. The hedgehog had attacked the human who had a pink hedgehog. The hedgehog had glowed and then formed a dimension portal which sucked everyone in and consumed Angel Island itself. In the dimension portal, seven objects were made and then had exploded their energy) “Seven objects, were they created by the Chaos Emeralds Negative Energy?” Knuckles asked. “I've got it.” Solar said. “What does it say?” Slasher asked. “It says, the Dimensional Rift had occurred and caused destruction that we estimate will not end till a thousand years.” Solar read. “Dimensional Rift?” Knuckles asked. “Yes, and it says that the Cursed Gems had been sealed away for their power to rest before causing another rift.” Solar read. (He touched part of a wall and it opened up to reveal a small slot for a Dark Jewel) “What is that doing there?” Knuckles asked. “I don't know, but maybe there's something we could do, let me give it a try.” Axl said. (He got out the Dark Ruby and then placed it onto the pedestal and nothing happened) “Um, is this supposed to work?” Slasher asked. “I don't know.” Axl said. “Well, just take it off and let's get going.” Knuckles said. “Okay, (Axl grabbed onto the Dark Ruby) ugh, it's stuck, I can't get it, (The Dark Ruby began to glow and then was consuming Axl with a ruby crystallization) GAH!” Axl yelled. (Slasher and Knuckles were trying to pull Axl away, but his entire body became a ruby statue) “Axl, Axl, can you hear me?” Slasher asked. “He can't, he's nothing but a statue.” Knuckles said. “I'm trying to figure it out.” Solar said. (The three were left looking around. Unknown to them, the Dark Ruby in the murals were glowing faint.

  Meanwhile, back at the city, Ava and Rose had made it to the palace where two guards were) “Ava, we saw Bristol come with Anna and a hedgehog.” A guard said. “That's great to hear, now let me and a member come in.” Ava said. “Yes thing Ava.” The other guard said. (They moved away for Ava and Rose to come in. They went through the doors and were going through a hall till they found Sonic and friends) “There you are.” Sonic said. (Rose moved down the hood and looked around) “Rose, do you believe the Reploids had escaped?” Anna asked. “I can't say, look around you, the Rebellion Members might be listening to us, in fact, where is everyone?” Rose asked. (A giant door began to open up and two guards came in) “Rose the Cat, what is she doing here?” The guards asked. “Well, I found her causing trouble with Stag and I brought her here.” Ava said. “You want to interrogate me and Anna?” Rose asked. “That's what we were hoping for, but how did you animals get these two?” The guard asked. “Well, we found them on Neo Island and got them there.” Sonic said. “So you were part of Ava's group?” The guard asked. “No, we got their first and tried to kill them, I sent them back so they wouldn't kill Anna by mistake.” Ava explained. “Anything about that machine named Doppler?” The guard asked. “Y, yes, I saw these people kill him in my very own eyes.” Anna said. “Perfect, now let's get you and Rose to a place where we can interrogate the both of you.” The guard said. (He grabbed Anna and Rose by the arms and dragged them down the hallway to another room. When the doors were shut, everyone had a sigh of relief) “Whew, that was close.” Sonic said. “No, we'd better talk somewhere else, they may be listening to us.” Mille said. “But where can we go?” Ava asked. “What are you talking about?” Someone asked.

  (They looked and found Stag with his hood off revealing brown and light brown fur and yellow irises. He had antlers with a green leaf symbol on his forehead) “Stag, what brings you here?” Ava asked. “I was wondering what you were going to do with Rose after fighting her.” Stag said. “Well it's none of your business.” Bristol said. “Why should I not ask?” Stag asked. “Um Ava, who is this guy?” Sonic asked. “That's Stag, he's a high ranking leader of the Forest Clan, you see, we joined the Rebellion after the Chao Forest was destroyed.” Ava explained. “Chao Forest, what happened there?” Sonic asked. “You sound surprised, well, the placed burned down because of the Dictator's Forces and most chao are all dead, ready to face extinction.” Stag explained. “That's terrible, I hope Cream doesn't hear about this.” Sonic said. “So what do you have to report Stag?” Ava asked. “Well, nothing in the city except.” Stag said. “Except what, is there a riot in the desert?” Bristol asked. “No, when I was on a roof, I noticed a red glow coming from the desert and wanted to tell you about that.” Stag explained. “A red glow, wait, I feel something, (Mille closed her eyes and then saw the Dark Ruby with the crystallized Axl. She opened her eyes and looked towards Sonic) Sonic, we must head to the desert.” Mille said. “What, but why?” Sonic asked. “It's important that we go there.” Mille said. “Can I come?” Stag asked. “No, I know my way around.” Mille said. “Um yeah, I'll get Mille here to the light.” Sonic said. “We'll see you later.” Mille said. (Sonic grabbed Mille and they both rushed off away from the city. Stag was about to leave) “Where are you going?” Ava asked. “I'm going to patrol the city again.” Stag said. “Are you sure about that, the last time you said that made our cover get blown at a city.” Bristol said. “Don't worry, I'll just stay in the city.” Stag said. (He sprinted away and left the palace.

