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Chapter Four Act 3
Word Count: 5712

Meanwhile, inside of a place, Ivory and the others were dropped inside) “Ouch, is everyone alright?” Mille asked. “Yes, but were still injured.” X said. “Rose tricked me, what a jerk.” Corruption said. “Well where ever we are, it's pretty dark, does anyone have a light?” Xover asked. (The gem on X's helmet began to glow in a bright red. The blue triangle on Zero's helmet and the two green crystal spheres on his chest were glowing) “There's your light.” Zero said. “Now I can see, it looks like a cave.” Xover said. “Ivory, is that you?” Someone asked. “Tiffany, where are you?” Ivory asked. (She felt something wrap around her legs and when Solar had made a light bright enough to reveal the entire room. They saw Tiffany with Ivory and Shade was sitting on a boulder) “Shade, Tiffany, what happened?” Ivory asked. “We meet up with Rose and she wasn't happy with us, so were stuck here and with this huge boulder in the way to the outside, we can't get out.” Shade explained. “Shade, this boulder is clearly to easy for me to destroy.” Metal Android said. “Metal Android, why I'll show you not to kill my parents!” Shade said. (He jumped off the boulder and was about to slash at Metal Android with his katana. But Zero got out his Z-Saber and stopped Shade) “Do you want to destroy one who will get us out of here?” Zero asked. “Fine, I won't forgive him.” Shade said. (He placed his katana back into it's pouch on his back. Metal Android moved towards the boulder and had his arm formed into a sword made of electricity. Metal Android slashed right through the boulder and it split away into two giant pieces) “Whoa, that's one strong blade.” Solar said. “Rose.” X said. “X, what is it about her?” Mille asked. “I felt something about Rose familiar to me.” X said. “Hmm, like I said before, you shouldn't worry about that dream you had.” Mille said. “I know, but things are acting familiar.” X said. “Don't get in it to deep X, we need to find a way out of this place.” Zero said. (Everyone got out of the room and saw that there was a path of torches lighting the way. Zero grabbed one and they progressed through the path and made it to an open area with piles of skeletons all over the place. Waddles was afraid and gotten to the top of X's head.

  After walking a while, the souls of the dead Waddle Dees had entered into the skeletons and then were trying to attack everyone. The group was running away as bones were being thrown all over the place. After running, the team had made it to a path which revealed a dead end. Then the skeletons were coming near and nearer. X got his X-Buster out and was aiming it. Until everyone was hearing a cracking noise. The skeletons had appeared and then the floor had been broken. Everyone had landed into a shallow pool of blood. The torch's fire was gone. Some skeletons had appeared and Xover and X had fired out energy blasts and was blowing the skeletons up. Corruption and Zero grabbed X and Xover and got them out of the pool. They were some black spots on X and Xover. The four kept running as the skeletons kept getting closer. Waddles was still holding onto X's helmet. After a while, there were three paths) “Oh no, which one do we go to?” Waddles asked. “I don't know, Corruption, do you know?” Zero asked. “No, I can't feel a thing, let's go into the middle one!” Corruption said. “Quick, let's get going!” Waddles yelled. (The group kept running and Corruption was floating in the air. They found a mine cart and got into it. Zero was pushing the cart and it was moving. X grabbed Zero's hair as the cart was moving away from the land. Below the team was water. Xover helped X get Zero into the cart. As everyone looked back, he saw the skeletons on the right path and were on another cart. Next to them was a cart filled with skeletons and they had spears. Xover stood up and was firing out pellets. There was a sudden bump that sent Xover off the cart and was holding onto the edge of the cart. Waddles got off from X's head and Zero reached his hand out for Xover's. Xover grabbed Zero's hand while X was firing energy pellets. Zero pulled Xover in the cart and pulled X down. The five was hiding in the cart and when Corruption had looked and found the rail broken and there was a waterfall near) “Guys, be careful, there's a broken rail up ahead!” Corruption yelled. (The rail had ended and the cart had fallen to the water. The cart was upside down and Zero got his head out of the water and put his arms on the submerged cart. X with Waddles on his head had emerged and so did Xover. All had their arms onto the cart and was letting it flow on the river. Waddles noticed another cart behind them with the skeletons. Corruption was firing charge shots and the skeletons had hit the water. X was about to fire, but there was a sudden pain. Xover had felt the same thing as X. The spears were being thrown and Zero was slashing them to pieces. Then there was another waterfall and the group and the skeletons had fallen. The cart was destroyed and the characters were drifted to a sandy bank.

