Dimension Heroes

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Chapter Four Act 2
Word Count: 5600

​After walking through a part of a path, there was a generator with a laser rising up to the skies) “Metal Android, what's this?” Ivory asked. “The generator I had helped Rose construct.” Metal Android said. “So we destroy this thing, right?” Solar asked. “No, there's a way to shut this off, but first I know the codes to turn it off, now let me shut this down.” Metal Android said. “Metal Android, your here.” Someone said. (They turned around and found armed robot soldiers) “My forces, what are they doing here?” Metal Android asked. (One guard fired out a energy blast that hit Metal Android's shoulder) “We only serve Master Rose.” The soldier said. “Metal Android, shut down the generator.” Ivory said. “Very well, protect me.” Metal Android said. (Ivory got in front of Metal Android and created a Dimension Shield. Zero dashed towards the guards and was slashing them. Pieces were flying and then one soldier fired out a charged up hyper cannon. Zero avoided the blast and Xover was firing energy pellets. Meta Knight and Zero had destroyed the cannon. After fighting, all of the foes had been defeated) “There, I've got the generator shut down.” Metal Android said. (The laser had disappeared. Then on the touch screen, Rose's face appeared) “Metal Android, so you did ruin the party guests.” Rose said. “You use some of my forces just to stop me, you will learn never to mess with your leader.” Metal Android said. “Oh, how good is that, now that your all in the forest, try to stop the three remaining generators, there are two protectors of course, they are located inside of two basses around here, don't disappoint me.” Rose said. “And what if we stop all generators?” Ivory asked. “Well then, come back to this generator.” Rose said. (The screen turned off and a base had appeared. Then an path to the other base had appeared) “So two paths, maybe we should split up.” Ivory said. “Well I'll go with you Ivory.” Metal Android said. “Me and Zero will go through the path.” Xover said. (He and Zero had entered into the path) “I guess it's only us, let's get in there.” Solar said. “I'll protect the generator.” Meta Knight said. “Me too.” Waddles said. (Ivory, Metal Android, and Solar had entered into the base. It was gray with purple goo. It sounded like stepping on puddles of water when the three were stepping on.

  After getting through a bit, there were two paths. One was electricity and the other was water) “Well I guess we have to go through, I'll go into the water.” Ivory said. (A tentacle had grabbed onto Ivory and dragged her into the path of electricity. Solar and Metal Android were grabbed and were taken to the path of water. The doors behind them closed) “Ivory, are you okay?” Solar asked. “I'm fine, huh, gah!” Ivory yelled. “Ivory!” Solar yelled. “We'll find a way out.” Metal Android said. (They were running and avoiding the robot frogs and dolphins. When the two passed by a sensor, water was filling up the room. The water was high enough to consume Solar's shoes. The two made it to a large wall and Metal Android grabbed Solar's hand and lifted him up. The two made it to a platform and after a loop, the two made it to a deep pool. Solar saw the exit and jumped into the water. While he was swimming, he was caught in a whirlpool and Metal Android was holding onto Solar's right hand. The force of the water was too much and the two were taken into a deep part of the pool. Solar's fur was reacting with steam. Solar was swimming through the path in front of the two and noticed a robot crab and slashed it with his sword. The crab had air bubbles coming out of it and Solar had ate them for air. After going through a lot, the two made it to the top of the door. Solar had opened the door and was soaking wet. The two walked out of the room and the door closed behind them. They found another closed door and Solar tried to open it) “This must be where Ivory is, can you help?” Solar asked. (Metal Android placed his hands onto the door and was trying to open it) “It's no use, this door, it's tightly closed, I can't open it.” Metal Android said. “Can you hear Ivory?” Solar asked. “No, there's no sign of her inside of that room.” Metal Android said. “We better stop the generator, let's go.” Solar said. (They left the room and entered through a door. They found Shadow on the floor and the two rushed up to him) “Shadow, what is he doing, wait, I know that we are not alone.” Metal Android said. “Right indeed.” Someone said. (Out of the shadows, Hunter had appeared) “Hunter, so you've joined with that traitor.” Metal Android said. “Yeah, so what, I've heard what she said, the Dictator needs to pay!” Hunter said. “Master Dictator is my sworn lord, I will let those useless words go to waste.” Metal Android said. “Fine then, but soon, I'll get to show the Dictator your head.” Hunter said. (He had unleashed a wave of fire. Solar went in front of Metal Android and had absorbed the fire in his hands. Hunter then fired spheres of water and Metal Android slashed through them with his shape shifting cape. Some water dropped onto Solar and steam began to rise from his fur. Hunter got out his shield and held onto it while letting loose ice blasts from his hand. Solar jumped around before slashing through the balls and hit the shield. The Volcannon had backed up and punched the ground. The ground began to crack as lava was rising. Metal Android flew up as Solar had slashed at Hunter who jumped up. Some of the lava had hardened and the wolf landed onto a platform while Solar dived into the lava. Hunter looked around and then got hit in the back. He looked to see Metal Android with his sword. Hunter had unleashed a wave of fire, but Metal Android had avoided it and kicked Hunter. The wolf almost lost his balance and fall to the lava, but Solar had risen out and fired a flame breath. Hunter had gotten burn and he had formed spheres of water to recover from the flames. Metal Andrdoid had kicked Hunter again as Solar had slammed the wolf down with his tail. The magma began to cool down as Hunter was picked up by Metal Android) “You underestimated us.” Metal Android said. “Yeah, well, I've got the tigon somewhere.” Hunter said. “Well, where is she?” Solar asked. “Can't tell to easily.” Hunter said. (Solar looked to the bounty hunter's shield as Metal Android increased his grip on Hunter) “You will tell us where that stupid tiger is.” Metal Android said. “Take us to the Umbra Realm.” Solar ordered. “How did you know?” Hunter asked. “I can easily tell that your a Phobiraius by your shield.” Solar said. “Dang, well, you can't foil royalty that easily.” Hunter said. “Just take us now.” Solar ordered. “Okay, just make sure that metal head let's me go.” Hunter said. “You'd better take us there.” Metal Android said. (Solar had unleashed his flame breath and formed a shadow big enough for all three to enter in.

