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Chapter 8 Act 4
Started: 11/29/2013
Ended: 12/14/2013
Word Count: 11301

Everything was dark, no light could be found in this dream. Xover began to wake up and he looked around to his surroundings. The entire place turned into a desert and Xover saw something and began to walk towards it. When he made it to the thing, he saw a himself with something in his arms. Xover walked closer to the Xover and found in his arms, a blonde haired girl with a black postbox hat. She wore a light blue winter coat with fur on the neck and wrist part and six black buttons. She had black leggins with black boots. Xover rushed towards the two and found that the girl had a huge mark as if something went through her chest. She had blue irises and light blue sphere earrings) “Kalinka, please hang in there.” The past Xover said. “Xover, thank you for taking me here.” Kalinka said. “No, please don't as that as if you'll die!” The past Xover said. “I know, but today is my end.” Kalinka said. “Kalinka, no matter what, you'll always by my princess.” The past Xover said. “Goodbye, Megaman Xover.” Kalinka said. (She closed her eyes and tears came down her cheeks. The past Xover got up and screamed in pain) “KALINKA!” The past Xover yelled. “Another threat taken down, now only you remain.” Someone said. (Both Xovers looked, but everything became white.

  Xover quickly woke up. He was taking deep breaths. He felt a hand touch his chest and Xover looked. He found Tomahawk Man watching him) “Xover, you've woken up.” Tomahawk Man said. “Oh, Tomahawk Man.” Xover said. “Xover, what did you dream about?” Tomahawk Man asked. “I had a nightmare, it was me seeing the past.” Xover explained. “What part of the past was it?” Tomahawk Man asked. “The day when she died.” Xover explained. “She, who?” Tomahawk Man asked. “I'd wish not to talk about it, did you find my friends?” Xover asked. “No, they were taken to Virtuous Utopia.” Tomahawk Man explained. “What, how was that possible?” Xover asked. “A Reploid working there told Centaur Man and Axl of their location.” Tomahawk Man explained. “So we have to head over there.” Xover said. “Also, the other half of the Lost Stone is there too.” Tomahawk Man said. “Great, more reasons to go there.” Xover said. “Well, the caravan are getting ready to move towards there in Axl's words.” Tomahawk Man said. “I see, so what should we do? “Xover asked. “You get on a robot horse and follow the rest of our group, it's quite easy to do, but with everywhere we go, there's always trouble.” Tomahawk Man explained. “Such as?” Xover asked. “You'll find out, now let's get to Axl and Centaur Man.” Tomahawk Man said. (He opened the tent and went out. Xover rubbed his shoulder and slowly got up. He made it outside to see that the Coltons were riding on the metalic horses and preparing their arm cannons. The tents were down and packed onto the sides of the horses. Xover walked towards Tomahawk Man and saw Axl getting on a horse while Centaur Man was watching him) “Xover, you've woken up, we were quite worried about you.” Centaur Man said. “It's alright, but it was to something I never wanted to remember.” Xover said. “What was it?” Centaur Man asked. (Xover walked up to him and jumped onto the half horse robot) “I wish not to remember.” Xover said. “Is everyone ready?” Axl asked. “Yes!” Everyone yelled. “Let's head to Virtuous Utopia!” Axl yelled. (They all began to ride towards the corrupted utopia.

  Meanwhile, at the utopia's castle, Master X was walking with Tackione passing by heavily armed guards) “Are you sure this is where Zero is held?” Master X asked. “Yes, him and his other friends are inside of the deepest dungeon cell.” Tackione explained. (He revealed the Lost Stone) “What is that?” Master X asked. “I'll let the fools explain.” Tackione said. (They headed down a long flight of stairs and made it to the bottom. A guard moved away as Master X opened up the door. He saw Slasher, Gate, Lilac, Bloodione, Corruption all with chains holding them to the walls) “Master X!” Bloodione said. “Yes, you should be surprised, Lilac, Gate, Corruption, what were you doing with Zero?” Master X asked. “Sorry, but after almost killing me, I won't say a word.” Gate said. (Master X ignighted his scythe and slashed right through Gate's chest) “Gate!” Lilac yelled. (Master X removed his scythe from Gate) “You still refuse, Tackione, (Master X points at Slasher) who is that?” Master X asked. “Hey X, you dimwitted Reploid, I'm Slasher, remember me?” Slasher asked. “Dimwitted, you sir, don't know how to talk to Master X, our lord and master.” Tackione said. “Yeah, your the one who caused this whole mess to begin with!” Slasher said. “Ignore his words Master X, now let's get to Zero.” Tackione said. (He walked away towards a locked door and Master X followed.

  Inside, they found Zero with metal guards on his forearms and boots while being wrapped by chains. A fake helmet with a golden X was present on top of Zero's red one. Zero opened his eyes and saw Master X and Tackione) “X, so your alive.” Zero said. “I never expected to see you again after all these years, how did you get here, and why?” Master X asked. “Tackione is our enemy, destroy him!” Zero yelled. “That is not how you treat my advisor, he may be the one who caused this to me, but I won't kill him.” Master X said. “What shall we do to you Zero?” Tackione asked. “Spare Zero, besides, (X's eyes glowed red and he gave a sinister smile) we still have that Maverick to deal with, and I know how to get his attention.” Master X said. (He began to walk out of the room and Tackione followed) “Xover?” Zero thought. (Tackione shut the door.

  Meanwhile, outside of the city, Xover and friends stopped their horses and got off. The city was mostly a circle with large buildings and in the center was the tallest. Xover pointed to it) “We must head to the center.” Xover ordered. “But how do we get in?” A Colton asked. “I think we can get inside by our weapons.” Tomahawk Man said. (He grabbed some rope in a pouch from a horse and . wrapped it around a tomahawk's handle. He threw it and it hit the other side of the wall. He began to climb up and the others followed. Centuar Man was having problems getting up with his hooves, so Xover got up onto the top of the walls and he fired the Strike Chain. A Colton had wrapped it around Centaur Man and tired it. The Colton got to Xover and they pulled. Centaur Man had gotten to the other side and they all saw Reploids panicking and running away) “Such cowards.” Axl said. (Mechanaloids with the golden X appeared and began their fire. Xover pushed the Colton away as Centaur Man had fired an energy pellet and it split after hitting a wall. Xover and Centaur Man were running away from the forces and were heading towards the castle. They found the others fighting off some Mavericks and more innocent Reploids were running in fear) “I'll go on ahead while you stay by, when the Mavericks are gone, come to the castle.” Xover ordered. “Yes Xover, I'll tell Axl that.” Centaur Man said. (He ran off and Xover dashed towards the castle.

  He went inside and the door behind him had shut. A hologram screen appeared and showed Master X) “Hello Xover, what a surprise to see you again, but if you wish to save your friends, come to my throne room.” Master X said. (The hologram disappeared and three doors opened up. Two of them had Mechanaloids and they began to fire lasers. Xover moved out of the way and was firing charge shots. He destroyed them and went into the next room. It was a vertical shaft. Xover ran and climbed up some stairs.

