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Chapter Eight Act 3
First started: 11/19/2013
Ended: 11/29/2013
Word Count: 5896

While in the desert, everyone was dreaming, Zero and Slasher got the same dream. The place glowed a turquoise blue and the figure appeared. “Congratulations for getting the first half of the Lost Stone.” The figure said. “Yeah, it was quite easy, maybe the next one will be a piece of cake.” Slasher said. “I don't think that will be the answer you wanted Slasher.” The figure said. “Can you tell us where the next piece is?” Zero asked. “Yes, it's near Virtue Village.” The figure explained. “Thanks, but why are you wanting to help us?” Slasher asked. “I'm sorry, but I can't explain, you have the rest of the night to think, I will also say something about my name.” The figure said. “Really, can you tell us?” Slasher asked. “Yes, my name is based on the word, memory.” Memory introduced. “Thank you Memory, we'll see you again after we join the fragments together.” Slasher said. “I hope the best of luck, goodbye.” Memory said. (Everything became dark again.

  After a few hours had passed, it became morning, everyone woken up) “So how did everyone sleep?” Lilac asked. “We did great, but at the same time, we dreamed about Memory.” Zero said. “What did Memory say this time?” Bloodione asked. “We must head to the area that's near Virtue Village.” Zero explained. “What, are you crazy, that place is fatal!” Xover said. “What, but how's that possible?” Slasher asked. “There rumors of Reploids going their and never returning.” Xover explained. “Well, were going there even if you don't like it.” Zero said. “Please take him there, I don't know if he'll be alright without knowing of the location.” Lilac said. “Alright, just follow me, but if you get into trouble, I'm not blaming myself.” Xover said. (He began to walk and the group followed.

  After a while, they found train tracks and a station) “Hey Gate, what's this?” Zero asked. “This was a train station that was used during the war, follow these tracks, from what I heard, they lead to the area near Virtue Village.” Gate explained. (They began to walk in the center of the rails. Slasher and Corruption had flew farther then the others, but kept their distance) “So how do you feel with this world?” Slasher asked. “Awful, I'm glad that I was able to get out, just to be attacked and manipulated.” Corruption explained. “By who?” Slasher asked. “It's kinda embarrassing, but I've been through worse.” Corruption said. “Yeah, how bad did things become?” Slasher asked. “I shouldn't tell, but my appearance should say much.” Corruption said. “What happened?” Slasher asked. “Stop asking questions, I don't want anyone but me, Gate, and Xover to know.” Corruption said. “Oh, I'll just see how our friends are doing.” Slasher said. (He flew back down to the ground) “Thank goodness I prevented myself from asking.” Corruption thought. (Slasher went down to Zero and was flying next to him. Slasher then began to move his arms and legs to look as if he was swimming) “What are you doing?” Zero asked. “I was just exercising.” Slasher explained. “Your a bounty hunter, yet your doing this, no wonder I was able to arrest you so many times.” Zero said. “Hey, can you be more nicer to me, we're stuck in a future with no hope and all you can say is the times I was arrested.” Slasher said. “I know, but still, with your actions, it makes me wonder why you act like this.” Zero said. “Oh well, (Slasher flew to Lilac) how are you doing Lilac?” Slasher asked. “I'm not going to ask.” Lilac said. “Alright, well, are you bored by this?” Slasher asked. “Yes, but we must keep going to get you guys into the past and change everything.” Lilac said. “I know that, hey, is something in the distance?” Slasher asked. (They saw a huge shadow in the distance and headed towards it. They all found a giant pyramid with lasers coming from the sides and an opening at the front) “What in the world is that?” Bloodione asked. “It's a pyramid, built by the Egyptians many years ago.” Gate explained. “No, we don't need a history lesson Gate, just tell us why there's a pyramid with lasers on the two sides.” Zero explained. “Well, I've never been here before, maybe this is the way to Virtue Village.” Gate said. “Let's get going then.” Bloodione said. (They all began to enter into the pyramid.

