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Dimension Heroes Chapter 6 Act 3
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Everyone had made it to the Control Room as it was getting repaired. Samantha went to a white computer with a teleporter next to it. “I'm glad that the teleporter is working right now.” Samantha said. “But why couldn't we use it earlier?” Sonic asked. “It needed repairs and now, it's back up and running.” Samantha said. “So we're going to Abel City to find the Chaos Emerald and Dark Jewel, alright, this shouldn't be too hard.” Return X said. “Okay, I've got the coordinates set for Maverick Hunter H.Q, get ready you guys.” Samantha said. (Sonic went onto the teleporter pad and Samantha pressed a button and Sonic had disappeared. Ivory and the chao came, then Will, and Axl and Return X turned into Teleport Beams and had went for Maverick Hunter H.Q) “So their on their way, now it's time for us to fight Mavericks.” X said. “Me and Xover will go fight Gravity Beetle and you and Inferno fight Crush Crawfish.” Diamond said. “I'm a fire Reploid and I might get soaked!” Inferno said. “But according to the Mother Computer, Crush Crawfish doesn't use water attacks.” Diamond said. “But what if he does, I'll be soaking wet!” Inferno yelled. “Calm down Inferno, your acting like the first time we met, how childish.” Diamond said. “Grr, fine, me and X will go fight that oversized lobster.” Inferno said. “Much better, Janet, are you going to be a Navigator like Samantha?” Diamond asked. “No, I'm coming along, I want to give this suit a test, also, I want to find my son.” Janet said. “Alright, whatever suits you, okay Samantha, we're ready.” Diamond said. “You have to use the fighter jets since there's an air fleet and you have to be lucky not to fall, and your bringing an organic.” Samantha said. “An organic, I'm also a hedgehog who's a Thundria and have enough brains to see where I can fall.” Janet said. “Well, you can say that later, for now, let's head over to the jets.” Diamond said. (She, Xover, and Janet had ran out of the room and left X and Inferno to turn into Teleport Beams and leaves Samantha with Amy, Cream, and Crescent) “Good luck everyone.” Cream said.

  Meanwhile, in a harbor, X and Inferno had landed onto a giant ship) “X, can you hear me?” Samantha asked. “Yes, I see lots of Mavericks here.” X said. “Sent in the Hotheads, they know what to do.” Inferno said. “Got it, the Hotheads are coming.” Samantha said. (Red Teleport Beams had appeared and many red Mechanaliods had appeared. X and Inferno dashed off the ship and were firing energy pellets and Fire Storms while the Hotheads jumped off the ship and were throwing red fire balls with black 'shades' and two circle eyes. The three attacks had destroyed some Mechanaliods and others had returned fire. X and Inferno ducked and kept on firing.

