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Chapter Eight Act 5
Started on 12/14/2013
Ended on 12/17/2013 at 9:12 PM
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​The time/dimension portal opened up and the group came out in a hallway. “So where are we?” Zero asked. “We're in the past, before the White Bang.” Xover explained. “Well, we've got two things to do, the first is find X and stop him before the Dictator can kill everyone, and find Axl and protect him and Return X from Vile.” Corruption said. “How did you learn of that?” Slasher asked. “I read the Plans and it mentioned that Axl and a Reploid named Return X would be in danger.” Corruption explained. “Right, me and Zero will go search for X while Slasher can fight Vile.” Xover ordered. “Alright, I'll do it, but what about Zero's friends?” Slasher asked. “Yeah, where are they now?” Zero asked. “I think their still far from the Dictator, we'll have enough time.” Corruption explained. “Right, you two go help out Axl and Return X while we find X.” Zero ordered. “Okay, let's move!” Slasher said. (They looked around the hallway and found two hidden hallways. They opened up and the four split up. The doors behind them closed. Xover and Zero found themselves in an empty hallway while Corruption and Slasher found a teleport pad. The two stepped onto it and a holographic map appeared) “Hey, what's this all about?” Corruption asked. “Well, looks like we hit the jack pot.” Slasher said. “Slasher, do you remember where you and your friends lost Axl?” Corruption asked. “Yeah, it was this place, (Slasher touched the hologram and the two were teleported. They reapeared at the same room where Return X and Axl were. Return X was on the ground and Axl was by his side. Axl looked and saw the two) Axl, there you are.” Slasher said. “I should be saying that to you, where were you this whole time?” Axl asked. “Huh, what do you mean?” Slasher asked. “Since we traveled back in time, the version of you of the past was replaced by you.” Corruption explained. “Corruption, did you come back for revenge against me?” Return X asked. “No, Axl, aren't you surprised to see me?” Corruption asked. “Yeah, but I'm not here to talk, Return X, are you okay?” Axl asked. “Yeah, ugh, my body hurts all over.” Return X said. “Ah, so you all decided to stay.” Someone said. (The doors slammed tight and Vile teleported in) “Vile, what are you doing here?” Axl asked. “Well, I didn't know that the Dictator's control over Return X's body was so powerful.” Vile said. “So that's what causing me this?” Return X asked. “Of course, now I didn't tell you all that just because I could.” Vile said. “You want a fight, don't you.” Corruption said. What the, how did you get here?” Vile asked. “It's better for us to fight instead.” Corruption said. “Right, okay Vile, just get out of our way or fight.” Axl said. “Oh don't worry, for the Dictator, I'll make sure you end up in the ground, say goodbye to your lives.” Vile said.

  (He fired a green laser at Return X, but Corruption moved him out of the way. Slasher fired Sonic Slicers at Vile and he fired a napalm. It exploded and formed into a tower of purple fire. Slasher moved out of the way as Axl fired a charge shot and energy pellets at Vile. Vile had fired a blue tornado from his shoulder cannon and it cut through the pellets and charge shot. Corruption placed Return X down and then flew towards Vile. He fired two charge shots and Vile had fired seven blue shots at Corruption. Corruption moved away and managed to let Axl and Slasher get close enough to attack. Axl fired charge shots and energy pellets while Slasher was firing Sonic Slicers. Vile got hit and had fired napams at the two. They jumped away, but fired more energy pellets and slicers. Vile defended himself and noticed Return X lying on the floor defenseless. He aimed his shoulder cannon at Return X and fired. Corruption had quickly made it to Return X and fired back at the laser before it could hit the two. Corruption covered Return X with his cloak and defended him while Axl and Slasher were fighting. Vile jumped away and pressed a hidden button on the wall. It opened up to reveal a Ride Armor! Vile jumped in and began to punch Axl as Slasher moved around. He dived at Vile, but got hit by the shoulder cannon's blast. Slasher hit the ground and both him and Axl fired more energy blasts at the Ride Armor. Corruption went down the floor at Return X's level. He notice Return X giving off a sinister grin and his arm turned into many wires. They wrapped and inserted themselves into Corruption and Return X merged with him. Vile had noticed Corruption and he turned around now posessed by Return X. He fired multiple charge shots at Vile and they all hit him instead of the Ride Armor. Axl and Slasher got up to see Return X rushing towards Vile. He was punching him, firing charge shots, and all that Axl and Slasher had were wide jawed expresions. Dust was around the Ride Armor and two figures appeared. It was both Return X and a heavily damaged Vile) “What the, Corruption, what happened, why did you go crazy?” Slasher asked. “Oh don't worry Slasher, Corruption is safe, I'm just using his body, well Vile, looks like your going to di.” Return X said. (He dropped Vile and began to scream in pain. Vile crawled away as the screaming got more louder) “What happened?” Axl asked. “It's the Dictator, he's controling and making Return X suffer.” Vile explained. “What, how does that work, also, how can we help them?” Slasher asked. “I don't know.” Vile said. “Well, hey Dictator, you'd better stop that before I really tear Vile to shreads!” Axl yelled. “So you wish to believe that you can finish Vile off, all I see is you acting pathtic, I'll just watch as you suffer.” Dictator said. “What the, where did that come from?” Slasher asked. “I have my eyes and ears all over, I can see and hear what you all say, so don't expect me to give the most sincere Maverick some help.” Dictator explained. “Curse you Dictator, when we get to you, things will be a lot different!” Axl yelled. “Ugh.” Return X moaned. (He fell to the ground and the doors opened up and heavy machinery came in. All surrounding the Reploids) “Well, looks like it's time for me to let my troops obliterate you.” Vile said. (A machine fired an energy blast and Axl pushed Vile out of the way) “Ouch, what was that, did it just attack Vile?” Axl asked. “Another thing I wanted to add, Vile, I'm now tired of you, so I'll just let you die with the weaklings next to you.” Dictator explained. “What, but Master!” Vile yelled. (The robots began to fire their weapons at the Reploids. Axl and Slasher grabbed both Vile and the unconscious Return X and were trying to escape the same hallway that Sonic and friends went through. 

  Meanwhile, Zero and Xover were running down a long hallway) “How long and empty is this?” Xover asked. “I don't know, but I hope that Slasher and Corruption get to Axl and Return X in time.” Zero said. “I think they will, but we have bigger problems to deal with!” Xover said. (They continued to run through the empty hallway. Unknowing that the Dictator was watching them and Sonic through a camera set. Behind him were Eggman and Metal Android) “So their heading towards the chamber.” The Dictator said. “Shouldn't we do something?” Metal Android asked. “No, I want to see what happens, if it fails, there's always plan B.” The Dictator explained. “But I still wonder how they got far behind from the others.” Eggman said. “I was distracted by the presence of Sonic to see how far behind they got, but there's another with them.” The Dictator said. “We haven't seen him since Rose betrayed us.” Eggman said. “I know of that, but I'll find out.” The Dictator said. (Back with the two Reploids, they made it into a big circle room and they found many doors which were glowing red) “Which door should we go?” Zero asked. “Well, let's try one.” Xover ordered. (He walked towards one and it opened up to reveal a cannon shooting spikes. Xover pushed Zero out of the way as the cannon kept firing. It began to short circit and it exploded) “Whew, that was close.” Zero whispered. “Yeah, let's just try another door.” Xover ordered. (They both began to go up to the doors and most of the time, there were cannons firing spikes. They found two doors which opened up to reveal two pathways. Xover went up to Zero) “So, which door?” Zero asked. “We might as well split up, who knows what may happen, but if you find X, fight him, good luck.” Xover said. “You too.” Zero said. (He dashed into the hallway and Xover ran to the other.

  Meanwhile, back with the Reploids, they were running as the robots were chasing after them. Return X was still unconscious and Slasher was flying with him) “Can someone fight back or is it too much?” Axl saked. “Do you know what I have?” Vile asked. (He turned around and fired a napalm. It exploded and left a wall of fire. It burned up most of the robots and Vile kept on firing. Axl began to fire too) “Slasher, get Corruption and Return X somewhere safe!” Axl ordered. “Yes Axl.” Slasher said. (He blasted off and headed towards the direction of Zero and Xover. Axl and Vile kept firing and destroying the enemies.

