Dimension Heroes

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Chapter Two Act 4
Word Count: 7872

At the Mushroom Oasis, from the shadow of a palm tree, the four had emerged now dripping of the dark blue water) “Whew, we did it, made it all the way back, that's quite a feat that you kept up with us X.” Hunter said. “Thanks, so why are we here?” X asked. “This is where the base is.” Mille said. “Right, I'll find the door.” Luigi said. (He went up to the dune and messed around with it to get the sand off. The metal door was revealed and Luigi managed to open it. They were all inside to find many Anthroloids with their weapons pointed at the group) “Would you look at this, we came to see Eggman.” Hunter said. “Yes, just let us through.” Mille said. (The Anthroloids moved away as Metal Android went forward) “Hunter, what has happened with General Rose?” Metal Android asked. “We did find Rose, but something happened to make us to make us loose her and the others.” Hunter said. “Who is that behind you?” Metal Android asked. “I saw you before, where are my friends?” X asked. “Them, there is no information on their location, but you have seen me before.” Metal Android explained. “You mean the party?” X asked. “Yes, (Metal Android looked at Hunter) do you know why Rose is gone?” Metal Android asked. “No, we were attacked by a giant dragon before entering into the Umbra Realm.” Hunter explained. (An Anthroloid had rushed to Metal Android) “Commander Metal Android, we have found Rose's signal!” The Anthroloid said. “Finaly, where is the location?” Metal Android asked. “Near Ocean's Edge at the Mushroom Kingdom!” The Anthroloid said. “Ocean's Edge?” Mille asked. “It's a place where we usualy go during the summer time.” Luigi explained. “Do we have the location?” Metal Android asked. “Yes, we can transport you there quickly.” The Anthroloid said. “We want to come too.” X said. “Very well, but keep Ivory and those two brats in control.” Metal Android said. “Very well, we'll be careful with them.” Mille said. “Come with me, we will be heading over to the Ocean's Edge.” Metal Android said. (He walked off and the others followed. They had made it to the teleporter room and the Anthroloid had left) “Where is he going?” Hunter asked. “It's just going to adjust the location, it will only take a few seconds.” Metal Android explained. (The floor glowed again and the main five were gone in a flash.

  The group reapeared at a cliff in a forest near the ocean. Luigi walked up to the edge and saw the sun set) “Wow, I never knew that it took us all after noon to get here.” Luigi said. (Hunter walked up to the human) “Well, isn't that gorgeus, so, where was Rose's signal?” Hunter asked. (Metal Android looked upon a watch to reveal a land scape) “At the water.” Metal Android explained. (An Anthroloid appeared) “Commander Metal Android, we have more news, the air base went missing.” The Anthroloid said. “Why are you telling me this now instead of earlier?” Metal Android asked. “Sorry, we were mostly with the other Commander.” The Anthroloid explained. “Well, where is he?” Metal Android asked. “He did say that he was coming.” The Anthroloid said. “Very well, just let him hurry.” Metal Android ordered. “Yes, I'll give him the signal.” The Anthroloid said. (It ran off into the forest) “Where is he going?” X asked. “It's just going to find a place to signal the Commander.” Metal Android said. “Look out!” Luigi yelled. (The two machines looked up and saw a cannon ball flying towards them. The two moved away as the iron ball hit the ground) “Where did that come from?” X asked. (Hunter pointed to the sky) “It came from above!” Hunter explained. (The group looked above to see a flying castle on top of a flying ship) “Oh great, some idiots modified the flying base, how great.” Metal Android said. “What, it looks good with the style of my dimension.” Luigi said. “Well, to blend in, I'll give that imbicel a point.” Metal Android said. “So how do we get up there?” X asked. “I can get up there.” Metal Android said. “Well, can you get up with all of us?” Hunter asked. “I can easily do that, (Metal Android's cape formed into the jet pack and it began to light up) let's just go.” Metal Android said. (The whole group grabbed onto Metal Android and he flew off.

  While in the sky, the group noticed cannon balls flying towards them. Metal Android was avoiding them while Hunter fired waves of fire to melt them. The fortress was being more easily viewed as there were big red flags with a black symbol of Bowser's face) “So it's Bowser that's behind this.” Luigi said. “Now it's time we strike.” Hunter said. “Wait, shouldn't we think of a plan?” Metal Android asked. “Yeah, okay, I'll go find Rose, Luigi and Mille go see if there's anyone else left to rescue.” Hunter said. “What about me?” X asked. “You can just go around with Metal Android to fight against the enemies.” Hunter explained. “Oh, I just hope my friends are having a better day.” X said. “Now's the time to act!” Luigi yelled. (There was cannon balls flying everywhere trying to hit the group. Metal Android moved away but got hit by one in the chest. The Anthroloid Commander slammed into the ground as his jetpack went back to a cape. Luigi jumped of Metal Android's back and saw the drawbridge open up. Some Koopas rushed in with their armor and throwing hammers. Hunter had thrown waves of fire at the Koopas, causing them to run around on fire. He, Luigi, and Mille had ran towards the open bridge while X was helping Metal Android get up) “Are you alright?” X asked. “What, I am the same person that was responsible for your friends kidnapping, why do you care?” Metal Android asked. “Well, you might now where my friends are.” X siad. “Just get going, the real animals need help.” Metal Android said. “Okay, I'll get going.” X said. (He dashed off towards the open door.

