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Dimension Heroes Chapter 6 Act 4
​Word Count: 9395

The seven Reploids had appeared on a beach with a cave nearby. “So here we are, X and Inferno must be close by in the ocean.” Rose said. “Right, let's go find them.” Xover said. (The seven went into the cave and saw water) “Alright girls, get your swim parts activated.” A Reploid said. (They formed flippers onto their feet and they had all went down into the water. They kept going down until they found an opened door. Inside was a giant fish Mechanaliod with claws) “That's a Submarine Catcher, the two must be nearby!” A nurse said. “Well, let's hurry and find them!” Xover said. (They dashed passed the Submarine Catcher and it began to fire missiles. Rose had formed vines and they grabbed onto the Submarine Catcher. In the distance was plants and coral and something shining in the dark. The group had began to swim towards the area and began to hear the vines breaking. The Submarine Catcher had broken free and was attacking the ground. Rose had began to push the Medical Reploids away and she got grabbed and thrown to the rocks. Dust had covered her up and then she exited out as Return X. The Medical Reploids had began to swim away towards the shining light. With them out of the way, the two Reploids were firing energy pellets and were avoiding the claws as they drew near. Xover threw Metal Blades and the arms were cut to pieces and Return X was slashing. The Submarine Catcher had fired missiles and had hit Return X, he hit the ground and had fired a charge shot at the underside. Parts of armor had fallen and almost landed on top of Return X. Xover had swam closer to the fish and had slashed it's face with Slash Claw. It opened it's mouth and had fired a laser. Xover had formed the Mirror Buster and it reflected the attack back at it. The laser had went through the mouth and had pass through it's body and it fell to the ocean below. Return X had swam back up and the Submarine Catcher had fallen) “That was easy.” Return X said. “Are you alright?” Xover asked. “Yeah, the Medical Reploids, we have to get to them.” Return X said. (The two had swam to the small flashes of light.

  They found the Medical Reploids with a small submarine) “We found them, but we have to get them to the surface.” A Reploid said. “Why not right now?” Xover asked. “Inferno hates water, his circuits will shut down, and from the looks of it, their both unconscious.” Another Reploid said. “Okay, let's push them up!” Return X said. “Alright, activating Gutsman's Battle Memory, (The seven had their hands under the submarine) push!” Xover yelled. (They all began to push up. The small submarine had risen up and they were up on the water's surface. Return X jumped up and tried to open onto the hatch) “Is it working?” A Reploid asked. “No, it's stuck, I'll get inside.” Return X said. (He melted into slime and had entered into the small space. He landed on top of Inferno and had slid away and reformed. He noticed X unconscious and picked him up. Return X had pointed his buster at the hatch and had fired a charge shot. The hatch had been blasted through and formed a hole. Return X popped his head out and placed X onto the sub. He slid down and a Nurse Reploid grabbed him) “X doesn't appear to have injures, but why has Inferno passed out?” The nurse asked. “Well, I'll get him out.” Return X said. “Are you sure that's a good idea, he hates the water.” A Reploid said. “Hey, he's unconscious, he won't feel a thing till later.” Return X said. (He got Inferno out of the submarine and placed him onto the water. Return X jumped down and had began to swim with Inferno on his shoulder) “Well, we did our thing, let's just head back to RDS H.Q.” Xover said. (The seven had turned into Teleport Beams and had left the area.

  They had made it back to Reploid Defense Squad H.Q and were greeted by other Medical Reploids. They got X and Inferno from the two and had walked away. The nurses had left after hugging Xover and Return X) “You two are back, but where's that cat?” Samantha asked. “Well, I am that cat, Rose, my real name is Return X.” Return X explained. “I see, your quite a unique Reploid, I've never found any Reploid data with your name on it.” Samantha said. “Well, I haven't been back home for eight years, and since I lost my memories, that's saying something.” Return X said. “Well, were X and Inferno alright?” Diamond asked. “Yeah, they were both unconscious, but both look in great condition.” Return X explained. (Xover had began to walk out of the room) “Hey Xover, where are you going?” Amy asked. “I'm going to check on X and Inferno, see you later.” Xover said. (He walked out of the room and the door closed) “Is Xover alright, he has taken some damage to his armor.” Samantha said. “I know, maybe I should check on him, you go fight Overdrive Ostrich.” Diamond said. “Okay, just calm him down.” Amy said. “Alright, that's what I'm going to do.” Diamond said. (She walked out of the room) “Well, I hope this works.” Cream said. “It's alright Cream, besides, we just have one Maverick left till we can rescue Zero and the others.” Amy said. “But I still haven't found Lighting, what an irresponsible mother I am.” Janet said. “It's okay Janet, I didn't have much time with my creators.” Return X said. “Really, when did you meet with them?” Janet asked. “I didn't at all, I had data, but it's erased until I can remember it, the words Doppler sound familiar to me.” Return X said. “Oh, Doppler, he's the person that founded Doppletown, but that was when he was infected with the Sigma Virus.” Samantha explained. “I remember seeing him when I was Rose, but I didn't know who he was.” Return X said. “So Doppler is alive, thank goodness for that, but now we should send someone out to fight Overdrive Ostrich.” Samantha said. “But where's his location?” Sonic asked. “Well, it's in the outskirts of Central Point, why there I wonder?” Samantha said. “Strange, did I hear that before?” Return X thought. “Well, the only way to find out is to go there, is anyone else coming along?” Sonic asked. “I'm coming, besides, you need my help.” Amy said. “Okay, hey Samantha, can you keep Ivory's Dimension Ring?” Sonic asked. “Sure, I've got the teleport pads ready, just get on when you want to go.” Samantha said. “Sure thing.” Sonic said. (He ran onto the teleport pad and turned into a Teleport Beam. Amy, Janet, and Solar had went onto the pad and turned into Teleport Beams and so did Return X.

