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Dimension Heroes Chapter 4 Act 1
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The dimension portal had opened up. X and Tails had exited out into a gray forest. “Where are we?” X asked. “Hmm, it looks like this dimension is frozen because time stopped, look at those leaves up there.” Tails said. (He pointed up and they both saw leaves floating in midair) “Your right, but by what?” X asked. “By Corruption.” Someone said. (X and Tails turn around and X points his X-Buster at a shadow. It then revealed a Reploid who was wearing white armor. It had green irises with a white oval center. It's helmet was blue and had a yellow diamond jewel on the forehead. There were three white lines at the top of the helmet. The two side ones were curved and another was in the middle and they all went from the forehead crystal to the back of the helmet. The ear pieces were white and had a triangle shape which made it look like an ice cream cone and had a red jewel in the center of the circle part and a black line. The pieces were also on the back and the sides of the hips. The chest armor was short and was shaped like a shield and had a black V that was near the bottom. The sides of the armor were white and plain as they connected to the back where the ice cream pieces were and left an opening of black on the back. The shoulder pads were the same as the chest armor and there was a fur collar which was in between the main chest armor and side ones and went all the way around. The forearms had red jewels on the two sides near the wrists and a black line that went around. The boots had the same thing and the foot part was blue with white on the bottom except, on the side and on back of the boots was blue armor and it was thinner then the white armor. The body was black in the center and near the ice cream pieces on the sides was red lines from the side armor down to the boots. On the back, the red lines start at the end of the ice cream pieces and go down to black joints. On the sides was blue. It was walking towards the two) “Are you a Maverick?” X asked. “Maverick, no Megaman X, I'm trying to save this world.” The Reploid said. “Wait, you said my full name, are you from my dimension?” X asked. “I have always been from there.” The Reploid said. “But the main cause of time being frozen is by Corruption, am I correct?” Tails asked. “Yes, he managed to gain the power from me and managed to do this, but I just hope I can stop him, since your the famous Maverick Hunter, I am asking you to help me.” The Reploid said. “But we just met, and I don't know if I can trust you or not.” X said. “But, I was the cause of this world's frozen state, and I don't know if I'm powerful enough, so please.” The Reploid said. (He gripped his black hands together and looked at X with a sad expression) “Should we X?” Tails asked. (X reached his hand out for the Reploid. It looked at X and he gave it a smile. The Reploid shook X's hand) “Thank you, I won't disappoint you X!” The Reploid said. “Right, but before we get going, what's your name?” X asked. “Oh, I got so carried away with my excitement, my name is Over-1, but others call me Xover.” Xover introduced. “Okay Xover, let's go stop this Corruption and let time resume.” X said. “Alright, and my name is Tails, let's all work together!” Tails said. “I know of the best place to start, just follow me.” Xover said. (He was walking and the two followed. Unknown to them, there was a figure) “So Xover's made friends with Megaman X hmm, I'd better say hello to them.” Someone said. (He had teleported and went to another location.

  After a while, the trio made it to a huge city. Just like the rest of the world, it was frozen) “This is the place, before I entered into this world, time flowed normally, but now, it's frozen.” Xover said. “So why are we here?” X asked. “I left something important here in order to chase Corruption.” Xover said. “What is it and where is it?” Tails asked. “It's a key to help us get through a locked door to get us to a different area.” Xover explained. “Are you sure this place is safe?” Tails asked. “It is, everyone but us are frozen, it's perfectly safe.” Xover said. “Are you sure about that Xover?” Someone asked. (The three saw another Reploid in the form of Xover. It had dark red armor and a dark blue diamond and wore brown cloak with covered all of it's body and mouth) “Corruption, what a suprise, return time to normal!” Xover said. “Such foolish words coming from you, and is that X I see, so you've gotten another Megaman.” Corruption said. “I want to help this world, and the only way to do that is to defeat you.” Xover said. “I'd wish to play, but I have very little time on my hands, so I'll let my friends deal with you.” Corruption said. (He teleported again and left the three) “Friends, could they be?” Xover asked. “Um Xover, you might want to turn around.” Tails said. (Xover turned around and finds a giant golden mechanical spider with a pocket watch for a thorax) “Oh no, (Xover was firing out buster shots and they were hitting the spider) let's get going!” Xover said. (The three ran and the spider was chasing them.