  Inside was more sand and statues. As they kept walking, they were blocked off by a giant wall) “Look at this, Gate, we're they really that defensive?” Zero asked. “Strange, I never knew that they were defensive.” Gate said. “Bloodione, can you break this wall down?” Lilac asked. “What, you want me too, okay, here goes.” Bloodione said. (He launched his fist towards the wall and slammed right into it. Bloodione retracted his fist and rubbed it as the wall was still up) “Bloodione, are you alright?” Corruption asked. “My fist, how powerful is that wall?” Bloodione asked. “Just calm down, Xover, any ideas?” Corruption asked. “I'm trying to think, let's see.” Xover said. “If this wall is more powerful to withstand Bloodione's punch, then should I use Hard Knuckle, or.” Xover thought. (The wall began to fall to the ground) “Did you do something telekinetic?” Corruption asked. “No, I did nothing.” Xover explained. “Ugh, let's just get going.” Corruption said. (Everyone but Xover had walked by) “But I was going to help.” Xover thought. “Hey Xover, are you coming or not?” Lilac asked. “Yes I am, just wait for me!” Xover yelled. (He began to run towards the end of the tunnel.

  Inside, they found themselves outside of a giant pyramid with the words Time Casino written on the front above the door) “A casino, are you really sure this is Virtue Village?” Zero asked. “What, but this is weird, why is their a casino in the middle of nowhere?” Xover asked. “Well, nevermind that, maybe they know where the village is.” Slasher said. (He rushed towards the lively casino and opened the doors. Within the place, they all looked around. It was a brightly lit hallway with plants leading to a door and a fountain in the center in the shape of the pyramid. The group were then greeted by six female and two male Reploids all wearing blue uniforms. They walked towards the Reploids) “Hello there, welcome to Time Casino.” A Reploid said. “We know that, but where is Virtue Village?” Xover asked. “Don't ask questions like that right now, you have to go play!” Another Reploid said. (The female Reploids grabbed onto the male hero robots arms while the two males had grabbed onto Lilac. They were all being escorted to another room. When the doors opened up, the group went inside.

  In the casino area, it was quite dark with only the lights from the slot machines, signs, and giant bingo boards light up by lights. Their were other machines such as roulette, pinball, and arcades were also lighting up the dark room. The female Reploids were pushing everyone towards another room. Xover tried to break from the grasp of the Reploid, but her grip was too tight.

  Inside of the other room, there was another Reploid who began to wrap black bracelets with flickering lights on almost everyone as Xover finally broke from the grasp and was running. Some guards hiding in hallways were chasing after him. Xover ran back into the darkened room and hid underneath the table of a pinball machine. He looked around to noticed the guards were gone and he got out. He saw Zero and friends come out from the room with their bracelets on. They all looked around and rushed towards the machines) “What are they doing?” Xover thought. “Hey, there you are!” Someone yelled. (Xover got out from his hiding place and went into another room.

  Xover hid behind a wall and the guards passed by. He looked around to notice that he was in a salon. Female Reploids walked up to him while wearing pink outfits) “Hello there, had fun with the machines?” The Reploids asked. “No, I didn't play any of them, can you help me get out?” Xover asked. “Why, you haven't experience the beauty of the Reploid Salon.” The Reploids said. (One of them began to rub onto Xover's fur collar) “Your so cute with that collar, we'll take good care of it, now's the time to get started.” A Reploid said. (They began to all rub onto his fur collar. They then grabbed Xover and were dragging him towards the inner parts of the room. Inside, there were a lot of shower heads and the girls pushed Xover onto a pink seat and was locked down on his arms and legs) “Hey, what are you doing?” Xover asked. “Giving you the treatment silly.” The Reploids explained. “But why did you lock me down?” Xover asked. “Just rest and relax.” A Reploid explained. (The chair folded down and Xover was on his back. The female Reploids were rubbing his armor and one was getting something out of a basket filled with hair products. When the massage was done, the one Reploid got out a shower head and fired out a blast of water at Xover's fur collar. When it was soaked and wet, the female Reploids got out combs, brushes, and ribbons and bows. Xover tired to move away, but he was still stuck. He felt the combs and brushes going through his fur collar) “Hey, let me out!” Xover yelled. “Sorry cutie, but we need to relax that metal brain of yours.” The Reploid said. (She moved closer to Xover and had a couple of wires and attached them to Xover's head. All that Xover heard was music as the Reploids were working on the fur collar and the rest of his body.