  Meanwhile, in the Medical Bay, Diamond passed by Shadow and Inferno who were both surrounded by Medical Reploids. Diamond opened a door and found Xover watching X resting in a capsule) “Xover, there you are.” Diamond said. (Xover jumped and pointed his buster at Diamond) “Oh, it's you, what are you doing here?” Xover asked. “I wanted to check on you, are you alright?” Diamond asked. “Yes, I'm fine.” Xover said. “But it doesn't look or sound like it, you should take a break.” Diamond said. “I know, but this is difficult for me, I have to change this world's future.” Xover said. “Things look peaceful here, maybe your wrong.” Diamond said. “How can I, I can manipulate the flow of time and I know what happens in the future.” Xover said. “But time can't change in one second, but what do you have to prevent?” Diamond asked. (Xover looked out the window to see the blue sky) “An entity known as the Master is getting closer to be born, I have to prevent an event from ever occurring.” Xover said. “And does this connect with X?” Diamond asked. “Yes, but there's something else that bothers me.” Xover said. “What's that?” Diamond asked. “Why do you look so much like Crystalman?” Xover asked. “Dr. Doppler doesn't let us talk about Project Revival that much, but I am Crystalman, except I'm now a Reploid and am female.” Diamond explained. “I had a hunch about that.” Xover said. “You did, never mind, you'd better get some rest while I keep an eye on X, he is my friend.” Diamond said. “Are you sure about that?” Xover asked. “Yes, your stressed out, go walk around outside and see if anyone needs help.” Diamond said. “Alright, but you have to do this right.” Xover said. “Calm down, I know how you feel right now.” Diamond said. “Fine, rest well X, (Xover had began to walk out of the room) I'd better read the Plans.” Xover said. (He left the room) “Plans?” Diamond asked. (She looked at X and sat down while lying cards on the floor.

  Meanwhile, the five Teleport Beams had hit the ground and reformed into Sonic and friends) “So this is the outskirts of Central Point, but where do we find Overdrive Ostrich?” Sonic asked. “Well, there's only one way to find out, and that's by, ugh, walking.” Janet said. “Alright, I'll go on ahead while you four split up, Janet will stay with Solar and Return X with Amy.” Sonic said. “But are you sure about this Sonic, I want to be with you.” Amy said. “Well, I just want to see if we can still trust you.” Sonic said. “I saved your life, does that help at all, I hate being with the good guys, but it's the only way not to get caught by the Dictator.” Return X said. “I have something to say.” Solar said. “What is it?” Return X asked. “If I find a single scratch on Amy, your going to get it big time.” Solar said. “Solar, calm down, I know you acted like this when Lighting smashed your head in your birthday cake.” Janet said. “Janet, that's not important right now.” Solar said. (Steam was coming off of his fur) “Hey, calm down Solar, you look like something from the spa.” Sonic said. “Oh, I was gonna go there before we went to Shamar.” Amy said. “Can we just stop with the talk and get going, Overdrive Ostrich might be going to a different spot.” Solar said. “Um, thank you, now Solar, come with me now.” Janet said. “Yes Janet, and remember what I said Return X.” Solar said. “Come on Amy, let's see what we can find.” Return X said. “Right, and if you find the bird, fight.” Sonic said. (He ran off and so did Janet and Solar. Leaving Amy and Return X) “Come on, what are waiting for, we have to help Sonic!” Amy said. (She ran and grabbed Return X's arm) “Hey, don't drag me, huh?” Return X asked. “What is it, is Overdrive Ostrich here?” Amy asked. “No, I hear, voices, follow me.” Return X said. (He was running while grabbing Amy's arm) “Hey, let go, I can walk on my own!” Amy said. (The two had left into the desert.

  Meanwhile, Janet and Solar were looking around) “So are you sure this was the best idea?” Solar asked. “I didn't make it, you can blame Sonic, but to me, he's done nothing wrong.” Janet said. “I can't believe that they're legends about him in our dimension.” Solar said. “What's wrong with that, I think he's a nice guy.” Janet said. “But that's not the only thing that bothers me.” Solar said. “And what are those other things?” Janet asked. “My home is frozen in ice, my father disappeared, and we can't find Whirlpool or Lighting.” Solar said. “I know about Lighting, but we'll find the answers, but Lighting and Whirlpool can go on their own, they know how to fight.” Janet said. “But your his mother, aren't you worried?” Solar asked. “Yes, but I have to care for him, you remember the time when I told you that my husband was gone?” Janet asked. “Yeah, Lighting was crying the entire time when we were playing.” Solar said. “Well, the only thing we can do is look and fight.” Janet said. (The two had continued to look around and walk.

  Meanwhile, Return X and Amy had made it to the top of a hill. Amy was trying to make Return X let go) “Please, you've been dragging me here, what are you doing?” Amy asked. “Look over there.” Return X said. (He pointed to something in the distance. The two had began to walk and Return X let go of Amy's arm. They had made it to the place and found a building in ruins in the distance) “Wow, what is this?” Amy asked. “Only one way to find out.” Return X said. (The two had made it into the building. As they were looking around, the place was huge with the floor being made of metal with bits of sand covering the ground. There were walls that have tips looked like they were burned. The ceiling was gone to reveal the blowing sand and sun) “What is this place?” Amy asked. “I see images, a figure, wearing white armor, fighting against X with the Clear High Buster.” Return X said. “Does Samantha know of this place?” Amy asked. “I'll ask, hey Samantha, are you looking at this?” Return X asked. “Yes, this must be an abandoned factory, I never knew that this place was near Central Point.” Samantha said. “Really, how do you know that this is a factory?” Amy asked. “From the looks of it, what took you here?” Samantha asked. “I was hearing voices in my head, they were telling me to come home.” Return X said. “So you were created in this factory?” Amy asked. “I don't know who these voices are, or where this home is, we'd just better head back.” Return X said. “This place must have been abandoned because of an explosion from the looks of things.” Samantha said. “That must be why, but what was with the white figure and X, was there a battle here?” Amy asked. “That, I don't remember, we should just look somewhere else.” Return X said. (The two had began to leave the area. Unknown to the two, a figure watched) “Master Dictator, I found Return X and Amy Rose.” The figure said. “I knew they would be here, I could sense it from Return X.” The Dictator said. “That's what bothers me, the connection you have with him, but they are getting closer to their doom every step they take.” The figure said. “They will understand, for now, let them kill Overdrive Ostrich, he is of no use to me anymore, leave right now before they spot you.” The Dictator ordered. “Yes Master.” The figure said. (He walked away and disappeared with the sand.