  Inside of the Umbra Realm, they all saw themselves in a valley. Solar walked forward to where there was a small house. The Ngoubou went inside and found Ivory with cuts and having chains on her arms and legs. There was an energy generator nearby. Ivory sees Solar and reaches out for him, but the generator had unleashed electricity and paralyzed Ivory. Solar rushed to her and got the tigon away from the generator. The prince had saw Metal Android grip on Hunter's arm tightly) “What do you think you were doing?” Solar asked. (The two noticed Solar) “Well, I was under orders, Rose told me that Ivory was useless.” Hunter explained. (Metal Android had kicked Hunter in the ribs and he fell down) “Pathetic to scare us, now get us out of this place.” Metal Android ordered. “Alright, just give me an hour or two.” Hunter said. (Metal Android grabbed onto Hunter by the neck) “Do it now.” Metal Android said. “Yeah, what about Shadow?” Solar asked. “We'll get him.” Metal Android said. (Hunter had raised his arm at Solar. The Ngoubou nodded and then unleashed fire from his mouth. A Sun Sphere had appeared and the three jumped in, returning back to the main world. 

  After a while, the generator turned off as the laser died off. The group got out of the base. Meanwhile, outside of the second base, Zero and Xover were at the outside of the second base) “Here we are, it took long enough to get through that swamp.” Xover said. “Calm down, we just need to get inside and get to the generator.” Zero said. (The door opened up and they find nothing but two teleport pads. Zero and Xover got onto the two and were teleported into Sigma Stage 1) “What the, isn't this Sigma's Palace?” Xover asked. “It doesn't matter, we better get through this place and find the generator.” Zero said. (They were dashing from the start of the level and found Mavericks attacking them. Zero slashed through them and Xover was firing out Storm Tornadoes. After getting through the path, there was a dead end and Xover was about to fall. Luckily, Zero grabbed onto Xover's fur collar and pulled him away) “What do we do to get over there?” Xover asked. “Up there.” Zero said. (They saw hovering platforms moving left to right. Zero jumped on one and then flying Mavericks had appeared. Zero slashed through them all and he didn't notice one Maverick behind him. Then a Homing Torpedo had flew around and hit the Maverick. Zero turned around and saw smoke) “Hey Zero, can you help me?” Xover asked. “Sure, just grab my pony tail.” Zero said. “What, but I don't want to mess with your hair, alright.” Xover said. (He grabbed onto Zero's ponytail and was lifted up) “There we go.” Zero said. “Sorry if I messed your hair up.” Xover said. “It's okay, besides, I have shampoo and conditioner back in Abel City.” Zero said. “So Chun Li was right about you having shampoo and conditioner.” Xover said. “Um let's just get going.” Zero said. (After crossing through the hover pads, the two were walking and then found stairs that go up. After climbing it, there were three more ladders. After climbing them, they were in a room and there was a boss door. Zero and Xover dashed into it and the door opened up. They were now in another room with a way out. While they were walking, Zero stopped and Xover had noticed and stopped too) “Zero, is something wrong?” Xover asked. “Yes, this was where I died, I told X that his power was greater then I thought, maybe he could destroy Sigma.” Zero said. “Memories, there always within us, let's go.” Xover said. (He left the long part of the room and just as Zero was about to leave the part of the room, he heard someone teleport in. Zero turned around and found X lying on the ground) “X?” Zero asked. (He was walking towards X and then, Vile in a Ride Armor appeared behind Zero and grabbed him with the giant fist) “Hahaha, I knew X would be perfect bait to lure you here!” Vile said. “Vile, let me go!” Zero said. “Sorry Zero, (Vile grabbed X as well) your both coming with me to see your doom!” Vile said. (The Ride Armor, X, and Zero were teleported.