  When it was done, the female Reploids moved away with the objects and Xover got out from his seat. He ripped the wires off his helmet and got up) “How was that cutie?” The Reploids asked. “Stop calling me cutie, (Xover looked behind and saw himself at the mirror. His fur collar was colored pink with many bows and ribbons tied around. Xover looked back, but before he could do anything, the fur had became larger and Xover couldn't see that well) hey, who turned the lights off?” Xover asked. “Oh dear, should we get the scissors?” A Reploid asked. (Xover began to rub on his fur as ribbons and bows were falling off and the pink coloration was disappearing) “I don't need the cut thank you, now I want to get outside.” Xover ordered. “But you can't leave, there's much more to see.” The Reploids said. “I want to get out!” Xover yelled. “Hey, why aren't you wearing your Casino Bracelet?” A Reploid asked. “I don't gamble thank you very much.” Xover said. “No one is allowed to have anything without a bracelet, get him!” The Reploids yelled. (Xover ran out of the room and got back into the dark room.

  He saw Zero playing on a slot machine and went up to him) “Zero, oh thank goodness, what are you doing playing on those silly machines?” Xover asked. “I'm having fun, now leave me alone.” Zero said. (He pushed Xover away and activated the Z-Saber) “Zero, are you alright?” Xover asked. “I'm fine, now get going before I work on you.” Zero said. “Alright, I'll go see if the others want to help.” Xover said. (He ran towards where Corruption was playing roulette with Bloodione) “Great one Bloodione, oh Xover, do you want to play?” Corruption asked. “Corruption, what's gotten into you, your just like Zero, do you remember why we're here?” Xover asked. “No, just play with us.” Corruption said. “Bloodine, don't tell me that your into this too.” Xover said. “Come on Xover, just spin the wheel.” Bloodione said. “Argh, your not helping!” Xover yelled. (He walked away as Corruption was spinning the wheel. Xover made it to the arcade and found Gate and Lilac playing an on rail shooter) “Nice shot Lilac.” Gate said. “Hey you two!” Xover yelled. (Gate and Lilac became surprised and were paused. They looked back and saw Xover) “Xover, why aren't you playing the games?” Gate asked. “Not you too, listen Gate, we have to stop everyone from playing these games!” Xover explained. “Why should I, their so fun.” Gate said. (He and Lilac continued to shoot) “Guys, listen to me, we have a quest to complete and right here is not the time!” Xover yelled. “Will you be quiet, we're trying to play.” Lilac said. “Alright, I've had enough, I'll search for the Lost Stone myself!” Xover yelled. “Sheesh, what a party ruiner.” Lilac said. “Slasher must be enjoying himself in the salon.” Gate said. (They both laughed as Xover looked stressed with anger on his face. He ran away from everyone and passed by Slasher in the salon. Xover went out of the room and slammed the door open. A male Reploid walked up to him) “Hey, what are you doing outside of.” The Reploid said. (Xover aimed his buster at the Reploid) “Say another thing and I'll fire.” Xover said. (The Reploid became paused and Xover pushed him aside. Xover made it outside and pass the gates.

  Outside of the entire casino and gates, Xover was back in the desert) “Ugh, why did my friends have to do this, now I'm on my own and I have to find Virtue Village.” Xover thought. “How did we get here in the first place?” Xover asked. (He looked around and found something huge in the distance and walked towards it. When he got closer, Xover found that the thing was a canyon and went inside.

  Within the canyon's walls, it was mostly a red clay color and having sparkles shining because of the sun. Xover looked up and saw figures watching him, but he couldn't see well because of the sun's direction. Xover rushed away from the figures and kept running and passing by broken parts of rocks and the walls. Xover made it to the end in a quick time and looked back, the figures were gone) “Where were they?” Xover thought. (He looked to another direction and saw footprints on the sand) “Was someone other then me here?” Xover asked. (He began to follow the footprints through the desert.

