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Chapter Four Act 4
Word Count: 10898

Everyone was exploring the ship) “Oh, I almost remembered, come with me!” Waddles said. (X, Zero, and Axl were running and then found Waddles entering into a room. The three entered into the room and found the room filled with action figures, statues, and other stuff) “Whoa, this place has lots of toys, and they all look like us.” Axl said. “I know, Waddles, where are you?” Zero asked. “I'm right here, just in my closet.” Waddles said. (The three find the closet and saw it was a dark hallway and it revealed five glass display cases. Each one had a D-Arts figure and box with accessories. Waddles was standing next to the case with the X figure) “Where did you get these toys from?” Axl asked. “There's a shop known as the Dimension Store, it's really nice to shop in there.” Waddles said. “Yay, now I can get a Zero figure to be with.” Axl whispered. “What was that?” Zero asked. “Oh nothing Zero, nothing, I wasn't talking about buying a toy of you!” Axl panicked. (Waddles walked towards X and was holding onto a pen and the box of the X figure) “You want me to autograph this?” X asked. “Yes, I wanted to meet with you, now's the day.” Waddles said. (He gave X the two items and X wrote X onto the box. X gave Waddles the autographed box. X looked at Zero and Axl who were arguing) “Why would you want a toy of me if you have the real one as your friend?” Zero asked. “I didn't mean it, I was just joking!” Axl said. “That wasn't a funny joke you know.” Zero said. “Guys, will you please be nice to each other?” X asked. “No!” Zero and Axl yelled. “Will you two both behave, you know you can't have toys if you act like this.” Mille said. (X, Zero, Axl, and Waddles noticed Mille and Tails) “Oh, sorry Mille, but I won't say sorry!” Axl said. “Oh yeah, do you want me to make you say sorry?” Zero asked. “Will you two stop, Mille, can you behave them?” Tails asked. “I'll try again, will you boys behave or will I have to make you?” Mille asked. (Both Zero and Axl kept on arguing) “I guess that didn't work.” Tails said. “Your right, huh?” X asked. (His chest began to glow into a purple color and X's eyes became fully red. X unleashed a shock wave and everyone had hit the wall while Mille hit the ground to the main room. After that, X returned to normal) “Ouch, what just happened?” Zero asked. “Hey, I'm on your lap.” Axl said. “Ahh!” Waddles yelled. (The Zero Type 2 figure had fell and Axl caught it. Mille entered into the closet again with her right arm bleeding) “X, oh no.” Mille said. “Mille, your arm, you need medic help.” Zero said. “I know that Zero, but this is serous.” Mille said. “Mille, what's going on?” Tails asked. “X, no, It's nothing, for now, the argument is over.” Mille said. (Amy entered into the room) “Hey guys, how are you doing?” Amy asked. “Fine, there was no problems, where's Ivory and Metal Android?” Mille asked. “There both outside, why did you ask?” Amy asked. “I need to talk to those who lived in my dimension.” Mille said. (She left the room) “Well Shade's also outside, why would Mille want to talk to them?” Amy asked. “She's with those who live with her in their dimension, hopefully we will get back with the other Maverick Hunters.” X said. “Yeah, I miss Layer.” Zero said. “Are you in love with Layer?” Axl asked. “No I'm not in love!” Zero said. (They both began to argue again) “Mille you two stop it?” X asked. (His eyes became a glowing red) “Um, it's nice that you like that Navigator like a friend.” Axl said. “Yeah I know.” Zero said. “Much better.” X said. (His eyes returned to a green again) “X, are you felling alright?” Zero asked. “I don't know, I just feel strange, my mind, I don't know what I'm feeling.” X said. “Why don't you rest a bit, it's alright to sleep in my bed.” Waddles said. “Thank you, maybe I need rest.” X said. (He got onto the bed and fell asleep.

  Meanwhile, on the deck, Ivory and Metal Android were walking) “So Rose's plan was to freeze time and then use the cannon to destroy the planet, that's insane.” Ivory said. “I know, but Rose is a fellow general to Master Dictator.” Metal Android said. “How long did it take you to build the space cannon?” Ivory asked. “A few hours, not that long indeed.” Metal Android said. “Well your something I hate and I can't stand, I just wish everything would just stop.” Ivory said. “I know how you feel, but there are things inside of us that make us do things.” Metal Android said. (Ivory looks out to the distance and saw the outskirts of Waddle Dee City. Meta Knight had made the Halberd land and everyone got out. The group entered to the barrier outside of Waddle Dee City to see it was still frozen inside. Xover and Corruption had used their powers and had regained time. Amy found Sonic still frozen and was hugging him. Shadow watched and saw time was restoring itself. Then Sonic woke up) “Ugh, Amy, Shadow, where am I?” Sonic asked. “Time was frozen by Corruption, he's now on our side due to Rose.” Shadow explained. “Oh, where are the others?” Sonic asked. “There are looking for the others, we should get to the center of the city and wait.” Amy said. (The three had walked over to the center of the city and waited.

  After a while, everyone had appeared) “I have a plan that we must follow, we will all enter into the Halberd and make our way up to space, when that is done, we will infiltrate the space station, we all must work together in order to succeed.” Eggman said. “But your a human and you can't breathe.” Axl said. “I know that, I will stay here while Metal Android will make sure that the cannon doesn't destroy the planet.” Eggman said. “Very well Robotnik, are we all ready to depart?” Metal Android asked. “Yes, we won't let Rose get away with this.” Tails said. (Everyone but Eggman, Cream, Waddles, Doc, Spinni, Stouro, and Daroach had stayed behind and the Halberd flew off into space. In one room, Tails, Axl, X, and Zero were inside) “X, you woke up, how do you feel?” Zero asked. “Much better, but while I was asleep, I had visions in my head, they were from the past, but I can't seem to remember them to well.” X said. “Well at least your okay X, I wonder what those images were?” Tails asked. “Well were almost done with this part of the adventure, I hope we can beat Rose.” Axl said. “I know we can Axl.” Tails said. “Why did those three mice leave?” X asked. “They want to protect the city.” Tails explained.

