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Dimension Heroes Chapter 3 Act 2
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While they were sailing, many Wingulls and Pelipers were flying over head. Rocks with Krabbys on top had started to blow bubbles) “Wow, what a sight, this is a great vacation.” Sonic said. “Bubbles, I used to play with them when my mother was around.” Ivory said. …… “Is the Luxio alright, he hasn’t spoken in a while.” Aqua said. “Oh Lighting, he’s thinking about something.” Sonic said. “I remember when I was younger, I had the same problem as Lighting say young Lilligant, what happened to your mother?” Aqua asked. “I don't like to talk about it.” Ivory said. “I remember Eggman had mentioned about the Dictator, just who is he?” Sonic asked. “He’s the leader of the Anti Force.” Ivory said. “Anti Force, what's that?” Lighting asked. “Robots that oppose all freedom, the Dictator started the Ten Year War and I was only five when it occurred.” Ivory said. “So the Dictator is behind all this, we better dethrone the king.” Sonic said. “It will take a while to get to the valley, so we should rest.” Ivory said. “Ivory’s right, I know how long it is till we get to the port.” Aqua said. (Everyone but Aqua fell asleep. On Lapras) “Looks like Sonic fell asleep.” Mille said. “He’s quite the energetic Pikachu.” Lapras said. “He’s really a hedgehog, we aren’t from this dimension, you see, we are looking for items called Chaos Emeralds and Dark Jewels, have you’ve seen one of these?” Knuckles asked. (He showed Lapras the two gems) “Hmm, I think I’ve seen the Chaos Emerald, maybe when Victini showed me a yellow gem.” Lapras said. “Who’s Victini?” X asked. “It’s a Pokémon that protects the Justified Mirror.” Lapras said. “That’s the item we need to see, did you hear about the earthquake?” Mille asked. “Yes, I was there when that event had happened.” Lapras said. “So how long will it take to get to the port?” X asked. “Quite a while, since the island is huge, we are still besides the coast line.” Lapras said. “Why did you bring Aqua?” Glaceon asked. “When the earthquake had struck, I was swept by the giant waves, luckily, Aqua came to my rescue, while we were talking, you summoned me.” Lapras explained. “So X, can you tell us who Vile is?” Knuckles asked. “Oh yeah, you mean the purple robot?” X asked. “Yes, it would be nice to find out who we're up against.” Mille said. “Vile used to be a Maverick Hunter before Sigma’s Rebellion, he managed to escape from his cell after causing a bit of a ruckus.” X said. “What was it that ruckus?” Knuckles asked. “I don’t know, so after the beginning of Sigma’s rebellion, I was sent to Central Highway, where Vile was lurking, his Ride Armor was too much and I was grabbed by Vile.” X said. “How did you escape from the grip?” Glaceon asked. “A charge shot had hit the armor’s arm and blew it up, Zero dashed right pass me and Vile escaped.” X said. “You and Zero have such a good friendship, even I’m jealous.” Mille said. “After I had destroyed all of the rebelling Mavericks, I made it to Sigma’s Fortress, Vile and Zero had appeared.” X said. “Oh, so what happens next?” Lapras asked. “They were both fighting in another room, when I entered into the room, I saw Zero inside of a capsule, Vile told me stand down or he will kill Zero.” X said. “What a cruel thing to do, did you blast him to smithereens?” Mille asked. “I fought Vile again, but I lost, just as Vile was about to finish me off, Zero broke free from his prison and latched onto the Ride Armor, Zero, he self destructed, I had finished Vile off and rushed to Zero’s aid.” X said. “Did he make it?” Knuckles asked. “No, he died in my arms, I had headed off on my own, I’ll never forget that day.” X said. “Is Zero always your best friend?” Knuckles asked. “Yes, Zero had taught me from my mistakes, he was my mentor.” X said. “So Mille, are you really jealous about X and Zero’s friendship?” Knuckles asked. “Yes, I never had any friends, when I was young, other echidna children had thought I was an outsider due to my eyes, can you see why?” Mille asked. “Your eyes, how did they become that?” Lapras asked. “I was born this way, many don’t know why I have these eyes.” Mille said. “I see, well, all of us have different things, I have large fists, and you have white eyes, even though we are echidnas, we have different traits.” Knuckles said. “So X, was that the only time you fought Vile?” Lapras asked. “No, you see, after awhile, a scientist named Dr. Doppler