  Meanwhile, Xover was at the part where they were sensors) “Oh Zero, you just let me go through all this, oh well.” Xover said. (He walked and touched red line on the ground. The sensor fired a laser and Xover backed up) “Whoa, those things fires lasers, I need to get pass through all of it.” Xover said. (He gotten the Sting Chameleon Battle Memory and fired Chameleon Sting and charged it up. Xover was flashing in many colors and he was running through the area, activating the sensors and many lasers were fired. After Xover made it past the lasers, the Chameleon Sting affect was gone. Then there was some Mavericks. Xover destroyed them and then found a ladder. Xover climbed up it and then noticed that he was in a large tower. While Xover was trying to dash-jump, there were more Mavericks holding onto shields. After a long climb, there was a boss door. It opened up and Xover entered. He saw Boomer Kuwanger. Xover fired a Homing Torpedo. Kuwanger had dashed towards Xover and grabbed him. The Homing Torpedo hit Kuwanger in the back and Xover got out of the grasp from Kuwanger. Xover kept firing more Homing Torpedos and then a charge shot. Boomer Kuwanger then exploded. The door on the far right opened up and Xover dashed through and made it to a path filled with Mavericks. With the Storm Tornado, Xover obliterated them. Xover then made it to another Boss Door. It opened up and Xover came in.

  After going into the other door, Xover made it to a room with four poles doing down in the background. Then Bosspider had appeared and created a laser path. It then was going from the far left pillar to the right third pillar. Xover moved out of and way and was charging up his buster. Bosspider had then hit the ground and there was a red crystal on the thorax. Xover fired out a charge shot and it hit the glass. Bospider had appeared above a pillar where Xover was. Laser beams appeared on the pillars again but none touched the pillar with Xover and Bospider. Bospider then dropped down and pushed Xover away. Xover fired out an Ice Slasher and fired another one. It did double damage on Bospider and it rose back up) “Okay, how long is this fight going to take?” Xover thought. (After ten minutes, Bospider had dropped down and Xover fired out a charged up version of Shotgun Ice and Bospider had exploded. It dropped out health capsules and weapon energy. Xover collected them all and brushed off the dust on his armor) “Whew, thank goodness that's over, I never knew Bospider was like that in the past, maybe it was upgraded.” Xover said. (A teleport capsule had appeared in front of Xover and he jumped onto it. Xover was teleported to Sigma Stage 2. Xover was standing on a platform and dash-jumped. Luckily, Xover landed onto a rotating platform that was going in a square path. There were two other platforms going the same way. After jumping on each, Xover made it to the other side of the bottomless pit. There was a Maverick in the form of a turtle and it was firing bombs with white parachutes. Xover fired pellets and destroyed it. Xover had made it to a boss door and entered through. There was nothing and the boss door on the other side had opened up. Xover went though the room and then found a hallway with Mavericks controlling Ride Armors. Xover found a Ride Armor and jumped in. Xover was controlling the Ride Armor and was destroying other Ride Armors with Mavericks. There were Mavericks in the air and Xover fired Homing Torpedoes. After destroying the Mavericks, Xover's Ride Armor had too much damage and exploded. It sent Xover flying up and breaking the platforms and ladders. Xover slammed his back onto the ceiling and was falling. Xover grabbed onto a piece of the broken metal and pulled himself up.

