Dimension Heroes

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Chapter Six Act 2
Published: 7/20/2013
Word Count: 4391

Meanwhile, back at RDS H.Q. Samantha was typing on the computer while the screen was static. Xover was sitting on a chair while Zero and Axl were watching the computer screen. Inferno walked over to Xover. “What do you want?” Xover asked. “I just want to say that your pretty good Reploid Defense Squad material.” Inferno said. “What does the RDS do exactly, I know about the Maverick Hunters purpose.” Xover said. “We were created to patrol New Generation Reploids in order to make production go back to normal for the Reploids since the Limine Incident.” Inferno explained. “Strange, I've never knew about you guys before.” Xover said. “You've been living under a rock kid?” Infenro asked. “Hey, no, um, hey Zero!” Xover yelled. (Zero turned around and walked towards Xover and Inferno) “What is it?” Zero asked. “Has Samantha been able to get a connection to X yet?” Xover asked. “No, not yet, but I'm sure that he's alright, we've been through this before.” Zero said. “Yes, so far, everything seems to be alright, nothing wrong happened, but I hope nothing terrible happens to X.” Xover said. “Why are you asking about that?” Inferno asked. “I may not look like it, but I'm from the future.” Xover said. “What, but why did you go to the past?” Inferno asked. “Because something terrible has occurred, sure the fighting has been broken, but there's no more signs of peace between humans and machines.” Xover said. “Now that's bad and against Dr. Light's wishes for world peace, alright, Samantha, I'll go find X!” Inferno said. “No, you have to stay here just in case of another emergency.” Samantha explained. (There was a loud explosion and everyone fell down as an earthquake had occurred. Axl got on top of Samantha as there was more explosions and rubble was falling) “What's going on?” Axl asked. “I don't know, but were being attacked, Axl, you stay here and keep Samantha safe, me, Xover, and Inferno will find out what's going on.” Zero said. (He, Xover, and Infenro dashed away from the room and the door was closed. Axl got off Samantha and she went over to another computer.

  She looked at the security cameras and found many Mavericks attacking many RDS Members and Maverick Hunters. Zero and Xover were found and Inferno was with many Hotheads on another screen. Samantha then began to hear Axl moaning and looked at him. She saw Axl's barley standing as his body was in a melted form and ran up to him) “Axl, are you alright?” Samantha asked. “I don't know, my body is changing, help me.” Axl moaned. “I don't know what to do Axl, we just have to hope that Inferno and the others will be alright.” Samantha said. “I can't move, take my pistol and defend yourself.” Axl said. “Okay, just hang on.” Samantha said. (She grabbed Axl's pistol and went back to the computer.

  Meanwhile, back on the battleship, X began to wake up. He looked around and found that he was alone) “What happened, where are we?” X asked. “I don't know X, but we can't find out with you held down.” Rose said. “Can't you help me?” X asked. “Sure, but be carefull, heehhee.” Rose laughed. (X's hands glew green and vines had appeared and ripped off the bars. X got up and struggled as he had his hand over his chest and sat down) “Ow, what was that for?” X asked. “Well, I told you to be careful, but you didn't listen to me.” Rose said. “Let's just find out where to go.” X said. “Wait, while you were unconscious, Sonic and Diamond were here, they must have been taken.” Rose said. “But where, and how were you able to find out?” X asked. “Well, I had a bit more time to look around before I passed out, I don't know where they were taken, but we have to find them.” Rose said. “Your helping me out?” X asked. “Well, um, let's just hurry up.” Rose said. (X went out of the room and found the hallway to be empty.

  X dashed left and went into a huge room filled with submarines and X hid behind one as Mavericks were passing by. X managed to sneak out of the room without getting detected. X had made it through the Maverick filled room and had kept going. Dashing pass many Ride Armors and blasting Mavericks, X had made it into a room with many crates. He found a door and entered into it. It was a giant elevator that was going up) “What do you think is ahead of us?” X thought. “I don't know, but I fear something bad will happen.” Return X said. “Now you've changed from Rose to Return X?” X asked. “Yeah, I'm getting better with my powers, thanks to you.” Return X said. “I don't know if I should say your welcome, or not.” X thought. (The elevator had hit the top and the door opened up.