  Meanwhile, in a city at ruins, many Teleport Beams had hit down and formed into Sonic and friends) “So here we are, the ruins of Maverick Hunter H.Q.” Return X said. (Axl was on his knees) “Why to this place?” Axl asked. “It's alright Axl, they'll rebuild it, but for now I can sense the Chaos Emerald and Dark Jewel.” Will said. “So Return X and Axl will look for the Dark Jewel and we'll look for the Chaos Emerald.” Sonic said. “Okay, but let's return here when we get the two.” Axl said. (He and Return X dashed away from the others to a different spot. Sonic and the remaining group had looked around as Will had her eyes closed) “Can you see it anywhere Will?” Ivory asked. (Will opened her eyes to reveal light blue irises) “Yes, go left and look down.” Will said. (Sonic, Ivory, and the chao had looked left and saw something glowing in the ground. They went to the light blue light and Sonic looked into a hole. It was a tiny broken capsule with the light blue Chaos Emerald inside glowing brightly. Sonic had reached his hand down, but removed it as his hand started to bleed) “Ouch, oh man, any ideas Ivory?” Sonic asked. “Hey Light, can you go get the emerald for us?” Ivory asked. “Chao!” Light said. (It went into the hole and passed the glass. It grabbed the Chaos Emerald and began to fly up. Light had flew out of the hole and gave the emerald to Ivory. Ivory then patted Light on the head) “Thanks Light, I just need to get some help with my hand.” Sonic said. “Chao.” Light said. “Oh, hey Will, why weren’t the chao with us when we were in the third and fourth dimension?” Ivory asked. “They were trapped in a Dimension Hole, it's like the one we were in trying to get to this dimension, the Dictator wants some of us to stay while others are in another dimension.” Will said. “What, but which dimension are they in?” Ivory asked. “That, I don't know, only the Chaos Emerald and Dark Aquamarine know.” Will said. “What did she mean by that?” Ivory asked. “I have no clue, let's see if Axl and Return X found anything.” Sonic said. (The six had went to another part of the area and found the two Reploids with Axl trying to fit his arm into a hole) “Hey guys, did you find anything?” Ivory asked. “Yes, but I'm trying to get the Dark Jewel, it's slipping from my fingers.” Axl said. “Let me try, I might be able to get it.” Return X said. (Axl moved away as Return X had placed his arm into the hole. He felt the Dark Jewel and had melted it into slime and consume the jewel. Return X then got his melted arm out and reformed it to reveal the Dark Jewel inside. Return X then melted his arm again and the Dark Jewel fell out. Devil grabbed onto it and smiled. It flew to Ivory and gave her the Dark Aquamarine) “So now that we have the Chaos Emerald and Dark Jewel, should we return back?” Axl asked. “I'll try to see if I can contact that girl.” Return X said. (He touched his left ear piece and waited for a response) “Anything?” Axl asked. “No, not yet, wait, I'm getting something.” Return X said. “Hello Rose, what are you doing contacting me?” The Dictator asked. “You, what did you do?” Return X asked. “You were trying to contact someone else, so sad, but I'll make sure the guards don't waste time with the gems, get them!” The Dictator ordered. (A giant air ship had appeared from being invisible and had dropped down guards which surrounded everyone) “What do we do?” Ivory asked. “We fight, that's what!” Sonic yelled. “But the Chaos Emerald and Dark Aquamarine, we must get someone to get them out of here!” Ivory said. “I'll go, besides, I started this mess.” Return X said. “Are you sure about that?” Axl asked. “Yeah, just give me the items and I'll be on the run.” Return X said. “Okay, but don't get caught by the Dictator's forces.” Ivory said. (She gave Return X the Chaos Emerald and Dark Aquamarine. A guard jumped up at Return X and Return X fired a charge shot. The guard exploded and Return X was dashing away from the fighting. Some guards were chasing after him and Sonic managed to get to the robots and fight then while Return X escaped) “Angel, find Return X and keep an eye on him!” Axl ordered. (Angel had flew away from the fighting and went over to where Return X was. The group had kept on fighting.

  Meanwhile, in the sky, a single jet was flying in the air. Inside, Diamond, Xover, and Janet were inside) “We should be getting closer to the air fleet, but I don't see anything.” Diamond said. “Me too, hey Janet, what are you doing?” Xover asked. “I'm trying to fix a few parts of this prototype armor, right now, I'm working on the helmet.” Janet said. “What were you talking about involving your son, is something wrong?” Diamond said. “I couldn't find Lighting with me when we were in a dimension portal, I'm hoping that he's alright.” Janet said. “Well, that's a good thing for a mother, even though I'm a machine, I still feel something.” Diamond said. “The sky is so clear up here, I'm really glad that I got to time travel.” Xover said. “A time traveler, that's interesting, what year did you come from?” Diamond asked. “The year 1001X, quite far, don't you think?” Xover asked. “Wow, I've always wanted to predict the future, that's why I'm into fortune telling.” Diamond said. “Ah, I've got the Illusion Scan fixed, now let's see if there's anything, oh my.” Janet said. “What is it?” Xover asked. “I see lots of planes right above us, we'll get shot down if they see us.” Janet said. “Give me the helmet, I want to see for myself.” Diamond said. (Janet removed the helmet and gave it to Xover. He gave it to Diamond and she saw many planes. There was a giant air fortress flying in the air) “So what did you see?” Xover asked. “We have to enter into that fortress, it's probably where Gravity Beetle is, just hang on tight, we're going up!” Diamond said. (She had made the jet fly up right above the fortress. Janet and Xover looked around to see if anything was happening. Energy blasts from nowhere were hitting the jet as Diamond tried to avoid the attacks) “Janet, is there something you can do?” Xover asked. “I remembered that there was a shield that could be activated, but it's disabled, it's right next to your seat!” Diamond explained. (Janet looked right and saw a box. She opened it up and found many wires) “I see all of them, but which one is for the shield?” Janet asked. “The, (An explosion had hit the wing) GAH, RED ONE!” Diamond yelled. (Janet had grabbed onto the red wires and found them to be broken with electricity emitting from them. Janet had grabbed onto the ends and was forming a wire connecting made of electricity. Diamond had pressed onto a blue button and a shield had appeared around the jet. Diamond passed out and Xover had grabbed onto the controls and managed to get the jet in the underside of the fortress. They landed onto a smooth part of the ground as the exit had been closed. The jet's window opened up and Janet let go of the wires. Xover got out with Diamond and had placed her down lying her back onto crates. Janet had gotten out and went over to Xover and Diamond) “Is everything alright?” Janet asked. “I don't know, but she took heavy damage and turned off.” Xover explained. “Can we do anything?” Janet asked. “A small burst of energy should get her back up and running.” Xover said. “Alright, I'll get started.” Janet said. (She grabbed onto Diamond's chest and began to have electricity all over her hands) “Um Janet, can you hurry up?” Xover asked. “Why, this may take a few more minutes.” Janet said. “But we have a problem!” Xover said. (Janet looked and the two found many Mavericks) “Oh dear, I'll hurry, you fight them!” Janet said. (Xover rushed towards the Mavericks and was firing all sorts of weapons at the massive amounts of robots.

