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Dimension Heroes Chapter 5
Word Count: 26187

The dimension portal opened up in a sewer, Cream Ivory, Kirby, Xover, and Lighting exit out. “This place, it seems familiar to me, but why?” Lighting asked. “I don't know, but we might as well search for the others, let's go.” Xover said. “Hey, does anyone hear that noise?” Cream asked. “What noise?” Ivory asked. “Wait, I can hear it too, let me light this place up.” Xover said. (He had found Battle Memory and a light blub appeared in front of Xover. There were bats and then mechanical sharks were jumping from the water and almost attacked Xover. Everyone started running as the sharks began to swim on the land! Everyone had kept running till vines had emerged and slammed at the sharks and kept them away from the others) “What the, vines in a sewer, it must be Return X.” Lighting said. “That Reploid, why would he be helping us?” Xover asked. “Poyo.” Kirby said. “Maybe he wants to be friends with us.” Cream said. “I highly think that's false Cream.” Xover said. “I hear another noise, it's coming from that pipe.” Ivory said. (She pointed to a pipe and there was light at the end) “Well let's find out what's at the other side.” Lighting said. (He ran off into the pipe. Then the others had followed him.

  When they got to the other side of the pipe, they found Vile in his Ride Armor) “Vile, what are you doing here?” Xover asked. “Oh, I was looking for someone.” Vile said. “And is that someone Return X?” Ivory asked. “Hahaha, your right, but I managed to knock someone out.” Vile said. (He revealed Lighting in his grasp) “Poyo!” Kirby said. “All you can do is say that single word, now tell me where Return X is!” Vile yelled. “Sorry Vile, but I don't know where he is.” Xover said. “Why are you after Return X?” Cream asked. “That traitor made Zero try to kill me, and the Dictator wants me to get him.” Vile said. “Ivory, Cream, you go look for Return X while me and Kirby fight Vile.” Xover whispered. “What, but are you going to be alright?” Cream asked. “Poyo.” Kirby said. “Hey Vile, do you want to fight me?” Xover asked. “Fine, I'll take you on.” Vile said. (The two girls left Kirby and Xover to fight Vile. Vile dashed but the two moved away. Xover fired three energy pellets, but they had hit the Ride Armor instead. Vile fired a laser from his shoulder cannon at Kirby. Kirby had removed the Copy Ability of Axl's helmet and inhaled the laser. Kirby swallowed it and now had a visor and had fired three pink lasers. One of them hits Vile and had injured his shoulder. Vile had dashed to Xover and one of the Ride Armor's fists was stuck in the concrete wall. But Xover rolled out of the way and then gotten onto the Ride Armor. When Xover got to the top, he fired a charge shot at Vile. He was hit and he fired a laser at Xover. It hit Xover on the chest and he fell. Then, the Ride Armor had caught Xover and began to crush him. Kirby had charged up the laser and unleashed a big laser and it had hit the arm. Xover managed to get out of the grasp as Vile notices the Ride Armor's arm was damaged. Vile had fired two plasma shots from the shoulder cannon and Xover got hit by one. His body became paralyzed and Kirby had gotten rid of the Laser Ability and inhaled the sparks. Kirby's skin became green and there was a crown with a top of green sparks with a blue circle gem around the golden bottom part of the crown. Kirby had moved left and right while Vile jumped out of the Ride Armor and grabbed Xover by the neck) “Too bad Over-1, you could have been a worthy adversary.” Vile said. “I'm, not, (Xover got out the O1-Saber and slashed Vile) through yet!” Xover yelled. (Vile let go of Xover and he pushed Vile to the ground. Kirby had a green electrical shield around him and then Kirby had unleashed a ball of electricity. The energy had hit both Vile and Xover, Kirby in shock had ran up to the two. Kirby saw the Eddie wind up toy and wound it up. It then fired an Energy Tank and Xover caught it. He got the buster out from under the armor on the left forearm and placed the tank in. 

  After the tank was empty of energy, Xover placed it back within the Eddie toy. Xover got up and looked at the unconscious Vile) “Poyo.” Kirby said. “Yeah, Over-1, how did Vile know of my real name?” Xover asked. (A part of Vile's forearm had opened up and revealed screen that began to turn on. The screen was static) “You fight pretty well Over-1.” Someone said. “Who are you?” Xover asked. “Let me just say that I'm not on your side, Vile failed to bring that traitor back.” Someone said. “Are you the Dictator?” Xover asked. “No, but I'm very loyal to him, I shall see you one day Over-1.” Someone said. (The screen turned off) …..... “Poyo, poyo, poyo, poyo.” Kirby said. “Huh, oh, sorry Kirby, it's just that voice, I've heard of it before, but I just can't remember where, maybe in the future.” Xover said. “Poyo.” Kirby said. (He pointed to Lighting) “Yeah, your right, let's help Lighting.” Xover said. (The two got to the Ride Armor and Xover got onto the controls and opened up the hand and Lighting fell on top of Kirby. Kirby had tried to lift up Lighting and Xover giggled a bit. He jumped down and then helped Kirby get Lighting up. They placed Lighting down laying his back against a wall. Xover then looked at where Vile was) “Poyo!” Kirby said. “Where's Vile, oh well, that doesn't matter, we need to help Lighting.” Xover said. (He and Kirby began to treat Lighting's wounds.

  Meanwhile, Cream and Ivory were walking through the sewers) “This place is creeping me out, should we head back to Xover and Kirby?” Cream asked. “I went through the sewers ever since the war started, is it because you didn't live underground for a year?” Ivory asked. “Yes, I wish Cheese were here, what about your chao?” Cream asked. “Oh, Angel, Devil, and Light, I think their alright back in your dimension, I think it's a lot better then mine.” Ivory said. “I know, but why only the two of us looking for someone so mean and evil?” Cream asked. “Well it's better to find Return X first before Vile does, since he was Rose, he might have information about the Dictator.” Ivory said. “I hope we aren't lost.” Cream said. “Don't worry, I think were alright, besides, those sharks better not come for us.” Ivory said. (They continued to walk and look around) “Still nothing, where could Return X be?” Ivory asked. “Um, Ivory, I think I hear a noise, and it's different then the sharks.” Cream said. “What, (Android robots appear with the Eggman symbol on their helmets. They began to fire at Ivory and Cream. Ivory grabbed Cream by the hand and the two were running) darn, Metal Android's forces!” Ivory said. “What do we do?” Cream asked. “I'm thinking, I know, this may be risky, but I've never done this before.” Ivory said. (She stopped and looked at the robots chasing after them. Ivory had touched the ring on her wrist and then twisted it and fell. Ivory had her body glow into a crystal red and her body began to change. The robots came closer and were about to fire. But there was a shield forming around Ivory and Cream hid behind it. The shield had broke and Ivory was in a new form and a red crystal body. The crystal had shattered.

  Cream saw that Ivory was now a white hedgehog who had green irises, hair and four long quills that dropped down. She wore a brown coat that was opened to reveal a blue tube top. Brown pants with cuffs. There were brown gloves and shoes that had pink bands on the cuffs and pink laces and there was a light brown beret. The guards began to fire, but Ivory got out a purple sword like the Dimension Blade and began to slash through them. They were quickly defeated and exploded. All that was left was debris. Cream ran over to Ivory) “You did it Ivory, but why do you look more different?” Cream asked. (Ivory took out the ring that was now in a pocket on the coat) “This is the Dimension Ring, I stole it from a lab that was worked by, Dr. Granite.” Ivory explained. “Why the pause with the name of the doctor?” Cream asked. “Oh, um, I just forgot his name for a second, those robots were too easy, possibly old models.” Ivory said. “What do you mean by that?” Cream asked. “Production rates change over time, the old models might have been made about three years ago.” Ivory said. “Oh, what happened to your arm?” Cream asked. (Ivory looked and saw her arm was now a glass form with yellow lines as veins. Ivory took off her glove and revealed the same thing, a glass form with yellow veins and a red sphere on the palm that was buried in the hand. Ivory put her glove back on) “That's a side affect, if someone wears the Dimension Ring for too long, it affects your normal form.” Ivory explained. “So how long have you had the ring on?” Cream asked. “Five years, now let's continue searching for Return X.” Ivory said. (When they were about to leave, they both heard a voice)

  “Hey Ivory, Cream, your both alright.” Xover said. (The two girls saw Xover and Lighting running towards them while Kirby was holding onto Xover's fur collar) “Xover, Kirby, Lighting, is everyone alright?” Cream asked. “Yeah, we just had a struggle with Vile, Ivory, you've changed, what happened?” Lighting asked. “Oh, I took off the Dimension Ring from around my wrist and now I look like this, also, (Ivory took out the Dimension Ring which now has a Chaos Emerald symbol) the Master Emerald is within this ring.” Ivory explained. (She put the ring back in her pocket) “I see, so did you find Return X?” Xover asked. “No, we just ran into a problem, but it's dealt with.” Ivory said. (She turned her back at everyone) “Hey Ivory, is everything alright?” Lighting asked. (Ivory suddenly turned around and had tried to slash Xover) “Now it's time, that I take care of you!” Ivory said. “What do you mean, stop it Ivory!” Xover said. “Poyo!” Kirby said. (He grabbed onto Ivory's face and Ivory dropped her sword and grabbed Kirby trying to get him off. Kirby then gave Ivory a static shock and Ivory stopped. Ivory fell to the ground and Kirby moved away. When Ivory looked up, she saw Xover reaching his hand out for hers. Ivory had grabbed Xover's hand and Xover pulled her up) “Ivory, were you out of your mind, why were you trying to kill me?” Xover asked. “I forgot to mention this, Cream, in my real form, I have a phobia of robots, I try to keep them away from me, that's why I attacked you.” Ivory said. “Well you have changed a lot, not only from style, but to personality.” Xover said. “Thank you for stopping Ivory Kirby.” Cream said. “Poyo.” Kirby said. (Xover picked up Ivory's sword and after deactivating it) “I'll keep this from you.” Xover said. “Hey the room is changing!” Lighting said. (The sewers became a black room with green lines going in different directions) “I'm not feeling well.” Xover said. “Me too, what's going on?” Ivory asked. (She, Cream, Kirby, and Xover collapsed. The door opened up and anthropomorphic scientists came in) “Lighting, there you are, thank goodness we stopped.” A scientist said. “You guys, can you help my friends?” Lighting asked. “Yes, now let's get them out of this room.” A scientist said. (They got the four out of the room and Lighting followed.

  An hour later, Ivory woke up sitting on a chair with the others. She found Lighting leaning against a wall) “Ivory, you've woken up, I'm glad that your okay.” Lighting said. “What happened, and where are we now?” Ivory asked. “Were inside of the Dynamo Works main office, this is my parent's company.” Lighting said. “How were we knocked unconscious and yet your still alright?” Ivory asked. “Well, because the Computer Simulator only works on Thundria, and since you all aren't that type of species, you couldn't handle the force of energy when the simulator stopped.” Lighting explained. “But did you find Return X?” Ivory asked. “No, the vines were just a glitch, we were in Sewer Attack and those were from Summer Garden.” Lighting explained. “Ugh, what happened?” Xover asked. “Xover coming too, that's great.” Lighting said. “Ouch, what did happen to us, and why are we here?” Cream asked. “Poyo?” Kirby asked. “I'll explain.” Lighting said. (He told then about the Battle Simulator) “Oh, so I get it, the pressure was too much, also, why didn't you tell us that Return X wasn't in the simulator?” Xover asked. “I didn't expect a glitch to occur when we were there, sorry everyone.” Xover said. “Can we go find the others?” Ivory asked. “Why yes, I think I can use it.” Lighting said. “Use what?” Ivory asked. “Come with me.” Lighting said. (He opened the door and exited out only to find a scientist) “Ah, Lighting, have your friends recovered?” The scientist asked. “Yes, and were heading out.” Lighting said. “Well you better be carefull.” The scientist said. “I will, okay guys, follow me.” Lighting said. (He walked off and the others followed. They passed through the glass windows revealing many things involving machines. Lighting opens up a door and went inside to turn on the lights. Inside was a garage with a red hover car. Lighting went in and had entered into the car's radio. Xover got inside and so did the three others. The car flew up as the garage door had opened up and the car flew out into the futuristic city.

  Meanwhile, at a beach, a dimension portal opened up and Sonic, Amy, Axl, and Solar had exited out) “What took us so long to get here?” Sonic asked. “I don't know, but isn't this place perfect for a vacation, too bad I left our stuff at Shamar.” Amy said. “This is the part of the Forest of Forever where it connects to the Ocean of the Aquarius.” Solar said. “How do you know this Solar?” Axl asked. “This is my dimension, the best thing we should do is meet up with the Aquarius, there's a friend of mine that might help us.” Solar said. “But do we have to go underwater?” Sonic asked. “Yes, is something wrong?” Solar asked. “Oh, Sonic, are you still afraid of the water?” Amy asked. “Yeah, and I'm not going with you cause we'll all drown!” Sonic said. “I'll go check it out, you guys stay here.” Solar said. (He went to the water) “Calm down Sonic, besides, everything's alright, huh?” Axl asked. (He noticed giant hermit crabs with plants on their backs were walking towards the ocean) “Come on Sonic, maybe we might get a free ride.” Amy said. “NO, I am not coming with you!” Sonic yelled. (He was holding onto a palm tree while Amy was grabbing him. Axl grabbed Amy and they all pulled Sonic off. They all hit a crab and got tangled in the vines that was on the shell. Then, the crabs went into the water. Expecting the worse, Sonic and Amy held their breaths, but then, when Sonic had began to gasp, he noticed that there was air underwater) “Hey, we can breathe?” Amy asked. “Whew, I was scared to death, now can we go back?” Sonic asked. “Sonic, this is not time for that, we need to see if Solar is alright.” Amy said. “Your right, let's get untangled first.” Sonic said. (He was spin dashing and cutting through the vines. After cutting them all, Sonic almost fell to the sand below. But he grabbed onto a vine and started climbing and made it to the top of the crab's spiral shell. Sonic was looking around and seeing all of the coral and many sea life) “Sonic, when are you going to get us out?” Amy asked. “Oh sorry Amy, let me just look around more.” Sonic said. “Okay, let me try to get us out.” Axl said. (He was moving his arm and got it free. Axl then was pulling the vines and they weren’t breaking) “Oh great, now what should we do?” Amy asked. “Calm down Amy, I wish this would happen to you whenever you chase me.” Sonic said. “What was that?” Amy yelled. (The crab had hid in it's shell and hit the sand. Sonic jumped off and saw Amy and Axl covered in sand. Sonic began to laugh) “Excuse me, what are you doing in the ocean?” Someone asked. (Sonic turned around and saw a male hedgehog/fish hybrid. It had a sky blue scaly skin and a white colored muzzle with blue fins on the sides. It wore dark blue armor with light blue letters engraved. The tail was long and fish like with a big fin at the end. The hands had no gloves and were webbed with white skin. There were two giant fins on the back and had golden ends with normal Sonic quills on the back of the head. The hedgehog was above the sand swimming and held a sapphire trident) “Oh, me and my friends are looking for Solar, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog.” Sonic introduced. “Solar, he's a childhood friend, what's he doing here?” The hybrid asked. “We came here looking for mystical gems called the Chaos Emeralds and Dark Jewels, have you seen any?” Sonic asked. “I don't know what your talking about, but I think Solar might be at my father's castle, follow me.” The hybrid said. “Okay, but let me get my friends before this crab goes.” Sonic said. (He was wiping the sand off of Amy and Axl while the hybrid was calming down the crab.