  While everyone was knocked unconscious, the skeletons had walked over to the group. But then, plants had emerged and stopped the dead Waddle Dees from attacking. Waddles quickly woke up and was trying to wake X up) “X, can you wake up?” Waddles asked. “So your a cute creature yourself.” Someone said. (Waddles saw Rose standing in the sand) “You again, your not going to hurt my friends.” Waddles said. “But you don't have anything, I wasn't going to attack your friends, I just saved them from destruction.” Rose said. “But why?” Waddles asked. “I can't tell you why I did so, so goodbye.” Rose said. (She ran away to where the palm trees were. X had then started to wake up) “Waddles, what happened?” X asked. “Well, Rose was here a second ago and she saved you guys.” Waddles said. “Ugh, what's this pain I'm felling?” X asked. (Waddles found the black stuff on X and removed one. It was a big leach) “Oh no, this is an Acid Leach!” Waddles said. “Acid Leach, what does that mean?” X asked. “If you don't get rid of those leaches, they'll burn through your body!” Waddles said. (X and Waddles were trying as hard as they could to get rid of all the Acid Leaches.

  After a while, the leaches were removed and X had some burn marks on his armor) “What about Zero, Xover and Corruption?” X asked. (The two looked at Zero and Corruption who both had no Acid Leaches on them and Xover had some. X and Waddles were pulling the leaches off as Xover woke up) “What are you trying to do?” Xover asked. “Oh um, were pulling leaches off you.” X explained. “Oh, well they can't do anything to injure me, right?” Xover asked. “There, that's all of the Acid Leaches.” Waddles said. “Hey, but what about Xover's fur?” X asked. (He got his hands onto the fur on Xover. Zero and Corruption woke up and saw X trying to get the leaches out from Xover's fur) “X, what are you doing?” Zero asked. “I'm getting rid of the Acid Leaches hiding inside of Xover's fur!” X explained. “Acid Leaches, let me check.” Corruption said. (He walked towards Xover and then was checking through Xover's fur. All of the leaches on Xover were gone) “Whew, that's over, did you have to do that?” Xover asked. “Well did you want your metal to be melted?” Waddles asked. “Oh, sorry about it.” Xover apologized. “Enough of that, we must find our friends.” X said. (He and Xover got up and they let Waddles onto Xover's fur. The group was walking through the area. After passing through the jungle, the three had made it to an ancient Colosseum. Inside, Amy and Rose were fighting against each other) “You'll never get your hands on X!” Amy said. (She slammed her hammer and Rose moved out of the way. Rose got on top of a pillar) “You fight weak, I'd rather have to fight an army of war robots.” Rose said. “Oh yeah, I can't let you hurt him you nasty feline, I will do the best I can to protect him and Sonic!” Amy said. (She bashed the pillar with her hammer and it collapsed. Rose jumped to the stands) “You protect Sonic, you should see him in Waddle Dee City.” Rose said. “What do you mean?” Amy asked. “I'll let you find out by yourself.” Rose said. (A buster shot hit Rose in the chest and she hit the stairs. Amy noticed Xover and the others) “Amy, are you alright?” Zero asked. “Oh, we have to find Tails, Silver, and Axl, there somewhere around here.” Amy said. “I'll go with you.” Waddles said. (Amy, Waddles, and Zero had left X, Xover, and Corruption to fight Rose) “Hahah, oh hi Corruption.” Rose said. “Rose, you will learn a painful lesson from me.” Corruption said. “I'm sorry, but I must be going, I'm very sorry if you wanted to attack me.” Rose apologized. (She kissed her right palm and blew air. Then Rose ran off. Corruption had floated up and looked to the outside. Rose vanished like thin air) “She's gone, how did she get so good?” Corruption asked. “I don't know, if we had stopped time, then we could have gotten her.” Xover said. “We just might as well find Zero and Amy.” X said. “Your right, we better get going.” Corruption said. (The three went looking around in the coliseum. Back at the stands, Rose appeared) “Now I have their data in my power, now I will be invincible!” Rose said. (She fully disappeared.