  Slasher made it to the same hallway where the Reploids split up. He flew into the hallway where Xover and Zero went into. Slasher saw Zero was dashing by an empty hall with nothing) “Darn, can't the Dictator put in furniture, it looks abandonded.” Zero thought. (He noticed doors opening up to reveal Mavericks in Ride Armors. They dashed towards Zero and he ignighted the Z-Saber. He dashed and began to slice through the Mavericks. Slasher had flew higher and boosterd right into the other room. He placed Corruption down and went back into the hall with Zero. He fired Sonic Slicers and were cutting the Ride Armor's arms while Zero was stabbing them. The Maverick piolets jumped out and began to fired energy blasts from their eyes. Slasher had fired Sonic Slicers and had cut the blasts in half. Zero dashed and then was slicing the Mavericks to bits) “Whew, thank goodness I came by.” Slasher said. “What are you doing here?” Zero asked. “Vile and Axl wanted me to take Corruption away from the fighting, I thought that since the other halls were empty, I would be able to join with you.” Slasher explained. “So Vile has changed his mind?” Zero asked. “Yeah, well, after Return X um, used Corruption's body and almost quickly beated Vile up, the Dictator grew tired of Vile and wanted to kill him like us.” Slasher explained. “So you let Return X find another host?” Zero asked. “Um, yes.” Slasher said. (Zero kicked Slasher and he fell to the ground) “Maverick Hunters don't let bystanders get killed or injured!” Zero yelled. “Ouch, I'm not a Maverick Hunter, remember, I'm a bounty hunter!” Slasher yelled. “Ugh, what happened?” Someone asked. (Zero and Slasher looked into the other room and saw Slasher rubbing his head) “Corruption, is that you?” Zero asked. “Yeah, why'd you ask?” Slasher asked. “Because of Return X, is he alright too?” Slasher asked. “I think so, the pain is gone, how can I get Return X out of me?” Corruption asked. “Well, let's try force.” Zero said. “Wait, you just said not to inflict pain onto bystanders and civileans.” Slasher said. “Well, there are times when we have to do it, sorry Corruption, (Zero ignighted the Z-Saber and raised it up. Corruption looked up and widened his eyes) forgive me!” Zero yelled. (He quickly lowered it down and Corruption felt Return X leaving. Corruption saw Zero with the saber barely touching his head. The slime then began to reform into Return X) “Zero, be careful with that, I could've been killed myself.” Return X said. “I wasn't going to kill anyone in our group.” Zero explained. “Alright, well, I'm happy to know that I'm safe from the Dictator's mind attack.” Return X said. “What was that about exactly?” Slasher asked. “It was his fault that I served him eight years ago.” Return X explained. “The only thing left to do here is defeat and purify X from the Dark Crystal.” Corruption said. “I'll do it.” Zero said. (He began to walk away from the three) “What, but Zero, you'll get killed!” Corruption yelled. “That maybe true in your eyes, but in mine, I know that I'll win, X is not the Master X of the future, I know that he still remembers me, you all stay and wait for Xover or anyone else to come.” Zero ordered. “Yes Zero, good luck.” Slasher said. “X, hang in there buddy!” Zero yelled. (He dashed to another door and it opened up. The door closed and left the three Reploids to watch.

  Inside, it was a long hallway with glass to reveal the clouds. Zero contiuned to walk by till he noticed another door at the end. It opened up and it revealed a hall of pillars. The room was quite big and Zero saw a throne. On it was X, but he was asleep, his sull mask was gone, and he had wires connecting to his body with a glowing sphere behind him) “X, what is this?” Zero thought. (He took another step and the pillars began to glow purple. When all of them glowed, X opened his eyes to reveal the glowing purple irises. The first thing he saw was Zero) “Zero, so you came back, why?” X asked. “To break your curse.” Zero explained. “Yes, do that, please, the Dictator has taken control of my mind, I can't think positive, only negative.” X whispered. “Just hold still and I'll get you out of this nightmare.” Zero said. “Do you think it will be easy?” The Dictator asked. “Dictator, stop this right now!” Zero yelled. “X, do what your true friend wants, destroy Zero!” The Dictator ordered. “Y, y, yes master.” X whispered. “X, no, don't!” Zero yelled. (The wires connecting to X had disconnected and X got up and jumped right in front of Zero. He raised his hand while shutting his eyes and formed his scythe. Zero looked at X's face before it formed a mask and he saw X with tears coming down his cheeks. Shadows appeared on X's face and it formed his mask) “Goodbye Zero!” X said.

  (He fired a charge shot at Zero and he jumped away. X went into the ground and remerged behind Zero. Zero slashed at X, but X fired an energy blast from his hands. Zero hit the ground and X's scythe was about to hit him. Zero defelected it with his saber and X went back onto the ground. He threw many clones of the scythes at Zero and he sliced them in half. He dashed towards X and was slashing him. X had began to slash back with his scythe and fire an energy blast. Zero avoided that and slashed ounce again. X had formed a portal and threw his scythe in along with other clones. Portals opened up around Zero and the scythes came out. Zero envaded and grabbed one. He threw it at X and it hit his chest. Zero had jumped up and slashed X's buster. X slammed into the ground and got up. His irises turned green and he began to scream. Two white and black energy spheres appeared on X's hands and he threw them at Zero. They both hit and Zero was on the ground. X's hands began to glow and the pillars did as well. Zero looked and it the room became bright. Zero found himself in the boss room of Chill Penguin. He noticed a staute and it broke to reveal X in a light blue and yellow color. He fired a Shotgun Ice at Zero and he slashed it. Zero kicked the remains of it and it hit X. X went onto the floor and stabbed the ground with his ice scythe. The floor became encased in ice and it froze Zero's feet. Zero tried to move, but X rammed right into him by a ice statue of a penguin. Zero hit the ground and X was about to ram him over again. Zero had slashed the penguin and X. X backed up and fell to his knees. His iris glowing more of a darker purple, X summoned an army of ice penguins in a blizzard. The wind was blowing harsh. Zero saw the shadows of the penguins in the small room and saw X floating. His irises turned green again and X formed a portal onto a wall and exited. Zero began to dash through the icy penguins as they were sliding towards him. Zero made it to the wall and jumped into the portal.

  He found himself outside of a mine and saw X outside of it, now with a teal blue and brown. He entered into the ground and disapeared. Zero dashed towards the entrance of the mine and was going through. He climbed up while avoiding boulders and spikes. He made it to halfway point and found X with his scythe and dark aura around him. Zero dashed towards him, but a wall broke and revealed a Hell Crusher. It was a big blue and yellow mechanaloid with treads, arms with four long and sharp spikes, a giant drill at the front below the yellow body and another spike on the back. It dashed towards Zero and he moved away. It fired it's drill arm at Zero who slashed at it. He wall jumped and saw X with his eyes closed. The Hell Crusher had fired it's arm up and disconected from it's main body and fired it's other arm at Zero. It hit him and implaed him. Zero screamed from the pain and X opened his eyes to become green again. He threw his scythe at the Hell Crusher and formed Tornado Fangs on his arms. He dashed towards the Hell Crusher and then destoryed the body. He looked up to notice the Hell Crusher and it fell. X moved out of the way and fired Tornado Drills from his drills. It impaled the Hell Crusher and exploded. Zero got back to the ground and grabbed his saber. He saw X fighting the control and dashed towards him. He slashed at his friend and X pushed him back with his scythe. X formed a portal and escaped into it. Zero entered in as well.

  He was now in Central Highway and he found X with purple irises. He began to cry again as his armor turned to a red and sky blue. X fired the Speed Burner and Zero slashed it. X had entered into the ground and remagred behind Zero. He fired a Speed Burner and it hit Zero in the back. X had threw his scythe up and comsumed the ground in fire. Zero managed to jump on top of a car and saw X dashing towards him while consumed in fire. Zero guarded himself with the Z-Saber and was pushing X back. Zero had disintigrated the fire around X and slashed him. X hit the fire again and fired two Speed Burners. Zero slashed through them and then had jumped and slashed ounce again. X pushed him back to the car as he began to form a blizzard. He fired Shotgun Ice and Zero was jumping from a car to another car as he saw the army of ice penguins. He saw X on top of one and he began to jump from penguin to penguin. X saw this and formed his two Tornado Fangs. Both he and Zero jumped and they were slashing. The penguins began to defrost as X's Tornado Fangs began to be consumed in fire. One drill managed to implae Zero in the chest and X fired a Speed Burner. Zero hit the ground and he got up seeing X falling down with his Dark Scythe form again, but with the old X-Buster charging up. Zero had punched the floor and debre was flying up. X got hit and fired the charge shot. Zero raised his Z-Saber and was consumed in white. X had landed and began to hold back his tears. All that was there was a giant broken part of the highway. X closed his eyes and walked back. He felt a rock hit his helmet and looked back. He saw Zero with broken parts of armor and Z-Saber in hand. X pointed his buster, but began to hold back. Zero dashed towards X and was slashing X with his saber as powerful and quickly. Zero saw the Dark Crystal in X's chest and impaled it with his Z-Saber. Negative Energy began to pour out as X's eyes became white and he was screaming. The Dark Crystal began to explode. Zero moved away and saw the explosion. The room turned back to normal, the pillars and the throne began to explode.