  After getting all the sand off and freeing Amy and Axl, the hybrid had let the crab swim away to go back with the others) “Thanks for helping me, now who are you?” Sonic asked. “My name's Whirlpool, I'm known as an Aquarius, now you still want me to help you find Solar?” Whirlpool asked. “Yes, we need to find him before we can do anything.” Amy said. “Okay, now let's go see if he's with my father.” Whirlpool said. (He began to swim and Amy swam up to him while Sonic and Axl were walking) “So Whirlpool, how can we breathe underwater?” Amy asked. “There's a species of coral, look down and you'll see.” Whirlpool said. (Amy looked down and saw purple coral with many holes) “What type is it?” Amy asked. “Oxygen Coral, they absorb rays of the sunlight and oxygen comes out of the holes.” Whirlpool said. “Wow, never knew stuff like that exists, oh well, we do come from another dimension.” Amy said. “Another dimension, so your Dimension Travelers, I don't usually see them come here, most have a fear of drowning.” Whirlpool said. “Oh, Sonic is the one afraid of water, so yeah.” Amy said. (Down with Sonic and Axl, they were still running) “Axl, can you swim?” Sonic asked. “Uh, no, I can't because that one time when I was at Splash Warfly's area, I almost died when I fell the water which is like a bottomless pit.” Axl explained. “Oh, hey, I can drown from staying underwater for too long, well thank goodness that I can breathe under here.” Sonic said. “But I do wonder where Solar could be?” Axl asked. “Whirlpool said that he knows where Solar is.” Sonic said. “Yeah, but we don't know if that’s the truth.” Axl said. “Okay, so how much longer till we get to the castle, Whirlpool!” Sonic yelled. (Whirlpool and Amy swam down to Sonic and Axl) “Are you yelling, well that doesn't matter, the castle is over there.” Whirlpool said. (He pointed towards a big gray castle with tridents as poles above the towers. There were two guards who looked and wore the same armor as Whirlpool. Whirlpool got in front of Sonic, Amy, and Axl) “Prince Whirlpool, you can pass.” The guards said. (They moved their tridents away from the big golden doors. The doors opened up to reveal the inside and the group went into the castle.

  The hallway was big with a red carpet and golden sea shells on the walls. The doors behind everyone had closed) “Prince Whirlpool, so your a prince?” Amy asked. “Yes, I'm soon going to be King of the Aquarius.” Whirlpool explained. “So this is where you think Solar's at, and where is everybody?” Axl asked. “The Chariot Races must be starting again, no matter what happens, they are always into it.” Whirlpool said. (The group had made it to other golden doors and opened them up. Inside was Solar with a golden throne. Solar turned around and noticed the group) “Hey guys, what took you so long to get here?” Solar asked. “We had problems with giant crabs.” Axl explained. “Hello Solar, it's been a while, hasn't it?” Whirlpool said. “Whirlpool, yes, it has, so what's going on, where's your father?” Solar asked. “Well, he left to do some important business in another part of the sea, he left me in charge and things have been good, and everyone's left to go see the Chariot Races.” Whirlpool said. “I see, have you heard of anything from my father?” Solar asked. “No, but I have something important to tell you, it's urgent.” Whirlpool said. “You can tell them, but not now.” Someone said. (Everyone turned around and saw an anthropomorphic robot which was a squid. It had a black screen for eyes, the muzzle was metal and has a beak. The body was gray with red armor and gray bolts. The arms were tentacles with golden suction cups. The legs were six tentacles. As the group looked at the machine, Whirlpool grabbed onto a sapphire trident) “You again, enough with all of the destruction of my kingdom!” Whirlpool yelled. “Who are you, and what are you doing here?” Sonic asked. “I am Octopod, I was a pirate in my dimension, but Metal Android turned me into a machine, and now I serve him.” Octopod explained. “So your part of Metal Android's army!” Axl said. “Correct, but I am looking for someone, isn't that right Whirlpool?” Octopod asked. “You've asked before and I won't tell you!” Whirlpool yelled. (He formed a beam of water and it almost hit Octopod) “Foolish prince, wait, I can sense her, she's here.” Octopod said. “What do you want with this girl?” Amy asked. “It's for my master, the Dictator, he knows what to do with traitors.” Octopod said. “Kill them with no mercy.” Someone said. (Everyone saw Rose on top of a statue) “Return X, your alive?” Amy asked. “I am, now Octopod, your going to regret looking for me.” Rose said. (She jumped down and threw leaves at Octopod. The leaves had just floated away) “That won't work here fool, your going to have to better then that.” Octopod said. “Oh really, do you want me to show you my power?” Rose asked. “Prove me that I'm wrong.” Ocotpod said. “We'll take care of you!” Axl said.

  Octopod had flew up in the air and had more tentacles then eight. They were all aiming at everyone and grabbed Amy, Solar, and Axl. Many more were about to get to the remaining three, but Rose had formed seaweed and the tentacles were grabbing onto them instead of the trio. Sonic had ran up onto a tentacle and had spin attacked Octopod while Whirlpool had slammed his tail into Octopod and grabbed Sonic as the tentacles were going around wildly. They were recovered and were about to wrap around Whirlpool and Rose. Sonic grabbed the two and was running in circles. It was causing a whirlpool and Octopod was spinning around as well as those that were caught. Whirlpool had his trident and slashed through and Rose threw sharper leaves that sliced through the tentacles. When Sonic stopped running, the whirlpool had stopped and only eleven tentacles remained. They now had spikes and were being fired out at the walls. Sonic had managed to quick step and get out of the way, but a spike had cut through Sonic's side and he tripped and threw Whirlpool and Rose. Blood was rising up from Sonic's wound and a tentacle wrapped around him. Rose landed onto the ground and four tentacles were around her and Whirlpool was on the water. The tentacles rammed right into Rose and Whirlpool couldn't watch. He looked and saw Rose was gone and all that remained was a puddle of light green slime. It moved away from the entangled tentacles and formed into Return X. He fired a charge shot at Octopod and a tentacle got in front of him and pushed away the shot. Whirlpool got in front of Return X and slashed at the shot with his trident. Octopod and Whirlpool were playing tennis as they kept pushing the shot around. Return X got bored and dashed away to the other side. He began to jump onto the tentacles and had began to charge a shot with the RX-Buster. Whirlpool got hit by the shot and Octopod turned around to see Return X standing on top of a tentacle. He fired a charge shot and Octopod was about to reflect it back, but a hammer had hit the side of Octopod's head. Both Whirlpool and Return X saw Amy with one arm free. The shot had hit Octopod and had exploded. All of the tentacles dropped down and Whirlpool was slashing Octopod and Return X rammed his buster into Octopod and fired a charge shot. Octopod fell to the ground) “Alright, we win and you've got nothing left to fight with.” Sonic said. “You all impressed me, I must report this to Master Dictator.” Octopod said. (He teleported away and Return X shape shifted back into Rose) “So he knows that I'm here.” Rose said. “Rose, are you going?” Whirlpool asked. “Yes, and I won't want you to follow me.” Rose said. “But Return X, how did you survive after the space ship exploded?” Amy asked. “That, I don't know, I have to go, until then, (Rose had kissed her palm and blew air) bye boys.” Rose said. (She swam away and Sonic was about to go after her. But Solar grabbed Sonic by the shoulder) “Leave him alone Sonic, we'll meet with him again.” Solar said. “Whirlpool, where do we go from here?” Axl said. “I'm trying to think, wait why do you want me to go?” Whirlpool asked. “We both know more about this planet then my friends, so we need your help to get around.” Solar said. “Your right, wait, I did remember someone who was staying here, hopefully she's alright.” Whirlpool said. (He swam out of the room) “I wonder who Octopod is, Solar, are their any pirates in this dimension?” Sonic asked. “Yes, but that was many years ago, so I don't believe he's from this dimension.” Solar said. “I also have another question, why did Return X help us?” Amy asked. “I know he's a Maverick, but I never seen one who fights other Mavericks.” Axl said. “Well if Octopod called him a traitor, then that means he must be on our side.” Amy said. “Are you crazy, I won't trust a Maverick who almost killed us and tried to destroy a planet!” Axl yelled. “Will you all stop with the noise.” Someone said. (Everyone looked to find Whirlpool with a person wearing a space suit like outfit) “Hey, this isn't outer space, your underwater.” Sonic said. (He began to laugh) “That's not funny, do you all want to fry after electrocuting you all?” The person asked. “Hey Whirlpool, is that Janet?” Solar asked. “Yes, she wanted to talk to my father, but he isn't here right now.” Whirlpool said. “Well hello Janet, don't listen to Sonic, he's acting mean today, I'm Amy and this is Axl.” Amy said. “Well it's nice to meet you all, and Sonic.” Janet said. “Yeah, I'm sorry for making you angry.” Sonic said. “It's not just that, but you remind me of my son named Lighting.” Janet said. “Lighting, but we met with him back in the Mushroom Kingdom!” Amy said. “So you've met him, is he alright?” Janet asked. “Yes, but were all scattered to different locations thanks to a device Eggman made.” Sonic explained. “That's great to hear that he's alright.” Janet said. “Hey Janet, where do you think we should go?” Whirlpool asked. “Let's see, shall we try the Granstone Continent?” Janet asked. “Okay, let's give it a try.” Solar said. (He swam up and went out of a window. Sonic and others had swam up and Whirlpool had just watched) “Should I help them, well the Chariot Races haven't even finished the opening ceranmony, they know how I can fight.” Whirlpool thought. (He wrote a note and went and chased after the others) “Hey, wait for me!” Whirlpool yelled. (The group was going across the ocean.

  After a while, everyone was exhausted and popped their heads out of the water. They saw a desert with tall mountains in the distance) “Yep, this is the place, now we just have to get out of the water.” Janet said. “I know what to do Janet, you don't need to be my navigator.” Axl said. “Why your so rude, whoever raised you must be punished!” Janet said. “Hey, calm down, we just met, let's go find our friends, follow me.” Axl said. (He began to swim towards the desert) “Oh, that's another strike.” Janet said. “Is something wrong Janet?” Amy asked. “Why yes, he talked back to me, that's not a way to talk to a mother.” Janet said. “Did Lighting talk to you like that?” Sonic asked. “Um, we better go after that irresponsible teen.” Janet said. “Well we can't just swim around, we better get to the land.” Whirlpool said. (They swam towards the desert and got to the sand. After drying up, the group began to look for Axl) “Where could he be?” Solar asked. “Well, their are five of us, it's best for us to split up.” Sonic said. “No, let's stay as a group, I don't want anyone getting lost.” Janet said. “Yes, so I can stay with Sonic.” Amy said. (She hugged Sonic) “Amy, can you let go, please?” Sonic asked. “Oh, of course.” Amy said. (She let go of Sonic) “Oh, now I don't know where we are, can you find anything Whirlpool?” Solar asked. “I'm looking, but I don't know where were going.” Whirlpool said.“Were lost, I can't find out where we are.” Janet said. “But can't you take off that suit?” Amy asked. “Well, I don't usually go outside of my city, so I need this suit to be safe.” Janet said. “Okay, you don't have to worry, we'll protect you.” Sonic said. “Why thank you Sonic, (Janet stepped onto something and it made a squish sound) what the?” Janet asked. (She looked at her boot and saw light green stuff. Janet knelt down and placed her fingers onto the substance) “What is it?” Solar asked. “It's a strange substance, but it's dead, I wonder where this came from.” Janet said. “Well we better look for Axl before he gets intro trouble.” Amy said. “With this sand blowing, I can barley see a thing.” Sonic said. “Well we better stop right here and decide where to go.” Solar said. (Everyone stopped and began to discus) “If this is the Granstone Continent, then the Granstone live here.” Whirlpool said. “Wait, this place was named after those who live in this desert?” Amy asked. “Yes, all of the continents of the planet are named after the kingdoms.” Janet explained. “I get it now.” Sonic said. “Yes, okay now where are we?” Whirlpool asked. “Oh great, were still lost, I can't even see the ocean.” Solar said. “Well at least the sandstorm is dieing down.” Sonic said. (They began to walk again with the sun shining over them.

  After two hours, the group stop) “I feel so warm.” Janet said. “Well take off that suit.” Amy said. 
“Did you forget what I said, oh, I'm gonna pass out.” Janet said. (She fell to the ground) “Oh, I feel it too.” Amy said. (She fell on top of Janet. Sonic had started to breathe heavily) “Water, I'm getting thirsty.” Sonic said. “Well, I'll help, (Whirlpool had tried to squirt water, but there was only a stream that hit the sand) shoot, I've been out of the water too long, sorry Sonic.” Whirlpool said. (He and Sonic collapsed, leaving Solar awake) “Guys, come on, we have to find Axl, (Solar heard a noise) oh, not only that I'm dehydrated, but hungry, sorry guys.” Solar said. (He fell on top of Sonic. The sun was shining bright and stone vultures began to swirl around the five. One swooped down and almost scratched Sonic's quills. Three minutes later, shadowy figures appeared in front of the group. One placed his hand onto Amy's cheek) “Their my friends, let's take them where they can be taken care of.” One of the figures said. (They had gotten everyone and took them from the area.

  Meanwhile, the red car had landed onto a continent of ice. Xover looked behind him and saw that Ivory, Kirby, and Cream were asleep) “Hey guys, we've landed.” Xover said. (Ivory woke up) “Huh, where are we?” Ivory asked. (Lighting pops out of the radio and is on a seat) “The Icearin Continent, used to be home of the Icearin, but not anymore.” Lighting said. “Why?” Xover asked. “Some say a war happened here and the Icearin are extinct because of it, well we better search here for our friends.” Lighting said. (Ivory began to shake Cream and Kirby. The two woke up and the group had left the car and began to look around. There was hills of snow and the clear sky was a dark blue. Ivory was on top of a hill and the snow went up to half way of her boots. Cream was with her as they saw beautiful waves of colors in the sky) “What is that?” Ivory asked. “The northern lights, I remember Sonic once showed me a photo of the lights, aren't they pretty?” Cream asked. “Yeah, I never saw anything like these lights before.” Ivory said. (She had continued to look at the lights) “How does nature create things like this?” Ivory thought. “Well, I did bring my camera, I forgot that it was in my dress, I'll take some pictures for my mom.” Cream said. (She began to take pictures of the sky) “That's good for you.” Ivory said. “Where's your mom?” Cream asked. “Oh, that's one thing I don't like to talk about.” Ivory said. “Why, is it okay if I can hear why you attacked Xover?” Cream asked. “Oh, well, I have a fear of robots, but in my Dimension Form, I'm perfectly fine.” Ivory said. “I wonder where Lighting, Xover, and Kirby are?” Cream asked. “I don't know, wait, what's this feeling?” Ivory asked. (The red sphere in Ivory's arm began to glow and Ivory's irises became red. Ivory was paralyzed and had her eyes wide) “Ivory, what's wrong?” Cream asked. (Ivory saw another part of the area. It showed a huge block of ice along with another character. The vision was over and Ivory opened her eyes) “Darn, their in trouble, I think I know where they are!” Ivory said. (She began to run) “Hey, wait for me!” Cream said. (She grabbed onto Ivory's quill and Ivory kept running through the snow and going down hill.