  Meanwhile, in the underground part of the coliseum, it looked like catacombs with cages filled with animals in rusty chains, and other Waddle Dees with helmets) “This place sure is creepy.” Xover said. “Have you been to Shademan's stage?” Corruption asked. “Not yet, but it's not as creepy as this.” Xover said. “Does this involve the future again?” X asked. “Yes, hey let me try using Noise Crush.” Xover said. “No, let's just look for the others.” Corruption said. (They had pass through a hallway of skeletons. They find Zero, Amy, Waddles, Tails, Silver, Axl, and a pink ball shaped thing. It had red feet, black over eyes with blue irises, sideways oval cheeks, and tiny arms) “There you guys are, did you take care of Rose?” Zero asked. “No, she got away before we could do anything.” Corruption explained. “Oh well that's okay.” Axl said. “So you Axl, the Prototype of the New Generation Reploids, I'm Xover.” Xover introduced. “Your pretty smart, so where do we go from here?” Axl asked. “We still have to look for the others.” Corruption said. “Poyo.” The pink ball said. “Kirby, I'm glad to see that you aren't affected by the time freeze.” Xover said. “Poyo.” Kirby said. (They were walking through the catacombs.

  Meanwhile, with Ivory and the group, everyone was in a cave resting. Everyone but Ivory, Shade, and Metal Android were awake. Tiffany was leaning on Ivory's left side) “Hey Shade, I wonder why Tiffany is so calm even thought we went through so much of the war?” Ivory asked. “Are you feeling shy again Ivory, oh well.” Shade said. “I asked you a question, I guess I can't have any friends.” Ivory said. “What does being shy have to do with saying that Tiffany is brave?” Metal Android asked. “I was always living a lonely life, no one wanted to be my friend, and I only made one, Anna, she was the only animal I could trust, and now this happened, I loose her, my parents, I'm not a good friend if I only have those I never had met as a kid.” Ivory said. “Ivory, are you upset?” Shade asked. “Yes, I had gained a fear of robots back when I was younger.” Ivory said. “You mean like X, Zero, Axl, and me?” Metal Android asked. “Yes, many years ago, me and my dad were working on a robot, it then malfunctioned and exploded in my face, when I woke up and saw a robot nurse, I buried my head into a pillow in fear.” Ivory explained. “Well why didn't you tell X the truth, he'll understand.” Shade said. “I just don't have the confidence to tell him or his friends.” Ivory said. “Well let me tell them, they will understand.” Shade said. “No, don't tell them, for now.” Ivory said. “I understand how you feel, since we are close friends, I promise.” Shade said. “Thanks Shade, I really appreciate that.” Ivory thanked. “So when do we get searching for the others?” Metal Android asked. “We should begin our search.” Shade said. (After getting everyone to wake up, the group have started to start searching for the others. There were some skeletons and Ivory, Shade, and Metal Android had bashed through the skeletons and Tiffany got out her hammer and was destroying the skeletons even more. Mille had eventually ran beside Ivory. The Kitsune was slowing down and Ivory grabbed Mille's hand. After running for a while, they made it to the coliseum) “Why are we here?” Tiffany asked. “This is where our friends are.” Mille explained. “Are you sure?” Meta Knight asked. “Yes, there's an underground catacombs, this way.” Mille said. (She was walking and the others followed. They got into the catacombs and were searching) “This is one weird place.” Tiffany said. “A catacomb means a place filled with skeletons.” Ivory said. 
Your right, I read dictionaries all the time.” Mille explained. “Hey, I see a light.” Shade said. (There was a fire's glow moving towards the group. Zero, X, and the others walked towards Ivory and the team) “Ivory, there you are, we were looking for you.” Zero said. “I know that, but I feel that there's something wrong, let's get out of here.” Mille said. (The skeletons had popped from the walls and were attacking everyone.