  After a while, the three had collided with a wed and got stuck) “Darn it, we're caught!” X said. “Oh no, my tails!” Tails said. “Don't worry, Sonic and Zero to the rescue!” Sonic said. (The three struggled to look up. They found Sonic and Zero on top of a building. Sonic jumped down and curled up into a ball and slammed down onto the thorax. Zero had jumped down and then dashed towards X and the others. He got out the Z-Saber and sliced through the webs. The three got as Sonic had gotten off the spider and rushed towards everyone) “Sonic, thank goodness your here.” Tails said. “Well we better get out of here, hey ugly spider, (Sonic was waving) see you later.” Sonic said. (He and the others ran away and hid inside of a building) “Whew, are you guys alright?” Zero asked. “Yeah, hey your Zero from the year 21XX.” Xover said. “Huh, who are you?” Sonic asked. “This is Xover, we just met him in a forest out of town.” X said. “Yes, I come from the year 101XX, I came here because of the clone of me known as Corruption had frozen time, I failed to stop him.” Xover explained. “Whoa, that far into the future, so what does this have to do with those spiders?” Sonic asked. “There called Time Spiders and they exist only in Time Warps, a place where time doesn't exist.” Xover said. “You mean they only exist when time is frozen?” Sonic asked. “It's the truth, but now we have to find the key.” Xover said. “Key, oh yeah, me and Zero found one, (Sonic opened his hand and revealed a key) you mean this one?” Sonic asked. “Where did you find it?” Xover asked. “Well, now's not the time.” Zero said. “For now we have to get out of this city before the Time Spiders get us.” X said. “Okay, we have to sneak around and avoid getting caught.” Xover said. “Hey, I remembered that there was a manhole, we might get through in the sewers.” Tails said. “Okay, that's a much better idea, lets get going.” Xover said. (The group had went over after looking around.

  When the coast was clear, Xover and Zero removed the manhole and everyone entered into the sewers. Sonic rushed away from the others to see if it was okay. He rushed back and gave a thumbs up. Everyone was walking through the sewers. After a while, Sonic bumps on a door with a lock. Xover walked towards the lock and had the key in his hand. He placed the key on the lock and turned it. There was a noise and the lock fell to the ground. Zero pushed the door open and it revealed a dark tunnel) “Okay, so this is the way out, I'll get us out.” Sonic said. (He ran fast as had made it out of the tunnel. He saw a frozen gray garden with bugs and birds stuck in the air. Sonic heard Tails' voice and saw that he and the others had made it) “Where do we go from here Xover?” X asked. “There's this ruined castle with a magic telescope, we can see where our next destination is from there.” Xover said. “How did you know about it?” Tails asked. “I was trying to protect this place from Corruption.” Xover explained. “I see, hey what's that noise?” Zero asked. (Mini Time Spiders had appeared from the mouth of the tunnel) “Well we better get going.” Tails said. (He was looking at the spiders and then fell down the hill. Everyone had fallen down the hill and landed right into the flower garden. The Time Spiders had jumped up and landed right in the center of the garden. While they was searching for the heroes, Sonic was running around looking for the others. The spider saw Sonic and merged into a giant one and then was firing web balls from it's mouth) “Heh, your too slow!” Sonic said. (He hit a tree and the spider fired a web ball and it caught Sonic stuck onto a tree. Tails and X were behind another tree and noticed that Sonic was stuck) “Oh no, Sonic's in trouble!” Tails whispered. “What do we do?” X whispered. “I don't know, but we have to save him!” Tails whispered. (He flew away and had slammed his tails down onto the spider) “Tails!” Sonic said. (Tails noticed Sonic's right hand was stuck out. Tails flew to Sonic and grabbed his hand. Tails was pulling on it and Sonic was slowly coming out. The spider had fired out a web and Zero had jumped up and slashed the web ball in half) “Tails, get Sonic out of there, I'll handle this!” Zero said. (He was dashing towards the spider while Tails was pulling. Zero had slashed one leg and the spider was spitting web balls. Zero had kept getting out of the way as the balls hit the ground. Zero had jumped onto the thorax and had jumped up and placed the blade through the thorax. The spider was shaking and Zero fell off. The Z-Saber was still stuck in the thorax. Zero had stepped back and his leg got caught in a web ball. Zero was pulling on his leg trying to get it out as the Time Spider had noticed Zero stuck and it was walking towards him. Tails had gotten exhausted and landed to the ground. He noticed that the Time Spider had started to charge up an attack from the two fangs. When it was about to unleash an attack, X dashed and got in front of Zero. The charged attack was fired, X had fired out a Speed Burner and it had destroyed the charged attack. X had fired out a charge shot and it went through the face of the Time Spider. It fell and X had fired out a Speed Burner on Zero's caught leg. The web was burning and Zero moved away. X noticed Sonic caught and fired another Speed Burner. The fire had melted the web and Sonic fell on top of Tails) “Thanks for the cushion Tails.” Sonic said. “Yeah, I'm glad your okay Sonic, ouch.” Tails said. (Zero was trying to get the Z-Saber out of the thorax) “So, do you think that this spider is dead?” Zero asked. “I think so, only Xover can tell us.” X said. “Where could he be?” Sonic asked. “I don't know, we have to look for him before those Time Spiders get to us.” Tails said. “Right, let's get searching.” Zero said. (The four had split up and were looking around. Tails was in the sky and was flying above the trees. Zero was looking around in a web filled part of the garden. Sonic was running around near fountains. X was near flowerbeds) “Strange, Xover couldn't have gone too far.” X thought. (A purple energy was glowing from X's chest) “Huh, what the?” X asked. (A laser was fired and it hit a bush. X walked towards the bush and the energy died off. X placed his hands onto the bush and opened it up, he finds Xover) “X, you found me, how did you?” Xover asked. “I don't know myself, but we may have killed a Time Spider.” X said. “Oh really, now we better find the others before more come.” Xover said. (The two were walking around as they saw Tails swoop down. They made it to the fountains and saw Sonic standing on top of a fountain of a giant butterfly. Sonic jumped down and everyone was looking for Zero. They found the trees with webs on the branches) “Hey Zero, where are you?” X yelled. “X!” Zero yelled. “Huh, Zero!” X said. (He was running into the forest part of the garden. Sonic was about to run, but then, a tree branch had slammed right into Sonic's chest. Sonic hit the ground and got up. Then three Time Spiders had appeared.