  After running across the snowy fields, there was a crater and the two went inside. They saw a block of ice which contained Xover and Kirby. Lighting was standing and noticed Ivory and Cream) “I was right, I guess my power to foresee the past, present, and future is working more then my Dimension Form.” Ivory said. “Cream, Ivory, what were you doing?” Lighting asked. “What happened to Xover and Kirby?” Cream asked. “I dealt with them.” Someone said. (The three turned around and saw an icy blue hedgehog with glowing white eyes and six ice made quills two point up and down while the four others point sideways forming a snowflake with icicles coming out of the sides. The gloves and boots were carved ice and there was a dress) “Who are you?” Ivory asked. “I am Ice Soul, Master Dictator and Commander Vile had told me about you ever since you had defeated my brother Dark Soul and sister Flare Soul.” Ice Soul said. “What about Darkness?” Lighting asked. “None of that matters, Commander Vile ordered me to find one called Return X, but it seems he's not here, so I'll deal with you!” Ice Soul said. “But can't you let our friends go?” Cream asked. (Ice Soul had landed onto the ground and caused the ice to break. Cream was separated from Ivory and Lighting as Ice Soul formed a lake. The ice was breaking and formed into two hexagon platforms and Ice Soul was in the center having a tip of her boot on the water. She swiftly moved her hand and formed a frozen blade that was heading towards Ivory and Lighting. The two jumped up as the blade went past them. Cream flew up above and Ice Soul had formed ice blades and they were being thrown towards Cream. Cream had flew towards the outer part of the lake, but Ice Soul entered into the water and had her hands on the ground and a pillar of ice had risen where Cream was and formed a cage. Ice Soul had risen from the water and had two giant snowflakes and they were thrown at the two hedgehogs. Lighting had kicked Ivory and she formed into a ball. Lighting grabbed Ivory as he slid under the snowflakes. Lighting got up and was running as Ivory was being charged with electricity. He kicked Ivory and she went flying towards Ice Soul. She had formed a thin sheet of ice and Ivory broke through it and had rammed right into Ice Soul and was chipping through the ice. Ice Soul had grabbed onto Ivory and froze her. She threw Ivory into the water and she was heading towards Lighting. Lighting looked around and then, Ivory had risen from the water and had rammed into Lighting by the back. Lighting had fallen into the water as Ivory had landed. She broke through the ice and noticed Lighting wet and was struggling to swim. He reached his hand out for Ivory and she grabbed on. Then, Lighting had let out a discharge of electricity and was electrocuting Ivory and the lake. Ice Soul was getting shocked and was paralyzed. Ivory screamed as she was getting shocked by Lighting. Ice Soul formed a thick shield of ice and managed to get out of the water. She then floated to Ivory and Lighting with an arm formed like a sharp blade. Right when Ice Soul was about to attack, someone rammed into Ice Soul and both were in the water. Then, a purple hedgehog who had brown irises, white muzzle, inside of ears, and chest fur. He also had an Aquarius tail. He wore a brown Eskimo coat with light brown boots and gloves with fur cuffs got Ivory and Lighting separated) “Are you alright?” The purple hedgehog asked. “Yeah, ow, that hurt, Lighting!” Ivory yelled. “Ivory, stay out of the water, cough, I'll try to keep swimming!” Lighting yelled. “Hopefully Zero can handle this.” The purple hedgehog said. “Zero, so that's the one who pushed Ice Soul into the water?” Ivory asked. (Ice Soul had risen from the water and a block of ice rose up. Lighting managed to get out of the water and electricity was flowing throughout his fur. Ice Soul had summoned frozen blades and the purple hedgehog had summoned water and it floated up to absorb the blades and throw them back. Ice Soul was hit by the blades and fell into the water again. Frozen platforms of ice had risen up and there were many of them. Ice Soul had risen up and jumped up. She landed onto the ice where Ivory, Lighting, and the purple hedgehog were. The hedgehog had slammed his tail into Ice Soul and she was holding it back) “Polar, it's me!” The purple hedgehog yelled. (Ice Soul had stopped and the hedgehog moved away as Lighting had grabbed onto Ice Soul's quill and began to electrocute her. Ice Soul was paralyzed and jumped away and went into the center of the lake. The three hedgehogs were jumping on the floating parts of ice and avoiding the frozen blades that Ice Soul was throwing. When all three got together near Ice Soul, Ivory was slashing with her sword while the purple hedgehog and Lighting were punching her. The three jumped away as Ice Soul created a shield of ice)

  “You've all done well, now I know why my brother and sister failed.” Ice Soul said. “What do you want with Return X?” Lighting asked. “I don't really know why, (They were all hearing a ringing noise and Ice Soul looked at her wrist) oh, Professor, not now, I'm dealing with these fools!” Ice Soul said. “Forgive me Ice Soul, but I need you here right away.” The Professor said. “Very well, I'll be seeing you later, and then I will consume you in ice.” Ice Soul said. “Your not getting away!” Lighting yelled. “Lighting, don't!” Cream yelled. (Lighting rammed into Ice Soul as she and he teleported. They were both gone. Ivory fell to her knees) “Darn it, why Lighting, hopefully he's okay.” Ivory said. “I have a bad feeling about it.” The purple hedgehog said. “Well, we better help Cream and Kirby.” Ivory said. “What about Zero and Xover?” Cream asked. “Yeah, them too.” Ivory whispered. “I'll help, my name's Crescent and I'm half Aquarius and Psykaiathin.” Crescent introduced. “I'm Ivory, that girl up there is Cream.” Ivory said. “I see, let's get her down.” Crescent said. (He jumped and was about to fall into the water, but a pillar of water rose up and raised Crescent to the top of the pillar. He grabbed onto the bars and was trying to pull them out. Crescent had formed a water sword and slashed the bars and got Cream out of the icy tower. The two had landed onto the ice platform) “Thanks Crescent, but that did scare me.” Cream said. “Your welcome Cream.” Crescent said. “Let's get going and find the others.” Ivory said. “Wait, but what about our friends?” Cream asked. “Let's get Kirby.” Ivory said. (She walked to the block of ice and saw Kirby and Xover inside. There was a fire and the block was broken to pieces. Xover was wet with water dripping and Kirby coughed) “Ivory, we saw a hedgehog and she froze us.” Xover said. “We know, it's Ice Soul.” Crescent said. “But why did you yell Polar?” Cream asked. “She's, well, we better help Zero.” Crescent said. “What's wrong, why can't you tell me?” Cream asked. “I just don't want to talk.” Crescent said. “Well we better help Zero, Xover?” Cream asked. “Well where is he?” Xover asked. “In that block of ice.” Crescent said. (He pointed to the ice and inside was Zero. Xover jumped into the water and was swimming. He jumped up and activated Battle Memory. He fired Ground Fire and it was melting the ice. Ten minutes, the thick ice had melted and Zero had gotten into the water) “Are you alright Zero?” Xover asked. “Yeah, where's Ivory and Cream?” Zero asked. “Were right here Zero.” Cream said. “Poyo!” Kirby yelled. “And Ivory, where is she?” Zero asked. “I'm right here.” Ivory said. “Let's get out of this lake.” Xover said. (He went back into the water and so did Zero. They were both swimming and got to the end of the lake. Cream and Crescent were waiting to pull the two out. Ivory just watched and ignored it. A few seconds later, Zero and Xover were pulled out of the water and Zero walked up to Ivory) “Ivory, is something wrong?” Zero asked. “Yes, the existence of you.” Ivory said. “Your not acting like yourself anymore.” Zero said. “I know, I just want to take a break from the Dimension Ring.” Ivory said. “Hey you two, we need to hurry and find the others!” Xover yelled. (He and the two were walking away and Ivory and Zero gave chase in the frozen arctic.

  Meanwhile, Sonic began to wake up. He saw himself on a bed made of straw and a red curtain. Sonic managed to get up and move the curtains away. He got out and fell hitting his back on the stone ground. Sonic rubbed his back and saw the room he was in. It was a tiny room with a table and chair. The table had the Chaos Emeralds and Dark Jewels, Sonic had grabbed them. He then got outside and saw there were block houses and huts with torches and digging equipment. Sonic was walking and looking around to see where he was. There were animals made of boulders and rocks with pick axes digging through a wall of mud. Sonic tripped over an pickaxe and fell into a mine cart filled with rocks. When Sonic got out, he noticed two rock animals staring at him as if he was a stranger. Sonic then went behind a block house and then someone grabbed Sonic by the arm) “Hey, let go!” Sonic yelled. “Calm down Sonic, it's only me.” Someone said. (Shade had showed himself due to the torch light inside the house) “Shade, what happened, where are we and where's the others?” Sonic asked. “You passed out in the desert, me and Silver with a group found you guys and got you underground.” Shade explained. “So were underground, oh, where's Axl?” Sonic asked. “We found him just like you, he's alright, but something changed.” Shade said. “Changed, what do you mean?” Sonic asked. “Shade, what's going on?” Will asked. (She appeared and was wearing a scarlet red cloak with many tiny diamonds all over it) “Will, you still look creepy with those eyes.” Sonic said. “Sonic, don't be rude to her, do you have something to say?” Shade asked. “Yes, I was looking for you Shade, but the others are waiting, come with me.” Will said. (She was walking away and the two blue hedgehogs were following her through the area) “So Will, what's with the cloak?” Sonic asked. “The Granstones gave it to me when I woke up, it must be a symbol of trust.” Will said. “They trust you just after waking up, how?” Shade asked. “They see things within those who are different from a normal person, my eyes show the truth.” Will said. “Um, let's not dwell into it.” Shade said. “So what's with all the digging equipment?” Sonic asked. “I don't know myself, but maybe the king will know.” Will said. “There's a king, oh just like Whirlpool's father.” Sonic said. “Whirlpool?” Shade asked. “I don't know him much, but he's Solar's friend.” Sonic said. “Be quiet you two, we're here.” Will said. (The three saw a stone temple like structure in the distance with giant torches. Two rock guards were protecting the entrance) “Will, are these your friends?” A guard asked. “Yes, now let me through please.” Will said. “Yes we'll let you pass.” The other guard said. (They moved away and allowed the trio to enter into the building. The three entered inside.

  Inside, there were stone pillars and torches leading to a path. There was a room and inside was a throne with writing on the walls and drawings of hedgehogs. On the throne was a echinda made of rocks but he had a silver crown. Near him was three other rock echindas looking at the writings on the walls) “Hi there.” Sonic said. “Hello Dimension Travelers, I am Marble, king of the Granstones.” Marble said. “I'm Sonic the hedgehog, fastest thing alive.” Sonic said. (The four rock echindas had stared at Sonic) “Could it be, are you the, Legendary Blue Hedgehog?” An echinda asked. “Hey I am blue, wait, you know about me?” Sonic asked. “I think so.” Shade said. “You already knew who me and Shade are.” Will said. “Now where are my friends?” Sonic asked. “Ah yes, their still resting, forgive me, but there's nothing we can do, for now.” Marble said. “So what do we do now?” Shade asked. “Maybe I should run around and stretch my legs, (Sonic's stomach began to growl) but after a quick snack.” Sonic said. “Yes, we haven't eaten in a while, so it's a good thing your hungry.” Shade said. “Know where to eat?” Sonic asked. “Yes, (Marble clapped his hands and the doors to the left had opened up. Servants came in with a table of stone and placed it down in the center of the room. Sonic, Shade, and Will sat down on the ground and so did Marble and the rock echindas. Pewter plates with food had been rushed onto the table in front of everyone. The foods were squid, cooked fish, slices of red and purple fruit, boulders in various sizes, and blue chalices) enjoy.” Marble said. (Sonic grabbed a fish and took a bite. It tasted very strange and unlike any other fish Sonic had tasted. He placed the fish back on his plate and saw Will gripping on a boulder and was trying to crush it. The boulder was broken in two and revealed red crystals. Will grabbed a red jewel and began to suck on it. Shade grabbed a purple fruit and removed his scarf from his muzzle and began to eat the fruit. He spat it out and it fell onto his plate. It revealed green watermelon textured fruit. A lone stone slug had popped out of the fruit) “Eww, that was disgusting.” Shade said. “Don't worry Shade, you'll get used to it, is something wrong Sonic?” Will asked. “Yeah, this food tastes strange to me, I would like a chilli dog.” Sonic said. “Well here, have a red crystal, you might like it.” Will said. (She gave Sonic a red crystal. It was about the length of Sonic's fingers. Sonic began to suck on it and it tasted like a chilli dog. Sonic took it out and saw a chilli dog inside of the crystal) “What are these crystals?” Sonic asked. “Their Dream Crystals, you think of a food and the crystals turn your thought of food into reality.” Marble said. “Thanks for telling me.” Sonic said. “I better go see if everyone's woken up yet.” Will said. (She got up and left Sonic and Shade to continue eating)

  “So Marble, what's with the writings on the walls?” Sonic asked. “Ah yes, those are what have been left by my ancestors.” Marble said. “We have been translating them and found many things.” An echinda said. “Like what?” Shade asked. “The legends and stories of a blue hedgehog.” Another echinda said. “So you know about my adventures of the Arabian Nights?” Sonic asked. “Yes, we have read the stories for many years and now to see you here, I now believe the stories.” Marble said. “Yeah, I was in the stories, hey Shade, what do you think?” Sonic asked. (He saw Shade drinking from the blue chalice) “Shade, Sonic's talking to you.” An echinda said. (Shade removed the chalice from his lips) “Huh, oh what was it Sonic?” Shade asked. “You did hear about Marble's story, right?” Sonic asked. “Yes, so you went on adventures that were written in ancient history?” Shade asked. “Well I thought the stories were from my world, how did you know about my adventures, do you have the Arabian Nights?” Sonic asked. “Just like your dimension, the books were written many years ago and are treasures to us.” Marble explained. “Legendary Blue Hedgehog, I remember that name, such memories.” Sonic said. “Sonic!” Amy said. (Everyone saw Amy and the others with Will)

  “Hey guys, Axl, there you are.” Sonic said. “Yeah, sorry for running off like that, I wanted to have fun, but the weird thing was when I passed out.” Axl said. (Sonic saw Axl's buster had now formed a purple ring around the middle part of the buster and three raised parts that connected to a gold stripe near the buster's gray tip) “What happened to you?” Sonic asked. “I don't know, I felt a sharp pain in my buster and I couldn't handle the pain.” Axl said. “So you passed out?” Sonic asked. “Yeah, I wish I knew what was happening to me.” Axl said. “Don't worry about that Axl.” Will said. “Yeah, let's eat!” Solar said. “Prince Solar and Whirlpool, it's been a long time.” Marble said. “King Marble, (Both Solar and Whirlpool bowed to Marble) it has been an entire year.” Whirlpool said. (Everyone sat at the table) “Solar, how was your journey?” Marble asked. “Very long, but I have made new friends.” Solar said. “What journey are you talking about?” Shade asked. “Well, I left my kingdom to be more stronger, and I went to see Lighting, there was a new machine that was built involving dimension travel.” Solar said. “Oh, you and Lighting went dimension traveling.” Janet said. “While we were in the portal, an evil force had separated us and I had appeared in Kirby's Dimension.” Solar explained. “So how did you get into the Realm of Time?” Sonic asked. “After I got into the dimension, time froze and I met Corruption, we both fought and he won, when he went into a portal to the Realm of Time, I went in as well, that's what happened.” Solar said. “Not the best story, but okay.” Axl said. “I'm glad to see that Lighting is making friends, he was always lonely.” Janet said. (She removed her visor) “Hey what's with Will?” Shade asked. (Everyone saw Will had her eyes closed) “I can sense them, they're here.” Will said. “Who are here?” Marble asked. (Will's eyes then opened to show a cave with four shadows) “They are going through the tunnels underneath the seas of this world.” Will said. “Um Will, are you alright?” Amy asked. “Yes, they are almost here, let's give them a welcome.” Will said. (She raised her hands and they turned golden. Then, the ground began to shake) “Will, what are you doing?” Sonic asked. “You want me to stop?” Will asked. “Yes, please, don't hurt our friends.” Axl said. “Very well, I will stop.” Will said. (The ground stopped shakeing and Will's eyes turned back to white. Will then had her hands on her head and Shade went to Will) “Are you alright?” Shade asked. “I'm fine, it's just that I didn't control my power.” Will said. “I know that's hard, so when do you think that our friends will show up?” Shade asked. “Their very close, let's go greet them.” Will said. (She was struggling to walk) “Will, I think you should rest.” Janet said. “No, I have to see them.” Will said. “Right, I'll go with Will and you stay here.” Shade said. (He had Will wrap her arm around Shade and the two went off.

