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Dimension Heroes Chapter 3 Act 3
Word Count: 4227

​Everyone had made it to the island. The area looked like plains and was filled with ruins as it was nighttime) “Here we are, Cobalion lives here.” Victini said. (There was a rumble noise coming from a bush) “Did you hear that?” Tiffany asked. “We all did, can someone check it out?” Knuckles asked. “Stand back everyone, there’s someone here.” X said. (He was slowly walking towards the bush, then, Zero and Axl popped out and collided with X) “Ouch, are you okay Zero, hey it’s X!” Axl said. “Zero, Axl?” X asked. “Of course it’s us X, we were worried.” Zero said. “X, are you okay?” Sonic asked. “It’s alright Sonic, its Zero and Axl, my best friends!” X said. “Oh goodie, now we can find the emeralds more easily.” Amy said. “How did you know it was me?” X asked. “Um, your helmet.” Zero said. “Oh, I see that you have yours, but why not Axl?” X asked. “We don’t know, maybe theirs a secret to these weird transformations.” Axl said. “Mille, do you know about this?” Zero asked. “Later, for now, we must find Cobalion.” Mille said. “Yes, but where to start?” Sonic asked. “I’ll start looking, maybe I might find something to discover.” Knuckles said. (He started to burrow in the ground and disappeared) “So where should we look?” Axl asked. (Rouge bit on Axl’s mane) “You’re coming with me.” Rouge said. (She started to fly up in the air and so was Axl) “Um, can someone help me?” Axl asked. “Too bad I can’t reach you.” Zero said. “Hey, don’t say that Zero, you’re an S-Class Maverick Hunter, help a D-Rank like me!” Axl yelled. “Come on, let’s go.” Zero said. (He leaves the team and everyone follows him) “Zero, you get back here, Zero, ZERO!” Axl yelled. “Mille you be quiet, I can’t concentrate with your whining.” Rouge said. “Fine, humph.” Axl said. (Everyone had begun to search for Cobalion.

  Meanwhile, back at Ion Valley, Rose and Vile were next to a camp fire) “So Vile, what are we doing back in the valley, shouldn't we try to stop X and his friends?” Rose asked. “I'm only following Master Dictator's orders and since you were licking your wounds, I had to drag you out.” Vile said. “I wasn't, and my friend would be embarrised to see me do this.” Rose said. “Oh yeah, your a cat, you lick and cough up hairballs.” Vile said. “That's not what my friend does, he's not a cat and he's never seen one before.” Rose said. “So what type of species is he?” Vile asked. “Well, that I can't say, he would kill me if he found out I was revealing information, but I can say that he had a rival in his dimension.” Rose said. “So you both live in different dimensions, how are you able to contact each other?” Vile asked. “I, can't explain that well.” Rose said. “Your a general to Master Dictator, yet you can't explain how you can contact a friend, why were you called a general?” Vile asked. (He was laughing and Rose formed a plant that had hit Vile in the head) “I was forced to join because I lost everything!” Rose explained. “Oh, what type of memory?” Vile asked. “My mother, my father, and my memories, now I'm forced to do something I can't get to remember.” Rose said. “You lost your memories, who did it?” Vile asked. “You may question about it in your sleep.” Rose said. “Alright, I'll just think about it.” Vile thought. “I just wish that he were here, then we could find his rival together.” Rose said. “Why don't you just say his name right now?” Vile asked. “I said it before now be quiet, well, I’m not supposed to tell you, that was a promise, only when I find his rival, do you understand?” Rose asked. “Yes, but who is this rival?” The Dictator asked. “Yawn, I’m too tired to talk anymore.” Rose said. “Fine, if your going to get some rest, I will too.” Vile said. (He lied on the grass and Rose got a communication from the Dictator on her watch) “Master Dictator, what are you doing contacting us?” Rose asked. “I wanted to see if you were alright.” The Dictator explained. “So why did you make me your general if everyone else is a machine?” Rose asked. “Get your sleep Rose, you will need it.” The Dictator said. “What, won't you answer me, (The connection was gone) oh well, I better get some rest before getting back to the Dictator.” Rose said. (She had formed a pile of flowers and lied on them. She had then fallen asleep.