  Meanwhile, in a different place of the palace, Rose and Anna were in seats waiting as the door behind them was closed. Rose had chains around her body) “I'm sorry for getting us into this mess.” Anna said. “It's alright, I've been through worse.” Rose said. “Like what?” Anna asked. “Well, how about forgetting who you are for about eight years, have visions of the past, and still don't remember all of it.” Rose said. “You used to be someone else?” Anna asked. “Yes, that's what I can remember, but nothing much except I'm not what you see me as.” Rose said. “So your not an organic cat?” Anna asked. “Nope, half of it.” Rose said. (They both hear the door open up behind them and two guards came in and another person came in. It was an old turtle with black irises, wrinkly skin, and the shell had many holes and dents which were covered by a red cape. He wore brown boots and had gray gloves with green rings. The turtle had walked to another seat and sat down as the guards went back outside) “So your Rose and Anna, I've been waiting for you.” The turtle said. “Yes, it's me, so why did you send that group to Neo Island?” Anna asked. “To look for you and to kill that dumb piece of machinery named Doppler.” The turtle explained. (Anna lowered her head down a bit and then looked at the turtle) “What if Doppler had any important information?” Anna asked. “It doesn't matter, and as for you Rose, why betray our kind, why join the dark forces of the Dictator's Empire?” The turtle asked. “It was against my will.” Rose explained. “That's it, your own will, not for power or for anything else, just your will.” The turtle said. “If I told you everything, you would've killed me very quickly.” Rose said. (The turtle got out a sword and was about to hurt Rose. Anna got from her seat and grabbed the sword and fought the turtle's force on the sword) “Listen, we were just telling the truth, if you would listen, then I'll tell you everything I know.” Anna said. (The turtle drew his sword and placed it into his shell and he sat down. Anna also sat, but was wiping the blood of her palms) “It would have sounded rude for you for me to tell you this late, but I'm Leader, the one who started the Rebellion.” Leader said. “Well Leader, I'm Anna, you see, I'm the leader of the Granite Arch, a group of archeologist who search for the hidden wonders of the world.” Anna said. “That I know, my son was with your group.” Leader said. “I knew him, but he died five years ago when I was captured and my group at Medieval Mobuis were killed.” Anna explained. “I was there, also I brought you to Neo Island, I still remember hearing the screams of your members.” Rose said. (Anna glared at Rose, but was then caught by Leader) “Anna, there is no time to be angry, now describe what else had happened.” Leader ordered. “Yes, I was ordered by Metal Android to search though the data of the Dark Parasites that me and my group had uncovered in a cave near Tranquil Gulch.” Anna explained. “What, how come your group wasn't turned into puppets?” Rose asked. “Oh, they weren't alive, they were fossils we found on the walls and the ground, but a month ago, I was in my room when I met with Dr. Doppler.” Anna said. “Don't talk about that traitor, he is a machine and will not be treated nicely, but at least he's dead.” Leader said. “I didn't mean to, but he was my only friend during this whole madness.” Anna said. (Leader slapped Anna and she began to cry) “We cannot make friends with machines young lady, if you weren’t so important, we would've killed you.” Leader said. “I'm sorry, but is there anything else you want to ask me?” Anna asked. “Yes, did you uncover anything about the Dictator or something else?” Leader asked. “Yes, but, (Anna got from her seat and pointed her finger at Leader) you better not call Doppler a piece of trash for the rest of this dumb war!” Anna yelled. “Children, fine, I'll stop calling that weather man trash.” Leader said. “That's better, (Anna sat back down) I learned about the location to the Dictator's Fortress.” Anna said. “How did you do it?” Rose asked. “Well, me and Doppler managed to hack into a computer and find the location.” Anna explained. “Give us the location now, we have had enough of this war and wish for it to end.” Leader said. “I know, but just give me some time, besides, I'm nervous.” Anna said. “About what, you have the voice and answers to end this