  When he got up to the next floor, it was empty, but when Xover looked up, there were punching bags and some were opened with Reploid bodies inside. Xover decided to walk while hearing noises. Unknown to him, near the punching bags, humanoid Reploids with giant boxing gloves noticed Xover and were punching the bags, causing debrie from the Reploid bodies to fall. Xover heard the loud banging noise and looked up. He noticed the parts falling and was running. A punching bag fell and with quick reaction, Xover stopped time and jumped out of the way. Mavericks jumped down and were throwing swift punches. Xover ran and avoided their fire and fired out bombs which exploded and allowed Xover to climb up the ladder. When he got to the top, he found a training course with spikes and disapearing blocks. Xover smiled and began to run through the course.

  Xover made it passed Mavericks and stopped at swining punching bags while on top of a floating platform. With the Mavericks following him, Xover jumped from platform to platform. He made it to the other side and continued to run through the corse. There were ropes and below were spikes. Xover grabbed onto one of the ropes and began to swing. When he made it to the next, he grabbed it and let go of the previous one. After he did this, the rope fell, Xover looked up and found small ant mechanaloids biting at the rope's material. Xover quickly continued to progress through the rope corse till he made it to the end. Xover found the Boss Door with the yellow X and dashed towards it. When he made it to it, the door wouldn't open. Xover waited a bit and then noticed a bigger shadow beneath him. Xover looked up and found a guardian falling ready to land on top of him. Xover backed away and starred at it as it fired acid. Xover jumped away and fired Acid Burst. The acid merely slid down the Guardian like it was nothing and it fired back at Xover. Some acid hit the fur collar, but like the Guardian's armor, it slid down. Xover did a Charge Kick and went pass the Guardian and fired a charge shot. It fell to the ground and Xover slashed with the O1-Saber. The Guardian got up and then threw a punch towards Xover. Xover had quiped the Hard Knuckles and punched right through the fist and made a hole. Xover had punched again and this time, in the chest. Xover ripped out the main core and threw it to the ground. The Guardian fell to the ground with a large thud. The Boss Door began to open up and Xover walked it after turning his arms back to normal.

  Inside of the hallway, there were lights illuminating a path and Xover was walking through. He began to hear loud noises coming from the end as it was a bright light. When he exited out of the hallway, he looked around to see that he was in an arena with a boxing ring in the center. Around the ring were common Reploids cheering as Xover entered) “Ah Xover, I was waiting for you.” Brawn said. (Xover looked up and saw a hook coming down with Brawn. Brawn jumped from the hook and landed right in front of Xover) “Brawn, where are my friends?” Xover asked. “Oh, don't worry, the other X Guardians are taking good care of them.” Brawn said. “I swear, if you hurt them, I'll do unspeakable things to all of you.” Xover said. “Well, are you ready for the boxing match?” Brawn asked. “Huh?” Xover asked. “Shake my hand.” Brawn said. “No thank you, now let me pass.” Xover said. (He was walking away, but Brawn grabbed Xover and threw him into the ring. Xover slammed onto the ground and saw Brawn jumping into the ring. He slammed onto the ground and slammed his fists together. Xover got up) “So what do you have Xover, just the power to manipulate time as usual?” Brawn asked. “No, I have more powers then what you think.” Xover said. “Well, it's time to take off those kiddy mittens and get ready to fight a boxing champ like me.” Brawn said. “Alright, (Xover formed his Hard Knuckles and walked to a corner. A random Reploid went to the center of the ring while holding a microphone) “Ladies and Gentlemen, today, we have the X Guardian Champion Brawn and his opponent!” The Reploid yelled. (The crowd began to cheer for Brawn) “And the challenger is the former X Guardian Xover!” The Reploid yelled. (The croud didn't cheer) “Well, looks like they had to add 'former' to your name.” Brawn said. “Stop it Brawn, I didn't come back here just to talk, are we going to fight?” Xover asked. “You'll regret saying that.” Brawn said. (He rushed towards Xover with a punch.

  Xover moved away and punched Brawn in the back. Brawn had cough up some oil in the color of red and gave a smile at Xover. Xover began to jab at Brawn's back with speed and then did another punch. Brawn had moved to a corner of the ring with his back cracked badly) “Going to give up Brawn?” Xover asked. “No, cough, you know what I said about the kiddy mittens?” Brawn asked. “What does that mean?” Xover asked. (Brawn's fists began to swell up and they exploded into new fists. They were gray with spikes on the wrists, finger tips, and on the palm and on the back of the fist. Brawn smiled and dashed towards Xover. Xover had jumped away, but Brawn had fired his fist at Xover and grabbed him by the head. The spike on the palm impaled the gem on Xover's forehead and Xover screamed in pain. Brawn smiled as he began to punch Xover in the stomach. Xover tried to raise his fists, but Brawn grabbed them and ripped them. Xover screamed more louder and the crowd was cheering. Brawn threw Xover's forearms out of the arena and then put Xover in a head lock) “Well Xover, how do you feel now, I'm going to snap your neck and Master X will be proud.” Brawn said. (Oil blood was coming out from Xover's mouth and his chest armor and body were cracking. Xover closed his eyes as Brawn was laughing. Xover felt the mechanics in his neck were breaking, the snapping of wires were becoming more louder) “Well, this is it for me, I can't fight anymore.” Xover thought. (Right as he felt like he was going to die, a giant fist hit Brawn in the face and he dropped Xover. Xover fell to the ground breathing heavily as the oil blood was coming down from his mouth. Both Brawn and Xover looked and saw Bloodione with a broken door behind him. Before Brawn could dash towards Bloodione, he fired another punch at him. Brawn had gotten out of the ring and the Reploid announcer had went into the ring) “Time out, Xover is disqualified for letting someone else work!” The Reploid said. (Bloodione walked towards the Reploid, but instead of hurting him, he looked at the badly damaged and the oil bleeding Xover. Bloodione picked him up and Xover opened his eyes. Bloodione saw the massive crack on Xover's neck with snapped wires) “Bloodione, is that you?” Xover asked. “Yes Xover, hang on.” Bloodione said. (Xover began to drip oil blood from his back and he was crying oil blood) “Well, that Maverick definitely got what he deserved.” Brawn said. (Bloodione quickly turned around and placed Xover down. Bloodione then fired both his fists) “How could you do this to a fellow member!” Bloodione yelled. (The fists hit Brawn, but he grabbed one of them and punched it to pieces. The fist and wire retraced) “Well, you only have one arm, how is it going to do well?” Brawn asked. “Did you forget what Reploid type I am?” Bloodione asked. (His fist regenerated and then, with quick speed, Bloodione made it right in front of Brawn and he began to punch Brawn with very fast punches. Brawn couldn't see any as Bloodione had extended his fists and slammed Brawn to a wall. The wall broke and some debrie had fallen. Bloodione rushed towards Brawn and was punching his face till Brawn couldn't move. The Reploid announcer went to both Brawn and Bloodione and saw Brawn wasn't moving) “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, he's out!” The Reploid said. (Bloodione grabbed him) “Will you listen, my friend is dieing!” Bloodione said. “Hey, I don't do stuff like that, besides, Master X wants him dead.” The Reploid said. (Bloodione threw him into the crowd and picked up Xover again. Bloodione carried Xover out of the arena into a third door. As Bloodione and Xover left, Brawn opened one of his eyes) “That's right Bloodione, you can't save your friend now.” Brawn thought. (He smiled and then collapsed.