was corrupted by Sigma himself.” X said. “How is Sigma alive?” Knuckles asked. “He became the Sigma Virus after I had defeated him for the first time, Doppler had revived Vile, I had entered into a strange capsule and was taken to a factory.” X said. “And Vile was lurking?” Mille asked. “Yes, Vile had fought me and I won, he said that there is a bomb and it’s going off, I managed to escape before the placed blew up.” X said. “Did Vile finally give up?” Glaceon asked. “No, many years later, me, Zero, and Axl were at Noah’s Park, he had appeared and showed us that he was too busy with Lumine, he was captured by Vile.” X said. “But why is Lumine important to him?” Glaceon asked. “He’s in charge of the Orbital Elevator, Vile had wanted to gain control of it for Sigma.” X said. “What happened to Vile?” Mille asked. “Me and my friends had defeated Vile ounce and finished him off at the top of the Orbital Elevator.” X said. “So that was Vile’s end until now.” Knuckles said. “Lapras, how long is it till we head on over to the port?” Glaceon asked. “It’s over, we are at the beach right now.” Lapras said. (Everyone saw a jungle in the distance and there was a waterfall. Everyone had started to panic and they all fell. When they got onto a lake, Lapras and Aqua were floating gently. The two Pokémon then swam to a wooden dock. Everyone got off Lapras and they went over to Aqua) “Wake up you guys!” Knuckes yelled. (Sonic, Lighting, and Ivory had woken up) “Yawn, are we there already, wow!” Sonic said. “Your right Sonic, this place is huge.” Lighting said. (The three had gotten off of Aqua) “Do you know where you’re going?” Aqua asked. “Yes, we have a map, so don’t worry, we’ll be fine.” Mille said. “Thank you all for the cookie!” Lapras said. (Everyone left Aqua and Lapras and enter into the jungle.

  After many floors of Pokémon, they left the dungeon and had made it to a very old apple tree. On it’s branches were huge apples and around the tree was spring water. The tree’s roots were on the water) “Wow, that’s a huge tree.” Lighting said. “That’s the biggest piece of plant life I had ever seen.” Ivory said. “It's quite something, isn't it?” Someone asked. (Everyone looked up and saw a purple Secptile wearing Vile's armor on top of a branch) “Vile?” X asked. “Yes X, how were you so blind, oh well, at least I’ve got your attention.” Vile said. (He jumped from the tree and landed. Mille then touched X’s shell) “X, let us find Victini and you fight Vile.” Mille whispered. “Okay, get going, are you ready Vile?” X asked. “Let’s begin.” Vile said. (Sonic and others ran from the tree and leaving X with Vile. Vile jumped down and fired an energy blast at X. X had jumped away and fired Shotgun Ice. Vile's arm got frozen and he fired another blast from his cannon. X hid in his shell and the energy just barley scratched his shell. X had spun around and went right at Vile. Vile had placed his foot on top of X and a green ball of energy was fired out from Vile's head, X got hit and was in the air. Vile had jumped up and kicked X and fired a blast from his shoulder cannon. X got hit and landed onto the ground and Vile had grabbed X's head. Right as Vile formed a light green sword on his arm, an Energy Ball had hit Vile in the back. The impact had made Vile throw X into the water. X made a big splash and he opened his eyes. He began to peek out of the water and found Vile looking around as more Energy Balls were hitting him. X had gotten out of the water and hid in his shell. He began to spin around and was consumed by fire. He rushed towards Vile and rammed into him. The two fell into the water and X spat out Shotgun Ice. Vile had avoided it and fired another blast from his cannon. X had hid in his shell and blocked the attack. Vile grabbed X and jumped out of the water, Vile had landed onto the middle of the platform and another Energy Ball had been fired, Vile had jumped out of the way and had fired both a shoulder cannon blast and an Energy Ball. They went into the jungle and had hit the Pokemon. Vile was about to get towards the Pokemon, but X had fired a Shotgun Ice at Vile's face. X had broken free from Vile's grasp and had fired a Speed Burner, Vile got hit by the attack and the ice had melted. He noticed X sticking his tongue out and ran off. Vile then began to chase after X in the jungle. The Pokemon had crawled towards the outside and looked) “X, wow, he used the Speed Burner, I thought he couldn't use it.” The Pokemon thought. (It got up and walked away.

