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Chapter Eight Act 1
Start of Entire Chapter​: 11/1/2013
End of Chapter: ??/??/????
Finished: 11/7/2013
Word Count of First Act: 6152
Word Count of Entire Chapter: ?????

With Sonic and everyone dead, there would be no hope. But in the far future, a time/dimension portal opened up and Xover came out alone in a desert at night. He walked a bit and fell to the sand. “I'm sorry everyone, this is my fault, (Xover grabbed a bit of sand and some of it fell) why should I be called a Megaman?” Xover asked. (He continued to be in the sand while some of it on his hands were being blown away. A figure was walking through the desert till he noticed Xover and walked towards him) “Xover, so he didn't do it.” The figure said. (He walked towards Xover and Xover noticed the shadow. He looked up and saw Corruption) “Corruption.” Xover whispered. “So you failed again, I'm ashamed that you did this, now this world will stay the way it is.” Corruption said. “You, you killed everyone I knew and loved.” Xover said. “No, your the reason their all dead, you should have stayed away and tried to stop the Dictator on your own, friends won't help you with anything.” Corruption said. “Your lying, remember when we stopped Return X, I was together with my friends, it was them that helped saved Pop Star.” Xover said. “Sure, that maybe true, but I wanted to check on you, but Return X's power to manipulate Reploids got the better of me and that's why I was on his side.” Corruption explained. “I still won't call making friends a mistake, (Xover got up and he glared at Corruption) I didn't have to follow anyone's plans.” Xover said. “Okay, well, while you were gone, the Doctor was worried for your safety.” Corruption said. “He was, well, take me to him.” Xover said. “Okay, just be careful.” Corruption said. “Why?” Xover asked. “The barbarians are back.” Corruption explained. “Um right, let's just get going.” Xover said. (The two began to run through the desert in the moonlight.

  While going through the place, there were no signs of life anywhere, no plants, rabbits, just an empty desert. Corruption then began to hover and he looked up as Xover kept going forward. After looking around, Corruption made it back to ground level) “No sign of them yet, we just have to keep on moving.” Corruption said. “So anything happened while I was gone?” Xover asked. “I don't know much, but only the Doctor knows.” Corruption said. “I'm glad to hear that he's alright, same old location?” Xover asked. “Yes, just like always.” Corruption said. (They saw smoke in the distance and both smiled. They had then dashed towards the smoke.

  In the distance, they found a brown wooden house with smoke emitting from a smoke stack. They got near the house and Xover knocked on the door. The door then opened up by itself and the two went in. Inside, they found many bottles on shelves and glass among the floor. Corruption went over to a door with light emitting from the small cracks and opened it up. Inside, the two find a Reploid on a rocking chair looking in a telescope through an open window. From what was seen, this Reploid had purple armor, black neck, arms, legs, and around the stomach part. Most of it was covered by a white lab coat with gold on the cuffs and collar. The helmet had two blade objects on the sides of it. Xover smiled) “Doctor, is that you?” Xover asked. (The Reploid pushed his chair away from the telescope and got up. He looked to Xover and Corruption which revealed more details. He had a blue diamond gem on his helmet and more silver beneath it. On his chest was a white mark which was shaped like a Chaos Emerald with a blue gem shaped like an emerald in the center. Below his stomach part and near the legs was a gold ring with a triangle pointing down at the front. He looked at Xover with his purple irises glowing by a nearby candle) “Xover, it's been a while, but I'm glad to see that your alright.” The Reploid said. “I'm sorry it took me so long Dr. Gate, but I had to.” Xover explained. “Well, it's alright I suppose.” Gate said. “So what happened while I was gone?” Xover asked. “Come with me.” Gate said. (He walked off to another room which was a ruined kitchen with metal pieces and more liquids. There was a set of stairs going up and the three were going up the next floor.