  X stepped in and was in a big room with a pool of water in the center and a door far in the distance. There was a crane with both Sonic and Diamond wrapped by chains on their wrists and around their bodies. X was walking towards them when a tentacle wrapped around X's arm and thrusted him towards the water. X grabbed onto a pipe and wrapped his left arm around it and was pulling. Octopod had jumped out and X had let go. Octopod had landed onto the water) “Hello X, I was waiting for you.” Octopod said. “You again, what are you planing to do, why destroy?” X asked. “We are under the will of our master, that foolish Rose will have her punishment.” Octopod said. “Yeah, in a million years.” Return X said. “Alright Ocotopd, let my friends go.” X ordered. “Hahahha, how childish X, you believe that you can save this world, everyone will be ruled over the Dictator.” Octopod said. “That will never happen, you and the Dictator's ideals will never come true!” X yelled. “So you refuse, you will go down to Davy Jones Locker with your silly thoughts!” Octopod said. (He launched his tentacles towards X.

  X had jumped away and one tentacle grabbed X's leg and pulled him down. X hit the ground and more tentacles were reaching for him. X had gotten loose from the grasp of the tentacle and dashed away as they were all tangled. Octopod had made his tentacles towards him and they were untangled. Octopod noticed X trying to reach for Sonic and Diamond and threw a barrel at X. X looked and got hit and slammed into a wall. Octopod had ran up to X and had wrapped his tentacles all over him. X was trying to move, but Octopod had forced him and then grabbed out a cutlass and was about to slash. X protected himself with the X-Buster while it had Tornado Fang. Octopod slashed again and X had slashed back. X fired a charge shot and it hit Octopod and sent him and X into the water. X fired energy pellets as Octopod was swimming around him. Octopod had rushed towards X and X jumped. Octopod had swam and kept swimming as he rammed into X by the back. X had fallen to the bottom of the pool nearly unconscious. X opened his eyes to see Octopod right behind him wraping his tentacles around X. X tried to break free, but he was too exhausted. Octopod had dragged X out of the pool and kept holding him. Octopod then grabbed onto a pistol and loaded it. He aimed it at X's head. 

  The door opened up and Vile came in) “Now all I need to do is, Octopod, what are you doing?” Vile asked. “Huh, Commander Vile, I was just taking care of this fool.” Octopod said. “Vile, cough, you.” X moaned. “Ah X, you've woken up, (Vile had grabbed one of the tentacles wrapped around X's chest and pulled. The two were starring at each other) I'm so glad to hear that, now hold him Octopod, I'll show Return X who can really defeat X.” Vile said. “Oh no, what do I do, huh, what's this feeling in my chest?” X thought. (Vile pointed his shoulder cannon at X, but then, X was screaming as green goo was escaping from X's body. It latched onto Vile and then landed and formed into Return X) “Alright Vile, I'll show you how not to defeat X.” Return X said. “What the, how did you do that?” Vile asked. “Return X, please help me.” X said. “Alright you two, I'll take you both on.” Return X said. “Be careful Return X.” X said. (Return X quickly dashed into Octopod and slashed the tentacles and grabbed X. The two got out of the room and entered into another which was a storage room. They heard Vile and Octopod and hid behind crates which were far away from the other room) “Okay X, I'll distract them while you get your friends.” Return X whispered. “But will you be okay?” X asked. “Yes, there's an opening and I'll meet with the Mavericks there while you crawl away from us.” Return X whispered. “Alright, I'll get going.” X whispered. (Return X had gotten away from his hiding spot and walked towards an opening) “Hey Vile, Octopod, are you going to show up or not?” Return X yelled. (X peeked from a small opening and saw Octopod sneaking behind him. Right when he was about to yell, a hand had covered X's mouth and grabbed his buster. X saw Vile right behind him) “Now what are you doing here?” Vile asked. (X began to struggle as he heard buster shots. Vile looked through the opening and was about to fire at Return X.