  (After a long time, the Halberd had docked to the station and the doors opened. The group was greeted by many robots. Sonic, Shadow, Shade, and Solar had destroyed them and kept running. X, Xover, Corruption, and Axl were shooting. Zero, Amy, and Meta Knight were slashing at guards. Metal Android and Rouge were flying above and Rouge was dropping bombs. After all of the robots were destroyed, everyone entered into the space station. There were plants everywhere and vines were trying to grab onto the characters. Knuckles and Blaze were slashing and burning the vines. Silver had grabbed thorns and was throwing them towards the venus flytraps. Sonic was running with Ivory and they were spin kicking the vines. Seeds were dropping and they were exploding. Shade had threw shurikens and the seeds midair were sliced. After getting through the room, they had entered into a dark room with barley anything to see. There was a seed that had entered into the ground and then three lights had shined onto the seed. Then a monster plant had appeared in the form of Perfect Chaos. There was an earthquake and it had split up the lights onto three paths that were held by platforms that were floating up by vines. Sonic and the team were on the ground) “I'll go handle this, you go stop the lights.” Sonic said. “Sonic!” Amy yelled. (Sonic was running away from the others and was heading towards the monster. Vines were emerging from the ground and Sonic almost got caught. As Sonic kept running, a vine emerged from beneath Sonic and hit his chest. Sonic landed onto the ground and his arms and legs were caught by vines. A vine appeared and was about to jab itself into Sonic's chest. Just before it was about to attack Sonic. Solar and Blaze got to him and Solar was slicing the vine up to pieces while Blaze was melting the vines holding Sonic. Sonic got back up and was running. Solar and Blaze were caught by vines and were trying to burn through them. Sonic had kept running and avoided roots that had sharp points. There was a platform that Sonic jumped to. Sonic didn't jump high enough and was about to fall and impale his body into spikes. But then, Amy grabbed Sonic's arm and pulled him up. Sonic finds Silver and Rouge. Silver had caught both Sonic and Rouge and then threw them towards the wall on the other side. Sonic and Rouge slammed into a wall and were stuck. A Wire appeared and grappled the ceiling. Xover pulled himself up and Zero appeared on the wall sticking his Z-Saber onto the wall) “Sonic, I'm going to use Super Arm on you and throw you to the monster.” Xover said. “Do you need my help?” Zero asked. “Yes Zero, you need to hold onto me as I throw Sonic.” Xover said. (He grabbed Sonic and Rouge and started to drop. Zero grabbed Xover by the fur collar with one arm. Xover then threw Sonic and Rouge towards the beast. Rouge then kicked Sonic and then Sonic had started to dig through the head and had burrowed through. Rouge got to Xover who gave her a Hyper Bomb. Rouge flew into the monster and placed the bomb. Rouge placed more of her bombs and then flew out. The monster plant had exploded and revealed a rose in the center where the monster was. Then a hologram of Rose had appeared in the center) “Congratulations for defeating my pet, but there is still two more floors to progress through, if you want to continue your journey, go into the flower and you will begin your journey to the second map.” Rose said. “That sneaky Rose, she's going to get it.” Metal Android said. “That was easy, thanks Rouge, is everyone here? Sonic asked. “Yes, but we better get going.” Zero said. (Everyone got onto the rose and was teleported to another flower.

  They were all inside of a technology based place. There was gravity ports that were placed and high ceilings. There was an energy switch and Kirby pulled on it. Then everyone had flew. But Corruption had electricity generating from his chest. Corruption fell to the ground with a thud. Everyone landed and Xover had rushed over to Corruption) “Corruption, are you okay, what happened?” Xover asked. “My Gravity Generator, it can't work right during the changes of gravity.” Corruption said. “Don't worry, can you stand up?” Amy asked. “I can't my legs can't help my body, they are only wires and weak armor, that's why I hover all the time.” Corruption said. “X, can you help Corruption up, we need to find the next gravity port.” Xover said. (He and X had got Corruption and was walking. When there was a huge platform that blocked the way out and there was a way to jump across, Sonic had jumped and he jumped so high that he was able to make it to the top. Zero had jumped to the wall and was kick jumping to the top. Knuckles and Rouge were climbing up the wall and the others used the change of gravity to get to the top. After jumping through many tall walls, there was a gravity port. Kirby had pushed on it again and gravity was returning to normal. Corruption was floating again) “I'll float on over to the end and I'll wait for you.” Corruption said. (He floated away from the others. Sonic was chasing after Corruption and so did the others. Sonic had jumped to the wall and then two another since it was big enough for Sonic to do a wall jump. Kirby and Tails had flew up and Silver caught Tiffany and Amy. Shade and Ivory had done the same trick as Sonic and got up. X, Zero, Axl, and Xover had done the jump jump. After that, there was another gravity port and it was activated. This time everyone was upside down and a door opened up, everyone entered in and found Corruption exhausted) “Ugh, not again, Xover, gravity is messed up, I don't know if I can stand up.” Corruption said. (An arm had appeared and grabbed Corruption. Then a Silver Time Spider had appeared with two floating hands besides it. The Time Spider had fired two lasers and everyone moved out of the way. Xover was firing Pharaoh Shot and then unleashed it. The shot was reflected and it hit Xover. The spider had spit out a web and Xover was caught in it. Amy and Tiffany were bashing on the leg of the spider. It noticed the two and slammed it's leg onto the two. Amy and Tiffany hit the wall and Amy dropped her hammer. The Time Spider had fired a web ball and the two were caught in the web. Axl had fired energy pellets and Kirby had appeared. Kirby was firing pellet shots as well. Solar and Meta Knight were slashing at the thorax and then the Time Spider had disappeared, leaving Solar and Meta Knight in the air. Then a ball of web had hit the two on the back and they were stuck, Solar had steam coming out of his body as he was trying to melt the web. Shade had created clones of him and had them all throw shurikkens. The spider had fired balls of web at the clones until there was Shade. Shade grabbed out his katana and jabbed it through the Time Spider's eyes. Then a wire came out of the Time Spider and then had wrapped around Shade. There was a sharp pain of venom being injected into Shade's body. When the venom was injected, the Time Spider had threw Shade and threw a ball of web. Then Ivory got in front of Shade and sliced through the web and grabbed Shade by the cape. Silver had let Ivory down safely. Knuckles had climbed up the wall and then glided to where the thorax was. Then Knuckles had spiraled down and had rammed right into it. Rouge was dropping down like a screw. A force field around the thorax had appeared and Knuckles and Rouge were forced to fly towards a wall. The Time Spider had fired a ball of web at the two. Rouge had kicked it and got her boot stuck. The web hit the wall and Knuckles dropped down. The Time Spider had gotten near Rouge and was firing webs and they had consumed Rouge. Knuckles was running towards the others and there was lasers hitting beside Knuckles. Tails had swopped down and grabbed Knuckles' fist and was flying towards the others. Zero was slashing at the Time Spider. It noticed Zero and was about to slam it's arm onto him. When the spider moved it's arm, Zero jumped away and then the spider was about to fire a laser. Then Sonic had gotten in front of Zero and was protecting him by curling up into a ball. When the laser had stopped, Sonic's fur was all black. X was firing pellets and Silver had caught them and threw them towards the thorax. The Time Spider had rose up and as about to slam right into Sonic and Zero. Sonic grabbed Zero and then ran to the other side of the room. Sonic had then ran up a leg and had let Zero slash the thorax. Then a shield had appeared and got Sonic and Zero to hit the ground. Sonic noticed Amy's Hammer and reached out for it, the Time Spider was getting closer and had webs on most of Sonic's body except his arm with Amy's Piko Piko Hammer. The arm of the spider had appeared right above Sonic's face. It then dropped down and Sonic used the hammer to block the arm from impaling into Sonic's face. Then Shadow had appeared and was kicking the arm) “Shadow, hurry!” Sonic yelled. (Ivory had appeared beside Sonic and was slashing up the webs and got Sonic out before the arm could destroy the ground where Sonic was caught at. X was charging up his buster. Shade was trying to get up, but the venom kept him down. Ivory and Zero were slashing while Tails had dropped Knuckles and he dug his fists into the Time Spider. Shadow and Sonic get beneath the thorax and had curled up into balls. The two then had risen and was digging through the Time Spider. A shield had appeared around the Time Spider itself. X had fired the charge shot and the blast did nothing. Silver had found rubble and had caught them. Silver had then threw them towards the Time Spider. The shield had made the rubble turn into tiny pebbles. X was then charging up again and had the purple light glowing from his chest. Sonic was running around the Time Spider and was trying to homing attack the spider. But then a sudden laser had hit Sonic and he was flung towards X and Silver. Silver had gotten Sonic and threw him towards the Time Spider. Sonic was flung again and then hit the shield. Sonic had flew back and was curled up into a ball. Instead of landed onto the ground, Sonic was stuck into X's buster. Sonic was glowing with a purple and blue energy. Silver and X noticed that everyone was caught in webs. X had decided to fire Sonic and the charge shot. X had fired the Hyper Sonic Charge shot. Sonic had hit the shield and was breaking through the shield. Sonic had then went into the Time Spider and burrowed inside of it. Sonic then popped out from the head and had landed wit his fur more blacker. The white fist that had Corruption had let go of him and Corruption was falling. Silver caught Corruption and had let X get him. The Time Spider had exploded.