  The two made it outside and they were going through the area) “Thank you Shade, I'm sorry if I'm dragging you.” Will said. “Your perfectly fine Will, there's no problems.” Shade said. “I can sense our friends, stop.” Will said. (The two stopped as giant beanstalks had risen) “Well hello Shade and Will.” Rose said. (The two saw Rose standing on top of a hut. Rose then jumped from it and had landed onto a beanstalk leaf and looked down) “Return X, but I thought?” Shade asked. “Yeah, I know, I'm alive, but I'm glad to see my friends here.” Rose said. “Even if your still alive, I know that your power has been weakened through Negative Energy.” Will said. “It doesn't matter what you say, my power is still the same.” Rose said. (She jumped down and landed onto the ground. Shade had threw shurikens and Rose had threw leaves. The shurikens had slashed through the leaves and Rose had melted into a puddle of slime to avoid them as they hit the beanstalks. Confused, Shade got out his katana and waited. Then, Rose emerged in front of Shade and was choking him. Will began to run towards the two. Rose had formed vines from a building and they wrapped around Will. Rose had then stared at Shade who had the katana in his hand. Shade had then slashed Rose at the chest, causing Rose's chest to bleed light green blood. Rose had let go of Shade and covered her chest as it regenerated the skin. Shade went to Will and slashed though the vines. Will was on the ground and Shade walked up to her. Then, vines had gotten both Shade and Will. Rose walked to the two) “Sorry Will.” Shade said. “Don't worry, your deaths will be quick and painful.” Rose said. “Oh no you don't!” Someone yelled. (Ivory appeared wrapped her arms around Rose's neck and chest) “Let go of me!” Rose said. (She moved away and Ivory had let go of Rose and grabbed onto a pickaxe. Ivory had tried to hit Rose three times, then on the fourth time, Rose had grabbed onto the iron part of the pickaxe and smiled. Ivory had then tried to punch Rose, but Rose dodged and then kicked Ivory. Ivory had let go of the pickaxe and hit a wall. She saw Rose breaking the pickaxe and threw the broken pieces at pots. Vines had wrapped around Ivory and Rose drew near. Then, Rose got hit by a ball of electricity. The two girls saw Kirby and Zero. Rose had jumped to the top of the building and then jumped to the beanstalks. She landed onto a leaf and Zero had jumped to a leaf. Zero had continued to jump as Rose threw leaves. While Rose was distracted by Zero, Kirby and Crescent had went to Ivory, Shade, and Will. While Kirby was biting the vines, Crescent grabbed onto Shade's katana and he slashed through the vines and got Shade and Will out. Up at the beanstalks, Zero had made it to a leaf that was at the same height as the one Rose was standing on. Rose had quickly shape shifted into Return X and the two jumped and slashed. They both landed onto the leaves, both Return X and Zero had slash and claw marks on their chests. Return X's chest had recovered and he had jumped off the beanstalk. When Return X landed, he saw Shade, Will, Kirby, Crescent, and Ivory running towards towards him. He had melted into a puddle of slime and had escaped from everyone's sight. Zero had jumped down from the beanstalk and the stalks died and disappeared)

  “We did it, but where did Return X go?” Zero asked. “He's gone, but I know something bad will happen.” Ivory said. “Ivory, is that you?” Shade asked. “Yeah, it's me, your probably wondering what happened to me, that's because of the Dimension Ring.” Ivory said. “Oh, I've heard about it before, it was mentioned in the Icearin ruins.” Crescent said. “Who's this?” Shade asked. “This is Crescent, he just joined us, now where's Cream?” Zero asked. “Oh, she's coming, I'll look for her.” Ivory said. (She ran off) “Well what do we do now?” Crescent asked. “Maybe we should find Rose, I predict something will happen because of her.” Will said. “Let's get going!” Zero said. (Everyone then began to look around. At the other side of the kingdom, Xover was farther then the others and was by himself) “Where is everyone, it's like a ghost town through here.” Xover thought. (He then saw X in the distance looking around. Xover smiled and ran towards X) “X, X!” Xover yelled. (X turned around and saw Xover) “Xover, your alright!” X said. “Zero's with me, but their in a different area, let's go look for them.” Xover said. “That's great, but what are you doing by yourself?” X asked. “I came here looking for Return X, he fought against us, but he got away.” Xover said. “I see, he's probably looking for me.” X said. “Why does Return X hate you so much, and why is he called that?” Xover asked. “Asking questions about me?” Return X asked. (X and Xover turned around and saw Return X standing in the distance) “Return X!” X and Xover said. “Oh, what a lucky find, two Reploids with X in their name, this won't take long!” Return X said. (He dashed towards X and Xover and slashed. The two jump away and fired energy pellets. Return X had dashed pass through the pellets and was charging up his buster. X and Xover landed and both began to charge. The two fired a combined charge shot and Return X had formed another buster and one fired a laser and the other energy pellets. They were both fused together and became a laser with energy pellets inside. It destroyed the combined charge shot and had hit both X and Xover. The two fell and landed to the ground. Return X had split the busters and was about to walk up to X. But X had fired Shotgun Ice which froze part of Return X's chest. X got up and punched Return X at the cheek then did a swift kick. Return X fell to the ground and X was charging his buster. Return X melted and disappeared from X's sight. X looked around and Xover saw Return X reformed right behind X. Xover had stopped time and had fired all sorts of ice attacks which had frozen Return X into a statue of ice. He resumed time and X turned around to see Return X frozen. Xover was about to get out the wind up Eddie, but then, the ice broke and Return X fired two charge shots. They both his X and Xover by the chest and Xover hit another wall and stuff collasped onto him as X was on the ground. He looked up and saw Return X pointing his busters at X. But then, three Hyper Bombs were thrown and they exploded. The ground X and Return X were on had broken and the two fell.

  After a while, Xover was trying to push the rubble off of him. Zero had arrived and noticed Xover's boots sticking out and ran to him) “Xover, are you alright?” Zero asked. “I'm find, just help me get out.” Xover said. “Okay, just don't move to much.” Zero said. (He grabbed pieces and was pushing them away. Xover managed to reach his arm out and Zero grabbed him and pulled him out. Xover had brushed off his fur) “Thanks Zero, but we have to help X, he and Return X fell down that hole when I accidentally used Hyper Bombs.” Xover said. “Oh no, we have to hurry, (The two jumped into the hole and Xover hit the ground while Zero landed on top of him) sorry Xover.” Zero said. “Ow, I'm okay but where's X and Return X?” Xover asked. “I don't see them anywhere, are you sure they fell down here?” Zero asked. “Yes, you look while I get the others.” Xover said. (He wall climbed back up to the surface and Zero began to run through the tunnel. Xover made it to the top and began to run around looking for everyone. He jumped to the tops of buildings and looked around) “Oh, this isn't fun at all, and X is in trouble.” Xover thought. “Anyone, can you hear me?” Xover yelled.

  (Meanwhile, at a different area, Sonic and Solar were walking around and they heard Xover's voice) “Hey, that sounded like Xover, we better find him, something must be wrong, hang on.” Sonic said. (He grabbed Solar's arm and ran towards Xover. Wind was blowing through Sonic's quills as Solar left a trail of fire. As Solar looked around, he noticed no one around) “Isn't it strange that no one is here?” Solar asked. “Yeah, but I wonder what Xover is doing, it must be something bad.” Sonic said. (The two made it to where Xover was located and went to the top of the the roof) “Sonic, Solar, I'm glad your here.” Xover said. “What happened?” Sonic asked. “We have to find X, he and Return X fell down a hole and I need your help, come with me.” Xover said. (He was running and Sonic and Solar went after him) “So how did X fall into a hole?” Sonic asked. “Well, we were both fighting against Return X and I used Hyper Bombs instead of Metal Blades.” Xover said. “Hey, look up ahead, is that the hole?” Solar asked. (The three saw the giant hole and looked down) “Zero is down there, let's go!” Xover said. (He jumped down and so did Sonic and Solar. When they hit the ground, they saw Zero running towards them) “Zero, great to see you.” Sonic said. “Yeah, but I didn't find X or Return X, I'm starting to get worried.” Zero said. “Hey, what's this feeling?” Solar asked. (The floor began to glow with various symbols and the symbols on Solar's fur began to glow. The ground began to shake and the four went through the floor like ghosts.

  The four landed into a tunnel filled with crystals and the lights stopped glowing) “What happened, did we go through the floor?” Sonic asked. “I think so Sonic, look at all these gems, their like the ones in Crystal Snail's stage.” Xover said. “X must be here, let's go.” Zero said. (He ran off and the three went after him) “Where do you think this leads to Solar?” Sonic asked. “I don't know, but if I'm correct, this must be where an Element Treasure is located.” Solar said. “Element Treasure?” Xover asked. “Yes, it just dawned on me, but what could one be doing here underground and underneath the kingdom?” Solar asked. “Beats me, but we better find X before he gets into much trouble.” Sonic said. (The four made it into a big room and they saw X with only scratches. He noticed Zero and smiled. He got up and Zero hugged him) “Zero, Xover, Sonic.” X said. “It's okay X, but are you alright, where's Return X?” Zero asked. “I don't know, but he must be gone.” X said. “Hey, what's that?” Sonic asked. (The five see an item with a brown upside down pyramid like base made of dirt with symbols on all four sides. There were three ruby jewels in the shape of diamonds sticking out of the base at the top) “I can't believe it, the Volcannon Crystal, so it does exist.” Solar said. (He walked towards it and grabbed it. The symbols on Solar's fur began to glow again and the rubies had glowed brightly like fire. While both Solar and the Volcannon Crystal glowed, a slime substance had appeared and had gotten to the back of Xover's boot. Xover nor anyone else noticed this as the lights on Solar and the crystal had died off. Solar had walked back to the group with the crystal in hand) “So is that an Element Treasure?” Xover asked. “Yes, I'm very glad to find this here, hey Sonic, shouldn't we go see my father, there’s a tunnel that can lead us to the Volcannon Continent.” Solar said. “Alright, but how do we get out of here?” X asked. “I'm trying to think.” Solar said. (The Volcannon Crystal began to glow and the five were on fire and they were teleported back to the surface of the kingdom. They all saw Will, Shade, Crescent, Kirby, and Ivory all in one spot) “Sonic, where did you come from?” Ivory asked. “Ivory, what's up with you?” Sonic asked. “I can't explain it fully, oh, X, Zero, Xover.” Ivory said. “Ivory, you don't have to worry, were your friends.” Xover said. “I don't want to talk to you.” Ivory said. (She stepped back a bit) “Ivory, there's nothing to worry about.” Shade said. “Well since everyone is here, we better get back with the others and devise our plan.” Will said. “Plan, plan for what?” Solar asked. “Well we better find out, lead the way.” Zero said. (The group had went back to the temple.

  Inside, they find the others) “X, Zero, great to see you here.” Axl said. “Axl, there you are.” X said. “Now the Maverick Hunters are back, again.” Xover said. “Marble, we found this underground this/ kingdom.” Solar said. (He revealed the Volcannon Crystal) “You found an Elemental Treasure, we still haven't found the Aquarius Crystal.” Whirlpool said. “King Marble, is the tunnel to the Volcannon Continent still open?” Janet asked. “Yes, you can go through the tunnel.” Marble said. “That's good, I haven't seen my family in a long time.” Solar said. (Whirlpool noticed Crescent) “Hey, didn't I see you before?” Whirlpool asked. “Yes, back at the Aquarius Sea.” Crescent said. “But where's your sister?” Whirlpool asked. “Oh, her.” Crescent said. “What's wrong Crescent, what happened to her?” Cream asked. “Ice Soul, she'll pay for corrupting her.” Crescent said. “Ice Soul, so your sister was infected with a Dark Parasite?” Ivory asked. “That mean Ice Soul, corrupted your sister, we'll help you.” Cream said. “Thank you Cream, but we better get going through the tunnel to the next continent.” Crescent said. “Well let's get going, thanks for everything Marble.” Sonic said. “Your welcome, Legendary Blue Hedgehog.” Marble said. (He bowed down and Sonic and the group had left. Whirlpool was in the lead) “Where is everyone?” Solar asked. “Oh, there was a burst of water at the tunnel leading to the Eartheon Continent and all of the Granstones had left to block up the water.” Whirlpool explained. “So a water overflow at a tunnel, I remember hearing about it.” Janet said. “So what's with all the tunnels?” Zero asked. “The Granstone Continent is the center of the planet, due to many things being located at Granstone that needed to be imported to the other parts of the planet, they built tunnels.” Cresent said. “Just like the Jakob Project.” X said. “Don't mention that X.” Axl said. “Is something wrong with that name Axl?” Shade asked. “Don't ask him, he doesn't like the project due to it being involved with a New Generation Reploid.” Zero said. “Who is known as Lumine.” Xover said. “Don't say that name!” Axl yelled. (His voice was being echoed) “Okay, I won't say it again, I promise.” Xover said. “I don't want to talk about it.” Axl said. “Is something wrong with that Reploid or is it just me?” Xover whispered. “I'll tell you later, but for now, let's keep Axl calm.” X said. (Zero walked up to Axl) “It's alright Axl, Xover didn't know what happened after that incident.” Zero said. “Are you sure?” Axl asked. “I'm positive, (The group made it to a tunnel and began to walk into it. An hour later) no one's here, it's empty.” Zero said. “Yeah, you can echo here.” Sonic said. “I would rather not do that.” Janet said. “Poyo.” Kirby said. “Hey, am I getting a cold feeling, or is it just me?” Whirlpool said. “Maybe because your, wait, are you cold blooded?” Sonic asked. “Yes, I am, but I don't feel to comfortable.” Whirlpool said. “Well you can take my coat, it'll keep you warm.” Crescent said. “No, I'm fine, hey, aren't you an Aquarius yourself?” Whirlpool asked. “Yes, but I'm also Psykaiathin.” Crescent explained. “I never asked you about that when we first met.” Whirlpool said. “Now it's getting colder, there's a white color at the end!” Axl said. (They all found the exit to the tunnel and it was white.

  The group got out of the tunnel and were now inside of a frozen volcano. Caves were blocked off by ice and the ground was covered in snow) “What happened here, this isn't what I remember.” Crescent said. “My kingdom, something must have happened while I was gone.” Solar said. “We better split up and see if we can find anything.” Sonic said. “Your right, me, and Zero will go as a team, Xover, are you coming with us?” X asked. “Yes, it's good to see both you and Zero as a team.” Xover said. “Hey, what about me?” Axl asked. “You can go with Kirby.” Xover said. (Kirby jumped up and got on top of Axl's helmet) “Poyo.” Kirby said. “Alright, and the rest of us will stay together.” Amy said. “Not me, I have to find out what's going on.” Solar said. “You can't find out on your own Solar, you need help.” Whirlpool said. “Very well, I'll go with you Whirlpool.” Solar said. “And I'm going too.” Janet said. (The eight had left the group. Leaving Sonic and friends to look around the frozen volcano. Unknown to them all, they were being watched by two figures on top of a building. One was Ice Soul and the other was Octopod) “Should I teach them a lesson not to mess with my work?” Ice Soul asked. “No, Robotnik would not be pleased with that, the Professor told me to not harm Over-1 and his friends, besides, were still looking for Rose.” Octopod said. “Where could she be?” Ice Soul asked. “We better keep our distance, now let's search.” Octopod said. (The two had jumped and landed onto the ice without being detected.

  Solar and his group got to a gate made of ice in front of a castle that was surrounded by a frozen moat) “This gate, Solar, can you melt it?” Whirlpool asked. “I'll give it a try.” Solar said. (He fired fire from his hands and the ice began to melt. Only to reveal a key slot) “What, the fire couldn't melt the ice?” Janet asked. “I don't know, but I'm getting really cold, even the fire of the Volcannon Crystal is fading.” Whirlpool said. “What, but from what I read from the Icearin Ruins, the crystals have massive amounts of power, is something going wrong?” Crescent said. “Wait, let me get out my book, just a second.” Janet said. “Why did we bring you along again?” Axl asked. “Well, I needed someone to escort me, I'm not a fighter.” Janet said. “Poyo.” Kirby said. “Well there's one keyhole, so we need to find a key, but where is it?” Crescent asked. (The floor began to shake like an earthquake and a tower of ice had emerged in a frozen pool that was behind Solar's group) “Wow, that never occurred here.” Janet said. “That's because it never happens, maybe the key is inside.” Solar said. “Are you ready Kirby?” Axl asked. “Poyo.” Kirby said. (Janet began to flip the pages while everyone was moving away. Axl grabbed Janet and moved on. The group walked up to the pool where the tower was. Solar jumped down and landed onto the ice. Others had gotten to the ice and saw the tower had an entrance. They entered inside and found spiral stairs going up and up.