ten year conflict and you simply reject to speak?” Leader asked. “Well, I.” Anna said. (Leader got out from his chair and slashed at Anna's cheek causing blood to fall. Anna fell to the ground and right as Leader was about to slash again, Rose broke from her bondage and kicked Leader's sword away and formed plants around it and they threw them at Rose. Rose caught it and pointed it at Leader) “Is this how you treat the only person alive with answers?” Rose asked. “She didn't speak a word about the location.” Leader explained. “A few hours ago, she just saw the death of her best friend.” Rose said. “Yes, it's true, I don't want to get hurt.” Anna said. “Mille you call your guards just by pointing this sword at you?” Rose asked. “Fine, but you will be under extreme supervision.” Leader said. (He grabbed a staff and then raised it up as guards came in and grabbed Anna and Rose and dragged them out of the room. They were both thrown into another room and the door was shut behind them) “Are you alright Anna?” Rose asked. “Yeah, I'm sorry that you had to go through this pain.” Anna said. “I'm alright with it, besides, I have more secrets then you think.” Rose said. (She formed a leaf and rubbed it onto Anna's cheek wiping the blood away) “Thank you, so how long will they keep us locked in here?” Anna asked. “Maybe as long as you don't say a word, I wonder how the Reploids are doing?” Rose asked. “I hope their alright, especially Doppler.” Anna said. “Don't say that, they might be listening to us.” Rose said. “Should I tell them where the Dictator's Fortress is?” Anna asked. “Yeah, but it would be best to find out to see if the Reploids are alright.” Rose said. “Okay, so what do you want to do?” Anna asked. “I don't know, but maybe I can try.” Rose said. “Try what?” Anna asked. (Rose went up to Anna) “Get my powers back.” Rose whispered. “Alright, good luck.” Anna said.

  (Meanwhile, back at the pyramid, Zero and Doppler ran into a room from an empty hallway to a giant room. There were treasure, much gold, but the main thing was on the wall, a mosaic. The two walked towards it and saw it more closely. It was Zero, Sonic, and Shade against the Dictator who had a glowing sphere in the center with the colors of green and purple. Surrounding him are the seven Chaos Emeralds and seven other gems. In the Dictator's grasp was X and Return X. Zero looked and found a stone tablet. Zero then began to read through Anna's book. Doppler walked towards him) “Such an amazing piece of work, but how could the ancients predict this event?” Doppler asked. “I don't know myself, but I managed to translate a part of it.” Zero said. “Go on ahead, what does it mean?” Doppler asked. “Three heroes will meet in one place to stop the evil of the new time.” Zero read. “Three heroes, and in the mosaic, you, Sonic, and Shade, does that mean your the heroes?” Doppler asked. (He looked at Zero who continued to look through the old hieroglyphics) “I guess he didn't listen to me.” Doppler thought. “The evil of one's heart will create one who will destroy, while the pure will become the servant of darkness.” Zero read. “What does that even mean?” Doppler asked. “It must represent both X and Return X, but that's impossible, how could Return X be the one to cause all of this?” Zero asked. “Look at that sphere, it's inside of the Dictator, but it looks like it doesn't fit, is there any mention of it other then that text?” Doppler asked. “I'll see.” Zero said. (He looked and found nothing) “Shoot, no mention of the sphere, (Zero looked up) wait, that person, can it be?” Zero thought. “Look up!” Zero yelled. (Doppler looked at the mosaic and saw Xover with seven more objects) “That's one of your friends.” Doppler said. “Xover, what's he doing in this?” Zero thought. (He looked again at the tablet and saw more) “A hero from the future will appear and prevent the dark future.” Zero read. “Does that mean Xover is from the future?” Doppler asked. “Yes, even farther then our own time.” Zero explained. “So what does this all mean?” Doppler asked. “I'd wish I knew.” Zero said. (They continued to look at the mosaic)