  After a while, everyone got back together) “Found anything?” Sonic asked. “I'm still trying to figure out how we got back together.” Janet said. “We went through the Grandstone Continent.” Solar said. “We did find an abandoned factory, but no one was there.” Amy said. “A factory how did you find it?” Sonic asked. “I kept hearing voices and they were leading me there, as if I knew it from the beginning.” Return X said. “Can you take us back to the factory?” Janet asked. “There was nothing there to be found, can you find the Maverick, Samantha?” Return X asked. “I'm still looking, this sure is a hard mission for you.” Samantha said. “Can I help you guys?” Xover asked. “Xover, you'd better rest, you've done enough at one time.” Sonic said. “Please Xover, things are going to be okay, wait, I found Overdrive Ostrich signal, he's right behind you!” Samantha said. (Everyone looked back and saw Overdrive Ostrich standing on top of a sand hill. He jumped up and was about to dive right into Return X. He backed up and slashed at the ostrich Maverick. Overdrive had ran back up onto the hill. Right when Return X was about to fire a charge shot, Sonic had grabbed his arm) “Sonic, what are you doing?” Return X asked. “Hey Overdrive, I wanna talk to you!” Sonic yelled. “Will you attack me?” Overdrive Ostrich asked. “No, not yet, I've heard that your pretty fast, so, do you want to race?” Sonic asked. “A race, Sonic, we don't have time for that!” Janet said. “Calm down, this won't take to long, so, you ready?” Sonic asked. “Very well, if I win, you have to surrender.” Overdrive Ostrich said. “Okay, I'm going to beat you in this race!” Sonic said. “But we don't know what the track will be.” Janet said. “I've got it, I can still see Central Point's tower, so we race to that tower and head back here.” Sonic explained. “But how can you get back in this desert?” Janet asked. “Return X can leave a mark, now make a tree.” Sonic said. “Um, okay?” Return X asked. (He shape shifted into Rose and formed a giant tree and reformed back into Return X) “Good luck Sonic.” Amy said. “Don't worry, I won't let you down.” Sonic said. “So are you ready to race?” Overdrive Ostrich asked. “Yeah, let's get this show on the road!” Sonic yelled. (He and Overdrive had went to the back of the tree with their eyes pointing at Central Point's Tower. Solar had walked up a hill)

  “Ready, (Solar had threw a fireball up in the air and it exploded) GO!” Solar yelled. (Both Sonic and Overdrive Ostrich had ran off with wind blowing. Sonic was in the lead and was passing by many of the sand dunes. Overdrive had jumped up and fired pink Sonic Slicers and they almost hit Sonic. Sonic had turned around and was moving backwards. He hit a sand dune and Overdrive Ostrich had passed by. Sonic had went through the dune and had jumped on top of Overdrive. Overdrive Ostrich had looked up and saw Sonic looking around. Overdrive had raised his arms up and Sonic had jumped and landed on top of a dune and Overdrive Ostrich had went through it and it collapsed. Sonic got out of the sand and had boosted out from the sand. He was right next to Overdrive Ostrich and they both were getting closer to Central Point. There was a forest and the two entered in. There were many trees and Sonic was running around as Overdrive Ostrich was cutting some to pieces) “Hey, be nice to nature!” Sonic yelled. (He jumped onto a branch and had homing attacked Overdrive Ostrich. Overdrive grabbed Sonic and threw him towards a tree. Sonic had grabbed a branch and had jumped off and boosted towards Central Point. There were gates surrounding the city and Sonic ran up the wall and entered into Central Point. There were people and Reploids starring at him. Sonic looked around and found the tower in the distance. Up above, Overdrive Ostrich had jumped up and had dived down towards Sonic. Sonic smelled a chilli dog and ran to a hot dog vender and grabbed a chili dog while leaving rings with the Reploid. Overdrive Ostrich had hit the ground and people were panicking. Sonic had looked back and saw Overdrive run pass him and was heading to the tower. Sonic had jumped onto a lamppost and had went on the side of a wall. When there was a gap, Sonic had jumped down and landed to the ground and boosted. Overdrive Ostrich had kept running and passed by many Reploid construction workers. Overdrive looked back and saw Sonic and in front of him was a giant ruined part of the road. Overdrive Ostrich had jumped up and made it pass the hole. Sonic came by and went left and was quick stepping through the narrow alleyways. Sonic had made it to the other side and had saw Overdrive Ostrich going straight for the tower. Sonic had boosted and made it pass Overdrive Ostrich. He reached his hand out for the tower and touched it. Sonic jumped up and had went up by running up the walls and made it to the rooftops. Overdrive had went back on the road and fell into the hole as Sonic was laughing. Sonic kept going through the future city's buildings and was jumping from roof to roof as Overdrive Ostrich was on the ground avoiding many Reploids and humans. Sonic and Overdrive had made it to the gates surrounding the city. Sonic jumped up and boosted while Overdrive had jumped up. They made it to the forest part and Sonic was on top of the trees jumping from branch to branch while Overdrive Ostrich had kept running. The two made it to the desert where they saw the tree in the distance. The two were going on top of the dunes and Overdrive had kicked Sonic. Sonic hit the sand and got back up. He had ran back to speed and was next to Overdrive Ostrich. They both had hit each other and both hit dunes. Sonic got back up and was shaking his head. Overdrive had saw Sonic waving his finger and had ran away towards the tree. Overdrive Ostrich had jumped up and summoned Sonic Slicers. One hit Sonic's back and his head was buried in sand. Sonic pulled himself out and saw Overdrive Ostrich running towards the tree. Sonic had gotten up and had boosted. Overdrive had passed Solar and was about to touch the tree. Just as his fingers were about to touch the bark, Sonic had homing attacked Overdrive Ostrich and had touched the tree and landed on top of Overdrive's head. Amy jumped for joy and Overdrive Ostrich had backed up) “Alright, I lost the race, but I won't go down without a fight!” Overdrive Ostrich said. (He made a loud noise and jumped up.

