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Dimension Heroes Chapter 7 Act 2
Word Count: 4054

Meanwhile, in a forest, there was a lantern and everyone but Sonic and Ava were asleep. “So Ava, can you tell me about the war?” Sonic asked. “So you still remember about the question, well, this war has lasted for ten years as the name states and has kept on going to this day.” Ava explained. “But what about the Dictator?” Sonic asked. “The Dictator is the one behind it all, he rebelled a year after he was created, he also had Metal Android and then another year later, Rose.” Ava explained. “Rose, but do you know that they went into other dimensions?” Sonic asked. “Yes, we leaked the plans involving going into other dimensions, but we never knew what they were, how did you find out?” Ava asked. “I was in one of the dimensions they appeared in, you see, me and my friends were on vacation when we met with Shade in the outskirts of Shamar.” Sonic explained. “Shade, I was a friend to him and his father before the war, but what was he doing in your dimension?” Ava asked. “I don't know, but we've been going to different dimensions and have been collecting the Dark Jewels.” Sonic explained. “How many do you have?” Ava asked. “Huh, why are you asking me this?” Sonic asked. “The Rebellion could use them to destroy the Dictator, but it would also kill many innocents.” Ava said. “How can those gems do that destruction?” Sonic asked. “They are filled with Negative Energy, rumors say that when they were created, they caused an explosion that left only few to live and the world was set to repair for a thousand years up to this point.” Ava explained. “When were they created?” Sonic asked. “No one knows, it's a big mystery just like the Dictator, in that event, no one of that incident survived after the Ten Year War began.” Ava said. “Well, thanks for the info, I'd better get some sleep, goodnight.” Sonic said. (He lied on the grass and fell asleep. Ava just starred at him) “Sonic, what if he can help us against the war?” Ava thought. (She lied down onto the grass as well and fell asleep.

  The sun began to rise and it became a new day. Ava woke up and saw everyone waiting for her. They activated the Link Rings and Sonic had continued to run. They made it out of the forest and had went to a borderline and crossed it. There was a city in the distance with a giant cloud of smoke coming out of the center) “Whoa, is that Mech City?” Sonic asked. “Yes, quite a big cloud don't you think?” Bristol asked. “It must be the main factory, let's get in the city.” Ava said. “Okay, hang on everyone!” Sonic said. (He was running towards the city while everyone followed.

  They saw the city and had entered in. They stopped the links and then began to hear a loud noise of cheers) “What's that noise coming from?” Tiffany asked. “I don't know, we'd better head to the rooftops and find out!” Bristol said. (They had gotten into an alleyway and were climbing up the steel buildings. When they got to the top, they found a huge crowd in the center of the city with a stand that had Eggman, Metal Android, and Tackione wearing his cloak. There were blimps with television screens and then Eggman walked up to the microphone) “Machines and others, I am Dr. Eggman, a new member of the Dictator's army.” Eggman said. (There was a loud cheer) “Which side are those guys on?” Sonic asked. “The Dictator's, they support him and claim us to be wrong.” Ava explained. “What cowards, why I ought to kill everyone of them!” Bristol said. “No Bristol, don't, we'll get spotted.” Sonic said. “Let's just continue to listen to them.” Will said. (Eggman moved away for Metal Android) “We may have lost a dear general to the Rebellion, but we have a new fighter to aid us.” Metal Android said. (Tackione had stepped up to the microphone) “With your support, we have been able to make it this far, our secret weapon will destroy them.” Tackione said. (There was a louder cheer then before) “Secret weapon, what is the Professor saying?” Ava asked. “X.” Sonic thought. “I'm going to find out!” Sonic said. “No, we have to stop the Main Factory.” Someone said. (They looked and found Shade on top of a smoke stack) “Big brother, there you are.” Tiffany said. “Brother, I don't know what your talking about.” Shade said. “What, but Shade, you've been with us since the beginning.” Sonic said. “I never met with all of you, Ava, where are the bombs?” Shade asked. “Their in my bag, (Ava revealed a bag and she opened it up. There were five bombs and were covered in rust. Shade grabbed the bag and was running off) be careful.” Ava said. “What were those bombs?” Will asked. “Rust Bombs, we're planing to destroy this city.” Bristol said. “What, but those are illegal, Sonic, you have to help Shade, I saw something, a mark on his back, go!” Will yelled. (Sonic had rushed away from the others and was chasing Shade across the rooftops.

