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Chapter Eight Act 2
Started: 11/8/2013
Finished: 11/18/2013
Word Count: 5162

Everything was black till a green light filled the area. Zero looked around and he noticed a figure in a light turquoise aura. “So you've woken up, I'm glad to see that your alright.” The figure said. “Huh, who are you and where am I?” Zero asked. “Your in a dream, I was waiting for the right moment, but I will explain things to you.” The figure said. “Okay, I'll listen.” Zero said. “You and Slasher were taken to this future.” The figure explained. “Really, so was he the cause of the blue light?” Zero asked. “Yes, but you couldn't get to this time because of the Lost Stone, now that it is in two pieces, you were able to enter.” The figure said. “I'm in the future, so what can I do?” Zero asked. “You must get back to the past, you'll soon find out the fate of your friends soon enough.” The figure said. “So how can I do that?” Zero asked. “You must go find the two halves of the Lost Stone and rejoin them.” The figure explained. “So where can I find them?” Zero asked. “You must ask the Ancestors of the Past, I had given the wisdom to be with the gems, it's now time that I bid farewell, for now.” The figure said. “Wait, can you tell me what your name is?” Zero asked. “I will save that for another time, goodbye.” The figure said. “Wait!” Zero yelled. (The figure disappeared and everything went dark.

  Zero had woken up and looked around. He saw himself and Slasher resting on ripped blankets. The room was dark and covered in cobwebs. Zero got up and then rubbed Slasher. Slasher woke up and noticed Zero) “Zero, are we alive?” Slasher asked. “Yes, did you have that dream?” Zero asked. “Dream, oh that figure, she told me that we were in the future.” Slasher said. “Are we even alive?” Slasher asked. “Yes, it seems like it.” Zero said. “But what should we do right now?” Slasher asked. “We should just wait a bit and think about what had happened.” Zero said. “Yeah, I would like to know who the figure was.” Slasher said. “Me too.” Zero said. (A door opened up and Corruption came in) “Hello Zero, so you've woken up with that other Reploid.” Corruption said. “Hey, my name is Slasher.” Slasher introduced. “Corruption, are we really in the future?” Zero asked. “Yes, the year 101XX, we have no idea on how you got here, but Xover believes that you got caught in his time travel.” Corruption explained. “That's definitely where the blue light came from, where is Xover?” Zero asked. “He's outside with Bloodione and Gate.” Corruption explained. (Zero widened his eyes and he ran out the house.

  He found both Gate and Bloodione. They noticed him) “Zero, long time no see.” Gate said. (He was about to walk towards Zero, but he activated his Z-Saber and dashed towards Gate. Bloodione had fired his two fists and Zero dodged them and was trying to slash at Gate. Bloodione pushed him out of the way and got slashed by Zero. Bloodione retracted his arms which one tripped Zero. Bloodione fired his fist and caught Zero in his grasp. Zero quickly broke from the grip and then slashed Bloodione in the face. Gate watched as Zero was slashing Bloodione. Zero then got hit by a charge shot and hit the ground. Bloodione grabbed Gate and rushed towards the attacker. Zero looked and saw Xover) “Zero, what are you doing?” Xover asked. (Zero got up) “It's Gate and Bloodione, they're enemies to me.” Zero explained. “No Zero, we aren't going to hurt you now knock it off before you kill someone.” Gate said. “But the past.” Zero said. “The past doesn't mean anything right now, just stop.” Bloodione said. “Fine, but can you tell me what's going on?” Zero asked. “We should wait for Corruption and Slasher.” Xover said. “Well, where are they?” Gate asked. “We're coming!” Slasher yelled. (Both Slasher and Corruption showed up) “What took you so long to get out of bed?” Zero asked. “Well, it was more questions I was asking.” Slasher explained. “Can I explain what's going on?” Xover asked. “Yeah, go on ahead.” Zero said. “Well, this is our future, an everlasting desert with only small towns and a giant city.” Xover explained. “Yeah, that worthless place called a 'utopia' by it's king.” Corruption said. “King, who is that?” Slasher asked. “It's your old friend Megaman X, or as he's known here, Master X.” Gate explained. “X, he's still a Maverick?” Zero asked. “Yes, under the influence of the Dark Crystal, such a terrible curse.” Xover said. “Dark Crystal, I never knew that X would be influenced by a gem.” Bloodione said. “So yeah, that's most of it, we also tried to get the Lost Stone, but it was split into two for unknown reasons.” Xover explained. (Zero looked at Slasher) “We need to find the two Ancestors of the Past.” Zero explained. “The Ancestors of the Past, those two know of the locations, fine, well, one is rumored to be in a town different then this one.” Gate explained. “Where can we find them?” Slasher asked. “Let's just go to Virtue Town first.” Gate explained. “Right, Gate, lead the way!” Xover ordered. (The group dashed out of the city and some Reploids waved goodbye.