  Back with Sonic and others as they were walking through the ruins) “So Zero, do you know where you’re going?” Tails asked. “I think so, but I’m not so sure, what are you guys looking for anyways?” Zero asked. “A Pokémon named Cobalion.” Victini said. “I’ve heard about that creature, I think he’s up that mountain that is surrounded by electricity.” Zero said. (He pointed to a mountain high up and a lighting bolt had hit it) “That sounds good to me, (Lighting was running off) I'll find out what's going on!” Lighting yelled. “I'd better find out what's happening.” Ivory said. “Well be careful.” Amy said. “Don't worry, we'll be able to make it up there.” Ivory said. (She ran off after Lighting. The two made it to the bottom of the hill and began to climb up. Lighting bolts were falling from the sky and Ivory screamed a bit. Lighting grabbed Ivory's arm and the two went up. They climbed to a cliff and there was a dungeon. The two entered and was going through. They were fighting many Pokemon and were going through the stairs.

  They made it to the top of the mountain and saw the thunderclouds more easily) “Wow, how high up are we?” Ivory asked. “I don't know, but it sure is nice with these lighting bolts hitting the ground.” Lighting said. “What, will lighting bolts strike me?” Ivory asked. “No, I have a power to become a lighting rod, so you don't have to worry.” Lighting said. “Are you sure?” Ivory asked. “Yeah, why are you acting scared, are you afraid of lighting?” Lighting asked. “Yes, the ring I have increases my damage with electricity.” Ivory said. “So does the ring power you up or something?” Lighting asked. “Yes, it also changes my form.” Ivory explained. “Wow, where did you get it?” Lighting asked. “Well, I got it from my dimension.” Ivory said. “I see, but where is Cobalion?” Lighting asked. “He must be somewhere else.” Ivory said. “Well, let's keep moving.” Lighting said. “Wait, don't leave yet.” Someone said. (Ivory and Lighting stopped and saw a tall four legged light blue Pokemon. On it’s feet was gray color that was surrounded by black on the leg, and hoofs. On it’s front legs, there’s a yellow strike form on the upper part of the legs. The tail was the same thing as the yellow strike shapes, but they were white. There were two black spots on each upper part of the hind leg. On the neck was a furry mess which resembles a beard. Two black spots on both sides of it’s neck. The head has two horns that resembles thunder bolts. A white muzzle with black going from the top of the muzzle to the top of it’s head. It had yellow irises. The Pokemon was standing on top of a boulder) “Um hello, I’m Ivory and this is Lighting, we came here in search for someone named Cobalion.” Ivory explained. “And why are you searching for him?” The Pokémon asked. “The world is in danger, Zekrom and Reshiram are fighting in the Distortion World and it’s causing disaster all over the globe, if we can find Cobalion, we can save this world.” Lighting explained. “So, they are fighting again, it’s been eons ever since that had happened.” The Pokémon said. “So, does that mean, your Cobalion?” Ivory asked. “Yes, to help Arceus and Giratina, I must go with you to see Terrakion and Virizion.” Cobalion said. “That's what we need, we already visited the other two, so let's get down and find the others.” Lighting said. “Very well, get on my back, we will get down much safely.” Cobalion said. (Ivory and Lighting got on Cobalion's back and he jumped down.

  Meanwhile, back down, Sonic and Amy were searching for Knuckles by looking in the hole he dug) “Shouldn't we go down?” Sonic asked. “No, were going to stay here and wait for the others to come back.” Amy said. “Alright, whatever you want.” Sonic said. (They continued to look while Tails was flying in the sky looking for both Rouge and Axl) “Hey you two, come out where ever you are!” Tails yelled. “Hey Tails, is that you?” Someone asked. “That sounded like Shade, don’t worry Shade, I’m coming!” Tails said. (He flew towards Shade’s voice and found it coming from a cliff. Shade was a ninja Marill and Tails had landed on the cliff) “Tails, your here, do you know where Tiffany is?” Shade asked. “Yes, come with me and I’ll show you.” Tails said. (Shade reached out for Tails’ paw and he caught it. Tails used all of his strength to pull Shade up, but he was too heavy. Tails placed Shade back down and landed back on the cliff) “I’m sorry Tails, maybe you should leave me, I’m patient enough.” Shade said. “No, I can't leave you here, if only Rouge and Axl were here.” Tails said. “You called?” Axl asked. (Rouge comes up from the cliff and she still had Axl’s mane in her mouth) “What a coincidence.” Shade said. “There you two are, I’ve been looking for you.” Tails said. “Oh, we were looking for you guys, don’t worry, we’ll get to Sonic and tell him what happened.” Axl said. “Okay!” Tails said. (Rouge flew away from Tails and Shade and left them on the cliff)