  X closed his eyes as Vile fired. It hit Return X's back and he contined to get wrapped around by Octopod's tentacles. Vile had moved from the boxes and revealed himself and X out in the open) “Vile, leave X alone!” Return X said. “I'm sorry, but give up and we'll spare his life.” Vile said. “Are you sure about that, no, I don't trust you.” Return X said. “Very well, Octopod, destroy him while I take care of our plan.” Vile said. (He and X got away from the room and left Return X with Octopod. Octopod had continued to warp tentales around Return X until he broke free by melting. He reformed behind Octopod and had slashed his back and then kicked him. Octopod had hit a wall and had looked up. He saw Return X charging up his buster and then firied it. Octopod was in danger and had gotten up) “Your pretty good, but what comes up must go down.” Octopod said. (He wrapped tentacles around Return X's boots and flung him in the air. Return X hit the celing and had landed on top of a box and breaking it. Octopod had went up to Return X and had wrapped around him. Return X looked up) “I won't lose to you.” Return X said. “Well see about that, (Return X had shape shifted into Rose and had formed vines that grabbed Octopod. She then turned back and had slashed Octopod until he rammed his RX-Buster at Octopod's chest and fired. Octopod had fallen to the ground) gah, alright, alright, you win!” Octopod said. “Now where is Vile taking X?” Return X asked. “To Zero, he's taking X to Zero!” Octopod explained. “Thank you, (Return X stepped on top of Octopod and walked off.

  Meanwhile, Zero and Xover were fighting Mavericks with the Z and O1-Sabers) “You think we can fight them off?” Xover asked. “Yes, I've done this many times, just calm down and don't let your guard down!” Zero said. (They kept slashing through many Mavericks until a laser was shot and the Mavericks stopped and moved away. The two saw Vile still holding X hostage) “Hello everyone, look who I have.” Vile said. “Vile, let go of X right now!” Zero yelled. “I won't, unless you agree.” Vile said. “With what?” Xover asked. “Zero, by the Dictator's orders, you are to be captured and brought to him, so we'll do a trade, you give yourself up while X is let go.” Vile said. “Don't do it Zero, what if it's a trap?” Xover asked. “No, Vile isn't telling any lies, I want to meet with the Dictator in person, alright Vile, (Zero dropped the Z-Saber and then walked towards Vile) take me.” Zero said. (Vile threw X and he hit the ground and grabbed Zero's arm) “Zero, don't do this!” X yelled. “Sorry X, but don't worry, you'll find me.” Zero said. (He gave X a thumbs up and he and Vile were teleported and left X and Xover to keep on fighting.

  Meanwhile, Inferno and red Mechanialoids were fighting against the Mavericks) “So many of these things, I don't know how long I can keep this up!” Inferno said. (Blue wind, Crystal Eyes, and a red charge shot had hit a few Mavericks and it was Sonic, Diamond, and Return X) “Hang on Inferno, we must find Zero, where is he?” Diamond asked. “He's upstairs with the kid.” Inferno explained. “Kid, who's that?” Sonic asked. “That white Reploid, someone go check on them.” Inferno said. “Got it, you two help fight here.” Sonic said. (He ran off and left Diamond and Return X to help Inferno fight the Mavericks.

  Sonic made it to the Control Room and found Samantha injured on the floor) “Please help me.” Samantha said. “What's going on, are you alright, where's Zero and Xover?” Sonic asked. “I don't know, but Axl, you must help him.” Samantha said. “But where is he?” Sonic asked. “Something terrible happened to him.” Samantha said. (Sonic heard a loud noise and looked behind him. Sonic saw Axl with new armor. His chest armor was still normal, but the back had a silver shoulder cannon and there were four thick red tubes connecting from his back to the outer side of the forearms and back of boots. The forearms had a red stripe and the boots had a red stripe around the cuff part of the boot and near the feet part with a red stripe going down. Both of them were covered in a glass like material from the tubes. Axl fired at Sonic and he jumped out of the way) “Axl, what are you doing?” Sonic asked. “I will elimiate those who are against the Dictator and Professor!” Axl said. (He fired a laser from his shoulder cannon and Sonic had jumped onto a chair. Sonic got off as the chair had rammed into Axl and collided into a wall. Axl pushed the chair away and had rammed into Sonic. They both hit the computer and Sonic was punching Axl's helmet. Samantha got up and had fired a blast from Axl's pistol. It hit Axl's back and Axl looked at Samantha. He threw Sonic and he hit the ground and was walking towards Samantha. She looked at the forehead crystal on Axl's helmet and noticed something. Right when Axl was about to grab her, Samantha had used the pistol and broke the crystal to reveal the inside part. Axl was screaming in pain and Samantha ran to Sonic) “Are you alright?” Samantha asked. “Yeah, but what's going on with Axl?” Sonic asked. “I don't know, but I saw something in his forehead crystal.” Samantah said. (Axl recovered from the attack and had fired enegyr pellets from his buster. Sonic and Samantah ducked down and Sonic had rolled up into a ball and was beginning to charge up for a spin dash. Sonic had let it out and had rammed into Axl. Sonic noticed the broken blue circle gem and saw a chip with a symbol on it, it was a purple L with a diamond shape on the center behind the L. The tips were yellow and the center was a green circle with a blue circle inside and four points resembling an eye. On the top sides of the diamond was a single blue and green triangle with the green being on the right and blue was left. Sonic was punching the chip and Axl threw Sonic and he ht Samantha. The two saw the chip was cracked and Axl was about to fire a charge shot. Sonic had gotten up and ran towards Axl. Axl fired the charge shot and an energy blast from his shoulder cannon. Sonic got hit as the shots collided and exploded. Sonic hit the floor and Axl grabbed onto him.