  In the desert, our heroes were going through the lifeless wasteland with robot birds flying above. As they kept going forward, the sun began to rise into a beautiful sunrise behind the mountains in the distance. As they were going through the desert, they were being followed by other Reploids. One of them had began to contact someone) “Master X, we found them, should we attack them?” A Reploid asked. “No, I see two more figures, one of them looks like, Zero!” The Reploid said. “What, but that's impossible, never mind, just keep watch till I give the orders.” Master X ordered. “Yes Master X, (The communication had broke up) just keep your distance, don't be seen by them.” The Reploid explained. (They had continued to watch the Reploids as they kept walking.

  After a long time, they were on a hill looking down upon a village and a giant mountain. Zero stopped and so did the others) “What's wrong Zero?” Bloodione asked. “I was just wondering on how big the desert is.” Zero said. “Oh, well, it is quite big.” Xover said. “The whole planet is a desert.” Bloodione explained. “Oh great, but at least we're at the village, right?” Slasher asked. “Yes, that's it right there, now maybe the villagers know where the Ancestor of the Past is.” Xover said. “I just hope that it isn't a rumor.” Gate said. “Well, let's find out.” Corruption said. (They all walked down the hill to the village.

  When they got to it, it was mostly buildings like a town. There were less Reploids on the streets and when the Reploids arrived, worried mother Reploids grabbed their children inside and the Reploids on the streets ran away) “What the, what's going on with them?” Zero asked. “Oh, they just don't know how to deal with strangers, such cowards.” Gate explained. “So how are we going to find the ancestor?” Slasher asked. “Let's just look around.” Xover said. (They began to walk through the town and split up.

  Zero and Slasher noticed the Reploids that were on the streets and quietly went towards them. But they quickly noticed the two and ran off. Bloodione and Gate both noticed some kids playing jump rope and they walked towards them. The children screamed and ran off. Bloodione extended his arms and grabbed some kids. They were all screaming while kicking Bloodione's hands) “Stop it you guys, I just want answers.” Bloodione said. “Let them go, their screams are annoying me.” Gate said. “Alright, (Bloodione let the kids go) sorry young ones.” Bloodione said. (The kids ran off crying for their mothers.

  Zero had split from Slasher and began to run around. When he made it to a dried up fountain, he found a female Reploid with short purple hair and some of it covered her right eye. She had black irises and wore square glasses. Her ear pieces were silver with purple spheres, above them on the hair were four black oval shaped objects with a yellow X on them, two on the sides. She had a black body covering the mechanical parts. Her outfit was a white dress with a small skirt part and black sides. There was a yellow X on the right upper chest part. Also was a small brown jacket with small sleeves. There were white buttons and cuffs on the sleeves. The collar and bottom were pink. The boots were unusually thin and were brown with pink cuffs, heels, and straps. The thin gloves had black hands and a yellow X on the palm and purple cuffs. Zero walked towards her and she looked calm) “Can you help me out?” Zero asked. (The Reploid looked at Zero) “Why do you need my help?” The Reploid asked. “I can explain, my name is Zero, and I'm looking for the Ancestor of the Past.” Zero introduced. “But why do you need to see her?” The Reploid asked. “Well, I'll explain as soon as I find my friends.” Zero said. “Okay, can I come with you?” The Reploid asked. “Sure, but can you explain me things?” Zero asked. “Such as?” The Reploid asked. “What your name is and why you look so human like.” Zero explained. “My name, it's Lilac, the reason why I don't have the usual bulk that other Reploids posses is because I upgraded myself, my reason is, well, it's kinda hard to explain because of this world's condition.” Lilac explained. “Lilac, I've heard that name before, but why can't you tell me why you've changed from other Reploids?” Zero asked. “I can't talk about it, I'm to nervous to say.” Lilac said. “Alright, it's okay, sorry for asking.” Zero said. “It's alright, want to walk around town?” Lilac asked. “Yeah, besides, I need to find my friends.” Zero said. “Let's go.” Lilac said. (Both she and Zero began to walk around the town)

  (After a while, there was no sign of Zero's friends. The two Reploids were walking by dead trees) “So what do you do around here?” Zero asked. “I work as a teacher, but that hasn't been easy with my memory chip containing questions to difficult for a Reploid child to learn, even some the older Reploids don't get it either.” Lilac explained. “I was going through the town with my friends and the Reploids living here run away from us.” Zero said. “Well, due to Master X's power over our world, we all have been living in fear since a few weeks ago, Master X was very strict with order in his 'utopia' because his friend, or pet is gone.” Lilac explained. “A pet, but why would he be so angry?” Zero asked. “Hey Zero, what are you doing with that lady?” Someone asked. (Zero and Lilac turned around.