  Meanwhile, back at the harbor. There were many parts of Mechanaliod pieces lying on the floor as X and Inferno had steam coming out of their busters) “Whew, that's the last of them, great job Inferno.” X said. “Your welcome X, (Inferno looked at the distance and noticed a battleship in the distance. They were firing cannonballs and Inferno pushed X and the Hotheads were running around. One noticed a storage room full of Ride Chasers and went over to the two Reploids) what is it Hothead?” Inferno asked. (It was pointing to the storage room and X looked inside) “I see Ride Chasers, we'll use these to destroy the battleship.” X said. “Great looking Hothead, okay you guys, you've been practicing for an entire month to ride on Ride Chasers, so prove me you can ride in the water!” Inferno ordered. (The Hotheads, X, and Inferno went into the storage room and out came many Ride Chasers. The vehicles landed onto the ocean and many cannonballs were being fired out. X and the group had fired and destroyed the cannonballs as they were coming closer. The battleship had let out many Mavericks on Ride Chasers and they were shooting at the Maverick Hunter and RDS Members. The Hotheads had protected X by getting behind him and firing Tackle Fires) “Why are they protecting me?” X thought. “X, look out!” Inferno yelled. (X quickly looked and saw a tower and rammed right into it. X was flung and a Hothead caught him by the helmet. X's body was being dragged by the water until he was pulled up. The Ride Chasers had made it to the battleship and rammed right into it forming a hole. Everyone got in and metal had closed the hole as some water got in. They stopped the Ride Chasers and the Hothead had placed X down. Inferno got to X and other Hotheads were looking as X had dents on his armor from the impact) “Thanks guys, and sorry for getting you into trouble.” X said. “X, that was dumb and made yourself look clumsy.” Inferno said. “I'm sorry, but I'm alright, it's just my helmet was damaged.” X said. “Do you want me to call the Medical Reploids?” Inferno asked. “No, I'm fine, I've taken much more damage before this.” X said. “I hope so, okay everyone, let's get going.” Inferno said. “Alright, let's get, (X began to get up, but there was pain coming from his legs) OW!” X yelled. (He sat back down) “X, you can't fight in this condition, we'll send you back for someone else.” Inferno said. “No, I don't want to give up.” X said. “Well, we'll just leave you here till you can stand up, last creation of Dr. Light.” Inferno said. (He was walking away and Hotheads were walking) “No, I can't let my friends think I'm pathetic, I'll show him.” X thought. (There was a purple glow in X's eyes and he stood up. X fired a charge shot at Inferno's back. He got hit and slammed into a crate) “Alright, who did that, the fool who did it will get punishment from my fire!” Inferno yelled. (The Hotheads pointed at X who was snarling) “X, he didn't act like this before.” Inferno thought. “I will join you and no buts!” X yelled. “X, we're both created by Dr. Light, calm down, a simple rejection can't hurt anyone.” Inferno said. “Hurt anyone, I'll show you pain!” X yelled. (Purple aura had appeared on X's arms and X swiftly moved his arms to form energy waves. They hit all of the Hotheads and knocked them out) “Whoa, what is X doing, he attacked my own men, that's Maverick behavior, I must stop him.” Inferno thought. “Do you want to say why I'm a fool?” X asked. “X, I'll get you back to RDS H.Q.” Inferno said. (X fired another charge shot at Inferno had he ducked. The shot had exploded and destroyed parts of the wall behind Inferno. Inferno saw the wall and looked back, X was firing Shotgun Ice and Inferno had fired Fire Storm and jumped on top of crates.

  A door opened up and Mavericks came in firing at X and Inferno. X got hit and dashed towards the Mavericks with purple aura surrounding his body. X entered into Dark Scythe Form and had went through the floor. Inferno looked around trying to find X. The Mavericks fired at Inferno and he guarded with his Flame Busters. As bullets kept hitting him, X had risen from the ground and got to Inferno and shielded him. When the Mavericks stopped firing, X had pointed his buster at the Mavericks and fired an energy sphere which exploded a few Mavericks and killed them. More Mavericks came in with rocket launchers and fired at the two. X grabbed Inferno and went through the floor as the missiles had hit the wall of the boat. Water then flooded the room and X and Inferno had risen on top of a crate) “Are you alright Inferno?” X asked. “You've calmed down so quickly, the Hotheads, Samantha, can you get the Hotheads out of here?” Inferno asked. “Yes, but what's going on?” Samantha asked. “Don't ask, just get them back!” Inferno yelled. “Don't yell at her.” X said. “X, is your voice deeper, or is it just my computer, I'll get the Hotheads out of here for the medics to help them.” Samantha said. (Red Teleport Beams had risen from the water and the hole created by the bazookas had been closed up by metal. X and Inferno were jumping from a crate to the next when Mavericks jumped out of the water. Inferno fired Fire Storms and X was slashing and firing charge shots.