  Inside, X saw more Koopas and Goombas lying on the floor and some Goombas were squashed. X rushed foorward top pass by more damaged soldiers. He made it to a large room and found three pathways and more soldiers) “What have they been doing?” X thought. (He went forward to find instead of Koopas and Goombas, there were multicolored dinosuars with small shells on their backs. They were looking angry as they threw white eggs with many spots of different colors. X jumped out of the way and his right forarm turned to a buster. It was the same blue color with a gray circle piece with a red circle gem in the center. The Reploid tried to dash and fire at the eggs instead of the ceatures as they were throwing more eggs like mad. X managed to enter into the other room, but the dinosuar creatures pursued. One egg hit X in the back as he made it into the next room. He managed to get up to see the egg fragments on the ground. The room was more of a circle with candles lighting up along with another room which was a spiral staircase. X dashed forward and was running up the stairs as the creatures fired more eggs. X made it to the top and slammed the door. He looked around to see a hallway. The door was being hit and X rushed off. He looked up to see the chandaliers and fired energy pellets. It hit the chains and the chandaliers fell over. They hit the ground and X had looked around a bit more. There were black flags with a red Bowser symbol. There was also a black curtain. The Reploid walked up to the curtain and right as he was about to pull it away, the door bursted opean and the mad dinosuars came rushing in. They were throwing eggs at X and it forced him to move away. The curtain was moving away by the force of the eggs. X saw a bit of cell bars, but before he could fire multiple energy pellets, he got hit by an egg. More eggs were slamming into X as he tried to fire more at the bars. X managed to notice one chandalier and aimed at it. He fired an yellow energy pellet and it had hit the chandalier. It's chain losened and it fell right in front of X. Dust risen and the creatures looked around trying to find the blue hero. X managed to make it to the next room which was dark and he quietly gasped as he was on his knees) “What was up with those things?” X whispered. “Yoshi?” Someone asked. (X saw the shadow appearing from the opening and X bit his lip. The dinosuar had walked in looking around. It blinked a bit before it walked back to the others. X quietly got up and walked away to more stairs heading upstairs) “How many stairs are there, and what was in that cell?” X thought. (He continued to quietly head up the stairs, not knowing what's ahead.

  Meanwhile, Mille and Luigi were going around fighting against the creatures X had encountered) “What's going on with the Yoshis?” Luigi asked. “I don't know, wait, look on their backs!” Mille said. (The two looked upon a purple Yoshi to find yellow on it's neck) “What is it?” Luigi asked. “No, it can't be, Luigi, give me your hammer.” Mille said. “What, but why?” Luigi asked. “Just do it.” Mille ordered. (Luigi gave Mille his hammer and she slammed it right onto the Yoshi's neck. It screamed in pain as Luigi had his hand over his mouth. Something began to escape from the Yoshi's neck and land right behind the body. It was an entirly black flea, but larger then Luigi's hand. It tried to jump away, but Luigi threw a fire ball and it began to burn. The creature died and the two went up to it) “Just as I thought, a Dark Parasite.” Mille said. “That looks disgusting!” Luigi yelled. (He began to stomp on it while screaming) “Luigi, stop it.” Mille said. (Yellow blood was escaping out of the parasite's body) “Ew, this looks disgusting.” Luigi said. “I just hope that X and Hunter are having an easier time.” Mille said. “So where should we go?” Luigi asked. “Well, you've been through more castles then me, so you know.” Mille said. “Right, let's just go.” Luigi said. (He ran off into another room. Mille looked at the Dark Parasite and went after Luigi.

