Dimension Heroes

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Chapter Six: Returning Home
Start of Entire Chapter: 6/11/2013
End of Chapter: 8/2/2013
Published: 7/13/2013
Word Count of First Act: 5062
Word Count of entire Chapter: 26177

The dimension portal opened up and Xover came out alone in ruins of a highway. “Where am I?” Xover asked. (He heard an explosion and dashed towards it. He noticed white robots with black arms and legs. The chest armor, helmet, and boots were white while their foot part, arms, and shoulder pads were green. They had a symbol on the right side of their chest which was a dark purple hexagon with a pink shuriken. Around the shuriken was four blue circle. They were fighting against blue Mechaniloids with no arms and had two holes on it's shoulders for missiles and covers which rose up. It had green eyes and was firing missiles. The green robots were firing crystals and some Mechaniloids were getting impaled. Xover noticed two kids and a Gunbolt was about to attack them. Xover dashed towards the three and had punched the Gunbolt. It turned around to find Xover who had done a Charge Kick. It had destroyed the Gunbolt and Xover grabbed the kids as a part of the ruins was about to fall onto them. Xover had covered the kids with his body and had the rubble fall onto his back. Xover got up and the kids were running away from the fight) “Thank you Mr. Reploid!” The kids yelled. (Xover looked at the Gunbolts and Crystal Joes and noticed more fighting was going on.

  He dashed pass the fighting and entered into a building. There were Crystal Joes and they were walking across until rocks had dropped down and formed into Crag Mans. They were Reploids with boulder heads, arms, and boots. The rest of their bodies were black legs, a yellow chest armor and a mouth plate and red shades. It began to throw boulders and Xover had formed the O1-Sheild and was protecting the Crystal Joes as they were attacking the Crag Mans. Xover had gotten out to the building to notice that there were hovering platforms and a red building in the distance. Xover was dash jumping and had landed onto the hovering platform and then onto a red pillar. He noticed another platform and a red wire. Xover dash jumped and was able to made it to the red construction site and had fired the Wire. Xover reached to the top and went to the Boss Door. The door opened up and revealed an empty hallway. Xover had gotten through the Boss Door and went into another room.

  As Xover entered, a female Reploid wearing aqua green armor was on the ground. She had yellow irises and light blue streaks down her cheeks. There were four light blue crystals on the knees and are the shoulder pads. The boots had a yellow circle at the bottom near the foot part and had a swirl like a snail shell. Her chest armor was light green with the same symbol as the Crystal Joes, but this one had a normal purple color with light blue crystal cat eyes on the side while in the center was a light blue crystal. Her helmet had no forehead jewel and there was holes at the back part of the head. There were cracks on her armor and she looked at Xover) “A Maverick Hunter, here, but there were no orders.” The Reploid said. “No, I just got here by accident and decided to help out, what's going on?” Xover asked. “I have to explain later, but first, we must defeat Slasher.” The Reploid said. “Well that's nice Diamond, be a nice little jewel in your case.” Slasher said. (A Reploid with orange and dark purple armor had appeared. On his helmet, there was a dark purple border line near the face and two lines reaching to the sides in the form of eyes. There was a pink jewel in the form of a triangle on the forehead part of the helmet and the earpieces were pink as well. The chest armor had a symbol like Diamonds but the suriken was white and had four gray clouds. The forearms were orange with four dark purple crystal blades curved downwards towards the hands on each side. The boots had dark purple jewels on the bottom shaped like triangles and two circles which allowed the Reploid to fly. On the foot part was a dark purple end in the form of a rounded triangle. On the back was a red jet pack. The Reploid had dropped down) “Slasher, why did you go Maverick?” Diamond asked. “I got bored of being with you Reploid Defense fools, and without your leader, you can't do anything, maybe it was right to join with that Dictator.” Slasher said. “You are part of the Dictator's army, don't you understand what you will do to the future?” Xover asked. “So your Over-1, I've heard about you from the Professor, he seems to know a lot about you.” Slasher said. “Just tell me who the Professor is.” Xover said. “Well, I can't right now, I want to see the power known as Battle Memory.” Slasher said. “You want a fight, I'll give you one.” Xover said. (Slashed jumped up and activated his hover pack and fired Sonic Slicers.