  After the three had gotten rid of the webs and helped everyone, Corruption tried to stand up and almost succeeded. Zero and Axl had helped Corruption get of the ground. Ivory noticed a bottle and gave it to Metal Android. He walked over to Shade and injected the fluids and Shade began to stand up. There was another rose which had appeared in the remains of the Time Spider. Everyone got into the flower and they were consumed. Everyone then made it into a room with three giant roses on the floor. Shadow and Rouge entered. They found Mephiles in the room) “Mephiles, what are you doing here?” Shadow asked. “I will eliminate all that oppose Master Rose.” Mephiles said. “We'll stop you.” Rouge said. (The floor became all black and Mephiles had floated around with clones appearing. Rouge flew up and was throwing bombs and leaving a path for Shadow to run towards the real Mephiles. Rouge flew beside Shadow and got towards Mephiles. The clones were about to attack, but Rouge and Shadow spin kicked the clones and pushed then away as Rouge was also throwing bombs. The two made it to Mephiles and Shadow homing attacked Mephiles. Rouge had kicked Mephiles when Shadow moved away. Mephiles slammed into a wall as Rouge threw a bomb. The bomb exploded and Mephiles was gone. The clones of Mephiles had melted and then formed into Mephiles and Rouge. Mephiles melted into a liquid and then upper cut Shadow. Rouge was about to help Shadow, but then, the fake appeared and kicked Rouge by the cheek. Mephiles got behind Rouge and caught her. Shadow hit the floor) “Shadow!” Rouge yelled. “Mephiles, let Rouge go.” Shadow said. “No, Copy Rouge, deal with him.” Mephiles said. “While I'll deal with you.” Someone said. (All four noticed Silver) “Silver, help me out.” Shadow said. “That's what I'm going to do.” Silver said. (He caught Mephiles and pushed him away from Rouge. The fake Rouge was running towards Shadow. But then a bomb had hit the fake's back and it was by Rouge. Rouge kicked the fake and Shadow had fired a Chaos Spear. Mephiles had appeared in front of Silver. Silver moved away from Mephiles' fists and then punched Mephiles. Mephiles moved away from Silver and made it to the center of the room. The Rouge fake had disappeared and formed into mini Mephiles clones. Silver had caught some and were throwing them towards Mephiles. Mephiles moved away as Rouge was throwing bombs and Shadow was homing attacking the clones. Silver then fused the Mephiles clones and then fired them all. Shadow had gotten in front of Mephiles and blinded him enough to get the clones to ram right into Mephiles. Mephiles had exploded and was on the floor. Mephiles' body was being melted into light green cells. Shadow placed his fingers onto the substance) “It feels weird, this wasn't Mephiles at all.” Shadow said. “I see, oh Silver, what were you doing here?” Rouge asked. “I became very worried and decided to help.” Silver explained. “Well let's just get back to the others.” Rouge said.