  Meanwhile, Sonic and friends make it to a dormant volcano) “So Mille, is this the right direction?” Sonic asked. “Yes, all it says to do is to cross this volcano.” Mille said. “Hmm, I hope X is okay.” Glaceon said. “He’s going to be alright, for now, we must make it to Ion Valley.” Lighting said. (They began their climb to the top of the volcano) “So how long is this climb?” Sonic asked. “It’s only been two minutes, be patient Sonic or I will drag you to the top.” Mille said. “Yikes, I was just joking!” Sonic said. “Well Sonic, be quiet and keep walking!” Knuckles said. “Alright, alright, I’m sorry, hey what’s that?” Sonic asked. (Up in the sky was a yellow Vulpix with seven tails flying in the sky) “Sonic, oh Sonic, where are you?” The Vulpix asked. “Hey Tails, look down here!” Sonic yelled. (Tails looked down and saw everyone, He went down and lands on top of Knuckles) “Hey guys, um why are you all weird creatures?” Tails asked. “The Laws of Dimensions, they are an entity that change our bodies to fit with the environment.” Mille explained. “Wow, the Laws of Dimensions, how did you know about it?” Knuckles asked. “I have examined the ruins of my dimension and have found things that mention them.” Mille explained. “I've never knew about them.” Ivory said. “We all learn different things Ivory, you just have to listen to others.” Mille said. “Yeah, I know, but we're almost at the top, just a few more steps.” Ivory said. (They made it to the top and made it to a very beautiful forest that was filled with bright light green plants. The afternoon sun had shined all of the fallen rain drops. In the center of the volcano was a lake. Sonic and everyone found rock stairs going down to the bottom of the empty volcano) “This is the volcano's center, it’s like a giant bowl.” Sonic said. “Filled with plant life, so many plants, I remember the old days.” Ivory said. “Your right, reminds me of the Forest of Forever back home.” Lighting said. “This is the map’s place, X marks the spot.” Mille said. “Hey guys, am I late?” Someone asked. (They find X struggling to get to the others) “X, what took you so long?” Sonic asked. (Mille smacks Sonic) “Don’t be so rude, Sonic, what if you are tired and we force you to go up a mountain?” Mille asked. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry guys, let’s head on down to the valley.” Sonic said. (Everyone went down into the valley.

  After going through an Ion Valley Dungeon, the team had made it to the lake. Sonic looks at his reflection and finds his hedgehog form. Everyone finds their original forms. “Wow, this lake is revealing our original forms, how is it able to do that?” Ivory asked. “I don't know.” Knuckles said. “Wow, so that's what you really look like, your not from here, are you?” Glaceon asked. “Yes, but that isn't the important thing right now.” Mille said. “Hey, do you hear a noise?” X asked. (The team heard a song that was coming from the outside of the volcano. The team had left the lake and exited out of the volcano. There was a trail of boulders resting on the ocean. The team had started to jump from one boulder to the next, leading the group to an island. The song was getting better to hear when the characters were getting closer. They had arrived onto the island. Everyone saw at the center of the tiny island was a mirror. On top of the mirror was floating boulders. And on one was Victini, blowing on a shell instrument) “Um excuse me, can you hear us?” Mille asked. (Victini stopped playing and opened it's eyes) “Yes, my name is Victini, Guardian of the Justified Mirror.” Victini introduced. “That’s perfect, we were looking for you.” Sonic said. “But why?” Victini asked. “We had heard about an earthquake striking the valley.” X said. “Yes, I had felt it too, it was Zekrom and Reshiram fighting again in the other dimension.” Victini said. “We have the Legends Map that was important to Arceus, I think.” Ivory said. “Oh, let me see it.” Victini said. (It got down from the rocks and went to Ivory. Ivory got the map from the pouch and opened it up. The map was now different then before. It showed the tiny island that the team is on, three big islands were on the left, right, and in front of the island) “Yes, this is the map, it leads to