  Meanwhile, X was running through the forest. Then he was hearing a voice) “Come on X, I know you can rescue Zero, give it your best shot.” Someone said. “Huh, is someone following me?” X asked. (A row of trees had appeared and X stopped. He turned around and more trees had appeared and surrounded him. X noticed one path and was making a dash for it. A tree had appeared and hit X. X had the ground and got up) “Oh how sad, you have to take a different path.” Someone said. “Another path?” X thought. (Roots came up and wrapped around X. While X was struggling, the purple energy had returned, X's eyes had became a glowing red, and his armor became black and a lighter black. Then, there was a burst of dark energy that had destroyed the roots and the trees. X floated down and was rushing through the path that he tried to go through. Vines had appeared and were trying to catch X. X had avoided them and was rushing through the path. A giant tree had appeared and X had corrupted his body in fire and went right through the tree. The tree was dieing and black energy was entering into X's body. X had made it to an area with a flower bed in the center. Then, he saw Zero tied up by a web on a tree. X looked up and then, a silver Time Spider had appeared. Trees had appeared behind X and the spider had fired energy spheres from it's fangs and X's buster had formed into a shield and had absorbed the energy. Mini spiders had came out of the thorax and were crawling towards X. X had fired out buster shots at the spiders and they were exploding. Dark energy was coming out of the spiders and was entering into X's body. The Time Spider had glowed it's fangs and was trying to impale X. X had his arms out and was pushing the fangs away from him. Then, the energy around X had transformed into red arua and X had pushed the Time Spider away from him. The spider had slammed onto a tree and the web holding onto Zero was shaking violently. The Time Spider had gotten away from the tree and had jumped up and had broken the platform. X had grabbed onto a root and the Time Spider had fallen. X was climbing up the wall. When he got to the top, a web had grabbed onto a very strong branch. The spider had gotten out of the hole with the web sticking on the thorax. It had fired out energy beams and X had jumped away and back flipped. When X had landed, the Time Spider noticed Zero stuck and had fired out an energy ball. The ball had hit the web connecting to the tree and Zero was falling. X had dashed towards Zero. While X was dashing, his body became invisible. The Time Spider was charging up an energy ball. When it fired, X had caught Zero and his body became invisible. The blast went through their bodies and hit the tree. X had landed and placed Zero down behind a bush. When X's hands had left Zero, he became visible. There was a loud noise and X had jumped away and formed a Dark-Saber on his buster arm. The Time Spider had fired out balls of webs and X was slashing them in halves. Then the spider had moved itself back and fourth and had it's face towards X. X had slashed the eyes of the spider and then was slashing the spider to pieces. Then a mess was dangling on a web. X had fired out a powered up buster shot and the web broke. The silver Time Spider had fallen down to it's doom. X felt weak and collapsed. He became visible, the aura disappeared and the armor became blue again. Zero was waking up and noticed the webs) “Oh great, this has to happen to me, X?” Zero asked. (He freed his arm and got his Z-Saber out and slashed the web cocoon open. Zero got up and noticed X lying on the ground. He walked towards X and noticed a black gem instead of a red one on the helmet. It turned red, after placing the Z-Saber back in it's place, Zero picked X up and was walking out of the forest. After a while, he got out of the forest and saw Sonic, Tails, and Xover with broken pieces of Time Spiders) “Whew, Zero, ah, that was a pain.” Sonic said. “Yeah, is X alright?” Xover asked. “I don't know.” Zero said. “Well at least your okay.” Tails said. “Your right, but I just hope X is okay.” Zero said. “Huff, huff, it was quite a pain to destroy those spiders, did you fight one?” Xover asked. “I did think I saw a silver one.” Zero said. “What, but Silver Time Spiders are more dangerous then gold ones, but how did you defeat it?” Xover asked. “I don't know, but maybe it was X.” Zero said. (A huge dark energy from the forest had floated above the trees and it had hit the gem on X's helmet. X had started to wake up) “Zero, are you okay, I was worried when I saw you up on that tree.” X said. “I'm okay, but how did you defeat a Time Spider?” Zero asked. “I felt a dark energy inside of my body when roots on trees were constricting me, I unleashed that power and felt a tremendous amount of dark energy.” X explained. “If we can find Will, she'll tell us what's up.” Zero said. (There was a loud explosion that caught the twos attention) “What happened?” X asked. “There's only one way to find out, come on X!” Zero said. (The two had rush from the remains of the Time Spider and went back to the others. They found Sonic, Tails, and Xover with three dead Time Spiders) “X, Zero, your both alright, I was worried.” Xover said. “I know, but where is this telescope?” Zero asked. “Oh, we have to go through white gates and we'll get to the coast.” Xover said. “Got it, let's get going.” Sonic said. (They follow wed Xover and made it to white gates.

