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Dimension Heroes Remastered Chapter 1 Act 1
It all started at a stone temple during dusk. The tall temple had many stairs leading to thick stone. Covered by moss, it blended with a surrounding jungle. Around the temple was a large open field. At the front of the field were two figures. One was a male Japanese Akita covered in fawn colored fur. There was white fur on the muzzle and a black heart shaped nose. There were mint green irises on his unfused eyes. He wore a gappa traveler cape with thick white and green vertical lines. It reached down to his hips while closed like a cone. He had slender white pants with straw colored sandals. Wrapped around his shoulders, arms, and hands were long white bandages. There was a rice hat which covered a hachimaki headband. Like the cape, it had thick white and green vertical lines. On his back was a silver katana. There was a thick dark blue gauntlet with a crystal ring on the right hand. On the back was a big yellow gem. Next to him was a male rooster. He was bulky with red skin mohawk, below the yellow beak, and on the sides of the head. Orange irises inside of unfused eyes. On the upper half of his body was orange with the lower half covered by black feathers. His arms were black with orange fingers. His tail feathers were black with a big white spot. He wore a red stash that had warped around his chest, above the right arm, and below the left. On it was a pink rose pin. The bulky rooster looked to the Akita. “So we've made it before the others could.” The rooster said. (The Akita looked to three hidden figures) “Just keep an eye in case the Rebellion or Obsidian arrive, if that happens, warn us.” The Akita ordered. “Got it Shade, be careful Rojo.” Someone said. (The other three had ran off, hiding behind some fallen pillars. Shade and Rojo began to climb up the stairs.

  The two made it to the top and looked around. Many trees and the darkness covered the scenic view. Shade looked at a part of the temple's formation. He saw small orange lights escaping from the edges of a rectangle stone. Shade looked at Rojo and nodded) “This is a way in, nothing I can do.” Rojo said. (Shade turned around, noticing the rooster. He had curled his fingers into fists. The Akita moved away as the rooster threw a punch. The wall had fallen to pieces) “Thanks Rojo.” Shade complimented. “Yeah, but is it safe?” Rojo asked. “It'll be all over soon.” Shade answered. (He ran into the temple, Rojo smiled and ran in after Shade.

  Inside, it was small with thick stones forming the walls and floor. Around the room were many torches, all lit. In the center was a spiral staircase made of thick stones. Rojo grabbed a nearby torch and walked around. Shade took a step back from Rojo, eyes staring at the flame. Rojo ignored this and let the flames reveal the room) “This place has disappeared for a thousand years, the fire, is it new?” Rojo asked. “Who knows, but we must find those gems, (Shade looked at his glove) and this will help us destroy them.” Shade declared. “You don't even know what this glove can do.” Rojo mentioned. “I know, but I at least have an easier job then you trying to get a girl.” Shade muttered. (He saw Rojo with the torch, moving his arm towards Shade. The Akita moved back) “Listen Shade, we're on an important mission, stop messing around!” Rojo chided. (Shade rubbed his head) “Thanks.” Shade thought. (Rojo pointed to some stairs) “Lets go down, and no more goofing off.” Rojo ordered. (He walked for the stairs, grabbing Shade's gappa. The two climbed down the stairs. Shade only stared at the flames of the torch.

  Outside, the hidden three were now up on a hill near the temple. While one was looking at the temple, the other two had looked at the open field. One had binoculars, someone watched him) “Anything yet Miler?” Someone asked. “Nothing yet, we're just lucky to have made it this far without anyone noticing.” Miler muttered. (He looked up to an anthropomorphic mountain goat. He had thick white fur and long legs, which made him tall. Stretched furry muzzle with a short white beard underneath. His unfused eyes had yellow irises with a thick black horizontal line. On the top of his head were two curved upward gray horns. He wore a blue captain's coat with white cuffs and three golden buttons on the front. His pants were black and there were white shoes and gloves. Both had thick cuffs. Gripped in his right hand was a brown cane with a golden sphere. The goat only looked around, seeing Miler the Pigeon. He had many long gray feathers covering his body. The binoculars covered his unfused eyes which had orange irises. His beak was black with a thick white bridge. The tail feathers were medium sized with dull edges. His arms had long thick feathers with smaller ones for fingers. The legs were hot pink. He wore a silver helmet with brown goggles. There was a brown vest with two big pockets. Around his waist was a dark brown belt with a silver oval buckle. The pants were long with the right leg torn. Short boots were brown with a darker shade for the soles) “Good to know that the Rebellion idiots aren't here.” The goat cheered. “Yeah, that's a good thing, Billy, want me to do anything?” Miler asked. “No, just watch, there's nothing we can do but wait.” Billy answered. “Yeah, but I'm nervous, how can we survive if we're caught?” Miler asked. “If it's the Rebellion, they'll force us to join, but in the hands of Obsidian.” Billy paused. “We'll be dead.” Someone added. (The pigeon and goat looked to the other one.