  Right when he was going to fight, he fell back down with sparks emitting out from his chest) “What's wrong with you?” Sonic asked. “Does Master Dictator, want me to die right now?” Overdrive Ostrich asked. (He began to explode and there was a flash of light and disappeared) “That was true Overdrive Ostrich.” Someone said. (The group looked up and saw a cloaked figure) “Who are you, and how did you know that Overdrive Ostrich needed to die?” Janet asked. “I am the Professor, I was watching Return X and Amy in the abandoned Central Point Factory.” The Professor said. “Wait, if you know my name, was I created there?” Return X asked. “Close, but I have wanted to congratulate you for your efforts to save this dimension.” The Professor said. “Okay, but aren't you on the Dictator's side?” Sonic asked. “Yes, why?” The Professor asked. “Why are you giving us good compliments if your master is against us?” Sonic asked. “That I can't answer.” The Professor said. “Well tell us right now!” Solar yelled. (He slashed his sword right through the Professor) “A hologram, so you can't see us in person, what a coward.” Amy said. “Fear not Amy, you will understand why, goodbye.” The Professor said. (He disappeared and left the characters with the sand) “So that was the Professor.” Return X said. “Yeah, but now, we've destroyed the four Mavericks, okay Samantha, get us back to RDS H.Q!” Sonic said. “Okay, teleportaion beginning in, three, two, one.” Samantha said. (The five had turned into Teleport Beams and were heading back to RDS. H.Q.

  Meanwhile, back in the headquarters at the Medical Bay. Diamond was still with the cards on the ground until she looked at the capsule and saw X opening his eyes. Diamond smiled and got up. She opened the capsule and X came out) “X, are you alright?” Diamond asked. “Yes, but what happened?” X asked. “Well, we took care of Mavericks and Xover is out on a walk outside of the room.” Diamond explained. “That's great, did they find Zero?” X asked. “No, but there's more trouble from what I've been hearing, I told Xover that I would protect you.” Diamond said. “I see, but why?” X asked. “He's wanting something from occurring and is acting stressed out.” Diamond said. “Will he be alright?” X asked. “I don't know, but we'd better see if Sonic and the others came back from their mission.” Diamond said. “Your right, let's go see.” X said. (Diamond had picked up her cards and the two went out of the room. Shadow and Inferno saw the door open up) “X, there you are, I was worried when I passed out.” Inferno said. “How did you pass out exactly?” X asked. “I don't know, but I felt a dark energy shutting me down.” Inferno said. “Dark energy, the Dark Crystal!” X said. “What?” Inferno asked. “Where's Will, have you seen her?” X asked. “Will, no, I was unconscious the whole time, but I can't remember what happened.” Shadow said. “Well, let's just all head over to the Control Room, maybe she's there.” Inferno said. “I hope your right.” X said. (The four went out of the room and were heading over to the Control Room.

  The doors opened up and five Teleport Beams had hit the ground and reformed into Sonic and the group. Will, Cream, and Crescent were watching) “Whew, well we did it, Overdrive Ostrich is now toast.” Sonic said. “Sonic, your all back.” Diamond said. “Yeah, it was a bit too easy as we had to go around the desert surrounding Central Point.” Return X said. “Did you go to the factory?” X asked. “Yeah, there was a factory there and I felt as if I remembered it.” Return X said. “Where's Axl and Ivory?” X asked. “They were kidnapped while me, Sonic, and Return X were fighting.” Solar explained. “That's not good, oh Will, I wanted to ask you something.” X said. “Yes, go on ahead.” Will said. “Inferno just told me he passed out from dark energy, can you feel any emitting from me?” X asked. “Unfortunately, yes, the Dark Crystal is gaining power from your emotions, mostly rage.” Will said. “Why do I possess it, I've never had it before and never felt it during my other adventures before this one.” X said. “That, I'm trying to think, right now, we should stop the Dictator and rescue our friends.” Will said. “Do you have the locations yet Samantha?” Janet asked. “Yes, I'm getting them right now.” Samantha said. “So where is the base?” Sonic asked. “It's right on a beach, this place was where X first defeated Sigma.” Samantha said. “I know that place, it will be pretty easy for us to get there.” X said. “Right, Sonic, I want you to have these two rings, (Will gave Sonic the two rings which were a bronze color with a blue circle gem) they might help you.” Will said. “What are these for?” Sonic asked. “They're Link Rings, when you and someone hold them, press the blue gem, that will activate the link.” Will explained. “Okay, I'll give them a shot, thanks Will.” Sonic said. “Okay, then it's settled, we're going to the Hidden Base!” X said. “No, I reject that.” Someone said. (Everyone looked towards the door and saw Xover and the door behind him closed) “Xover, why did you say that?” Diamond asked. “I can't allow X to go there, he will cause a disaster in the future if he goes.” Xover said. “But how, your not giving me thoughts and reasons.” X said. “It will create the Master and he will terrorize the future, please, just stay here with me.” Xover said. “I can't.” X said. “But why?” Xover asked. “Zero, I'm going to rescue him, he's my friend and I will never let him down.” X said. “But the Master.” Xover said. “So, how would you react if your best friend was kidnapped?” X asked. “She's not around anymore.” Xover said. “But, (X had his hand on Xover's shoulder) even if the Master is born, I know the Reploid with the courage and strength to fight for peace.” X said. “You mean, me?” Xover asked. “I will trust you and all of my friends, even if I were gone, I will always believe in my friends.” X said. “Very well, I'm coming with you and the others, let's rescue Zero!” Xover said. (He raised his fist up and the others did as well. X had hugged Xover and the two smiled) “Okay everyone, I've got the teleporters ready, those who want to go please enter.” Samantha said. “Right, bring the Hotheads and Crystal Joes, they may help us.” Inferno said. “Understood, preparing transfer.” Samantha said. (She began to type on buttons and the teleport pad had began to glow. Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Solar, and Janet had took turns to step onto the pad and turned into Teleport Beams. X, Xover, Return X, Diamond, and Inferno had turned into Teleport Beams and had left Samantha with Crescent and Cream.