  It began to rain and it was pouring. Shade was running, when he looked back, he saw Sonic running towards him. Sonic rammed right into Shade and the two fell on top of another building. Shade slashed Sonic with his katana and Sonic had rolled into a ball and spin dashed towards Shade. Shade had guarded himself with his katana and threw a smoke bomb. Sonic began to cough as Shade had gotten on top of Sonic) “What are you doing to me, Shade, your our friend!” Sonic said. “I am friends with no one, the Rebellion are my only allies!” Shade said. (Sonic noticed a red symbol glowing from Shade's forehead and Shade's eyes were glowing a much brighter red. Sonic had gotten his arm free and punched Shade. Shade had backed up and then made it to the edge of the building and there was a puddle of rain water. Shade had slipped and fell while screaming. A bolt of lighting had hit a building behind Sonic and there was a loud noise. Sonic had ran to the edge and saw broken glass. He jumped down and landed into a dark place.

  There were dim lights and loud noises of machines. Sonic looked around and saw that he was in a factory working on it's own. Sonic had walked through it and noticed a glass like generator with Ivory in the center. Ivory was wearing an armor on her arms and back which allowed wires to connect with her. There was a red glow to her body and Sonic went up to her and tapped on the glass. Ivory opened her eyes and saw Sonic) “Sonic, you've found me, I'm sorry that I was captured.” Ivory said. “But what happened to you, what's with the wires?” Sonic asked. “Eggman and the Professor brought me here, they placed armor onto my arms and chest, they're using me for this factory's power, I don't know how much longer I can take.” Ivory said. “I'll get you out of here, just hang on.” Sonic said. (He punched the glass, but it didn't break, he then spin dashed it and bounced back a bit) “You can't break it that easily, did Will give you the Dimension Ring?” Ivory asked. “Yeah, but I can't use it unless I get you out.” Sonic said. “Well, we just have to, Sonic, look out!” Ivory yelled. (Sonic turned around and saw Shade ready to jab his katana at him.

  Sonic had moved out of the way as Shade had slashed the glass and it cracked a bit. Sonic moved away as Shade had gotten a Rust Bomb in his hands) “So this is the power source, I have to destroy it for the Rebellion's plan.” Shade said. “Shade, how could you say those things?” Ivory asked. “This isn't Shade, Will said she saw some marks on his back.” Sonic thought. (Shade had ran towards Sonic and was slashing. Sonic had ran backwards till he jumped over a convertor belt. Shad had gotten on top of the belt and had disappeared with a poof of smoke. Sonic was looking around till Shade reappeared behind Sonic and had slashed his back and kicked Sonic. Sonic hit a machine by the back of his head and looked up. He saw Shade diving down with his katana aiming at Sonic's chest. Sonic rolled out of the way and grabbed onto a machine part. Shade had hit the belt and got his katana stuck on the belt. Sonic had slammed the machine part into Shade's face and that had ripped off a part of Shade's clothing. Sonic and Ivory saw a red symbol on Shade's forehead. It was read with a octagon and in the center was a dead tree on fire. Shade had backed up and stood on top of a convertor belt and began to scream. The symbols on his forehead, arms, and back began to glow and the lights had gotten brighter.