  After the explosions, Zero saw X's body heavily damaged. Broken parts of the Dark Scyte Armor were scattered and the Dark Crystal was no one. There was just a giant emerald shape left. Zero rushed to X and hugged him) “X, are you okay, (There was no response) X, come on X, I didn't waste my time to see you die!” Zero said. “Hehehe, why would I want to die?” Someone asked. (Zero looked at X's face. The skull mask was gone and the irises of X were green. Zero began to cry and had X close to him) “I was so worried!” Zero yelled. “Zero, I'm sorry that this had to happen to me, but I'm safe now.” X said. “Just rest X, you're just waking from the nightmare.” Zero said. “He did it!” Someone yelled. (Zero and X saw Axl, Xover, Corrruption, Vile, and Return X) “Thanks for letting us know Axl, so you did it.” Corruption said. “Yeah, X is back to his old self, we don't have to worry about Master X anymore.” Zero said. “What are you talking about, what's Corruption and Vile doing here?” X asked. “There's a lot to explain, but now's now the time, (Zero picked X up and got up) we need to stop the Dictator.” Zero said. “I can stand on my own Zero, let go.” X said. “But X, your damages, their worse then you think.” Zero said. “I can survive with a few bruises, but nothing can break our friendship.” X said. “Okay, hopefully you'll be alright.” Zero said. (He put X down and he began to stand up. X was back on his feet and smiled) “Now there's only one thing left to do.” Axl said. “And thats to stop the Dictator.” Zero explained. “Right, let's get going.” X said. (They all left the room and was heading towards the hallway.

  They made it outside and everyone was about to go to the elevator, but X grabbed Zero's hand) “X, what are you doing?” Zero asked. “I know of a quicker way!” X said. (He let go and went over to another wall. He pressed a hidden botton and the wall opened up to reveal another teleporter) “What is that?” Zero asked. “A way to get to the Dictator, now let's move!” X said. (He entered into the room and a holographic version of the entire place appeared) “Let's get to the Dictator's throne!” Slasher said. “We can only acess the room below it, are you ready?” X asked. (Everyone nodded and X touched the hologram of the highest room that was shown. X disapeared and the others did after doing what X said.

  They reapeared at the floor below the Dictator's throne and heard rumbles from above. They all noticed some stairs and began to climb up. They made it to the Dictator's throne room and saw everyone watching as the Dictator was charging up. But this time, he had damage on his armor. They all rushed in and X fired a charge shot. It hit the Dictator's shoulder) “X, your back, thank goodness that your alright.” Sonic said. “It's good to see you to.” X said. “What the, impossible, I hid the room from you, interesting, very well, Eggman, I'll let you deal with things here.” The Dictator said. (He teleported away and Eggman activated his machine) “Your attacks won't affect the Dimension Metal!” Eggman said. (The heads began to fire and the Reploids avoided the fire. X, Xover, and Return X were firing energy pellets. The pellets were in afective as they disapeared. Slasher was firing charged X Slicers. All of their weapons weren't working) “What can we do now?” Slasher asked. “Eggman's right, this metal is powerful.” Zero said. “Well, that isn't going to stop us, right?” Return X asked. “What, you still want to fight?” Slasher asked. “Hey, we didn't go through all of this to die, right?” Return X asked. “Your right, your the only thing left till the Dictator!” Slasher said. (He fired a Sonic Slicer at the Eggman robot and again, it didn't work. The heads were firing their weapons and the Reploids were moving around. Return X shape shifted into Rose and had formed vines which wrapped around the machine. The three Maverick Hunters had fired and slashed while Vile was dropping napalms, firing bullets from his hands, and laser blasts from his shoulder cannon. Xover formed the Hard Knuckles and punched at the same spot where the Maverick Hunters hit. They all backed up as Eggman broke from the vines to reveal a hole made by the hunters. The machine was about to fire a spike ball at Vile, but Rose pushed him out of the way before he could get squashed. Rose formed a group of trees which fell on top of the machine. Vile had dropped a fire napalm while Xover had the Atomic fire. They set the trees on fire and the machine was underneath the flames. It risen up with it's armor on fire and began to spin while firing spike balls and lasers. The middle head formed the sheild and the machine landed ounce again. Xover had grabbed the two Zero Battle Memories and merged them to form the Over-Z Armor with the Hard Knuckles. He charged up his OZ-Saber and slashed right through the sheild and broke it. Xover dashed to the middle head before it could preform it's sheild and sliced it off. X, Zero, and Vile fired at another spot while Rose had formed the vines ounce again. Corruption and Slasher began to attack the other two heads while Xover was punching at the glass. The two heads snapped off and most of the armor was damaged) “What the, how could the most strongest metal break?” Eggman asked. “Even the most strongest of armors can be broken easily.” Corruption explained. (Xover broke the glass and pulled Eggman out. Vile fired a napalm at the machine and it destroyed the controls) “Well Eggman, where did the Dictator go?” Xover asked. “I don't know, but I know that he'll destroy you all.” Eggman said. “I congradulate you all.” Someone said. (The Dictator appeared) “Dictator, there's nothing left but you.” Return X said. “I'm very impressed that you had destroyed the Dimension Metal powered armor, I was expecting it myself, but now, I'll take what belongs to me!” The Dictator said. (He began to form wires and they connected to the machine. Return X then was on his knees screaming in pain as the gem on his helmet was glowing.

  The Dictator fully merged with the machine and now had two heads on his shoulder pads. The forearm armor and boots were black with silver details and had wings) “What, how could he have done that?” Xover asked. “Now, it's time to witness the ends of your worlds!” The Dictator yelled. (He then formed a sphere and it exploded, comsuming everyone.

Everyone began to wake up. They all saw themselves on a white platform) “Ouch, where are we?” Sonic asked. “I don't know, but I'm glad to see you all alive.” Zero said. “What are you talking about, and what's Corruption doing here?” Knuckles asked. “Do I really have to say it all the time?” Corruption asked. “No, but what was with Xover, why did he look like Zero for a few seconds?” Sonic asked. “It's a new Battle Memory.” Xover explained. “Are we just going to answer questions or save the world?” Rose aksed. “Wow, I never thought you would say that.” X said. “Be quiet or I will kill you with no mercy.” Rose said. “Eep!” X yelled. “So where do we start?” Tails asked. “Sonic, I just noticed something!” Solar yelled. “What is it?” Sonic asked. “The Chaos Emeralds and Dark Jewels, their all gone.” Polar explained. “What, oh drat, the Dictator, he must have taken them from us, but now what can we do?” Sonic asked. “Sonic, listen to me Sonic.” Someone said. “That voice, Ivory?” Sonic asked. (They all looked up and saw Ivory. All of her body was see through and was glowing an ivory color. She landed onto the ground and looked at everyone) “Ivory, is that you?” Shade asked. “Yes, I'm still dead, but even as a ghost, I can still help you.” Ivory said. “Really, you can do it, have any plan?” Shade asked. “Yes, but the only way we can do it is if you all work together, the Chaos Emeralds and Dark Jewels have been taken to different parts of this new dimension.” Ivory explained. Cool, now we don't have to worry about them being in the hands of the Dictator.” Whirlpool said. “I will show you the paths of the gems.” Ivory said. (She fired fourteen lasers from her hands and golden paths formed and a dark portal opened up to the end of them) “Thank you, but where will you go?” Polar asked. “I will find Tiffany, Angel, Devil, Light, Amy, Cream, Janet, and Lighting.” Ivory explained. “Good luck Ivory.” Crescent said. “Thank you, I will come back with them.” Ivory said. (She disapeared and all that was left were the golden paths) “Okay everyone, some of us will go while others stay.” Sonic ordered. (He, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Axl, Vile, Tails, Rouge, Xover, Corruption, Polar, Solar, Crescent, Zero, Return X, Knuckles, and X enter itno the portals.

  It started with Sonic. He was in a gray desert. He began to run and notice the sky was black with the silver swirls) “Sonic, the first Chaos Emerald is in Shamar, you must watch out for the Dictator's Hands.” Ivory whispered. “Ivory, did she talk to me?” Sonic asked. (He noticed black portals and hands began to come out. Sonic jumped out of the way and kept running as they were reaching for him. Sonic saw the white city of Shamar in the distance and boosted towards it. He made it to the city and found the green Chaos Emerald above Pickle's house. Sonic smiled and then dashed up the wall of the house and grabbed the Chaos Emerald. The entire place began to glow green and then was engulfed in a bright light.

  In a white blizzard of dark clouds, Crescent and Solar were walking through the snow) “Such a strange place, hey Crescent, can the Psykaiathin sense the Chaos Emeralds?” Solar asked. “Negative, yes, but Chaos, I have no idea what that is.” Crescent said. “Can you try to sense it?” Solar asked. “I'll try.” Crescent said. (He began to concentrate while closing his eyes. The snow stopped falling and became frozen) “Um, Crescent, time stopped.” Solar said. “What do you mean, time doesn't exisit in this dimension.” Crescent said. “What, but how is that possible?” Solar asked. “I can't sense anything because of the lack of time, wait, I got something, it's very faint, but I can sense it.” Cresent said. (He began to walk off and Solar followed him. They were walking through the snow without leaving footprints. During their walk, Solar saw a lake of ice with a fimilear white glow) “Hey Crescent, can you sense that?” Solar asked. “No, I've got nothing, what is it?” Crescent asked. “Must be a Chaos Emerald.” Solar said. (They both began to walk towards the frozen lake and find the Dark Diamond floating. Solar ran towards it and grabbed it. Just like Sonic, the whole place glowed blue and became consumed in light.