  They ran to through the gates and had made it to a coast with the waves almost reaching the sand. Just in the distance was a castle on a cliff. Everyone had climbed up the rocky cliff and they made it to the top. The drawbridge was open and they were about to enter. But then, an energy beam had hit the ground) “There you are, I was looking in the wrong place.” Corruption said. (Everyone turned around) “Corruption, I've should have known.” Xover said. “We'll handle him while you look for the item.” Sonic whispered. “Understood, but please be careful.” Xover said. (He ran from the others and entered into the castle) “What's this, Xover is a coward?” Corruption asked. “No, we want to fight you, let's have fun.” Sonic said. “Sonic, don't be too reckless.” Tails said. “Very well hedgehog, I accept the battle.” Corruption said. (He fired a laser beam from his left palm and Sonic dashed away and boosted towards Corruption. Corruption had stopped time and fired out a charge shot. When time had started again, Sonic had gotten hit. Zero had gotten the Z-Saber out as the charge shot was moving towards him. He sliced the shot and it was destroyed. Zero was dashing towards Corruption while he was firing energy pellets from his two busters. Zero had slashed through them all and had hit Corruption's helmet. Corruption had fired an energy beam at Zero. Zero had moved away and X had fired a charge shot. Tails flew up above Corruption and the charge shot had exploded at Corruption. Tails had slammed his tails down at Corruption and he fell to the sand. Tails gave a thumbs up and flew back to the others. Everyone had rushed to the castle while Corruption had gotten up from the sand and floated back up. He noticed the castle) “Fools.” Corruption thought. (He entered into the castle while hearing Sonic and the others footsteps. Corruption was looking around and then heard a voice) “Let them go Corruption, please let them continue their journey.” Someone said. “You, your the one who asked me to do all these things but why ask me to stop right here?” Corruption asked. “Well, please just give them more time.” Someone said. “Okay, very well, I will go back.” Corruption said. “That's a good Reploid, I'll see you later.” Someone said. “I better leave myself, they'll get to my fortress.” Corruption said. (He teleported from the castle.

  Meanwhile, Sonic and the others had found Xover and a golden telescope) “Hey Xover, so that's the telescope, it doesn't look to different from others.” Sonic said. “Oh, you'll soon see, (Xover touched the light blue gem lens of the telescope and it had floated up and revealed an image of a ship floating in the air) there we go, that's out next destination.” Xover said. “But where is this ship?” Tails asked. “Let's see, (The image had changed and revealed the coast and then was going to a desert part of the coast) were in Desert Coast, we have to be careful ounce we get out of here.” Xover explained. (The light blue sphere map had floated to Sonic's hands. It then showed a hologram of a tower) “Let's get going.” Sonic said. (He placed the lens back into the telescope and everyone had gotten out of the castle. Outside, there was a sand storm with dust blowing from the east to the west) “Hey, wait a minate, hwo is time still flowing to the sand?” Tails asked. “I remembered that this is a different type of sand, when time flows, the sand stops.” Xover explained. “Really, sand that moves when time is frozen.” Sonic said. “Yeah.” Xover said. “Since the sand is flowing from the west, let's go to the east.” X said. “I'll fire a Storm Tornado to get this sand away.” Xover said. (A hologram appeared from his left arm and he removed the Skullman Battle Memory and added in Storm Eagle Battle Memory. Xover had fired out a Storm Tornado and it blew away sand and revealed a path like a tunnel. Everyone was running through the path while Xover was firing out Storm Tornadoes. After five Storm Tornadoes, the group made it out of the sandstorm and found a tower) “Whew, we made it through, great job Xover.” Sonic said. “That was just Battle Memory, I can't tell you who built me with this feature.” Xover said. “I have something to ask.” Zero said. “Really, go on ahead.” Xover said. “If your from the future of our time, then why are you in this dimension?” Zero asked. “The Dictator ruled over all dimensions till there was another who rose to power, Master.” Xover said. “Master, who is he?” Sonic asked. “I can't tell you who it was.” Xover explained. “Why not?” Tails asked. “I just don't, remember, that's it.” Xover said. “But what about Corruption?” X asked. “He was a clone of me with different features, instead of Battle Memory, it's more power.” Xover said. “Oh so he's an evil clone of you, wait, I rememrbed something, the Maverick from my nightmare, I'm getting a better image.” X said. “Wait, nightmare?” Zero asked. “Oh yeah, X, you had a nightmare last night about a Maverick, isn't that right?” Sonic asked. “Yeah, hey Zero, do you remember a Maverick with yellow on his cheeks?” X asked. “Wait, I'm trying to remember, but nope, not a single thing.” Zero said. “The only person I know who has yellow is Elecman E.X.E, but that's from the Battle Network.” Xover said. “What are you talking about?” X asked. “Oh, sorry, I thought we were talking about something else, but that's the closest I can think of.” Xover said. Um, okay, so how long of dust till we get to the next area?” X asked. “I remembered again that there was a temple near and it might be a nice place to look, follow me.” Xover said. (He was walking off and the others were following.