  Everyone had appeared on a rocky beach with the waves rising up high on the cliffs. In the distance was the Hidden Base and many figures were appearing) “Alright guys, give me, Return X, Sonic, and Xover some time to enter in, here we go!” Sonic yelled. (Many Teleport Beams had appeared and formed into the Crystal Joes and Hotheads. Many Mavericks had appeared and began to fire. Sonic, X, Xover, and Return X had began to avoid enemy fire while Inferno and Diamond fired Fire Storm and Crystal Eyes as well as the Hotheads and Crystal Joes. Amy had swung her hammer and shattered Mavericks. Shadow had jumped on top of the robots and had fired Chaos Spear. The Crystal Joes had fired many Crystals and many shattered into balls and the Hotheads had fired fire. Diamond and Inferno had kicked through the Mavericks and had formed shields of crystals and fire. Amy had jumped onto a tall Maverick and looked up. She saw Sonic and the Reploids enter into the base. She jumped up and had slammed her hammer into the Maverick. Solar was slashing through the robots while firing fireballs from his hands onto other forces.

  Meanwhile, the door to the Hidden Base had busted open and some Mavericks got crushed by the door and the explosion. Came in Sonic and the Reploids as they were firing charge shots and energy pellets. Sonic had jumped onto some and had made some explode. Return X had moved away from the fire and had slashed through Mavericks. X had continued to fire energy pellets as Xover had fired Hyper Bombs and left explosions everywhere. There was a door sealed off and Xover fired a Crash Bomb. It had exploded and revealed Ride Armors. They looked at the heroes and had dashed towards them. Xover had frozen time and had allowed Sonic, X, and Return X to fight. Sonic was hopping on top of enemies while X was firing and Return X had slashed the rider. When time resumed, Ride Armors and Mavericks were destroyed. Return X had gotten onto a Ride Armor and had began to punch through the other Ride Armors. X and Sonic had hid behind the Ride Armor as it was punching. X began to charge up his Buster and found Xover firing Napalm Bombs. X had unleashed a charge shot at the last Ride Armor and it blew a hole through and Return X jumped out of his Ride Armor and had fired three charge shots and it had exploded. Sonic and the others had went into the next room which was a hallway. There was no one and it lead to a door) “Strange, there was a lot of Mavericks, but now we're alone.” X said. “Hey, let's see if this door opens up.” Sonic said. (He began to push on it) “Will it open without force?” Xover asked. “No, it won't budge, now what do we do?” Sonic asked. “Well, let me try, there's a control panel right here, (Return X had melted his arm and formed cables into a small panel next to the door) this will take a while, so be patient.” Return X said. “Should we go back and help the others?” Sonic asked. “No, they can hold out on their own, besides, we'll waste our energy out there.” Xover said. “Well, let's just walk around and give Return X some time, Sonic, can you watch him?” X asked. “Sure, now go walk around this long hallway.” Sonic said. (X and Xover had walked away from Sonic and Return X) “Should we even fight with the others, or is Xover, it just dawned on me, I've killed organics, they were the ones I was supposed to protect, but I do this, what if Xover knows that I've killed many organics, will he still trust me?” X thought. (Xover stopped) “X, I have a question for you.” Xover said. “Oh no, did he find out?” X thought. (Xover looked at X) “Are you still my friend?” Xover asked. “Huh, what do you mean?” X asked. “After all this time, I began to wonder if we are really going to be friends, it bothers me on what will happen to the future.” Xover explained. “Of course, you don't have to worry, we're friends, and that I'll keep.” X said. “Thank you X, I'm sorry for lashing out at you, I just wanted you to be safe, but now that we've made it deep enough, there's no turning back.” Xover said. “It's okay, I've been through situations like this, so why are you shaking?” X asked. “I'm scarred, what if I fail to stop the Master's birth?” Xover asked. “Remember what I said before, I'm counting on you and the others if I fail.” X said. “Hey guys, I got the door to open!” Return X yelled. “Let's head back to the others.” Xover said. “Right.” X said. (They both ran back and found the door opened and Return X had a thin smile) “So, are we ready?” Return X asked. “Yes.” X and Xover said. (The four entered into the room.