  After a small break, Xover had walked and made it to a part of an area with a bright sky with clouds. After jumping over a bottomless pit, Xover saw Storm Eagle in the sky. Xover fired a Chameleon Sting and it hit Storm Eagle's wing. Storm Eagle had landed on the same platform where Xover was standing. Storm Eagle had fired out Storm Tornado and Xover was dashing so he couldn't fall into the bottomless pit that was behind him. Xover fired out a Chameleon Sting and Storm Eagle stopped firing the Storm Tornado. Storm Eagle had flew up and then a white egg with purple spots had appeared from his mouth and Storm Eagle spitted it out and the egg. The egg landed and it broke and revealed four little bird robots. The robots were pecking Xover's helmet and Xover fired out Chameleon Stings all over the place. Some hit Storm Eagle and he exploded. Xover didn't notice and was trying to kill the birds. Xover destroyed the four birds with Metal Blades. Xover then noticed an Energy Capsule and fully recovered all of Chameleon Sting. Xover had left the outside part and entered into a tower with nothing. Xover climbed up two ladders and then entered through the boss door. Then after the second door, Xover had fallen and landed onto a platform with a face on the wall. There were instant kill spikes in the middle of the room. Then Rangda Bangda had awoken. It opened it's two crystal blue eyes and they were homing at Xover. Xover got hit and then fired a Chameleon Sting at the eyes and they had gotten cracked a bit. The eyes returned to their sockets and the walls closed just enough so Xover wouldn't be crushed. The nose had been activated and then it was flying around and it missed Xover as he was using the Strike Chain to keep on the wall. When the nose had returned to it's place, the walls had moved away from each other and Xover was on the ground again. The eyes appeared in a red color and they fired bullets. Xover fired another Chameleon Sting and it destroyed the right eye. The walls closed again and then the nose detached from the socket again. Xover fired a Chameleon Sting and after a couple of shots, the nose exploded and the walls were stuck. The blue eye appeared and it hit Xover and Xover fired out Chameleon Sting and it missed as the eye hid into the wall. Xover then clinched onto the left wall and the eye appeared in a green color. It fired an energy ball and Xover fired Chameleon Sting. The eye exploded and Xover got hit. Xover was about to fall into the instant kill spikes, but then, they were broken and the walls had opened up again. Like Bospider, Energy Capsules and Weapon Energy were scattered around the room. After Xover had collected all the energy, there was another teleport pad. Xover jumped onto it and was teleported into Sigma Stage 4.