  (Meanwhile, back outside, Xover and Corruption had entered into the one on the right one. They were teleported to the outside where space was seen. A Corruption had appeared) “A clone of me, how dare Rose does this to me!” Corruption said. “Your angry at a clone of you, but your a clone of me.” Xover said. “You will both never see Master Rose destroy this planet!” The Fake Corruption said. “Xover, use Gravity based attacks.” Corruption whispered. “But will you be okay?” Xover asked. “Yes, I will help you defeat this clone.” Corruption whispered. (Xover fired a Magnet Missile while Corruption had two busters on his arms and was firing energy pellets. The fake Corruption was moving out from the blasts and the magnet. The real Corruption had floated up to the fake and was firing buster shots. The fake had moved away from the blasts and was about to ram right into Corruption. Xover jumped up and fired the Hard Knuckle. The fist was dragging the Corruption towards a wall. Corruption was firing buster shots and then two charged shots. There was smoke and then revealed the fake with his armor much more weaker then before and there were cracks. Then the fake Corruption had a shield around him and he was being healed. Energy pillars appeared around the room. Xover had fired the Rolling Cutter while Corruption was having the cables disconnect to the pillars and inserted them into himself and was gaining their energy. With all the energy gone from the pillars, the shield around the fake Corruption was destroyed. The real Corruption had given Xover a Battle Memory and then rushed to battle. Xover saw the memory and it was Zero's! Xover then equipped the memory and had gained a O1-Saber. It was a white handle with a blue laser sword. There was a yellow tip on the handle and there was a diamond laser on the sword. Xover saw Corruption and the fake pushing each other away with both cables connecting to each other. Xover dashed towards the two Corruptions and then slashed the fake Corruption's cables and let the real Corruption fire two charge shots from his busters. The fake had hit the wall and Xover was slashing with the O1-Saber and the real Corruption had started to charge up his two busters. Xover was still slashing until the fake had started to attack Xover. Xover moved out of the way and was firing pellets at the fake. Then Corruption had combined his two busters and fired the Charge Laser. Xover moved out of the way as the fake Corruption was hit full force. There was an explosion and revealed the green slime ounce again. Xover placed his fingers across the slime) “This is strange, I've never felt anything like this.” Xover said. “Interesting, I've never seen anything like this before.” Corruption said.

  (Meanwhile, Axl entered into the middle rose and was teleported to another room. He saw Vile in front of them) “Vile, you repaired yourself?” Axl asked. “Gah, I will kill you for Master Rose!” Vile said. “I'll do my best to beat you without my friends help, let's get this show on the road!” Axl said. (Vile fired a boomerang from his shoulder cannon and Axl fired out energy pellets. The pellets had busted through the boomerang and was starting to hit Vile. Vile was guarding as Axl was charging up his shot. Vile fired a ball of energy that was going towards Axl. Axl jumped away from the ball and fired at Vile. Vile got hit and jumped away. It left an energy ball floating and Axl was dashing towards it. Vile fired a napalm and Axl was about to touch the energy and the napalm exploded. There was smoke and another Vile came out? Vile fired at Axl and Axl in Vile's form moved away. Axl fired out a laser and it hit Vile. Vile then fired his arm and it was homing towards Axl. Axl grabbed it and then fired a napalm. Vile jumped up and was about to attack Axl. The napalm had exploded and there was a giant tornado and Vile was sucked up. Vile let out a napalm and Axl was moving out of the way. Then a giant purple boomerang had flew from Axl's cannon and was about to hit Vile. The tornado napalm had stopped and Vile was falling, the boomerang had hit Vile and Axl jumped up. Axl used Vile's fist he sent out to punch Vile in the face. Vile fired a napalm and it exploded at Axl's chest. Some of the explosion had hit Vile and caused light green cells to splatter all over Axl's left arm. Vile kicked Axl and Axl hit a wall. Axl transformed back to his original form and fell from the wall to the ground unconscious. Vile walked over to Axl with his shoulder cannon and was charging up an attack. Axl's left arm was changing and when it was over, it formed into a buster. Axl woke up and fired a charge shot at Vile's chest. Vile fired a laser and Axl moved out of the way. Axl kicked Vile and fired energy pellets. Vile had let out five energy blasts from his shoulder cannon and Axl moved away from them. Axl had charged up and was dodging from Vile's attacks, Axl then got out his pistol on his right hand and was charging it up. After a while of dodging, Vile was dashing right towards Axl and Axl fired out both charge shots. The two charge shots had hit Vile and he exploded. Just like the fake Mephiles and Corruption, some light green cells from Vile's body splattered all over Axl's left arm. Axl looked at his arm and saw it was now a buster. It had a black color like Axl's armor. It had two red stripes that went to the buster's tip) “What the, how did my arm become a buster, I thought X and Zero used it, now me?” Axl asked. “Wait, data is appearing in my mind, clone, evolution, Limited, what are these things supposed to do with Rose's plan?” Axl thought. (He left the room and was teleported back to the others)

  “Axl, what happened in there?” Zero asked. “I fought Vile and defeated him, some light green liquid got onto my arm and now it must have fused with my pistol.” Axl said. “What, let me see.” Zero said. (He grabbed Axl's infected arm and X walked over) “Is Axl okay?” X asked. “Yeah, I'm fine, this might be a new weapon to try out later.” Axl said. “Later is right, for now, we must get to Rose herself.” Mille said. “We destroyed the the guardians.” Shadow said. “Yes, Rose will soon learn her lesson.” Metal Android said. “You haven't done anything to help us.” Shade said. “That's because you are against me, why don't you destroy me when you have the chance?” Metal Android asked. “Well, we can't right now, Rose is our foe.” Blaze said. “There's the flower, are you all ready?” Ivory asked. “Let's rest a bit, there's still time.” Solar said. (After everyone had rested, they had gotten to the flower and was teleported to a hallway filled with an army of robots. Everyone was using their power to destroy every single robot. The group had made it to an elevator and it was going up) “Hey Sonic, do you think we'll defeat Rose?” Amy asked. “Yes Amy, I know we can defeat her.” Knuckles said. “Are you Sonic?” Rouge asked. “Ugh, no Rouge.” Knuckles said. “Rose, her power, it's the same as mine, but more stronger, what is she hiding from us, I have a bad feeling.” X thought. The elevator had made it to the top and the ceiling opened up. It was a room and there was a door. Then a mecha robot with rainbow colored wings and had a glass cover and Metal Sonic was inside had appeared) “A surprise to see something like this here.” Sonic said. “X, X.” Someone said. “Rose, it's her.” X thought. “Okay everyone, I have to face Rose alone, will you protect me while I get over there?” X asked. “Sure thing X, we'll do our best.” Ivory said. (X was running and everyone was dealing with the mecha bird. X managed to get inside of the room. It was a stairway and there was a piano music being played.