  A Koopa was flung to the wall by water. It looked to see Hunter with the power of water) “I just want to know where General Rose is.” Hunter ordered. “I said I didn't know, just stop it!” The Koopa yelled. (More water was flung from Hunter at the Koopa) “Alright, if you don't know, I'll find out myself.” Hunter said. (He walked off towards a candle and entered into the shadow. The wolf was now in the Umbra Realm. Instead of a castle, there was a forest. Hunter looked at the upside down floor to see the same room. The person walked while looking at the floor. There was nothing much, except that there was an army of Koopas and Yoshis running from the path that the wolf was originaly going to) “Thank goodness I don't have to go through that.” Hunter thought. (He continued to walk while passing through the rooms quickly. He made it to a part with no shadow and from what he could see, there was another room. Hunter exited out of the Umbra Realm to see a heavily locked door near a candle. The red gem on his ring began to glow and he unleashed a wave of fire. The door melted through ahd Hunter walked in. He saw that the room was mostly empty except for Rose who was asleep) “General Rose?” Hunter asked. (The cat opened her eyes and moved back a bit) “Who are you, and where did you come from?” Rose asked. “Calm down, I was hired to find you, now let's get you out of here.” Hunter said. (He walked up to Rose and saw the ring around her neck. Hunter grabbed onto the chain behind on the wall and had the green gem glow. It formed vines and they grabbed onto Rose's chains and they broke them. Hunter grabbed onto Rose's arm and pulled her up) “Did you see any plumber wearing red?” Rose asked. “No, but that doesn't matter, let's get you back to Metal Android.” Hunter said. (He and Rose walked out and went back into the Umbra Realm, just after they had entered into the shadows, there was an explosion.

  X had fell down and looked at the stairs) “That exlosion, it came from downstairs!” X thought. (He went back down and saw a few Yoshis in pain as smoke was escaping from the other room. X rushed in to find the flags all bured down as there was blast marks on the walls. He saw more Yoshis on the ground with a figure in the center. It was another Reploid. It wore thick armor on his forearms and forelegs. The armor color was purple with gold on the boots, shoulder pads, and around his neck on the chest armor. The lower stomach part was white and had a yellow half egg shape. Below that was a green stripe like a belt and black 'pants'. The face was hidden by a helmet. Again purple, but with white on the sides reaching to the back where gold and yellow were. There was a black visor in the shape of a T. On the sides of his helmet were gold circle shaped things with a red gem in the center. The forehead part had a red V) “X, what a suprise to see you here.” The person said. “Vile, your alive?” X asked. “Well, I was searching for General Rose, but it seems like I found something even better.” Vile said. “Wasn't Hunter looking for her?” X asked. “I don't know of any Hunter, but why talk about some random stranger, you know what I want.” Vile said. (He prepared his shoulder cannon and fired at X. X moved out of the way and fired a few energy pellets. Vile jumped over them and unleashed a napalm from his knee. It exploded and hit X. He hit the ground as Vile dashed towards him. X charged up his buster and fired a bigger version of the energy pellet being blue. It hit Vile in the chest and he moved back a bit, tripping over a Yoshi. X had ran up to Vile, but got hit in the face by an energy blast from the shoulder cannon. X hit the ground and Vile jumped. He landed on top of X and had his foot over X's buster. The purple Reploid aimed his shoulder cannon at X) “Get off me!” X yelled. “Sorry X, but looks like your game is over.” Vile said. (Right as he was charging it, there was a sound of iron bars hitting the ground.

  The two looked to where the curtain was to reveal another person. It wore red armor and had gray on his stomach and having black arms and legs. The upper body armor had a yellow stripe around the upper part near the neck with a triangle. On both sides of the triangle was two green circle gems. Below at the end was an insoles trapezoid shape with three yellow vents. On the back was a white raised part with a hole on the upper left side. Below the chest was white armor with two yellow insoles trapezoids on the front and back. The shoulder pads were cubes with red on the ends and white, the left shoulder pad had a yellow and purple Z shape. Forearms had a silver ring on the wrist part with a triangle shape on the sides of the white hands back above the fingers. At the forelegs, the boots had a white diamond shape at the top part near the gray joints. On the sides were white raised circles with a green circle gem. Again like the chest armor, there was yellow all around with a triangle at the front and circling around the white circles. The foot part had a white tip. The helmet had covered the cheeks and had four raised parts like horns on the sides. In the center was a white part and a blue triangle gem on the forehead with two vents above. On the back was a yellow stripe on the center with a gray opening for long blonde hair tied by blue ribbion like a pony tail. In it's hand was a golden stick with thick circles above and below the handle. The bottom was gray with a red circular triangle. It was emiting a green energy from the top. The person started at Vile with it's blue irises) “Zero!” X yelled. “Okay Vile, you get off X before you get turned to scrap!” Zero said. “This day just gets better and better, let's see what you can do Maverick Hunter!” Vile said. (He fired bullets from his hands and Zero slashed through them with speed. The Z-Saber hit Vile in the chest as Zero kicked him away. X was getting up as Zero grabbed his hand. Vile had fired five energy blasts and Zero dashed towards the purple Reploid. X was getting the Yoshis out of the room before they could get hurt. Vile unleashed napalms and Zero dashed through them. Zero slashed at Vile's chest and thrusted it towards the right boot. Vile kicked Zero as the saber left a hole in the boot. From the stairs going into the room, Hunter, Rose, and Metal Android saw Zero ready to slash at Vile, but was stopped by vines tightly wraping around his body. The three saw the trio) “Your not going to do that.” Rose said. (Vile got up and walked up to the trio as X went near Zero) “Are you Rose?” X asked. “Yes, but now is not the time for intoductions, Commander Metal Android, where do we go from here?” Rose asked. “We search for them.” Metal Android said. “What do you mean?” Rose asked. “Lets jst go, we don't want things to go wrong.” Metal Android said. (The three walked away back down the stairs. X went up to Zero and ripped the vines apeart) “Zero, I'm really glad to see that your okay.” X said. “Yeah, thanks for bringing those Yoshis up here.” Zero said. “Why?” X asked. “I was held in this room, my saber was in a pot and I couldn't see the room without the curtain blown by a strong gust of wind.” Zero explained. (X looked to the wall with the curtain to see a cell door with broken bars and a shattered pot) “So that's what happened, have you seen Axl?” X asked. “Yeah, but I have no clue where he is.” Zero explained. “What were those guys talking about?” X asked. “It must be those red gems, Bowser took them upstairs.” Zero said. (Both he and X began to run back to where the dark room was) “Well, I am glad to see you again.” X said. “Me to.” Zero said. (The two made it up the stairs.