  Xover noticed X lying on the floor) “X, are you alright, where's Zero?” Xover asked. “Sorry Xover, Vile used me to get Zero, there both up there, we need to stop Vile.” X said. “Okay, hang on.” Xover said. (He got X to stand up after giving him an Energy Tank. X had wall climbed and Xover was using the Strike Chain. After a while of X waiting for Xover. They both were in the room and the floor to the entrance which was on the floor had closed. Then Vile in a Ride Armor and in it's grasp was Zero) “X, Xover, don't make another move.” Vile said. “Vile, leave Zero alone, this is between the both of us!” X said. “Do you really want Zero to die, well here's what I'll do!” Vile said. (He made the Ride Armor grip on Zero tighter) “GAH!” Zero yelled. “Zero!” X yelled. “Now I'll stop if you surrender!” Vile said. “X, don't worry, I'll make sure Vile doesn't injure Zero, when I say now, fire at Vile.” Xover whispered. “Are you sure this will work?” X whispered. “Yes.” Xover whispered. “What are you saying, giving up now, perfect.” Vile said. “X, now!” Xover said. (His chest glowed in a bright color and time stopped around the room. X fired out the charge shot and Vile had fired out an energy blast from his shoulder cannon and it destroyed the charge shot. Vile threw Zero away and the Ride Armor dashed towards X and grabbed him) “X!” Zero said. (Vile dashed to the middle of the room) “Hah, your such a fool Xover, my systems are immune to your power to freeze time!” Vile said. “But how?” Xover asked. (Zero was running towards the back of the Ride Armor and was about to slash. But then Vile turned around and Zero was about to slash X's helmet. Zero stopped and the Ride Armor punched Zero to a wall) “Oh Zero, too bad.” Vile said. (There was flashes in the hand of the Ride Armor holding X) “Why won't it break?” X asked. “This Ride Armor's to powerful for the three of you!” Vile said. (He dashed right towards Xover and punched him. Zero had slashed at the Ride Armor but there was no damage done. Vile had fired an electric ball at Zero and he was hit, Zero was stuck in an electric barrier. Xover had fired out a hyper charge shot and Vile turned around and then the charge shot hit X) “Who knew using X as a shield could be useful.” Vile said. (He punched Xover again and then fired out a paralyze ball. Xover couldn't move and was stuck) “Well Zero, I guess it's time to meet your end.” Vile said. “You may think that, but I won't give up, X, don't give up!” Zero said. (The electricity around Zero's body had disappeared) “Zero.” X said. “What the, how did you break from my attack, I thought you can't break from it!” Vile said. “I won't lose to you Maverick, are you just going to stay in that Ride Armor like a coward?” Zero asked. “That crosses the line, I will prove that I am stronger without the Ride Armor!” Vile said. (He jumped out of the ride armor and had his shoulder cannon ready. Vile fired an energy blast and Zero slashed it. Zero dashed towards Vile and was slashing him. Vile fired a laser from his shoulder cannon and Zero was guarding. Vile launched his fist which detached from Vile's arm and it was trying to hit Zero. Zero kept guarding and Vile dashed towards Zero and jumped up. He had a cannon in his knee and fired a napalm. Zero slashed it and it split into two. There were two explosions beside Zero. Zero fell to the ground and the fist came back to Vile. Vile walked towards Zero and was about to blast him with his shoulder cannon. Then Zero slashed Vile's leg and rolled away. Vile had fired at the ground where Zero was and missed. Zero had then dashed towards the Ride Armor and got into it. After letting X go, Zero smiled and then dash towards Vile. Vile was moving out of the way as Zero was trying to attack. X had charged up his X-Buster and while Vile and Zero were running around in circles, X had unleashed the charge shot. It hit Vile and the Ride Armor and they both collided into a wall. Vile had kicked Zero off the Ride Armor and was operating it again. The Ride Armor was about to slam it's fist onto X. X moved out of the way and fired energy pellets and some were hitting Vile and others were reflected. Zero got in front of X and slashed through all of the pellets. Vile fired energy blasts from his shoulder cannon and X fired more energy pellets. While Vile was distracted with X, Zero had gotten behind the Ride Armor and jumped to the top of the Ride Armor and slashed Vile. After all of the slashes, Vile's shoulder cannon slid off as it was cut off from Vile. Zero kicked Vile and Vile landed onto the ground while X was charging up his buster. Vile got up and X unleashed the charge shot. Zero was slashing up the controls to the Ride Armor and it was going to blow. Zero had gotten away from the Ride Armor as it exploded and consumed Vile. The explosion was gone and Vile was all black with his armor all cracked. The electricity on Xover disappeared and Xover stood up. X and Zero walked over to Vile) “You win, cough, I'll tell you where the generator is, but first, place the Z-Saber into my back, do it!” Vile yelled. “Okay, this will hurt.” Zero said. (He jabbed the Z-Saber through Vile's back and it went through Vile's weakened armor. There was yellow blood coming out from Vile's back. Xover walked towards the group) “Huh, Vile, are you alright?” Xover asked. “Yes, wait who are you?” Vile asked. “If I said I was from the future, you might know everything.” Xover said. “The Dark Parasite is getting killed, take this Z-Saber out of me.” Vile said. (Zero removed the saber and a corpse of a Dark Parasite had popped out from Vile's back. X stepped on it) “How did you get this parasite in you?” Zero asked. “Rose, that cat tricked me, she told me I would fight you all, but instead I lose my body to a parasite!” Vile said. “Rose, but why?” Zero asked. “She said you are getting my way of defeating X, I'll let the Dark Parasite deal with you!” Vile said. “Calm down Vile, now Rose said that you were getting in her way, very odd, why would Rose do such a thing?” Xover asked. “I don't know Xover, but Vile, can you tell us where the generator is?” X asked. “Sure, it's inside of a wall, there's a hidden room.” Vile said. “Which wall?” Zero asked. (Vile points to the wall on the right and Zero walked over to it. He slashed the wall and it revealed a room. X and Xover got Vile to stand up and they walked over to Zero and the broken wall. The four entered into the room and saw the generator with the laser firing at the roof. Vile had walked over slowly due to his injuries and was typing on the buttons to the screen.