  After a while, the group made it to a temple and entered. They found a wall) “Where do we go from here?” Tails asked. (Xover was placing his hands onto the wall and pushed. The floor had opened up and everyone fell. They all landed into water, Sonic, Tails, and Xover got their heads out of the water. They saw Ivory with a dark blue skinned sphere shaped creature on top of her head. The creature had a mask with a black V which was where the two yellow oval shaped eyes were. It wore purple metal shoes, white gloves, a light blue collar and a blue cape. There was a brown bag below the right arm with a golden handle) “Hey guys, is everything alright?” Ivory asked. “Yeah, hey Meta Knight, long time no see.” Sonic said. “Sonic, I see that you weren't caught in the time freeze.” Meta Knight said. “At least your not caught.” Ivory said. “Meta Knight, it's been a while since time froze.” Xover said. “Xover, you know who Meta Knight is?” Tails asked. “Yes, I was here before Corruption had affected this dimension, why is this water not affected?” Xover asked. “It's because this area is protected from time being stuck, since were under the island, the Time Palace has now been located here.” Meta Knight said. “Time Palace?” Tails asked. “Oh yeah, I remember seeing this place, just like the Time Spiders, this place exists only in places where time is frozen.” Xover said. “Okay, um where's X and Zero?” Sonic asked. “There underwater, so I don't know which part they're in.” Xover said. “How are you able to swim if your a Reploid?” Tails asked. “I was able to use Launch Octopus Battle Memory a different way, this way, I was able to let me swim.” Xover explained. “Sonic, Tails, I've never saw him before.” Ivory said. “That's Xover.” Meta Knight said. “How do we get out of here?” Sonic asked. (Right after Sonic said that, there was a bright light consuming the entire place and everyone disappeared.

  Everyone was telepored to a white world with floating watches and clocks. Sonic, Ivory, Xover, and Meta Knight were the only ones together) “What happened, where are we?” Xover asked. “I don't know how we got here.” Meta Knight said. “Gah!” Someone yelled. (Everyone saw a male red hedgehog with gray irises, the chest had a darker fur with a magma color glowing. There were six quills that were like Shadow's, but they were with dark red symbols and the forehead of the hedgehog had a glowing medal with a fire symbol. The hedgehog wore a black cape with an ember symbol. The shoes were metal with glowing ember gems decorating it. The white gloves were fingerless with a glowing magma color to the fingers. On the back, beneath the cape was a pouch for a sword. The hedgehog had hit the ground and Lighting had his hand open) “Lighting, are you okay?” Ivory asked. “No, stay back, that's it Lighting, it's time for you to learn a lesson!” The hedgehog said. “Okay Solar, the clash of lava and electricity.” Lighting said. (Solar got out a sword and it was a gray metal sword with glowing red energy. Solar had slashed the air and a wave of fire was flying towards Lighting. Lighting had fired out a ray of lighting bolts and they went through the fire and were heading towards Solar. Solar had protected himself with the sword and the thunderbolts had hit the sword. Lighting jumped onto Solar's sword. Solar had ducked as Lighting had kicked. Solar had then summoned a fire tornado that was burning Lighting. When the fire was gone, Lighting collapsed. Solar walked towards Lighting and injected the blade right into Lighting's back. Yellow blood was coming out and Lighting was knocked out) “Hey, what did you do?” Ivory asked. “I'm sorry, but he's infected with a Dark