  In the other door, Bloodione punched it open and fought against some Mavericks. All were quickly destroyed, but there were nothing that could heal Xover) “Xover, are you alright?” Bloodione asked. “I'm sorry Bloodione, cough, but I can't fight anymore, looks like your on your own.” Xover said. “No, I'm not going to give up on you!” Bloodione yelled. “Just leave me here, you can't fight with me in the way.” Xover said. “Xover, you were so confident, now your acting like this.” Bloodione said. “Please Bloodione, put me down.” Xover said. (The two began to hear noises of footsteps and Bloodione noticed a room and placed Xover in it. Bloodione then closed the door and moved away from it. The Mavericks came and began to chase after Bloodione.

  Meanwhile, in the room, Xover was still crying as his body was dripping the oil. He looked at his ripped arms and cried more of the oil in the shade of red. Xover struggled to get up with his weak legs, but he fell down) “Kalinka, Zero, Gate, Corruption, I'm sorry that I failed you all.” Xover whispered. (He began to hear some footsteps coming closer to the room he was in. The door was being knocked on) “Open up, we're searching for the Mavericks!” A Reploid yelled. (Xover closed his eyes) “I guess it's time to accept my fate.” Xover thought. (As the door was being knocked on a bit more, a blue light had appeared in the room and caught Xover's attention, Xover looked and saw a blue ghost like image of Kalinka) “Xover, don't give up, after all that you've been through.” Kalinka said. “Kalinka, am I dreaming, how did you get here?” Xover asked. “I'm sorry that I cannot explain, but please, (Kalinka revealed a box. It was green with white sideways white stripes, tied with a red ribbion and a bow. Both with gold and a small tag. It said, To: Xover From: Kalinka) walk to me.” Kalinka said. “But I can't my legs are too weak.” Xover said. “I know you can do it Xover, just try again.” Kalinka said. (Xover began to get up. Xover was slowly walking towards Kalinka and then stood up with confidence. Kalinka smiled) “I did it, but it's always good to see you, even as a ghost.” Xover said. “Now please Xover, (Kalinka removed the top of the present) accept what I have inside.” Kalinka said. (Xover looked inside and found an orange cupcake with orange frosting. The sprinkles were red and yellow beads and pink stars, topped off with a strawberry) “Thank you Kalinka, but why are you giving me this?” Xover asked. “Take a bite, you'll see.” Kalinka said. (It began to float towards Xover. Xover looked at the cupcake, but then at Kalinka, she was fading away) “Where are you going?” Xover asked. “Don't worry, we'll see each other again someday, goodbye Xover.” Kalinka said. (She disappeared, leaving only the cupcake. Xover starred at it, but then, heard the banging from the door and quickly took a bite. He felt a sweet taste in his mouth and took another bite, but he bit onto something other then the treat. He looked and pulled it out with his teeth. It was a golden Battle Memory. Xover spat it out and looked at it on the floor. It had the image of both Kalinka and Xover. Xover smiled, but then, it flew up to the air and separated into twelve Battle Memories. Each one of them had a different Reploid but had the same eyes as Xover. Xover grabbed one Battle Memory and the others glowed and went back into the Xover and Kalinka memory. Xover inserted the Battle Memory into his open chest where a slot was for Battle Memory. Xover began to glow in a bright light. His body became a holographic green body structure and his arms were being reconstructed and body was being repaired. Xover then formed his hands into fists as the data Over-2 was being added and changed his body.

  The Mavericks broke the door down and looked. Inside was Xover, but he was in a new form. His chest armor were the same, but his forearms were blue with white on the sides and black in between. The gems on the forearms were gone and were replaced with a white circle and a black one. They were protruding two silver claws. The boots were blue with white and black and the sides had the white circle mark again. The feet parts were blue with white on the soles and two triangle shapes at the front of the boot. On the side's of Xover's legs where the ice cream pieces were, they were replaced with two yellow gems and now had sharp blades curved down and looked like a wolfs tail The helmet's front now was stretched forward even more with a black line in the center below the yellow diamond. At the back above the ear pieces were raised triangles with white on the front like a wolfs. The ear pieces had no gems and were stretched out in the back. The side was white and blue on the top.) “What in the world is that?” A Maverick asked. “I am Megaman Xover!” Xover yelled. (He slashed at the Mavericks with his new claws and fired energy pellets at Mavericks. They were exploding and Xover was running much faster then before) “Wow, this armor is so cool, thank you Kalinka!” Xover thought. (He made it to another door and found remains of Mavericks caused by heavy fists. Xover heard a loud noise coming from upstairs and rushed to a room. Inside, it was stairs and Xover was running up. Ant Mechanaloids had appaered from a wall and were chasing after Xover. Xover saw them and fired Tornado Hold. The ants foolishly had gotten blown away as the Tormado Hold fell down the stairs. Xover made it to the top and entered through a door.

  Inside, there were more Mavericks who gazed at Xover's new armor and opened fire. Xover jumped from the platform and landed onto junk. He looked around and Old Robots came to life. Xover jumped away and fired an energy pellet at one. It's arm fell off, but it fired junk from it's chest. Xover grabbed one of the tails on his side and went towards the Old Robots. Xover slashed at the robots and continued to go through. He was on a conveter belt and there was an unknown chemical at the end. Xover saw some Reploids broken and damaged falling to the liquid and they rose up as rust. Xover beagn to run back trying to escape the liquid. He noticed that the hallway was beginning to shut and trying to crush him. Xover saw a Maverick with controls and fired a charge shot at it. The Reploid exploded and the walls stopped from shutting. Xover made it back to the room where he fell and looked up. There were broken parts of Reploids falling and Xover was shielding his face. Xover quickly began to scale the walls with his claws and made it back up onto the platform. He saw the hallway was broken due to something huge going by. Xover ran out of the room and found a room full of chemicals. Xover looked around but didn't notice that he wasn't alone) “Where could Bloodione be?” Xover thought. (He continued to walk around till he saw the door. Right as Xover was about to enter, he heard a loud noise and looked back.