  Inside was a wide circle shaped room and there was another door) “Okay, I'm guessing that Zero and our friends are being held in there, let's find out.” Sonic said. (X and Return X entered into the dark room and the door slammed shut) “What the, hey, why did the door lock itself?” Sonic asked. “I don't know, Return X, can you get through?” Xover asked. “It's no use, they can't hear us, it seems we have no choice but to stay.” Sonic said. “Are you sure about that Sonic?” Someone asked. (The outer parts of the circle had began to back up and Sonic and Xover went to the center. Then emerged the Egg Dragoon. It was a giant robot in colors of red and a dark gray. There was yellow circle gems on the upper part and below it on the legs part was two giant green gems. The arms were a cannon and there was a giant drill. The shoulder pads were thick red rings with spikes. There was metal emitting a light blue flame being the wings. The head part was where the cockpit was and Eggman was in there) “The Egg Dragoon, but didn't I destroy it twice, learn your lessons Eggman!” Sonic said. “Well Sonic, this time I will be successful, the Dictator will secede and you will never get the last Chaos Emerald and Dark Jewel!” Eggman said. “Oh yeah, we'll make sure you never win!” Xover said. “Very well, have a nice fall!” Eggman said. (The ground began to rumble and Sonic and Xover fell. Xover grabbed Sonic as they were falling. Eggman had dived down and began to fire energy shots and they were missing. Xover had formed a shield of light blue skulls and they were disappearing. Xover had landed and placed Sonic down) “What do we do now Sonic?” Xover asked. (Sonic found a giant tunnel) “I've got it.” Sonic said. (He gave Xover a Link Ring and had pressed the blue button. There were blue balls emitting from the rings forming a link. Sonic then began to run and was dragging Xover. Eggman had landed and noticed sparks coming from Xover's boots) “You can't run from me Sonic!” Eggman yelled. (He flew into the tunnel.

  He noticed Sonic and Xover going through the tunnel and began to fire energy bullets. Sonic was running up the walls and Xover was searching through the Battle Memory. He found Topman and had activated it. It formed blue wheels on his boots like skates and the sparks disappeared. Xover looked back and saw Eggman about ready to charge an attack. Xover had fired a charge shot and hit the glass. It was reflected back and Xover had jumped. He landed and turned around and was skating backwards) “What should I do?!” Xover yelled. “Hit the weak spot, the big green sphere on it's chest!” Sonic explained. “Okay, what weapon should I use?” Xover asked. “Something quick!” Sonic yelled. (Xover had fired Sonic Slicer and had hit the green gem below the main red body. Eggman had backed up and fired a drill. Xover yelled and Sonic looked back. He jumped and had landed onto the ground. Eggman had flew in front of Sonic and Xover and had his cannon open up to reveal six ice capsules with a cannon in the center. Eggman had fired and formed an ice ball. Sonic had jumped and Xover went on to a ramp and had landed in front of Sonic and had fired a Sonic Slicer onto the green Sphere. The ice ball had hit the ground and formed ice around a circle. Eggman had backed up and then began to fire energy blasts that were in front of Sonic. Xover went behind Sonic and Sonic had avoided the fire left behind. Sonic had began to run on the ceiling and then Eggman had fired another drill. It hit Sonic and Xover and they fell. Eggman had charged up his cannon and fired a ball of ice. Xover had fired a charge shot which shattered the ice ball and hit the green sphere. Eggman had flew in front of Sonic and Xover and was firing energy blasts. Sonic got back up and had began to run while dragging Xover. The energy blasts had hit the ground and Sonic dashed away from them. Sonic hit a ramp and had made it onto a rail. Sonic began to grind on it while Xover was on the ground firing Sonic Slicers. Sonic had jumped from the rail and had hit the glass. It began to shatter and Sonic backed up. Sonic hit the ground and Xover fired a charged version of Sonic Slicer and made Sonic Slicers fall from the sky and some had hit Eggman's cockpit and the glass began to crack even more. Eggman had dashed forward and had slashed his electric drill at Sonic and Xover. Sonic and Xover slid and Xover fired a charge shot at the green sphere. Smoke was emitting from the Egg Dragoon and had began to malfunction. Sonic and Xover got onto a ramp and had held onto the Egg Dragoon's legs. Eggman had tried to shake the two off, but Sonic and Xover had jumped up and landed onto the part near the cockpit. Xover formed dark blue fists and had punched the cockpit. Parts of it had began to break free from the Dragoon and Xover punched again. Sonic had hit the glass and it began to break even more. Sonic had began to fall and he pressed the button of the Link Ring to stop the link and falled back to the ground. Xover had continued to punch and had gotten the cockpit out. Xover grabbed it and threw it and Sonic had jumped up and broke the glass and grabbed Eggman as the cockpit began to explode. Xover had fired three Crash Bombs and they began to explode, destroying the Egg Dragoon as it was consumed in the explosion. The three fell and Sonic had let go of Eggman. Eggman fell to his knees) “Drat, I lost again, why?” Eggman asked. “I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, do I even have a reason to answer you?” Sonic asked. “Alright Eggman, your going to tell us where X and Return X are and where Zero and the others are held.” Xover said. “Very well, but this tunnel is very long, I can't run that fast.” Eggman said. “Really, what about the old days, never mind.” Sonic said. “Should he use the Link Ring?” Xover asked. “Sure, just hang onto it and we'll get going.” Sonic said. “Um, yes.” Eggman said. (Xover gave Eggman the Link Ring and Sonic activated it and began to run. Xover had made the Hard Knuckles disappear and he skated to Sonic and Eggman.