Parasite, I'm very sorry if he's your friend.” Solar said. “Well, since he's infected with a Dark Parasite, I guess we can trust you.” Ivory said. “Did you get rid of the Dark Parasite?” Sonic asked. “No, this one is much different, it is much stronger, for now, we better get away.” Solar said. (He got his sword from Lighting's back and the group was runing away) “So where are we?” Tails asked. “This is the Realm of Time, I was investigating this place until Lighting attacked me.” Solar said. “But how do you know of Lighting?” Ivory asked. “He's a friend of mine.” Solar said. “I see, hey what's the building in the distance?” Tails asked. “I see it, that's Dedede's old castle when Kirby first fought him.” Meta Knight said. “What's it doing here?” Sonic asked. “This is called the Realm of Time, you know why.” Xover said. (The group had entered into the castle and found an empty room. They found a statue of a fat penguin and it disintegrated into white balls. The balls had then formed into a shadow of Dedede. Dedede had slammed his hammer down and almost hit Ivory. Solar and Meta Knight were slashing as Dedede had defended himself. Sonic had spin dashed right at Dedede's back and Solar and Meta Knight moved out of the way as Dedede had hit the ground. Xover had fired out a charge shot and Dedede had gotten up. He noticed the charge shot and had slammed his hammer and it deflected the charge shot. Xover had gotten a shield and it was white with blue outline and a small rectangle mirror. The charge shot had hit the shield and the shot was destroyed. Sonic had spin dashed right into Dedede again and Solar and Ivory were slashing Dedede. Meta Knight got in front of Dedede and was slashing. Behind Meta Knight was Xover who was charging up his buster. When it was fully charged, Xover fired a hyper charge shot and Meta Knight moved out of the way. Dedede was hit and everyone got away from Dedede as the hyper charge shot had exploded. Dedede then transformed into white balls and disenigrated. The room turned black and there was a white door that opened up. Everyone went through the door. They were in a desert area and it was night time. Everyone saw a moon in the sky and then a sun with eyes, arms, and legs had appeared) “I am Mr. Bright, you shall be beaten by me!” Mr. Bright declared. (He dashed towards Solar and he jumped out of the way. Xover fired out Bubble Lead and Mr. Bright had gotten hit. Then stars were falling from the sky. Everyone was moving around trying to avoid getting hit. Then, Mr. Bright had turned into a sun and the moon had turned into a crescent moon person with eyes, legs, and arms) “I am Mr. Shine, you will perish in the day!” Mr. Shine declared. (He rolled towards Xover, Xover had his shield out and he was protected. While he was holding Mr. Shine back, Meta Knight and Ivory were slashing at Mr. Shine. Mr. Bright had unleashed a solar wave towards Sonic. Solar pushed Sonic out of the way and was absorbing the solar wave. Solar was covered in fire and jumped up and did an upper slash and then a down slash. Mr. Bright had been cracked and Mr. Shine had stopped rolling. He jumped up and was rolling towards Sonic. Solar had gotten in front of Sonic and was slashing. Ivory had appeared next to Solar and the two were slashing until Meta Knight flew and jabbed his sword into Mr. Shine. Mr. Shine turned into a moon and he collided with Mr. Bright. The two exploded and Meta Knight's sword had flew back to Meta Knight. He caught it, then Xover's shield disappeared. The room became dark and another white door had appeared. Everyone entered and found a tower with stairs on the outside. Everyone was climbing up the tower.