  They both found Slasher and the others and Lilac had backed off from Zero) “What's wrong?” Zero asked. “What are you doing with those two servents to Master X?” Lilac asked. “Calm down, their not on his side anymore, that's why we want to meet with the Ancestor of the Past.” Zero explained. “Are you sure?” Lilac asked. “Positive, where were you guys?” Zero asked. “Oh, we were trying to get more information, but we got nothing.” Slasher explained. “Lilac, is that you?” Xover asked. “Yes, it's me, I've been living here since I ran away.” Lilac explained. “But I thought that I heard you were executed.” Bloodione said. “That maybe true, but that's when I was in Virtue Town, I had discarded some of my armor, cut my hair, and removed the programs in my body.” Lilac explained. “What are you talking about?” Slasher asked. “Lilac was a member of X's Research Group, we both were in it.” Gate explained. “Hello Gate, I can see that your still alive Corruption.” Lilac said. “Thank you, but we came for the information about the Ancestor of the Past.” Corruption explained. “Very well, she's isolated herself up that mountain, (Lilac pointed to a giant mountain in the distance) no one has gotten up there before.” Lilac explained. “Well, we'll be the first, thank you for the information, let's go.” Zero said. “Wait, can I come with you?” Lilac asked. “Huh, why?” Zero asked. “Well, I want to help out against Master X, he's only been worse over the years and I want to help stop that.” Lilac said. “But it will get very dangerous.” Gate said. “I know, but I can be of assistance.” Lilac said. “Very well, you can come along.” Gate said. “Thank you, I will do the best I can.” Lilac said. (Slasher flew off and everyone was giving chase.

  The group made it out of the area with the dead trees, but Reploids were panicking and running away from our heroes) “What's going on?” Gate asked. (The figures were revealed when the crowd of panicked Reploids left. There were four Reploids. Three of them were thin and one had wings, a gray coat with electric wires on the shoulders, and another with many red wires in the form of tubes and the arms and legs were consumed in a liquid crystal. The fourth one was a bit shorter then Bloodione, but he had spikes on his wrists and the fists were larger then the Reploid's small head. They all wore black armor and their helmets had a golden X but the one with the crystals had a small light blue circle gem. They pointed their weapons in the direction of our heroes) “Well, Bloodione, Gate, Xover, Corruption, we found you.” The crystal Reploid said. “Your Master X's troops, Rust, Brawn, Beaker, and Wingweary, what are you doing here?” Bloodione asked. “We were sent to get you back by orders from Tackione.” Beaker explained. “We'll deal with you.” Zero said. “Zero, but that's impossible, I thought you died hundreds of years ago!” Brawn said. “We'll you'll see my power.” Zero said. “No Zero, your armor and weapons aren't strong enough, let me, and the others deal with these Mavericks while you, Slasher, and Lilac get going.” Xover said. “Okay, come on you two.” Zero said. “The Red Maverick Hunter won't fight us?” Rust asked. “Just ignore their words Zero, we have to get going.” Lilac said. (She grabbed Zero's hand and pulled him away from the group and Slasher had followed) “We'll deal with you, prepare yourselves!” Bloodione said.