  The door opened up and X came in exhausted) “Axl, let Sonic go!” X yelled. (Axl looked at X and threw Sonic. Axl rushed towards X and X had fired Shotgun Ice. It frozen Axl and X went over to Sonic) “X, Axl's gone crazy, I don't know why, but I'm going to help!” Sonic said. (He got up and the ice on Axl was broken. Axl had fried a charge shot and it had hit the ground near X and Sonic. Sonic had ran around Axl in circles and Axl was firing with his buster and shoulder cannon. X had began to charge up Speed Burner while Axl was distracted. Sonic had stopped right as X had dashed while on fire. X rammed into Axl and grabbed onto the tubes on Axl's arm and they both hit a wall. X began to yank on the tubes and Axl punched X, thus causing X to ripe off the tubes. X hit the ground and saw the tubes letting lose a purple liquid. Axl got near X and grabbed him. X had gotten out the Z-Saber and had jabbed the bottom part into the chip and the chip was beginning to shatter. X then punched the chip and it broke into pieces and Axl fell down deactivated)

  “I did it, thank you Sonic.” X said. “Whew, that was close.” Samantha said. “Yeah, X, I'm glad your alright, I didn't remember a thing after the collision.” Sonic said. “It's alright, but the symbol on the chip, it was Limited.” X said. “Limited, what's that?” Samantha asked. “I'll explain later, but Zero, it's my fualt.” X said. “What happened to him?” Sonic asked. (The door opened up and Xover, Return X, Diamond, and Inferno came in) “The Mavericks fled, we won the battle.” Diamond said. “Really, they ran away?” Sonic asked. “Yes, they went back onto the battleship and left, there were a few casuties, but we managed to win.” Diamond said. “What happened to Axl?” Xover asked. “He was acting Maverick and I shut him down, we need to take him to the Medical Bay.” X said. “The Nurse Reploids are already dispatched to help the others, let's get going.” Diamond said. (Inferno got Axl and they took him to the Medical Bay. Axl was placed into a capsule where he was scanned and everyone went out of the area.

  X walked out of the room and had found Inferno and Diamond with Return X while Xover and Sonic were sitting down) “You weren’t quite bad, maybe you should be a RDS Member.” Inferno said. “I'm on no one's side.” Return X said. “Your name was Return X, right, what a weird name, you look kinda similar to X, is there a connection?” Diamond asked. “Yes, but I lost my memories of when I was built, so I can't say why.” Return X said. (X walked up to Xover and Sonic) “Hey X, what's with the look on your face?” Xover asked. “Zero, I'm sorry that I got him and you into trouble.” X said. “Calm down X, I'm sure Zero is alright, there's nothing to fear, Zero knows what he's doing.” Xover said. “But will he end up like Axl?” X asked. “That I'm not sure, you just have to calm down, the only thing we can do is fight Mavericks.” Xover said. “So that's what happened to Zero, I was looking for him.” Sonic said. “I'm sorry that it's all my fault.” X said. (Return X had walked up to X) “I know why Prototype did such things, I noticed a chip and it had the Limited Symbol.” Return X said. “Limited, what's that?” Inferno asked. “Limited is a parasite that can enter into a Reploid or other machine and will take over it's body and evolve it's functions.” X explained. “You knew this X, why didn't you tell us?” Diamond asked. “I forgot about the incidents until I met with Return X.” X explained. “So you forgot about me?” Return X asked. “No, I wasn't saying that, anyways, what was with the chip?” X asked. “Three weeks after you disappeared, Zero and Prototype.” Return X said. “Can't you just call him Axl?” Sonic asked. “Fine, the two were taken from their cells and were in another room, when they came out, they were unconscious and had the chips in their helmets.” Return X explained. “But Zero and Axl were normal when I was in Shy Guy Desert.” X said. “Yes, but I think why was because Axl was infected with Limited, from what I've heard, they were sposed to be infected, but the Dictator had not allowed it.” Return X explained. “Wait, what are you all talking about, cell, a month, what does it mean?” Xover asked. “A month ago, we were having a party when a robot had crashed the party, we lost the three Maverick Hunters and Dr. Doppler.” Diamond explained. “During this time, Abel City was attacked and Maverick Hunter H.Q was destroyed.” Inferno said. “We know that a Chaos Emerald and Dark Jewel are in the building, we must go there before the Dictator's forces do.” X said. “But that place is off limits, we can't let anyone through.” Diamond said. “But I'm your friend, we must get in there.” X said. “I don't know whether to say yes or no, if the Doctor were here, I guess he would say yes.” Diamond said. (Samantha came out of the room and walked towards the others)