  After a while, the group had made it to a room and saw Zero on the ground) “Hey Zero, are you okay?” Xover asked. “Ugh, yeah, X and I, while we were underwater, there was a gem and out of curiosity, we touched it and there was this bright flash of light.” Zero said. “So that's how we got here.” Xover said. “Well we better get to the next foe, I hope.” Sonic said. (Everyone was going up the stairs and then made it to the top. They find a black ball and it formed into Dark Matter. Dark Matter had entered into the ground and then emerged right in front of Xover. Dark Matter then entered into Xover's body) “Zero, please, I can't stop myself, it's controlling me!” Xover said. “Xover, hang on, we'll stop it!” Ivory said. (Xover closed his eyes and then had his buster out. A black eye had opened up on Xover's chest. Xover had unleashed a dark wave which pushed everyone away from him. Solar had slashed and created a fire wave. Xover had fired out a buster shot and it destroyed the fire wave. Solar slashed the buster shot and then Xover fired out the Bubble Lead. It hit Solar and steam was coming out from his fur. When Xover was dashing towards the group, everyone but Solar had gotten away. Xover had fired Splash Laser at Solar and more steam came out from Solar. He collapsed as Ivory rushed towards Xover and was about to slash him. Xover turned around and fired Electric Spark. Ivory fell down and Xover kept firing Electric Spark. Ivory collapsed, leaving Sonic, Zero, and Meta Knight. Xover's arm had turned into the Flame Sword. Xover dashed towards Zero and was about to slash him. Zero had slashed too and the two swords were clashing. Sonic had curled up into a ball and Meta Knight slashed at him. Sonic hit Xover and was kicked him. Zero had slashed the black eye and Xover had collapse. The Dark Matter escaped from Xover's body and it disintegrated. Xover then opened his eyes and got up) “Hey Xover, are you okay?” Zero asked. “Yeah, I'm a bit tired, but not enough to collapse.” Xover said. “But that was Dark Matter, wait, you were fighting from it's control?” Meta Knight asked. “Yes, I didn't want to lose my body to something else.” Xover said. “You were fighting with your eyes close like you were asleep.” Sonic said. “Okay, okay, I've heard enough, hey, why is it raining?” Xover asked. (It was raining and water was pouring down) “We have to help Solar and Ivory, maybe Solar can't fight while it's raining.” Sonic said. (He grabbed Solar and was dragging him to the inside of the tower. Zero, Meta Knight, and Xover had walked over to Ivory) “Hey Ivory, are you okay?” Zero asked. “Ugh, ouch that hurt, I better be more careful of electricity attacks, they hurt.” Ivory said. “We better rest for a while, we did fight three foes including myself.” Xover said. (He got out a wind up toy of a red small robot with two legs and big eyes and wind it up. Then Xover let it on the ground. When the toy was walking, a blue can with a black E had popped out from the top of the head. Xover caught it) “Want an Energy Tank?” Xover asked. “How do you use it?” Zero asked. “Well I place it into my buster and get my energy filled up.” Xover said. “I don't have a buster anymore.” Zero said. “Oh yeah, I forgot, sorry.” Xover said. (He placed the Energy Tank into the Eddie wind up toy and he placed the toy somewhere.

  After resting up, everyone but Solar had headed over to a cliff. Then a ship had appeared in the form of Wily Machine Number 1) “That machine, have I seen it before?” Zero asked. “Now's not the time to ask questions, we must fight!” Sonic said. (The machine had fired out a fire ball and everyone moved out of the way. Then, Xover had fired out a charge shot and the Wily Machine had fired out another fireball. Fire was going around the machine in circles and was gone when water was touching it. Xover had fired out the Strike Chain and it caught the machine. Zero was pulling Xover as the machine was closer to the cliff. The machine had fired out a Metal Blade and it broke the Strike Chain. Xover and Zero fell and Sonic jumped up and homing attacked the cannon. The other cannon had fired out electricity and Sonic was hit. Ivory caught Sonic and threw a Dimension Blade at the cannon. Xover fired a charge shot at the cannon. The cannon exploded, Meta Knight flew upward and was slashing the window. The machine had fired out a large gust of wind and it sent Meta Knight flying. Meta Knight hit the ground slightly. Xover made a wall of ice and Zero got on top of it. Xover pushed the Ice Wall and it was rushing towards the end of the cliff. Zero jumped up and was slashing the glass. It shattered and revealed Corruption controlling it. Meta Knight flew and grabbed Zero's hand. Xover threw a Hyper Bomb and Zero caught it. Meta Knight flew up and Zero threw the bomb into the Wily Machine's controls. The bomb exploded and the machine was destroyed. Then a piece of the machine had formed into a small capsule which was teleporting. It then stopped and launched many electric balls. Everyone jumped around and Meta Knight was flying. He then slammed right into it. Sonic had jumped up and landed on the glass and it was breaking. The capsule teleported and so did Meta Knight. When it reappeared, Zero and Ivory had started to slash it. Then more energy balls had appeared and hit the two. Xover was charging up the Atomic Fire and was waiting. Sonic had homing attached it again and the glass broke. Meta Knight had accidentally hit the controls and caused the teleporting to stop. Xover then fired out the charged Atomic Fire. Meta Knight flew away as the fire destroyed the capsule and both Corruption and X had hit the ground. The two got up and Corruption had grabbed X and got out his Saber Blade) “Corruption, let X go!” Xover said. “I'm so sorry Xover, make a move and I'll make sure you loose one Megaman.” Corruption said. “Darn, why are you using him?” Sonic asked. “I make my own decisions, besides, I'm following my orders, now I will say goodbye for now, say goodbye X.” Corruption said. (He and X teleported and a blue Chaos Emerald appeared) “Their gone, I'm sorry everyone.” Xover said. “Hopefully X will be okay.” Sonic said. “Following orders, hey what's going on?” Zero asked. (The area was shaking and Sonic grabbed the Chaos Emerald) “The realm is collapsing, we must get out of here.” Solar said. (Everyone saw a crystal appear) “Hey, that's the crystal me and X touched.” Zero said. “Well let's touch it again.” Solar said. (Everyone touched the crystal and were teleported back to the time frozen city.