  They got to the other room and the door behind them had slammed shut. There were Mavericks in Ride Armors dashing towards X and Inferno. X had stabbed the steel with his scythe and Inferno punched the ground with both busters. Dark magma had appeared and open parts were on the Ride Armor's legs. They were destroyed and the Mavericks jumped out as they exploded. X dashed towards them and slashed them to pieces. The Mavericks parts had fallen to the ground and X placed his scythe onto his back) “Great job X, that was surprising.” Inferno said. “Yes, I've gained much more power, but why?” X asked. “Well, we better take on Crush Crawfish before we get into much more trouble.” Inferno said. “I know a quicker route.” X said. (X had grabbed Inferno by the back and went through the floor and went back out in another room with a Boss Door) “Why couldn't we blast through Mavericks like before?” Inferno asked. “I don't know, but we should take out Crush Crawfish before I lose power.” X said. “Your getting weaker, you should head back to H.Q.” Inferno said. “I know, but like I said, I don't want to make a fool of myself, let's take Crawfish down!” X said. (The two dashed into the Boss Door and it opened up. They were in the room before the Maverick lurked. X and Inferno rushed to the next Boss Door and it opened up.

  The two went into the room and found Crush Crawfish with the main generator) “Hello X, it's been a long time, hasn't it?” Crush Crawfish asked. “Crawfish, what is the Dictator and what is he going to do with Zero?” X asked. “How should I know, he already gave me orders to destroy.” Crush Crawfish said. “Well, your battleship is going to sink, but your going down first!” Inferno said. (He dashed towards Crawfish and had fired Fire Storm and the fireballs surrounding him. Crawfish had shielded himself and had fired one of his claws. Inferno had jumped away and X fired a charge shot. Crush Crawfish had fired brown objects and they wrapped around X and Inferno. They both fell down and Crush Crawfsh had grabbed onto the two and was crushing them in his grasp. X had turned back into his normal form and passed out. Inferno had broken from Crush Crawfish's grasp and had punched him with Fire Fists. Some metal on the claws had melted and Crawfish dropped X. Inferno grabbed him and had placed him down behind crates and waited. When Inferno saw Crush Crawfish looking around, Inferno had fired two Fire Storms and had burned more of Crush Crawfish. Some crates caught fire and the place began to burn. Inferno got X and jumped to a balcony while adding more fuel to the fire. Crush Crawfish was melting and then light was escaping out of him and he exploded. The walls were melted and water came bursting through. Inferno was running trying to avoid the water with X on his shoulder. Inferno was running up the stairs and looking back as water was flooding the battleship and it was sinking. The two made it to a room and Inferno saw a mini submarine with an opening above it. Inferno had opened the submarine hatch and had shoved X in there and went in. He closed the door as water filled the room. The submarine had went up and made it to the surface as the ship sank.

  The door opened up and Inferno had raised his head up and began to breathe) “Inferno, is everything alright?” Samantha asked. “So you've got a connection, me and X went out, but I'll just pilot this submarine till I get to the shore.” Inferno said. “But where will you be?” Samantha asked. “I don't know, just find my signal and get some medical Reploids, X is unconscious and something happened to him.” Inferno said. “Okay, just don't get into to much trouble, promise?” Samantha asked. “I will, I was alive for a hundred years, so I know what to do.” Inferno said. (He closed the hatch and sat down with the controls and glass in front of his face. Infeno looked at X and saw him lying on his back unconscious. He went back to the controls and looked at the radar and began to swim back to shore.

