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Dimension Heroes Chapter 7 Act 1
​Word Count: 4403

The dimension portal had opened up and Sonic, Tiffany, and Will had exited out into a black ground with many bodies lying with robots. “Tiffany, where were you in X's Dimension?” Sonic asked. “You went there, I was stuck in the portal and everything was black.” Tiffany explained. “A Dimension Hole, those things are very dangerous, but at least you got out.” Will said. “I know, I was so scared, but what did happen in X's Dimension?” Tiffany asked. “X, he, he became a servant to the Dictator.” Sonic explained. “What, but X would never do that, he's too kind!” Tiffany said. “Yeah, I know, blame the Dictator, he'll pay for this.” Sonic said. “Even I was fooled.” Will said. “That's sad.” Tiffany said. “We're back in our dimension, but I thought the Dark Jewels were scattered, why is one with a Chaos Emerald here?” Will asked. “Did a battle just happen?” Tiffany asked. “From the looks of it, yes, and it seems no one won.” Will said. “This is awful, is this because of the Ten Year War?” Sonic asked. “Yes, every place we pass is affected by this war.” Will said. “So many dead, so sad.” Tiffany said. “I know Tiffany, but we need to get going.” Sonic said. “Will, do you know if a refugee camp is nearby?” Tiffany asked. “Yeah, with this place already damaged, we should find one easily.” Will said. “Refuge camp?” Sonic asked. “Yes, they're are lots of those there, they set them up after a battle or the destruction of a city.” Will explained. “That's horrible, and many lives are destroyed, how can we stop this?” Sonic asked. “We can't until we know what to do, besides, you don't know this place.” Will said. “Okay, let's just find a camp.” Sonic said. (The three were walking through the battle field with the dust blowing.

  They made it past hills and then noticed a red tent with a anthropomorphic bloodhound wearing a blue suit and brown boots sitting on a chair with a paper) “Um, hello, how are you doing?” Sonic asked. (The dog looked up from his paper and stood up with his drooped blue eyes looking at Sonic and the group) “Hello, no one's said that to me after the war began, what are you doing in this area out of your tent?” The bloodhound asked. “Tent, no, we just found this place and got curious, what happened here?” Sonic asked. “What happened, a battle happened, I'm just counting the bodies that we found!” The bloodhound explained. “Well, our friend is not from around here, anyways, where can we find the camp?” Will asked. “Are you spies that are machines?” The bloodhound asked. “No, we're flesh and blood.” Sonic said. “I still don't think that way, but I'll take you to the camp, my name is General Bristol, I've been in battles for the full ten years!” Bristol introduced. (The four had walked away from the tent and went down the hill.

  In the distance was white tents and figures walking around. When they got closer, there were animal nurses treating injured ones with bandages and water. There was a bigger tent in the center and two dog guards. They pointed their guns at the four till Bristol had pushed Sonic and Will away) “General Bristol, who are these strangers?” A dog asked. “Well, I found them out in the battle field and they wanted to know where the camp was.” Bristol explained. “We see, well Ava isn't too busy with work, I think you can talk to her.” The other dog explained. “Ava, she's my big brother's friend, let's see her.” Tiffany said. (She ran into the tent and the others went pass the guards and opened the coverings.

  Inside, there was a table with many papers and some of them were maps. There was a chair and next to it was an anthropomorphic Russian blue cat with amber irises. She wore a green cloak with a hood. Underneath the cloak was a brown shirt with a skirt and leggins to the metal boots with gold and green leaves pattern. There were brown fingerless gloves and there was a green strap going on the side of the left shoulder down to the underarm of the right with a pouch filled with green and purple arrows) “Tiffany, it's been three years since we've last met, I'm glad that your alive, you look so grown up.” The cat said. “Thank you, but big brother isn't with us.” Tiffany said. “I see, General Bristol, how many are dead?” Ava asked. “About one hundred and five of our troops and fifty robots.” Bristol explained. “The war will never end at this rate, (Ava looked at a globe and spun it around) so many are dead.” Ava said. “But can we help?” Sonic asked. (Ava gave a glare at Sonic) “You don't know much about the war, I can see the curiosity in your eyes.” Ava said. “Can you tell us about it?” Sonic asked. “Yes, but Bristol, is the group ready?” Ava asked. “Yes, they are waiting for us.” Bristol explained. “What is this mission?” Tiffany asked. “We cannot say till we get to Mech City.” Ava said. “Okay, so let's get over to Mech City.” Sonic said. “It will take us three days to get there.” Ava said. “Don't worry, I can make it there in less time!” Sonic said. “You can do that?” Sonic asked. “Of course I can, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, Will, can you make more of those Link Rings?” Sonic asked. “I've already got enough for everyone.” Will said. (She had gotten two more Link Rings and gave them to everyone but Tiffany) “Wow, you know how to think, with these rings, we'll be able to go quicker.” Ava said. “Yeah, you just need me in order to get there!” Sonic said. “It's time we get going, the plans will be set right!” Bristol said. “But what about me?” Tiffany asked. “Don't worry Tiffany, just get onto my back, my spines won't hurt you.” Sonic said. “Thank you Sonic, I won't let go.” Tiffany said. (She grabbed onto Sonic's back and wrapped her arms around Sonic's neck. Everyone had activated the Link Rings and Sonic ran off with everyone following him.