  He saw Beaker with a vile in his hand) “Hello Xover, such a while since Desolation Town.” Beaker said. “Beaker, just let me pass.” Xover ordered. “Well, I'm not the type to fight, but if it's for Master X, I'll do it.” Beaker said. (He activated his electric wires and they headed towards Xover. Xover moved out of the way and fired energy pellets. Beaker had made more wires absorb the shots and the wires became more faster. Xover made it to a wall and then was caught by the wires. He was getting electrocuted, but managed to slash through some and got to Beaker and fired a charge shot at his chest. Xover backed up and then Beaker had made his wires form a shield and he threw chemicals at Xover. Xover fired energy pellets and the liquid was falling to the ground. Beaker had stopped with the shield and made his wires fire electric shots at Xover. Xover jumped away and hid behind a container of chemicals. Xover grabbed a small bottle of blue chemicals and ran out. Beaker had saw him and fired out electric shots again. Xover had ran around Beaker and was able to throw the chemical at Beaker. They were melting the wires and Xover was able to slash with his claws. Beaker had fired an energy shot from his chest and Xover got hit. He hit a giant vat of chemicals and almost broke the glass. Beaker had went towards Xover while firing energy blasts. Xover leaped away and the glass broke. Beaker had gotten consumed in the chemicals and Xover managed to make it above onto a platform. There was an emergency light going on and medical Reploids appeared and began to clean up the mess. Xover saw Beaker struggling to walk and he went down to him) “Beaker, are you alright?” Xover asked. “What, your asking me this?” Beaker said. “Well, I learned a few things from the past X.” Xover explained. “So you were right about going to the past, but I never knew you would listen and be with the original.” Beaker said. “Well, I have to get going, if you want to stop me, warn Master X that I'm back.” Xover said. “And make things more challenging for you?” Beaker asked. “That's your decision.” Xover said. (He ran off to an opended door and exited. When Xover left, medical Reploids went to Beaker) “Xover, I wasn't the best at fighting, at least I slowed you down.” Beaker thought.

  After a while, Xover was now outside. He saw a giant tower in the distance and then backed up. Xover ran, but he couldn't make it. He fell and was then caught in a blast of powerful winds. Xover looked down and saw that it was a giant fan that kept him afloat. Xover began to swim through the air and was passing by a trail of fans. Above, on top of the tower, Wingweary was watching) “So the traitor has shown up.” Wingweary said. “Yeah, but Xover will beat you.” Someone said. (Wingweary looked behind and found a heavily damaged Corruption) “Will you be quiet, let's just see Xover's foolish attempts to get up here.” Wingweary said. (Back with Xover, he was halfway through to the tower. Above the tower's main doors, smaller doors opened up to reveal bird mechanaloids. They began to peck Xover and he was trying to swat them away. When the first set of birds flew away, Xover kept going. More birds flew towards him and were pecking and dive bombing him. Xover had managed to make it onto the next set of fans and made it to the tower. Xover entered and found it to be a large set of stairs. More bird robots had flew into the tower and ramed right at Xover. Xover moved away and began to run up the stairs. He began to take look at the building. The walls were purple and he was on green stairs. On the golden railing were lanturns lighting up as Xover was running up. On the other side were jade statues of dragons. Their ruby eyes also lit up as Xover kept going up.

  He made it to the roof. He found Corruption on the ground while Lilac was lying on a wall) “So you finnaly made it.” Someone said. (Xover looked up and found Wingweary) “Wingweary, what did you do to Corruption and Lilac?” Xover asked. “Oh, I just gave them some entertainment, Corruption did put up a good fight, but it wasn't enough.” Wingweary said. “How dare you hurt Corruption!” Xover yelled. “Well, enough time has passed, shall we get started?” Wingweary asked. “Your on.” Xover said. (Wingweary had fired featers from his wings and Xover away from the feathers. He fired energy pellets and Wingweary avoided them and divebombed towards Xover. Xover jumped away and Wingweary stopped right before he could hit the ground. He fired air slashers and Xover jumped out of the way and fired the Crystal Hunter. It froze Wingweary and then, Xover saw Corruption charging both his hands. He fired a charge shot after another and Wingweary's wings were on fire) “Why you little brat!” Wingweary said. (He was about to ram right into Corruption, but Xover used the Strike Chain and grabbed Wingweary by the leg. Xover pulled as Corruption got up. Wingweary fired feathers at Corruption, but he fired a charge shot which burned the feathers and fired another shot at Wingweary. Wingweary had created a windstorm blowing the two Reploids away. Corruption grabbed Xover as he was about to fall and Xover fired another Crystal Hunter at Wingweary. It hit him and he fell to the ground) “Give up Wingweary, there's nothing left for you to fight with.” Xover said. “Well, looks like you win, but when we fight again, things will be different.” Wingweary said. (He flew away) “Ugh, thank goodness I was able to help out.” Corruption said. “Well, I've dealt with the others, all that's left is Rust and Oxidation.” Xover explained. “I can tell you've been through much, but how did you get that armor?” Corruption asked. “Kalinka gave it to me, the Xover and Kalinka Battle Memory, it was something she and my two creators made together.” Xover explained. “Kalinka, but I thought she died a year ago, how could that be possible?” Corruption asked. “I don't know, but I'm glad that she gave it to me at that time, felt like I was going to die.” Xover said. “How was that possible?” Corruption asked. “I was bleeding oil badly, so much Oil Blood.” Xover explained. “What, you were bleeding to death, how did that happen?” Corruption asked. (Xover walked up to Lilac and picked her up) “It must have been the Dark Crystal, since X has been so corrupted all these years, I was able to gain negative feelings towards myself, mostly crying oil instead of Zero's tears.” Xover explained. “Alright, that's a good explanation, I think.” Corruption said. “By the way, have you seen Bloodione yet?” Xover asked. “I didn't see him.” Corruption said. “Well, since were up so high, if rumors are right, (Xover pointed up. The two looked up to see clouds) up there.” Xover said. “Up in the sky, strange, I remembered that the main castle was back down at the Utopia, such a strange location.” Corruption said. “Let's fly up there.” Xover said. “Yes, we shall go.” Corruption said. (Xover looked back) “I just hope Axl and the others are okay.” Xover thought. “Well, are we ready to head up?” Corruption asked. “But what should we do with Lilac?” Xover asked. “Just leave her here, it's the only thing left we can do with her right now.” Corruption said. “Okay, (Xover placed Lilac back down) I just hope that she'll be okay without us.” Xover said. “Xover, the fate of time itself is in our hands, if we fail, both of us will be turned to scrap.” Corruption explained. “I know, goodbye Lilac, hopefully you'll be safe.” Xover said. (He grabbed onto Corruption's back and then Corruption flew off to the sky.

  After a long time of being in the air, the two had made it to the clouds above. Xover got out his wind up Eddie toy and wounded it up. It ejected an Energy Tank and Xover inserted it into his buster. He removed it and gave it to Corruption. He inserted it into his buster and was fully charged. Corruption gave the tank back to Xover and he inserted it back into the Eddie toy. The two looked around in the clouds and began to search. Xover was searching on the ground of the clouds while Corruption was flying around.