the three islands where Virizion, Terrakion, and Cobalion live.” Victini said. “We better head onto the Trio Islands, can you break the barrier?” Mille asked. “Sure, it will only take a second.” Victini said. (It headed to the mirror and touched it) “So Mille, how did you know that there was a barrier?” Knuckles asked. “I could sense it and feel the energy.” Mille explained. (The mirror had moved pointing towards the island on the left. Then, a laser had fired from the mirror and it hit an invisible barrier that was surrounding the island) “The barrier is gone, you can now talk to Virizion on the first Trio Island.” Victini said. “Hey, wait up, I want to come too!” Someone yelled. “Slow down Amy!” Someone said. (Everyone saw two Bunearys and an Azurill. One Buneary had green eyes and had pink fur on the fluff on the ears, waist and under, tail, and feet. It was wearing a red dress with a white borderline at the skirt. Red boots with a white stripe going down the center. The bottoms of the boots are silver. White gloves with golden rings. Behind the ears was a red headband. The other Buneary has brown eyes. Ivory colored fur instead of brown. The fluff on the ears, waist and below, and feet was orange. It wore an orange dress with a white collar, and a blue bow. It’s shoes were orange with yellow on the top. It had gloves with a yellow cufflink on the cuff of the gloves. And the Azurill only had a green bow) “Amy, what are you doing here?” Sonic asked. “I knew it was you, Sonic, I trusted my heart.” Amy said. “Amy, where’s big brother, you promised me he was here.” The Azurill said. “I’m very sorry Tiffany, but don’t worry, we’ll find Shade, isn’t that right Cream?” Amy asked. “Yes, we will find you brother.” Cream said. “What’s going on guys?” Sonic asked. “Amy said that we will find big brother first, then find you, I feel so lonely, big brother.” Tiffany said. “Don’t worry Tiffany, we’ll find him.” Sonic said. “Are we guys ready?” Mille asked. “But, how do we get across?” Sonic asked. “With my help.” Victini said. (It walked over to the water and created a path of sand that was from the ocean. It leads to the left island. Everyone, even Victini had started to go to the island.

  Meanwhile, Vile had made it to a beach) “Darn that X, why must he get the allies, but who attacked me?” Vile asked. “That was me Vile.” Someone said. (Vile saw a Roserade with purple sunglasses) “Rose, why did you do it?” Vile asked. “The Dictator ordered me to, and I have a friend who want's to meet with X.” Rose explained. “Okay, so I should blame it all on the Dictator, but why were you attacking me instead of telling me?” Vile asked. “A bit of friendly fire.” Rose said. “But who's your friend?” Vile asked. “Oh, huh, (The egg shaped watch on Rose's wrist was ringing and Rose opened it up to reveal the Dictator and Eggman) Dictator, Robotnik, what a suprise.” Rose said. “Did you find Vile yet?” Eggman asked. “Why yes, he's right next to me.” Rose said. “How dare you make me not hurt X!” Vile yelled. “What are you talking about?” The Dictator asked. “Oh, so it must have been your friend that told you to stop me.” Vile said. “What, no, Dictator, will you please tell me why you called?” Rose asked. “Why yes, we have the new directions for you Rose and you must go to that place.” Eggman said. (He had showed the map and Rose had teleported and left Vile on the beach) “Hey, what am I soposed to do?” Vile asked. (He began to wander around waiting for a signal. Meanwhile, Eggman and the Dictator were in the throne room) “So what do we do with Vile?” Eggman asked. “We will give him time till I decide, but one thing bothers me.” The Dictator said. “And what's that?” Eggman asked. “Rose never mentioned of a friend till now.” The Dictator explained. “I wonder that, but maybe I should go ask Metal Android if he knows anything.” Eggman said. “No, you must stay here and wait for my orders.” The Dictator said. “But we had a deal.” Eggman said. “I promise you that Sonic will be destroyed, but we must follow my plans.” The Dictator said. “Plans, fine, your only a machine and I still have Metal Sonic, where is he?” Eggman asked. “Don't worry about him for now, all we have to do is keep an eye on Rose and Vile.” The Dictator said.