  Meanwhile, a dimension portal opened up and Tails, Knuckles, and Zero came out into a desert) “So this is the next dimension, another desert, how many times do we have to go through these?” Knuckles asked. “We only went twice, but I don't see much, what do you see Zero?” Tails asked. “I hear gun fire, come on, we have to find out what's going on!” Zero said. (He dashed towards the noises and the two followed.

  They found three wagons with two horses with each wagon. There were many anthropomorphic dogs with guns firing at the wagons while riding robot horses. On of a wagon was a black cat with green irises, white fur on her muzzle, arms, and feet with a white stripe going down her chest. She wore a pink long sleeved shirt and brown vest, blue jeans, and ivory colored boots. She had a lasso and was trying to catch the thieves. They all surrounded the wagons and the horses began to panic. Tails, Knuckles, and Zero had ran and dashed towards the wagons. When they stopped, the thieves had gotten closer towards the cat and the wagons. One jumped up and was about to land when Tails had punched the thief. He fell to the sand below and more came. Knuckles glided in the air and Zero had gotten onto a wagon and jumped from that one to the middle and then to the front one. The cat was scared and had tried to fire a gunshot. Zero grabbed the gun and pointed it at the thieves. He fired and killed two. Knuckles landed onto a horse and noticed the dead thieves were robots. The thieves had drawn hear and were about to attack the wagons. Zero had activated his Z-Saber and the O1-Saber and began to slash with the two sabers. Tails had landed onto a horse and Knuckles had punched through the thieves as they hit the ground and were running away. Many thieves had jumped up onto the wagons and were heading towards Zero and the cat. Zero dashed in and saw the thieves and they began to fire gunshots. Zero and the cat ducked and Zero had fired four more shots. Four got hit and they fell off the wagon and Zero dashed towards the thieves and had slashed them to pieces. Right when he was about to attack more, they jumped onto horses and disappeared.

  The wagons had stopped the heroes had jumped off and were waiting for the wagon to move off. Instead, the cat had then jumped out of the wagon and went up to the three) “Thank y'all for saving us, we were very worried and thought that those thieves would steal our hard worked crops.” The cat said. “Your welcome, what are you doing here?” Tails asked. “We are going out to Tranquil Gulch to sell our fruits and vegetables.” The cat explained. “Well, can we go there with you?” Tails asked. “Yeah, but something about that red girl bothers me.” The cat said. “Oh Zero, he's a robot.” Tails explained. “A robot, no way I can bring you to Tranquil Gulch, what if he's against us?” The cat asked. “Against you, no, I don't even belong in this dimension, I'm a Maverick Hunter that destroys Mavericks that harm humans or organics.” Zero explained. “Another dimension, I'll ask my ma and pa about this, you just wait.” The cat said. (She went back into the wagon) “What, a machine that saved us?” Someone asked. “I don't believe it.” Someone else said. “You've got to listen to me, I saw him in action with my own eyes.” The cat said. “But are you sure about this, the Rebellion is protecting Tranquil Gulch, how can we get him into town?” Someone asked. “Please trust me on this, I'll just introduce him to you.” The cat said. (She stepped out with two anthropomorphic turkeys with blue irises and had wore a pink dress and blue overalls with a brown shirt) “So that is the person, look at him Basil, he looks like a normal human!” The pink dress turkey said. “Indeed he does Saffron, are you Zero?” Basil asked. “Yes, we want to go to Tranquil Gulch to find our friends.” Zero explained. “But are you sure he's not against us?” Saffron asked. “Yes, we're friends with him, now help us!” Knuckles yelled. “Okay echindna, we'll help, but if we're caught, your dead.” Basil said. “Thank you, now let's get going.” Zero said. (He climbed into the wagon and the turkeys gave him a cloak and a turkey mask. Zero put the cloak on and placed the mask and looked at Tails and Knuckles) “That looks great, hopefully no one notices.” Tails said. “Well, we just have to find out.” Knuckles said. (They went onto a wagon behind the main one and Zero sat down. The cat had hit the reins and the horses went off.