  After getting out, Zero threw a torch into the catacombs. The group made it to the center of the arena and found something shining. X and Corruption got to the stands while everyone else was fighting. Kirby had sucked up all of the skeletons and had spit them out. That gave everyone enough time to get to the stands as X fired a Tornado Fang to the floor of the stadium and the ground was destroyed and the Waddle Dees fell through. Corruption had formed an electrical shield around the hole) “There, it will take them quite a while to escape.” Corruption said. “Let's use that time to escape!” Xover said. “I see a way out!” Mille said. (She pointed at a cave in the distance and the group was running as more skeletons had appeared. The team had made it to the cave and was running through the path and there was a bottomless pit. Everyone passed through, but Tiffany tripped and was about to fall. But Axl noticed Tiffany and stopped running and headed back to Tiffany. Axl grabbed Tiffany's hand and pulled her to safety. Then the skeletons had appeared and Axl ran with Tiffany. Some skeletons had fallen to the pit and others were chasing after Axl and Tiffany. The two noticed the others and Solar had placed his sword into the ground and there was a wall of lava and it destroyed the skeletons who tried to pass by. Axl and Tiffany stopped and caught their breath) “Whew, thanks guys, huff, we would've been done for.” Axl said. “Axl, your a Maverick Hunter, that's what were supposed to do, protect people from harm during a Maverick incident.” Zero said. “But those weren't Mavericks.” Axl said. “Oh, um, hey look over there.” Zero said. (Everyone looks and found a battle ship. Meta Knight was walking towards it) “This is my ship, the Halberd.” Meta Knight said. “That's nice to find your ship.” Amy said. “But why is it down here?” Waddles asked. “Well let's just get inside.” Meta Knight said. (They entered into the ship and were walking around. There was a security camera that spotted the group. In the captain's room, there was a gray mouse with a red top hat, cape, and a yellow bell attached to the cape. The mouse had yellow eyes with red irises. Next to him was a tiny blue mouse with a green mustache and white scientists glasses with a red swirl on the lens. They were looking at a screen which showed all of the security cameras) “Daroach, those guys are definitely coming for us.” The blue greened mustached mouse said. “Kirby, I haven't seen him for a while, Doc, can you get Spinni and Storo to attack them?” Daroach asked. “Yes sir, alright Squeaks, Spinni, Sturo, we must defeat those who will steal our treasure.” Doc said. (There was a yellow mouse with black shades and a cape. Next to him was a big fat blue mouse with a red bandana and a shirt. There was an eye patch on the left side of his invisible eyes, and a big bellybutton beneath where the shirt ends. All around them was Squeaks. They were like tiny mice the size of Kirby, had no arms and legs. Tan circle shaped face. And some were green, blue, and yellow) “Hehehe, we will soon have fun taking their treasure.” Spinni said. “We will go stop them.” Storo said. (The two and the army of Squeaks had left the room) “You better go yourself Doc.” Daroach said. “But Daroach, why should I go?” Doc asked. “I'm taking the ship to the sky, you better get your machine ready.” Daroach said. “Ah yes, I was getting bored of staying inside of Mount Silvermist.” Doc said. “Get going!” Daroach ordered.