  Meanwhile, in another room, Luigi and Mille saw themselves in a prison room with laser bars. Looking around, they saw everyone inside of the cells) “Mille, Luigi, thank goodness your here.” Shade said. “Yeah, but how do we turn these bars off?” Luigi asked. “There's a switch nearby, just flip it and we'll be free.” Tails explained. (Mille and Luigi looked to a box in the center with a switch. Mille went to it and fliped it down. The laser bars began to disapear and the group rushed out) “Thank you guys.” Amy said. “Right, have any of you found Sonic?” Luigi asked. “No, he's still gone.” Cream said. “Well, let's get our stuff.” Ivory said. (She looked up to a big bag hanging in the air. Tails flew up and untied the rope causing it to fall, but Knuckles got it before it could slam into the ground. The red echindna opened the bag to reveal everything, even the two keys. Amy picked the Rose one and it began to glow) “Huh, what's up with this key?” Amy asked. (She got up as the key was acting like metal to a magnet. A big door opened up to the box to reveal two locks. Shadow got out the other key and they both inserted it into the locks. Twisting the locks, the door began to open. Inside was a dark room and blood on the ground. Tails went in and looked around. He couldn't see anything, but then, he heard a cough) “Sonic, is that you?” Tails asked. (He walked forward till he tripped on something. He looked back and saw the shadow of Sonic) “Tails.” Sonic whispered. (Tails grabbed onto Sonic and took him out of the room. He was a mess, with scratches on his quills, blood stained to his blue fur. He had rope keeping his hands and legs together and was blinded by a blind fold. Tails put Sonic down as Amy was crying. She knelt down to Sonic and was rubbing his forhead while Tails was untieing the blindfold) “I can't belive this happened, Sonic, I'm sorry that we were late.” Ivory said (Sonic tried to look around, but he only cried in pain. Tails managed to untie the cloth and move it away from Sonic's eyes. Sonic shut them because of the light) “Sonic, it's okay, we're right here.” Amy said. (Sonic began to slowly open his eyes to see Amy. His fur was stained with both blood and tears) “Amy, everyone, you came for me?” Sonic asked. “Yes, it was my fualt that this happened to you.” Ivory said. “Ivory, so you changed your mind?” Sonic asked. “We did, I'm sorry that we were so rude.” Ivory said. “Can you forgive us?” Shade asked. “Yeah, cough, but where are we?” Sonic asked. (Luigi walked up) “Your in our dimension.” Luigi explained. “Luigi, where's Mario?” Sonic asked. “He's not here.” Luigi said. “Sonic, can someone take hin away from danger?” Amy asked. “I'll go.” Ivory said. “Alright, Sonic, your going with Ivory.” Tails said. (Ivory managed to pick up Sonic and walk out of the room. Cream followed) “I wonder how X is doing.” Luigi said. “X, who's that?” Amy asked. “He's one of my friends.” Someone said. (The group looked to a cell to see another Reploid who looked male. He wore black armor. He had green irises and a scar shaped like an X above his nose. There were gray arms, legs, and below his chest armor while having two red lines on the front and back. was thick on his forearms and legs. They had a red stripe going down the center. On the sides of the 'boots', were white parts having a red gem at the bottom and a line going up. The chest armor had a big blue circle gem in the center with a gray circle surrounding it with a red stripe. On the back was a white item looking like an upside down seed with gray circles aove two sharp triangle shapes going down to the white side pieces of the boots. Above it are two red stripes and below is a yellow part with a red stripe in the center. Below the stomach part was armor with two red stripes on the front and back with six silver circles with a deep line like a screw. The shoulder pads were shaped like seeds with red stripes. There was a yellow circle on the bottom of the pads. The helmet had a blue gem with a gray circle around it. There was red on the front with one on the top at the middle. On the sides were two thick white pieces having red on the sides and a red gem. At the bottom of the 'ear peices' has a yellow square shape right besides the chin and on the back was spikey orange hair. The person walked up to the heroes) “Who are you?” Rouge asked. “My name is Axl, and I'm a Maverick Hunter, I heard you say X, you mean Megaman X, right?” Axl introduced. “Yes, that's what he said.” Luigi said. “Great, just where is he?” Axl asked. “We all split up, and we didn't see him enter.” Luigi explained. “Well, we should start looking.” Axl said. (The group began to get out of the room and search for X.