  After a while, they saw a town in the distance) “That must be it, oh, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you my name, I'm Stevie Murrell.” Stevie introduced. “I see, have you heard of any news of X?” Zero asked. “X, nope, never heard of a fellow like that, do you know of him?” Stevie asked. “Yes, he's my best friend and now he's caught in this war, I have to stop the Dictator and get him out.” Zero explained. “Oh my, but ain't that dangerous?” Saffron asked. “I know, but it's the only way I'll ever see X smile again.” Zero said. “Okay, ma, pa, Zero, we've made it.” Stevie said. (They looked and saw Tranquil Gulch. It was a set of buildings and there were anthropomorphic sheep walking around. There were two guards near the entrance and had made the wagon with Zero and Stevie stop) “Halt, we are to check for any signs of robots.” The guard explained. “Go find anything y'all need and let us through.” Stevie said. “Well cat, you might regret saying that.” Another guard said. (They had left their posts and began to walk towards the wagon. One got next to Zero and starred at him) “Why is this fellow wearing a cloak?” A guard asked. “Well, um.” Stevie said. “Sorry if this cloak bothers you, I am quite shy around others.” Zero explained. “Yeah, the fellow is just shy, go along with your search.” Stevie said. “Very well we'll keep on looking.” Another guard said. (They walked away and entered into the wagon with Saffron and Basil.

  After a while, they finished searching and went back to Stevie and Zero) “Your good to go.” A guard said. (Stevie had made the horses walk into town. The two guards had kept starring at Zero) “Whew, that was a close one, but at least we're in town, now we can split up, good luck on your journey.” Stevie said. (Zero gave Stevie her gun and he jumped off. He noticed Tails and Knuckles walking towards him) “So what do we do now?” Tails asked. “We better get some information.” Zero said. “I do see a saloon, let's go in there.” Knuckles said. (They had entered into the yellow saloon. The doors swung open and the three came in. They sat down onto chairs near the bar. A possum bartender had walked up to the three) “What can I get you?” The bartender asked. “Information please.” Zero said. “Um, information, for what exactly?” The bartender asked. “Do you know of the Dictator?” Zero asked. (Everyone had began to stare at Zero) “Shh, this is a Rebellion owned town and get suspicious to others, go to the door at the end of the hallway and meet with me.” The bartender said. “No, that was all we needed, forgive us for saying that word.” Zero said. (He got up from his seat and began to walk out of the saloon. Another person wearing a cloak had watched them leave. It had got up and then walked out. It went to the side of the saloon and saw the three walking towards the wagons where Stevie was. It then revealed a watch) “Tackione, I've found them in Tranquil Gulch, they've just left the saloon.” The person said. “Well done Slasher, keep an eye on them, but make sure that they don't see you.” Tackione said. “Understood, I'll make sure Zero pays for what he's done before I joined you guys.” Slasher said. (He continued to stare at Tails, Knuckles and Zero. The three were are the wagons and Stevie came out of a shop and she noticed the three) “What are you doing standing around?” Stevie asked. “We didn't find the information that we needed.” Tails explained. “Well, I understand why, but there's another town, maybe they know what you need.” Stevie said. “Maybe your right.” Knuckles said. “Hey, wait!” Someone yelled.