  (Now back to Sonic and the team. Everyone had made it to the first island and it was a forest) “So Victini, do you know anyone on this island?” Sonic asked. “Virizion, she’s a good friend of mine.” Victini explained. “Well that’s nice.” Ivory said. “Hey Victini, do you know about Zekrom and Reshiram?” Glaceon asked. “Yes, for some reason, the two Pokémon are going out of control and are fighting in the Distortion World, while the chaos is going on, Arceus and Giratina are both trying to stop the fighting.” Victini said. “Distortion World, what’s that?” Tails asked. “It’s where Giratina lives, he was banished there for the destruction it has caused in this world.” Glaceon said. “So, did Arceus and Giratina stop the two Pokémon?” Knuckles asked. “No, Zekrom and Reshiram had defeated the two, now Arceus had summoned the Legends Map ounce again.” Victini said. “I see, X was the first to find it, so did Arceus chose him?” Sonic asked. “No, it was for all of you, I’m just the guardian of the Justified Mirror.” Victini explained. (An earthquake had started to occur and it was affecting the island. Everyone went under the apple trees and held on. As they were holding on, apples, leaves, and branches were falling. Then, the earthquake stopped) “Is everyone alright?” Ivory asked. “Yes.” Lighting said. “Nothing broken, hey, what’s that silver gate?” Knuckles asked. (Everyone saw a silver gate that was covered in leaves. The team had headed to the gate and saw a Serperior) “Are you alright, that earthquake was unexpected, I hope Virizion is alright.” The Serperior said. “Hey, can we pass, we need to see Virizion, she’s a dear good friend.” Victini said. “Victini, I’ll let you and your friends to Virizion, I’ll keep an eye on things here.” The Serperior said. “Got it, let’s hurry.” Sonic said. (Another earthquake had occurred. Ignoring the shaking ground, everyone had went through the gate and entered into the forest. They saw many Pokémon running and the team had started to follow Victini as it had headed over to a statue of Virizion. They saw a hill and headed on over to the top. They saw Virzion fighting with Rose.

  Virizion had jumped up and formed a Sacred Sword and Rose dodged it. She had fired Razor Leaves and Virizion was running towards Rose. The leaves were missing as Virizion had kicked Rose twice. Rose had recovered and fired an Energy Ball from her mouth. Virizion had slashed it and Rose as well. Sonic had ran up to the two and used Thundershock at Rose. Rose backed up and formed vines from the trees and they were wrapping around Sonic and Virizion. X had ran up to Rose and had heatbutted Rose and fired Speed Burner. Rose had slapped X and went on top of a tree as there were burn marks on her chest. Then, another earthquake had occurred as there were two figures consumed in light and darkness in the sky. They both fired two Hyper Beams and they were aiming at the island. Virizion had rushed to the direct spot where the beams were going to hit. They merged into one and Victini had used Psychic to keep it from hitting the island. The ground was shaking more and more as Virizion was slashing at it with Sacred Sword, Sonic was hitting it with his tail and X was firing Shotgun Ice. Rose jumped down and had fired Energy Balls. Everyone was attacking it until it created a weak explosion and the earthquake stopped and X landed on top of Rose) “Alright, punish me, I take the blame.” Rose said. “I don't believe it, but are you alright?” X asked. “Huh, (Rose made her voice sound different) but did you see what I did?” Rose asked. “I know, but, why did you attack that Pokemon?” X asked. “Well, I got injured in the confusion and Virizion had attacked me.” Rose said. “Why did you attack her Virizion?” Victini asked. “I thought she was a threat, I could sense it.” Virizion said. “Do you want us to help you?” X asked. “No, I'll be alright, (Rose had touched X's cheek with her rose arm) now can you get off me?” Rose asked. “Sure, but will you be alright on your own?” X asked. “Don't worry, I'll be fine.” Rose said. (X got off of Rose's stomach and she got up. She starred at X and jumped from the cliff. Amy went over to the edge to see that Rose was gone) “She's disappeared, but doesn't it remind you of someone?” Amy asked. “Maybe, but I don't think so, what do you think X?” Sonic asked. “I had a feeling inside of me, that reminds me of someone.” X said. “And who is that someone?” Knuckles asked. “I don't remember, but I have that feeling.” X said. (Virizion had collapsed and the two Pokemon had flew away. Victini had rushed to Virizion) “Are you alright?” Victini asked. “Yes, I just spent most of my energy trying to fight and that attack, it was from Zekrom and Reshiram.” Virizion said. “So those two tried to destroy this island, thank goodness we got here in time.” Sonic said. “Now Victini, why are you here, and who are those with you?” Virizion