  After that, the generator had stopped the laser and Vile fell over to the ground. Xover picked Vile up and the four noticed a teleport pad. They all got on and were teleported back to the first generator. They then saw Ivory, Shadow, Mille, and the others) “X, thank goodness your okay, me and the others were so worried.” Solar said. “Thanks Solar, oh Mille, Shadow.” X said. “We have new allies to help us, Solar and Metal Android.” Shadow said. “Metal Android!” X said. “Calm down X, and you to Zero, oh I see you have Vile.” Metal Android said. “Metal Android, I'm sorry, Rose used me.” Vile said. “Well we just need to calm down, can someone explain what's going on.” Xover said. “Okay, I'll tell, well it all started after you were kidnapped by Corruption.....” Ivory explained. (A while later) “So that's what's going on, we have to stop Rose.” X said. “That's what we are trying to do, now Rose told us when the three generators are shut down, we have to talk to her on the first generator.” Ivory said. (Xover placed Vile onto the ground and Xover had formed electricity onto his buster) “Xover, what are you doing?” Zero asked. “You guys go talk to Rose while I try to repair Vile.” Xover said. “No, you should leave me, I'll try to repair myself.” Vile said. “Are you sure you don't need help?” Xover asked. “I will never join with you, especially X.” Vile said. “Very well.” Xover said. (He left Vile and the group walked over to the generator and then saw Rose's face on the screen) “Rose, we shut down the two generators, now what is next?” Metal Android asked. “Very well done, now go back to Waddle Dee City.” Rose said. “What, back home?” Waddles asked. “Yes Waddles, we better head back there.” Meta Knight said. “Okay boys, I'll be waiting for you.” Rose said. (The screen turned off) “We need to get back to my city, I hope everything is okay.” Waddles said. “I know it is, let's get going.” Meta Knight said. (Everyone was going away from the area and was heading back to the garden.

  After a while, the group made it back to Waddle Dee City in it's frozen state. Xover had opened a hole in the shield and everyone got in. They were looking around and then after making it to the center of the city, Rose and Corruption were standing) “There you are, we were waiting.” Rose said. “Corruption.” Xover said. “Xover, I've waited for you.” Corruption said. “I'm so happy that your all here, (Rose clapped her hands together) X, so nice of you to be here with X, and Zero, I'm glad for you to kill Vile, he was a pain.” Rose said “No I didn't, Vile is still alive!” Zero said. “What, are you lying to me, what a rude jerk you are.” Rose said. “But Rose, why do you hate him so much, he is the Commander and you are a general to the Dictator's army.” Metal Android said. “Well I hated him every since he showed his bucket head to me.” Rose said. “They will understand Rose, now we shall get rid of them.” Corruption said. “Alright, or should I?” Rose asked. “What?” Everyone but Rose asked. (Giant roses had risen up and consumed everyone. The roses had disappeared after consuming them. Rose was walking away with a smile on her face) “Now's the time to destroy this world.” Rose said. (She began to laugh as more Time Spiders were wrecking havoc) What happened to our heroes? Where did Rose take them? The answers will be solved in Act 3!