  Everyone looked and found the bartender running towards them) “You again, what is it?” Tails asked. “Are you part of the Rebellion?” The bartender asked. “No, but we got what we needed.” Knuckles said. “But didn't Tails say that you didn't find it?” Stevie asked. “It sounds like you can join the Rebellion, come with me to the base.” The bartender said. (He began to walk back into the saloon. The four had followed him back to the place and went to a hallway. The bartender looked around and then opened up the door. There was a crate and the bartender lifted it up. He put it back down and then a secret door opened up and there were stairs. They all went down the stairs to find many anthropomorphic animals. One of them walked up to the bartender) “So you've brought new recruits I see.” The animal said. “No, they just wanted information about the Dictator.” The bartender explained. “I see, but we have to test them for robots.” The animal said. “Oh no, Zero.” Tails thought. (The animals had brought out metal detectors and began to scan Tails. The lights weren’t tuning on for him, Knuckles, and Stevie. They got to Zero and the lights were going on. An anthropomorphic bear had gotten on top of Zero and the mask fell off. The animal had grabbed the hood and revealed Zero's face) “What the, but I thought he was a turkey!” The bartender said. “Take that pile of scrap to the jail!” The animal ordered. “Wait, he's not an enemy, he's our friend!” Tails said. “Friends with a machine, how foolish are you all?” The animal asked. “Well, he helped me and my family, I saw it with my own eyes.” Stevie said. “It doesn't matter, take him away!” The animal ordered. “Let go of him, he's innocent!” Tails yelled. (The bear took Zero away and the three were surrounded) “Well this is great.” Knuckles said. “What do we do now?” Stevie asked. (Everyone had began to attack the group. Stevie was on the ground and she noticed the Z-Saber on the ground. She grabbed it and quickly hid it in her vest. She tried to get back up, but Tails grabbed her arm and pulled her up. Knuckles was punching through the animals and was trying to get to the stairs. Tails pushed Stevie onto the stairs) “You have to get out of here, your not safe!” Tails said. “What, but I know how to fight!” Stevie said. “We'll help Zero while you try to get information!” Tails said. “Okay, I'll try to figure something out.” Stevie said. (She ran up the stairs and went out of the room to the hallway. She went out of the saloon and was breathing heavily. She noticed that dust was covering the place.

  The wind had blown the dust away and Stevie saw Silver, Blaze, and Kirby fighting Slasher. Blaze had fired fireballs from her hands and they missed Slasher. Silver had grabbed the fireballs and threw them back towards Slasher. They hit hit his back right after Slasher had fired Sonic Slicers and Kirby had consumed them. He gained a yellow cap with white wings on the sides and two black eyes. There was a golden cutter and Kirby threw it. Slasher had flown away from the cutter and Stevie had gotten out her lasso. She had threw it up and it caught Slasher's arm. Slasher had looked and saw Stevie wrapping the rope up to a pole of the saloon. Slasher had thrown Sonic Slicers at the rope, Silver had caught the slicers and threw them back at Slasher. Slasher had tried to make the rope on his arm get hit, but Silver had used telekinesis on the rope and moved Slashers arm away. The slicers had hit Slasher and Blaze had spun around in a fire tornado. She went to Slasher and had attacked him. The rope was burned and Blaze moved away. Silver had grabbed Slasher) “You've got me, now what do you want?” Slasher asked. “We saw you communicating with someone, who was that?” Silver asked. “Saw me, I guess the cloak was too easy to see through.” Slasher said. “Poyo!” Kirby said. “Now we'll ask again, who was that?” Blaze asked. “The Professor, we're both working for the Dictator.” Slasher said. “Well, where our our friends?” Silver asked. “I can't say, now I have to make my exit.” Slasher said. (He fired a Sonic Slicer at Silver and he got hit. Silver fell to the ground and Slasher was about to fly off. Stevie had ignited the Z-Saber and had gotten on top of Slasher. Slasher made it to the air and was trying to shake Stevie off. Stevie had jabbed the saber into the jet pack on Slasher's back and the two began to fall. They both hit the ground and Slasher had gotten the Z-Saber out of his back and had threw it and Stevie. He then teleported away) “Whew, at least he's gone.” Stevie said. “But we were trying to catch him, what were you doing trying to help us?” Blaze asked. “Well, I do hate fighting, but at least I've got your attention, we need to help Zero with Tails and Knuckles, follow me!” Stevie said. “You know of them, that's a great thing.” Silver said. “Yes, but they're being overrun by the members of the Rebellion!” Stevie said. (She ran into the saloon and had made it to the hallway. Everyone else followed her and they all went downstairs.