asked. “Oh, I found out that these guys have the Legends Map, and they aren't from Ion Valley.” Victini said. “Yeah, we came from Poketon.” Glaceon said. “I see, but the battle with Zekrom and Reshiram are taking place in the Distortion World, so then, why did the two attack us?” Virizion asked. “Maybe they were trying to break the Mirror Fragment.” Victini guessed. “Oh, I remember, that's the way to get to the Distortion World, we must get it, (Virizion tried to stand up) gah!” Virizion yelled. “No, you need to rest, we'll get the fragment.” Sonic said. “But, I have the fragment with me, I sensed danger, and I needed to protect it.” Virizion said. (She revealed a broken part of a mirror and Victini grabbed it) “Thank you Virizion, but you know, it is pretty dangerous to keep the Mirror Fragment with you, but we all make mistakes.” Victini said. “Your right, but you must get going, Terrakion and Cobilion might also be in danger.” Virizion said. “Got it, we'll save this world.” Amy said. (They had all left Virzion to rest and got to the bottom of the hill.

  When they made it back to the gate, they were hearing a voice) “What do you mean I can’t go in, how rude can you be?” Someone asked. “I’m very sorry, but we needed to evacuate all Pokémon to ensure there safety.” Sepherior said. ”Rouge, that sound like her!” Ivory said. “Did someone call my name?” Rouge asked. (Sonic and others had saw a Togetic that has black wings and it has a pink heart on its chest) “Sonic, what are you doing here?” Rouge asked. “We came to see Virizion, she’s okay, but too weak to help us.” Tails explained. “We're going to find Terrakion now, want to help?” Lighting asked. “Okay Ivory, why are you so cute in that form?” Rouge asked. “I don’t know, what do you think?” Ivory asked. “Um guys, shouldn’t we head on over to the next island?” X asked. “Your right X.” Rouge said. (Victini had used it's powers and lifted a bridge of sand. While they were crossing, two Riolus were flying through the sky towards Terrakion’s island. The team had made it to the island on the far right and they spotted the two Riolus watching them. One had a gray color instead of blue. The black on its body has white, the black on its chest has white fur. On its head, was hair above it’s eyes. The two bottom shaped hair went left and right instead of going down to the rest of its body. It wore white gloves with a golden ring for the cuffs. On the palm, there’s a light blue ring. Also a light blue ring engraved on the rings. It wore boots with light blue on the toe part. A ring with the same detail is on the top of the boots. Below, on the center of the boot’s front, there’s a white line with a red tag that surrounded by gold. The Riolu’s color was instead of blue, it was purple. The black was a darker purple. It has purple hair on the back of it’s head. It was raised up in a ponytail. The hairs are fused to three and a raised at an upward angle. The hair was hung by a ruby ring. It wore a dark purple dress. On the neck was a golden necklace. It has white gloves, the cuffs were white and fuzzy. The shoes were high heels and they had white fuzzy cuffs. The colors of the shoes were magenta pink and a white stripe) “Sonic, we have been looking for you.” The purple Riolu said. “Silver, Blaze?” Tiffany asked. “Of course it’s us Sonic, we had searched around all over the place just looking for you guys.” Silver said. “Well, we found almost everyone, who are we missing?” Sonic asked. “Zero, Axl, Shade, and Shadow.” X said. “Wow, so many friends to look for, we must be careful.” Victini said. “Yeah, it's nothing new for me, I wonder if that cave has something?” Lighting asked. “What cave?” Tails asked. (Lighting pointed at the mouth of a cave) “We need to get to the next Mirror Fragment, the only way to get through is to go into that cave.” Mille said. “This cave is a maze, I’ve been here before, but I haven’t passed through.” Victini said. “Well that’s good, a maze, we should be teams before we go inside, I’m going to be with, Sonic and X” Ivory said. “Me, Tails, Glaceon, and Lighting will go.” Victini said. “Knuckles, Cream, and myself.” Rouge said. “Amy, Mille, can you be with me?” Silver asked. “Sure, too bad Sonic didn’t pick me.” Amy said. “A pleasure to be helping you.” Mille said. “Is everyone all together now?” Sonic asked. “But what about me?” Tiffany asked. “Oh Tiffany, I’m sorry, let Silver have you.” Ivory said. “Thank you Ivory.” Tiffany said. (She walked over to Silver’s team) “I'll be by myself.” Blaze said. (Everyone entered into the cave and both Rose and Vile were watching) “Robotnik, we've found Sonic and his friends.” Rose said. “Very well done Rose, now get going.” Eggman said. “Okay, I’ll go after X and you go handle Blaze.” Vile said. “Okay, I’ve got it.” Rose said. “Why must I deal with Blaze when I could handle X?” Rose thought. (They had entered into the cave.