  Xover used the O1-Shield and protected himself. Xover fired a Crystal Hunter and it hit Slasher and he fell to the ground consumed in a crystal. Xover jumped on top of the crystal, but then, Slasher broke free and grabbed Xover by the foot. Slasher flew up and was dragging Xover around the place. Xover had fired springs and they were bouncing around. Slasher avoided them and had slammed Xover into a wall. Xover fell down and Slasher had his arms form an X and the Sonic Slicers were charging up. Then, a crystal had hit Slasher's head. He turned around to find Diamond standing up. Slasher had fired an X Slicer at Diamond. Time stopped and Xover grabbed Diamond and moved her away, but time restarted again and Xover got an X slash on his back. Xover fell down dropping Diamond in a process. Slasher had landed on top of Xover) “What, is that it, your a Reploid from the future, and this is the best you can do?” Slasher asked. “Don't, push me to my limits.” Xover said. “Oh, I'll push you to your limits alright, get ready to be cut to pieces, (Xover grabbed Slasher by the leg and threw him towards the Boss Door. Slasher had hit the ground and he flew back up) alright then, no holding back!” Slasher said. (He dashed towards Xover and Xover had fired a Crystal Hunter. Slasher was frozen and Xover fired Noise Crush and it's sound broke the crystal and damaged Slasher. Slasher was covering his ear pieces from the loud noise. Xover had fired Wire and had jumped onto Slasher and had used the Ray Splasher. Slasher had pushed Xover and had landed. Xover looked up to notice Slasher with burn marks on his chest. He flew down and was about to charge up the X Slicer)

  “Enough Slasher!” Someone said. “Oh, Professor, I'm sorry that I fought with Xover, but you told me so much about him.” Slasher said. “Professor, you again, how do you know much about me and know my original name?” Xover asked. “I cannot say that Over-1, now Slasher, get going before you get into much more trouble!” Professor said. “Yes sir, I swear, I will fight you again, but farewell.” Slasher said. (He flew up to the sky as a giant ship had appeared and it's hatch opened up. Xover was about to fire, but it flew away. Xover looked down and got hit in the back by something. Xover was tired and fell to the ground. Then, a shadow appeared) “I've found Diamond, but what do I do with this other Reploid?” The figure asked. “Just take them both, but be careful.” Someone said. (The figure took both Xover and Diamond and had left the area.

  Xover woke up in a capsule that was opened and was next to Diamond. He looked around to find himself in a medical bay) “Oh look who's woken up.” Someone said. (Xover looked and found another Reploid. This one wore red and gray armor and had brown irises. It's helmet was a gray color and there was a red jewel on it's forehead shaped like a flame and there was fire coming out of the top of it's helmet. The chest armor was red and had a symbol on it's side and was the same as Diamond. It was brown with a dark red shuriken and gray circle. Around the shuriken was four volcanoes with magma inside of them. The shoulder pads were circles and the forearms were red and there were gray hands. The boots were red and had magma streaming down the brown feet) “Fireman, so am I back in the past?” Xover asked. “I don't know what your talking about past, but I used to be known as Fireman, anyways, I'm Inferno, leader of the Magma Defense Squad.” Inferno said. “Oh, but were you the one who knocked me out?” Xover asked. “Yes, with my Fire Busters, I wanted to ask you questions while you were getting repaired.” Inferno said. “But why knock me out, and where am I?” Xover asked. “Your inside of Reploid Defense Squad H.Q, I didn't know if you were a Maverick or not.” Inferno said. “Reploid Defense Squad, that's what X told me.” Xover said. “X, you mean the Megaman X, he's still alive?” Inferno asked. “Yeah, he was with me the entire time.” Xover said. “But where is he right now?” Inferno asked. “I don't know, we entered into a dimension portal and got separated.” Xover explained. “I see, so now we know that X is alive, I'll tell Samantha, you get some rest.” Inferno said. (He ran out of the room and locked the door. Xover tried to get up, but there were cables connecting to his body. Xover just lied down and closed his eyes.