  After X got to the top of the stairway, he saw a door and entered through. He saw Rose playing piano with the view of a planet that was a star with two rings around it) “X you've made it to me, I knew you would come.” Rose said. “Rose, why are you doing this, to kill millions, why?” X asked. “There's no more emotions in me, I can't smile and be happy anymore, even if this world has to end, I will not smile, my life is gone.” Rose said. “But why are you so sad?” X asked. “I can't do anything, my life was stolen from me many years ago, I lost my memories of the good times and think of dark images and I don't know where to go.” Rose said. “But why don't you let me and my friends help you?” X asked. “They don't understand what pain I'm suffering, only you know of what I'm feeling.” Rose said. (She stopped playing piano and got up from her seat. When she turned around, there were tears on her cheeks) “Rose, what can I do to make you stop this insanity?” X asked. “There's only one choice you can make, you must fight me, destroy me, kill me, anything to end my life.” Rose said. “I can't do that!” X said. (A vine emerged in front of X and it hit him) “What's the matter X, can't you fight me, show me your power, or I will make you!” Rose said. “It seems I have no choice, I have to fight.” X thought. “That's it Rose, I'll defeat you and save this planet!” X yelled. “That's the spirit to fight, now it's time, let's begin our fight!” Rose said. (Plants had covered the door and sealed it off. Rose then jumped up and threw leaves at X. X dashed away and fired energy pellets at Rose. One pellet had hit Rose and she hit the ground. Rose then formed two vines and they circled around X. Rose formed a wooden sword and was slashing at X. X was jumping away and tried to get to the walls, but then a vine had smacked into X's face and let X hit the ground father then the wall and Rose. The two vines had started to circle around X and one was about to jab into X's face. X moved quickly enough and then Rose had smacked her sword at X's helmet. X then fired a Speed Burner and let the sword get burnt. The fire disappeared and it left it turn to ashes. Then X fired Shotgun Ice and it froze Rose. X was charging up his buster and then dashed towards Rose. Rose was breaking through the ice as X unleashes his charge shot at Rose. The charge shot had hit Rose's chest and Rose had hit the ground. The two vines then encircled around X again. Just as one was about to hit X, X had been consumed by fire and the two vines had hit X were caught on fire. Just as Rose got up, X dashed right into Rose's chest. Rose had formed a leaf tornado around her and the Speed Burner was burning them to bits. The Speed Burner had ended and Rose had kicked X. Roots had appeared from beneath X and was smacking him. While X was getting hit, a Shotgun Ice came from his buster and it hit Rose and almost froze her entire body. The pants were being frozen and X had fired Tornado Drill and it had burrowed through the vines and broke them to pieces. X then had charged up his Tornado Drill and then a drill was attached to the buster. X then was slashing Rose with the charged up Tornado Drill. Rose then had a vine grab X by the leg and another had smacked the drill and was stuck on X's buster. Rose had broken through the ice and was kicking X and had leave blades on her arms and was slashing X. When Rose was about to attack X again, the two vines had been disintegrated as X's eyes turned into a glowing bright red. X's armor became a black color again and Rose watched. Rose then had formed trees around the area and X was in the center. X was slashing through the trees with the Dark-Saber on his buster. After all the trees were cut down, Rose was standing and let out a giant tree with vines coming out from it. When the vines got closer to X, X was consumed by fire and went through the tree and was ramming right at Rose's chest. X backed up and had fired a Shotgun Ice to the air. Then snow was coming down and was pushing Rose's skirt part of her dress with the wind flowing. Ice statues of penguins appeared and they were boosting towards Rose. Rose had vines appear around her and was trying to protect herself. But the frozen penguins had hit Rose and she saw X on one. Rose hit the wall and the penguin shattered into pieces. X jumped from the one he was standing on and had two drills on both arms and was slashing Rose's body. Rose had a tree get X away from her. But X slashed the tree and then the two drills were gone. X was charging up his buster and the blizzard was gone. Negative Energy was powering up the buster and dark electricity was surrounding the buster. Rose tried to stand up and was able to do so. X then unleashed the Negative Charge Shot and it had hit Rose. There was a bright flash of light as Rose screamed in pain. The light stopped and Rose was heavily injured)

  “Why, why didn't you kill me, you had the chance, yet you refuse.” Rose said. “Your an organic, and I can't kill you.” X said. “But you killed my forces, and they were organic, if you killed them, why can't you kill me?” Rose asked. “I don't want to hurt you!” X yelled. (Rose hugged X and was crying) “Please X, end my suffering, I want to die.” Rose said. (X grabbed Rose's hand) “I can't, no matter how hard you force me, I won't let you do it.” X said. (Rose backed up and was in the center of the room) “If you refuse to hear my voice, then I'll, (Rose formed a wooden sword) kill myself.” Rose said. “No, don't do it Rose, we can stop the Dictator together, then your suffering will stop.” X said. (He was running towards Rose, but plants had risen up and surrounded Rose) “I'm sorry X, but go back with your friends, stay with them, ignore me.” Rose said. “Wait, before you die, who is your friend?” X asked. “What, he never existed, I made it up just to pretend that I had a friend, I was alone, and I will always be, goodbye X.” Rose said. (She was about to slash with the sword, but then, the jewel on Rose's forehead was glowing and Rose was in pain. She dropped the sword and the vines died out. X rushed to Rose and was about to help her, but then, dark energy had been escaping out of Rose's body and was pushing X back. Three locks had appeared on Rose's body and one had shattered and Rose screamed. She then melted into light green slime and X just stared at it. X walked over to the slime and placed his hands onto it. The slime was slipping through X's fingers and X began to hear voices. X ignored them and had walked over to the door, but it slammed shut. Wires had appeared from the walls and connected to X's back. X felt pain as the wires were reading through his data. More wires began to connect to X and X was closing his eyes) “My nightmare is coming true!” X thought. (The wires were connecting to X's helmet and X screamed with his eyes wide open to reveal red irises and yellow scars on his cheeks. The wires disconnected and X fell to the ground. X closed his eyes and was trying to recover from the pain.