  After a while, the trio had made it to an elevator and it began to go up. Xover then turned off the Battle Memory. Then, a horrible song began to play making Sonic cover his ears) “This sounds like when I get an E-Rank, make it stop!” Sonic yelled. “Sorry Sonic, but your going to have to go through it, hahahaha!” Eggman said. “It doesn't sound that bad to me, it's just a band's failed attempt.” Xover said. “But it's worse then you think!” Sonic yelled. (The music stopped and the elevator kept going up. They made it to the top and the door opened up. They had made it into an empty room and found a door. It opened up and the three came in. They found Return X and Zero lying on the ground unconscious with slash mark wounds. Sonic and Xover rushed to the two) “Zero, are you alright, wake up!” Sonic said. “Come on Return X, say something!” Xover said. “Now Dictator!” Eggman yelled. (Two waves of dark energy had hit Sonic and Xover. They were both hit and consumed in purple electricity and fell to their knees) “Ouch, what just happened?” Sonic asked. “You fell for it Sonic, I didn't know the Dictator was right!” Eggman said. (The lights turned on to reveal the Dictator. He was a giant robot with an entire base made of black metal with silver armor. The forearm armor was shaped like cubes with a red triangle wrapped in electricity. The boots were a faint red with a white tip and silver circles on the sides of the boots. The helmet was in the form of a sphere but with digital silver hair curved down. The chest armor was flat but had a red triangle connected with many wires. Right in front of him was X in his Dark Scythe Form and had the scythe jabbed into the ground emitting electricity. On his chest was the Limited Symbol and his irises became a blank purple) “X, he would never do this!” Sonic said. “I am to only serve my master, the Dictator.” X said. “We're too late, and I can't do anything, I've failed, X is the Master.” Xover said. “What, but how could that be, what did you do to him?” Sonic asked. “I'll let the Professor say that, isn't that right Tackione?” The Dictator asked. “Yes, (Tackione had stood out from the darkness with his cloak. He removed it and revealed himself. The chest armor was purple with eyes like Return X's with the colors being pink and yellow. On the sides was a red and pink tube connecting to the back which was covered by a gray cape with green inside and border with a gold end. The head part was green glass with a head inside with a red crystal left eye. The white shoulder pads were big and had curved ends. On it was a purple circle on the sides with a gold ring and pink curved triangles. The arms and legs were in a blue color and the forearms were aqua green with a gold ring and a gray color with four holes. The hands were blue with three purple rings and red finger tips. The legs were purple with a gold ring with green circles near the top part of the boot. In the center of the ring was a green item shaped like a claw. There was more gold near the ankle part of the boot with green triangles above the gold. The foot part was white at the bottom and purple with two red crystals on the purple. In his arms was an unconscious Return X) hello Sonic and Over-1.” Tackione said. “Tackione, but why are you in this time?” Xover asked. “I was the one to alter history, to make X the Master was what time needed.” Tackione said. “So how did you corrupt our friend?” Sonic asked. “It was simple, the Dark Crystal was nothing more but a trap, when Master Dictator began his plan, he wanted X to be on our side, reading through history, he resurrected me.” Tackione said. “But what can you do that involves X?” Xover asked. “Replicapture.” Someone said. (Sonic and Xover looked back and saw Zero barely standing up) “Zero, it's been a long time since we last met.” Tackione said. “The Dictator knew about Replicapture and brought you back in order to create the Dark Crystal.” Zero said. “I created it through the legends of a crystal able to corrupt based on emotions, thanks to an echindna named Anna, I was able to do it.” Tackione said. “But Anna, she's Ivory's friend!” Sonic said. “I know, but she's still alive, when the Ten Year War began, I worked on the Dark Crystal and finished it, we sent it into our dimension and X was the chosen victim, and now, it's complete.” Tackione said. “X, you can fight it back, don't follow the Dictator's orders!” Zero said. “I am only to serve Master Dictator, Tackione, and Eggman.” X said. “Hahahah, let's see if you three can face your own friend!” Eggman said. “Get ready guys!” Zero said. (The electricity surrounding Sonic and Xover had disappeared and X had fired a charge shot.

  The three had moved away and Xover had thrown Metal Blades. X had slashed them to pieces with the scythe and had went through the floor. He reformed behind Zero and had slashed at him. Zero hit the ground and X was about jab his scythe into Zero. Sonic had boosted right into X and the two hit a wall. X had fired a purple goo and had sealed Sonic in a purple crystal shaped like a skull. Xover had fired the Spin Wheel at the crystal, but X had threw his scythe at Xover and hit his back. Xover hit the ground and X was pushing the scythe at Xover. Xover grabbed it and was trying to push back. Zero had ran over to X and punched him. Xover kicked X off of him and gave Zero the O1-Saber. Zero ignited it and had began to slash at X while Xover had fired an Atomic Fire. X got hit and then consumed himself in Negative Energy. Wires had appeared and connected with X's body. Zero and Xover had turned their attention to Tackione and were about to attack. Some wires disconnected with X and some were stuck on his back. Tackione had Return X act like a shield and the two Reploids stopped) “Would you want to hurt a temporary ally?” Tackione asked. (Wires from X's body had wrapped around Zero and Xover. Xover had stopped time and had Zero slash the wire he was bound and fell. He landed and saw a wire about to impale itself into Xover's forehead. Sonic broke free from the crystal and had spin dashed into X. X and Xover fell over and Zero had gotten Xover out. X had then floated up with Negative Energy in his fists and X punched the ground. Dark electricity had began to spread all over the floor and dark crystal pillars had began to form. Sonic looked around and then saw X as he slashed at Sonic's chest. Sonic hit his back against a crystal pillar and X had opened his fist and ten claws had appeared. When X closed his fist, Sonic was impaled with the ten claws holding his body in place) “Please X, you can't hurt me, I'm your friend!” Sonic yelled. (X had raised his scythe and was about to hit Sonic. He missed and hit the crystal pillar. X got hit by a charge shot and looked back. The two saw Xover and Zero exhausted. X had went through the floor and emerged right behind Zero and Xover. The two turned around as X had fired a wave of Negative Energy from his hands. The two got hit and they fell to the ground. X had jumped down and had grabbed both Zero and Xover by their necks. X's hands began to glow in a vile purple and the wires on his back had connected with the gems on Zero and Xover's helmets. Energy was being drained and Xover fell unconscious. X had threw both Xover and Zero. The two had hit the crystal pillars and fell) “You've lost.” X said. “X, don't do this to us, we're your friends.” Zero said. “Give up Zero, you can't win.” Eggman said. “I won't, I've won in the past, I'll do it again!” Zero yelled. (He dashed towards X with the O1-Saber. X had grabbed Zero with Negative Energy and had slashed. There was a massive wound on Zero and oil came out. Zero had fell to the ground and X stepped onto Zero's back) “Shall I kill them?” X asked. “No, we'll spare their lives for now.” The Dictator said. “So should we leave?” Eggman asked. “Yes, there is no reason to stay in this dimension, X is now one of us and we've succeeded.” The Dictator said. (He stood up and formed a dimension portal. He, Eggman, and Tackione with Return X had entered. X had began to walk away) “Goodbye my old friend.” X said. (He left Zero and dropped the Z-Saber and was entering into the portal. Zero was reaching his hand out for X) “X, don't go, not, yet.” Zero said. (He lowered his arm and passed out.