  He began to hear voices and he woke up. He saw Inferno with a human who had orange irises and she wore a dark purple turtleneck shirt with a light blue stripe around the upper part of the chest and white crystal shoulder pads. The sleeves had a crystal ring connecting to the shoulder pads and were dark purple with a light blue stripe at the end. There were black tights as well as a dark purple skirt and a light blue belt. The dark purple boots had two white crystal rings at the top. The two were starring down at Xover) “Thank you for bringing him Inferno, now can you help him get up?” The human asked. “Yes Samantha, okay Reploid, just rest.” Inferno said. (He walked over to the capsule's side and had pressed a green button. All of the wires was disconnecting and Xover stepped out) “So is it true that you saw X?” Samantha asked. “Yeah, but we got separated, how's Diamond doing?” Xover asked. “She's doing fine, but I have a question for you, who built you, your parts are a lot older then other Reploids working around here.” Samantha said. “Um, I have other great news, Zero and Axl are alive as well.” Xover said. “That's so nice to hear.” Samantha said. “Whew, got them off the subject.” Xover thought. “But do you know if Dr. Doppler is alive?” Samantha asked. (Right before Xover could say anything, a screen on a wall was flashing and a Reploid had appeared) “Samantha, Inferno, we have a signal coming from someone, come here immediately!” The Reploid said. “Right, we have to go to the Navigator Room, come with me!” Samantha said. (She ran off out of the room and both Xover and Inferno went after her.

  They all made it to the Navigator Room and found many Reploids wearing headsets communicating with many other Reploids on the screens and there was lots of noise. Samantha had gotten to an empty seat and had pressed a flashing red button. The screen turned on and revealed Vile) “It's about time you called.” Vile said. “Vile, but you were destroyed by X three times in the past!” Samantha said. “I know, but I wanted to tell you that there are four powerful Mavericks that are getting ready for the destruction of Abel City.” Vile said. “Oh no, but we know your not going to win!” Samantha said. “Really, without the three Maverick Hunters, hah, well, I hate to say this, but good luck.” Vile said. (The screen turned off and then turned back on to reveal a Maverick Select Screen. Four boxes had Mavericks in an order. Gravity Beetle, Overdrive Ostrich, Crush Crawfish, and Morph Moth. Samantha backed up) “There are many of them, and with only Inferno still active, how can we fight?” Samantha asked. “I know how to fight them.” Xover said. “Hold it kid, you don't know what's right or wrong in a situation like this.” Inferno said. “I do know, and I'll fight alongside you, is that alright Samantha?” Xover asked. “Um, yes, even though we just met, (Samantha shook her head) there's no time to act like that, we must stop those Mavericks!” Samantha said. “Got it, and we'll take on Morph Moth.” Inferno said. “Okay you two, I've got the locations ready, be careful.” Samantha said. (Both Xover and Inferno turned into white and red beams and had flew out of the building.

  The two beams had landed into a huge junkyard with a building in the distance. There were giant brown towers and miles of broken Reploids and Mechaniloids. Inferno placed his hand onto his ear piece) “We've made it to the Scrapyard.” Inferno said. “That's great, do you want me to send in the Hotheads?” Samantha asked. “No, I want to see if this Reploid is what he says.” Inferno said. “Got it, talk to me when you need help.” Samantha said. (The communication was cut off and the two Reploids walked towards the building) “I am a powerful Reploid, you just can't see it yet.” Xover said. “Is that so, I've fought more Mavericks then you ever will kid.” Inferno said. “Stop calling me a kid, behind you!” Xover said. (Inferno turned around to find a Garakuta Robot. It was a wheel with spikes and on top of it was a top part of a blue fish mechanaloid with teeth at the bottom. The head was a broken and rusted gray while having yellow ear pieces and a vent on the mouth and wears a hard hat. The shoulder pads were small black Mechanaloids with big eyes and a circle for a mouth. Like the Drgraver head, they wore a yellow hard hat except it had a black stripe going around and a green medic sign. Inferno had fired a fireball and four spinning fireballs had circulated Inferno. The fireball had hit the Garakuta and broke away it's head and shoulder pads. Balls of electricity had appeared on the walls of junk and had gotten out a Drgraver head and two Metools and were placed back onto the Garakuta and healing it. Inferno had fired out the four fireballs circling around him and the same thing had happened. More robots had came surrounding Xover and Inferno) “Shoot, these Garakutas are more stronger then the last time I went here.” Inferno said. “So what's your brightest move?” Xover asked. “We must use force and get inside of that building!” Inferno said. “Wait, let me try to think.” Xover said. (The Mechnaloids were getting closer and Inferno kept firing Fire Storms) “Hurry up kid!” Inferno yelled. “I've got it, (Xover touched his right forearm to reveal a hologram of Battle Memory. He touched a yellow one and then had raised his arms up to form black lighting bolts which scrambles the circuits of the Garakutas and they all fell apart) that takes care of that, now let's hurry before more come.” Xover said. “Wasn't too bad, but how were you able to do that?” Inferno asked. “I'll explain later, let's just get going.” Xover said. (He dashed towards the building and they made it to the entrance of the building. They both found a green Mechanaloid with two cannons on it's chest and four more on it's shoulder pads. The Cannon Diver had fired two missiles from it's chest and the two ducked. Xover fired three surikens with red centers and they all attached onto the Cannon Diver and the Magnet Mines had exploded and left the Cannon Diver in pieces. The two had entered into the building.