  After searching, the two went back together) “Did you find anything?” Corruption asked. “No, so many clouds, let me try to blow them away.” Xover said. (He shifted his Battle Memory to Storm Eagle and fired three Storm Tornadoes. They blew the clouds away and they revealed the sky) “Try firing at other directions.” Corruption ordered. (Xover fired more Storm Tornadoes till the last one had blown away to reveal something. Xover fired again and blew all of the clouds away to reveal the something. It was a castle made of clouds. The roofs were blue and there were many windows of glass umong the cloud walls. It was with many towers which had green flags blowing in the wind. The two tallest towers had the top part shaped like a rectangle box and they were both more thicker. Above that was a gray sphere with golden rings below it) “Wow, so the rumors were right, Corruption?” Xover asked. “Such an amazing effort to make a castle of clouds and up here in the sky, well, nothing left to do but go inside.” Corruption said. “Right, this might be our toughest battle, so get ready.” Xover said. “Can't we just fly?” Corruption asked. “Now where's the fun in that, I know time is of the essence, but we can't disappoint Master X.” Xover explained. “That is the worst explanation I've ever heard.” Corruption thought. (They walked towards the castle and found a bridge of floating platforms. Xover jumped while Corruption flew to the other side. They found the giant cloud doors and they opened up and the two entered.

  Inside, the walls were still made of cloud and the windows glowing from the sunlight. It was empty, nothing as there was no sound. The two began to walk through the halls. They looked through the glass and found there to be a lush garden) “Look at this, there's life outside of this hallway.” Corruption said. “Amazing, but why and who planted it?” Xover asked. “I'd wish to know, let's just find a way out.” Corruption said. (They continued to walk the hallways. There were no signs of guards anywhere as nothing was inside, just plain hallways. They found stairs leading up and they began to walk up. There were windows looking out to the Virtuous Utopia and the group kept going up.

  When they made it to the top, the clouds moved away to reveal the castle. Both Xover and Corruption saw that the top of the tower was made of glass and there was a teleport pad. Corruption and Xover looked and found a field of flowers. There were red poppies, blue roses, white trillium, and gray flowers) “Hey Corruption, doesn't the flower formations look like Zero's helmet?” Xover asked. “It's true, why is that, he died eight thousand years ago.” Corruption said. “I know of that part, there's a teleporter here, I wonder where it leads us to?” Xover asked. “Only one way to find out.” Corruption said. (They both got onto the teleporter and got transferred to another place. It was another tower on the other side of the castle. The two got off and found more stairs) “Okay, watch Corruption, this is the fastest way to get down.” Xover said. (He fired an Ice Burst and it formed an big ice cube. Xover tripped on it and fell down the stairs. Corruption face palmed and went after Xover.

  Corruption made it downstairs and found Xover rubbing his fur collar which was covered in clouds) “Xover, are you okay?” Corruption asked. “Yes, that's how Waddles got down the hill so quickly.” Xover explained. “Ugh, let's just keep going.” Corruption said. (Xover ran off and Corruption followed. They were in an empty hallway and nothing happended that was dangerous. Looking out of the windows, they saw more of the garden and found a door. The two went through it to the garden. Bloodione was outside looking around) “Hey Bloodione, how did you get up here?” Xover asked. “Xover, Corruption, such a great thing to see you both.” Bloodione said. “But that still doesn't answer our question.” Corruption said. “Well, you won't answer it here.” Someone said. (The three looked and found two Teleport Beams. One formed Master X and the other, Tackione) “Hello Brother, I didn't expect to see you here.” Luxione said. “Brother, it wasn't my fault, it's just that I thought Master X's intentions to keep time the way it was to be outrageous.” Bloodione said. “You thought I was outrageous, Luxione, I wish to meet with both Xover and Corruption in my main tower.” Master X said. “Okay Master, we'll see you, good luck Bloodione.” Xover said. (Master X teleported away and Xover and Corruption began their assent up the middle tower, leaving Luxione and Bloodione alone) “Bloodione, Tackione created you to be a monster, right, so why didn't you kill those who betray our master?” Luxione asked. “Brother, I'm sorry, but I felt Master X was wrong to keep this world a desert.” Bloodione said. “Yeah, and let the whole world flood?” Luxione yelled. “Luxione, I know that it is the alternate time, but that's how things went before the Dictator killed the heroes.” Bloodione said. “It doesn't matter now, Bloodione, are you ready to fight?” Luxione asked. “If it's for my friends, very well, I won't let this entire journey be for nothing.” Bloodione said. “Alright, if you call the traitor your friend, I'll kill you, goodbye, brother.” Luxione said. (Xover and Corruption saw the two on their way up.

  Bloodione launched his fists at Luxione and he jumped out of the way. Luxione had landed and made hot pink and orange fire on his fists and crossed both of his arms to form an Arrow Shot. Bloodione defended himself and punched Luxione. He slammed into the ground. Bloodione extended one of his arms and grabbed Luxione. Bloodione began to tighten his grip on Luxione and he was screaming. Bloodione let go and Luxione had punched Bloodione in the face. Bloodione extened his neck and wrapped around Luxione. Luxione moved out of the way and was kiciking Bloodione's head. Bloodione extended his arms in defense and blocked Luxione's attacks as he was firing the Arrow Shot. Bloodione had grabbed Luxione with both his fists and was squeezing him. Luxione screamed in pain, but Bloodione ignored. Bloodione threw Luxione in the air and he was falling down towards Bloodione. Luxione fired an Arrow Shot, but Bloodione had grabbed Luxione and then, Bloodione had extended his arms and let Luxione go. Luxione looked back and saw Bloodione's fist as it hit him in the chest. Luxione slammed into a wall and quickly got up, Bloodione extended both his fists and kept punching Luxione. The fists were retracted and Bloodione saw Luxione. His armor was damaged and leaking Limited Cells. His hair was all messed up and the crystal eyes were damaged. Bloodione ran towards Luxione) “Luxione, are you okay?” Bloodione asked. “Don't talk to me, you've won, I can't believe that you would do this to me, we're brothers.” Luxione said. “Brothers with different thoughts.” Bloodione said. “Fine, I'll stay with Tackione and we'll watch as you die in the hands of Master X!” Luxione said. (He teleported away, leaving Bloodione) “Luxione, brother.” Bloodione thought. “Hey Bloodione!” Xover yelled. (Bloodione extended his neck and made it up to where Xover and Corruption were. It was a broken window with the two inside the tower) “Yes Xover?” Bloodione asked. “We're going to face Master X, are you coming with us?” Xover asked. “Yes, I will, but expect it to be a while since I'm quite big.” Bloodione explained. “It doesn't matter, any time will do.” Corruption said. (Bloodione lowered his head and the two Reploids head up through the stairs) “Hey Corruption.” Xover said. “Yeah Xover, what is it?” Corruption asked. “Don't you think it was sad that Bloodione had to fight Luxione?” Xover asked. “Since I have no family members, maybe, but is Megaman X a brother?” Corruption said. “Yeah, he's my younger brother.” Xover said.