  When they got up, there was a hallway of doors and Gate went to a locked one. Xover and Corruption got over as Gate opened the door. Inside, it was with a capsule and a computer with a green screen. Gate sat down at the computer and began to type) “So what did happen?” Xover asked. “X had sent his forces all over the dimensions searching for you, heck, they also went into my house looking.” Gate explained. “I see, so I have to get going.” Xover said. “Wait, it's not safe outside now that time has passed, the barbarians will come soon.” Gate said. “But if I stay, more of Master X's guards will come and they'll take you away.” Xover said. “If that's what you want, Corruption stay with me, Xover, you know your way back, right?” Gate asked. “I do, just stay here.” Xover said. (He went out of the room and down the stairs. Corruption went to Gate and the two looked out the window. They both saw Xover running away from the house) “I hope Xover doesn't raise suspicion of us being involved.” Corruption said. “I've taught Xover things that X doesn't want him to know.” Gate said.

  (After a while, Xover had made it far enough that he couldn't see Gate's House. Xover had then stopped and looked at the moon) “Such a terrible night, but I'm happy to see Gate again, but did Corruption tell him of our adventure?” Xover thought. “And, Gate was so concerned with me going back home, not about asking for what happened in the past, was what I did the right choice?” Xover asked. “Well, well, look who's here.” Someone said. “Huh, who said that?” Xover asked. (He looked around trying to find the voice, then, a shadow had appeared covering Xover's view of the moon, then more had appeared. Xover then saw them clearly. They were tall Reploids wearing dirty fur all over their bodies and they were bald. They had blue crystal eyes with purple scars on the faces. In their hands were axes with dark red blood) “Aren't you the servant to Master X?” A Reploid asked. (Xover began to run away as the Reploids then began to chase after Xover) “I should have stayed behind, but if I go back, then they'll be in danger.” Xover thought. (He kept running as the Reploids were chasing. Axes were being thrown and one impaled Xover in the back and he triped on a stone and fell to the sand. Xover closed his eyes and then quickly opened then up to see the Reploids surround him) “Well Reploid, you made a foolish mistake against the Sigma Barbarians, now you will suffer!” A barbarian said. (They then began to step onto Xover and were slashing him with their axes. More cuts were being on Xover's armor and felt a Sigma Barbarian grab onto his fur collar and raise him up. Xover opened his eyes and saw the axe ready to hit his head. Xover shut his eyes tight, but then there was a loud noise of a punch and Xover fell to the ground unconscious. The fighting was going on and after a while, Xover regained his strength and opened his eyes again to see two faint figures. Before going unconscious again, Xover heard them) “So we finally found him, who knew he was in this desert.” A figure said. “Let's get him back home.” Someone #2 said. (Xover fell unconscious as he was taken away.

  Xover began to wake up and he noticed that he was in a cell with his armor fully repaired. The cell was gray with nothing inside) “Where am I, could this be home, where did the Sigma Barbarians go?” Xover thought. (He heard the large metal door opening up and two figures came into the room. They were both Reploids. The Reploid on the left had a round body with a yellow line near the pink neck collar and it was in a shape of a gear but with a skull with triangle eyes on the front. Also on the body is ear pieced shapes near the legs which also have pink circles around with a green circle stripe. The forearms and shoulder pads were purple with the forearms cylinder shaped with four pink vents. The hands were white with two yellow rings on the fingers. The lower legs were thick boots which were white and had a green circle gem on the sides. On the cuff parts, they had a pink upside down triangle shape with a green triangle. The foot part was white on the sole with pink at the back. The face was shaped like a gas mask and was light green. The mouth part was yellow and gray and was oval shaped. There was red glass covering the eyes. The other Reploid was much thinner while wearing green armor. The arms were white and the legs were purple with yellow squares on the outer sides. The chest was white with a blue stripe and a purple gem below the chest. Below the chest was green armor with blue stripes. The forearms were purple and the white hands had thin black stripes and on the back of the hands near the wrist part had orange circles on the sides. The boots were like the big Reploid's, but had different colors. On the cuff part was red with light green gems and the sides and front part of the bot were purple and red on the back of the soles. The Reploid had a green and purple helmet with a red circle gem surrounded by a purple circle. On the back of the Reploid's head was a red thick circle which holds thick red braids and at the end is a metal object with has a lime green stripe at the top, purple at the middle, and pink at the end. This Reploid had pink upside down triangle crystal eyes. The two were starring at Xover) “It's been a while, hasn't it?” The green Reploid said. “Yes it has, the Master is waiting for you.” The blue Reploid said. (They walked over to Xover and the blue one grabbed Xover with his big hands and was taking him away from the cell.