  It a dark red scorpion with black fused eyes. There were dark red irises. His muzzle, arms, and legs were dark green. He had no nose. There were six arms, each having three fingers. The two upper hands were tarsus. His tail was long with dark green symbols of melting skulls on the sides. The stinger had a dark green tip. He wore an orange turban. On the forehead was a sun stone. He wore a cream shirt with an orange vest and a long white cape. His cream baggy pants were thick with white shoes. He was lifting himself up by his tail) “See anything?” Billy asked. “No, we're just lucky that nothing's happened.” Toxic Dune soothed. (They continued to look at the temple.

  After a while, Miler jumped as the trio heard explosions. Each had looked around, soon seeing stars disappear from the sky. Miler had his binoculars aimed at a red light from the forest. His beak dropped, in the view were machines. They each had shapes of ants. All had a tanzanite purple color with bombs tied to their arms, legs, and waist. They didn't have muzzles, but there were black tear shaped eyes. The arms and hands were plain, only having tanzanite spheres beeping on the palms. It was also on the foot parts. On the back was a big box. The pigeon looked to Billy and Toxic Dune) “There already here.” Miler gulped. (Billy grabbed the pigeon's binoculars and looked through them. He saw the machines and moved the binoculars down) “My Memoriasis.” Billy muttered. (He looked to the pigeon) “Miler, tell Shade and Rojo that Obsidian's army is here.” Toxic Dune ordered. “Get going Miler, we'll run, (Miler got up, opening his arms, he began to fly for the temple) we have to follow Miler!” Billy ordered. (He pushed Toxic Dune towards the temple) “What, we're not going there!” Toxic Dune yelled. “I have a plan.” Billy muttered. “Well, if we get in trouble, I'll give you plenty of venom!” Toxic Dune chided. (The two had began to run for the temple. In the flames, more black machines appeared. There was a much bigger figure then the others. It pointed to the temple and they all began to advance.

  Inside of the temple, Miler flew down the stairs with goggles on. Passing through the many small halls, the pigeon kept flying. He was thinking, did Billy and Toxic Dune escape? The pigeon then stopped, staying airborne. He looked around the big hallway he was in. The pigeon noticed a flame near the end of the hallway. He flew forward, soon seeing Shade and Rojo. Shade was farther then Rojo, still glaring at the flame) “Guys!” Miler yelled. (The two looked to see the pigeon) “What is it Miler?” Shade asked. (Miler had landed onto the stone ground) “Obsidian's army is coming, we must find the Memento Mori!” Miler answered. “Calm down, we're going forward, come with us!” Shade ordered. (He ran with Rojo as Miler flew.

  Up at the entrance, Billy and Toxic Dune were heading down the stairs. The scorpion was going down faster then Billy. He looked up to see the goat with his cane hitting each step) “Billy, what plan do you have?” Toxic Dune asked. “Don't worry, if Shade fails to do the job, I will.” Billy said. “But, are you okay with how old you are?” Toxic Dune asked. “Age doesn't mean anything for me.” Billy chuckled. “Can't you just hurry up, Obsidian will kill us at this pace!” Toxic Dune yelled. (He sighed, running back up to wrap his tail around Billy. The scorpion ran down the stairs, Billy had gripped his cane. While Toxic Dune ran, the two began to hear explosions and feel earthquakes. Rubble began to fall, some of it hit the stairs and the two fell to the ground. Toxic Dune landed first, unwrapping his tail, Billy fell on top of the scorpion. More blocks of stone fell, hitting the ground. The ground kept rumbling as more explosions occurred. Billy noticed a block about to fall onto the the scorpion. He grabbed Toxic Dune's tail and ran, letting the block fall. Its impact caused the floor to collapse. Billy fell through the hole, dragging Toxic Dune. The two fell to the darkness, explosions roared.

  Deep down, Shade, Rojo, and Miler made it to a big room. There was a small temple structure in the center. Torches were forming a path leading to the temple. On the walls were pictures of ancient times. The top of the small temple were seven pillars. Embedded on them were seven pieces of armor. Two gauntlets and boots, a helmet, and a cape. Shade walked up the steps. Heart pounding at a fast rate. Miler looked at Rojo) “If only Billy were here to help.” Miler gulped. “We just have to wait and see.” Rojo muttered. (Shade went to the center of the seven pillars. Looking upon the glove, it's yellow gem glowed. The seven dark pieces began to move out of their sockets. Golden light consumed them. During Shade's concentration, the three heard rumbling and muffled explosions. Above the path, stones fell. One was a stone block. On top of the block was Billy and Toxic Dune) “Uh, hello guys.” Billy said. “Billy, nice to see you.” Miler chuckled. (Toxic Dune had rubbed his head, dangling his tail, Billy climbed down. The scorpion snarled in pain before Billy hit the ground. Toxic Dune hit the ground, eyes closed) “The Memento Mori, Shade.” Billy said. (The Memento Mori moved from their slots. Shade looked upon the pieces of armor and smiled) “So he did it.” Toxic Dune said. (The group went up the steps to see Shade) “Now that their out, it's time to destroy them.” Billy said. “No, the armor is to be mine.” Someone said. (The group looked to the open hole in the ceiling) “He's here.” Rojo chided.