  Meanwhile, Ivory, Sonic, and Cream were now in a courtyard with a pond. The two girls were rubbing water onto Sonic's fur) “Ivory, why did you come here, didn't you say that I was useless?” Sonic asked. “I felt what I did was wrong, leting a bystander get caught in the war was foolish.” Ivory explained. “Don't get yourself down, thanks for saving me though, I was getting tired of the darkness.” Sonic explained. “I'll try to be nicer next time.” Ivory said. “Yeah, you'd better be.” Cream said. (The two continud to wash Sonic with the water of the pond.

  In the castle's upper floor, X and Zero were surrounded by Koopas, Goombas, Hammer Bros, and Boomerang Bros. The turtle creatures were wearing silver armor) “Zero, what do we do?” X asked. (Zero noticed an opening to a hallway and looked at X with a smile) “Leave those underlings to me X.” Zero whispered. “What?” X asked. “Hey fish faces, I thought you would strike us down right away!” Zero yelled. (The Koopas and Goombas were rushing towards the two. Zero pushed X towards an open hallway and began to fight the monsters as the door closed. X got up and went up to the door. He began to hear the Z-Saber and Zero yelling for a battle cry) “Zero, I haven't heard you say that since the third Central Point incident.” X thought. (He looked around to notice that the hallway was a lot darker with the pillars being green with spikes. The red carpet was long leading to another door surrounded by spikes. There were tapistries on the walls with Bowser's symbol on them) “Hello, is anyone here?” X asked. (He began to walk forward, looking around the place. Something was above opening it's red irised eyes. It looked down and then was about to come crashing down. X looked up and saw the Thwomp ready to slam right into him. X dashed away as it had broken through parts of the floor. It was a gray box with rounded edges. Surounding it was sixteen spikes. It's red irises glared at X as it's teeth were showing. X continued to dash as more Thwomps were trying to crush him. X made it to the other room and gasped after dashing from what he could think were the instant death spikes. The path was surrounded by lava with gray Bowser statues facing forward at the path. X began to tremble as he looked around. There were some pipes of a red color burning. X starred at them, but then felt the floor acting weird. It was a steel grid with it turning right. X dashed as it almost fell over. There were more still grids as a few Lava Bubbles were rising up through the steel grids. X kept dashing through the lava blubbles as he saw the door in front closing. X had dashed one last time and he made it to another set of stairs. This time, there were much more. He began to walk up, passing by candles while noticing the sky becoming darker.