  Looking around, they found Tails sitting on a bench) “Sonic, your all okay, I was so worried.” Tails said. “Yeah, hey look at the sky.” Sonic said. (Everyone looked up and saw the sky was turning blue) “Yes, time is restoring it self, now things will be back to normal.” Meta Knight said. “Oh no, Time Spiders.” Zero said. (They were all charging towards the characters, but then they stopped and turned into dust. The buildings were beginning to regain time. Everyone went inside one building and found nothing but cocoons. When time in the room was restored, the cocoons were gone and they revealed tiny orange creatures with tiny arms and oval shaped red feet. They had a pear shaped tan color on the face and there was two orange oval sideways cheeks and black oval shaped eyes. All were wandering around and getting to their chairs and on the computers. One creature walked up to Meta Knight and was wearing a sailor hat with a mask patch and blue ribbons) “Sir Meta Knight, thank goodness your okay, I was so worried when things were not going so right.” The creature said. “Waddles, I'm glad that everything is back to normal, thank you Xover and Sonic.” Meta Knight said. “No problem, me and my friends were looking for the Chaos Emeralds.” Sonic said. “And the Dark Jewels.” Ivory said. “Sonic, it's very nice to meet you here.” Someone said. (Everyone turned around and found Eggman and Metal Android) “Metal Android, Eggman, what are you doing here?” Ivory asked. “Don't ask Ivory, I'll defeat you!” Sonic said. “Hold it Sonic, we have problems ourselves.” Metal Android said. “What kind of problems?” Zero asked. “Remember Rose, that traitor, she said she would have a plan and betray us.” Eggman said. “What, but why?” Ivory asked. “Maybe it's her sudden obsession with X, I don't understand why, but she keeps mentioning about her friend.” Metal Android explained. “Well X was on our team until Corruption kidnapped him.” Xover said. “So what was Rose's plan?” Ivory asked. “You'll find out ounce you come outside.” Someone said. “That voice, Rose, let's say hello.” Sonic said. (They all went outside and found nothing. But when the looked at a giant screen, it revealed a female dark green furred cat. The face had a white muzzle, separated white eyes, purple irises, a ruby circle on her forehead. Her hair was a malachite green color. The hair was dreadlocks with a ruby diamond shape on the center of the dreadlocks. One part of the hair had covered the whole left part of the face. The dress had the front part of the skirt had only covered half of her legs (Above the knees) while the back part of the skirt had more length and reached further then the cat's legs, shifting left and right due to the air. The front and back skirt were triangle shaped and had red at the ends. On the upper part of the dress's chest part was two lighting bolts. The waist part had a ribbon with skulls. The boots were black and had a pink rose on the sides. The gloves were black and long, reaching to her elbows and had red cuffs in front of them) “Rose, is that you?” Eggman asked. “Ah Eggie, and dear Metal Android, I'm glad that your not frozen anymore.” Rose said. “Rose, you've changed.” Sonic said. “Oh, but Zero, I have something, (Rose revealed a red gem) doesn't this look familiar?” Rose asked. “What did you do to X?” Zero asked. “Oh don't worry, he's safe, I promise you, now that I’ve got your attention, there's a space station in well, space that has a giant laser cannon that can obliterate this planet, want to save it, well go stop the shield generators located in the forest that connects to the garden you passed before.” Rose said. (There was a shield forming around the city and time was freezing again. A shield formed around Metal Android, Ivory, Xover, Waddles, Meta Knight, Zero, and Solar. Time had frozen Sonic and the others in the city into a gray color. The shield around the unfrozen ones had disappeared,) “No, what do we do?” Ivory asked. “Don't worry, it's just like before, but only in this one city.” Xover said. “How can we get to the forest Rose mentioned?” Waddles asked. “I must use my power, since we weren't infected, I'll manage to get us out.” Xover said. “That's great, now let's get out of here.” Zero said. (They were walking and made it to the end of the city. Xover had built up energy and had broken the barrier. The group exited out and then the barrier came back) “So were out, how did you gain such an ability?” Metal Android asked. “I can't really tell you who created me and gave me the power to control time.” Xover said. “I can see a forest in the distance, it must be the forest Rose mentioned.” Metal Android said. (They were walking down the hill until Waddles tripped. Metal Android and Meta Knight were in the air and the others were falling down the hill. They hit the garden. Metal Android and Meta Knight had landed) “Waddles.” Meta Knight said. “Oops, sorry everyone, I just tripped on a stone.” Waddles said. “Well at least that was a faster way down.” Solar said. “Let's just get going.” Zero said. (They were walking around the garden and made it to the forest part) What will occur in this place? What secrets is Rose hiding? Will Xover and friends stop her before it's too late? Check out in Chapter Four Act 2!
Dimension Heroes Chapter 4 Act 4