  Shade's outfit had turned into a brown color. The cape was made of rocks and there was diamonds on the cape, arms, and legs. The chest had a stone with the kainji of stone and the symbols on his body glowed white. Sonic had dashed towards Shade and then Shade had turned to stone. Sonic had kicked Shade and injured his leg. Shade had gotten out of his stone form and was slashing Sonic. Sonic had slammed right into Ivory's cell and had broken the glass. The Dimension Ring had fallen from Sonic and Ivory was trying to break the wires from her arms. Shade was walking closer to Ivory causing a mini earthquake with every step he took. Wires began to snap and only a few wires were left. Shade had gotten to Ivory and gotten out his katana. He was about to slash Ivory till Sonic had boosted right into him. Sonic began to punch Shade and Shade was slashing him. Ivory had broken one of her arms free and then had grabbed the Dimension Ring and placed it onto her neck. Her body began to turn into a white crystal color and her quills became more longer. Her arms now were the same being in a crystal form. The feet had a red sphere surrounded by yellow viens. Ivory's eyes were now yellow with red outline irises. Ivory's forehead now had a red sphere as well on the ends of her quills. Ivory had boosted towards Sonic and Shade and saw Sonic hit the ground with blood coming out of his mouth. Shade had walked towards Ivory and had tried to slash at her. Ivory moved away and then grabbed the katana. Her quills wrapped around Shade as he turned into a statue. Ivory raised the Shade statue and then the yellow veins in her body began to glow and then caused Shade to return to normal as he felt pain. Ivory then made Shade get closer and Ivory had grabbed the stone from Shade's chest and he returned to his normal form and collapsed. Ivory then grabbed the Dimension Ring from her neck and then fell on top of him. She glowed in a light and returned to her normal form.

  Sonic began to wake up and he heard a loud noise of a door opening up. Sonic got up and grabbed Shade and Ivory and hide them both underneath a converter belt while Sonic was against a wall. He looked and saw Eggman, Tackione, and Metal Android) “The factory was causing the noise, could this be the Rebellion's work?” Eggman asked. “Yes, this factory has the largest production rate, so that's why they want to destroy this place.” Metal Android said. “The power's down, they must have taken or destroyed the power source.” Tackione said. “Ivory, I need to get them out of here.” Sonic thought. (He kept watching the three till Metal Android saw him. Sonic hid back a bit as Metal Android was getting closer) “I know your here Sonic, now come out and fight.” Metal Android said. “Oh no, I've got to do something.” Sonic thought. (A metal hand grabbed Sonic by the neck and then pulled him out of his hiding place. Sonic looked up and found Metal Android) “What are you doing here?” Metal Android asked. “I came to help my friends.” Sonic said. “Should I kill you or not?” Metal Android asked. “No, the Dictator will not be pleased, as for now, let him go.” Tackione said. “What, the Dictator, does he know which dimension me and him came from?” Eggman asked. “Yes, but Sonic is still a foe, Master Dictator wants to see Sonic to fight even more.” Tackione said. “What have you done to Return X?” Sonic asked. “He's fine, just a bit under the weather, Metal Android, if you please.” Tackione said. “Very well, but if you come back, we'll kill you.” Metal Android said. (He let go of Sonic and he ran towards Ivory and Shade. He grabbed them both and the Rust Bomb. He ran up a wall and then onto the ceiling where he got out.

  He found the bag filled with the remaining Rust Bombs and then had headed back with them. Sonic looked around and then jumped down. He found Ava and the others) “There you guys are, I need help!” Sonic said. (He ran towards the group and had placed the two down) “Sonic, you've got the Rust Bombs with you, that's great, but you ruined the mission!” Bristol said. “There were too many innocents, I can't allow you to use these.” Sonic said. “Yes, you do remember that Rust Bombs are illegal?” Will asked. “Their all fools out there, why can't you let us kill them all?” Bristol asked. “I won't allow that, Will, can you see if Shade's alright?” Sonic asked. (Will and Tiffany went up to the two unconscious hedgehogs. Will placed her hand over Shade's forehead and there was a red glow) “I feel it.” Will said. “Will you help big brother?” Tiffany asked. “Yes, just give me a bit of time.” Will said. (Her hands glowed white and Will was placing her hands onto Shade's chest. The red symbols were glowing and then they appeared on Will. Will backed up with her eyes glowing red) “Will, are you alright?” Sonic asked. “Yes, but Shade, (Will looked at Ava and Bristol) you should be ashamed of yourselves to let this happen.” Will said. “What are you talking about lady?” Bristol asked. “Will, what's with the dead tree symbols on Shade's forehead and hands?” Sonic asked. “Why are we blamed when we did nothing?” Ava asked. “The Rebellion did this, I remembered hearing rumors before when I used to live in a normal town.” Will explained. “What did the Rebellion do?” Tiffany asked. “That I can't say for now, we have to help Shade and Ivory.” Will said. “We could head back into the forest, no one goes there a lot.” Ava said. “We'll plan what to do after we make it to the forest.” Bristol said. “Very well, but I don't trust your words of plans.” Will said. (She got Shade in her arms and Sonic had carried Ivory and they left Mech City.