  Meanwhile, the group were now heading up to the upper floors with Ivory, Cream, and a now healed Sonic. The group made it to a room with many Goombas and Koopas with slash marks. They saw Zero with the Z-Saber exhaling after the battle. He heard the group's footsteps and turned around) “Zero, boy am I glad to see you.” Axl said. “Yeah, X went off ahead, we have to catch up with him.” Zero said. (He and the others went off hurrying for X to the door. Zero had sliced through it and they were now at the lava room. This time, it has changed to being a big platform in the middle with more to the exit. The group went forward as the platforms around them disapeared. A red Warp Pipe appeared and three figures appeared. One was a female purple cat wearing a dress. She had yellow irises and a white muzzle with fur at the ends. There was a red circle gem on her forhead with a pony tail and a darker shade of purple near the tip. The gloves were white with fur cuffs and the shoes were pink with high heel and white stripe with fur. There was a male white hedgehog with yellow irises as well in fused eyes. His quills were long being seven. Five at the front and two on back. The body had white fur on the chest and it wore white gloves with a blue circle on the palm and two golden cuffs with light blue lines. The boots had colors of light blue, red, and white. The third person was a male chinese dragon with gray skin and tan on the belly and under tail. The head, main body, and tail was marked with lighting bolts. The person had unfused eyes with yellow irises and a tan mouth. Above the eyes was deer horns and on the back down to the tail was a long purple fin. The hands were with silver claws for fingers. The hair for both the head and the long tail was yellow with a black bandana around the head. He wore a red long coat with a black tank top. The feet had three sharp toes shining silver) “Blaze, Silver?” Tails asked. “Tails, sorry, but we won't let you get to Bowser.” Blaze said. “But why not, we're you friends Blaze.” Cream said. “Enough!” Silver yelled. (He threw Lava Bubbles that were surrounded by light blue energy and everyone moved out of the way. The dragon hit the ground and had electricity on his fists. He tried to punch at Zero, but the taller Maverick Hunter had dodged the attack and kicked him at the back where yellow was forming. Luigi had hit his hammer into Blaze and saw the Dark Parasite mark on her back. Silver had threw more Lava Bubbles as Axl fired at them. His energy pellets had hit the center of the bubbles and he had fired at Silver in the chest. The white hedgehog had grabbed Axl and threw him towards Sonic. Sonic moved out of the way and spin dashed into Silver's chest. Mille had slammed her tails into Blaze as her fists were on fire. She had hit Silver as Sonic had gotten away. Mille and Luigi had quickly gotten the two and managed to punch Blaze at the back and Sonic spin dashed into the yellow mark. Yellow blood came out as the Dark Parasite flew into the lava by Luigi's hammer. Silver grabbed more Lava Bubbles and threw them at Mille, Luigi, and Sonic. The group moved away as Shade managed to get behind and stab him in the back. Silver grabbed Shade and threw him towards Tiffany. Tiffany had moved away as Shade hit the ground still in his travel cloathing. Tiffany and the three chao grabbed Shade by the cape and was pulling him away from the lava. Ivory moved away as the dragon had released a pulse of electricity. The tigon threw a Dimension Blade and it hit in the tail. The male dragon went back to the ground as Ivory went close with another Dimension Blade. He had risen up quickly and grabbed Ivory by the chest and was shocking her. Zero had stabbed the dragon in the back where the Dark Parasite was. The dragon had formed electricity on his hands and wrapped Zero by the tail and began to shock him. Shadow ran up with Rouge and the black hedgehog had rolled into a ball while Rouge kicked. Shadow hit the back of the dragon and attacked with Chaos Spear. The dragon loosened his grip on Zero and he fell near the ledge. The Maverick Hunter grabbed onto the edge and pulled himself up. Shadow backed up as electricity was charging in the male dragon's hands. It flew towards him and Shadow moved away as Rouge threw a bomb. It exploded and the dragon weakly flew back to the ground. Ivory formed a Dimension Blade and jabbed it right into the back. The Dark Parasite's corpse had became stuck to the blade and Ivory threw it to the lava. All three were cured of the Dark Parasites) “Whew, we did it.” Ivory said. “Yeah, we did get a few bruises here and there, but nothing too bad.” Tiffany said. “Ouch, that was weird.” Someone said. (The group looked down to see the Chinese Dragon getting up) “Are you okay?” Mille asked. “Huh, oh yeah, I'm fine, (The dragon looked around) where are we?” The dragon asked. “We're inside of Bowser's Castle.” Luigi explained. “I see, well, my name is Lighting.” Lighting introduced. “Lighting eh, yeah, that goes well with what you did.” Ivory said. “Wait, when I was in the pipe, I saw someone runing through, he looked to wear blue armor.” Lighting said. “Oh dear, X, we've got to hurry!” Zero said. “But what about Blaze and Silver?” Cream asked. “Get them too, we might have to enter the Dimension Fissure.” Ivory said. (She began to run and everyone followed.