  After a while of following, Xover made it to a small village. It was mostly brown and many Reploids were on the streets. Xover walked through the place and stopped as an old police house. He entered inside and saw a sleeping Reploid wearing a blue police uniform. His entire armor was yellow with the blue outfit and he wore a police hat) “For such a police man, he's not doing his job right.” Xover thought. “Um, hello.” Xover said. (The police Reploid opened one eye and saw Xover waving at him) “Huh, aren't you Master X's servant?” The Reploid asked. “Not anymore, I just came to ask if this is Virtue Village.” Xover explained. “Why indeed it is, what is a young fellow like you doing here?” The Reploid asked. “Well, my friends and I were searching for the Ancestor of the Past until all of them got side tracked by a casino.” Xover explained. “A casino, you mean Time Casino?” The Reploid asked. “Yes, my friends wanted to stay and play and I had enough, so I came here on my own.” Xover explained. “Well, the Ancestor doesn't live here, but he is close by.” The Reploid said. “Really, where?” Xover asked. “Just outside the village, by the way, I'm called Sharp, the police chief is just in another town.” Sharp introduced. “Hello Sharp, my name is Xover.” Xover introduced. (There was an explosion and the whole house shook. Xover fell to the ground while the Reploid fell to his chair) “Ugh, are you alright?” The Reploid asked. “Yes, what was that about?” Xover asked. “It must be them, their back.” The Reploid said. “Who?” Xover asked. “The Sigma Barbarians, it must be them, since you were ounce a servant to Master X, you must know a thing or two about combat.” Sharp said. “Don't worry, I have my buster with me.” Xover said. “Good, now let's get going outside!” Sharp ordered. (The two rushed outside.

  They got outside and saw Brawn and Wingweary with another Reploid. He wore the usual black armor with a golden X, but in the center of it, there was a small ruby flame gem. His arms were busters made with a material that looked like glass and had magma in them and tubes were connected to his back which had dark red tanks. Around his neck was green beads and chest armor was gray. His hands were clawed with the color of blue) “Well, well, well, Xover, what are you doing here?” Wingweary asked. “Wingweary, who's that?” Xover asked. “I am Oxidation, Master X's power of fire.” Oxidation introduced. “Another member, how was I not able to meet with you?” Xover asked. “There's no answers to traitors like you.” Oxidation explained. “Very well, I'll just have to fight you, where's Brawn, Beaker, and Rust?” Xover asked. “There just searching through other places, now die!” Oxidation said. (He fired a wall of fire at Xover.

  While Sharp ran away with the other police robots, Xover jumped away and fired Water Balloon. Oxidation got hit and steam was coming from his armor. Xover fired an Ice Wave and Wingweary flew up as Oxidation got frozen. Wingweary rushed towards Xover with blinding fast speed and Xover jumped away as he fired another Ice Wave and got him stuck. Xover fired a Flash Bomb at Wingweary and it exploded in his face. Oxidation had broken free from the ice and rushed towards Xover while forming a fire shield. Xover charged up his buster and fired a charge shot. The shot was broken and Xover got rammed into by Oxidation. Wingweary had fired homing feathers and Xover had hit a building. Xover got out and rushed towards Oxidation with a shield of snowflakes and went towards him. Oxidation got hit and Xover fired Ice Slasher and then a Magnet Missile at Wingweary. They both got hit and fell to the ground. Xover went up to Wingweary and was about to fire, but then, Wingweary had used the Magnet Missile to electrocute Xover. Xover backed up, but was then hit by a wall of lava from Oxidation. Xover backed away and pointed his buster towards Oxidation.

  A Silver Tomahawk had hit the ground in front of Xover. The three looked and found three figures and a horse. One of them was Axl, he was wearing a cowboy hat and there was a brown coat with cowboy pants and spurs on his boots. The other one was a blue robot with blue irises. His chest armor was with three yellow spheres and an orange stripe beneath it alone with a leafy skirt. His shoulder pads had a yellow and green triangle shape at the bottom of the pads. His boots were with an ivory color on the feet and knee parts. The boot had a blue color with an orange stripe with yellow triangles going down. His helmet had an upside down yellow triangle and above it was a band with green and yellow triangles. The earpieces were white with a red gem center. Above the band was many red feathers with yellow tips that reached down to his back. His arms were blue and his buster arm had a yellow tip and the tomahawk had a yellow circle gem. And the robot that Axl was riding was based of a centaur while wearing green and aqua green armor. The robot had brown irises and the helmet was aqua green with a single yellow stripe at the center going down with three horns. Two on the sides and one on the forehead. All three were curved. Forearm and buster were aqua green and a red gem was in the buster. The chest armor was yellow with a green triangle between two half circle red vents. The shoulder pads were aqua green with blue on the middle parts. The lower chest part was gray. The centaur part was with green legs and yellow on the front legs knees. All legs had red gems on the sides of the elbows and thighs and had gray hooves. The body part between the legs was white with a blue color. At the end of the horse part was a brown tail. The blue robot was also on a horse, but it was just a plain mechanical one. Both the robot and Axl got off the centaur and horse and walked towards the three) “What are those guys?” Oxidation asked. “Axl, what are you doing?” Xover asked. “So what are all the servants doing here?” Axl asked. “Servants, I'm not one!” Xover said. “We don't lie.” The blue robot said. “Well, we're going to get you all off this town right now.” Axl said. (He grabbed out his gun which was in the form of a revolver and pointed at the sky.