  (Something slammed into the ground, dust flying. The heroes were ready, he was here. Dust cleared up to reveal an android. It wore obsidian black armor. White parts were on the neck, arms, and legs. The knight's helmet had covered the face by it's visor. On the forehead was a big ruby spike pointing upwards. The body armor's center had a thick ruby spike pointing forward. Silver shoulder pads had ruby spikes on the front. The rectangle forearms and boots were black with silver on the wrists and top of the boots. While the boots have only one spike on the front, the forearms have four spikes on the wrists. The hands were black with a ruby spike on the back. Fingers were white with silver sphere joints. They were behind sharp ruby claws. The feet have a rounded front with a flat back having a rounded top. On the ankle part are big silver spheres. In his hands was a big ruby sword. More machines dropped, mechanical ants) “Obsidian, I knew you would want to get your hands on the Memento Mori!” Shade yelled. “Look around, this war has lived for years, give me the armor.” Obsidian said. “What can you do to end this war?” Billy asked. “End, not yet, but I'll get them (Obsidian moved his hand, letting the ants move away) no matter what.” Obsidian declared.

  (He raised his sword and red electricity began to fly. Hitting the ground, it formed rubies. Rojo and Miler went forward, down the temple's steps. Obsidian waited for the two to get close. The two birds stopped and Obsidian raised his sword. Red electricity flew, Rojo ran forward while Miler flew around, avoiding the rubies. Obsidian watched Miler before looking down at Rojo. The roosted punched Obsidian, there wasn't a sound as Rojo punched. Obsidian didn't have a single dent. The machine grabbed Rojo's arm and threw him towards a ruby. Miler body slammed into Obsidian's back. Miler flew away, shaking his head. He noticed Obsidian, not a single scratch. The machine turned around, aiming his sword at Miler, red electricity went flying. Miler flew around, noticing Rojo getting up. With this distraction, electricity had hit Miler's left wing, encasing it in ruby. Miler slammed into the ground near Obsidian. He had his ruby sword raised at Miler's head. Before he could end him, Rojo punched Obsidian's leg. The machine fell. Rojo grabbed Miler and ran for the temple. Obsidian gripped his sword and aimed. Before the two could notice, they were both encased in ruby.

  Toxic Dune's eyes widened as he saw his two friends in ruby. He looked to see the Memento Mori fading. Billy had a smile on his face. Obsidian was walking forward, Shade continued to destroy the armor. Toxic Dune went to Billy) “Billy, we have to protect Shade!” Toxic Dune ordered. “Alright, Shade, please finish this.” Billy said. “I'm understand.” Shade muttered. (Toxic Dune ran down the stairs as Obsidian became silent.

  The scorpion stopped, his clothes dissolved into sand. He was bald with a sphere shape with his body having rigdes. The grains hit the steps. Obsidian dashed forward with his sword ready. Toxic Dune saw Obsidian, the machine noticed a smirk on the scorpion's face. Obsidian slammed his sword, but the sand rose up and formed a fist. It hit Obsidian and sent him back. Pushed back, Obsidian aimed his sword at Toxic Dune, firing red electricity. The sand formed into a wall and rubies encased it. Toxic Dune jumped over it and saw more lighting bolts flying from Obsidian's sword. With speed, Toxic Dune went forward, jumping up to jab his tail at the ruby blade. Obsidian's white eye glowed as his sword fired red electricity. Toxic Dune's eyes widened as his body began to be immobile. He fell to the floor and looked up, his body was becoming stiff. Obsidian's single eye stared down at Toxic Dune. The scorpion became trapped in a ruby.

  Billy watched, fear in his eyes. He kept looking at Obsidian) “Shade, how painful has this war been?” Billy asked. “Indescribable.” Shade answered. (He looked to see a ruby wall, and Obsidian coming) “Hurry up!” Billy yelled. (Obsidian headed for the two. Billy got out a pistol, bullets went flying. Obsidian walked as bullets fell from his armor. The machine dashed forward and impaled Billy through his shoulder. Billy's eyes widened as blood seeped from his wound. Shade saw Obsidian's white eye, it was staring at him. A drop of Billy's blood hit one of the Memento Mori. Obsidian flung Billy at Shade. The Memento Mori began to glow, they became consumed in light. Light faded, the heroes and Obsidian disappeared. The robotic ants looked around, no sign of their leader. They began to glow, times up. Smoke and fire filled the sky as stones fell.