  (Meanwhile, with the characters, they were in the hull where there was lots of cargo. There was an opened door that everyone could pass by, but then, the laser cannon fired a large blast and caused the ship to shake like an earthquake. Then a golden robot lobster had appeared. It fired out it's two claws and they had caught Axl, Silver, and Kirby. The claws went back and the lobster had escaped. When Zero was about to give chase, the door closed. Then the two doors opened up and then, around the characters, more golden robot lobsters had appeared) “Okay everyone, give it all you've got!” Ivory said. (Then the ship took of into the air. There was a bit of a shake but no one fell. Shade and Zero got out their swords, Tiffany and Amy got their hammers, X, Xover, and Corruption had their busters out. Then, it was time to fight. One lobster had almost hit Tails. Tails jumped away and X fired a Speed Burner. The fire had melted a bit of the armor and Meta Knight slashed the melted spot. Xover had used the Charge Kick and caused three lobsters to fall. Zero and Meta Knight were slashing at the lobsters and then more had appeared. Ivory had slashed through one with her Dimension Blade while Shadow, Mille, and Tails had gotten to a lobster and had gotten beneath it. Mille had punched a hole and Tails pulled out the wires. Mille grabbed Tails right as the lobster had shut down. Two lobsters had fired lasers and they had blasted Shade and Zero into the two doors. Shade in the right room, and Zero in the left room. The doors closed and Tiffany was banging her hammer onto the right door. A lobster had appeared and was about to destroy Tiffany. She moved out of the way as two lasers from the claws had fired and hit the door. The door wasn't damaged and the lobster had dashed towards Tiffany. Tiffany was running as fast as she could to get away. Ivory got in front of Tiffany and formed a Dimension Shield. The lobster had hit the shield and stopped. The Dimension Shield was gone and Ivory slashed at the lobster's face. Tiffany smacked her hammer into the lobster's face and it broke to pieces. Two lobsters had caught Amy and Tiffany. X and Xover were surrounded by lobsters. Xover had the Hyper Charge and was firing out charge shots. They were busting through the armor and X had Tornado Fang on his buster. X was drilling through the armor of the lobster. Another lobster was charging up it's laser to fire at X. X noticed the lasers and then was about to jump off, but a cable was wrapped around X's foot. X was trying to get it off. But it was wrapped tightly. Then the two lasers were fired and they had destroyed the lobster and heavily injured X. Xover saw X was on the ground with lobsters coming closer. While Xover was distracted, a lobster had grabbed Xover by his arm with the buster. More lobsters were coming close. Xover's body was consumed in light and there was a huge explosion. All of the lobsters had crashed into the walls. Xover got to X and Corruption had floated down) “Corruption, X is injured, can you help him? “Xover asked.”Very well, but your going to fight by yourself?” Corruption asked. “No, I will be with others, go find Axl, Silver, and Kirby.” Xover said. “Very well, good luck.” Corruption said. “Just hurry!” Xover yelled. (Corruption grabbed X and noticed an opening at a closed door and squeezed through it. The two escaped from the hull and went into a hallway. Corruption noticed sparks coming from X's chest and placed him down) “His injuries, they aren't critical.” Corruption thought. “Corruption, where are we?” X asked. “I took you out of the hull with all those lobsters, your chest looks like it needs repairs.” Corruption said. (There was a purple light and the armor on X's chest was fully repaired. X stood up) “The Dark Crystal, it healed me again, I still wonder though.” X said. “Wonder what, Dark Crystal, there are surprises inside of you, we better get going.” Corruption said. (He and X were about to walk. But then, they heard a noise. They saw the lobster with Axl, Kirby, and Silver in it's grasp. X and Corruption chase after it.

  After running, they made it to the outside of the Halberd. Corruption had fired a charge shot and he hit the lobster. The charge shot had made the lobster let go of the trio. Axl had rolled away from the others and hit a barrel. The lobster had noticed Axl and was about to fire. When the lasers were shot, Axl jumped out of the way and fired with both his pistols. Kirby had opened his mouth and was trying to suck the lobster. But Axl was sucked and was in Kirby's mouth) “Kirby?” X asked. (Kirby jumped up had his head part glowing. It formed into Axl's helmet. Then the circle gem was inserted and then orange hair had appeared. A yellow star had appeared on the ground and the light disappeared. Axl was inside of the star and it broke) “Huh, what happened?” Axl asked. “Look!” Silver said. (Kirby's body turned white and then transformed into Zero. Kirby got out the Z-Saber and was slashing the lobster. X and Axl were firing pellets while Corruption had formed electric balls. Silver grabbed them with his psychokinesis and threw them towards the lobster. Kirby had slashed a hole and let the electric balls enter into the lobster. X was charging up his buster and dashed towards the lobster. He fired his charge shot at the broken metal and it blew up from the inside. X backed away and landed on the ground. Then Kirby transformed from Zero into Axl) “Hey, what are you doing?” Axl asked. (Kirby touched Axl's nose) “Um, Kirby, how