  When he fired, the two robots rushed towards Oxidation and Wingweary. The centaur had ran towards Oxidation. Oxidation had fired a pillar of lava towards him. The centaur had ran towards it and jumped over it and he slapped right into Oxidation and impaling him with one of his horns. While the centaur was running around, Wingweary was flying avoiding the tomahawks from the blue robot. Wingweary fired feathers and so did the blue robot. Both sets of feathers had hit to the ground and the blue robot fired another tomahawk which hit Wingweary in the chest. Wingweary fell to the ground and the blue robot was attacking him with the Silver Tomahawk. Axl fired energy bullets and a charge shot from both revolver and buster. Xover rolled away and fired a charge shot. Axl jumped out of the way and had fired again. Xover fired a Storm Tornado and Axl was walking. Xover fired again and blew Axl away. Xover saw Oxidation still getting a hole through his chest by the centaur and rushed towards him. Xover fired the Knight Crush and it hit the centaur by the legs and he fell over. Xover rushed to Oxidation, but his face was set on fire. The centaur had kicked Oxidation causing him to get burn as well. Oxidation had saw Wingweary getting attacked by both the blue robot and Axl. Oxidation had consumed himself in fire and dashed towards the two. He fired Fire Storm and Axl fired. The bullets didn't penetrate the shield around Oxidation and the blue robot had fired feathers at him. The feathers were burned and Wingweary had fired blasts of wind with wings at the two and they had cut marks on them. Xover fired a water balloon at the centaur and himself to douse the flames. The centaur had gotten up and saw his two friends under attack. Xover jumped onto him and the centaur was running towards the two Mavericks. Xover fired Ice Slasher as the centaur had fired an energy pellet. The pellet had hit a wall and caused the pellet to break into many smaller ones that hit both Wingweary and Oxidation. The Ice Slasher had hit Oxidation and massive amounts of steam had risen from his armor. Wingweary got to the ground and rushed towards the centaur and Xover. The centaur had quickly turned around and kicked Wingweary with his hind legs and Xover fired a charge shot. Wingweary backed up with Oxidation) “Your pretty good, fine, we'll stop you traitor, but when we report this to Master X, he'll never forgive you.” Wingweary said. (They both teleported away. Xover got off the centaur) “Thank you Centaur Man.” Xover said. “Your thanking me, but I'm against Master X, and how do you know of my name?” Centaur Man asked. “Well, I have all knowledge of the Megamen and I know of you and Tomahawk Man.” Xover explained. “Interesting, so your not on Master X's side?” Centaur Man asked. “Yes, now let's help out Axl and Tomahawk Man.” Xover said. “Alright.” Centaur Man said. (The two walked up to Axl and Tomahawk Man who were both getting up) “Xover, are you helping us?” Axl asked. “Yes I am, so can you explain to me what your doing here?” Xover asked. “We'll take you to the caravan so we can explain things.” Axl said. “But Ancestor, what if he's lying?” Tomahawk Man asked. “I don't believe that he's against us, did you see him fight against them with Centaur?” Axl asked. “No, I was just blinded by the strong wind.” Tomahawk Man explained. “Well, let's get going then.” Axl said. (He blew to make a whistle tune and a robotic horse appeared and both Axl and Tomahawk Man got on) “Axl, shouldn't you ride me, you are the chief.” Centaur Man said. “It's alright, your doing good with Xover already.” Axl said. (He then did a quick part on the horse and it began to run off. Centaur Man began to follow them with Xover on his back.