  “Zero, Doppler!” Someone yelled. (The two turned around and saw Sonic with Mille on his back) “Sonic, Mille, what are you two doing here?” Zero asked. “We came because of a red glow coming from the desert.” Sonic explained. “Yes, that light, we must head back.” Mille said. “What, but you told me that this was the right way!” Sonic said. “I lied because I knew we needed more help.” Mille explained. “Wow, really Mille, ugh, never mind, let's get going to the right way.” Sonic said. “Wait, what's going on?” Doppler asked. “You'll find out when we get there.” Mille said. (She ran off and Sonic grabbed Zero by the ponytail and Doppler by the labcoat and ran after her) “Hey, not my hair, grab something else!” Zero yelled. “I can't grab something else at this speed, just hang on!” Sonic yelled. (He boosted and they quickly made it to the beginning with the three paths. They found Mille with Janet and Stevie) “Sonic, well that was quick.” Stevie said. “Yeah, but Mille, what's going on?” Janet asked. “We must head to the hallway left of us.” Mille said. “Okay, let's get going.” Zero said. (Mille pushed against Zero's chest) “I'm sorry Zero, but you have to stay behind.” Mille said. “What, but why me?” Zero asked. “You have the Dark Jewels and Chaos Emeralds.” Mille said. “How does that affect the situation at hand?” Zero asked. “All of it is connected, if you want to come, leave the Dark Jewels with someone else, we have to guard them.” Mille said. “I will, is that alright with you Zero?” Janet asked. “But will you be alright?” Zero asked. “It's okay, just help our friends.” Janet said. “Understood.” Zero said. (He gave Janet the six objects and the group ran off. Stevie stayed with Janet) “Stevie, why are you staying with me?” Janet asked. “I know how it feels with your who thing, I want to help you.” Stevie said. “Thank you, hey, I think I hear someone, let's look outside.” Janet said. (They both looked outside.

  They found Amy and Crescent walking towards the place. Janet went out and hugged Amy) “There you two are, I was wondering where you were.” Janet said. “Janet, your alright, we were lucky, right Crescent, Crescent?” Amy asked. (Crescent was looking to the sun and noticed thick gray clouds were forming. When the sun was consumed, snow began to fall) “What the, it's snowing, how come?” Janet asked. (Stevie went out and noticed the snow) “What is this stuff and why is it falling, nothing like this ever happens here.” Stevie said. “I know why, get your weapons ready.” Crescent said. “Stevie, get back inside and protect the gems!” Stevie ordered. “Yes ma’am!” Stevie said. (She ran back inside as a giant ice cube fell and then melted into a wave of snowflakes to reveal Ice Soul) “Well brother, it's been a long time since we've seen each other.” Ice Soul said. “Give it up Ice Soul, I know that your using my sister's body, leave her alone!” Crescent yelled. “Are you sure you can save me from our fate, give it all you've got.” Ice Soul said. (She had formed ice particles around herself.

  Amy had gotten her hammer and ran towards Ice Soul and was trying to slam her hammer into her. The thin sheets of ice were being broken and were melting into water and becoming mud. Ice Soul grabbed Amy's hammer and froze it. She slammed it into Amy and she hit the sand. Ice Soul was about to unleash the ice from her back but was then hit with a stream of mud. Crescent had mud surround his hands and he threw mud balls at Ice Soul. Ice Soul had rushed towards Crescent while leaving a trail of ice. She formed a thick ice sword from the snowflake points and was trying to slash at Crescent. He kept forming a shield of mud but was then attacked by a wave of ice hitting his back. The mud shield disappeared and then left Crescent injured and Ice Soul just slashed at Crescent leaving cut marks. Crescent fell to the sand and was about to get hit again. Janet then rammed into Ice Soul and had electricity on her hands and she was electrocuting her. Crescent got back up and was dragged away by Amy. Ice Soul had tried to shake Janet off, but she held on tight and gave another discharge. When she stopped, Amy grabbed her ice infused hammer and then slammed it into Ice Soul. Ice Soul had then formed a winter storm and blinded everyone and caused them to be consumed in ice. Ice Soul then entered into the pyramid and noticed Stevie and fired an icicle. Stevie ducked and fired three bullets from her pistol but Ice Soul had dodged them with the icicle parts on her back moving like a clock. She had grabbed Stevie and froze almost all of her body but her arms and head. Ice Soul grabbed Stevie and headed towards the red light where the others were.