  After a while, the group made it to the top and were in another room. This one was huge with an icy floor. Chandeliers were dangling from ice chains and there was a chest in the center of the room. Axl took one step and a giant icicle fell from the ceiling and almost crushed him) “Any ideas guys?” Axl asked. “Try using your weapons, Crescent, Janet, you two stay here.” Solar said. “What, but what if you need help?” Janet asked. “You said that your defenseless.” Crescent said. “Oh, alright, we'll stay here.” Janet said. “Right, let's go!” Solar said. (He, Whirlpool, Axl, and Kirby went to the room and were running all over the place trying to avoid the falling icicles. Solar and Whirlpool were slashing through the ice while Axl and Kirby were blasting through them with energy blasts and leaves. A chandler had collapsed on top of Kirby and a green star was bouncing around and was shattered by an icicle. Kirby had sucked up the ice shards and ate them. Kirby's skin became a light blue color with a gold crown with icicles in the form of crystals. Kirby had blew ice from his mouth and froze the already frozen ceiling, causing the ice to stop falling. Axl accidentally slid towards a window and almost fell out. He then looked out of the window and saw X, Zero, and Xover) “Hey, X, look up here!” Axl yelled. “Axl, don't act dumb, whoa!” Janet said. “We better get to the chest, the ceiling will collapse on us at any moment!” Whirlpool said. (Solar got to the chest and opened it up, he found a key inside and grabbed it. Then, the ceiling had started to collapse. The stairs Janet and Crescent were on had broke and the two were falling. Crescent managed to grab onto the stairs and hold onto Janet by the arm. Whirlpool, Axl, and Kirby had made it to the stairs and jumped to where they could run down. Solar had the key and he threw it. Kirby had it in his mouth and Solar made it just in time before the ceiling could crush him. The tower was shaking and the stairway was about to fall. The four were running and saw Crescent holding onto Janet by the fingers. Kirby had jumped and Janet had let go. Kirby got underneath Janet and the two hit the ground with Kirby injured. Kirby kept his mouth closed while Janet grabbed Kirby and went to the outside. Crescent grabbed onto Whirlpool's tail and was flung up by the strength of the tail. They all got outside of the tower and it collapsed.

  Kirby opened his mouth to reveal the key and Janet grabbed it. Relived, Kirby held his breath and flew up to the top of the hole and Axl wall jumped to the top. Whirlpool had his mouth inflate and spit out a tower of water. Janet and Crescent had gotten on the water toward and were flung to the top. There, they landed onto the ice. Solar had went up and had reached his hand out for Whirlpool as he crouched down and jumped really high and Solar grabbed him and pulled him up) “So we have the key, now let's get to my castle.” Solar said. “Why do you always say it as yours, isn't it your fathers?” Janet asked. “It's both of ours, can we get on with it?” Solar asked. “Your not being nice Solar, but whatever, let's just open the gate.” Whirlpool said. “Are you ready Kirby, I wonder what's in the castle.” Axl said. “Poyo.” Kirby said. (The group got to the gate and Solar had inserted the key. Then, X, Zero, and Xover had appeared) “Axl, so you opened a gate?” X asked. “Yeah, after running for our lives, did you find anything?” Axl asked. “No, we didn't find a thing.” X said. “No one showed up.” Zero said. “Oh well, what are you doing?” Xover asked. “Well, Solar decided to go inside of his father's castle, but we needed a key, so we went into a tower of ice and got it.” Whirlpool explained. “Yes, the gate's about to open.” Solar said. (The key melted and the gate opened up to reveal the icy castle) “Me, Crescent, and Kirby better stay here just in case anyone shows up.” Janet said. (The group had went through the gate and went into the castle, leaving Janet, Crescent, and Kirby outside. The doors flung open and revealed nothing but ice. There was a hallway and they went through it. They got to a throne room and there were figures made of ice. Solar got to one of them and tried to melt the ice) “We're too late, I can't help them.” Solar said. “It's alright Solar, we'll help them, but not right now.” Whirlpool said. (Zero tried to open one of the doors) “It's locked, I can't open it.” Zero said. “The ice is too thick, how are we going to go around?” Xover asked. “Hey guys, I found something.” Axl said. (The group find a fire symbol hiding behind a curtain) “What's this?” Whirlpool asked. “It has the symbol of the Volcannons, it's covered in ice, maybe I can try to melt it.” Solar said. (He had fired fire from his hands, but the ice didn't melt) “Oh great, now where do we go?” Whirlpool asked. “Do we head back?” Axl asked. “No, I've got it, X, why don't we both use fire attacks?” Xover asked. “I do have Speed Burner, what are the statues anyways?” X asked. “Um, I don't know.” Axl said. “It's great that you have Speed Burner, if you combine it with my Atomic Fire, we'll be able to melt the ice.” Xover said. “Why can't we use it on the door?” X asked. “I have only one charge shot for the fire, I'm going to charge it more then usual, it will be risky, be let's take chances.” Xover said. “Got it, (The two Reploids had pointed their busters at the wall and Xover began to charge it up) this may be dangerous, step back.” X said. “You think we should?” Axl asked. “I don't know.” Whirlpool asked. “Let's hide behind something before we get injured!” Zero said. (They all got behind a statue and began to wait as Xover's buster had fire rings around it and the fur collar was on fire) “Level Four's been achieved, X, fire now!” Xover yelled. (He fired a wheel of fire and X fired his Speed Burner. The two fires combined and the Atomic Burner was in the center. It hit the wall and had melted the ice. The others had went to the two Reploids. X's buster was normal, but melted on the side while Xover's buster and arm were melted) “Xover, your buster, are you alright?” X asked. “Yeah, I guess I over did it, but at least the wall is melted.” Xover said. “But how are you going to repair your weapon?” Whirlpool asked. “Don't worry, my creator made a spare buster on my other arm.” Xover said. “This symbol, if I touch it, what happens?” Solar thought. (He touched it and the symbol began to glow.

  The throne began to move and it went down to reveal a hidden door) “I never knew there was a door, and it's not frozen enough, let's see what's inside.” Whirlpool said. (They went into the path and saw more of a frozen path) “No one is in here, but I still wonder how this happened.” Axl said. “I don't know, hey Solar, back when I was a kid, I saw your father, but where is he?” Whirlpool asked. “When I turned fourteen, he disappeared, leaving the throne to me.” Solar said. “Hey, I feel it's much warmer here.” Axl said. “I feel the fire, it's trying to melt the ice, hey!” Solar said. “What is it Solar?” X asked. “Stairs, were going underneath the castle!” Solar said. (They all looked and saw stairs not affected by ice. They had went down the steps. Reaching the bottom, the heat was more intense) “Whew, where are we?” Axl asked. “I can feel it, were near the heart of the volcano.” Solar said. “What, so that's why the heat is intense.” Zero said. “Want me to cool your armor?” Whirlpool asked. “Yeah, I could use some water.” X said. (Whirlpool fired water at the three Maverick Hunters making them soaked wet. Xover giggled a bit and there was another room. They went into the room and saw lava and platforms made of hardened lava. Solar had jumped to the lava and was swimming in it) “The lava is very deep, I'll go up ahead while you use the platforms.” Solar said. “I'll go first, you all wait till I say it's safe.” Xover said. “Be careful.” X said. “Don't worry, get going Xover.” Zero said. (Xover jumped onto the first platform and nothing happened. He continued to hop onto the others and when he made it to the fifth one, he tripped on a raised part and almost fell. Luckily, Xover had held onto the sixth platform and was like a bridge. Xover had managed to raise his body up and land onto the sixth platform and continued on.

  Xover had made it to the tenth and saw Solar waiting on the other side. Xover had landed onto the gray platform and Solar grabbed him) “Thanks Solar, hey guys, it's safe, just be careful on the fifth platform!” Xover yelled. “Okay, just wait for us!” X yelled. “Their coming, ugh, what's this feeling?” Xover asked. “What is it, Xover is something wrong?” Solar asked. “Something's trying to get out of me!” Xover said. (Light green slime had exited out of Xover's chest and knocked Xover out. Xover was about to land into the lava! Solar had gotten into the lava and was pushing Xover to keep him from getting melted. The light green slime had exited from the room and continued on. X, Zero, Axl, and Whirlpool had made it to the two and managed to get Xover to the gray platform and moved him to the other room. All that was there were statues. Everyone saw Xover with eyes wide open and were pure white and an opened mouth) “Xover, are you alright, Solar what happened?” Axl asked. “Light green slime exited out of Xover, it went into here, but I don't know what it was.” Solar said. “Return X no doubt, we have to help Xover.” X said. “What, Return X as slime?” Axl asked. “I'll tell you later, for now, let's get Xover out of here!” X said. (Right as he had gotten to the door to the lava filled room, the door had closed shut and X had slammed right into it) “It's no use, we have to go on.” Whirlpool said. “Well who's going to carry Xover?” Axl asked. “I will, just get him on my back.” X said. “Okay, but won't that add weight?” Whirlpool asked. “I know, just help me.” X said. (Zero picked Xover up and placed him onto X's back. X had grabbed onto Xover's hands and they were around X's neck) “Okay, just hold on tight X.” Zero said. “Got it, so where do we go Solar?” X asked. “I think we go that way, (Solar was pointing to an open door leading to somewhere.

  They were now in another room and saw a long room with a pit of lava and stone platforms leading to a white Chaos Emerald and Dark Jewel) “Look, it's the Chaos Emearld and Dark Jewel.” X said. “Yes, I remember, let me get them.” Solar said. (He jumped onto the stone platforms and was getting closer to the gems) “This is the farthest we can get, but something's not right.” Whirlpool said. “And what's that?” Axl asked. “The core of the volcano is missing, it's not here, and the Volcannon Crystal, I think I know why it's power isn't that strong.” Whirlpool said. (Unknown to them, Rose was hiding behind a pillar and looked at them) “I better keep my distance, I'll let them take what they need, I wonder what that fish is going to say?” Rose thought. “According to legend, the core of the worlds is located in the kingdoms, the Elemental Crystals are powered by the core of their element, and since the core to the volcano is gone, the Volcannon Crystal is weak.” Whirlpool explained. “Where are these other cores located?” Zero asked. “I don't know myself, they are sacred to us and so are the Elemental Crystals.” Whirlpool explained. “Hey guys, I've got the jewels!” Solar yelled. “Looks like it's my cue.” Rose thought. (She had managed to get away from the room without being detected. Solar had jumped back with the others) “Great job Solar, so what do we do here?” Axl asked. “It's a dead end, the core is nowhere to be found, and the Volcannon Crystal is very weak, we should head back and meet with the others.” Solar said. “But wasn't Return X here, didn't X say something about him being here?” Axl asked. “We haven't seen him since the finding of the Volcannon Crystal, but he's close by, but not in here.” X said. “Are you psychic or something?” Whirlpool asked. “No, I can just feel it.” X said. “Well we better get going, I will return here and save everyone.” Solar said. (The group went back and was going through the rooms.

  Everyone appeared back in the throne room and saw that everything was still frozen) “Hey guys, what happened?” Janet asked. (She, Kirby, Crescent, and the others had appeared) “We found the Chaos Emerald and a Dark Jewel.” Zero explained. “It must be the diamond, thank you for finding them.” Shade said. “What else happened, is Xover alright?” Cream asked. “Yes, but he's unconscious.” X said. “Did you find out why this place is frozen?” Sonic asked. “No, but we went to the heart and the core was gone, the Volcannon Crystal is weak without the core in the right element.” Whirlpool said. “I hope that we will be able to restore it's power.” Solar said. “Well you better keep it with you, did you find anything while we were in the underground?” Zero said. “Yes, we found a block of ice with our friends inside, come with us, we need some help.” Shade said. “Lead the way.” Axl said. (They were all walking through the place. When they were on top of an icy bridge, there was an explosion) “What the, what's going on?” Janet asked. “I'll find out!” X said. “X, wait!” Zero said. (X jumped down and was sliding on the ice. He landed on the ground and followed the smoke. X had saw Return X with many bruises to his armor. X ran up to him) “Are you alright?” X asked. “Cough, X, what are you doing here, this is my fight.” Return X said. “But you can't fight like this!” X said. “Yes Return X, listen to X.” Someone said. (X and Return X both saw Ice Soul and Octopod on top of a hill) “Who are you two?” X asked. “I'm Ice Soul, and this is Octopod, we came here to take that Reploid from you.” Ice Soul explained. “No, X, don't do it, their working for the Dictator.” Return X whispered. “Don't listen to him, we want to protect him, isn't that right Ice Soul?” Octopod asked. “Yes, will you accept him to us?” Ice Soul asked. “No, I refuse, your not going to hurt him.” X said. “Well, we'll just take him from you!” Octopod said. “Your not going to fight alone X.” Return X said. (He had his hands on the snow and pushed himself up) “Are you sure, you don't look right.” X said. “I know, but I have to prevent become someone's puppet again.” Return X said. (Ice Soul and Octopod jumped down and landed onto the snow.

  Octopod had warped his tentacles around X and teleported. Ice Soul had punched the ground and the it became icy. She then formed a snowflake from behind and it was making powerful winds that was blowing Return X away. He dug his claws into the ice as Ice Soul had slammed her fists into the ice and her quills disappeared as they were rising up across the ice. Return X grabbed onto an ice quill and was charging up his buster. Ice Soul had made the snowflake rush towards Return X and he ducked as the snowflake had sliced through the tips of the quills. He then fired a charge shot and Ice Soul got hit. Return X then dashed towards Ice Soul with his claws ignited in blue energy. He was slashing Ice Soul and parts of ice was breaking off her body to reveal light blue fur. Ice Soul had frozen Return X's forearms and they were stuck onto Ice Soul's chest. Ice Soul smiled as she formed an ice tower with her on the edge while Return X was dangling. Return X managed to get his boots onto Ice Soul's chest and push. He managed to get out of Ice Soul's grasp, but his forearms were ripped off and only wires were disconnected as he was falling. He landed on the ice and caused it to crack. Ice Soul had landed and got the forearms and shattered them to little pieces. The ice quills had reconnected to Ice Soul's head and regenerated the broken tips. Return X had ran and was kicking and Ice Soul had dodged the swift kicks. She then had grabbed onto Return X by the face and threw him. He landed on top of ice which was around the castle and a tentacle had risen up right next to Return X's head. Return X had backed up and looked in the ice. He found Octopod with his tentacles wrapped around X and one around his buster. X began to fire and the energy pellets were not hitting Octopod, but instead, the ice where Return X was standing. Some of the ice broke and Return X was holding onto one side. He noticed that Octopod was beneath him and Return X melted just as Ice Soul had hit the ice. The slime had landed on top of Octopod and wrapped around him. The tentacles had let go of X and Octopod froze. X had pointed his buster at Octopod and fired a charge shot. Octopod had gotten hit and there was an explosion. Octopod had wrapped it's tentacles around X and threw him out of the water, and light green slime had escaped and formed into Return X. The two got up and Ice Soul and Octopod were near them. Return X was breathing heavily) “Can you still fight X, huff, huff.” Return X said. “I won't give up, this is a fight we can't loose, huff.” X said. “Will you give up X, you can't fight with your energy gone.” Octopod said. (His tentacles wrapped around X and Return X.

  Then, a charge shot had hit the ice. The four looked up and saw Xover with Zero) “You leave them alone you Mavericks!” Xover yelled. (He and Zero jumped down and landed onto the ice) “Xover, you've regained conscious!” X said. “So your friends have come, well you'll be too late.” Octopod said. “Let's get going.” Ice Soul said. (Xover had froze time and Zero had rushed to Octopod and slashed his tentacles. Xover resumed time and the tentacles had fallen and so did X and Return X) “What the, how did that happen?” Ice Soul asked. “Something called Time Manipulation.” Xover said. “Let's quit the chit chat and get to the fight, X, stay out.” Zero said. “Alright, let's go.” X said. (He and Return X moved away from the four. Ice Soul had dashed towards Xover and was doing swift icy kicks. Xover was avoiding them and slashed with the Magma Blade. Steam was coming out of Ice Soul's chest as she had formed ice around Xover. He was surrounded by a ring of ice and the ice had consumed him and was compressing him. Octopod had encircled his tentacles around Zero and he jumped out of the way before the tentacles could grab him. Zero had slashed at Ocotopod and some tentacles had wrapped around Zero. Right when they were about to pull him apart, X with a charged Tornado Fang had attacked the back of Octopod. The tentacles had let go of Zero and he had slashed Ocotpod many times as X was drilling through Ocotpod's back. X had backed up and began to charge up the X-Buster. He unleashed it and it had hit Octopod. His tentacles had fallen and electricity was flowing through his body. The ice that was compressing Xover had been broken as Xover had many dents on his armor as he fired Ground Fire at Ice Soul. The fire was melting the ice and Xover backed up to X. They both pointed their busters at Ice Soul and were charging. They both became wrapped in fire as they dashed towards Ice Soul. She created a thick sheet of ice to protect herself, but the fire had melted through and the two rammed into Ice Soul. X and Xover backed up as they saw Ice Soul with almost all of the ice melt) “Impressive, you know how to fight.” Ice Soul said. “Tell us why your after Return X.” Xover said. “That's for you to find out, huh?” Ice Soul asked. (A screen opened up on a watch and revealed a dark figure) “It's you again, your that person who know my real name.” Xover said. “Correct, ah X and Zero, I must congratulate you for making it this far.” The Professor said. “But Professor, me and Octopod need help, shall we retreat?” Ice Soul asked. “Yes, leave the Maverick Hunters alone.” The Professor said. “Forgive me, but me and Octopod must go, forgive me Dictator.” Ice Soul said. (She and Octopod had teleported and left X, Zero, and Xover alone. X began to look around) “Hey, where's Return X?” X asked. (Zero and Xover looked around to find that Return X wasn't anywhere) “Did he escape while we were fighting?” Xover asked. “Well, that doesn't matter, remember, his forearms were ripped off, so maybe that's why he left.” Zero said. “Right, let's get going before more trouble pops up.” X said. (The three had gotten out of the moat and began to walk through the snow.