  They found the Rebellion members and there was no sight of the three) “You again, your the one who brought that robot in here!” The animal said. “But I didn't know that there was a base here, just let them go!” Stevie said. “Oh you want to fight cowgirl?” The animal asked. (Stevie looked at Silver, Blaze, and Kirby) “Can't you please do something?” Stevie asked. (Someone threw a bottle at Stevie and Silver caught it) “Will you listen to us, we are not from this dimension, I know of this world's fate.” Silver said. “Poyo?” Kirby asked. “You aren't going to change our opinion by your words.” The animal said. “We have come from another dimension to stop the Dictator.” Blaze said. “So your part of the Rebellion.” The animal said. “No, we aren't part of your group, I just want my people to recover from the pain Rose has brought in my dimension.” Blaze said. “Should we let them go?” Someone asked. “Very well Dimension Travelers, we'll let those guys go, but if you go do something that involves the destruction of this world, your going to get it.” The animal said. “Let them go.” Silver ordered. (There was the sound of a cell bars opening up and Tails, Knuckles, and Zero had ran towards Stevie and the three) “Thank you for listening to us, now let's get going before we make more trouble.” Stevie said. (There was a sound from a radio making static noises. It then began to speak) “Tranquil Gulch Rebellion Group, we are heading to Mech City and wanted to inform you of this just for backup.” The radio said. “That voice sounded like Shade's!” Tails said. “We will be ready to initiate the plan, soon they will feel our power.” Shade said. “Why is he saying those things, he is much calmer.” Blaze said. (The radio turned off and the group had exited out of the saloon and went outside. They saw Saffron with Basil) “There you two are, where were you?” Stevie asked. “We hid when that bad machine had showed up, those three showed up and you came out.” Basil explained. “Listen, we need to head over to Mech City, our friends might be there and we must hurry.” Blaze explained. “You have more friends that can help us fight against the Dictator's forces, thank you for coming to this town!” Saffron said. “Well, we can't help you or this world by standing here, let's get going!” Knuckles said. “Okay, we just sold our crops and we have enough supplies, get onto the wagon and let's head out for Mech City!” Basil said. (They got onto the wagon and the horses began to run and leave Tranquil Gulch.

  After a long time on the wagons, everyone decided to camp for the night. They set up a fire and it glowed brightly) “So your Dimension Travelers, that's kinda weird since we don't get that much of those these days.” Basil said. “We came because of the Dictator, he's hurt our friends and now this, I don't know what to think will happen.” Silver explained. “Well, the Professor is quite a mean one, he's used force and led an army that destroyed an entire city ounce, only ten survivors lived that day.” Saffron explained. “I did find out who the Professor was.” Zero said. “You do?” Tails asked. “Tackione.” Zero said. “So Tackione is his name, do you know him?” Blaze asked. “Yes, I thought he was dead, but I was wrong, he is a Limited Reploid who is very intelligent.” Zero explained. “Well that's interesting, anything about Rose, I haven't heard from her in days.” Basil said. “Rose, oh I know, Rose is!” Silver said. (Zero covered Silver's mouth) “Don't say that!” Zero said. “Say what?” Saffron asked. “Oh, nothing.” Tails said. “Zero, are you alright?” Stevie asked. “Why are you asking me?” Zero asked. “Well, when you grabbed your friend, I was a bit concerned.” Stevie explained. “No, for over a month, I was tortured, humiliated, and beaten up.” Zero said. “How can that be?” Silver asked. “Me and Axl were held prisoners, I remembered when I first woke up in that cell, Axl.” Zero said. “What happened to this Axl fella?” Stevie asked. “I saw Axl heavily beaten up being dragged by chains on his arms, legs, and around his neck, he looked at me and stopped.” Zero explained. “What happened next?” Saffron asked. “The guards had slashed him with weapons and Axl fell to the ground while screaming in pain.” Zero explained. “Poor Axl, but he looks fine right now, but to think that happened before you woke up.” Blaze said. “I know, that's why I wanted to escape, but luck has it that the Dictator just sent us away, the helicopter had broken down and fell from the sky, we then tried to find X and made it to a mansion.” Zero explained. “Well at least that explained us some stuff, but right now, we'd better get our rest, goodnight.” Knuckles said. (Everyone fell asleep and Zero had looked up to the stars) “X, don't lose faith in me, I'll rescue you.” Zero thought. (He got up and looked at the fire. It burned brightly and then Zero grabbed some sand and threw it at the fire. It died off and smoke was rising. Zero had lied down and closed his eyes) Sonic and friends in Tiffany's Dimension? What will happen at Mech City? Will they find Shade and maybe others? Where is the whereabouts of Ivory and Axl? Everyone will discover the answers in Act 2!