  X had made it to the big red door and opened it up. He saw a long room with a throne. X walked forward till he heard the doors slam behind him. X went back to the door not knowing that a figure was coming closer) “Well, look who's here.” Someone said. (X turned around again to see Bowser on the throne) “Who are you?” X asked. “I am Bowser, King of the Koopas, it will be quite odd to face someone else other then Mario and his weak friends.” Bowser introduced. “Alirght, but why did you have my friends?” X asked. “That red and black armored guys, yeah, well, they were causing a whole mess of things.” Bowser said. “Fine, so you want me to get them away from here?” X asked. “No, I'll just roast you!” Bowser said. (He unleashed a fire breath and had almost hit X. The Maverick Hunter dashed away and hid behind a pillar) “I can't hurt him, he's an organic.” X thought. “What's wrong, are you a coward or a fighter?” Bowser asked. “All those other forces before, they were only machines or wearing defenses, Zero, I'd wish you were here.” X thought. (The pillar broke and Bowser grabbed X by the neck. Bowser fired a massive amout of flames at X and melted through parts of his armor. The Koopa King threw X to a wall and he fell) “I can't harm organics.” X thought. “Is everything okay, I was just getting started.” Bowser said. (He had slashed X and fired his flame breath at him. X had hit the throne and hit his face onto the stairs. Bowser grabbed onto X's melted chest and was about to unleash his fire beath, until he felt a wave of fire hit him) “Only I will defeat him!” Someone yelled. (Bowser and X looked to find Hunter and Rose with Hunter having the ruby gem activated) “You two, stay back!” X yelled. “Hahaha, two animals against me, that fire was barely a scratch.” Bowser said. “That was just to get your attention.” Hunter explained. “Sorry X, but we have to deal with him.” Rose said. “She know's my name?” X thought. (Bowser threw X and he hit a wall. The big Koopa had ran right towards the two. Rose had jumped out of the way as Hunter formed plants around him. Bowser had unleashed a fire ball and it burned through Hunter's plants and had made the emerald gem usless as it cracked. Hunter fell to the ground as Bowser was about to claw him. Vines grabbed Bowser as he felt something slam on top of him. The vines pushed Bowser back as Rose landed to Hunter) “Whew, thanks Rose, I swear, he was going to burn me alive.” Hunter said. “This isn't over, we have to keep fighting.” Rose said. (She formed leaves and threw them as Bowser had blew out flames from his mouth. Hunter threw a water ball which doused the flames at Bowser's face. The leaves hit and Rose had kicked bowser in the face. He had slashed at Rose in the chest and threw her to the wall. She had hit X when falling down. Hunter had formed water on both his hands and went up to jab Bowser. Bowser grabbed Hunter's arm and Hunter had upper cutted with the water fist. Hunter had kicked Bowser in the chest and he let go of the wolf. Bowser hit the throne as Rose was trying to get up. She fell again and saw the shadow of Bowser. Bowser was about to unleash his flame breath onto both her and X!

  Then, a shadow had appeared on the ground as someone stomped on top of Bowser's head. The figure landed to reveal Luigi with a fire ball in hand) “Okay Bowser, you've gone too far!” Luigi yelled. (He threw a fire ball and it hit Bowser in the chest. Bowser backed up as he saw the others near the opening to the room) “Well, looks like the calvery has arrived.” Rose said. “Well, it looks like I have to use my secret weapon.” Bowser said. (He revealed the Dark Ruby and a total darkness had corrupted him. Bowser was now a ruby color with black veins. He fired his fire beath and it was massive then ever. Hunter had stopped most of the flames with the water and allowed everyone to rush towards Bowser. Amy and Knuckles had hit Bowser's legs with their hammer and fists while Ivory had the Dimension Blade to slash at the back. While the Koopa King was distracted, Axl rushed over to X and knelt down to feel the damage. The black armored Reploid saw Zero's shadow. Axl looked to Zero's face and he was worried) “X, is he alright?” Zero asked. “Just unconsis, but to see him like this, (Axl got out two pistols) let's show him what Maverick Hunters are capable of.” Axl said. (He fired energy pellets while Zero activated his Z-Saber. The whole group was fighting Bowser, but he had hidden into his shell and was rolling around. Everyone fighting was moving out of the way as Bowser was leaving a powerful energy trail. Bowser landed to form a shock wave and he stopped hiding as Luigi and Mille got hit, causing them to revert to normal. Bowser saw Zero with the Z-Saber in hand while screaming. Bowser grabbed Zero by the waist as Axl had fired at Bowser in the face. Zero had slashed at Bowser's shell, but there was no cuts. Zero slashed at the horn on top to no effort) “What's going on?” Zero asked. (Bowser had let out his fire beath and Axl screamed. Zero fell to the ground as his armor was melting. Bowser had lifted up his foot and was ready to stomp onto Zero. Luigi had jumped again on to Bowser and slammed his hammer onto Bowser, it did nothing as Bowser crushed Zero. Zero screamed in pain as that woke X up. He got up and looked around. The blue Maverick Hunter had quickly dashed to see Zero getting crushed by Bowser. X fired a charge shot at Bowser and it did nothing as the Koopa King shashed at X and punched him. X hit the ground and saw Hunter fire balls of water. They did nothing to help as Bowser had fired his fire beath and disolved the water and burned Hunter. X saw this and felt something inside, as if there was an undiscovered power. His forarms and hands were being encased in dark purple crystal. When they were fully purple, a dark aura was escaping out of them and X's armor was good as new. X had jumped up and fired purple charge shots at Bowser. Bowser had backed up and allowed X to get Zero from the crush and allow Axl to get him to safety. While X was fighting against Bowser, Rose had went up to Shade) “What is it?” Shade asked. “The Dark Emerald, you still have it, right?” Rose asked. “Yeah, why?” Shade asked. “We can use the emerald's power to cancel out the ruby's.” Rose explained. “Okay, let's hope this works.” Shade said. (He saw Mille with worry) “Could this be true?” Mille asked. “What do you mean?” Shade asked. “The treasure I've been searching for, could it be here?” Mille asked. “What treasure?” Shade asked. “Nothing.” Mille said. (They heard an explosion and saw X firing charge shots at Bowser) “X, what's gotten into him?” Rose asked. “You know of him?” Shade asked. “Just use the emerald!” Rose yelled. (Shade rushed over to the small crater and had risen the Dark Emerald. It shone brightly and the ruby shell of Bowser shattered, causing X to punch Bowser one last time as the Dark Ruby and red Chaos Emearld fell from his shell. Bowser had hit the ground as X grabbed the two gems. The purple was gone as X fell weakened. Mille went up to X and the others had stared at Bowser) “Okay Bowser, where is Mario and Peach?” Luigi asked. “Hahaha, I can't say that, besides, it's about time for me to make my exit.” Bowser said. (Parts of the roof exploded as blue robed Magikoopas came in. They had grabbed onto Bowser and had flown away) “Luigi, help me!” Someone yelled. “Mario?” Luigi asked. “Come quickly bro!” Mario yelled. “I'm comign Mario!” Luigi said. (The castle began to shake and collapse as Luigi ran off. Sonic was about to chase after him, but he was grabbed by Ivory) “Ivory, what are you doing?” Sonic asked. “Now's not the time, we have to get out of here.” Ivory said. “We have what were looking for, so it's time to go.” Shade said. “But Luigi, he might be in trouble.” Sonic said. “We must escape Sonic, (The blue hedgehog looked to Mille with X) I know that Luigi will be okay.” Mille said. (Shade looked to Rose and Hunter) “What about you two?” Shade asked. “We'll get going, besides, we have buisness to take care of.” Rose said. (Hunter and Rose entered back into the Umbra Realm) “Well, it looks like we have no choice but to follow you, where can we go from here?” Zero asked. (More of the place was falling apeart as the door was sealed. Ivory grabbed the Dark Ruby from Mille and raised it high) “Let's get out of here, Dimension Fissure!” Ivory yelled. (The ground opened up to form an opening. Ivory jumped in and everyone else did as the castle was falling apart. Sonic looked back) “Good luck Luigi.” Sonic thought. (He jumped in as the fissure was closing and the castle falling apart.