  After a long ride, the five made it to the small caravan. It was mostly cone shaped tents and there were many green robots. The boots knee part was ivory colored and there were spurs. The body part had big eyes with red irises and had no shoulder pads and below was a brown stripe. The right arm was shaped like a pistol and they wore blue cowboy hats with a green stripe. Above flying were white pelican robots with a blue propeller and below where the legs were. The legs were just a blue cylinder with an ivory board beneath. The mouths was yellow with sideways earpieces. When they got into the caravan, the Coltons looked at Xover, starring at him) “Do you think it's alright for me to be here?” Xover asked. “It was your decision.” Centaur Man said. (They continued to ride till they made it near a bigger tent. Axl and Tomahawk Man got off and the horse ran off to a Colton. Xover got off Centaur Man and they all headed to the tent. When they went inside, Axl sat down on a pillow and so did the others) “So Xover, do you wish to explain why you were in Virtue Village?” Axl asked. “Yes, here's how I got here..... (After explaining about Memory, the Lost Stone and Time Casino) and that's what happened.” Xover explained. “As yes, the Goddess of Time, her real name is Memoraiasis.” Axl explained. “Memoraiasis, I remembered her name engraved in manuscripts, so she does exist.” Centaur Man said. “Can you give me the Lost Stone?” Xover asked. “I could have, but one time at the same canyon you passed by, I was attacked by women Reploids and lost conciseness.” Axl explained. “So female Reploids took it from you, the Lost Stone must be in the Time Casino!” Xover said. “I would really like to pay back after what those ladies did.” Axl said. “So we're going right now?” Xover asked. “Sure thing, you did say that Zero was involved, hadn't seen him since the Dictator incident.” Axl said. “So you still remember that, I'm sorry for what happened.” Xover said. “It's alright, so many years ago, shall we get going?” Axl asked. “I'll stay here and keep an eye on things if those Mavericks come to our caravan.” Tomahawk Man said. “Very well, come on you two, it's time to get the Lost Stone back to one.” Axl said. (He, Xover, and Centaur Man left the tent and both got on Centaur Man. Centaur Man had ridden off to the desert.

  After a long ride, again, Xover, Axl, and Centaur Man had made it to the gates of Time Casino. They were blocked off by a wall) “Heh, this will be easy, (Xover got out the Hard Man Battle Memory and his arms became Iron Knuckles. Xover punched right through the wall and Centaur Man had leaped right through the hole. Xover grabbed onto Centaur Man's tail and he galloped towards the entrance. Centaur Man had rammed right through the glass doors and made it inside. The guard Reploids ran towards the centaur, but Xover and Axl were firing energy pellets. Centaur Man kept running as the guards were chasing him. He made it into the other room and saw more guards. Xover and Axl got off Centaur Man) “You go search for the Lost Stone while we help our friends!” Xover ordered. “Yes, I will do so!” Centaur Man said. (He ran off to another room. Xover and Axl began to look around for their friends. They were then attacked by guards. Xover and Axl fired at the forces and destroyed or pushed them back. Xover and Axl made it to another room which had a door pointing towards another door. The two Reploids entered inside and found a Reploid) “Listen you two, employes only.” The Reploid said. “Sorry lady, but we need the Lost Stone!” Xover said. “If you want it, (Laser turrets turned on) come and get it.” The Reploid said. (Everyone rushed towards Xover and Axl.

  Meanwhile, with Centaur Man, he was running up some stairs as he was jumping over some guards and slammed on top of them with his hooves. When he made it to the top, he broke the door open with his back legs and rushed in. He found Axl and Xover dodging the laser fire. Centaur Man had noticed the female Reploid with the remote and was pushing on the buttons controlling the lasers. He backed up a bit and then jumped. He landed right on top of the Reploid and was stomping on her with his hooves. The remote flew from her hands and Axl caught it. The lasers continued to fire and Axl made them hit the crystal generator and it shattered. Xover went over to it and grabbed it. The power of the Lost Stone had affected Xover and even through the Hard Knuckles. Xover passed out in pain and Axl grabbed him. He pulled the Time Stone from Xover's hands and went over to the beat up Reploid) “Alright lady, now where's Zero and the others?” Axl asked. “Hee hahah, your too late!” The Reploid said. “What do you mean?” Centaur Man asked. “We gave them to Adviser Tackione and now their at Virtuous Utopia, long live Master X.” The Reploid said. (She began to explode and Axl destroyed the controller) “Darn it, we're too late, but at least we know where to go.” Axl said. “Virtuous Utopia, such a fiendish place.” Centaur Man said. “I know, but Zero is one of my best friends, after that incident, I want to see him smile again like before.” Axl said. (He picked Xover up and placed him onto Centaur Man) “Are we going?” Centaur Man asked. “Yes, the other half of the Lost Stone is gone, the only one here is in our hands.” Axl said. (He got onto Centaur Man and he galloped towards the outside towards the caravan with Xover and Axl. After they left, the place began to turn into ruins.