  After a while, Xover and the two Reploids made it to a hallway with it being more gray with pillars and statues of Reploids. When they got to the end, they found a blue and golden throne with a giant X. Sitting on it was Megaman X in his Dark Scythe form, but it was different then before. The skull mask was gone to reveal X with red irises and black scars, the hood now had a red shade at the edges on the front and on the back with the gem on his helmet being blue with a red center. The chest armor was gray with it being of a shiny metal with a red X. The forearms were black and had red blades shaped like crescent moons and the skulls on the wrist parts were now shaped like X's original face but were looking like they were asleep while crying blood. The boots had the same thing as the forearms, but with a sharp point at the end of the foot part. X's scythe was in his red clawed hands and it was black and the carvings of Zero and Axl were gone to be only X's face. X had watched as the two Reploids let go of Xover and backed away and Xover bowed) “Xover, there you are, such a long time has passed since we've last saw you.” X said. “Master X, forgive me for being away for so long.” Xover said. “I won't forgive you until you tell me what you have been doing, Luxione, Bloodione, where did you find Xover again?” Master X asked. “The Forbidden Barren.” Luxione explained. “Can you explain why you were there Xover?” Master X asked. “Well, I just wanted to check what was outside of this city.” Xover explained. “That doesn't sound concrete enough Xover, (Tackione appeared from behind X's throne) why don't you tell us what other things you had done.” Tackione said. “You.” Xover said. “Me, what are you talking about?” Tackione asked. “Master X, can me and Tackione talk somewhere private?” Xover asked. “Very well, just come back when your done.” Master X ordered. “Yes Master X, now your going with me.” Xover said. (Tackione had walked towards Xover and the two walked out of Master X's throne room. Luxione and Bloodione looked towards him) “Master X, are you sure that this was a good thing?” Bloodione asked. “I'll take a look myself, I won't let secrets be hidden from me.” Master X explained. (He got off his throne and walked towards the door. Two servants opened the door up and closed it as X had left) “So what now?” Luxione asked. “I'm going to hear the conversation myself.” Bloodione said. “What, but didn't Xover and Tackione say to go private?” Luxione asked. “So why did you allow Master X to go ahead?” Bloodione asked. “Um, okay, you can go, (Bloodione walked towards the doors and he opened them up and entered through, leaving Luxione with the two servants) so what should we do?” Luxione asked. (The guards raised their arms in confusion.

  Meanwhile, in another part of the castle, Master X found Xover and Tackione. At the same time, Bloodione had saw Master X) “Listen Tackione, why should you be Master X's royal adviser when your the one that caused it.” Xover said. “Xover, I was given that role because I was right, you are just Master X's pet, it doesn't matter if you travel back to the past again, you'll still be under Master X's control.” Tackione said. “So that Reploid went to the past without me knowing.” Master X thought. “Poor Xover, he tried to help this future.” Bloodione thought. “I think we should head back to Master X.” Xover said. “A wise choice.” Tackione said. (Master X went through the wall and Bloodione ran off back to the throne room.

  After a while, Xover and Tackione made it back to the throne room where they find Master X and Bloodione back in their spots) “Xover, I want you to stay in your room till I give orders.” Master X ordered. “What, but why?” Xover asked. “Luxione, Bloodione, this is a lesson on how not to betray me.” Master X said. “No, what did I do that caused this?” Xover asked. “You went to the past and tried to change the future without me knowing, it was the only place you were in this whole time.” Master X said. “How did you learn of it?” Xover asked. “Bloodione, take him to the storage room!” Master X ordered. “Yes Master X.” Bloodione said. (He extended his arms and the hands grabbed Xover and then Bloodione took Xover away) “Tackione, I've also heard that you were the reason that this had happened to me.” Master X said. “That may be true, but I'm still your loyal adviser.” Tackione said. “I know of that part, soon, I shall punish Xover for his crime.” Master X said.