  The group had made it to a halt as they saw many paths. The teams had gotten into the mouths and began the mazes. Sonic’s Team was surrounded by sharp jagged rocks as the place was filling with water. Silver’s Team had to go through a murky swamp. Rouge’s Team had to go through a tunnel filled with diamonds. Blaze had made it to an open room and was about to walk over to the other side. Then an earthquake strikes as a closed flower emerged from the ground and it opened up to reveal Rose) “Hello Blaze, it’s been awhile.” Rose said. “Rose, do you work with Eggman?” Blaze asked. “Yes, he’s just alright for my tastes, at least he's better then one who hates following orders.” Rose said. “You mean Vile?” Blaze asked. “You may be true but, I've lost to you before, but I won't let you win again, are you ready?” Rose asked. “I’m always ready.” Blaze said. (Rose had blocked the entrances off and rushed towards Blaze. Blaze had dodged the rush attack and fired fire. Rose had vines rise up and they were completely burnt by Blaze’s attacks. Blaze does a fire dash and rams right into Rose. Blaze stopped as Rose rammed right into a wall. Rose had formed vines and they wrapped around Blaze. Rose got off and was punching Blaze with Poison Jab. As she was doing this, she was grabbed by Psychic and was thrown to the ceiling and then the wall. Silver and the three had showed up. Rose tried to get up, but Amy had slammed her hammer at the back of Rose's head while Tiffany was using Splash. Silver had gotten Blaze from the vines and they were attacking Rose at together. Rose had made vines rise up and catch everyone and Rose was injured. Silver had broken himself free as Blaze was trying to burn the vines. Rose had kicked Silver in the chest and had slamed her foot on top of Silver's head. Silver was on the ground and he had caught Rose again and threw her towards another wall. Rose had pushed her boots against the wall and broke from Silver's Psychic and rushed towards him. Silver had levitated rocks and were throwing them. Rose had kicked them and punched Silver in the face. Blaze had burned the vines and had kicked Rose. While she was distracted by Blaze, Silver had levitated Rose and smacked her onto a wall repeatedly. Then, Silver threw Rose and Blaze jumped up. She started to spin with fire around her. Blaze had then kicked Rose with a mighty power. Silver had levitated himself to start kicking Rose as she plummeted to the ground. Then Rose had smacked to the ground, very hard. Dust was flying all across the area. Rose was covered in dust and she sat down in exhaustion. Blaze and Silver got Amy and Tiffany down and walked up to Rose) “No, how could I loose to you, X will.” Rose said. “Wait, you know X?” Blaze asked. “My friend told me about him.” Rose said. “A friend, but I don't remember any mention of him or her.” Tiffany said. “Tell us everything you know.” Silver said. “I can't, if I did, my friend would kill me.” Rose said. “Well your going to tell us whether you like it or not!” Silver yelled. (He had grabbed Rose with Psychic and Rose was being constricted. She was screaming and someone had grabbed Silver by the shoulder. He found Mille) “Stop it Silver, Rose is already injured enough, (Mille looked at Rose) you must feel tired, and I feel your pain.” Mille said. “I, well, I don't know what to say, but if there's one thing I want to say.” Rose said. “And what's that?” Tiffany asked. “Please tell X and Zero about my friend, it would make me and him happy.” Rose said. “Should we tell them?” Silver asked. “Yes, it won't do any harm, and Rose.” Mille said. “Huh, what is it?” Rose asked. “Try to be more careful next time.” Mille said. (Rose got up and was walking away while holding her injured arm. She noticed the vines on an entrance were ripped and she had killed the plants and left) “Why did you let her go, we had the chance.” Blaze said. “We cannot force others to do anything, that's what the Dictator has done to Rose.” Mille said. “What did he do to her?” Silver asked. “Something that has happened eight years ago.” Mille said. (She was walking away) “Shouldn't we try to find the exit?” Tiffany asked. “Yes, hey Mille, wait up!” Silver yelled. (The four were going after Mille.