  X began to open his eyes and he saw that the slime was gone. X got up and was rubbing his head) “Ow, what just happened?” X asked. “Those wires, where are they?” X thought. (He began to hear a noise and looked towards the direction of the noise. He saw Rose with half of her face being metal with a red crystal eye that was glowing) “Your not an organic, your a machine!” X yelled. (Rose began to laugh) “Your so silly X, I'm a half organic Reploid.” Rose said. “What, but how can that be?” X asked. “I was bound to stay in this form until you broke the first lock to the Dark Chains, I thank you so much X.” Rose siad. “A half organic Repoid?” X asked. “Yes, that's what I wanted for you to find out, I wanted you to kill me, but you refused, so now, you remember my real name, so say it.” Rose said. “I don't remember you!” X yelled.(He fired a charge shot and it had consumed Rose in smoke. As the smoke was clearing up, there was a figure. X was shocked to see that it was a Reploid wearing green armor. The armor was very similar to X's armor, but with more detail. The Reploid had the same size boots. On the left of the right and right of the left boot was a raised gray circle shaped pieces with orange surrounding the center. The center had a gray piece and a red gem in the center. Around the gray piece was three yellow spheres. The spheres were connected to the gray piece like a formation of a triangle. At the top of the boots was a purple metallic color that was wrapped around the top part of the boots. The right arm was a dark malachite green with four oval gems placed like an X shape. The right arm also had a hand. There were gray pieces that were raised pyramid shapes. The palm of the hand had dark malachite green plating and below the fingers was an orange color. The fingers were malachite colored and had tiny black stripes. On top of the fingers was three gray metal plates and the thumb had one. The left arm had a buster had four gray pieces which are between the red gems. Orange pieces come out of the gray and connect with the buster's tip. The gem was red with orange around it. The top third plate was sharp and the thumb had this too, resembling claws. The upper right part of the chest armor is an agate green with two dark blue stripes and a red stripe. The armor has a raised V that starts at the center bottom of the armor and below the red diamond. The shoulder armor is connected to the V. On the edge of the shoulders is a purple stripe and in the center between the head and the shoulders is a red stripe on both sides. On the bottom part which is below the V and connects to it was a raised gem with a red oval gem at top, orange below, and yellow at the bottom, which resembles evil eyes. The neck had a malachite color. The helmet was a dark agate color. The sides of the helmet has a gray raised piece with the center being a red gem. There was dark blue around the sides piece like the light blue on X's helmet. Above the dark blue is a malachite green color that starts at the center. The color is separated by a red triangle that points down to the Reploid's face. Above the red triangle is a red gem raised by a gray piece. There were two red triangles that were pointing away from the gem. One was pointing up, the other triangle was on the right side. Below the half upper red triangle is a half of a malachite stripe that goes to the back of the helmet. The arms moved away and revealed it's face and revealed red irises and yellow lighting bolt scars going down from the cheeks to the bottom of the face) “Long time no see Megaman X.” The Reploid said. “No, it can't be!?” X yelled. “I see your very shocked, how nice.” The Reploid said. “Return X, I thought you were dead many years ago!” X said. “I was, but I came back, but that doesn't matter, I see your trembling in fear.” Return X said. “I'm not, (X fired a charge shot and Return X slashed it to pieces and slashed at X's face, ripping some of the skin parts covering the metal on X's face) GAH!” X yelled. “Silly X, I thought you were better then that, oh well, I guess I'd just destroy Pop Star.” Return X said. “No, you won't! X yelled. (Shotgun Ice was fired by X and Return X grabbed it. He crushed it and dashed towards X and was ready to cut him to pieces. X was moving away and trying to avoid Return X's claws. X accidentally tripped and Return X had his hand onto X's chest and dragged it down, cutting through the armor and revealed the insides. Return X kicked X and X was rolling on the ground as Return X had a bit of X's armor on his fingers) “Is that the best you've got, I'll finish you right now.” Return X said. (He walked over to X and was about to hit X. But X fired a charge shot at Return X's face. Return X backed up with his hands covering his face, X got up and had his right arm over his chest. X was charging up his buster and unleashed the charged version of Speed Burner at Return X. Return X had his left arm push away X and then fired a charge shot. X was stopped and stood still. Return X had charged up his buster and placed it at X's chest. Return X then fired and let a giant hole in X's chest. X fell over and hit Return X's right shoulder) “I won't lose to you.” X whispered. (Return X jabbed his claws at X's back and X passed out. Return X let X fall to the ground and Return X walked in front of X and had his buster pointing at him) “Such a shame you didn't fight back, oh well, I've waited a long time for this.” Return X said. (He charged up his buster and was about to deal the final blow.

  But then, a laser hit Return X by the back) “No, you'll just have to wait!” Someone said. (Return X turned around and saw Vile standing near the door) “Vile, what are you doing here, I thought Zero killed you!” Return X said. “Well I had a little help, but I'm not going to tell you, this fight is between the both of us and not X.” Vile said. “You beat me, hah, you lost to X three times, how do you estimate this time you'll defeat me and X?” Return X asked. “I'll prove you wrong!” Vile said. (He fired an energy blast from his shoulder and Return X slashed though it and was dashing towards Vile. Vile jumped away and fired a napalm from his knee. It exploded and Return X had his arms cover his face. Vile was running and then had fired out a missile. Before Return X could fire at it, the missile split into three and Return X slashed the main one. Vile then fired out five energy blasts and Return X dodged through them. Return X was charging up his buster and then unleashed a charge shot. Vile knelt down and unleashed a green flame from his knee and let the fire destroy the charge shot and damage Return X. Return X had smoke coming from his body and then unleashed a red Storm Tornado. Vile had fired a blue tornado and they both clashed. The two tornadoes hit Vile and Return X and pushed the two to the walls. The two slid down from the walls and hit the ground. Return X noticed X beside him still unconscious. Just as Return X's hand was about to touch X's shoulder, there was a small energy pellet that hit Return X's arm. Return X saw Vile standing up) “What was that for?” Return X asked. “I said between you and me, not X!” Vile said. “Fine, will you get angry?” Return X asked. (He kicked X and his body rolled towards the center of the room) “Your like a brat!” Vile said. “Hah, I don't follow your orders, (Return X had dashed towards Vile and kicked him down. Return X was charging up his buster) I will be the one to defeat X!” Return X said. (He fired the charge shot at Vile and there was a mini explosion. Vile was defeated and had black dust on his body. Return X then kicked Vile and he rolled beside X and was on his stomach. Return X then walked over to the ruined piano and pulled out a chip) “I will be ready for those fools when they arrive, all I need to do is wait.” Return X said.