  After going around the whole island, Axl finds Sonic and Amy with Knuckles and another Pikachu which was black with red stripes. Rouge had let Axl go as she fell to the ground) “Hey Sonic, we found Tails and Shade, we need you help to get them!” Axl said. “Okay, we need to hurry and find them.” Sonic said. “Your right, hey guys, I’m here, did I get lost?” Zero asked. “No, your alright, Zero.” Sonic said. “Axl, I just noticed this, your colors are wrong.” Zero said. “What, oh, I have blue, hey Story Creator, in Chapter 2, you made my colors wrong, now fix them up!” Axl yelled. (Dimension portals had opened up and random paintbrushes appear from nowhere and splatter paint on Axl. When the paintbrushes were gone, Axl now had an orange mane and the boots now were now a black color and their are red lines instead of orange) “Sorry Axl, I had mistaken your colors.” The Story Creator said. “Well, at least Axl’s back in his normal color, but why did you have to break the wall?” Zero asked. “Yes, I now have my old colors again!” Axl said. “I guess that will never be explained.” Zero thought. “Um Axl, aren’t we going to help Tails and Shade?” Rouge asked. “Oh, I’m sorry, this way guys.” Axl said. “Rouge, is that you?” The black Pikachu asked. “Shadow, what a surprise.” Rouge said. “I’m what other creatures call a Pikachu, this looks embarrassing.” Shadow said. “Mille you guys come right now, our friends are waiting.” Axl said. (He ran off and everyone followed Axl.

  After a while, the characters had found Shade and Tails up on the cliff. Shade and Tails jumped down and were caught by the group. They went back to the hold Knuckles dug and went inside. They found everyone and Cobalion had landed and Ivory held onto Cobalion's neck. She opened her eyes and saw everyone) “You guys, um Cobalion, thanks for taking us down.” Ivory said. “Yeah, that was cool, but the lighting didn't strike me.” Lighting said. “Colbalion, it's been a while, hasn't it.” Victini said. “Yes, I've heard what Ivory and Lighting had told me.” Colbalion said. “But where's the Mirror Fragment?” Lighting asked. “Oh, I have it with me.” Knuckles said. “Oh, you just had to keep it from us, nice job knuckle head.” Sonic said. “Don't make me drill through your skull!” Knuckles yelled. (Amy got in between the two) “Please stop it you two, not another argument.” Cream said. “Yeah, come on you guys, be more nicer.” Amy said. “Alright, fine, let's just get going.” Knuckles said. “But where excatly?” Shade asked. “We go back to Ion Valley to use the Mirror Fragments on the Justified Mirror.” Victini said. “Yes, I just hope that Virizion and Terrakion had made it to the valley.” Cobalion said. (They walked over to the beach and Victini rose the sand and they all crossed back to Ion Valley. They found Virizion and Terrakion waiting for them as Victini had walked over to the Justified Mirror and was placing the Mirror Fragments. They were inserted and the mirror began to glow and the water was as well. A dark purple portal opened up and Virzion, Terrakion, and Cobalion had entered into the portal. Tiffany was walking up the stairs, but she tripped and fell into the portal and Shade had entered as well. After entering, the portal closed) “Shade, Tiffany!” Tails said. “Oh no, I hope their going to be alright.” Ivory said. “Victini, what just happened?” Knuckles asked. “Shade and Tiffany had entered into the Distortion World and only the Three Swords of Justice could enter and the portal would close.” Victini said. (It jumped down and looked at the water to see a new world.