  (After a long time of climbing, they made it to the end. There was a small door above and Xover pushed it open. They both got into the room and found it to be a small room with a giant door on the left side) “Well, we finaly made it, Xover, are you ready?” Corruption said. “If it's for the future, I'll do it.” Xover said. (The two walked towards the door and it opened up. They were in a hallway with them being on a platform to the stone walls around them. There were stain glass windows of X, Zero, Axl, and other Reploids. They then found pillars with Slasher, Gate, and Zero chained to them) “What the, our friends?” Corruption asked. “That's right Corruption.” Someone said. (The two Reploids ran forward and saw the room became a box with Master X sitting with two statues. Both of Diamond and Inferno) “X, I knew you would be in the tallest tower.” Xover said. “Is that so, well Xover, I'm certainly surprised that you had to betray me twice.” Master X said. “I know why, me, Corruption, Bloodione, and Gate know of your evil.” Xover said. “Your nothing but a Maverick X, just step down and let us real Reploids clean up your mess!” Corruption yelled. “Don't call your king a Maverick, I have created a utopia for my fellow Reploids.” Master X said. “Oh yeah, then what about the humans, you drove them to extinction!” Xover yelled. “It wasn't my fault that they died.” Master X said. “Yeah, you killed two humans dear to the both of us!” Corruption said. “They were ruining the peace with their presence, but there's one thing I can't forgive you.” Master X said. “And whats that?” Xover and Corruption asked. “For bringing Zero here, he was one of the reasons I suffered.” Master X said. (Xover and Corruption looked at the pillar with Zero tied up on and he was awake) “What's going on, X?” Zero asked. “Zero, you should have died years ago.” Master X said. “Hey, I thought we were friends!” Zero yelled. “Not anymore, if we just want to talk, I'll explain why I act like this.” Master X said. “Okay, then tell us why you did these things after the Dictator died.” Xover said. “After his death, I was chosen to be the ruler of this dimension since the others were heavily damaged beyond repair thanks to the Thousand Year War.” Master X explained. “What, so the Ten Year War ended in a thousand?” Zero asked. “That's right Zero, but during my coronation, I had memories of you, those that I couldn't understand, till I found out.” Master X said. “Found out what?” Corruption asked. “When I was corrupted by the Dark Crystal and before your deaths, my memories were erased and thus, after you died, I got them back.” Master X explained. “Which left you an entire thousand years to suffer alone.” Xover said. “Yes, I worked with the Dictator and killed millions of lives, but now, I will let you join your friends, Rust, Oxidation, do your work.” Master X ordered. (He raised his scythe and the walls began to open like a drawbridge. The roof opened up and revealed the gray sphere. It opened up to reveal a green sphere of energy. The sphere fired two lasers at the two statues and they broke away to reveal both Rust and Oxidation. They jumped away from their pedestals and rushed towards the two Reploids. Xover rolled away while Corruption had flew up and both fired. Xover fired an Ice Slasher and it froze Oxidation. Rust fired Rust Eyes and Corruption had flown around and then did a headbutt towards Master X. Master X just formed a shield. Oxidation had broken from the ice and rushed towards Xover while activating the Oxidation Storm. Xover was on fire, but he moved away from Oxidation after firing a Water Balloon at him. The fire of Oxidation was dieing off as Xover went behind a pillar. Corruption had backed up from the shield and fired two charge shots at Rust. Oxidation rushed right in front of Rust and fired a Oxidation Storm at Corruption. A figure had shielded Corruption with a shield. The five Reploids looked to find Xover. His armor was a bit different. The helmet's front was like two shields with thick white lines at the ends and connecting to the ear pieces. They were blue and had three black vents. The chest armor was bigger in the form of a shield with their being blue in the center. The shoulder pads had three layers of white armor. There were two more of it on the sides of his legs. The right forearm had a blue line of a V and a bit of white armor raising out above the joint of the elbow. The left arm had a giant shield with blue and a white V cut and at the center of the blue was a black line. The boots, had white armor above the blue and there were blue marks. The feet parts of the boot were blue with two layers of defense at the bottoms. Xover landed and Oxidation rushed towards Xover. Xover shielded himself with the shield attached to his arm and fired a charge shot at his attacker. Rust threw Rust Eyes at Corruption, but he blocked the exploding rust with his cloak. Xover fired Gyro Attack at Rust and she had some of her armor crack. Oxidation had fired a wave of fire. Xover shielded while Corruption was behind him. The two charged up their busters and rushed towards the two. Both Xover and Corruption fired charges shots and formed holes on their chests and cracks on their armors. The two backed up towards Master X) “Darn, we wern't powerful enough for you, such a shame, forgive us Master X.” Rust said. “Dang, Master X, please have mercy, you can deal with them.” Oxidation said. (They both jumped back onto their pedestals and turned back into statues. Both Xover and Corruption had pointed their busters at Master X as Zero watched) “Give up Master X, you can't win now.” Xover said. “That may be true to the both of your thoughts, but that will never come true, now face me!” Master X yelled. (He raised his scythe and formed a dark power as something purple glows in his chest.