  (The four Reploids had fired their weapons through busters and Bloodione shielded Gate, Xover, and Corruption) “Gate, do you have the Golden Armor chip in hand?” Corruption asked. “Of course I do, I don't leave home without it.” Gate said. “Well activate it, Bloodoine can't hold on forever!” Xover said. “Alright fine, just calm down!” Gate yelled. (With a flip of his coat, he now had golden armor) “You know, I still wonder how he does that.” Xover whispered. (The three got in front of Bloodione and were rushing towards the four members. Beaker had made his wires rush towards Gate and they wrapped around Gate and were electrocuting him. Xover noticed this and fired a Boomerang Cutter and it sliced through some wires as Corruption fired a charge shot at Beaker. The shot hit Beaker and he fell over. Brawn had began to wrestle with Bloodione as they pushed each other away with their arms. Rust went to Corruption and fired Rusted Eyes at Corruption. Xover got in front of Corruption and fired a Gryo Attack. Rust backed off as wires wrapped around the three Reploids and Rust ran off towards the mountain where Zero and the other two were. Bloodione extended his fists and he slammed Brawn down to the ground and rushed towards Beaker. Right when Bloodione was about to punch Beaker, he was hit by feathers. He looked back and noticed Wingweary laughing with his eyes closed. During this time, Bloodione extended his neck and wrapped it around Wing Weary and threw it towards Beaker. The two collided and Bloodione ripped the heroes from Beaker's grasp) “Is everyone alright?” Bloodione asked. “Yeah, but Rust is heading towards Zero's position, he can't fight her on his own.” Xover said. “Don't worry, I'll head over there while you fight those clowns.” Gate said. (He jumped from Bloodione's hands and was rushing over to Zero, Slasher, and Lilac.

  Right after Gate disappeared to the mountain, Brawn, Wingweary, and Beaker were present again. Bloodione launched his fist towards Brawn and Bloodione rushed towards him and they both began to wrestle again. Corruption flew to the air against Wingweary and fired charge shots while Wingweary fired feathers. Xover was avoiding the wires as Beaker was trying to wrap him with them.

  As the fighting was going on, at the mountain, Zero and Lilac were walking while Slasher was flying up the mountain) “How high are we?” Zero asked. “Well, by this distance, I can see that we're pretty high, and if someone were to fall, it wouldn't be pretty.” Slasher said. “What, listen Slasher, you'd better not be making jokes about someone dieing.” Lilac said. “Yeah, I know, but still, hey, I think I see someone following us below me.” Slasher said. “What, well who is it?” Zero asked. “Um, it's Rust.” Slasher explained. “Quick, we must keep moving.” Zero said. (He and Lilac dashed while Slasher went by.

  After a while, they made it to a bottom less pit with raised pillars. Each of them not being equal) “What's up with this?” Slasher asked. (Zero looked back) “Slasher, take Lilac with you, I'll take care of Rust.” Zero ordered. “What, but their technology in this time is much more advanced then our own!” Slasher said. “It doesn't matter, get going!” Zero yelled. “Well, sorry if this will feel unconformable with you.” Slasher said. (He grabbed Lilac and they flew to the other side) “What do we do now?” Lilac asked. “Just go!” Zero yelled. (The two left and Zero turned around to find Rust just a few feet away) “Where are your allies?” Rust asked. “You don't need to know, the only thing I want from you is a fight.” Zero said. “A sacrifice just to let those weak ones go on?” Rust asked. “Your nothing but a Maverick, the only thing left to do is destroy you.” Zero said. “Very well, I'm going to have fun with this.” Rust said. (Zero dashed towards Rust with the Z-Saber in hand. Rust jumped over Zero and fired three Rust Eyes. Zero slashed the three, but they exploded rust which covered Zero's eyes. Zero shielded his eyes as Rust was kicking Zero towards the edge of the cliff. Rust kicked Zero one last time before he grabbed onto the cliff's edge. With his eyes shut. Rust stepped onto Zero's hand) “You won't get away with this.” Zero said. “Sorry Zero, but I just had, now I'll take care of your allies.” Rust said. (She formed a Rust Eye and was about to hit Zero.

  But then, an energy sphere had hit Rust) “Hold it right there Rust.” Someone said. (Rust looked and found Gate still wearing his golden armor) “Gate, but I though the other Lords were distracting you!” Rust said. “That may be true, but it won't fool me, I saw your movement towards here, now leave Zero alone.” Gate ordered. “Very well, we'll just fight over those pillars.” Ruse said. “Very well, just let me get Zero help.” Gate said. “Fine, do whatever you want.” Rust said. (She jumped away from the edge and landed onto a pillar. Zero let go of the cliff and Gate rushed towards him and grabbed his hand) “Are you alright Zero?” Gate asked. (Zero was rubbing his eyes again) “Gate, I can't see anything!” Zero yelled. “Calm down, just listen to my voice.” Gate said. (He began to pull Zero up. Rust just watched this and Gate finally got Zero up) “What should I do now?” Zero asked. “Just stay right here and don't move.” Gate ordered. “Are we ready?” Rust asked. “Very well, let's begin.” Gate said. (He flew over to the bottomless pit and fired a blue energy sphere. Rust was jumping from pillar to pillar. The energy sphere was pulling small pebbles and stones towards it and Rust was caught in the gravity pull. Gate flew towards Rust and fired a magenta energy wall at Rust. Rust got hit and threw a Rust Eye at Gate. Gate flew up and avoided the eye and fired another blue sphere. It pulled Rust away from the platform and Gate fired a red one which began to glow and it slowed down time. Right when Gate was going to attack Rust, she threw a Rust Eye at Gate and it had opened up to reveal rust powder which blinded Gate. Gate flew away from Rust and was firing green spheres.