  They got to the bridge and were about to cross until they heard X moaning. The two turned around to see X on his knees covering his face in the snow) “X, are you alright?” Xover asked. “I'm, ugh, fine.” X said. (Zero ran to X and looked at his face, X had scars on his cheeks) “Oh no, X, you can fight him back!” Zero yelled. “I'm, trying, gah!” X yelled. “What's going on?” Xover asked. “I never thought this would happen.” Zero said. “Zero, get me to the, others.” X said. (He collasped into the snow) “What do we do?” Xover asked. “We help X, (Zero got X onto his arms) the only way we can help is by following what he said.” Zero said. (He began to walk off) “Wait Zero, tell me what's going on!” Xover said. (He was running after Zero) “X is fighting against Return X, an inner struggle.” Zero said. “But why are they fighting?” Xover asked. “For control of X's body, Return X has a dangerous ability, and that's to take over a Reploid's body.” Zero said. “Whoa, I never thought of a Reploid with that power before, when did you first meet him?” Xover asked. “I don't remember, only X does, and now, he's fighting to remain control.” Zero said. “So why does he have scars?” Xover asked. “I don't know why, but we better hurry and find the others.” Zero said. (He dashed and Xover ran.

  Inside of X's mind, X was waking up inside of a cave) “Huh, this place, this was where my nightmare occurred, (X stepped onto something and looked down. He stepped onto a Reploid's head. X jumped away) what the, wait, there were dead bodies in the nightmare.” X said. (He began to hear crying) “That noise, where is it coming from?” X thought. (He walked to an opening and was hearing the crying. X squeezed through and continued on. Unknown to him, a black shadow had escaped from the head of the Reploid. X made it into a blood red room with a circle of bodies and one of them was Zero) “Zero, he isn't dead, this won't frighten me.” X said. (He began to hear the crying again) “Who's crying, and why?” X thought. (He walked away from the bodies and the shadow had continued to follow him. X went down a tunnel and saw the walls had blood splatters of human and Reploid. As X kept walking, the shadow was creeping near, it rose up and was about to harm X. Until it was hearing the crying noise. X turned around to see the shadow covering what happened to be it's ears) “I, won't let, you get near.” The shadow whispered. (X was running as the shadow was paralyzed. X had made it into a hall of doors. All of them had crying noises, but X remember how the noise he heard sounded, X looked back to made sure the shadow wasn't with him. It was not. X walked up to door Number 95 and grabbed onto the brass handle. He turned it and opened it up.

  X saw the room was dark but he followed the candles which were burning bright red. He saw a puddle of blood forming a circle. X had stepped onto the blood and the candles lights had glowed brightly as the door slammed shut. The crying noise had stopped as the shadow had appeared. X noticed it and pointed his buster at it) “Just who are you?” X asked. “It's me X, hehehe, (The shadow formed into Return X) I knew listening to the cry would trick you, now your stuck.” Return X said. “I know why your here, your planing on using my body!” X said. “What a lucky guess, do you want me to give you a gold star?” Return X asked. “Stop playing jokes, just get out of my body!” X yelled. (He dashed towards Return X, but he melted into the shadows and had made X trip and land into the blood) “Oh, I'm sorry, did I cause that to happen?” Return X asked. “Cough, you are getting me angered.” X said. “Well that's nice to hear, would you enjoy this?” Return X asked. (Wires had appeared and were wrapping around X's forearms and boots. They raised him and one wrapped around his neck. X began to struggle as Return X walked up to him) “Let, me go!” X yelled. “Sorry X, while your stuck here, I'll just use your body and kill everyone.” Return X said. “No, I won't, allow that!” X yelled. (Return X was walking away as the wires were increasing their grip on X. Then, a dark aura was consuming X and the noise of snapping cables was heard. Return X turned around and got hit by a dark energy blast that knocked him on his feet. Return X looked up and saw a dark gray Reploid wearing a mask that is a skull with glowing red eyes and a red insoles trapezoid jewel on the forehead. His helmet was like shaped like a hood. The chest armor was identical to X's armor, but it was gray with a big red scar that was an X. The forearms had a black bracelet with a white skull that had glowing ruby eyes and circle gems forming a W with electricity flowing through them. The boots had blood splattered on the foot part. Shoulder pads were shaped like skulls and there was a black cape with a W Symbol. It was holding onto a double bladed scythe. It was stone gray and the ends where the blades are ignited, their was carving of Zero and Axl's heads with their mouths wide open letting the blade be ignited. They were a red color and black and a red stripe) “X, don't tell me, you've gained more power.” Return X said. (He managed to stand up but struggled) “It's no use, why do you fight?” X asked. “Because I want to defeat you, but not in a state like this.” Return X said. (He fired a charge shot and energy pellets. X had slashed them with his scythe and reflected them back. Return X got hit and he sat down into the blood) “Fighting is useless, I shall make sure you never exist any longer.” X said. (He had opened his hand and wires had began to wrap around Return X. When Return X was raised, X had began to slash Return X with the laser scythe. Light green blood was coming out of the slashes on Return X's chest. X noticed Return X began to cry as tears were falling down his ripped cheeks) “This isn't you, your the pacifist at heart, but yet, what's making you do this?” Return X asked. “Die.” X said. (Wires began to wrap around Return X and X had began to charge up his scythe, but then, a mirror had appeared behind X. X turned around to see that it showed Ivory) “Um, X, can you hear me, this may sound crazy that I'm talking to you, but I hope you recover.” Ivory said. “My friends, (X looked at his hands and then changed back to normal. X then noticed Return X) what the, are you alright?” X asked. “Thank goodness you stopped, well I guess I give up, you win.” Return X said. “What are you talking about?” X asked. “Well, I won't fight, besides, I do need lots of rest, but with the Dictator, I don't feel safe anywhere else, I'll just stay in your body and I won't do anything.” Return X said. “Do you need help, it looks like it.” X said. “Sure, just help me.” Return X said. (X walked up to Return X and was breaking the wires) “Why are you acting so nice all of the sudden?” X asked. “Well, I don't want a scythe jabbed into my chest.” Return X said. “A scythe, I've never seen a Reploid other then Red use one, here we go.” X said. (He stepped back as Return X was free from the wires) “Thanks, I'll still be your rival, just don't tell the others, okay? Return X said. “I hope you recover, and you'll be safe, I promise.” X said. “Alright, even though I regret saying those things, I had to.” Return X said. “Don't worry guys, I'm coming!” X said. (He ran to the mirror and jumped into it) “Strange, why didn't X remember what happened, oh well, (The room became white and Return X sat down) I better heal.” Return X said.

  (X had opened his eyes to see Ivory sitting on a pile of rocks. X got up and walked up to her) “Hey Ivory.” X said. “Oh X, you see, I wanted to tell you something, I'm sorry for hurting Xover.” Ivory said. “You injured him, but why?” X asked. “Back when I was a kid, about four, I wanted to help my father with a project, when we were working on a robot, it exploded and I was caught in the fire.” Ivory said. “A project, what was it about, and how did you recover?” X asked. “I don't know what it was, but I do remember when my father carried me out of the building, he was scarred to death.” Ivory said. “I understand, your father must have been a great person.” X said. “Yeah, maybe a year ago before the incident, on the same day, my mother died.” Ivory said. “I'm sorry about that.” X said. “It's not your fault that this happened, from what I heard, my mom suffered terrible injures that she couldn't recover from when she was on her way to give birth to me.” Ivory said. “Did you ever tell this to anyone?” X asked. “Half of it, when I woke up in the hospital, I was greeted by a robot nurse, I screamed and hid under the covers hoping for it to go away.” Ivory said. “Why did you tell me all of this?” X asked. “To make you forgive me, I'm sorry for what I did, you know, having friends like you, are boosting my confidence, since you recovered, we better go see the others.” Ivory said. (She had gotten to the ground and walked off and X followed.

  Ivory and X had made to a wall of melted ice. They saw Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Tiffany, Silver, and Blaze with their fur wet as the others were comforting them)/ “Are you alright?” Amy asked. “Yeah, just got stuck their for quite a while.” Silver said. (Shade ran up to Tiffany) “Tiffany, I'm so glad I found you.” Shade said. “Big brother, so cold, can you help me?” Tiffany asked. “Okay, (Shade starts to take off his cape and wrapped it around Tiffany. Ivory walks up to the two) I'll get you warm.” Shade said. (He got Tiffany near the fire and she smiled) “So what happened while I was gone?” Tiffany asked. “Lots of things, but I'm glad to see you again.” Shade said. “Oh Ivory, did X recover?” Zero asked. “Yeah, he's perfectly fine.” Ivory said. “But where's Return X?” Xover asked. “He must have left me when I was unconscious.” X said. “What do you mean by that X?” Tails asked. “Go on X, tell them what I am.” Return X said. “Huh, what the?” X thought. “Don't worry X, your the only one that can hear me, just tell them.” Return X said. “Return X is a parasite that can infuse itself within Reploids and take over their bodies.” X explained. “Whoa, what a dangerous thing, who created it anyway?” Axl asked. “Should I tell them?” X thought. “No, just keep it a secret, don't worry, I think they'll find out on their own.” Return X said. “So where do we go from here?” Rouge asked. “I think we should head back to Light City, I've waited for over two weeks.” Janet said. “Well let's go into the Thundria Tunnel.” Solar said. “Your such a nice boy Solar.” Janet said. “Hey Ivory, you look different, what's the Dimension Ring?” Tiffany asked. (Ivory saw Tiffany and went up to her as she was warming up from the fire) “Well, I am different, this is the real me, I'm sorry I lied to you from those years ago.” Ivory said. “That's alright, at least were all together, right?” Tiffany asked. “Yes, but now, we have to make it through the next tunnel.” Ivory said. “Your right, we better get going.” Silver said. “Silver, you woke up?” Sonic asked. “Of course I did, so has Blaze and Tails.” Silver said. “Tiffany, are you alright?” Tails asked. “Yeah, I'm shivering, but with big brother, he'll protect me, right?” Tiffany asked. “Yes, I will, because your my sister.” Shade said. (He hugged Tiffany and Ivory watched) “A family, such a young girl, why is she so faithful, is it because of Shade?” Ivory thought. (Kirby got near Tiffany and Shade and hugged the two. Janet was walking off) “Hey, where are you going?” Tails asked. “Aren't we going to Thundria?” Janet asked. “Your right, well let's get going.” Sonic said. “But what about my people?” Solar asked. “Don't worry Solar, we can save them, but not right now.” Whirlpool said. “He's right, don't get angry Solar, there is a greater danger at hand.” Will said. “Does that involve the Dictator?” Zero asked. “Yes, he was the one to cause this icy prison, but to every cell, there's a key.” Will said. “What does that mean?” Axl asked. “It's time to go hunters, to Thundria.” X said. (The group had began to follow Janet through the frozen kingdom.

  They had made it to a tunnel covered by ice. Solar and Blaze had melted the ice and opened the path. They all went in and saw snow on the ground. Leaving behind foot prints onto the snow, the group had continued across the underground tunnel. An hour later, the group had made it out of the tunnel. They were now in a gray room with workers and a yellow blockade. Janet walked up to them) “Hello, I'm Janet, the president of the Thunder Engine Company.” Janet introduced. “Ah Janet, what were you doing in the Volcannon Continent?” A worker asked. “Well, I need to head back to the main building, along with my new friends.” Janet said. “Yes, well go on ahead.” The worker said. (They allowed the group to get out of the building and when they opened the glass doors, it was nighttime and the area was clear. The full moon shine brightly and Janet smiled. She walked back inside to an elevator and pushed a button. The elevator went down and went to the bottom. The others had taken turns to go down and they had all gotten together. Janet had walked out of the building again. Outside, they were on the ground and the buildings were very tall and with lights. Again, the moon was shining, but only half of it was shone because of a building. Janet walked to a bus stop and sat down with other Thundrias. The group had waited while Janet sat down. Janet had gotten out a white music box and opened it. Inside was a crystal sculptures of both Lighting and Janet and the base was a purple flower field. It began to play a song, Amy and Cream sat down with Janet) “Where did you get that music box?” Amy asked. “I found it in Lighting's room, I remembered how I got it.” Janet said. “What happened?” Cream said. “Well, back when Lighting was seven, I tucked into bed one night, after he fell asleep, I heard a noise.” Janet explained. “So why are we waiting for a bus?” Sonic asked. “We did use our energy to get across the tunnel.” Will said. “Yeah, Will's right, so Janet is Lighting's mother?” Blaze asked. “Lighting is good friends with me and Solar.” Whirlpool said. “So Janet, can you continue your story?” Solar asked. “Yes, I went into the living room and saw my husband with bags, I asked him what he was doing, but all that he gave me was this music box.” Janet explained. “So did your husband leave you?” Amy asked. “Yes, when he left me, (Tears began to fall down Janet's cheeks and on top of the crystal figures) he never came back.” Janet said. “How did Lighting react?” Cream asked. “Sniff, sniff, the next day, Lighting woke up and noticed my husband was gone, he ran to me and began to cry, I knelt down to hug him and looked at a picture of him and me a day after Lighting was born.” Janet said. “That's sad, why would he leave you?” Amy asked. “I don't know, sniff, maybe soon, I'll see him again, and so will Lighting.” Janet said. “Hey, Amy, have you seen your parents before?” Cream asked. “No, I don't know where they are, at least you have your mom.” Amy said. “Yeah, I wonder how Cheese and the other chao are doing.” Cream said. “I think their doing fine, right Ivory, they are your chao.” Tiffany said. “Yeah, hey, here comes the bus.” Ivory said. (A bus had arrived and opened the doors. They were walking towards the bus and Sonic wasn't moving) “I'll catch up with you, I need to run around.” Sonic said. “But Sonic, won't you get lost?” Janet asked. “Don't worry, just get some rest while I find you, I promise.” Sonic said. “Don't worry Janet, Sonic will be alright, for now we better get inside.” Will said. (She and Janet had went into the bus and saw Sonic out the window waiting for the bus to fly off. The doors had been shut and the bus had rose into the air.