  Inside, they found lots of junk in the background and kept walking. They found a blue Reploid with blue armor and yellow shoulder pads, ear pieces, and on the wrists and feet. They were being hanged by green balls of light to the ceiling. Xover dashed passed two and the green balls had disappeared and the Reploids had fallen down. Inferno had fired Fire Storm and had burned them. They had jumped up and landed onto a raised part of the floor and continued on. They made it to a slope and Inferno had jumped up onto another raised part which had a slope. Xover fired Wire at the top and was going up as Inferno had kept dashing and climbing up the ladders. The two had gotten to the top and had dashed right. They found a broken capsule and there was a pink dragonfly Mechanaloid with bits of yellow and had a blue crystal eye and two fangs. It noticed Xover and Inferno and jumped into the scrap. A blue robot had emerged. It had a broken arm revealing the insides and a bit of armor remained on the back forearm. The left boot had broken armor at the top. The chest was ripped open and revealed the spinning gears and other functions. On the back was a tail and the Old Robot rebooted up. It jumped up and almost landed onto Xover and Inferno. Xover fired Pharaoh Shot while Inferno had fired Fire Storm. The fires had hit the Old Robot and it had turned around and punched Xover. Xover landed into the junk and got up with rust covering his fur collar. Inferno had fired the fireballs surrounding him at the Old Robot. The fire had hit it and cause it to fall into pieces. The pink Paradroid had jumped out of the host and had jumped around. Inferno had fired another Fire Storm and had destroyed it. Xover got up and Inferno grabbed Xover's fur collar) “What were you doing lying down on the junk?” Inferno asked. “I got stuck, now can you let go of me?” Xover asked. “Sure kid, just watch your back next time.” Inferno said. “Yeah, your worse then before.” Xover whispered. “What was that?” Inferno asked. “Nothing, nothing, I didn't say anything.” Xover said. “Jerk.” Xover thought. “Well, let's get going, come on kid.” Inferno said. (He dashed away and Xover was catching up. They found stairs and were climbing down.

  They made it to the ground and had continued on. In front of them was two platforms with spikes on the bottom and two holes with spikes. Xover jumped onto the platform and then saw green Paradroids flying around. One rushed towards Xover and he ducked. Inferno had fired a Fire Storm and had burned the Paradroid. Inferno had gotten to Xover and saw him firing pellets at the flying Paradroids. They were all destroyed and the two had jumped to the next platform and landed onto the ground. They found three Garakutas going around where a ladder was. Xover had fired Magnet Missiles and was breaking them up. More parts were being regenerated and Xover had fired a Thunder Beam and made the Garakutas explode. Xover and Inferno had then climbed down the ladder and found more Paradroids which didn't have wings and were jumping around. Xover and Inferno was running until a Paradroid had latched onto Xover's head and Xover was firing rapidly. Inferno ducked and then fired a Fire Storm at Xover's face. The Paradroid was burnt and Xover's face was completely black. Xover began to rub his face as Inferno had grabbed Xover's fur and was rushing across the room filled with Paradroids. Xover got out of Inferno's grasp and had went down the stairs. Xover landed and was dashing and Inferno was catching up with him. Xover landed onto more junk and felt that he was being pulled up. Xover got stuck and parts of junk was rising up and a Junk Robot had appeared. It looked up and saw Xover stuck and was about to jump up. Inferno rushed in and had punched the Junk Robot's head with a fiery fist and a Fire Storm to the chest. The Old Robot fell down and the Paradroid possessing it had popped out and Inferno had used the fire circling around him to destroy it. The gravity returned to normal and Xover fell. Xover got up and the two went on. They found more Garakuta robots and went through them like nothing. There were two Boss Doors and they both opened up and the two Reploids had entered.