  Rust was avoiding them and then kicked Gate in the face. Gate hit the ground with Rust and Rust was about to form a Rust Eye, a group of Sonic Slicers had hit Rust and Slasher fell from the clouds and landed right in front of Rust) “You again, why did you decide to come back?” Rust asked. “Diamond, why are you doing this to me and Zero, your a member of the RDF.” Slasher explained. “Slasher, what are you talking about?” Gate asked. “Quite Gate, I need to Rust's answer, are you really Diamond?” Slasher asked. “Diamond, I, don't know, (The face plate opened up to reveal a female face with dark yellow irises with dark blue streaks on her cheeks) what are you talking about?” Diamond asked. “Diamond, why are you doing this to us?” Slasher asked. “I don't remember someone called Diamond, but, I won't kill you, for now.” Rust said. (She jumped away from Slasher, Gate, and Zero) “Rust, that face, I wish you could tell me.” Slasher thought. (Zero got up and rubbed his eyes. He opened them up and he walked towards Slasher and touched Slasher's back) “Slasher, what are you doing here?” Zero asked. (Slasher looked and found Zero) “Hey Zero, I just saved your life.” Slasher said. “We should just get to Lilac, she can't be by herself up here.” Zero said. (Gate reverted to his normal armor and Slasher grabbed him and Zero and began to fly.

  After a while, they made it to a house and outside was Lilac waiting) “There you all are, Gate, what is he doing here?” Lilac asked. “Lilac, are you alright?” Zero asked. “Yes, I'm fine, what took you so long?” Lilac asked. “Well, Rust was causing trouble, she left after I said her name.” Slasher said. “Strange, I don't remember a reaction like that from her.” Lilac said. “Well, let's just enter into this house, I wonder if the ancestor is here.” Slasher said. (He walked towards the door and pulled it open.

  Inside, it was dark with many cobwebs. The four entered inside and were passing the dark hallway. There was nothing that caught anyone's attention as it was all rustic and covered with webs. They hear the noise of a slow music box and head towards it. They look inside to find a person wearing a purple coat. The group walked towards the figure to reveal an old woman with a robotic body. Her skin was pale and had orange irises. There were many wrinkles and the hair was very white. The robot body was just a gray version of X's original armor. The woman kept sitting down while holding a music box) “Miss, are you the Ancestor of the Past?” Slasher asked. “Ancestor, that is what those of the future call me.” The Ancestor of the Past said. “Sorry to bother you at this time, but we need the Lost Stone.” Gate explained. “The halve of the Lost Stone, yes, I will get it.” The Ancestor of the Past said. (She slowly got up and began to walk to the outside. She grabbed a cane and opened the door to the outside.

  The Reploids followed the lady to the outside) “Okay, so Ancestor, where is the Lost Stone located?” Zero asked. “Why should you ask a question to me?” The Ancestor of the Past asked. “Sorry, Zero is just wanting to get things done.” Gate explained. “Well, the stone is up ahead.” The Ancestor of the Past explained. (She continued to walk up to a small hill which had the first half of the Lost Stone. Gate began to walk up, but then, the Lost Stone fired a laser at him and Lilac caught him) “Gate are you alright?” Lilac asked. “Yes, ouch, what was that about?” Gate asked. “When the Lost Stone is split, it's energy becomes unstable, the only ones that can obtain the fragment can only be the ones brought from the past or the power to travel through time.” The Ancestor of the Past explained. (Xover, Slasher, and Zero looked at each other) “We're the ones, we'll get the fragment.” Xover said. (He was about to walk up, but the Ancestor had caught him off with her cane) “I also must come.” The Ancestor of the Past explained. “What, oh never mind, let's just get going.” Xover said. (He, Zero, and Slasher walked up along with the Ancestor while the others watched.