  Xover changed to his Over-2 form and rushed towards Master X. Master X had teleported and kicked Xover and he slammed right into the throne. Master X formed chains as Corruption had fired charge shots. Master X had slashed through them and then his hand turned purple. Xover then stopped time for both himself and Corruption. Master X then was slashing at Corruption and firing charge shots. When time resumed, Corruption hit the ground with his armor damaged. Master X jumped towards Xover and then formed a sheild around himself as Xover's irises turned purple and he stopped time again. Xover went over to Corruption and was slashing him and then fired a charge shot. Time resumed again and Corruption slammed into a pillar. Corruption flew behind it) “Xover, there's only one thing left I can do, (A sword had appeared from underneath the left forearm sleeve and it was silver with green energy in the center. A handle was held on by Corruption) this was my old weapon.” Corruption thought. (He rushed out from behind the pillar and slashed at Xover. Xover fought back with his claws and Corruption had fired a charge shot at Master X's sheild. Corruption and Xover pushed the blades away from each other and Corruption grabbed one of Xover's swords and pushed Xover back. Corruption had flew to Master X and slashed the sheild till it was broken. Master X had destroyed the remains of the sheild and forced Xover to collapse. Corruption had slashed the two swords at Master X, but he had pushed the blades and Corruption away. He hit a pillar and Master X formed chains on Corruption. Master X walked up to Corruption, passing by Xover who was trying to get up. Master X had charged up his buster and pointed it at Corrption's chest. Xover looked and saw Master X fire. There was a bright flash of light and Xover saw Corruption with a massive hole in his chest. Master X moved away and looked at Xover. He saw the oil blood tears coming down Xover's cheeks) “Crying, why Xover, besides, he was nothing but a weakling.” Master X said. “Don't listen to him Xover!” Zero yelled. “Ignore him Xover, he is from the past, stay, and if you do, I'll make you the next king.” Master X said. “I don't know.” Xover said. “Well, you'll just die!” Master X yelled. (He raised his scythe and was about to slice Xover, but then, time stopped. Xover looked around and found Kalinka ounce again) “Kalinka, you again.” Xover said. “Are you just going to let him kill you?” Kalinka asked. “No, not like what he did to you.” Xover said. “Well, here's another thing I forgot to give you, (Kalinka revealed the Zero Battle Memory with the O1-Saber and another Battle Memory. It was another Zero Battle Memory with an image of him slashing) combine these two.” Kalinka explained. (She gave them to Xover and he merged the two. The Battle Memory then turned to red spheres. They began to swirl around Xover) “What is this?” Xover asked. “I know what you can do.” Kalinka said. “Wait, Kalinka, tell me!” Xover yelled. (Time resumed and the spheres formed a shield around Xover. Master X striked, but he moved back a little as Xover was consumed by the spheres. The Over-2 Armor was changing and the O1-Saber was transforming. When the shield was gone, Xover was in a new armor. It was red like Zero's with the helmet being almost the same as his with the two horns at the back and white center with two lines. There were black lines and the yellow diamond. The shoulder pads, chest armor, and the two sides of it were red with black lines. The main body was the same as before, but with white instead of blue. The arms were white and the forearms had the red spheres and a triangle shape without a bottom in the middle with a silver part. The boots were like the forearms, but both had white on the backs as if the armor was inserted. The feet parts was white and had a red front and bottom. The earpeices and the pieces on the sides were black with white on the ice cream cone part. The main front had a green line. The sword was silver with a darker silver in the center. There were also three dark lines. The handle was gray and the tip was white with a black stripe) “Hey, that armor looks like mine!” Zero said. “Intresting Xover, I never knew you could do that, but the only thing left is for me to destroy you, get ready!” Master X said. (Xover moved back and grabbed out his upgraded OZ-Saber.

  “This is it, I've got to make this work, only I stand in his way to change our future.” Xover thought. (He gripped his sword and it began to emit a red aura. He pointed it at Master X) “I'm always ready!” Xover yelled. (A gust of wind blew by and the two starred. Master X dashed towards Xover and he moved away. Master X had jumped up and was slashing. Xover manage dot fight back while slashing. He managed to slash at Master X's chest and then formed his arm to become a buster. It was white at the top near the joint and there were two circles which were white and had green in the center. The lower part was silver with yellow vents and the buster's tip was silver with a golden stripe. It also had an orange gem and he charged up. Xover fired a charge shot at Master X and he hit the throne. Xover landed and fired another charge shot. Master X formed a sheild and threw his scythe and Xover dodged. He fired a charge shot, and it hit the sheild, but it became absorbed and X fired a red and blue charge shot. Xover got hit and he slammed into a wall. Master X dashed towards Xover and was slashing him with the scythe. Xover grabbed his sword and began to slash. The final slash had them pushing their weapons against each other. Xover saw Master X charging up his buster and they both charged their busters. They both fired a charge shot and got hit in the chest. Xover was near the edge as Master X was flying. He threw his scythe and almost kicked Xover off the edge. Xover regained his balance and dashed. He jumped up and slashed at the sheild of Master X. Master X had moved away and went back to the throne. He then fired electricity from his arm at Corruption and his irises glowed purple. He rushed towards Xover and he slashed at him. Xover closed his eyes as he activated the Gravity Hold. Corruption screamed as he fell to the ground while moaning in pain. The sheild around Master X disappeared and Xover dashed towards him. The OZ-Saber began to glow red and he was slashing at Master X. X had fired a charge shot, but Xover activated the Tria Thunder and jumped up. The thunder had hit Master X and his body was consumed in electricity. Xover had then charged up his Saber and then slammed it at Master X. Master X had backed up to his throne and raised his scythe. Green energy from the sphere above was giving him power. Master X was consumed in the green Negative Energy and now, all of his armor was glowing green and had glowing purple eyes. Master X had split his scythe to two more and then dashed at Xover. He was slashing as Xover tried to keep up with the attacks. Xover had backed away and then fired a charge shot. Master X sliced through Xover's attack and his chest. Xover hit the ground with the sword on the ground. The saber began to fall from the tower and Xover crawled towards it. Master X had slammed his leg onto Xover's back and the saber fell from the tower. Master X had slashed Xover's buster and it broke. Xover turned back to normal and Master X was about to kill Xover. Xover closed his eyes and then stopped time. He escaped from Master X and when time resumed, he pushed himself and Master X off the edge. They both fell to the garden and Xover saw Bloodione. Xover was wrestling and trying to keep Master X down as Bloodione rushed towards the two. Xover saw the damaged O1-Saber and grabbed it. Master X had the green energy gone and formed a sheild which pushed Xover and Bloodione away. The two slammed to the ground and looked up. They both saw Master X with the scythes and he threw them both at Xover. Bloodione sheilded Xover and got slash marks from the scythes. Master X had began to slash at Bloodione as he was still defending Xover. Xover had jumped from Bloodione's arms and fried a charge shot from his buster and Master X slashed it to pieces. Master X had pointed his scythe at Xover, but Xover jumped on top of it and jumped at Master X. Xover screamed and he activated the O1-Saber. Master X was about to slash Xover with his other scythe, but Bloodione caught it. Master X looked and saw Xover right in front of him. He shielded his chest with his arms, but Xover had grabbed out the Zero Battle Memory and activated it. The saber turned back into the OZ-Saber and Xover impaled it into Master X's chest. The two fell to the ground as the scythe Bloodione had disapeared. Master X slammed to the ground first and Xover removed the saber. The two watched at Master X began to bleed from his chest) “Did we kill him?” Bloodione asked. “I don't know, but you'd better help Corruption, Zero, and Gate.” Xover ordered. “Yes sir.” Bloodione said. (He extended his arms and went to the top of the tower)