  (After a while, Sonic and friends had made it to the room. They found X and Vile lying on the floor. Zero and Axl got to X) “X, wake up, are you alright?” Zero asked. “That damage, their from buster shots and claws.” Axl said. “Who did this?” Knuckles asked. “I did.” Return X said. “Rose?” Blaze asked. “Oh Blaze, I knew you would be here.” Return X said. “Huh, who said that?” Sonic asked. “There's a high energy reading, show yourself Rose.” Metal Android said. (Return X walks out from the shadows) “Hello everyone, ah Zero, it's been a long time since the Masquerades.” Return X said. “What, Rose, is that you?” Blaze asked. “Oh, your Rose's friend, aren't you.” Axl asked. “You making such a lie, what your seeing is my true form, its because the Dictator had a little things done to me which ruined my life.” Return X said. “The Dictator never told me anything about you being like that.” Metal Android said. “I remember those painful memories of being beaten down till you came.” Zero said. “And why didn't you tell that to Prototype?” Return X asked. “Zero, I thought I knew everything, now you keep secrets from me?” Axl asked. “I, I, listen Return X, we'll stop you and save this planet!” Zero said. “Very well, hopefully you'll be better then X, he was pathetic and not worth my time, at least I killed him this time.” Return X said. “If X goes down, I will make sure that you go down!” Zero yelled. (He dashed towards Return X with the Z-Saber ignited. Zero slammed the saber at Return X. But Return X had shielded the Z-Saber with his left hand. Then Return X fired a charge shot at Zero. Everyone was fighting against Return X. But Return X's power was to strong and he had defeated everyone) “That was too easy, but now, I'll take care of this planet, there will be no one to stop me, not even the Dictator himself!” Return X yelled. (Back with X and Vile, a red glow appeared on Vile's helmet. Vile woke up and noticed X) “X, can you hear me?” Vile asked. (X opened his eyes and looked at Vile who was holding onto the Dark Sapphire) “Vile, I can, are you alright?” X asked. “X, I'm about to loose all my energy, you can't let this Maverick win.” Vile said. “But Vile, how can I win if I lost?” X asked. “You can't win by yourself X, with our combined power, we will save your friends.” Someone said. (Vile gave X the Dark Sapphire and the three other Dark Jewels had appeared around X. Then, there was a purple light coming from X's chest and X got up. Return X noticed the purple light and turned around.

  He saw X floating a bit up from the ground with the Dark Jewels circling around him. Return X dashed towards X and was about to slash him. Then there was an energy field that pushed Return X away. Then the Dark Jewels had became absorbed into X's body. The gem on the helmet turned from red to purple. Then the armor turned black with lighter black color. Then, the shoulder pads, X-Buster, chest armor, upper part of the leg armor was being consumed by Negative Energy. The energy broke and formed an armor. The shoulders became covered with the armor and it was more longer and were at an upward angle pointing away from the head. There was an orange color at the end part of the armor on both shoulders. The boots became covered in the armor and had an oval white piece on the outer sides of the boots. The chest armor had light green armor and on the center part of the chest had a white oval that was sideways. In the center of it was an oval gem that was orange. Above on the top of the white oval part was four downward rectangles in the center part of the oval. In between the shoulder and the chest armor was an orange color. Also in between and on the shoulder pads is a white device just like Xover's. But the pieces go up and the center gem was orange. The 
X-Buster became the Clear High Buster. On both sides was a gray circle piece with a red stripe around the light green gem in the center. There was a light blue color on the sides and the gem was on the back and near X's arm. On the edge of the light blue near the buster's tip was an insoles trapezoid on both sides. The bottom part of the buster was a light green guard that had the end part at the back of the buster a part of blue. On the front part of the buster where the energy if fired, there was the main gray circle piece with red all over the outside of it except the tip of the part. There were four mini parts that connected to the main buster. They all had light green on the bottom and blue at the top. Inside of the buster and pieces was red circle gems. Inside of the leg, shoulder, and chest had wires and pieces connecting to each other. X had opened his eyes and they revealed red irises) “X, what the, is that the power of the Dark Crystal, no matter what, I will be the only one to defeat you!” Return X said. “You had hurt all of my friends and foes, and since your a Maverick, I can't forgive you.” X said. “No matter, I will win this time, get ready to lose X!” Return X said. (He fired a red charge shot and it was heading towards X. X then fired a Speed Burner which was now blue fire and it went through the charge shot and was about to hit Return X. Return X had moved away and dashed towards X. Return X was scratching X and X was defending himself. Return X had fired a charge shot at X and moved away. There was a bit of smoke, but X was still standing. X had rammed his buster right into Return X and fired a charge shot. Return X was flung to a wall and he shape shifted. Then a vine grabbed X by his right arm. Rose walked out and still had electric streaks on her cheeks. Rose then grabbed the vine and the two were pulling. X then had a Tornado Drill fired and it cut through the vine. Rose fell and regained his balance. Rose then jumped up and a giant beanstalk was growing. There were giant leaves and Rose was jumping onto them. X jumped up and was on the leaves. After a while, X was still on the leaves looking. Then Return X had slashed X's right side of his body. X then was falling with a claw mark on his body and Return X then jumped down. X noticed Return X and was firing charge shots. Return X was slashing through the shots and was firing at X. The buster shots were hitting X and Return X did a spiral dive. When the two collided to the ground. X had Return X's claws stuck and X couldn't get out from the hole that was made. Then, Return X was about to impale his claws into X's face. X moved away and the claws hit the ground. X fired Shotgun X which froze Return X whole. X moved away and was charging up his buster. The ice was shattering and then Return X had escaped. Return X dashed towards X and was charging up his buster. X fired a Hyper Charge shot and Return X avoided it. Then Return X had fired a charge shot at X with all his power. X was flung and had hit a wall. Dust had covered X. But then, Negative Energy was flowing through X's body even more then before. As Return X watched, X had came out from the wall with two Tornado Fangs on both arms. X was trying to slam them into Return X's body. Return X was moving out of the way and then held onto the left Tornado Fang with his hands and was holding it out pretty well until X had red lines appearing on his armor. X's eyes glowed into a bright light and then dragged the two Tornado Fangs down Return X's hands and body. There was a rip on the skin of Return X's face and it had hit the eye. Return X closed the eye as it was becoming a full red color. X then was slashing at Return X with the Tornado Fangs. Return X fired a red Storm Tornado and it had pushed X back. Return X was breathing heavily as X pointed his buster at the sky. Then it was raining icicles. Return X was moving out of the way and when a giant one was about to fall on top of Return X. Return X had fired a charged laser and melted the icicle. Return X then escaped from X and entered into a different room. X then pursued.