  Now making it through the portal, Silver and Blaze were inside of the pyrmiad of Mario's Dimension. Again, it was all white, but now time was frozen. Silver and Blaze began to walk through the frozen place. Silver heard a noise and looked back, there was nothing. Silver ignored it and continued to walk, following Blaze. The two saw a fimilear glow of red and walked towards it. They found the red Chaos Emerald and were about to grab it till a portal opened up and a Dictator Hand came out. It was about to grab Silver, but Blaze had tried to burn it. It didn't work and it slapped Blaze away. Silver caught the hand with his psychic powers and forced it back into the portal. Many more hands came into the world and were grabbing Silver and were slashing him. Blaze got up and rushed towards the Chaos Emerald and grabbed it. She hit the ground and the world began to glow again. The hands disapeared and the world became red.

  Polar was back in the frozen Volcannon Continent. Holes began to open up and hands were appearing. Polar was avoiding them while freezing the ones in front of her. She saw the tower of snow and went inside. There were more hands reaching for Polar and she kept on going. She made it up the stairs and found more hands reaching out. They were reaching out for Polar and she just ran while trying to frezze them. Since the ground was icy, Polar had skates appear on her boots and she was skating towards the next flight of stairs. She made it to the top and saw the glow of the white Chaos Emerald. She skated towards it and grabbed it. The world glew in light after she grabbed it.

  In a castle, both Axl and Vile were dashing by as the Dictator's Hands were reaching for them) “Hah, these things are too slow for me!” Axl said. (Vile fired at the hands as they began to block a door. Both Axl and Vile fired a laser at the door and broke it open. They saw many hands and in the center was a computer glowing red. Axl fired at it while Vile was fighting back at the Dictator's Hands. The computer broke open to reveal the Dark Ruby. Axl dashed towards it and grabbed it before the hands could. Like Silver and Blaze, the world became red ounce again

  Rouge was on Moutain of Terrakion. She looked around to see time is frozen and she took flight. Lighting began to strike down and almost hit Rouge. She was flying around as the lighting striked. She noticed portals opening up and were the Dictator's Hands. They began to slash the air and form waves Negative Energy. Rouge quickly avoided them and threw bombs at the portals. She kept flying till she noticed Cobalion's Island. She landed and looked up. She saw a yellow glow and began to climb up. There were Dictator Hands trying to prevent her from getting the gem, but Rouge threw bombs. Rouge made it to the top and grabbed the Dark Topaz. The world began to glow yellow which blinded her.

  In the ruined city of the Pokemon Dimension. Tails was alone looking around) “I wonder where the gem could be.” Tails said. (He looked around till he noticed a faint yellow glow coming from the outside parts of the city. Tails began to fly towards the light. Holes began to open up again, forming Dictator's Hands. They fired web balls from their palms and Tails almost gets hit. Tails landed outside of the city and began to run as the hands were following him. He made it to the plains where the Miltanks used to be, but they were no where to be found. Tails found the Musharna Inn all white. He ran into the building and saw the yellow Chaos Emearld giving off a bright glow. Tails grabbed it and like Rouge, the world became yellow.

  At the white city, Knuckles looked around to find it empty. He looked around till he noticed a purple glow at the distance. He glided towards it and found flying hands. Knuckles looked back while gliding and found the purple shadow of the Dictator with dark portals firing the hands. Knuckles was avoiding them and landed onto the ground. He punched a hand right back at the shadow and it disapeared. Knuckles jumped away and glided towards a giant building. He made it onto the wall and climbed up. He saw the purple color a lot closer and it was coming from a giant building. It was the Dark Amythest. Knuckles let go of the building and glided towards the building. He saw more hands flying towards him and guessed that it was the Dictator's shadow. Knuckles made it to the Dark Amythest. He saw the Dictator's shadow and grabbed the gem. It vanished and the world was consumed in purple.

  Shadow was in the white Furture City on top of a tall building and noticed a green glow coming from the set of houses in the distance. He jumped down and landed. Shadow then ran towards the outside parts of the city. The shadow of the Dictator returned and was firing hands at Shadow. Shadow was running down a building and looked back to see the hands hitting the sides of the building. Shadow made it to the ground and then continued to run as the shadow was getting closer. Shadow saw the green color and ran towards it. A Dictator's Hand grabbed Shadow before he could see the location of the green light. More hands were grabbing Shadow as the dictator's shadow watched. Shadow had used Chaos Blast to get rid of the hands and used Chaos Spear at the Dictator's shadow. It disapeared and Shadow ran towards the location. He found the glow coming from a building in the form of a San Francisco house. There was a glow coming from an upstairs window. Shadow looked to find a broken door and he entered inside. He went up the stairs and found a door opened up with the green glow. He saw the Dark Emerald inside of the room with scattered cloathes and an image of him and Sonic) “So this must be your house, I'll take the emerald.” Shadow said. (He grabbed it with a smile and the world became green.

  In Waddle Dee City, Corruption was flying around, searching for the gem of power. He heard the noises of figures and saw shadow Time Spiders firing lasers at Corruption. Corruption was flying around while searching for the object. He got hit in the back by a ball of webs and got stuck to the wall of a building. Corruption managed to break from the webs and quickly fly away from the Time Spiders. They continued to fire lasers and webs through the city. Corruption had saw a blue light and flew towards it. It was the Dark Sapphire. He grabbed it and the world began to glow white ounce again.

  In a broken highway, Zero was dashing through the ruins, as usual, the world was white and time had not flowed. Dictator's Hands appeared and fired energy spheres at Zero. Zero was dashing and he slashed through both the shots and the hands. Zero looked and saw the faint glow of light blue in the distance. He dashed through the empty highway with the only thing moving besides him was the flying hands escaping from portals. Zero went to a tower and climbed up. The walls which would crush him were stopped and Zero climbed up the walls. He made it to the top and saw the Dictator's shadow with the light blue Chaos Emearld glowing. Zero dashed towards the shadow and slashed at it. The shadow was more stronger and it slashed Zero. Zero slammed into a wall and hit the ground. Zero got up and watched at the shadow summoned more Dictator's Hands. Zero dashed away from the hands and slid under the Dictator's Shadow and grabbed the Chaos Emerald. The light blue color had appeared again.

  Xover found himself in a sandy beach with the wind blowing. Xover fired a Storm Tornado and ran through. Through the sandstorm, the Dictator's Hands were attacking Xover. Xover had turned to his Over-2 Battle Memory and slashed through the hands. He saw the same castle with the telescope and headed towards it. Xover went inside and found the telescope. He looked through it and found the location of the blue Chaos Emearld in the same place where he met with Ivory and Meta Knight. Xover got out of the castle as more Dictator's Hand were scratching him. Xover made it back to the temple and and went inside. The wall he leaned over was gone and Xover jumped in. Time reflowed again and Xover saw the blue light glowing beneath the water's suface. Xover dived down and grabbed the Chaos Emerald. The world glowed blue and consumed everything.

  The last one, it was at the desert outskirts of Central Point. Rose was walking around the big desert. She noticed the Dictator's Hands trying to reach for her. Rose just ran away while forming vines. They wrapped around the hands and prevented them from hurting her. Rose ran off and then began to feel pain in her chest. The shadow of the Dictator appeared) “Rose, why did you betray me, was it because you thought that they were better?” The Dictator's shadow asked. “I never worked well with others, the only reason I did this was for revenge, because of you, I lost everything.” Rose said. “Well, I'll just call them friends from now on.” The Dictator's shadow said. “They are not friends, just mostly enemies.” Rose said. “Well, if that's so, (The shadow revealed the Dark Aquamarine) go to the ruins of your home.” The Dictator's shadow ordered. “No, I will get what belongs to me!” Rose yelled. (She formed vines, but they passed right through) “Little child, I will make sure you go home.” The Dictator's shadow said. (He had slashed Rose in the chest and kicked her. She landed to the sand and looked back. She saw the ruins in the distance, all white. Rose looked back to see that the shadow was gone. Rose got up and ran towards the ruins. She made it there and saw the Dictator's Hands ounce again. They were reaching out for her and she moved away. Rose saw the Dark Aquamarine on a ruined throne and walked towards it) “Okay X, we did all of the work, now get the last one.” Rose thought. (She grabbed it and closed her eyes to see the light.