  “X, Axl just woke up and he's doing fine.” Samantha said. (Axl left the room and went to the others fully healed) “Axl, your alright, but are you still yourself?” X asked. “X, what happened to me, why am I like this?” Axl asked. “Don't worry, your still yourself.” X said. “I don't feel like myself anymore!” Axl said. “Just calm down, everything's alright.” Diamond said. “No, your wrong, I can feel it, something's happened to me!” Axl yelled. (He ran off and entered into another room. Return X walked towards the room) “What are you doing?” Inferno asked. “I'm going to check on Axl.” Return X said. (He opened a door and went into the room where Axl was. It was a bit small and there wasn't much things inside. Axl was looking at a mirror) “What happened to me, why do I look like this?” Axl asked. “You just have to accept it.” Return X said. (Axl turned around and pointed his buster at Return X) “What are you doing here, your a Maverick and want to hurt others!” Axl said. “I'm not like that now, if you can listen to me, your fine.” Return X said. “Oh yeah, how do you know?” Axl asked. “I'm a Limited parasite myself, and your just fused with it.” Return X explained. “So that's what it is, I'll become a Maverick freak like you?” Axl asked. “No, your just on the third stage, I'm much more evolved then you, and you don't look that bad.” Return X said. “Are you sure, cause I think your lying just to hurt my friends.” Axl said. “If I was, then why haven't I left the room and killed your friends?” Return X asked. “Oh, well, what do you want me to do?” Axl asked. “Just be yourself and help us.” Return X said. “Alright, but I still don't trust you.” Axl said. (They both went to the door.

  The door opened up the two Limited Reploids came out. They found Ivory, Janet, Crescent, Cream, and Amy with the three chao. X got up and walked up to the two) “How do you feel Axl?” X asked. “Fine, but I don't like Return X.” Axl said. “I convinced him, so now what should we do?” Return X asked. “We figued it out, you, Axl, and Sonic will go to Abel City and find the Chaos Emeralds while me, Xover, Diamond, and Inferno will keep fighting Mavericks.” X explained. “Me and my chao will go, since they've disappeared after entering into the third dimension.” Ivory said. (The chao hugged Ivory) “Chao, chao!” The chao said. (Samantha came running towards the group) “I've just got contacted by Vile just a few seconds ago.” Samantha said. “Alright, what does he want?” X asked. (Samantha pressed a button on the wall and a screen appeared. It turned on to reveal Vile) “Thank you, now X, as you already know, we have Zero locked up in our hidden base.” Vile said. “Zero was kidnapped, what happened to my son?” Janet asked. “Your son, I don't know what your talking about my dear.” Vile said. “Okay Janet, we don't need you in this, so what are you going to do with Zero?” X asked. “We won't harm him, if you can destroy the three reaming Mavericks, I will reveal the location of the base, there, you can find Zero, good luck Maverick Hunters.” Vile said. (He laughed and the screen turned off. X looked at the others with a smile on his face) “Alright Maverick Hunters, Mavericks, RDS Members, and organic animals, it's time to fight back!” X yelled. “Yeah!” Everyone said. “Don't worry Zero, we'll rescue you and stop the Dictator!” X thought. X has given the group the courage and now, they will have to work in teams. Will they find Zero and rescue him? Can Sonic and friends get the Chaos Emerald and Dark Jewel? What happened to the others? They will rise to victory in Act 3, stay tuned to find out.