  Meanwhile, Return X was going through the buildings of Abel City while running. He hid behind a wall and found Angel flying towards him) “Chao, chao!” Angel said. “Angel, your Ivory's chao, is that right?” Return X asked. “Chao.” Angel said. “Did Ivory send you here because I have the Chaos Emerald and Dark Jewel?” Return X asked. “Chao?” Angel asked. “It wasn't her, oh well, we just have to wait for them to show up.” Return X said. “But I better be careful, there are humans around here, I'll just be Rose.” Return X thought. (He shape shifted into Rose and Angel had rammed into Rose's ear and was biting it) “Angel, what are you doing?” Rose asked. “Chao, chao!” Angel said. “Please stop it, our cover will be blown!” Rose said. “So there you are.” Someone said. (Rose looked up and saw Solar with the Volcannon Crystal in his hand. He jumped down and had his blade right above Rose. She jumped out of the way and formed plants. Solar had slashed them and went to Rose while on fire. Rose formed hedges and Solar had burned through them and slashed Rose. Rose had kicked Solar's face and Solar had hit the ground) “Sorry that had to happen, but I'm in a bit of a hurry.” Rose said. “I can sense it, you have the Chaos Emerald and Dark Jewel, give them to me!” Solar said. “Sorry, but your kinda getting in my way.” Rose said. (She formed vines and they grabbed Solar. Solar had summoned five lava towers and they surrounded Rose. Rose had melted and then went out as the towers collapsed. Rose had went over to Solar and was making the vines constrict Solar more. Solar had consumed his body in fire and the vines melted and he got on top of Rose while burning her gloves and boots) “I can't allow that, you better stop.” Solar said. “Oh really?” Rose asked. (A Venus flytrap had appeared behind the two and it had eaten Solar. Fire was building up on the stem and Solar had slashed through and boosted right into Rose and rammed into a wall. Rose was getting burn marks as Solar had kept wrapping himself in fire.

  Meanwhile, Sonic was running and found fire) “This fire, it must be Solar.” Sonic thought. (A laser had almost hit Sonic and he turned around. It was a flying Mechanaliod and it kept firing. Sonic had jumped and ran up a building as the Maverick was following him while firing lasers. Humans and Reploids inside of the building were ducking as Sonic was running up. Sonic made it to the top and jumped down. He landed onto the Mechanaliod and was acting like a cowboy. Sonic was trying to keep on and he found a small door and opened it up. Inside was wires and Sonic pulled on them. The Maverick powered down and was falling. Sonic had jumped off and saw it fall. Sonic landed onto a fountain and there were many people and Reploids starring at him) “Hello everyone, how are you doing?” Sonic asked. “It must be an anime cosplayer, the event's happening a week from today!” A man said. “Um yeah, I just wanted to try this outfit on.” Sonic said. (He jumped off the fountain and was covered in water. Sonic had ran and went into an alleyway. He found Angel) “Chao!” Angel said. “Angel, what is it?” Sonic asked. (Angel was flying away and Sonic was following it) “I wonder what's going on?” Sonic thought. (He made it to where Angel was and found Rose jumping backwards as forming hedge platforms were beneath her feet. Solar was on the ground slashing the hedges. Sonic had boosted right into Solar and the two slammed into a wall) “Get off of me Sonic!” Solar yelled. “No, what are you doing?” Sonic asked. “Rose is our enemy and she has the Dark Jewel and Chaos Emerald!” Solar said. “Yeah, well she wanted to keep them from the Dictator!” Sonic yelled. (He was punching Solar and vines had grabbed Sonic and Solar. Sonic and Solar were punching) “Will you two stop?” Rose asked. (Sonic and Solar looked at Rose) “Rose, I'm glad that your alright.” Sonic said. “Well, listen, if you keep fighting, I'm going to make the vines tighter, so don't act like that.” Rose said. “I still don't want to listen, just make sure you give us the gems.” Solar said. “That's what I was going to do, ow will you calm down?” Rose asked. “Fine, but if you double cross us, your going to get it.” Solar said. “I understand, besides, I'm not on the Dictator's side anymore.” Rose said. (Mavericks had appeared and surrounded the four) “What the, how did they get here so fast?” Sonic asked. “It was because of General Rose.” Someone said. (Mavericks moved out of the way as Shadow walked towards the two hedgehogs and cat) “Shadow, what are you doing?” Sonic asked. “I came here to obtain the Chaos Emeralds and Dark Jewels from you.” Shadow said. “Your on the Dictator's side, your infected with a Dark Parasite!” Rose said. “But I thought those didn't exist anymore in my dimension!” Solar said. “Shadow, you can fight it back, I know you can.” Sonic said. “Don't be foolish, now give me the gems!” Shadow said. “No, I am no longer the Dictator's puppet, if you want the jewels so badly, we'll fight!” Rose yelled. (The Mavericks had their guns pointed at the trio.