  X was in a purple world. He saw the missing Purple Chaos Emearld and was about to grab for it, until another hand got it. X saw it was Ivory) “X, I was waiting.” Ivory said. “Ivory, I remember, there's nothing that can be forgiven?” X said. “Yes, but I won't regret my actions, you've fought so hard for the others, even me, I just want to give you hope.” Ivory said. “Then give me the Chaos Emerald, then we can set things right.” X said. “I don't think my dimension, the planet Mobius will be restored after the war is over, promise me X, please see if Shade and Tiffany have a future, for me, (Ivory placed the emerald onto X's hands and began to glow purple. Ivory backed up as the world began to glow purple. X saw Ivory's ghost fading away, but in the hands of a figure. He let out a laugh) please X!” Ivory yelled. “Wait, stop it!” X yelled. (It was too late, as both figures disapeared. The world became much brighter.

  X began to see the shadows of Shade and Mille. He saw them more clearer and got up) “X, I'm glad that your alright.” Shade said. “Did you get the Chaos Emerald?” Mille asked. (X revealed the Chaos Emerald in his hand. He saw the thirteen others with the Chaos Emearlds and Dark Jewels) “So what do we do now?” Solar asked. “I'll absorb the Chaos Emeralds and stop the Dictator.” Sonic said. “Your not going alone Sonic, I'm going to help.” Shade said. “Really, but how can you transform?” Sonic asked. “Mille, since I'm from our dimension, and since the Dark Jewels come from ours, do you think I'll be safe?” Shade asked. “I haven't tried, but it's our only chance.” Mille said. “Okay Shade, everyone, leave the emeralds and gems to us.” Sonic said. (Everyone placed all the gems they had down and the Chaos Emeralds and Dark Jewels began to fly around Sonic. The gems were absorbed into the two and they transformed. Sonic now had golden fur, red irises, and upturned spikes. Shade's fur became a dark color and transformed into a mecha version of himself. The two flew from the platform and were heading towards an opening of gray. They both saw the Dictator sitting on a silver throne. He got up and began to fly. Sonic dashed right towards him and punched him. The Dictator grabbed Sonic's fist and threw him towards Shade. Shade grabbed Sonic and fired a laser at the Dictator. He opened his fist and detached it towards Shade and Sonic. Sonic flew up and boosted right towards the Dictator again. Shade had pushed Sonic out of the way as the fist almost caught Sonic. Sonic saw the pain in Shade's eyes and boosted towards the Dictator. He rammed right into his chest, but was slashed at. Sonic then flew back to Shade and damaged the hand. Shade flew from it and Sonic ran back to fight the Dictator. Shade prepared his arm cannon and charged up. Sonic turned into a ball and slammed right through the Dictator's chest and came out the other side. Shade fired his arm cannon at the Dictator and it was a direct hit. The Dictator had been covered by smoke as Sonic flew back to Shade) “Do you think we did it?” Shade asked. “I don't know.” Sonic said. (Two fists emerged from the smoke and grabbed onto Sonic and Shade, both were crushing them. Sonic saw the Dictator with an orb in his chest. He fired at the two and the hands had let go just in time for the two to get hit. Sonic and Shade were close to unconscious after they got hit. The Dictator flew towards them with his arms back and he created a black hole) “Why don't you rest a little!” The Dictator yelled. (He fired it and it consumed Sonic and Shade. The heroes at the platform watched as their friends got eaten up) “No, Sonic.” Tails said. “Oh no, what do we do now?” X asked. “I can't think of anything, did we loose?” Zero asked. “It seems it, Mille, how much of a chance do we have?” Silver asked. “We don't have a chance, please forgive me.” Mille said. “It seems only a miracle can work now.” Blaze said. “But how can we tell?” Axl asked. “We just have to hope.” Rose said. (They all looked at the black hole.

  Outside of the New Dimension, Amy, Cream, Tiffany, Janet, Lighting, and the three chao made it to the Dictator's Throne) “Hey, where is everybody?” Amy asked. “I don't know.” Janet said. “Well, what should we do?” Cream asked. “We should, oh no.” Amy said. “What is it Amy?” Janet asked. (Amy covered her eyes and backed away) “Please don't tell me this is true.” Amy said. “I don't get it, what's wrong?” Lighting asked. (He looked at Tiffany, who was crying) “Big brother, please don't leave me.” Tiffany said. (She covered her eyes and the chao went up to her) “Big brother?” Lighting asked. “Does that mean both Sonic and Shade are in trouble?” Janet asked. “I don't know, but we have to help them!” Cream said. “But how, we don't know where to go.” Lighting said. “I can help.” Someone said. (They looked and found the ghost of Ivory) “Ivory, is that you?” Cream asked. “Yes, now Tiffany, Amy, please come with me, I will take you to Sonic and Shade.” Ivory explained. “Really, come on Tiffany, stop your crying, we're going to see big brother!” Amy said. “Yes, hang in there.” Tiffany said. (They both walked up to Ivory) “Please be careful you two!” Janet said. (With a flash of light, the three female hedgehogs disapeared.

  The three were teleported to the black hole's inside and found Super Sonic and Dark Shade beaten up. Amy and Tiffany rushed to the two hedgehogs) “Sonic, wake up, don't stop fighting.” Amy said. “Big brother, you promised me that you would save our world, did you lie just to make me happy?” Tiffany asked. “Come on Sonic, I'm not going to let you die in front of my eyes, you have something to do, (Amy closed her fist on Sonic's hand) please do it, for everyone.” Amy said. “Amy's right, don't lose, your all that I have, (Tiffany began to cry again and her tears fell onto Shade. Shade rasied his hand onto Tiffany's face) big brother!” Tiffany said. “Tiffany, how did you get here?” Shade asked. “Ivory brought us here, we came because we knew that you couldn't win alone without suport from all of us.” Tiffany explained. “Ugh, ouch, Amy, what are you doing here?” Sonic asked. “Hear what Tiffany said, we can't give up, we've went all this way, was it for nothing?” Shade asked. “No Shade, (Sonic began to get up) Amy and Tiffany, both of these girls decided to come see us, and so did Ivory, so should we break their promise?” Sonic asked. “No, I'm sorry Tiffany, but I'll keep fighting to the end!” Shade yelled. “That's the words I want to hear!” Sonic yelled. (Shade got up and the two floated up. The Chaos Emeralds and Dark Jewels reapeared, but the Dark Jewels began to crack. They revealed spheres with ribbions and crystal wings) “The Dimension Hearts?” Tiffany asked. “It's time to finish what we started.” Sonic said. “Thank you, I will never forget this moment.” Shade said. “Good luck!” Amy yelled. (She and Tiffany ran back to Ivory as Sonic and Shade absorbed the fourteen gems.

  Outside of the black hole, everyone noticed the glow from the inside. The black hole shattered to reveal Dimension Sonic. He was in a sapphire crystal form with many long spikes and pure green eyes. On the forehead, chest, crystal gloves, and shoes was a Chaos Emerald. The seventh one became mini ones and were surrounding Sonic. On Sonic's right wrist was the Dimension Ring glowing because of the Master Emerald. Shade's Dimension form was most like Sonic with shorter spikes, but his ninja outfit became white and the cape had a crest of a shuriken. He had two katanas in his hands and both were glowing with the colors of red) “What is this?” The Dictator asked. “Your worst nightmare.” Sonic said. (He boosted towards the Dictator, but he went into a portal and fired another black hole. Shade had slashed it in half with his katanas. The Dictator had formed shadow versions of his hands and they were firing at Sonic. Sonic's quills had quickly flew around, deflecting every laser. Shade had went towards the Dictator and did a double slash at him. Sonic boosted towards the Dictator and had rammed right into him. The Dictator formed a black hole and escaped through it. Sonic and Shade flew into it and they both went inside. The world was more darker there were energy blasts hitting Sonic and Shade. Shade threw a Diamond Shuriken and it sliced through the black hole. Sonic flew around with his sapphire quills cutting through the hole. Shade found the Dictator and threw a shuriken at him. The Dictator had pushed back the shuriken and threw it back to Shade. Shade caught it and went towards the Dictator with his katana blade. Sonic saw the two slashing and clashing and boosted towards them. He rammed into the Dictator and pushed him out of the black hole and into view of the friends. The two were hearing the cheers of everyone and Shade followed. He saw Tiffany waving and had smiled. The Dictator had grabbed Sonic and threw him towards Shade. Shade protected himself with the Diamond Shuriken and Sonic stopped. Shade threw the shuriken and the Dictator slashed it. The strengh of it was powerful and had went through the Dictator's chest and back. It went back to Shade and Sonic boosted towards the Dictator. He had formed shadows of his hands and they were firing lasers, web balls, anything to stop Sonic, but Sonic was too fast and powerful to get hurt. Sonic had made it to the Dictator and had his quills extend to their limit. Sonic had flew up and Shade had slashed at the Dictator. Sonic let go and moved back and so did Shade. The two began to charge up power and unleashed a laser at the Dictator. The Dictator was guarding and the laser wasn't penatrating enough. Sonic's quills opened up and began to gail power while Shade had concentrated. They charged up and Sonic went inside of the sphere. Shade had unleashed the sphere and Sonic flew towards the Dictator. The Dictator saw Sonic and he rammed right through him. The Dictator began to explode, leaving a flash of light.