did you do that?” X asked. (Kirby had started to knock onto Axl's gem that was on his helmet) “Interesting, Kirby must have copied Axl's ability to turn into um, Axl.” Corruption guessed. “Well Axl is the Prototype to the New Generation Reploids, oh Axl, why haven't you used your Copy Chip?” X asked. “Well, I made a really dumb mistake to take on Metal Android, he seriously injured me and busted my Copy Chip, when we get back, I'm going to get Douglas to fix my Copy Chip.” Axl said. (Kirby had then started to touch Axl's hair. Axl turned around and was then starting to chase after Kirby. After running around in circles, Silver had caught the both in his power and stopped the two) “Now stop it you two, there is no time to be acting like little children.” Silver said. “But who's the real Axl?” X asked. “I am.” Axl declared. “Poyo.” Kirby said. “Now we know which one, good try impersonating me.” Axl said. “Poyo, poyo..” Kirby said. “Kirby, we meet again, it's been a while.” Spinni said. “Huh, who said that?” Axl asked. (Spinni and Stouro appeared) “Poyo!” Kirby said. (He ran behind Axl) “Oh Kirby, is something wrong little guy?” Stouro asked. “Why are you in control of this ship, Meta Knight owns it.” Corruption said. “Well we can't tell you why, but Darouch knows.” Spinni said. ”Let's go see him then.” Corruption said. “But we can't let you go so easily.” Stouro said. (The building exploded behind Spinni and Stouro. It revealed both Shade and Zero) “Zero, Shade!” X said. “X, let me and Shade deal with these two, you go deal with the leader.” Zero said. “Right, let's get going X.” Axl said. (He and the others left Shade and Zero with Spinni and Stouro. Spinni had threw shurikens and Shade got out his katana. Shade had guarded himself by using the blade. Zero had dashed towards Stouro and was moving from Stouro's punches. Zero had karate chopped at Stouro's stomach. The Squeaks had appeared and the green ones were throwing bombs and Shade was running with Spinni behind him. Bombs were being thrown and almost hit everyone. One bomb was about to hit Zero. A shuriken had hit the bomb and it exploded. Zero noticed Shade who was then rammed by Spinni. Zero then saw Stouro's fist and it smacked right at Zero's left cheek. Zero had collided into a building.

  Meanwhile, in the deeper part of the Halberd. Corruption and the others were crawling through the air vents and Squeaks were hopping to the battle outside. After a while of crawling, X had punched out a vent cover and had gotten out. After the others got out, they found an elevator and entered inside. The elevator went up and then made it to the captain's room. The door opened up and Daroach was talking to Doc) “What do you mean you can't find your new robot?” Daroach asked. “Well sir, I saw that cat Rose again, she must have done something or stole it.” Doc guessed. “Rose, I thought she was pretty, but now she's a backstabber.” Daroach said. “Give up Daroach!” X said. “Huh, (Daroach noticed X and his friends) oh you, how did the Heavy Lobsters not finish you off?” Daroach asked. “You mentioned Rose, now I know what's going on.” Corruption said. “But I'll call the Heavy Lobsters back, can someone get me over to the area?” Doc asked. “Well, Kirby can.” Axl said. “Poyo.” Kirby said. (He transformed from Axl into Sonic. Doc got onto Kirby's back and Kirby ran off) “We better stop Storo and Spinni from hurting your friends.” Daroach said. “But we went through an air vent to get here.” Axl said. “Not to worry, now let's see, (Daroach got out a black stick with a white line at the end) I'll teleport us there.” Darouch said. (He, X, Corruption, Axl, and Silver were suddenly teleported to the outside) “Why don't you do that more often?” Silver asked. “Well Rose has this device that can cancel my teleportaiton powers.” Darocah explained. “I won't let you win!” Zero said. “Haha, your a girl, how can I lose?” Stouro asked. “I said it two times, I'm not a girl!” Zero yelled. “Hehehe, your doing a really good job fighting me.” Spinni said. “You too, but I will win!” Shade declared. “Silver, can you stop them all?” Corruption asked. “Sure thing, (Silver had caught Shade, Zero, Spinni, Stouro, and the Squeaks) now listen everyone!” Silver yelled. (Everyone looked at Silver) “Zero, Shade, there's no reason to fight them this longer.” Axl said. “Spinni, Stouro, I'm very sorry, now leave these two alone.” Daroach said. “Rose was involved in this, we shouldn't let her get away with this.” X said. “Rose, we got caught in her thorns again, I'm getting angry with her.” Shade said. “Oh that's nice Shade, I'm really happy for all of you to find out.” Rose said. (Everyone noticed Rose on top of the building) “Rose, will you give up, we can stop you.” Axl said. “Oh, but I understand.” Rose said. “Where is Doc's new machine?” Daroach asked. “I gave you this ship and this is how you repay me, well I'll let the Heavy Lobsters deal with you.” Rose said. (The building had exploded an there were Heavy Lobsters. Xover, Tiffany, Ivory, Solar, Meta Knight, Waddles, Kirby, Doc, Tails, and Mille were caught) “What, how did they capture all of them?” Corruption asked. “Well I had a bit of help from them after I reprogrammed them, now I better leave these robots to you all.” Rose said. “No Rose, (Rose turned around and found Metal Android) as your fellow general, I will deal with you myself.” Metal Android said. “Okay sir, I will follow my orders to defeat you.” Rose said. (Metal Android grabbed Rose by the waist and the two were taken to the air.