  Rose had raised her arms and then smiled as vines had risen up and the Mavericks had opened fire and attacked themselves. Solar had boosted towards Shadow and Shadow had jumped out of the way and Sonic ran behind him and noticed a yellow color on Shadow's back. Sonic had jumped up and had punched and kicked Shadow. Shadow hit the ground and fired Chaos Spear. Sonic and Solar had jumped and was heading towards him. The vines were cut down by the Mavericks and Rose shape shifted into Return X and was slashing and firing charge shots. While the Mavericks were distracted by Return X, Sonic and Solar were fighting against Shadow. Solar had slashed Shadow and had fired fireballs and threw them. Shadow got hit and Sonic had jumped from Solar's blade and had homing attacked Shadow. Shadow hit a wall and had yellow blood going down his back. Shadow fell down and Mavericks had went up to Shadow and opened fire at the two hedgehogs. Sonic and Solar moved back and saw Return X firine energy pellets as the Mavericks drew near. A Mechanaliod had risen from the ground and grabbed Return X. He melted into slime and had possessed the Mechanaliod and was attacking other Mavericks. Sonic and Solar had ran up the arm of the Mechanaliod and Solar was firing fireballs. He threw the Volcannon Crystal to Sonic and he caught it. An energy shot had hit Sonic's arm and he dropped it. Angel had flew down and grabbed the crystal and went back up to Sonic. It gave Sonic the Volcannon Crystal and he grabbed it) “Thanks Angel, now what should I do with this?” Sonic asked. (It began to glow and Sonic's hands had burst into flames. Sonic had then absorbed the Volcannon Crystal and his fur was a fiery red with brown irises. The back of the quills on his head and back had flames rising up. The gloves were brown and the shoes were red with orange fire marks. Both had gray metal cuffs and on Sonic's forehead was the Volcannon Crystal. Sonic jumped down and was running around with a trail of fire as his shoes were consumed by it. The Mavericks were melting from the heat waves and Sonic had jumped around firing fireballs) “Wow, I never knew Sonic could do that.” Solar said. “Chao.” Angel said. (The Mechanaliod had deactivated and fell down. Solar had jumped up and had impaled his sword into a Maverick as Angel was in the air. Green slime had exited out of the Mechanaliod and reformed into Return X. He fired energy pellets and was slashing Mavericks to pieces. Sonic had jumped on top of Mavericks and had melted them to pieces. Shadow had homing attacked into Sonic and he fell down. Sonic had hit the ground and formed a ring of fire around him. Sonic got up and had boosted into Shadow. They both rammed into a Mechanaliod and Sonic had kicked Shadow up. Sonic ran up the building and was consumed in fire with his eyes white. Solar's sword had began to glow a bright red) “Sonic, (Solar looked at Return X) Return X, I need to get the sword to Sonic!” Solar said. “Yeah, just help, (Return X fired a charge shot) me!” Return X yelled. (Solar had slashed the Ruby Sword at the Mavericks surrounding Return X and had fired fireballs from his fist.

  Parts were cleared) “I need to help Sonic, get me to a higher altitude.” Solar said. “Fine, just don't make any dumb mistakes.” Return X said. “Right, but how can you get me up there?” Solar asked. (He was pointing at a building and the two saw Sonic punching and kicking Shadow) “Don't worry, I know of a way.” Return X said. (There was a flying Maverick and Return X had jumped onto it and melted. Return X had flew down to Solar and Solar grabbed onto it's back. More Mavericks were firing and Return X was able to control the Reploid and avoided the shots. When they got to a higher altitude, Solar had grabbed the Ruby Sword) “Sonic, (Solar threw the sword at Sonic) catch this!” Solar yelled. (The sword had went towards where Sonic and Shadow were. Sonic had jumped and caught the sword. The Volcannon Crystal had glowed and Sonic had made it to Shadow and was punching him and slashing him. Sonic had kicked Shadow and the two were falling. Sonic had impaled the Ruby Sword into Shadow's back and the two fell. The fire from the Mavericks had hit the wing of Return X and he fell down and crashed along with Solar. A few feet away, Sonic and Shadow had crashed into the ground and had yellow blood escaping from Shadow's back as a Dark Parasite had popped out. Sonic had burned it to cinders and had fell on top of Shadow. Return X had escaped out of the Maverick and reformed into Rose. She and Solar went over to Sonic and Shadow. Solar grabbed the Ruby Sword and it stopped glowing as the Volcannon Crystal was in Sonic's hand and he returned to normal form. Sonic got up and they were all surrounded by Mavericks. Rose was behind Sonic as Solar was next to him) “There's too many of them, I don't think there's nothing left to do.” Rose said. “Shoot, we were so close too.” Solar said. (Sonic growled as Mavericks opened up a path. Slasher was walking through) “Well done my fellow Mavericks, so your the famous Sonic the Hedgehog, the Dictator's told me a lot about you, ah dear General Rose.” Slasher said. “I'm not called that anymore, if I was at full power, you'd be regretful of it.” Rose said. “Now, now dear general, now Sonic, I know you posses the Chaos Emeralds and Dark Jewels, so give them to me.” Slasher said. “Don't do it Sonic.” Rose said. “Over my dead body!” Solar yelled. “No Solar, we have to give up, (Sonic fell to his knees) we are surrounded and we have no hope.” Sonic said. “Chao?” Angel asked. “What, are you nuts?” Rose asked. “That's a nice hedgehog, now hand them over.” Slasher said. “Alright, (Sonic stood up) just let me talk to my friend Rose.” Sonic said. “What, your just giving up, after all this, was it for nothing in your eyes?” Rose asked. (Sonic grabbed Rose's arm and pulled her enough to have her ear at Sonic's mouth) “Listen, you give me the Chaos Emerald and I'll know what to do.” Sonic whispered. “Okay, but if this turns out to be wrong, I will kill you and your friends.” Rose whispered. (She had the Chaos Emerald form in her hand and she gave it to Sonic. Sonic had the Chaos Emerald behind his back) “Okay you machine, if you want your Chaos Emerald, (Sonic revealed the Chaos Emerald up in the air) Chaos Control!” Sonic yelled. (He, Rose, Solar, Shadow, and Angel had disappeared from the area in a flash of light) “What the, he used Chaos Control, search for them, make sure that they don't escape!” Slasher said. (All of the Mavericks were searching around.