  After a while, they made it to the forest and had rested. Shade and Ivory were on the ground as Will had placed her hands onto Shade's forehead and began to glow. As she was doing this, Sonic and friends were watching) “Will big brother be okay after this?” Tiffany asked. “I don't know, but I do hope so.” Sonic said. “We just need to give her time.” Ava said. “Yes, me and her will plan on what to do.” Bristol said. “Think of one we can all agree on.” Sonic said. (Everyone but Tiffany had left Will, Ivory, and Shade alone. Tiffany had walked back to Will as she placed her hands onto Shade's forehead) “Will, are you alright?” Tiffany asked. “No, I'm sorry that I lashed out at everyon, but I was angry at what I've heard was real.” Will said. (Tiffany sat down next to Will) “What did you hear about, the rumors, what are they?” Tiffany asked. “They were about brainwashing and cursing them with Violent Anger.” Will explained. “I heard about the Dark Chains before, is it worse then the anger?” Tiffany asked. “Yes, it blocks out many things, the main thing being memory and Rose was lucky to have gained it back and figure out who she was.” Will said. “With the sound of your voice, you knew that Rose was Return X before us?” Tiffany asked. “Yes, all this time even before this, I knew about it, when she went to my town and asked me about the dreams she had.” Will explained. “Wow, you talked to her, what were her dreams?” Tiffany asked. “About the past, but I can't remember that well.” Will said. “Ow, my head.” Ivory said. (She opened her eyes and looked at Tiffany and Will) “Ivory, your awake, I was so worried.” Tiffany said. “Tiffany, Will, I remember, Shade, he tried to hurt me, he had a Rust Bomb.” Ivory said. “That was true, but I think Shade will recover soon, just try to rest, now tell us what happened.” Will said. “Okay, I was in a cell with Axl and the chao, when the door opened up, guards came in and grabbed me and took me to Eggman and the Professor.” Ivory explained. “Where were you?” Tiffany asked. “I don't remember, but I was taken to them and I was fused with wires draining my power.” Ivory explained. “And it seems that your gloves are gone, but how did your other arm change?” Tiffany asked. “I placed the Dimension Ring around my neck when Shade was attacking Sonic when he used the Earth Stone.” Ivory explained. “You used it on your neck, but at least your okay, Shade, will you wake up?” Will asked. (Shade opened his eyes and her saw the three girls) “Ugh, Tiffany, are you okay?” Shade asked. “Big brother, yes, I'm alright, but you hurt Sonic.” Tiffany said. “I know, (Shade had got up and then sat down) but that was because I was made to when I lost my memories, I only heard the voices telling me to kill any that stand in the Rebellion's way.” Shade said. “Well, that's another reason, but why did they brainwash you?” Will asked. “I made friends, me and Ivory were just members when we joined.” Shade explained. “Well, there's nothing to be afraid of, were far away from Mech City and we still have the Rust Bombs.” Ivory said. “The bombs, what do we do with them?” Shade asked. “That I don't know, it's going to be tough, but maybe someone can disarm them.” Ivory said. “Well, since your cured, let's head back to the others.” Tiffany said. (They all got up and then began to walk towards where everyone else were.