  Both Sonic and Shade saw that the Dictator was still alive) “What the, I thought the explosion killed you!” Shade yelled. “I'm not done yet, I still have one last thing to do.” The Dictator said. (He fired his left arm and his other arm disapeared through a portal. The one hand grabbed Sonic and Shade dashed towards it, but was surrounded by Dictator's Hands. Back on the platform with everyone on it. The platform began to glow purple) “What's going on?” Polar asked. “Is the Dictator not dead?” Solar asked. “Gah!” Someone yelled. (Everyone looked back and saw the Dictator's hand grab Zero! X rushed towards it while firing charge shots, but it was proven inafective as it went back into the floor with Zero. The Dictator escaped and the hands disapeared. The whole world began to fall apeart and Shade rushed towards everyone) “Guys, the Dictator just escaped with Sonic!” Shade said. “He got away with Zero!” Axl yelled. “What, but why Zero?” Shade asked. “We can't stay here much longer, the world is going to collapse at any minuate!” Solar explained. “But where do we go from here, Ivory is no where to be found.” Amy said. “I'll try, here goes nothing!” Shade said. (He formed a dimension portal and everyone entered in.

  Back outside, Janet, Cream, Lighting, and the three chao were waiting till a dimension portal appeared and everyone came out) “Amy, oh thank goodness that you and everyone else are safe, what happened?” Janet asked. “Me and Sonic defeated the Dictator, but he took him and Zero away to somewhere else.” Shade said. “Is that why your so shiny?” Lighting asked. “Yes, but I didn't know that this form could allow me to dimension travel.” Shade said. (He turned back to his normal form and all of the gems fell to the ground) “Yes, but now what do we do?” Vile asked. “We search for Sonic and Zero.” Amy said. “But where are they, they could be anywhere.” Rose said. “I do know where they are.” Mille said. “Really, can you take us there?” Rouge asked. “I could, but it would take forever to get there, I can teleport us there, but since I don't have any confidence with my powers, I can only send two.” Mille explained. “I'll go, Sonic is my best friend and I have to help.” Tails said. “I'm going too.” Rose said. “Return X, why you, Zero knows me more then you.” X said. “I know X, but I have some serious payback needed with the Dictator.” Rose said. “I understand, but will you stand a chance?” X asked. “I know I will, don't worry, I'll come back.” Rose said. “Okay, but please come back.” X said. “Calm down, I promise, Axl, here's something that belongs to you.” Rose said. (She removed Axl's Limited Core half and gave it to him) “But Return X, will you be alright without it?” Axl asked. “Don't worry, Mille, are you ready?” Rose asked. “Yes, now come close to me.” Mille said. (Her eyes began to glow white and both Tails and Rose walked up to Mille. The Kitsune had then teleported the two away) “Where did they go?” Knuckles asked. “Come with me, I know where to go.” Millw said. (She began to walk away from the room and everyone followed her.

  Meanwhile, on a metal object in the middle of the ocean, Sonic, in his normal form began to wake up. He grabbed onto something and it was blonde hair. Sonic saw Zero unconscious and tried to wake him up) “Zero, are you alright, wake up!” Sonic yelled. (Zero opened his eyes) “What happened, all I can remember is a hand grabbing me.” Zero said. “Well, where ever we are, it looks fimilar.” Sonic said. (He and Zero began to look around. The floor was mostly gray blue with broken machines of a darker gray. There were broken yellow pillars and red and yellow stripes with a bit of gray rubbing the paint off) “Strange how this place hasn't rusted.” Zero said. “Well, who ever did it must have been, wait, (Sonic and Zero found a paper labeled “Death Egg.”) oh no, we're back here?” Sonic asked. (The Dictator appeared) “How correct you are Sonic.” The Dictator said. “Dictator, what are we doing in the middle of the ocean?” Sonic asked. “We wanted to end things off with the two of you that caused all of our problems!” The Dictator explained. “We, you mean, two of you?” Zero asked. “Yes, Dictator Program Activate!” The Dictator yelled. (There was a flash of light and it blinded Sonic and Zero. The Dictator began to split into two entities. One's arm and leg began to form and other did as well. The hair began to form into a smaller ponytail in a silver color and the spikes on the back became a set of quills. Both were split and the light was gone. Both Sonic and Zero looked to find not the Dictator, but two identical figures. One was Zero, but with black armor and gray stripes. He had silver hair in a ponytail held by a red band. His eyes were red and so was the triangle gem on his forehead. Beside him was a silver version of Sonic with thick metal armor. His feet were red with four black wheels on the back. The eye was entirely black and had a glowing red sphere) “No way, Copy Zero, I thought I killed you at the North Pole!” Zero said. “Silver Sonic, heh, such a nice place to meet, back where it all started.” Sonic said. “I'm glad to see you again Zero, but perhaps, it's been too long.” Copy Zero said. (Silver Sonic began to gain energy as Copy Zero removed his CZ-Saber. It was just like Zero's, but with a silver and black color and emitted a purple blade) “Get ready Sonic, this is it.” Zero said. “Prepare to be finished, this time, for good!” Copy Zero yelled.

  The two clones teleported right in front of Sonic and Zero and attacked. Sonic grabbed Zero and got him out of harms away and jumped on top of a pillar. Zero and Copy Zero were slashing and Copy Zero fired out a red charge shot at the unsuspecting Zero. He got hit as Sonic was jumping around as Silver Sonic was firing out missiles. Sonic saw Zero fighting with his copy and boosted right towards them. Sonic had homing attacked Copy Zero and Zero had slashed at Silver Sonic. Copy Zero fired energy pellets at Sonic, but he was quite fast and couldn't get hit. Silver Sonic formed two blades from his arms and was trying to slash at Zero. Zero was avoiding them and kicked him. Silver Sonic boosted towards Zero, but Copy Zero teleported behind the real Zero and held him back as Silver Sonic was slashing at Zero. Sonic saw this and had boosted right at Silver Sonic. Silver Sonic teleported right behind Sonic and did a kick. Sonic got hit and rammed into Zero. The two hit the ground as Copy Zero waltzed away. Copy Zero was about to fire a charge shot, but Sonic boosted right at Copy Zero. Silver Sonic had ran up to Sonic and rammed into him as Copy Zero fired the charged laser. Zero slashed through it with the Z-Saber and he dashed towards Copy Zero. He was slashing, but Copy Zero was merely waltzing away. Right when Zero was about to hit Copy Zero, the fake had grabbed the saber and ripped it away from Zero. Copy Zero then used both sabers and slashed at Zero. Sonic had jumped above Silver Sonic and hit him, but it didn't do anything as Silver Sonic fired all of his fire power at Sonic. Sonic bounced back a bit and Zero fell. The two looked up to see the two clones ready to fire their weapons. Both Sonic and Zero saw a red sphere on their foreheads with four triangles. They both fired their weapons and two figures had shielded them. It was Tails and Return X) “What the, how did you two get here?” Copy Zero asked. “Who are you and is that Silver Sonic?” Tails asked. “Why yes indeed, too bad you couldn't see our spectacular transformation, we are the two components that make up the Dictator.” Copy Zero explained. “You two are, wait, those symbols, how did you get those?” Return X asked. “To ask a question at such a time, I would prefer a duel.” Copy Zero said. “Okay Sonic, you and Zero rest while me and Return X take care of this!” Tails ordered. (The two rushed towards the copies.

  Tails had slammed his tails at Silver Sonic while Return X was violently slashing with blue aura as Copy Zero was just slashing back. Silver Sonic rolled into a ball and dashed towards Tails. Tails flew up and Silver Sonic collided into Copy Zero. Silver Sonic teleported and rolled right on top of Return X's right shoulder. It cut through Return X's arm and it was pouring Limited Cells like blood. Tails had saw Silver Sonic roll towards him with the sharp blades and saw the Z-Saber. Tails grabbed it and slashed Silver Sonic's quills off. Copy Zero watched and laughed as Return X's arm was getting connected again. Wires were getting connected and Return X just fired charge shots as Copy Zero was jumping around. The quills were gone on Silver Sonic and they just regenerated. Silver Sonic dashed towards Tails, and Tails ran too. He injected the Z-Saber into Silver Sonic's chest and Silver Sonic just kicked the fox. Return X had fired more charge shots, this time, at Silver Sonic. The metal hedgehog had gotten hit, but was regenerating. He grabbed the blade from out of his chest and was trying to slash at Tails. Tails moved away, but gotten hit by missiles. Return X saw that as he fired a charge shot. Copy Zero smiled and then fired a charge laser. Return X was about to defend, but he felt massive amounts of pain just flowing through his body. Return X fell to the ground as the charge laser had heavily damaged him) “Now that the two weaklings are down, (Copy Zero grabbed the Z-Saber and threw it to Zero) all that's left are you two.” Copy Zero said. “Sonic, what should we do now?” Zero asked. “We just keep fighting, if we won against these two in the past, we can do it again.” Sonic whispered. “But how?” Zero asked. “Are you ready to face the end?” Copy Zero asked. “Not yet.” Sonic said. (He raised his arm with the Dimension Ring in hand. The Master Emerald within glowed and fully healed Sonic and Zero) “What the, that's interesting.” Copy Zero said. “Enough talk, let's fight one more time!” Zero yelled. “Let's show you what we're made of!” Sonic yelled.