  Meanwhile, at the utopia's castle, Tackione made it to giant doors with metal and knocked on them) “You may come in.” Master X said. (Tackione opened the door and came in. After closing the door, he found Master X watching a fire. Tackione walked towards Master X and bowed down) “We have brought most of the traitors, but among them was Zero.” Tackione said. “What?” Master X asked. (He turned around and stared at the still bowing Tackione) “It's the truth, we found him, with the others.” Tackione said. (He revealed Master X the Z-Saber. X ignited it and starred at the blade) “Zero, so he is alive, but I knew of his death, has Xover played games with me?” Master X asked. “That I cannot say, but he wanted to change this future.” Tackione explained. “Have you found Xover too?” Master X asked. “No, he wasn't in the casino with the others.” Tackione said. “Very well, I know that he's coming here, Zero, you should have stayed back in the past.” Master X said. (He pointed at Tackione) “Yes Master?” Tackione asked. “You must leave, I wish to be alone.” Master X ordered. “Yes sir, I shall leave.” Tackione said. (He walked away from Master X. When he left the room, he found Luxione) “Tackione, are you sure Bloodione betrayed us?” Luxione asked. “Yes, he is nothing but a traitor, I can't understand why.” Tackione said. “Well, Oxidation and Wingweary had came back.” Luxione said. “Do they matter as much as your brother, you have done nothing but stand around while I give orders, you must show your brother that your more better then him.” Tackione said. “But is changing the future the right thing?” Luxione asked. (Tackione slapped Luxione in the cheek) “There is a wrong answer, Xover is an outcast and wishes to ruin this world even more!” Tackione said. (He left Luxione and Luxione took a peek into Master X's room. He found Master X watching as he had a picture book. Upon closer inspection, he saw pictures of Master X, Zero, Axl, Return X, and other Reploids. Master X slammed the book and threw it to the ground. He went out of the room and found Luxione) “Luxione, were you starring at me?” Master X asked. “No master, I was just wondering why your in such a rage.” Luxione explained. “Come with me.” Master X said. (He began to walk towards a hallway with two giant Reploid guards. They moved away in sight of their master. Both Master X and Luxione began to go up some stairs. They found a red and blue book. Master X opened it up) “What is that?” Luxione asked. “My journal entries, I never let anyone but myself read or write, it's the only thing I can share my emotions with since Zero died.” Master X explained. (He began to walk back) “Where are you going?” Luxione asked. “I'm heading back to my room, if you decide to enter into my room while I read the entries, you will suffer like your brother.” Master X said. (He and Luxione walked back down the stairs. Luxione ran away from Master X crying. He made it to a room and closed the door) “Bloodione, your my brother, I'll show you if I ever have the chance.” Luxione said. (Tackione was hearing Luxione's words and smiled) “Don't worry Luxione, you were always ruthless, and now your going to kill your own brother, I will love to see you both fight.” Tackione thought. (He ran out laughing) Why does Tackione wish to see both Luxione and Bloodione, two brothers fight? Will Xover, Axl, Centaur Man and others get to the corrupted utopia in time? What has become of Zero and friends? And what is the journal that Master X possesses? All these answers in Chapter 8 Act 4!

"Here's something I want to say, today (11/29) is my first year anniversary!" Xover said. "Congratulations Xover, here's for more stories with you and hope for new fans!" X said. Yeah, and maybe those who read this story!" Xover said. "Again, congratulations for your accomplishment Xover, don't worry everyone, I'll make Xover the best character I can make in payback for all the hatred he gets." The Author said. "Thank you author, (Xover reveals a golden Battle Memory) I'll put this in good use when I obtain it in the story." Xover said. What is the Battle Memory that Xover posesses? Find out next time in Act 4! "Why does she do this?" Xover thought. "Because it creates guessing as to what happens next." The Author explained. "Alright, I'll go with it, but again, thank you for making this chapter and publishing on my birthday." Xover said.