  Janet saw Sonic run off and sat down. She noticed Zero lying his back against the wall asleep) “Zero, I guess he didn't have a good night sleep.” Janet said. “Yawn, that's because he hasn't slept in his capsule for an entire month.” Axl said. “A month, that's how long we've been gone?” X asked. “Yeah, since you were unconscious when we found you, I guess you didn't know.” Axl said. “Yeah, Zero's sleeping peacefully.” X said. “I wonder what he's dreaming about?” Blaze asked. “Maybe's it's him back in Abel City doing his usual things, oh man, it's been a month and now I really miss home.” Axl said. “I wonder how the hunters are doing without us?” X asked. “Don't worry X, I'm sure their doing a great job, and hey, the Reploid Defense Squad is on our side.” Axl said. “Reploid Defense Squad?” Xover asked. “Their a group of Reploids that are friends with us Maverick Hunters, there are five groups based off of elements.” X explained. “Hey, maybe our friends might meet them, we do have a Chaos Emerald.” Axl said. “I've never heard of them before, maybe because their data hasn't been added to the Mother Computer in my time.” Xover said. “Why, oh hey look, isn't that cute?” Amy asked. (She pointed at Zero. Behind his legs was Kirby chasing around the ponytail as the bus was moving) “Oh Kirby, your so cute.” Will said. “Yeah, I'm not into cute things.” Crescent said. “So how long is this bus till we get to our destination?” Tails asked. “I'm trying to think.” Janet said. “Poyo!” Kirby said. (They all saw Kirby on top of Zero's head and he got out a night cap and fell asleep. Axl began to giggle) “Axl, don't laugh at Zero, if it wasn't for him, you would've never became a Maverick Hunter.” X said. “Oh yeah, who retired from a Maverick Hunter before I showed up?” Axl asked. “Don't mention that!” X said. “Oh, so you gave up, heheh, oh I'm enjoying hearing what he's saying.” Return X said. “Be quiet Return X, do you want me to tell them?” X thought. “Calm down X, your acting a bit angry.” Return X said. “Um X, I have a question, who built Return X, was it Sigma or some other Maverick?” Axl asked. “Do you want me to say it?” X thought. “Not right now X, they'll find out sooner or later.” Return X said. “Well, that's an old memory, and I don't remember.” X said. “Yeah, but when Zero explained to me that he can control Reploids, I freaked out.” Axl said. “Zero told you?” X asked. “Yes, while you were fighting against him, Zero was telling me about his powers.” Xover said. (X face palmed) “Zero, I didn't want him to say those things.” X said. “Well too bad for you.” Return X said. “Well, your cover is almost blown, so how do you feel?” X thought. “I just want to see you blush in embarrassment.” Return X said. “Be quiet!” X yelled. “Whoa, um, sorry for asking those questions X, hehehee.” Axl said. “Um, X, are you alright?” Tails asked. “I'm perfectly fine, maybe it's just that I'm a bit angry.” X said. “For what, all I just asked was who built Return X and what Limited was.” Axl said. “Just don't ask about it, I know your buster, and it's evolved.” X said. “Yeah, does Limited have to do anything with this?” Axl asked. “That, I don't know what to say.” X said. (He yawned) “You ought to rest like Zero and Kirby.” Janet said. “I know, but I've been getting very worried about Zero and you to Axl.” X said. “Yeah, I wonder where Return X is now?” Axl asked. “Inside of your friend's head.” Return X said. “Thank goodness he can't hear you.” X thought. “Why is Sonic running instead of being with us again?” Xover asked. “He likes to run a lot, he's the fastest hedgehog I know, oh Sonic.” Amy said. “I see the building I work at, excuse me mister, but can we stop at the Central Electric Tower?” Janet asked. “Why yes.” The driver said. “Thank you, hey Blaze, something wrong?” Janet asked. “No, everything's alright, I hope.” Blaze said. “Why don't you tell me what's wrong?” Silver asked. “Please, I said everything is alright, you don't have to worry.” Blaze said. (The bus had stopped and Kirby fell off of Zero's head. Kirby had grabbed onto Zero's helmet and caused him to wake up. Zero grabbed Kirby) “Kirby, what are you doing?” Zero asked. “Poyo.” Kirby said. “We're at Central Electric Tower.” The driver said. “Thank you, now everyone, it's time to get going.” Janet said. (The bus went back to the ground and the doors opened up.

  They all got out and saw a huge building in the distance) “Hey guys, where have you been?” Sonic asked. (They saw Sonic eating a chilli dog) “Sonic, I thought there were no midnight snaking.” Amy said. “I know, but I couldn't resist.” Sonic said. “So Janet, why are we here again?” Tails asked. “This is the building I work at, I'm the one in charge, let's go inside.” Janet said. (Ivory went up to the gates and saw two guards. They noticed Janet and allowed her and the others to enter. The doors opened up to reveal nothing but guards) “Um, what's with all of the security?” Ivory asked. “Since this is a high tech facility and research center.” Janet said. “It has things that are very important to the city and the planet.” X explained. “Well, I was going to say it, but okay, now let's get into the lab.” Janet said. (The doors opened up to reveal teleporters. Janet stepped onto one and slid an I.D Card. She was teleported and the others had went onto the same one. They were inside of a lab filled with many scientists. They all stared at everyone, then, Will went in front of the group) “Forgive us for entering during an important time.” Will said. (Ivory had fallen to Shade's arms) “Shade, what happened, is she alright?” Silver asked. There's nothing to worry about, she's just tired.” Shade said. “So what do we do right now?” Rouge asked. “Lady Janet, your back from your trip to the Aquarius Kingdom, and you brought both Prince Whirlpool and King Solar.” A scientist said. (Tiffany grabbed out the Dimention Ring from Ivory's pocket) “Will, do you know anything about the Dimension Ring?” Tiffany asked. “Why yes, but I would like to analyze them, (Will looks at the scientist) do you know where we can get it scanned?” Will asked. “Yes, follow me.” The scientist said. (He walked off and they went with him while passing many rooms with windows exposing what was going on.

  They had made it into a room with the Dimension Ring. Shade placed Ivory down onto a chair and the scientist had gotten out a syringe) “Hey, what are you doing?” Sonic asked. “Calm down, I'm only going to get blood samples from both of her arms, since she's asleep, we can get her blood more easily.” The scientist explained. “So you can calm down, you must be tired as well as the others.” Will said. “But is that needle clean?” Tails asked. “Yes, I didn't know I was going to use this.” The scientist said. (He started to struggle with the needle. Janet had grabbed onto it from the scientist's hand) “I'll do it, your going to damage her tissue, at least I was a nurse before and had to use needles.” Janet said. “Do you need any help Janet?” Cream asked. “No, I'm perfectly fine you should all rest for the night.” Janet said. “But where do we rest with all this noise?” Axl asked. “Well, you can rest in my office, scientist.” Janet said. “It's Scott, okay now, you have Janet's permission to go into her office, I'll lead you there.” Scott said. “Thanks, take care of Ivory.” Sonic said. “I'm going to stay with Janet, there are somethings I have to look upon.” Will said. (Scott had left and the others except Janet and Will followed him.

  They made it to a room and Scott opened it up. Inside was a huge room with a desk and computer. There was a closet and Knuckles opens it up. Inside were many sleeping bags) “Whoa, how many bags are in here?” Knuckles asked. “Oh, maybe it was that field trip those kids had, there were many sleeping bags borrowed from the hospital that's next to this building.” Scott explained. “A hospital's nearby?” Shade asked. “Yes, why are you so shocked by this?” Scott asked. “Sorry, it's just that in our dimension, not that many hospitals are around.” Shade said. “Too bad.” Sonic said. “Sonic, be more nicer to our friends.” Amy said. “Sorry Sonic, you just have to be nice.” Cream said. “Well, I hope you have a great rest, besides, in the next hour, everyone will leave and you can rest.” Scott said. (He left the room and left the others inside. They all opened up their sleeping bags and had the lights still turned on as their was noises coming from the door. Time passed and everything was quiet. The lights were turned off and everyone went to sleep. While Knuckles was asleep, he felt someone tugging on his dreadlocks. Knuckles woke up and saw Rouge) “Hey Knuckles.” Rouge whispered. “What was that about?” Knuckles asked. “Well, I'm worried about Shadow, I hope he's alright without us for this long.” Rouge whispered. “I think he's alright, oh about that, what were you doing at Sonic's house?” Knuckles hemisphere. “Well, that's top secret Knuckles.” Rouge explained. “What, why can't I find out?” Knuckles yelled. “Be quiet Knuckles!” Everyone but Knuckles and Rouge yelled. “See, don't bring your voice out.” Rouge whispered. “Go to sleep already!” Knuckles yelled. (Pillows were thrown at Knuckles. Rouge grabbed a pillow and lied down on it) “So soft, just like when I get my hands on those Chaos Emeralds when their done with them.” Rouge thought. (She and Knuckles went to sleep.

  After a while, X began to have a dream. It was him inside of a white room. In the distance was Return X) “So not only can you talk to me in my mind, you can also be in my dreams?” X asked. “Yes, as I stated before, I can't take over your body, I'm too weak to do that and you saved my life.” Return X said. “What, but you didn't look like you needed help.” X said. “I did, if I stayed out of a host for too long, I'll die.” Return X said. “But you've never had that problem before, what's making this happen?” X asked. “Thirteen years ago, I lost my core, without it, I can't retain my physical form for long, the only reasons I'm still here is because of Rose with my fake heart.” Return X said. “And the other?” X asked. (Return X revealed the Sigma Chip) “This, it contains a massive amount of energy and I use it from time to time to keep energy before I lose it all.” Return X said. “So your dieing, why did you choose me as the host?” X asked. “Because you were the closest and the one who understands me the most, also, I can gain my power back because I don't get to do anything but rest.” Return X said. “Who removed your core?” X asked. “That, I don't know, but it's because of the Dark Chains that keep me from remembering anything, I don't remember who created me, or why, all I do remember is the second time we met.” Return X said. “So, only that event, but not when you were created, I still remember who it was.” X said. “I know, but I want to find out myself, the Prototype was pretty worried about his infection, it reminds me of you.” Return X said. “I know, but I will tell him, I have to tell him soon.” X said. “But not right now, it's night time, you can tell him in the morning, yawn, I feel tired, I'll just get some rest.” Return X said. “Alright, thanks for the information, I'll rest too.” X said. (The room became dark and X woke up. He looked around to see everything was normal, X rubbed his eyes and went back to sleep. A few minutes later, Axl was asleep and Tiffany walked up to him) “Axl, can you wake up?” Tiffany asked. (Axl woke up and saw Tiffany with a pillow in her hand) “Oh, Tiffany, what are you doing up so late?” Axl asked. “I can't find big brother, he's not here, can you help me look for him?” Tiffany asked. “Okay, I'll look for him.” Axl said. (He got up and Tiffany hugged Axl's boots. Axl smiled and grabbed Tiffany's hand. The two went out the door and were walking through the hallway) “Axl, I want to thank you.” Tiffany said. “For what, all I'm doing is looking for your older brother.” Axl said. “That's not why, you, X, and Zero taught me something both big brother and Ivory would never teach me.” Tiffany said. “What's that?” Axl asked. “I used to think all robots were bad, but there are others that are good and help the world.” Tiffany said. “Yeah, that's what we Reploids do, help the humans, but there are also Mavericks, Vile is one of them.” Axl said. “Why do Mavericks exist?” Tiffany asked. “I don't know myself, but, I do remember going Maverick ounce.” Axl said. “What, but your so fun and sweet, why would you try to hurt your friends?” Tiffany asked. “I don't want to remember the pain and the suffering not only to my friends, but to myself.” Axl said. “Okay, if you don't want to tell me your story, I'll tell you mine.” Tiffany said. “So what did happen in your story?” Axl asked. “Well, big brother told me that I was born five years ago during the war, I never got to see my parents because Shade took me away from our home when it was destroyed by Metal Android's forces.” Tiffany said. “So you never got to see your parents, and they're dead?” Axl asked. “Sniff, yes, big brother told me that they were so kind, sniff, mommy, I want to see you for the first time!” Tiffany said. (She stopped and began to cry. Axl stopped and walked back to Tiffany and knelt down. Tiffany ran to Axl and hugged him) “It's okay Tiffany, everything's alright, don't cry.” Axl said. “But my mother and father, their gone.” Tiffany said. “I know, I don't remember what my creators looked like.” Axl said. “You never saw your parents too?” Tiffany asked. “Yeah, I never saw them, well I just don't remember what they look like anymore.” Axl said. “So you did see them, and you can't remember.” Tiffany said. “Let's go find your brother.” Axl said. (Tiffany had let go of Axl and backed up. Axl got up and grabbed onto Tiffany's hand. The two kept walking.

  They made it to a hallway where a bright light was flashing. Axl got his pistol out) “Oh no, are we going to be spotted?” Tiffany asked. “I don't know, (Axl noticed a hallway He grabbed Tiffany's arm and ran into it and was beside the wall. Tiffany had gotten out a slingshot and they were ready to attack. Then, the figure appeared and both Axl and Tiffany attacked. There was a little ruckus going on and things were going crazy) “Hey, stop it, I'm not going to hurt you!” The figure yelled. “Hey, Tiffany stop!” Axl said. (The two stopped and they saw Xover with many bruises and a giant shattered light bulb) “What was that for, were you trying to kill me?” Xover asked. “Uh sorry Xover, we thought you were going to kick us out of the building, what are you doing up awake?” Axl asked. “Xover, is everything alright?” Someone asked. (Zero appeared and they all saw Xover struggling to get up) “Yeah, I just got clobbered, but I'm fine.” Xover said. “Yeah, sorry for clobbering you.” Axl said. “Will a hug help?” Tiffany asked. (She walked over to Xover and hugged his boots) “That does feel better, now Tiffany, what are you and Axl doing up so late?” Xover asked. “Well, big brother wasn't with us and I got worried for him.” Tiffany said. “You want me to help you?” Xover asked. “Sure, it's better with friends around.” Tiffany said. (They heard a scream and found a light emitting from a room. They looked inside and saw Will, Shade, Ivory, and Janet. Janet was holding onto the syringe with blood inside) “Ow, that hurt.” Ivory said. “Don't worry, I just need one more shot.” Janet said. “This is why I hated seeing the doctors.” Ivory said. “It's okay Ivory, (Shade walked up to Ivory and had a cloth cover the wound) I used to go through that.” Shade said. “Big brother, we found you!” Tiffany said. “Tiffany, what are you doing here, and why is Zero, Axl, and Xover doing?” Shade asked. “Tiffany woke me up to look for you, Xover and Zero didn't find us in the room and began to search for you.” Axl explained. “I see, but maybe you should go back and get sleep.” Janet said. “Wait, Shade, I have a question for you.” Zero said. “Yes, what is it?” Shade asked. “What's the Rebellion?” Zero asked. “Huh, where did that come from, and how do you know about it?” Shade asked. “While me and Axl were locked behind bars, we heard voices talking about the Rebellion, now what is it?” Zero asked. “The Rebellion is a group created to fight against the Dictator and robots.” Ivory explained. “It was first created by a group of survivors from the destruction of Metal Heart City nine years ago.” Shade explained. “Big brother joined the group when we met Ivory.” Tiffany said. “How did you meet?” Xover asked. “It was a year after Tiffany was born, I found Shade and Tiffany trying to escape from Metal Android's forces, I was able to help them get to camp.” Ivory explained. “She asked us what we were doing outside of the camp, she took us there and told us about the camp's history.” Tiffany said. “But wait, didn't you say that you were in Freedom City?” Sonic asked. (They noticed Sonic out the doorway) “Sonic, what are you doing up late?” Janet asked. “Noticed a few were gone, so I looked around.” Sonic explained. “Ah yes, before we left our dimension, we rested at Freedom City for a whole month, it ended with the city's destruction, and we were lucky to survive.” Ivory explained. “I feel so sorry, many lost their lives.” Axl said. “That's war Axl, and it's true that others die, but you have me, and X.” Zero said. “This whole talk is making me worried about home, we were gone for an entire month, who knows what will happen when we return.” Axl said. “Don't worry Axl, I'm sure everyone is alright, and they know you will all come back.” Will said. “Thanks Will, I guess it's time to get some sleep, with me guys?” Axl asked. “Yawn, big brother, will you sleep with me?” Tiffany asked. “Of couse I will, your my sister.” Shade said. (He got up and grabbed onto Tiffany's hand and was walking out of the room) “Are you all coming?” Tiffany asked. “Yes, but not right now, we still have to see the blood samples.” Janet said. “Your not going to extract more blood, are you?” Ivory asked. “No, just calm down.” Janet said. “And I'm staying with Janet and Ivory.” Will said. “Right, we'll get going.” Zero said. (He, Axl, Xover, Sonic, Shade, and Tiffany left the room and were going through the empty building) “Hey Zero, you look bothered, was your question not solved?” Axl asked. “It is, but I still wonder, why did the Dictator let us go, he had a chance to kill or reprogram us.” Zero said. “The Dictator, yeah I wonder myself, Xover?” Axl asked. “Oh, Axl, heheh, what is it?” Xover asked. “Those dreams you had, what were they?” Axl asked. “It's best I not tell.” Xover said. “Come on, your from the future.” Sonic said. “I know that, but it's not what you think.” Xover said. “What did happen?” Sonic asked. “I lost a loved one, and had nightmares about her death.” Xover said. “Oh, so that's what your nightmares were?” Axl asked. “Yes, I'm sorry.” Xover said. “Hey, calm down, you still have us.” Zero said. “Yeah, so you don't have to worry.” Axl said. “Well, were almost in the room, now let's get some sleep.” Sonic said. (The door opened up and everyone was still asleep. Sonic, Shade, Zero, and Axl got into their sleeping bags and when Xover was going into his, Tiffany walked to him) “Do you want me to sleep with you?” Tiffany asked. “Um, okay, come right on ahead.” Xover said. (He got into the sleeping bag and Tiffany got into his. She was cuddling up with the fur collar. Xover smiled and went to sleep.