  He grabbed his Z-Saber and Sonic boosted towards Copy Zero. Zero dashed to Silver Sonic and was slashing him. Silver Sonic's quills were ripped apart, but they regenerated. Sonic had ran around Copy Zero in circles forming a tornado. Sonic had then dive bombed into Copy Zero and kicked him. Silver Sonic fired missiles at Zero, but he ducked and they hit the water instead. Zero slashed at Silver Sonic's face and left a mark on the face. Zero noticed something glowing within Silver Sonic's chest and slashed at it. The mark on Silver Sonic's forehead had remained and Silver Sonic rolled into a ball. Copy Zero had fired charge shots at Sonic. Sonic had jumped over them and boosted towards Silver Sonic. The two balls of silver and blue rammed into each other. Copy Zero teleported and appeared right above Zero on a pillar. He fired a charge shot and Zero slashed through it and throwing an iron pipe. It hit Copy Zero in the chest and he fell from the pillar. He hit the ground and Sonic ran over him while Silver Sonic was catching up. Sonic was jumping from pillar to pillar as Silver Sonic was digging through the metal pillars. Copy Zero got up and noticed Zero dashing towards him. Copy Zero had fired a charge shot, but got hit in the back by another buster show. He looked back and saw Return X. Copy Zero quickly looked back and got up as Zero was about to slash him. Copy Zero had push Zero away with his blade, but didn't notice Return X getting up. Zero smiled and Copy Zero felt pain as Return X's hand was digging through his body. Silver Sonic rammed right into Zero and Copy Zero had moved away and slashed at Return X. Sonic grabbed Zero before he could hit the water and Tails had swiped Silver Sonic away. Return X managed to guard while Copy Zero was trying to slash back. Silver Sonic went back to Sonic, but Zero had the Z-Saber and began to slash at Silver Sonic's chest. Tails had hit the robot copy and they were tossing him around till Zero impaled Silver Sonic in the chest. He began to explode, leaving Copy Zero. The fake had Return X down on his knees with the gem on both their helmets glowing. Copy Zero ignited the CZ-Saber and was about to impale Return X's chest. The three went towards Copy Zero, but he stabbed Return X in the chest. Sonic grabbed onto Copy Zero's chest and was punching it. Tails was swiping his tails at Copy Zero's legs and Sonic jumped up. Copy Zero saw the real Zero with the Z-Saber in hand. Zero was slashing at the copy, mostly at his chest. While he was getting hit, Sonic and Tails were helping out as they were beating the Maverick up. Copy Zero backed up away from the others and ran with major injuries. The others followed and saw him forming a dimension portal) “At least I'll get the last laugh!” Copy Zero yelled. “Wait, Copy Zero, stop!” Zero yelled. (They dashed towards him, but Copy Zero punched the ground and debris rose) “Darn, he's getting away!” Sonic said. “Well, it's time I said goodbye.” Copy Zero said.

  “No you don't!” Someone yelled. (Return X grabbed Copy Zero and turned him around to look at the heroes with his RX-Buster pointing at Copy Zero's head) “What are you doing?” Copy Zero asked. “I'm taking you down with me!” Return X yelled. “Huh, Return X, what are you doing?” Zero asked. “Didn't you hear what I said, listen everyone, I'm sorry that this all had to happen to you, but it's for the best, please, tell X that I said goodbye.” Return X explained. “But Return X, how can we get back?” Tails asked. “Please promise me this!” Return X yelled. “We will.” Zero said. “Alright Copy Zero, we've wasted enough time, let's die!” Return X yelled. (He began to charge up his buster and was merging his with Copy Zero's. It began to over charge and exploded. There was a voice, but the sound of the explosion made it hard to determine who said it.

  When the explosion was gone, Copy Zero was gone, but Return X's body was heavily damaged. His arms and legs were melted and there were many cracks. Red text began to appear on Return X's eyes) “Return X, your alive!” Zero said. “I know, but not for long, systems can't handle it.” Return X said. “But what about the Dictator?” Tails asked. “He's long gone, but it's time, Doppler, I'm sorry that this happened to me.” Return X said. “Don't say that, you can still hold on, think about X!” Zero yelled. “Alright then, I'll try to keep it up, but I can't answer if I'll stay alive or not.” Return X said. (The gem was glowing faintly, but it still continued to emit light. The dimension portal closed) “Just hang on.” Tails said. “So Zero, do you have any way for us to contact everyone else?” Tails asked. “I'm trying, just give me a second.” Zero said. (He touched on his ear piece and waited.

  Six hours later, outside of the Dictator's palace, everyone made it out and were resting. X was with Xover sitting down on a bench with Eggman in a cell. X then began to get the signal. He got up and listened) “Zero, is that you?” X asked. “X, I'm glad to hear that your okay.” Zero said. “Can you tell me where you are?” X asked. “I'm in the middle of nowhere on a machine known as the Death Egg.” Zero explained. “How's Return X, Sonic, and Tails?” X asked. “Sonic and Tails are just fine, Return X.” Zero said. “What is it, did something happen to him?” X asked. “Calm down, I'll tell you what happened when we meet again.” Zero explained. “Alright, I'll go tell the others and see if they know of the Death Egg.” X said. “Good luck finding us X!” Zero said. (X ran off, leaving Xover) “It's great to hear that Zero is safe.” Xover said. “I still don't appreciate that you brought me here.” Eggman said. “Well, where should we leave you?” Xover asked. “Fine, but after this, you let me free back in my dimension!” Eggman ordered. “Don't worry, but promise not to do anything evil for a whole month.” Xover said. “Fine.” Eggman said. “But soon, I'll do dark twisted things to all of Sonic and his friends.” Eggman thought. (While they were talking, X passed by his friends and made it into the main tent. He found Bristol and Billy) “X, what's going on?” Bristol asked. “Zero and Sonic, they defeated the Dictator.” X said. “Yes, finaly, it's all over, but where are they?” Bristol asked. “Their on a machine known as the Death Egg, have you seen it before Billy?” X asked. “Yes, I've passed by it a few times, but, with where we are, it will take about five days to get there.” Billy explained. “Right, I'll get everyone ready!” X said. (He dashed out) “X, maybe all machines aren't so bad as everyone thinks them to be.” Bristol said.

  (After a long time, the entire group were sailing on Billy's Boat to the ruins of the Death Egg. Five days had passed and they found the ruins of the Death Egg. X jumped out and searched for Zero and the others. He saw the Maverick Hunter with the two animals) “Zero, Sonic, Tails, your alright!” X said. “Yeah, we pulled through.” Zero said. “But, where's Return X?” X asked. “He's almost dead, nothing we can do to help him.” Zero said. “What, oh dear, where is he?” X asked. “Just lying down, we should let him die, after what he did in the past.” Zero said. (X had dashed and quickly found Return X with his lower half all melted) “X, is that you?” Return X asked. (X had walked up to the clone and knelt down) “Yes, I'm glad that your okay.” X said. “Not for long, at least I was able to see you again, how long has it been since then?” Return X asked. “No, your not going to die, just hang on to me, I know that you can survive.” X said. (He grabbed onto Return X's hand and gripped on it) “X, why do you want me to live, did you forget what happened years ago?” Return X asked. “That may be true, but no one should deserve to die.” X said. “That's what you think, well, I'm almost done for.” Return X said. (He began to loosen his grip on X) “No, you've got to live, think about Doppler and me!” X yelled. “It would just be a forgotten memory, like it never happened ounce again.” Return X said. (He had let go of X's hand. He then closed his eyes as he felt more parts of him were melting away. X had slammed his fist onto a pile of metal and heard something. Return X heard it and weakly opened his eyes. X began to dig through the pile and find a sphere. It was glowing brightly, it was very warm. X rubbed his fingers on it as he saw Return X's jaw drop) “What's wrong?” X asked. “That's my, you have my Limited Core.” Return X explained. (X got up and Zero walked up along with Doppler) “X, you should get rid of that, Return X will be nothing but a trouble maker.” Zero said. (Doppler grabbed onto Zero's shoulder) “No Zero, X, you make the decision, it is not up to us.” Doppler said. (X looked around to find everyone with faces of concern. X felt the Limited Core giving off a very warm light as if it was asking to be put back. X smiled as he knelt down and placed the Limited Core onto Return X's chest. The cells inside of Return X opened up to consume the Limited Core. There was a glowing light as Return X's legs began to reform. Zero raised his saber, but Doppler pushed it back down as X had reached his hand out in the front. The green Reploid had grabbed onto X's hand and X pulled him up. Return X wobbled a bit before hugging X. Tears began to fall from his cheeks) “I can't believe that you did this for me.” Return X said. “We already lost dear friends in the past, I won't let this war have another one.” X said. “Thank you, I can't forgive you enough.” Return X said. (X looked to everyone else) “Are we ready to head back?” X asked. “Yeah!” Everyone yelled. “Right then, let's get going!” X said. (He and everyone else got onto Billy's Boat. 