  A few hours had passed, within the Dictator's throne room, the Dictator, Metal Android, and Eggman noticed the door open up. They saw Hunter with Rose) “Okay Dictator, I have your general, now give me what I want.” Hunter said. “Very well, (The Dictator revealed a bag and gave it to Hunter. The wolf opened the bag and picked out a dark blue half of a scallop shell. It's front had a thick white circle with a crescent moon. Below on the 'fin' part, there were three small phases of the moon, the first quarter, the full moon, and third quarter. The full moon was in the middle. Hunter walked up to a wall and slammed the scallop and it didn't break. Hunter then smelled it before walking back to the Dictator) “Just what I wanted.” Hunter said. “Well then, how about I add another hundred?” The Dictator asked. “Your going to add more to my payment?” Hunter asked. “Yes, but to do so, you must join our forces.” The Dictator explained. “Well, this sounds interesting, (Hunter felt a tug. He looked and saw Rose looking at the Dictator) um Rose, what are you doing?” Hunter asked. “Master Dictator, can I talk to him for a second? “Rose asked. “No, you are to stay here and receive punishment for leaving without my order.” The Dictator ordered. “Yes Master, but we have something else to say, we found the Maverick Hunters.” Rose said. “Are you sure?” Metal Android asked. “Yes, we saw all three, X, Zero, and Axl.” Rose explained. “Yeah, they were with Sonic and the others.” Hunter said. “So you let them free Sonic?” The Dictator asked. “Well, um, that's the truth, they got mine and Metal Android's keys.” Rose said. “Very well, Metal Android, where is Vile?” The Dictator asked. “He's in his room, why do you ask?” Metal Android asked. “Never mind, I'll talk to him later, Hunter, wait in the room outside of here till I give orders.” The Dictator ordered. “Okay, we'll talk about the deal later.” Hunter said. (He walked out of the room and closed the doors) “Robotnik, you must work upon your new machine, the heroes might be on their way to the next dimension.” The Dictator ordered. “Yes, it will be easy.” Eggman said. (The Dictator saw Rose backing up to the doors) “What are you doing?” Metal Android asked. “I was going to my room, don't worry, I'll get my punishment, I was just going to rest.” Rose explained. “Just don't try escaping again.” The Dictator said. “I understand.” Rose said. (She left the room and so did Metal Android. The Dictator knelt back on his throne and looked up) “What are you thinking about?” Eggman asked. “The Maverick Hunters are back in action, the plan must work.” The Dictator said. (Eggman continued to work on a machine as the Dictator was thinking) Thus ends the second chapter. New allies were made quickly, who are the Maverick Hunters fully? What are the powers of the Dark Jewels? What happened to Luigi? The first two questions will be answered in Chapter 3 and something in the future!

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