  Sonic began to open his eyes. He was looking around and saw himself in the Medical Bay. The door opened up and everyone but Zero and Xover came in. Amy had hugged Sonic) “Oh Sonic, your okay!” Amy said. “Amy, what happened?” Sonic asked. “We found you trapped by those purple crystals and rescued you, what happened?” Amy asked. “X, the Dictator got away by corrupting X, Will, did you hear of it?” Sonic asked. “Yes, but even I was fooled, I thought the Dark Crystal was real, but in the end, it was a fake and a trap.” Will said. “It's alright Will, we'll get him back, wait, how did you know of it?” Sonic asked. “I was hearing it from Zero.” Will said. “I see, but did you find Return X?” Sonic asked. “No, we didn't find him anywhere.” Will said. “So Tackione got away with him.” Sonic said. “I've searched through the Mother Computer, but I found nothing about Tackione, Zero only became upset after I asked him who Tackione was.” Samantha said. “Well, we stopped the Dictator, but now X, he's against us now.” Diamond said. “Where's Zero and Xover?” Sonic asked. “Oh, their in the Control Room.” Solar said. “Okay, I'll see what they're up to.” Sonic said. (He got out of the bed and had walked towards the Control Room.

  He opened the door a bit and saw Zero sitting on a chair with Xover standing up) “Why didn't you tell us from the start that the Master was X?” Zero asked. “I thought it would've never had happened, but X convinced me everything will be okay.” Xover said. “X wanted to rescue me, I knew he would, but Will told me that they didn't find Axl or our other friends, this is my fault too because I was used.” Zero said. “But Tackione, you've known him from the past, what was with Replicapture, and why did he have Return X?” Xover asked. “Return X is a Limited Reploid like him, Replicapture was a Limited Parasite that used X as it's body.” Zero explained. “Well that explains things, but why was Tackione in this time, the Plans didn't mention him being here.” Xover said. “Plans, who gave them to you?” Zero asked. “That I can't say.” Xover said. “The Dictator will pay for what he's done, it settles it, we're going to the next dimension.” Zero said. “Okay, I'm going to support you on that, so are we ready?” Xover asked. “Yes, our friends are waiting for us and we have to rescue X from this fate.” Zero said. (He and Xover were running and bumped into Sonic) “Sonic, what are you doing?” Xover asked. “I was hearing what your saying, so they didn't find Ivory and the others.” Sonic said. “Yeah, but we need to get going.” Xover said. “Let's go get the others and find the last Chaos Emerald and Dark Jewel!” Sonic said. (He ran and Xover and Zero followed. They went into the Medical Bay) “Oh, Sonic, your back with Zero and Xover.” Amy said. “Amy, we need to get to the next dimension.” Sonic said. “But we don't have Ivory with us, how can we create dimension portals?” Amy asked. “It's easy, I'll use a Dark Jewel and Shadow can use a Chaos Emerald.” Sonic said. “I know how to use it, but will you be able to control the Dark Aquamarine's power?” Shadow asked. “Yeah, we need to rescue our friends and X, okay everyone, let's get going!” Sonic said. (He and Shadow got the Dark Aquamarine and light blue Chaos Emerald) “Chaos Control!” Sonic and Shadow yelled. (They formed a dimension portal and the two entered in. Amy, Will with the second Link Ring and the Dimension Ring, Crescent, Cream, Solar, Janet, and Xover had entered in. Right when Zero was going in, they looked back at their friends) “Good luck Zero.” Diamond said. “Don't worry, keep an eye on things while I'm gone.” Zero said. (He gave a thumbs up and then entered into the portal) “Be careful, and bring X back to us, please Zero.” Samantha said.

  (Meanwhile, in the Dictator's throne room, he was with Eggman, X, Tackione, Vile, and Slasher) “So the mighty Megaman X is now on our side.” Slasher said. “Yes, everything went according to plan and now only those fools remain.” Tackione said. “But what about Return X, I saw you with him.” Vile said. “Oh don't worry, he's alright with Doppler.” Tackione said. “I heard from Xover that you were from the future, is that true?” Eggman asked. “Yes, me and Over-1 were against each other whenever Master X was somewhere else, now I have to report this to him in the future, but I will wait till then.” Tackione explained. “What about Metal Sonic, where is he right now?” Eggman asked. “Ah Metal Sonic, don't worry, he's somewhere else.” The Dictator explained. “So now that Sonic and his friends are coming, what do we do?” Slasher asked. “We wait till they arrive, soon I will see Sonic and Zero at their true power.” The Dictator said. “When we will see them, they will end their lives.” X said. There was laughter coming from Eggman and the Dictator. X has gone Maverick and joined the Dictator from being corrupted. Will Sonic and friends find everyone else? Why is Doppler with Return X, will he be alright? What happened to Metal Sonic? Chapter 7 will be the answers, get ready for the next dimension!