  They found everyone sitting on logs) “Hey guys, Shade, have you recovered?” Sonic asked. “Yeah, but I'm sorry for attacking you, it was just my fault.” Shade said. “Well, what was with turning into stone?” Sonic asked. “Oh, well, before my father died, he gave me scrolls and they were to become the ultimate ninja, after practicing, I had to search for the Element Stones, so far, I only found one, the Earth Stone.” Shade explained. “It's just like the Volcannon Crystal, are they related?” Sonic asked. “No, you see, in different dimensions, there are things known as Dimensional Opposites, both Shade and Ivory are those and Tiffany is Amy.” Will explained. “Wow, I was thinking about different dimensions with a different me.” Sonic said. “Well, your looking at two of them.” Shade said. (He and Ivory were laughing) “Hey, what's so funny?” Sonic asked. “Oh, nothing.” Ivory said. “Well, we have to get going, but where do we go?” Sonic asked. “I declare that we head to a Rebellion Base.” Bristol said. “No way, I'm not going to let my friends get brainwashed!” Sonic yelled. “What, but that's our only chance to set things right!” Bristol said. “Is that true, look at Shade, he almost killed me and Ivory!” Sonic explained. “I don't believe that, fine, me and Ava will go to a base and leave you here till the Rebellion find you.” Bristol said. “But Bristol, Sonic doesn't like the idea, let's try for something else.” Ava said. “I don't care, they can die here if I want!” Bristol said. (He was leaving the group and disappeared) “Maybe I should go with Bristol, your on your own here.” Ava said. “Wait, here, (Sonic gave Ava the Rust Bombs) if you want to destroy the world, then I'll know who to blame.” Sonic said. “I promise, I'll never use these.” Ava said. (She went after Bristol and left the group) “So are we going to get hurt?” Tiffany asked. “Why did you give her the bombs?” Ivory asked. “I want to see how selfish they can be, I don't think Bristol won't change his mind that easily.” Sonic explained. “Well, we don't know where to go, hey Ivory, is something wrong?” Shade asked. (Ivory was standing in place as the spheres on her hands began to glow) “I'm getting a vision right now.” Ivory said. “What is it?” Sonic asked. “I see, I can't see to well.” Ivory said. “Wait, let me see.” Will said. (She placed her hand onto Ivory's forehead and the vision is shown in Will's eyes. Two dark figures surrounded by the Rebellion and one of them is killed) “What is this vision?” Sonic asked. “I hear the words, we found them on Neo Island.” Will said. “So that's where we have to go, but what if were too late?” Sonic asked. “This is in the future.” Will said. “So that means we still have time, Ivory, snap out of it.” Shade said. (Will's eyes become white and Ivory shook her head) “Are you okay Ivory?” Tiffany asked. “Yeah, hey, do you hear that noise?” Ivory asked. (There was a loud sound of twigs being snapped.

  Right when the group was about to attack, Tails appeared and hugged Sonic) “Tails, what a surprise!” Sonic said. “I know, but I'm glad that your here!” Tails said. “So we found more of your friends, hey Zero, Knuckles, Blaze, Kirby, Silver do you know these guys?” Stevie asked. (She, Knuckles, Zero, Silver, Blaze, and Kirby had went up to the others) “Yes we do Stevie, so what are you doing out here?” Knuckles asked. “Well, here's what happened.... (Sonic explains about Mech City) and that's it.” Sonic explained. “So you saw Tackione and he mentioned X, but Shade, I was caught in a similar problem in Tranquil Gulch involving the Rebellion.” Zero said. “I know why, your a robot and we're supposed to hate you guys, but we're friends.” Shade said. “Shouldn't we get going to Neo Island?” Tiffany asked. “Yeah, I almost forgot.” Sonic said. “But how can we get there?” Silver asked. “I remembered that there was a friend of mine in Pirates Coast, we should head over there.” Ivory said. “Okay then, let's begin our walk.” Stevie said. “Why did we allow Saffron and Basil to leave us to walk?” Knuckles asked. “Well, they wanted to keep the horses, so we ditched the wagons with them.” Blaze explained. “Um okay, let's just get going before we run into more trouble.” Sonic said. (Will gave everyone Link Rings except for Tiffany, Knuckles, Shade, Tails, Blaze, Ivory, and Kirby. The others with the rings had activated them and Sonic had ran off with everyone. There was a blue bird watching them and it flew away) Now everyone has a new destination to go to. Will they get there in time? Who are the two figures in Ivory's vision? Who is Ivory's friend at Pirates Coast? We're nearing a closure in Act 3!