  A peak of sunlight had risen and some light was on Silver and Blaze who were watching the sun) “So a new day has risen.” Blaze said. “I know, now we can look for Shadow and Lighting.” Silver said. (Crescent went up to the two) “And soon, I'll see Ice Soul again.” Crescent said. “Crescent, your awake, how did you sleep?” Blaze asked. “Very well, I haven't been able to sleep like that due to being in the blizzard for so long, but I did hear voices.” Crescent explained. “Where were they coming from?” Silver asked. “I don't know, but I heard two people talking, one of them was X.” Crescent explained. “You were able to see dreams?” Blaze asked. “Yes, that's a Psykaiathins' power, not only to read minds, but to see dreams.” Crescent said. “Well, let's go check on Janet.” Silver said. (The three had walked out of the room. Some sunlight was on Whirlpool's face and he woke up. After stretching and yawning, he got out of his sleeping bag and saw the door open. He got out and saw Blaze's tail) “Hey Blaze, wait up!” Whirlpool yelled. “Whirlpool, be quiet, you don't want to wake everyone up.” Crescent said. “Sorry, it's just that I was wondering what you were doing.” Whirlpool said. “Were going to check on Ivory and Will.” Silver said. “Don't forget Janet.” Whirlpool said. (The four saw Cream with Kirby running down a hallway) “Hey, it's Cream with Kirby.” Blaze said. “Oh, Blaze, Silver, Crescent, Whirlpool, good morning.” Cream said. “Poyo.” Kirby said. “What are you doing up so early, the sun had just began to rise.” Whirlpool said. “Well, I was thinking of my mom and how she was doing.” Cream said. “Don't worry Cream, Vanilla is still fine, how's Will and Ivory?” Blaze asked. “Their okay, let's say hi to them.” Cream said. (They were walking and made it to where Will and Janet were. They saw them but Ivory wasn't on the chair. Janet was asleep but Will was tired) “Yawn, hello everyone, good morning.” Will said. “Will, are you alright?” Blaze asked. “Yes, just a bit tired.” Will said. “Where's Ivory?” Cream asked. “Oh, she's on the roof, it's pretty windy outside.” Will said. “Thanks Will, I'll go see how she's doing.” Shade said. (They turned around to see Shade) “Shade, your awake.” Whirlpool said. “I know, I have to see how Ivory is doing, I'll come back down later.” Shade said. (He walked away and found stairs. He went up them and found a door. He opened it up and saw Ivory with her hands were on the rails. The sun was rising and it was becoming morning. The coat and quills were flowing in the wind. Ivory heard the door close and turned around to see Shade) “Shade, what are you doing up here?” Ivory asked. “I came to see if you were alright up here, it's pretty cold.” Shade said. “I know, but I want to see the sun for the first time in ten years.” Ivory said. “Yeah, the entire sky is full of red clouds.” Shade said. (Unknown to them, Amy was listening) “Why is Sonic and others helping us, all we did is go into their dimension, but at least the Dark Jewels are not in the Dictator's and Metal Android's hands.” Ivory said. “Well, Sonic did help us, remember you were unconscious.” Shade said. “But I didn't want to help them when they were in trouble, I just wanted to live a new life and not be associated with the war, but.” Ivory said. “But what, why are you telling me this?” Shade asked. “I felt something inside of me change, like I wanted to care.” Ivory said. “Really, cause I remembered that you slapped me when we first met.” Shade said. “Shade, do you know that your the closest person I know of to trust, (Shade walked up to Ivory and has his arms on the rails) and now, were so close to end this war.” Ivory said. “Yeah, all that remains is two more Dark Jewels.” Shade said. “Should I ask them what their doing?” Amy thought. “Amy, why aren't you opening the door?” Will asked. “Shh, I'm trying to listen, what are you doing here?” Amy asked. “Well, I was looking for you, Janet asked me to find you.” Will explained. “Hey, did you hear something?” Ivory asked. “Amy, Will, what are you doing?” Shade asked. (The door opened up and the two girls went out) “Sorry I was spying on you, so you didn't want to help Sonic?” Amy asked. “Huh, oh, yeah, I did.” Ivory said. “Well, that's in the past, right now, we should get back inside before we freeze.” Will said. (Ivory walked away and went inside. So did the three.

  They went inside to see that everyone was awake) “Hey guys, I brought back the others.” Amy said. “Well you didn't have to bring them down here.” Janet said. “Shadow, we still need to find him.” Rouge said. “Don't worry Rouge, hey Ivory, is something wrong?” Knuckles asked. “Sonic, can you give me the green Chaos Emerald?” Ivory asked. “Um sure, (Sonic got the emerald and gave it to Ivory) why do you need it?” Sonic asked. “With me being in my original form, the ability to see time is much better then before.” Ivory said. “That's great, so tell us what you see.” Amy said. (Ivory had closed her eyes and the jewel inside of her hand had began to glow) “I see ice, a frozen place, Shadow is inside of ice, and Ice Soul lurks near.” Ivory said. “Ice Soul, and your saying that this is going on right now?” Shade asked. “Yes, but we are too late to do anything.” Ivory said. “So your saying that Shadow is gone from the dimension were in?” Sonic asked. “Yes, I can see it all.” Ivory said. “Well why didn't you tell us earlier, that just makes things harder for us.” Knuckles said. “I was asleep.” Ivory explained. “Do you need your head checked Knuckles?” Sonic asked. “Sonic, your going to get it!” Knuckles said. (Cream got in between the two) “Stop it, I don't want another argument!” Cream said. “I'm glad I broke your door.” Knuckles said. “Way to go Knucklehead, you always break it!” Sonic yelled. “Listen to Cream you guys!” X said. (He got in between as well) “Both of you stop it, this is no time for arguing, Shadow and Lighting are in trouble and they need us, if we keep acting like this, they might not see the light of day.” Will said. “They both need our help.” Zero said. “Alright, I'm sorry Knuckles, can we have breakfast?” Sonic asked. “Not yet, (Knuckles' eyes changed color to white) yeah Sonic, I'm hungry!” Knuckles asked. “Huh, uh Knuckles, are you alright?” Sonic asked. (He saw Crescent with his eyes closed and a third eye appeared on his forehead opened wide open) “It's me Sonic, I'm calming Knuckles down with my energy.” Crescent explained. “Lighting, I still worry for his safety.” Janet thought. “Yes, Janet, I know your afraid of Lighting getting hurt.” Crescent said. “You read my thoughts, but yes, I want to help my son.” Janet said. (She walked off) “Well, I better check if she's alright, you guys go have breakfast.” Axl said. (He went after Janet) “But where?” Sonic asked. (They heard a loud noise and rushed to find out where it came from.

  They all found a room with many pots and pans on the floor and something was inside of the many cooking utensils. Tails and Cream moved the items away and they found Kirby with a pink frying pan) “Kirby, what are you doing?” Xover asked. (Kirby jumped onto Xover's fur and pointed at the oven. Xover walked to the oven and Kirby jumped off. Kirby ran to a cabinet and revealed a book of recipes and opened it to reveal pancakes. Kirby pointed at the picture of a stack of pancakes) “Pancakes, you all want pancakes?” Xover asked. “Okay, we'll have those, me, Cream, and Tails will help.” Amy said. (The three got near Kirby and Xover and looked at the recipe. As they were going through all of the stuff, Xover walked out of the room) “Okay, we need flour, some eggs, milk.” Cream said. “Are you sure that's everything?” Amy asked. (She opened the fridge and got out the eggs and milk. While they were preparing the batter, Blaze noticed Sonic sitting on the floor and walked up to him) “Hey Sonic, is everything alright?” Blaze asked. “Yeah, I guess.” Sonic said. “I know your worried about Shadow, but he can take care of himself.” Blaze said. “Maybe your right, did you have any dreams?” Sonic asked. “Yes, one, it was when me and Rose first met.” Blaze said. “Don't you mean Return X?” Sonic asked. “That was before we found out Rose's real identity.” Blaze said. “How did you both meet?” Sonic asked. “Two weeks before this whole thing began, I just finished going to the other islands in my dimension.” Blaze explained. “What happened at Windmill Village?” Sonic asked. “I found the place destroyed by plants and fire, I began to run around looking for survivors and Marine.” Blaze explained. “No, is Marine still alive?” Sonic asked. “I don't know, everyone was gone, then I saw both Rose.” Blaze explained. (There was a flashback and showed Blaze looking throughout the destroyed village. There was a sharp thorn and it had almost hit Blaze. Blaze looked up and saw Rose) “There's a survivor, your Blaze, am I correct?” Rose asked. “What have you done here?” Blaze asked. “Looking for you of course, my name is Rose, and now it's time.” Rose said. “For what?” Blaze asked. “Why should I tell you, that would spoil the fun, prove me your power.” Rose said. “For everyone, Marine, I won't let you get away with this, prepare yourself!” Blaze yelled. (The flashback ended) “So that's how it happened, but what else happened?” Sonic asked. “Sonic, Blaze, it's time to eat!” Cream yelled. “I might be able to talk about it another time.” Blaze said. (She walked to the kitchen leaving Sonic and passed by X) “Did you hear everything?” X thought. “Yeah, I remembered that event, I enjoyed destroying that place, it was too boring.” Return X said. “You killed many, and you enjoyed it, your insane.” X thought. “Oh, I feel so offended, I'll just go to a corner and cry, not, hahahah!” Return X laughed. “Why did I decide this?” X thought. “Are you talking to someone?” Crescent asked. (X jumped a bit) “Oh, Crescent, what are you doing here?” X asked. “I was hearing those voices again, are you thinking of something?” Crescent asked. “Um, no, hahah, all I'm just thinking of is, uh.” X said. “Going back home to Abel City.” Return X said. “Hey, there's that voice, but at least you told me, now I better get some pancakes.” Crescent said. (He walked off) “Whew, that was a close one, how did you know of Abel City, you've never been there before.” X thought. “Well, I just had a little visit through your data files, so many things I've never knew of.” Return X explained. “What, don't do that, will you just stay in one spot?” X thought. “Alright, besides, I only read through twenty five files pretty quickly.” Return X said. “I'm now getting annoyed that I have to talk to you, of all Reploids.” X thought. “Might as well get used to it.” Return X said. (With Blaze, she was in the hallway) “I hope Marine and the others are safe.” Blaze thought. “Yeah, I worry about my friends too.” Crescent said. “Oh, Crescent, yeah, I come from another dimension and I'm a princess.” Blaze said. “Well, it's normal that there are kings and queens in this world, (They both saw flour flying across the hallway) um, that's odd.” Crescent said. “I'll go check it out.” Blaze said. (She went into the kitchen and saw the room was covered in flour. Amy was coughing and Kirby was flipping a pancake) “There you are Blaze, here's a stack of pancakes for you.” Silver said. (He gave Blaze a plate of pancakes with butter on top and a fork and knife) “Thank you Silver, what happened?” Blaze asked. “Well, they had too much flour and Kirby went crazy with it.” Silver said. “But all I see him doing is flipping pancakes.” Blaze said. “Oh my, what happened in here?” Someone asked. (Both Silver and Blaze saw a blue hedgehog with gray irises and her quills were curls and she was wearing gray flat chest armor with a black necklace. The gloves were metal and they had a blue sphere with a lighting bolt inside. The boots had gears spinning and a machine at the foot part with electricity flowing around the machine encased by glass) “Um, who are you?” Silver asked. “It's me Silver, I'm Janet, this is a prototype armor that my crew were working on, since it's complete, I've decided to use it.” Janet explained. “But will you be alright with it?” Blaze asked. “Yes, I'm perfectly fine and it fits, now we have to help my son, but not with an empty stomach.” Janet said. “Kirby, don't play with that knife!” Cream yelled. “Well I better find out what's going on, you two go eat.” Silver said. (He ran into the kitchen and a plate of pancakes flew into Janet's hands and a fork and a knife was under the plate. Then, syrup was flying and Blaze grabbed onto it. The two girls walked off and sat down and began to eat pancakes.

  Sonic and Tails got into the kitchen and noticed all of the flour) “Wow, what did you do?” Sonic asked. “Well, blame Kirby, Amy, can you stop him?” Silver asked. (Amy was running around trying to catch Kirby holding onto the frying pan with a pancake on it) “Stop it Kirby, your going to make a mess!” Amy said. (Crescent and Solar walked into the room and saw Kirby running around. Crescent grabbed the pot and Silver grabbed Kirby) “There we go.” Silver said. “You should have used your psychic powers.” Amy said. “Well at least there's enough for everyone, right?” Crescent asked. “I think so, you better be more careful Kirby.” Solar said. “Poyo.” Kirby said. “Well we better clean this mess up.” Amy said. “Did you say anything about cleaning?” Janet asked. “Yes, it's so covered in flour.” Amy said. “Well, this is the futuristic city, now watch this.” Janet said. (She pressed a button on the wall and a laser appeared at the top of the ceiling and had hit the ground and the floor and rest of the room was clean) “I remember using that button ounce during the time my family visited here.” Solar said. “Yes, that was a very exciting day, that was when you and my son Lighting first met, and you were both three years old.” Janet said. “But listen Janet, your son is in danger and we have the blame.” Amy said. “I understand that, that's why I'm coming with you, to help my son, that's why I'm a mother and I must take responsibility.” Janet said. “But what about Scott and the others?” Crescent asked. “I'll write a note saying that I'll be gone, make sure everyone has breakfast and their ready to leave.” Janet said. (She walked over to the sink and placed the plate down. Everyone except X, Zero, Axl, and Xover had finished eating) “So we have four more items to look for.” Sonic said. “Yes, we will soon be going into the next dimension, and Janet is coming with us.” Blaze said. “I will fight alongside you, and I won't be a coward, I'm a mother and I must do what's right.” Janet said. “Great one Janet, but I hope everything will be alright without me.” Whirlpool said. “I'm suffering the same thing, my kingdom is frozen and the Volcannon Crystal is weak.” Solar said. “Okay everyone, were leaving.” Amy said. “Right now, we'll that's good, let's go stop Eggman!” Sonic yelled. “Yeah!” Everyone yelled. (Ivory got out the Dimension Ring and placed it on her wrist. Ivory glowed and entered into her Dimension Form. She then got the Dark Emerald while Sonic got the green Chaos Emerald) “Chaos Control!” Sonic and Ivory yelled. (The two gems created a dimension portal and the two entered in. Then the others did as well.

  Meanwhile, in the Dictator's throne room, Eggman, Vile, and Metal Android were in front of the Dictator) “Master Dictator, I failed to bring that traitor back, and now I can't find him anywhere.” Vile said. “You failed me Vile, Robotnik, what are you doing in here?” The Dictator asked. “I wasn't able to do anything to crush Sonic into pieces.” Eggman said. “I know, but we are getting ready for a plan.” The Dictator said. “Ah yes, we should begin to discuss this.” Metal Android said. (The doors opened up and Ice Soul and Octopod had came in with Lighting and Shadow) “Master Dictator, we have found two of the hedgehog's friends.” Octopod said. “Ah Shadow, how nice of you to get tangled up.” Eggman said. “Doctor, and your the Dictator, I presume?” Shadow asked. “Where's Return X?” Vile asked. “We don't know, and what are you going to do with us?” Lighting asked. “It's very simple.” The Professor said. (He came out wearing a cloak) “Who are you?” Shadow asked. “Ah Professor, it's now time for them to be loyal to their masters.” Eggman said. “Loyal to you, I would never be loyal to you all.” Lighting said. (They were taken into another room) “But now, I can sense that Sonic is on his way to the next dimension, it's now time for our plan.” The Dictator said. What is this plan, who is the Professor, and will Vile get his revenge on Return X? Which new dimension will Sonic and friends go to? Will they rescue Shadow and get Janet reunited with Lighting? Only Chapter 6 will reveal the answers.