  Meanwhile, Sonic and friends were still running towards the end of the hallway. They noticed rubies forming on the ground like spikes and were giving a red light. When the group made it to the end of the hallway, they found Solar, Slasher, and Knuckles with a giant ruby in the center of the giant room. There were more formations of rubies all around and were all over the place) “Knuckles, Solar, is everything alright?” Sonic asked. “No, we don't know what's going on, Axl placed the Dark Ruby onto a pedestal and is now up there!” Solar said. (He pointed to the giant ruby in the center of the room) “Axl, is he inside of it?” Zero asked. “I know of it, but at least the Dark Jewels aren't in this room.” Mille said. “What will happen if we do?” Doppler asked. “I hope we'll never find out.” Zero said. (They hear the sound of Stevie yelling and look at the hallway. Ice Soul rushed in with Stevie and stopped) “Ice Soul, let go of Stevie right now!” Solar yelled. “I can't do that just yet, what is going on in here?” Ice Soul asked. “Give me, the Dark Jewels, creations from the Dimensional Rift.” Someone said. (The giant ruby had glowed bright and then shattered revealing Axl now looking like he's made of ruby and the Dark Ruby was inside of him) “Axl, are you alright?” Zero asked. “The Dark Jewels, give them to me now.” Axl said. (He pointed to Ice Soul and Stevie and Mille got in front of the two) “No, we refuse to listen to you.” Mille said. “So you wish to stop me, I feel this power and need more.” Axl said. “I will never give you the chance, Axl, come to your senses, don't do this again!” Mille said. “You will be punished.” Axl said. (He raised his arm and then a bolt of lighting went down and hit Mille, turning her to a ruby statue. Ice Soul let go of Stevie and rushed towards Axl. Axl formed a shield made of Red Aura and Ice Soul slashed at it trying to get a hit. The gem on Axl's helmet glowed and then, Ice Soul was consumed in the Red Aura and was flung towards Zero. Zero jumped out of the way and grabbed Stevie and got on top of a statue. Axl walked up to the two while the ground was turning to ruby with every step Axl took) “Axl, don't hurt Mille, remember what happened before?” Zero asked. “She will only get in the way of things, do you want me to hurt you?” Axl asked. “Axl, please control yourself, this isn't how you acted on the boat!” Stevie said. (Solar ran up to Axl and slashed at his back and jumped away as Sonic spin dashed at him. Axl fell to the ground and Ice Soul had formed a thick sheet of ice on top of him. Zero got Stevie to Doppler) “Doppler, get Stevie out of this room before Axl recovers.” Zero ordered. “Yes, come now Stevie.” Doppler said. (As the two were leaving, Axl broke through the ice and then grabbed everyone in Red Aura and fired lasers at them from his hands. Stevie had then dropped the Dark Jewels and Axl rushed towards them. Time had then stopped and a charge shot had been fired and hit Axl in the chest. Xover dashed in with Kirby and was slashing Axl with the O1-Saber. Time had then resumed and everyone fell. Axl fired lasers from his eyes and hit Xover. Axl grabbed Xover in Red Aura and then got slashed in the back by snowflakes from Ice Soul. Solar had threw fireballs while Zero had slashed at Axl. Stevie had gotten her gun and fired bullets at Axl while holding him in her lasso. Doppler had grabbed the Dark Jewels and went over to Mille. The Dark Diamond began to act up and then was absorbed into Mille. The ruby glowed white and then shattered to reveal Mille now made of diamond and fired White Aura from her hands. Everyone moved out of the way as Axl got hit and Ice Soul had fired a beam of ice and fired the spikes and they rammed into Axl. Axl had unleashed Red Aura beams from his hands and eyes. Mille and Ice Soul had continued to fire their energy and the Dark Jewels had appeared floating above both Mille and Axl. The mosaics on the walls began to glow on the parts with the Dark Jewels and the rubies on the floor began to turn to amethyst and then in the center, a purple gem began to appear. The gem had then fired three lasers at Axl, Mille, and Ice Soul. The energy died down and the three turned into statues. Crescent, Amy, and Janet rushed in and found the three as amethyst statues with the Dark Jewels on the floor. The Dark Amethyst had began to float above the other six and formed a circle) “We did it, but what happened exactly?” Sonic asked. “I don't know, but we have to help our friends!” Amy said. (The three hedgehogs rushed to the amethyst statues and they began to crack open.