  “Why, why did you do this to me?” Someone asked. (Xover looked and found Master X with his armor breaking) “It was for the greater good.” Xover explained. “Wasn't my utopia the best, I tried to make everyone happy.” Master X said. “The only one happy is Tackione.” Xover said. “My adviser, why him?” Master X asked. (Xover began to cry blood again) “It was all his fault, he was the reason you lost everyone, just because of a single rock.” Xover said. “Why did you betray me, Xover, is this really the truth, you mistrusted your friend, when you went back in time and met the old me, who would you consider a true friend, me, or the past me?” Master X asked. “I choose the past!” Xover yelled. “What, but aren't I still Megaman X?” Master X asked. “No, the you from the past would never use me for evil purposes, kill my best friend who gave me a soul, and never make me a puppet, if I could cry real tears, this would be the best time.” Xover said. “What, but what did my old self do?” Master X asked. “He cared for me, protected me, and treated me like a friend, you never did any of those things, all you did was corrupt your heart, and now, you believe that nothing is wrong.” Xover said. “You fool, friends, they can never exist, so why be nothing?” Master X asked. “Friends are nothing, look back at the tower, on those pillars, Zero, Gate, Corruption, and Slasher are true friends, your blind to reality and claim that the world is right the way it is, your like the Dictator, but even worse.” Xover said. “I will never be the Dictator, what if you are the ones becoming him?” Master X asked. “No, your lying, we will change this future, I will be with the real X, and we'll be friends, change your ways!” Xover yelled. “Never, for I am, the king of this world.” Master X said. “Sorry that I'm late.” Bloodione said. (He jumped down and landed next to Xover. In his arms were the Reploids. Zero jumped from Bloodione and went to Master X) “X, is that you?” Zero asked. “That voice, (Master X opened his eyes to reveal the green irises. He looked at Zero who was crying) Zero, I'm sorry that I did all of this, I thought that the world was perfect the way it was, but I was wrong.” Master X said. “Megaman X, your looking a lot better then before.” Gate said. “Thank you.” Master X said. “I have a question myself, I found this.” Zero said. (He revealed a journal) “That impressive find, that was containing all of my memories of the Thousand Year War.” Master X said. “What should I do with it?” Zero asked. “You must take it away from me, I've suffered too much.” Master X said. “Well, what was with your attitude?” Slasher asked. “It was the darkness in my heart, the impalement must have broken a lot of it from me.” Master X explained. “Well, if that's the case, can we get the Lost Stone?” Corruption asked. “Why do you need it?” Master X asked. “We need to head back in time, so we can save you from this nightmare, please X, I won't let this happen to you.” Zero said. “Very well, (X's armor began to glow and turn back to it's normal form. X grabbed something from the mark left by the OZ-Saber and removed it, it was the last half of the Lost Stone. It floated up to Zero's hands) don't worry about me, I'll be alright.” Master X said. “Should we leave you here?” Xover asked. “Yes, just let me rest with nature, I won't die, but I'll give off my leadership to someone else till the true time comes for me to take the place.” Master X explained. “Leave me here with him.” Gate said. “What, but Gate, are you alright with that?” Corruption asked. “Calm down you guys, I'll just keep X some company.” Gate said. “Well, thank you Gate.” Zero said. “And Zero.” Master X said. “What is it?” Zero asked. “Please take good care of me in the past.” Master X ordered. “I will do so, I promise.” Zero said. (Xover grabbed out his Eddie toy and it ejected an Energy Tank. Xover and Corruption had fully recharged and they were ready to leave. Xover got onto Corruption, Zero grabbed onto Slasher, and Bloodione jumps off the castle and was falling. Both Corruption and Slasher began to fly and both Xover and Zero waved goodbye at both Gate and Master X.

  After a long time of flying downwards. They made it back to the ground of the Utopia. They found Axl, Centaur Man, and Tomahawk Man with the Coltons) “Hey Xover, so you did it.” Axl said. “Yes, but we didn't kill Master X.” Xover said. “What, but won't he cause trouble again?” Axl asked. “No, we knocked some sense into him.” Xover explained. “Axl, you survived?” Zero asked. “Yeah, a thousand years kinda wears you down, doesn't it?” Axl asked. “I know of that, where's Lilac?” Zero asked. “Are you referring to me?” Lilac asked. (She appeared pushing a few Coltons away and walked closer to the group) “Hey Lilac, we did it.” Xover said. “But where's Gate?” Lilac asked. “Oh don't worry, he's just keeping Master X some company.” Xover explained. “I hope he's alright.” Lilac said. “It's okay, now the only thing left is to rest before we can head back.” Xover said. “But Xover, your arm, shouldn't we get it repaired?” Lilac asked. “It's okay Lilac, I'll just use a Battle Memory to heal myself.” Xover said. “I just hope that works.” Lilac said. “It'll be alright, just let me find the memory.” Xover said “Well, while you do that, we'd better rest since we're all done here.” Corruption said. “Sure, I feel a bit tired myself, we'll leave tomorrow.” Zero said. “Sounds like a good idea, is that okay with you all?” Xover asked. “Yeah, it's great to have old friends back.” Axl said. (They all began to laugh and all spent the rest of the day outside of the city. They all had a lot of conversations, both good and bad. When the moon rose, it was time for the heroes to get some sleep.

  During this, Corruption went out of a tent with a repaired chest and heard the noise of Xover searching for Battle Memory. He looked inside and saw Xover) “Xover, shouldn't you be asleep?” Corruption asked. “I know, but I'm trying to find the Cyber Elves Battle Memory, how can I do it easily with only one arm?” Xover asked. “Good point, do you want me to help you?” Corruption asked. “Sure, that will be fine.” Xover said. (Corruption got out of bed and walked towards Xover. He began to move the holographic cards trying to find the Cyber Elf one) “So many Battle Memories.” Corruption said. “Hey Corruption.” Xover whispered. “What is it?” Corruption asked. “I just wanted to thank you for giving me the Zero Battle Memory back in Kirby's Dimension.” Xover explained. “Your welcome, and if you ask how I got it, well, it was when we first met.” Corruption explained. “Back when I was under Master X's control?” Xover whispered. “Yes, after an event, I just found the Battle Memory lying on a table and I've kept it with me, hoping to give it to you.” Corruption explained. “Yeah, two Battle Memories from my two friends.” Xover said. “And who's the other?” Corruption asked. “Kalinka, the first Battle Memory was a drawing of me and another was a new Zero, that's how I was able to use my Over-Z form.” Xover explained. “I see, here we go, here's the Battle Memory.” Corruption said. (He pressed it and Xover's arm began to reappear. Data fragments were merging together and formed Xover's arm. When the light was gone, Xover closed his fist and smiled) “Sorry for keeping you up, but thank you.” Xover whispered. (He closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Corruption went to another bed and starred at Xover who was sleeping with a smile on his face. Corruption did a hidden smile and fell asleep.

  The sun had risen, Zero was in a tent and didn't want to get up. Slasher woke up and gave off a grin. He crept towards Zero and yelled. Zero screamed and almost slashed at the bounty hunter. Slasher and Zero ran out of the tent and saw the other Reploids waiting. Xover, Zero, Slasher, Corruption, Bloodione, and Lilac had walked away from the camp) “So are you coming with us?” Xover asked. “No, we just want to hope you all live.” Lilac said. “Thank you, but we won't come back in failure, don't worry Master X, I'll save your past self.” Zero said. (Xover grabbed out the Lost Stones and merged them into one. It glew and flew from Xover's hands) “Lost Stone, take us back to the Dictator's Palace before the White Bang!” Xover yelled. (The Lost Stone had formed a dimension/time portal. Zero, Slasher, Corruption, and Xover were about to enter as they saw Lilac and Bloodione waving, along with Axl, Centaur Man, and Tomahawk Man. The four entered into the portal) Now that they're going to the past, what will happen there? Can our heroes stop the Dictator's attack? Will Zero save X from the Dark Crystal? The final act, the true end, all will be revealed!