  The second set of Boss Doors opened up and they saw a tiny Reploid which was in the form of a cocoon. The head part was purple, pink, and yellow with white eyes. On the sides was two gray tubes and the body part was many purple capsule shaped things with yellow tips) “That's Morph Moth.” Xover said. “Samantha, we found the Maverick, any advice?” Inferno asked. “I'm reading through the data from the Mother Computer, this may take a while.” Samantha said. “Just great, hurry up.” Inferno said. “Okay, it's main weakness is fire attacks, mostly Speed Burner.” Samantha said. “Fire eh, I'll just burn you alive Morph Moth!” Inferno said. (He rushed towards Morph Moth and was punching it with his fists of fire. Inferno had fired a fire ball and it caused Morph Moth to swing while on fire. Xover had jumped up and slashed the air with Slash Claw and caused Morph Moth to fall. It began to spin around with junk flying all over the place. Inferno had gotten behind Xover as he used the O1-Sheild. A wed had been shot from Morph Moth and he had went back up and Inferno jumped on top of Xover and rammed his Flame Busters at the Maverick and had fired. Morph Moth had landed onto the ground and another web appeared and Morph Moth went through the ceiling.

  The ceiling broke and two halves of Morph Moth's cocoon had fallen down to reveal the true form of Morph Moth. It was much taller and had yellow wings with circle gems. The body had colors of pink, purple, and yellow. Morph Moth had landed onto a pile of junk) “What are you doing that's causing you to be a Maverick like before?” Xover asked. “I'm in charge of resurrecting Reploids, but since your here, I have to stop you from preventing the destruction of Abel City!” Morph Moth said. (He flew up and began to fly around sprinkling golden dust while diving down. Xover and Inferno had jumped out of the way and Inferno had fired Fire Storm. It hit Morph Moth and he paused as Inferno had the fire circling around him attack the moth. Xover jumped up and preformed Rising with the
O1-Saber and when Xover was going down, he had the saber pointing at Morph Moth while consumed in ice. Xover landed on top of Morph Moth and frozen him. Morph Moth fell to the ground and Inferno had charged up his busters. When the ice broke, Inferno had slammed his busters into the ground and molten lava had appeared on the ground and some had risen up and burned Morph Moth. Inferno had stopped and Morph Moth began to explode. There was a bright light and Morph Moth disappeared. Xover and Inferno did victory poses. Xover's was revealing the Battle Memory of Morph Moth while Inferno's was firing flames from his busters.

  When they were done, a dimension portal opened up and three figures came out. X, Zero, and Axl had exited out) “X, you've finally made it.” Xover said. “Xover, hey, is that Inferno?” X asked. “X, you are alive, and so is Zero and Axl.” Infeno said. “Long time no see, it's been a whole month since we disappeared.” Zero said. “What's going on?” Return X asked. “You'll find out soon.” X thought. “It has, but we need to head back to Reploid Defense Squad H.Q.” Inferno said. “What for?” Axl asked. “Samantha will explain, but let's get out of here.” Inferno said. (The five turned into Beams of light and had escaped from the junk.