  When the four made it to the top, Ancestor had touched the Lost Stone and the Negataive Energy was weakening and Zero touched it. The Lost Stone had shrunken down to a Chaos Emerald size and it floated to Xover's hands) “So that's it?” Xover asked. “It looks like it, what a let down.” Slasher said. “Silence, it is not good to disrespect the Lost Stone, even in two fragments, you will learn, I hope you will understand that when you meet with the next ancestor.” The Ancestor of the Past explained. “Okay, thanks for the stone old lady.” Slasher said. “Slasher, just be quiet.” Zero said. (He slapped Slasher) “Ouch, okay, let's just get to the next stone.” Slasher said. “Forgive us for Slasher's rude behavior, but for some reason, you remind me of someone from the year 21XX.” Xover said. “Is that so, hahah, well, I bid farewell.” The Ancestor of the Past said. “Okay, thank you for the Lost Stone, goodbye.” Xover said. (The Reploids began to walk down the hill and they all went to the house) “It's good to hear from you again Xover, but maybe I'll see you again as a young Navigator.” The Ancestor of the Past said. (She began to laugh again and the Reploids went off.

  After going down the mountain, they made it back to the town and found the entire town empty and the moon was shining. Bloodione and Corruption were sitting on a steel bench) “Hey you two!” Zero yelled. (The two Reploids looked at the other Reploids. Corruption got off the bench and walked up to the Reploids) “So you got the Lost Stone fragment?” Corruption asked. “Yes, (Xover revealed the Lost Stone fragment) we also met with the Ancestor of the Past and she was friendly.” Xover explained. “So we're ready for the next place.” Slasher said. “Yes we are, but where do we go from here?” Bloodione asked. “I don't know, but the whole walk up the mountain did cause time to fly, should we rest here?” Slasher asked. “I don't think so, besides, Master X's search group had found us here, so if we stayed, we would be killed almost easily.” Lilac explained. “Good point, maybe we'll get another dream from the figure.” Zero said. “Sure, let's just get going.” Slasher said. (He activated his jet pack and he flew off with the others in pursuit.

  After a long time during the night, the group decided to set up camp. Xover kept on firing the Leaf Shield towards Bloodione and he kept punching the leaves to the ground. Many leaves later, Xover fired a Ground Fire and the leaves were set ablaze and Zero slashed thee two fireballs that were summoned by the Ground Fire. Everyone sat down on the sand and Gate went up to Lilac) “What do you want Dr. Gate?” Lilac asked. “Doctor, that sounded random, but I'll accept that.” Gate said. “Okay, but I'm glad to see that your alright.” Lilac said. “We haven't met since I escaped from X's city.” Gate explained. “What are you talking about?” Zero asked. “Remember what I said at Virtue Town, Lilac here joined first and I was rebuilt to serve X.” Gate explained. “But why did you leave?” Bloodione asked. “Well, I had enough, all that I was doing was just building weapons against rebellions or those who oppose X's views.” Gate explained. “Yeah, I did the same, I learned more about life then back at that 'utopia'.” Lilac said. “Yeah, at first sight, I didn't even think that was you.” Xover said. “Hey Gate, how did you meet with Corruption?” Zero asked. “Well, is it okay to save that for tomorrow?” Gate asked. “Alright, enough time has passed, let's get some sleep.” Slasher said. (He yawned and fell to the sand) “Such a bounty hunter.” Zero whispered. “Okay, everyone, good night.” Gate said. (Everyone went down to the sand and fell asleep.

  Meanwhile, at Master X's castle, Master X was in his throne room with maid Reploids and Luxione. The door opened up and the four Mavericks walked towards Master X. They bowed down to him) “Master X, we found the traitors, but Zero was one of them!” Brawn said. “But that's impossible, I won't listen to the words of Zero without any proof.” Master X said. “Forgive us Master, but we found them at Virtue Town where there were rumors of the Ancestor of the Past living there.” Rust explained. “Why to her, I gave her that body because she was all that I had left.” Master X said. “Who was the one you had left?” Brawn asked. (Master X starred at Brawn and his eyes glowed a dark red) “Leave before I make you.” Master X said. (Brawn had ran out of the room without a sound) “Shall we contiue the search?” Beaker asked. “Yes, keep searcing.” Master X ordered. (The three left the room) “Zero, I hope this isn't true.” Master X thought. With only the other fragment left, Zero and friends must go to their next destination. But, who is the mysterious voice and why is she guiding Zero and Slasher though this destroyed future? The answers will be in the next act.