  Meanwhile, in the Distortion World, Shade opened his eyes to see Tiffany slightly injured and walked up to her) “Tiffany, are you alright?” Shade asked. “Big brother, what happened, where are we?” Tiffany asked. “I don't know, but this world, is weird.” Shade said. (The entire world was a dark blue with floating platforms and water falls upside down. Tifffany wrapped her tail around Shade) “Please, keep us safe!” Tiffany said. “It's alright, there's no one here.” Shade said. “You two, how did you get here?” Virizion asked. (The two former hedgehogs find Virizion on the ceiling) “Your above us, how come?” Tiffany asked. (Virizion jumped to another platform and had landed onto the ground next to Shade and Tiffany) “The laws of gravity don't exist in the Distortion World, get on my back and we will find the others.” Virizion said. “Okay, just hang onto me.” Shade said. (He and Tiffany got onto Virizion and she had jumped onto another platform. The two brother and sister were looking at the weird world and how distorted it was. Tress and rocks were growing upside down, and there were floating platforms and looking down. There was no end but a misty blue) “There's no sign of Arceus anywhere, was he, no I can't think like that, Giratina lurks near.” Virizion thought. “I still don't see any signs of life anywhere.” Shade said. (Virizion jumped down and the three saw a huge block of ice and inside was a Pokemon. It didn’t have any arms or legs. On the snake body, there were yellow spikes coming from the sides. Gray is on the spikes and they reach halfway to the yellow. The full color is gray. On the middle part of the Pokémon’s body are two black stripes. The center of the black is a single red stripe on each one. There are small black spikes on the stripe. The tail had four yellow spikes, but no gray on them. There are two black stripes with red on the center on the tail. On the neck was three yellow claw shaped things on the two sides. On the front of the neck, was the black/red thing going down to the upper part of the first spike on the body. The head was covered with yellow things that covered up the Pokémon’s mouth. On top of the eyes was a yellow thing. The eyes were fully black with red irises) “What is that thing?” Tiffany asked. “That's Giratina, the only Pokemon that lives in this world.” Virizion explained. “But why is it frozen?” Shade asked. “Many eons ago, Giratina was wrecking havoc among the humans, the Four Swords of Justices and Arceus had stopped Giratina and sealed him away.” Virizion said. “There's four of you?” Tiffany asked. “Yes, but he has left for parts unknown, the three of us should be able to stop Zekrom and Reshiram.” Virizion said. “We just have to keep moving and soon we'll find something.” Shade said. (The trio had kept walking through the Distortion World.

  After a while, a Hyper Beam had almost hit Virizion and she backed up as the saw both Zekrom and Reshiram with a white Pokemon that was surrounded by electricity) “That's Arceus, we found him!” Virizion said. “But things aren’t looking to good.” Tiffany said. “Your right, Arceus has been fighting those two for too long, it's a good thing we got here in time.” Virizion said. (She began to run up floating platforms and was upside down. She had then made it to the edge and had let Shade and Tiffany off as she jumped off and landed onto Reshiram. She had used Sacred Sword and was slashing at Reshiram. Reshiram had flew around trying to shake Virzoin off. Virizion had grabbed onto the fur by her teeth and she noticed a yellow mark on Reshiram's back. Virzion had began to dig her hooves into the yellow and Reshiram had been consumed by fire and was burning Virizoin. Reshiram had slammed into a platform and Virizion had hit the ground and Shade and Tiffany ran up to her. Reshiram had charged up and unleashed a Hyper Beam at the three. There was a bright light and it dimmed down as the trio saw Terrakion pushing the beam back. The three moved away as the Hyper Beam had exploded and damaged Terrakion) “It's not working, why aren't we fighting?” Tiffany asked. “We have to get Arceus here, but he's paralyzied and Cobalion isn't with us.” Virzion said. “Alright, we have to get Arceus' attention, come with me Tiffany, you guys find Cobalion!” Shade said. (He and Tiffany were swimming up a waterfall and had made it to the same hight where Arceus was. The two began to scream for Arceus, but there was no response. Tiffany had jumped and landed onto Arceus' back. Shade had saw Zekrom and Reshiram had turned into balls of fire and electricity and had rammed right into Arceus. Both Arceus and Tiffany fell down through the mist. Shade watched in horror and began to cry. He was trying to wipe his tears as he went back down to Virzion and Terrakion. 