  Back on the Halberd, Silver had used his Psychic to get some debris and throw them towards the Heavy Lobsters. Zero was slashing the claws holding onto Xover. Corruption had fired a charge shot at the claw and it blew up. Zero caught Xover and the Heavy Lobster was about to attack Zero. But then, both X and Axl had gotten onto the face of the Heavy Lobster and were firing energy pellets. Up in the air, Rose managed to get away from Metal Android's grasp and form a flower that was flying due to the air. Metal Android boosted towards Rose with a sword and was about to slice Rose. Rose moved away and tried to kick Metal Android. Metal Android moved back and had an energy buster of his own. Energy pellets were flying from Metal Android's buster. Rose had formed flowers and they were protecting her from any damage. Corruption had appeared behind Rose and fired a charge shot. Rose had gotten caught by Metal Android and was struggling to get away. Corruption had appeared and had wires appear with sparks flying from them. Rose was getting electrocuted. But then, the flower Rose was riding on had slammed into Corruption and pushed him away. Rose then kicked Metal Android and was falling down. Then the flower had appeared again and Rose landed onto it. Metal Android was doing a spiral dive and was about to hit Rose and the flower. Rose had formed two vines from the flower and it caught Metal Android. Another vine appeared and was slamming on Metal Android's back. Corruption had fired a charge shot that sliced through the vines and let Metal Android fall on top of Rose. Rose was trying to get Metal Android off of her. Corruption grabbed Rose's arm and was raising her up into the air. Metal Android had flew up and had his sword ready. Metal Android boosted towards Rose and was trying to slash Rose. Rose moved away with each swing. Corruption kept holding on and Metal Android rammed into Rose. The two had slammed right into the Halberd and it revealed that the Heavy Lobsters were destroyed. Rose had a vine grab Metal Android and get him away from her. Corruption fired a charge shot and Rose moved out of the way and spin kicked X. X had to fire a charge shot to get Rose away from him. Zero then slashed at Rose and Ivory was spin dashing at Ivory. Daroach had his wand and then unleashed a beam of ice and it froze both Ivory and Rose. Everyone but Ivory were beating up Rose. Then giant vines had appeared around Rose and pushed everyone away from Rose. Rose had gotten out from the ice and was holding onto her left arm) “Give up Rose, you have done enough.” Metal Android said. “So, you want me to force myself, well too bad for you all, I better get going, see you later.” Rose said. (She kissed her right palm and blew air. A flower appeared beneath Rose and she was consumed. Both the flower and Rose disappeared) “What a coward, why is she part of your forces Metal Android?” Ivory asked. “Well Ivory, her powers of photosynthesis had allowed her to join me and the Dictator, I didn't expect her to do this vile thing.” Metal Android said. “Oh yeah, Vile, he's back at the generators, should we go back?” Xover asked. “No, this ship must head back to Waddle Dee City, I will restore the city back to normal.” Corruption said. “Where were you Metal Android?” Ivory asked. “I was investigating the area.” Metal Android said. (Meta Knight had gotten back to the captain's room and was taking control of the ship.