  The beams had landed and formed into the five Reploids. Samantha saw them all and ran up to the group and hugged X) “X, Zero, Axl, all three of you are alive!” Samantha said. “Yes, we are, but what's going on, why is Xover with Inferno?” X asked. “I got out of a dimension portal and fought a Maverick named Slasher.” Xover said. “So Slasher revealed himself, but what else happened?” Zero asked. “There are four Mavericks that are going to destroy Abel City with the help of Vile.” Xover explained. “That's bad, but what about Maverick Hunter H.Q, why are some Maverick Hunters here instead of there?” Axl asked. “Two weeks after you disappeared, Mavericks attacked the headquarters and destroyed it, we managed to get many out of there, but the three Navigators, they've.” Samantha said. “Been heavily damaged and are being repaired even as we speak.” Someone said. (Everyone saw Diamond with cracks on the crystals and Sonic was next to her) “Diamond, you've recovered, and you have Sonic with you.” Xover said. “Yes, a portal opened up in the Recovery Room and he came out.” Diamond said. “Hey guys, so are we ready to take on the next Maverick?” Sonic asked. “I think so, are you ready to fight the next Maverick?” Samantha asked. “Overdrive Ostrich sounds good enough, I wonder how fast he is?” Sonic asked. “Well, pretty fast, but that's located out in the desert of Central Point, and we're on Laguz Island, okay, X, Zero, I'm sending you out.” Samantha said. “Wait, let me have fun, I've beaten a lot of robots before, I'll stop this bird, I'm taking X and Diamond with me.” Sonic said. “But are you sure about that?” Diamond asked. “Yeah I am, let's just walk across the ocean.” Sonic said. “But Sonic, how is that possible?” Axl asked. “I am the fastest thing alive, just give us the directions and I'll be there in a flash.” Sonic said. “Alright, X, Diamond, you go on the Ride Chasers and take Sonic with you, I'll have the locations right away when your gone.” Samantha said. “Okay, let's get going.” Diamond said. (She ran off and X and Sonic went after her.

  They made it to a room near the ocean edge. There were many Reploids working on bikes with no wheels and were hovering. There was a purple one with light blue features and a blue one with red features. X and Diamond jumped onto the Ride Chasers as everyone was cheering for the return of X. The door to the ocean opened up and Sonic jumped onto Diamond's Ride Chaser. Both X and Diamond had blasted from the island and were on the ocean. Sonic looked at how fast the Ride Chaser was going, but also held onto Diamond's back) “How fast are we going?” Sonic asked. “Pretty fast, but I don't know how fast, why did you ask?” Diamond asked. “Well, were going pretty slow in my eyes.” Sonic said. “Well don't make me go faster, your an organic, something, and I can't harm organics.” Diamond said. “Yeah, do you have the coordinates yet X?” Sonic asked. “I'm trying to get a connection, but nothing.” X said. “I'm getting the same thing too, no contact from Samantha yet.” Diamond said. (They both kept riding through the ocean and they rammed into something invisible and their Ride Chasers had exploded upon the force and the three had been injured and X and Diamond had grabbed onto parts of the Ride Chasers and Sonic held onto Diamond) “What just happened?” X asked. “I don't know, something is right in front of us.” Diamond said. “But I can't see anything.” Sonic said. “He's right, there's nothing.” X said. (Diamond looked up) “Look out X!” Diamond said. (X looked up and saw two nets with electricity and the three were caught and getting electrocuted. A battleship had appeared out of nowhere and had pulled the two nets up. The electricity was too much and the three fell unconscious.

  Diamond began to open her eyes as she saw herself in a bed with three thick metal bars keeping her down at her chest, legs, and boots. She looked to her right and saw X and Sonic in the same shape as her. A door opened up and both Vile and a Reploid in the form of a red crawfish had appeared) “Ah, so you've woken up my dear.” The Maverick said. “Crush Crawfish, and Vile, where are we?” Diamond asked. “Your inside of the S.S. Android, and we're holding you hostage till the destruction of Abel City and Laguz Island.” Vile said. “But that's where, I won't let you do this!” Diamond said. “Struggle all you want, we're a few more miles left to join the others.” Vile said. (He and Crush Crawfish had left and the door closed. Diamond looked at X and Sonic) “Come on guys, wake up, we need to warn the others.” Diamond said. …... “I hope this was a dream, Samantha, can you hear me?” Diamond asked. (There was only static) “Nothing, please save yourselves.” Diamond thought. (She closed her eyes and was hoping it was a nightmare as the battleship was heading closer to RDS H.Q) What will happen to our heroes? Will Zero and friends know whats coming and save Abel City? Stay tuned for Act Two of Chapter 6!