  (Meanwhile, in a hallway, Xover was being taken to his room by Bloodione) “Bloodione, did you hear me and Tackione's conversation?” Xover asked. “Yes, but I was wondering if it was right to hear.” Bloodione said. “Well, I think I'm going to get punished again by X.” Xover said. “Xover, can you tell me who the past X was like?” Bloodione asked. “Yes, he was kind and caring, we both got to know each other until when he was corrupted by the Dark Crystal.” Xover explained. “You wanted X to be happy?” Bloodione asked. “Yes, I wanted to change this future.” Xover explained. (They made it to a door and Bloodione opened it up. Bloodione gently let go of Xover and closed the door. Xover looked around to find that it was the storage room. Xover looked underneath the door and found parts of Bloodione's body covering it. Xover then sat down by the door) “I don't know what punishment you'll take, but I know it will be severe.” Bloodione said. “Bloodione, if you let me go, I'll tell you everything that had happened in the past, from meeting with X, to the end with the Dictator.” Xover explained. “Are you sure about that?” Bloodione asked. “Yes, I refused to read the Plans only when necessary, I didn't want to go alone, that's why I made friends with the real X, I wanted to learn of the past and prevent this future.” Xover explained. “What about Zero, did you see him too?” Bloodione asked. “I did, he fought off Mavericks and other foes with the Z-Saber, I was amazed at him for his fighting, when he told me of a story, I recognized where you all came from.” Xover explained. “So Zero still fought with the Z-Saber, such a mighty weapon from him, what else did you meet with?” Bloodione asked. “I met Tails with X, he was smart and was friends with Sonic the Hedgehog, I remembered that he and Zero saved us from the Time Spiders, such an adventure.” Xover said. “It looks like I'll have to get going.” Bloodione said. “Wait, you promised me that you will get me out of here.” Xover said. “Sorry Xover, but rules are rules.” Bloodione said. (His shadow disappeared from the door and Xover had just sat) “Bloodione, why did you lie?” Xover thought. (He kept his head down onto his arms and waited in the dark storage.

  A few hours passed by and nothing happened, Xover had looked through his Battle Memory) “Should I?” Xover whispered. “No, I would be in more trouble.” Xover thought. (The door opened up behind him and Xover almost fell over. He looked back and saw Master X. Xover backed away) “Hello Xover, it seems that Bloodione didn't mess up.” Master X said. “So what's my punishment?” Xover asked. “You will be under my control, this time, forever.” Master X explained. “If that's my punishment, I will accept it.” Xover said. “Say goodbye to your freedom, (Master X had pointed his hand at Xover and formed an energy sphere, right when X was about to fire, Luxione appeared) what is it Luxione?” Master X asked. “There's a bit of a riot going on outside the castle.” Luxione explained. “A riot, and in our utopia, Xover, I will spare your memory, for now.” Master X said. (He slammed the door shut and the two then left the door and left Xover alone) “I wonder what those Reploids are doing, maybe I can get out of here, (Xover began to push onto the door, but it was stuck) shoot, it's locked on the outside.” Xover said. (He sat back down again and waited.

  After a while, the door opened up ounce again and Xover saw Bloodione) “Xover, do you remember who I am?” Bloodione asked. “Yes, Luxione told Master X of a riot, so what do you want with me?” Xover asked. “Did you remember what I said, well, I want you to take me to the Forbidden Barren.” Bloodione said. “What, so you changed your mind?” Xover asked. “Yes, now get on my back, we're going out.” Bloodione said. (Xover jumped up and grabbed onto Bloodione's neck and Bloodione began to walk through the castle.

  They both got near the outside, but they saw guards up ahead. Bloodione went behind a wall and Xover got off) “So how can we get out?” Xover whispered. “Do you have anything that can make you invisible?” Bloodione asked. “Yeah, I have Chameleon Sting, just let me get it ready.” Xover whispered. (He then turned invisible and the two walked forward. The guards were giving Bloodione looks till Bloodione opened a door to the outside open) “Bloodione, what are you doing?” A guard asked. “I was ordered to go there by Master X before he left.” Bloodione explained. “Go where?” Another guard asked. “To the Forbidden Barren.” Bloodione explained. “Yes, go right on ahead.” A guard said. (Bloodione opened the doors and he and Xover went into another room. Inside was a teleporter and Bloodione went to a computer and typed in the location of the Forbidden Barren. Bloodione and Xover got onto the teleporter and turned into Teleport Beams.

  They landed to the outskirts of the city which was a giant wall surrounding the city. Xover then became visible and the two began to walk away from the city) “Whew, we got out just in time, now let's get going to Gate's House.” Xover explained. “Sure, lead the way.” Bloodione said. (The two ran off and were heading towards Gate and Corruption's location.