  Meanwhile, back in the Control Room of RDS H.Q, Sonic and friends had appeared and dropped onto the floor. Samantha had jumped and turned to find Sonic and others. Amy, Cream, and Crescent were watching) “Sonic, your alright, I was so worried, Mavericks attacked at Abel City, but I've sent Maverick Hunters to calm the whole mess.” Samantha said. “Sonic, how were you able to do that?” Rose asked. “Well, since we could teleport around, I thought that Chaos Control would work, at least it did.” Sonic said. “At least your not my rival, but where's X?” Rose asked. “Well, he and Inferno are safe and defeated Crush Crawfish, but I've been trying to search for them.” Samantha said. “But what about Ivory and the others?” Sonic asked. (There was a figure of light and it formed into Will. She was holding onto Ivory's Dimension Ring while having injuries on her dreadlocks) “Will, what happened to you?” Solar asked. “We were outnumbered, Ivory sent me back here, but she wanted me to give you this.” Will said. (She gave Sonic the Dimension Ring) “You mean that Ivory, Axl, and the chao are in trouble?” Sonic asked. “Yes, but she wanted the Master Emerald to be safe in someone's hands.” Will said. “Thank you Will, now we have more reasons to help them.” Sonic said. “But she also gave me this.” Will said. (She revealed a device) “What's that?” Sonic asked. “I don't know, but it fell out of Ivory's pocket and I grabbed it, Rose, you know how machines work.” Will said. “I do, just give it to me.” Rose said. (Will gave her the device and Rose had formed wires from her fingers and they were connecting to the device.

  It opened up and revealed a hologram of Professor Pickle eating a sandwich. He then noticed Rose) “Hello, who is this with Tails' Communication Device?” Pickle asked. “Um Sonic, is this a friend of yours?” Rose asked. “Oh, sorry Pickle, but I'm glad to see you again ever since our vacation started.” Sonic said. “You've been gone for two whole days and I was worried.” Pickle said. “Have you've heard anything from Vanilla?” Sonic asked. “Yes, she called me a while ago and I told her about how you've disappeared and she got worried.” Pickle said. (A hologram of Vanilla appeared) “Sonic, thank goodness your not hurt, where's Cream?” Vanilla asked. (Cream walked over to the device) “Hello mother.” Cream said. “Oh Cream, Cheese was waiting for you back home.” Vanilla said. “Why couldn't you bring it along?” Sonic asked. “Well, Knuckles broke down the door again and I had to make sure someone could keep an eye.” Vanilla said. “And the best option was Cheese, great.” Sonic said. “Oh don't worry Sonic, Cheese is doing a great job along with Big, is that Blaze?” Vanilla asked. “No, I'm Rose the Cat, I first met Sonic in the desert outside of Shamar.” Rose introduced. “Well, I'd better get back home and keep an eye on our door.” Vanilla said. “Alright, take care.” Sonic said. (Vanilla's hologram disappeared) “Well Sonic, I'd better get back to my work, if you need me any time, just call.” Pickle said. “Thank you professor, see you latter.” Sonic said. (The hologram disappeared and the device closed. Rose had made the wires attach to her fingers and change into the dark green color like her fur.