  They revealed Axl and Mille who were now back to normal and Ice Soul was now a brown caribou. There was white fur around her neck, underbelly, wrists, ankles, inside of ears, and tail. She had long brown hair with many white feathers with black tips having small ice crystals. The antlers were made of ice and had many 'branches' which were in between the ears. Hanging on the branches was eight crystals colored and shaped in different forms. Red was a volcano, green was a tree, yellow was a tower, blue was a sundial, gray was a rock, white was a wing, purple was a six armed crane, light blue was of a snow flake. She wore nothing but a vine belt with a leather pouch containing purple berries and shoes made of animal fur which look like socks. Her eyes were closed as an icy white Dark Parasite had jumped out from the statue's opening and Crescent grabbed it and threw it to Solar which he slashed to pieces. Crescent kneed down and touched the caribou's cheek) “Polar, can you hear me?” Crescent asked. (Polar began to open her eyes to reveal red which soon became gray blue colored irises) “Crescent, (Polar got up and looked around) where am I, and what happened?” Polar asked. (Crescent got up and moved Polar away from the amethyst statue's remains) “We saved you from Ice Soul, your free.” Crescent said. “Really, I thought I was having a bad dream, but it's all over thanks to you.” Polar said. (She hugged Crescent and the two began to cry) “Are you alright Crescent?” Amy asked. “Yes, thank you, this is what I wanted, the Element Souls are no more, they have returned back to their dimension.” Crescent said. “So the Dark Amethyst was here all this time, but how did it get summoned?” Solar asked. “I don't know, but is everyone alright?” Knuckles asked. “Yeah, I'm just happy that your with your sister again.” Amy said. “Hey, the rubies are melting.” Janet said. (They all looked around and found the rubies to melt and disappear. Zero and Slasher went up to Axl who began to wake up) “Ugh, Zero, Slasher?” Axl asked. “Axl, thank goodness your alright.” Slasher said. “Really, I just felt weird when the Dark Ruby was absorbed into my body, Zero, what are you looking at?” Axl asked. (Zero was watching as Crescent and Polar were hugging) “This reminds me of X, will that ever happen again?” Zero asked. (Axl got up) “Hey, don't worry, who's the girl?” Axl asked. “Polar, we meet again.” Solar said. “Solar, (Polar let go of Crescent and hugged Solar) it's been a long time, hasn't it?” Polar asked. (She moved away and smiled) “Yes it has, but I guess there's nothing else left but to get the Dark Amethyst and get back to the city.” Solar said. “Yeah, but what will we do, I wasn't able to find Billy's Ship after it left, so where can we go from here?” Sonic asked. “We head to the palace.” Mille said. “But are you sure about that Mille?” Sonic asked. “Yes, I can hear it now, but be careful when getting the Dark Jewel.” Mille said. (Polar went up to it and touched it. She felt power, but backed away and Mille had grabbed it) “Ouch, what was that?” Polar asked. “The Dark Amethyst tried to connect your power with it.” Mille explained “So what happened to me with the Dark Ruby?” Axl asked. “I'll explain that later, for now, we must head back to the city.” Mille said. (She walked away and everyone began to follow.