  After a long time of walking on the desert sand, Xover was looking around for any sign of the Sigma Barbarians) “Nope, I don't see them anywhere, maybe they left for somewhere else.” Xover said. “I hope so, I've never been out here before without Master X.” Bloodione explained. “Really, there is a question I wanted to ask you right after our little talk.” Xover explained. “Oh, what is it?” Bloodione asked. “Well, hey, is that smoke, (Xover pointed to the smoke and rushed over. Bloodione followed and they both found Gate's old house. The two went over and Xover knocked on the door.

  Gate opened the door and panicked as he saw Bloodione's giant sphere shaped body) Gate, are you alright?” Xover asked. “What is he doing here?” Gate asked. “Oh, Bloodione, sorry that he made you panic, but I have a good reason why he's with me, can you let us in?” Xover asked. “It's going to be a problem with Bloodione.” Gate said. “Can't I just listen through the window?” Bloodione asked. “Which one, in the kitchen?” Gate asked. “Yes, that will work.” Bloodione said. “Xover, are you sure this is good?” Gate asked. “Of course it is, now let's go to the kitchen.” Xover said. (He pushed Gate inside the house and Bloodione closed the door and walked towards the right side of the house.

  Xover and Gate sat down at a metal table with dirt covered papers. They both saw Bloodione outside and laughed) “So Xover, can you now tell me why your here with Bloodione?” Gate asked. “Yes, you see, Master X listened to our conversation about me in the past, I found out that Tackione was the main reason behind this whole future.” Xover explained. “Shocking, so what did happen?” Gate asked. “I was taken to a storage room by Bloodione and Master X came and was ready to erase my memories, until Luxione told him of a riot.” Xover explained. “A riot you say, possibly it occurred because you didn't go warn of it to X.” Gate said. “I'm not doing that anymore!” Xover yelled. “Calm down Xover, (The three looked to find Corruption going down the same stairs from before) Bloodione, so what's this all about?” Corruption asked. “Well, I had enough with Tackione, with Xover gone, he was advising Master X to kill Reploids at random in the name of Maverick.” Bloodione explained. “So is that why there's a riot in the city?” Xover asked. “Maybe, I didn't even know that a riot was going on.” Corruption explained. “Well, the only thing left to do now.” Xover said. “And what's that?” Gate, Corruption, and Bloodione asked. “I have to go back to the past and try again.” Xover said. “Really, but how can we do it?” Bloodione asked. “I can't right now because I'm low on power, I guess we have to wait for a very long time.” Xover said. “No, (Gate looked through the papers on the table and picked one out) about eight thousand years ago, the Dark Jewels had spread their Negative Energy over the dimension with a planet known as Mobius.” Gate explained. “Eight thousand years ago, that's the same time when I was with, Megaman X.” Xover said. “You mean when time was frozen?” Corruption asked. “Will you both listen to me?” Gate yelled. “Yes sir!” Xover and Corruption said. “Much better, now let me continue, items known as the Time Stones became corrupted and merged into one, it is now known as the Lost Stone and is located in this dimension, if we can find it, I will.” Gate said. “Let's just find the Lost Stone first and then you'll explain.” Corruption ordered. “Alright, the known location right now for the Lost Stone is on my computer, let me take a look.” Gate explained. (He walked up the stairs and went looking through his computer.

  Gate came back down with the three Reploids looking at him) “So where's the Lost Stone's location?” Bloodione asked. “As of reports coming from another town, it's at Dry Lake.” Gate explained. “That will take us all most all night to get there.” Corruption said. “I know Corruption, but we must save the past.” Gate said. (Xover and Corruption got from their seats and began to walk towards a door which lead outside. The three Reploids got out and were greeted by Bloodione) “Let's get going.” Xover ordered. (The four began their expedition to the Dry Lake.

  Meanwhile, at the castle inside of the city, Master X teleported back in with Luxione. Master X walked over to the storage room and noticed that Xover was gone) “Where is he?” Master X asked. “Master X!” Someone yelled. (Master X and Luxione saw Tackione walked towards the two) “Tackione, what happened while I was gone, where's Xover and Bloodione?” Master X asked. “Bloodione betrayed you and managed to get Xover outside of the city.” Tackione explained. “What, great, first a riot and now a betrayal, how much worse can this night get?” Master X asked. “We will send a search party tomorrow.” Tackione said. “Very well, just get them ready.” Master X ordered. “Yes Master X.” Tackione said. (Master X went away from the two Order Breakers while growling in anger. Tackione smiled at this and Luxione looked confused.