  Back at Mobijypt, the boat had landed to the docks and they saw Rebellion members) “So you came back, is it finally over?” A Rebellion member asked. “Yes, and we have this to prove.” Sonic said. (He revealed a piece from Silver Sonic and gave it to the member) “Thank you, come on, let's tell the news to the others!” The Rebellion member said. (They all began to walk towards the palace and everyone in the group were yelling, saying that the Dictator was killed. There was many animals cheering as they heard the news that the main part of the war was over. The group made it to the palace and saw the doors open. They saw more Rebellion members and allowed the first members and Sonic's group to come inside. They found Leader with others. Anna walked up to him) “We did it, the Dictator is no more.” Anna said. “Very well, I shall say the words.” Leader said. (He walked out of the building and saw almost all of the animals of the city watching) “Leader, is it true that the war is over?” An animal asked. “Yes, we no longer have to fear for him anymore.” Leader said. (Everyone began to cheer again as it was the end of the Ten Year War.

  Everyone began to party as if it was New Years Eve. There was a huge feast, a giant dance and all of it lasted for what seemed to be forever. During this, Corruption and Xover were on a roof looking at the parade below) “Corruption, what are you thinking of?” Xover asked. “Well, I was just thinking about what we're going to do next, now that we know that Copy Zero was half of the Dictator, should we tell this to the Reploids of the Alternate Future?” Corruption asked. “You can go along, I'll stay with the Maverick Hunters.” Xover said. “What, you want to stay with them?” Corruption asked. “Yes, I want to learn how it feels to be a Maverick Hunter.” Xover explained. “Well, when do you think we should leave this world?” Corruption asked. “I don't know, but they can party without us.” Xover said. “Well, what about X, did you remember that he saw his own rival dead?” Corruption asked. “Yeah, I know of that, I still wonder how Doppler feels, he didn't say a thing, you know what, let's just watch the parade, hey, I see X, Zero, Axl!” Xover yelled. (The two Reploids looked and saw the three Maverick Hunters waving at the crowd of people. They also saw Sonic and friends pass by.

  After the parade, Sonic and friends went to the outskirts of the desert while the animals of Mobijypt were celebrating. It was beginning to become morning) “Well, it looks like this is goodbye.” Sonic said. “I know, but still, I'm very happy to meet you all.” X said. “Mille, can you get us home?” Zero asked. “Yes, but sadly, ounce you all return home, you can't come back without a way to dimension travel.” Mille explained. “It's alright, so Vile, are you coming home too?” Axl asked. “Yeah, but too bad I have to go with that green Maverick.” Vile said. “Hey, did you forget what I just went through?” Return X asked. “Calm down you two, but yes, we are all ready.” Doppler said. “Xover, are you going back to the future?” Slasher asked. “No, I'm going with you guys, Corruption will just go home and tell everyone of the great news.” Xover explained. “Really, your coming home with us, thank you Xover.” X said. “Your welcome.” Xover said. “Anna, I'm glad to meet with someone like you.” Doppler said. “I know Doppler, your the first Reploid I've ever met.” Anna said. “Alright everyone, its time.” Mille said. (She formed dimension portals. Everyone began to leave after waving and saying their goodbyes as they left for home. When everyone but Sonic and X were left, Shade and Tiffany went up to Sonic) “Sonic, I want to thank you for saving this world from the Dictator, I think Ivory is proud, just like my parents.” Shade said. “Yeah, big brother and I will help protect this world.” Tiffany said. “Well, good luck with that.” Sonic said. “Thank you and everyone for getting us back together, goodbye Sonic, we'll meet again someday, I promise!” X said. “Goodbye X!” Sonic and Shade yelled. (X ran towards the portal and all that was left was the portal to Sonic's Dimension) “Well, farewell.” Mille said. “Wait, what about the Chaos Emeralds and Dark Jewels?” Sonic asked. “Don't worry, their all back in our dimensions, soon, things will return to normal.” Mille said. (Sonic ran off and saw Stevie, Bristol, Billy, Ava, Anna, the three chao, and Leader. Sonic entered into the portal and it disappeared) “So it's over, we no longer have to worry about the Dictator, the small groups are left, but we can take care of them.” Ava said. “Yes, with my new knowledge, I'll make this world a better place.” Anna said. “Yes, thank you for everything, Sonic the Hedgehog.” Shade said.

  Meanwhile, Sonic and friends were back at Honey Island. They saw everything was the same and the bees had appeared) “Ah Sonic, your back!” The bees said. “Well, that whole thing ruined our vacation, what do you think Sonic?” Cream asked. “What do you mean, that was the coolest vacation I've ever been to!” Sonic yelled. “Well, might as well have a massage.” “Sorry fellows, me and Rouge have to head back to G.U.N.” Shadow said. “Right we'll see you later, bye!” Rouge said. (Both she and Shadow by Chaos Control) “Their right, I have to get the Master Emerald back, you still have it, don't you?” Knuckles asked. (Sonic revealed the Dimension Ring and had the Master Emerald come out. Knuckles grabbed it and glided off) “No thank you, oh well, at least I have something.” Sonic said. “What's wrong Sonic?” Amy asked. “I still don't understand why we lost Ivory, but not X.” Sonic explained. “Well, don't worry Sonic, you still have all of us.” Tails said. “Thank you Tails, now everyone, is it time to go home?” Sonic asked. “Hey, where did Eggman go?” Amy asked. “Curse you Sonic, I'll make a new scheme, and this time, I'll be the victorious one!” Eggman yelled. (The group looked to see Eggman running off into the jungle) “Have fun doing that in your dreams!” Sonic yelled. “Sonic, are we ready to head home?” Tails asked. “Yeah, thank you for everything.” Sonic said. “Your welcome.” The bees said. (The four had gotten to the airport and Tails got to the Tornado as the big bee had appeared) “Hi, it's been a while, but nice job taking care of the Tornado.” Sonic said. “I that.” The bee said. “Hey Sonic, the Tornado is ready to fly!” Tails yelled. “Yeah.” Sonic said. “Okay then, let's go home!” Amy yelled. (Everyone got onto the Tornado and Tails flew it off as the bee waved goodbye.

  After a while, the group landed at the hill of Futurepast City near their San Francisco style house. Sonic opened the door and Cream ran off for the kitchen. Cream ran up to Vanilla and hugged her) “Cream, you came back, I was worried.” Vanilla said. “Mother, I'm so happy too!” Cream said. “Chao!” Cheese said. “Hey Vanilla, why does it smell like chili dogs?” Sonic asked. “Oh, I was making some for when you would come back.” Vanilla said. “Thanks, I'm starving.” Sonic said. “Huh, but didn't we eat at the party?” Tails asked. “Go wait in the dining room while I get the food ready.” Vanilla said. “Well, I'll see how many I can eat.” Sonic said. (He ran into the dining room and waited for the dogs. Everyone got their luggage and placed them into their rooms and went back down) “So, can any of you tell me what happened?” Vanilla asked. “What happened, well, we met with Dimension Travelers named Ivory, Shade, Tiffany, and their three chao, I was kidnapped and was in Mario's Dimension... (The story went on and on till it ended) and that's what happened.” Sonic said. “Wow, you made lots of friends.” Vanilla said. “Yeah, I'm going to take a nap, wake me up when Eggman decides to attack us.” Sonic said. “Um, did he forget about the chili dogs?” Tails asked. “Yeah, but he can always reheat them.” Amy said. (Sonic went up the stairs and opened his door. He saw the clothes lying on the floor and ignored them. Sonic removed both the Dimension Ring and Chip's Ring and placed them both on the window sill. Sonic then took off his shoes to reveal his socks and placed them near his bed. Sonic lied down on his bed and placed the covers over himself and looked to the two rings. Sonic then began to sleep) “Shade, Tiffany, Megaman X, Zero, I hope your having great dreams back at your homes, back in the dimensions.” Sonic thought. (He began to have dreams of the events that had just happened as the sun rose to a new morning. The End.

Well, it's finally over, I thank all of you for reading this fanfic. For those who are old or new, it has been a pleasure typing this, ever since 2010 and new information has surfaced. The origins of this must have been 5/19/2009! I may have been late for the four years, but next year, I will celebrate the true and false origins. After reading this, you may be wondering what I will do next. Well, I'm going to type more for you all, so stick around for new stories some near and far in time. Again, I thank you all for staying with me so far, goodbye.