  Down in the mist, there was a platform and Tiffany woke up. She was in her hedgehog form and saw Arceus with a wound on his stomach. Tiffany walked up to Arceus and was rubbing the wound) “Are you alright, please say something.” Tiffany said. (Arceus began to open his eyes and he saw Tiffany) “How did you get into the Distortion World?” Arceus asked. “Now's not the time, you have to help us stop Zekrom and Reshiram.” Tiffany said. “I know, that's why I've been fighting, but I've lost all of my strength.” Arceus said. “Please don't say that, I know you can fight, even thought we've only met, I still support you.” Tiffany said. (Arceus began to slowly stand up and Tiffany was jumping up and down in excitement. A golden aura was forming around Arceus and Tiffany got on top. Arceus flew up from the mist and back into the main part of the Distortion World. Up above, Lighting and the Three Swords of Justice had been trying to advoid both Zekrom and Reshiram's attacks. Then, a Hyper Beam had hit Zekrom and made it hit a platform. Reshiram saw a golden light emerging from the mist and Arceus and Tiffany had appeared. Reshiram had fired Flamethrower but Arceus had advoided it and rammed head on at Reshiram and fired another Hyper Beam. Reshiram had collided with Zekrom and the Three Swords of Justice had gotten to a high platform and all jumped down. They had their Sacred Swords and had slashed at Zekrom and Reshiram. They moved back as Arceus had fired a huge ball of energy into the sky and formed Judgment. The balls of light had rained upon Zekrom and Reshiram and dust formed. Shade walked over to the two Pokemon and noticed remains of Dark Parasites) “So that's why, they were being controled by the Dictator.” Shade said. (Arceus had let Tiffany off and she transformed back into an Azurill and she cuddled near Shade) “We did it, now everything is safe!” Tiffany said. “Tiffany, your alive, oh I'm so happy.” Shade said. “We stopped Zekrom and Reshiram, but what is a Dark Parasite?” Virizion asked. “That I don't know, but we must return to our world.” Terrakion said. (Cobalion turned to Arceus and nodded. Arceus had glowed brightly and had formed a portal of the Pokemon World. Everyone had entered and went back to the Pokemon World.

  The portal had formed up back near the Justified Mirror and everyone was on the ground. Sonic and others rushed to them) “Shade, Tiffany, your alright, I was, worried.” Ivory said. “We stopped Zekrom and Reshiram, but where's the Dark Jewel?” Shade asked. “I can sense them close by, (Mille walked over to the two black and white Legendary Pokemon and they began to wake up) you've recovered from a long nightmare, but now, it's over.” Mille said. “It has, Zekrom, should we give them the jewel we found?” Reshiram asked. “Yes, it's the least we can repay you with.” Zekrom said. (He revealed the Dark Topaz and Mille got it and gave it to Tiffany) “So now that you've recovered, what will you do now?” Tiffany asked. “After lots of rest, we can return to our places, but can I see the Legends Map?” Arceus asked. “Oh, (Shade walked up to Arceus and revealed the map) you mean this one?” Shade asked. “Yes, now it must be errased before the next time it involves me.” Arceus said. (He had the map on the ground and stomped on it. The map shattered like glass and Tiffany grabbed a fragment) “Hey guys, are we ready to get to the next dimension?” Sonic asked. “Yes, thank you for everything Arceus.” Tiffany said. (Shadow and Ivory had gotten the yellow Chaos Emerald and Dark Topaz) “Chaos Control!” Ivory and Shadow said. (A dimension portal opened up and the group entered in.

  Meanwhile, at the Dictator's Throne Room, Vile was bowing down to the Dictator) “Forgive me master, but they now have the third of both the Chaos Emerald and the Dark Jewel.” Vile said. “I see, but you have nothing to worry, but since you failed to bring harm to any of them, you will be punished, now get out of my sight!” The Dictator ordered. “Yes Master Dictator.” Vile said. (He got up and ran out of the room and passed by Rose. Rose was hiding behind a wall and looked at her hands) “Why, why must this happen to me, I did nothing, and now I must suffer, I'm useless.” Rose thought. “Rose, I know your there, now come here.” The Dictator ordered. (Rose stepped out of her hiding spot and walked up to the Dictator) “Dictator, I'm sorry that I was hiding.” Rose said. “Why did you hide, is there something wrong?” The Dictator asked. “Yes, all this destruction to our dimension, tearing it apart, is this really the right thing?” Rose asked. “Yes, I've told you that ever since you've joined us.” The Dictator said. “But something else is wrong, but I don't know why.” Rose said. “Is it because you are alone, but you have Vile, he's your partner.” The Dictator said. “I know, but I think he's angered me, I want to say something.” Rose said. “Very well, tell me, I will listen.” The Dictator said. “I have a plan, but I need Metal Android, Vile, Robotnik, and you to listen.” Rose said. “I will let them come, for now, get rest before you begin your plan.” The Dictator said. “Thank you.” Rose said. (She walked off and Vile went back in) “Okay, so your going to punish me, but you allow Rose to slip by, we both failed.” Vile said. “Rose has done something for me that I can't regret, I will listen to everything she has to say.” The Dictator said. (Unknown to the two, Rose was hiding behind a wall smiling) “They'll soon know of my power, and X, he'll get it, for my friend.” Rose thought. What plan is Rose thinking of? What new dimension will Sonic and friends go to. Who is the Maverick in X's nightmare? Only Chapter 4 can decide on those answers.