  Master X made it to a hallway and slammed the doors open. He looked around his throne room to find female Reploid servants cleaning up. They all looked at Master X and then continued to clean the statues of Reploids. Master X walked on the red long carpet and sat down onto his throne and noticed a picture on one of the arm rests. He grabbed it and looked at it to find himself in his normal armor with Zero and Axl. Master X then squeezed so tight on the glass of the picture that it shattered. The noise of the glass had caught all of the servant Reploids attention. Master X activated his scythe) “Get out, all of you!” Master X ordered. (The Reploids quickly ran out of the room after hearing Master X's demand. X grabbed the picture from the broken frame and closed his eyes as he began to rip it apart. Tackione entered in and saw the pieces of the picture and there was one of Zero's head and Tackione stepped on it) “Master X, are you feeling alright?” Tackione asked. “Not now Tackione, just leave me alone.” Master X whispered. “The search party is ready, that's all I wanted to say.” Tackione said. (He was walking out and left Master X alone) “Xover, why did you do it, things were easier when you were my friend.” Master X said.

  (Meanwhile, back with the Reploids, they were still walking through the desert) “How long has it been since we've left?” Xover asked. “About two hours.” Bloodione said. “Thank you, and I'm glad to see no sight of the Sigma Barbarians.” Xover said. “Yeah, they came early this year, I don't know why, but it happened.” Corruption said. “Well, we should be heading closer to the town near the lake, does anyone find anything looking like a building around here?” Gate asked. “Well, I do see something, can you look Corruption?” Bloodione asked. “Yeah, I see it, it must be Desolate Village.” Corruption said. “I never knew of another place besides Utopia.” Bloodione said. “Maybe your head is just up in the clouds.” Gate said. “What was that?” Bloodione asked. “Calm down Bloodione, Gate just said that because you've never been there.” Xover said. “Fine.” Bloodione said. “Why did I have to be with Gate?” Bloodione thought. (The four continued to walk through the desert.

  They finally made it to Desolate Village and found many Reploids wearing torn up clothes with their armor. Some were sitting down on stairs while young Reploids were playing with buckets of water) “Water, but I thought all of it dried up.” Gate said. “It looks like no one noticed us yet, it's like we don't exist.” Corruption said. “Strange for someone as big as me.” Bloodione said. “Yeah, but the water, look how those kids play with it like a toy.” Xover said. “We need to get to Dry Lake.” Gate said. (The three walked through the village seeing more Reploids play with water. They noticed a gate and passed through to see the lake. It was not dry at all as it said, as it was filled with fresh light blue water. There were Reploids looking at the water and some had buckets and some were soaked wet) “Wow, the Dry River, it's filled with water just like before.” Corruption explained. “Could this be because of the Lost Stone?” Gate asked. “That could be the case.” Bloodione said. “Well, we'd better get it.” Corruption said. “But what will happen if the Lost Stone is taken from the lake, will it dry up again?” Xover asked. “I don't know, but we must get the Lost Stone, now let's go!” Corruption ordered. (He jumped into the water and was swimming down. Xover looked at Gate) “Do you want me to follow him?” Xover asked. “Let's just all go together.” Gate said. (The three went into the water and were going after Corruption.