  After a long time, they had made it back to the city. They found guards, but they had escorted them to the palace. When they got inside, they found Rose and Anna with Ava and Bristol) “Sonic, you guys are alright!” Anna said. “I'm kinda glad that you've made it back here Zero.” Rose said. “Strange, why didn't the guards attack us?” Slasher asked. “Well, we kinda convinced them to bring you along.” Anna said. “On one condition though.” Leader said. (He came walking in) “And what's that?” Knuckles asked. “I'm going on foot by myself.” Rose said. “What, were you kicked out?” Sonic asked. “Well, I'm more wanted then you guys, so I guess it makes sense.” Rose said. “Can I come with you?” Polar asked. “Polar, but you've just met with her.” Crescent said. “I know, but I want to be strong, and besides, it isn't fair when one doesn't get to go with others.” Polar said. “She's right, and I'm going too.” Doppler said. “But Doppler, will you be alright without us?” Zero asked. “Yes, I don't need to be guarded all the time, I can still raise my fist and fight.” Doppler said. “Since your going, I'm going too.” Crescent said. “Um, thanks for asking to follow me.” Rose said. “You sound surprised, is something wrong?” Polar asked. “No, I'm okay, so are we ready to follow the plan?” Rose asked. “Plan, what are you talking about?” Slasher asked. “You see, while you were gone, I told Leader about the location of the Dictator's Fortress and asked him to make sure that our friends get here safely.” Anna explained. “It wasn't easy, but I gave up, I have prepared my troops for the battle, Bristol, are you ready?” Leader asked. “Yes, we shall end this horrible war.” Bristol said. “But how can we get there, we couldn't find Billy nor everyone else.” Sonic said. “Don't worry, we have our own battleships, let's get ready.” Leader said. (He walked towards the entrance of the palace and everyone was heading to the dock.

  When they were near the docks, they found Billy's ship. Billy and Whirlpool were standing among with many soldiers and other ships) “Billy, there you are, where were you?” Sonic asked. “Well, we accidentally didn't know when to come back, when we almost exited out of continent, an arrow had hit a post and told us to come back.” Billy explained. “An arrow, it must be Stag, is he anywhere on your boat?” Ava asked. “Nope, I'm right here Ava.” Stag said. (Ava looked behind and saw Stag eating an apple) “Well, I do have to thank you for stopping that pirate from leaving without us.” Ava said. “Your welcome, so are we ready to go?” Stag asked. “Yeah, we just have to get going.” Rose said. “Well, good luck you guys, I hope a safe trip.” Sonic said. “Don't worry, I know my way, and besides, we'll get there.” Rose said. “Wait, where is she going?” Stag asked. “We're going a different way to the Dictator's Fortress.” Doppler explained. “Well, maybe I can join along with you.” Stag said. “More company, but wouldn't you be better with Ava?” Rose asked. “I know, but it would be cool to see you fight.” Stag said. “Alright, well, we're off.” Rose said. (She, Doppler, Polar, Crescent, and Stag had walked away and everyone waved goodbye. Sonic and his friends along with Leader get into Billy's boat and then the Goat Crew had unleashed the sails and they had set sail for the next destination.

  After a while, the five continue to walk through the desert) “Well, Sonic and the others must be off right now heading towards the next continent.” Rose said. “So how are we going to pass onto the next continent?” Stag asked. “Well, I have the telekinetic ability to manipulate water, and my sister has the power of ice.” Crescent explained. “Oh I see, what weird abilities you all possess.” Stag said. “Well, we've made it far enough that we can't see the city, I just hope that we don't get attacked.” Polar said. “Don't worry, most bandits only attack in the city, so there's nothing to fear.” Stag said. “My powers seem to be coming back, but my eyes, their still the same, I wonder if my Limited powers are gone?” Rose thought. (They continued to walk through the long place until dark electricity had hit both Rose and Crescent, knocking them both out and were on the ground surrounded by the electricity. Doppler, Polar, and Stag noticed this and saw X with many humanoid Mechanaloids) “X, what are you doing?” Doppler asked. “Master Dictator ordered me to recapture you and let Tackione deal with you.” X said. “This doesn't look good, but we can fight!” Stag said. “I don't want my guards to kill you yet, I'll just do this.” X said. (He threw his scythe and then it hit the ground almost hitting Polar. It then unleashed more electricity and injured the remaining three. Polar and Stag passed out as Doppler barley stood) “Tackione, he'll soon pay for this.” Doppler said. (X walked up to Doppler and swiftly kicked Doppler by the back and he screamed in pain and passed out. X then looked at his troops) “It's time to take them to Rylad.” X ordered. (The Mavericks went closer to the five and they were all gone) Oh no! X has now has kidnapped our heroes. Mille Sonic and friends find out about this before it's too late? Where is Rylad and what is it? Find out in the Final Act!