  After many floors, they made it to a cliff and began to walk through a path. They started to hear Sonic's voice and looked down at the edge. They found the Pikachu on top of an unsteady boulder and was in the center) “Help, I don't know how long I can hold on!” Sonic said. “Just hold on!” Silver said. (He had grabbed Sonic with his telekenisis and pulled him up and Amy hugged him) “Thank you Amy.” Sonic said. “Did you find anything important?” Blaze asked. “No, but we were separated by that earthquake.” Sonic explained. “An earthquake, but we didn't feel anything, right?” Silver asked. “I don't know, but it got us separated.” Sonic said. “That's bad, we need to help them, where did they go?” Tiffany asked. “If I can remember, they went that way.” Sonic said. (He was pointing to a path leading up to a mountain) “Well, we better get the others, they might be in trouble.” Blaze said. “Yes, I can sense it, they are ending their paths and it leads to this cliff.” Mille said. (They waited and everyone had appeared) “Hey guys, we were waiting for you.” Sonic said. “So where do we go now?” Tails asked. “To that mountain over there.” Sonic explained. “That's Terrakion's Mountain, we have to be careful there.” Victini said. (They went over to the mountain and had began to climb up the mountain.

  When they got to the top, they found Ivory and X with Terrakion and rushed to them) “Ivory, X, there you are.” Sonic said. “Sonic, oh thank goodness that your alright.” X said. (Victini walked up to Terrakion) “Victini, it's been a while, what are you doing here?” Terrakion asked. “We came here to get the Mirror Fragment.” Lighting said. “Yes, that earthquake was something, but it's over for now.” Terrakion said. “Yes, but it's because of Zekrom and Reshiram, they were the ones behind this and we must stop them.” Mille said. “I see, but what about Virizion, I sensed that there was danger with her.” Terrakion said. “Yes, the two Pokemon had tried to destroy the island, and now, she's been resting.” Victini said. “There's a reason we came here.” Ivory said. (Tails revealed a Chaos Emerald and a Dark Jewel) “We came in search for the Chaos Emeralds and the Dark Jewels.” Tails said. “Maybe this might be what your looking for, Victini.” Terrakion said. (Victini had revealed a yellow Chaos Emerald) “Yep, that’s what were looking for, thanks for finding it.” Knuckles said. (Right when he was going to grab it, Rouge had gotten it) “Now listen Knuckles, you have drills for arms, you should let a treasure hunter like me take care of it.” Rouge said. “So Sonic, how many Chaos Emeralds are you looking for?” X asked. “We are looking for all seven of the Chaos Emeralds and Dark Jewels.” Sonic said. (He showed off the four gems) “I’ve seen these back in Abel City!” X said. “Oh, that’s good X, do you know where they are?” Sonic asked. “There both in Maverick Hunter H.Q.” X said. “Even better, so Victini, what do we need to find?” Sonic asked. “Terrakion, can you give us the piece?” Victini said. “Yes, (Terrakion had walked over to the wall X was smacked into. Terrakion had started to place his horns into the stone wall. It revealed a treasure chest. Victini opened the chest up and found a piece of mirror) here you are.” Terrakion said. “Oh, just what I needed, thank you, Terrakion, we’ll be on our way to Cobalion.” Victini said. “Be careful now.” Terrakion said. (They left Terrakion and were climbing down the mountain and getting through the maze. The team had made it to the coast line and Victini had created another path of sand. The team had started to follow Victini as she kept forming the sandy bridge. Now that the group has two Mirror Fragments, they only have one more to go. Will it be easy, or difficult? Act 3 will be the final answer!