  Under the sea, the group find sunken ships which had rusted over time. They all found a giant ship in the distance and saw Corruption enter. The group followed and entered inside leaving Bloodione out. Xover and Gate were inside of a hallway and were looking around for Corruption. The hallway was mostly blue because of the water and there were some doors which were opened. Xover entered into one while Gate noticed a flight of stairs at the end of the hallway. Gate went to them and was walking on them. He looked to noticed light fixtures on the walls being shut down) “Such a beautiful ship, all in ruins.” Gate thought. (He noticed a giant hole on both sides of the hallway. Gate looked inside of the broken wall and saw a giant bombshell and swam towards it. He noticed it was empty and around it was black on the walls surrounding it. Gate saw some papers and grabbed them. Showing them to the light revealed that they were dated 5258) “That was 4842 years ago, when the war was raging on, could this be a medical ship?” Gate asked. (He heard a noise and after dropping the papers, he had looked out the hallway. He saw a shadow pass by and followed it up the stairs. Gate looked and found Corruption inside of a room filled with bottles and a dead Reploid. Gate tapped on Corruption's shoulder and he looked) “Oh Gate, did you see what I found.” Corruption said. “It's just old medical stuff, it's probably out of date.” Gate said. “How can you tell?” Corruption asked. “Well, look at how many dead barnacles are on this dead Reploid, and this ship was sailing back in 5258.” Gate explained. “Oh, your right, where's Xover?” Corruption asked. “He's back at the hallway.” Gate said. “Let's just go there.” Corruption said. (He swam out of the room and Gate took one last look at the body) “Such a poor soul.” Gate whispered. (He swam away and followed Corruption. They made it past the stairs and made it to the same room where Xover went into.

  Inside, Xover wasn't there. Corruption noticed a ripped curtain and they went through the door. Inside, they found many dead Reploids either on the ground or above them. All of them were covered in dead barnacles and in the center was Xover looking scared. The two Reploids went up to Xover and got to him) “Gate, Corruption, where were you?” Xover whispered. “Xover, are you alright?” Corruption asked. “I don't feel that safe here.” Xover whispered. “Will you stop whispering, come on, let's just look for the Lost Stone.” Gate said. “I can sense it's presence, it's here.” Xover said. “Just where is it?” Corruption asked. (Xover closed his eyes) “I can see it in a giant circle area in the center of this place, we must get back out.” Xover ordered. “Okay, let's just pass by these bodies.” Corruption said. (The three swam out of the room and went back up the stairs.

  They found another part of a hallway and were going through till they found a giant door. Corruption pushed on it, but it wouldn't open) “We need more force, (Gate looked up and noticed a giant hole to reveal sun light) look up, I think it's big enough for Bloodione to fit in.” Gate said. (He swam up and found Bloodione with a small boat and swam towards him) “Hello Gate, did you find the Lost Stone yet?” Bloodione asked. “Yes, but we need your help, come with me.” Gate said. (He was swimming away and Bloodione followed. The two made it to Xover and Corruption and saw the two pushing onto the door. Bloodione landed with the sand hitting Xover and Corruption) “Bloodione, so that hole was big enough.” Corruption said. “Bloodione, I want you to punch that door open.” Gate said. (He pointed to the door which Xover and Corruption were pushing on and Bloodione punched it.

  The door broke open and the giant part that was punched had hit the inside of the hallway. Xover, Corruption, and Gate had found the room to be bright and there was no water as if it were above the ocean. There was an elevator and another flight of stairs. Xover looked up and the three noticed an orange stone in the shape of a sundial with seven holes and a glowing center. Corruption floated up to the stone and touched it. He then got flashbacks to his past and backed away) “Corruption, are you okay?” Xover asked. “I'm alright, ouch, the memories, they hurt.” Corruption said. “Xover, can you get a better look?” Gate asked. “Yeah, I'll try.” Xover said. (He went up the stairs and went to look at the stone) “This must be the Lost Stone, I can feel it.” Xover thought. (He reached his hand out and then jumped. He touched the Lost Stone and it along with him fell to the ground below. Gate and Corruption looked to find Xover fine, but the core of the Lost Stone was glowing. Two spheres escaped from the Lost Stone as it split into two and escaped the ship. The spheres turned to the shapes of two Reploids and then formed into both Zero and Slasher who were both unconscious. The room began to rumble and fill with water. Xover grabbed Zero and Slasher and was walking up the stairs. Gate and Corruption watched) “Zero, how did he and that other Reploid get here?” Slasher asked. “Less questions and more action, go help him out.” Gate ordered. (Slasher made it to the same level as Xover was and carried Slasher up to the top. They then made it out of the room where they found Bloodione above outside. Xover, Corruption, Gate, and Bloodione had swam to the surface and got up to the ground) Now within the future, how will Xover and friends get the Lost Stone now that it's split? How and why were Zero and Slasher inside of the Lost Stone? What will happen when Tackione's search party finds our heroes? Find out in the next act!