  When the door opened. X saw Return X had a chip in his hands. It was gray with two purple rectangles on the two sides. There was a purple triangle in the center of the gray and there was a yellow Sigma symbol. Around it was a blue border. Return X then inserted the chip into his chest and then his electric cheeks turned into a purple color. The claws on Return X's arms had turned into longer and more sharper blades. Return X slashed the air and it left behind a yellow slash mark. Three energy balls had appeared and they were flying towards X. X rolled out of the way and then had formed a Dark-Saber. Return X was about to collide his claws into X and X was slashing at Return X. The saber and Return X's claws had clashed. The two had their busters pointing at each others chests and they unleashed a hyper charge laser. The two slammed into walls and X's armor was breaking up. But then, it recovered. X got out from the hole and saw Return X. The two dashed towards each other and had started to slash with the Dark-Saber and claws. After a while of slashing, X fired a Shotgun Ice and had froze Return X ounce again. X then charged up his buster and then dashed towards Return X. The ice was broken and X's buster had touched Return X's chest. With the power gained by how healthy X is, the power became to strong and it had penetrated Return X's body and was consumed by the laser. After the bright light, X's armor returned back to normal and had walked over to Return X's body. Some of the body was melted and the bottom part of the right cheek was metal) “This battle is over.” X said. “What, but why, can't I beat you?” Return X asked. “Maybe my power might have been more stronger then before.” X said. “Your power has improved.” Return X said. “Why did you work with Metal Android in the first place?” X asked. “The Dictator, he was the main reason for my suffering, he cursed me in a body I hated and there was nothing I could do about it.” Return X explained. (He closed his eyes) “Well done Megaman X.” The Dictator said. (X looked around and saw no one. He then noticed a screen with the shadow of the Dictator) “You, so your the one who kidnapped Zero and Axl.” X said. “So you remember that party, I enjoyed as you fought Return X.” The Dictator said. “What, you saw my entire battle?” X asked. “Yes, but now is the time to say goodbye.” The Dictator said. (The screen turned off and the place began to glow red) “Self destruction activated in ten seconds.” A voice said. “How can I get everyone out of here in time?” X asked. (An energy shield had surrounded X) “What the?” X thought. (There was a bright light and X was teleported back to Pop Star and landed on to a beach unconscious) “Zero, Axl, Xover, did they not make it in time, did I lose everyone?” X thought. (Everything faded to black)

  “X, X, wake up X.” Someone said. (X began to slowly open his eyes. He saw Xover looking at him. He smiled) “Xover, your, alive?” X asked. “Yeah, we somehow made it back down here, but I don't know why.” Xover said. “Is X awake yet?” Corruption asked. “Yeah, quick, go tell Zero.” Xover said. “Understood.” Corruption said. (He left the room) “So is Zero alive?” X asked. “Yes, he was worried sick when we found you on the beach, we rushed you to the fountain in the middle of the city.” Xover said. “X, your alive!” Zero yelled. (X and Xover found Zero in the distance) “Zero, so everything is alright?” X asked. “Yeah, but what about Return X, how did we get here?” Zero asked. “I fought with him, Vile gave me the Dark Sapphire and I was able to gain the Clear Armor, did they both make it?” X asked. “Vile yes, but I don't know where Return X is, we think he may be dead.” Zero said. “I don't believe that.” X said. “What, do you think that?” Xover asked. “Yeah, if we were teleported back here, maybe he has as well.” X said. “Well let's not hope for that.” Xover said. “”Xover, it's time for us to go to the next dimension.” Mille said. “Really, why?” Xover asked. “Oh, forgive me, but we had just met hours ago, but we must leave for the next dimension, it is the halfway point of our journy.” Mille said. “Okay, I have to get going myself, isn't that right Corruption?” Xover asked. “I have to return to the future, don't you need to stop Master.” Corruption said. “Yes, yes, I know, just keep an eye on his and make sure he doesn't find out, can you do that for me?” Xover asked. “Very well, goodbye X, Zero, I'll see you another day.” Corruption said. (Xover formed a time portal and Corruption was about to enter through. He noticed X and Zero crying. He stopped and looked) “Tears, but, their Reploids, never mind.” Corruption thought. (He entered into the time portal just as everyone but Metal Android, Eggman, Vile, and the Squeaks had appeared) “Hey, X woke up, but where's Corruption?” Amy asked. “He left for home, I sent him back to our time.” Xover explained. “Hey X, your crying.” Sonic said. “Huh, (X felt tears running down his cheeks) I am, but how?” X asked. “Could it be, is the Dark Crystal bonding with you well enough to give you emotions?” Mille asked. “What do you mean Mille?” Zero asked. “Oh, I believe that you have bonded well with the Dark Crystal enough to give you and Zero emotions to cry, I guess I'd never knew that much about the Dark Crytal then I thought.” Mille said. “So are we ready to go to the next dimension?” Ivory asked. “Yeah, but Kirby, Meta Knight, Waddles, are you coming with us?” Sonic asked. “No, me and Waddles are staying along with the Squeaks.” Meta Knight said. “Alright, we'll take Kirby along.” Xover said. “Poyo!” Kirby said. (He was jumping up and down and got onto Xover's helmet. Ivory had gotten the Dark Sapphire and Shadow got the blue Chaos Emerald. They both said Chaos Control and a dimension portal opened up. They all said goodbyes and entered into the portal. 

  Meanwhile, in the Dictator's Throne Room, the door opened up. Eggman, Metal Android, and Vile entered into the room) “Master Dictator, Rose betrayed us and we found out that she wasn't a cat at all.” Metal Android explained. (The Dictator began to laugh) “What's so funny, he tried to kill me!” Vile said. “So Rose revealed her true self, I had known of that from the very start.” The Dictator said. “Wait, Rose was something else?” Eggman asked. “Yeah, a Maverick known as Return X, I now hate him even more!” Vile yelled. “Stop Vile, so Master Dictator, you have known of that from the very start, but how?” Metal Android asked. “I cannot tell you Metal Android, I will make sure that our guards will find him.” The Dictator said. “But let me do the pleasure of killing him.” Vile said. “Very well Vile, you will have your chance, now leave.” The Dictator said. (The trio had left) “So X had found out about Return X.” The Dictator thought.

  (Meanwhile, in a different dimension on a beach, Return X was lying unconscious. He then woke up) “Curse you X, why must you always win, (Return X grabbed a bit of the sand) no matter what, I always come back to defeat you.” Return X said. (His wounds began healing. Now Sonic and friends have collected four Chaos Emeralds and Dark Jewels. Only four of both jewels remain. What is the Dictator's next move? Will the guards find Return X? What is the secrets of the Dark Crystal. Only and maybe, Chapter 5 will tell.

I would like to thank you for reading up to the halfway point of the story, if you are wondering why this was published on December 17. It was because of Megaman's 25th Anniversary, so I wanted this to become a special. Also, this year is Kirby's 20th Anniversary, so I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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