  The screen on Samantha's computer began to flash red) “What's going on?” Solar asked. “Chao?” Angel asked. “I'm getting a message, it's from a fat man!” Samantha said. (The screen had revealed Eggman) “Who are you calling fat?” Eggman asked. “Eggman!” Sonic and Rose said. “Ah yes, Sonic, I was waiting for you to respond, do you remember these?” Eggman said. (He moved away to reveal Ivory, Tails, and Axl with Light and Devil tied up by chains and surround a pillar) “What have you done to them?” Sonic asked. “Thank Slasher and his army, we managed to capture your friends.” Eggman said. “Why are you contacting us at this time?” Rose asked. “It's simple, I want Sonic to a duel, in this he will have to go through the Hidden Base.” Eggman said. “Show us the location right now!” Rose demanded. “Not yet, you must fight Overdrive Ostrich, then I will reveal the base.” Eggman explained. “What about Zero, will he be set free after I'm done with you?” Sonic asked. “That I can't say due to the Dictator, but good luck you spiky pin cushion.” Eggman said. (The screen turned normal) “So Eggman wants me to fight him, but not right now, we have to help Shadow.” Sonic said. “We can get him to the Medical Bay if that's what you want.” Amy said. “Sure, just let us rest.” Sonic said. (Amy and Crescent had grabbed Shadow and walked him out of the room. Rose noticed Samantha and walked over to her) “Is something wrong?” Rose asked. “Yes, I can't find X and Inferno's location, they've been under the water too long for me to find them.” Samantha said. “Let me see, (Rose pushed Samantha out of the way and went onto the computer. There were maps and one was of the ocean. Rose had began to type on the ocean and there was nothing. A bar appeared saying Password) always this, (Rose grabbed the Sigma Chip from her pocket and inserted it into the computer. The password was inserted and then it revealed a red dot) that must be where X is.” Rose said. “Wow, where did you get that Hacker's Chip, they were banned years ago.” Samantha said. “This is the Sigma Chip, it was used by Enemice and now it's in my hands, I'll go find X if you don't mind.” Rose said. “That's okay, just make sure you bring Medical Reploids with you.” Samantha said. “Sure, I'll go find them.” Rose said. (She went out of the room.

  While everyone was resting, three Teleport Beams had appeared. They formed into Xover, Diamond, and Janet) “Whew, that was quite a battle.” Xover said. “Xover, your here, what happened exactly?” Sonic asked. “Well, we fought a lot of Mavericks and made it to Gravity Beetle, sorry that the jet sank with the planes and fortress.” Xover said. “Well, it was my fault, but I still take the blame.” Diamond said. “Hey, it's just one jet, they can build another.” Janet said. “But now, we have one Maverick left, where's X and Inferno?” Xover asked. “Their in a submarine in the ocean heading to the coast of the Deep Sea Base.” Samantha explained. “So is anyone going there?” Diamond asked. “Yes, that green cat had left to get Medical Reploids.” Samantha said. “I'll go look for her, just stay here and keep an eye on things.” Xover said. (He ran out of the room and the door closed) “So what do we do right now?” Sonic asked. “Just wait, till he finds him.” Solar said. “I hope your right.” Janet said. “Chao.” Angel said.

  (In the hallways, Xover was running pass Hotheads, Reploids, and Crystal Joes. He then found Rose in the Medical Bay and entered inside) “There you are!” Xover said. “Huh, oh you again, what do you want?” Rose asked. “I was looking for you because of the Medical Reploids, where are they?” Xover asked. “Their coming, just have to bring all of their medical stuff to help X and Inferno.” Rose said. “Right, taking quite their time, aren't they?” Xover asked. “Sure thing, I'll get them here.” Rose said. (Vines had risen up and there was screaming as five Medical Reploids were wrapped in the vines. Xover had punched Rose at the cheek) “Sorry girls, but we're in a bit of a hurry, now Rose, get them down.” Xover ordered. “Fine, (Rose moved her arm and the vines dried up and shattered into pieces. The Medical Reploids fell) alright you Reploids, we need your help with Megaman X and Inferno, come to the Control Room and we'll get started.” Rose ordered. “Yes cat.” A Reploid said. “It's Rose, but let's get going.” Rose said. (She passed by Xover and the nurses went after her) “I hope Return X will be alright with this.” Xover thought. (He ran out of the room and went to the Control Room with Rose and the nurses.

  The door opened up and the seven Reploids had came into the room) “So Xover, are you going to stay here?” Diamond asked. “No, I have to help X, he is a Megaman just like me, and I have to prevent the Master from ever existing.” Xover said. “But you suffered injures because of Gravity Beetle.” Diamond said. “I know that you care Diamond, but this must be done, I have to save this world's future, are you ready Rose?” Xover asked. “Sure thing, you take on the last Maverick while me, Xover, and the Medical Reploids go find X and Inferno.” Rose said. “Good luck guys!” Sonic said. (The seven turned into six white and one green Teleport Beams and left RDS H.Q) What will happen with Xover and Return X, will they find the two Maverick Hunter and RDS Member easily? Can Sonic and friends defeat Overdrive Ostrich? Will everyone rescue Zero, Ivory, Axl, and the chao? Find out in Act 3!