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Dimension Heroes Chapter 1 Act 2
Meanwhile, in another place, there was a pine forest. The trees were tall as the center was a big mountain, but there was another one in the distance. Running around these trees was a blue blur. It kept going, letting many pine straws fly. Passing through the many trees, there was a sign with two locations written on it. The blur had stopped to look at it. It was Sonic the Hedgehog! The signs had Desolate Mountain, and another was Tavern Town. Sonic ran for Tavern Town, knowing that someone was waiting. He kept running, soon entering into a mountain's mossy cave. It was dark, but had blue lights and the roar of water. Sonic had made it out of the cave, seeing a small town on a lake. It was made of logs. That lake had a waterfall that was coming from the mountain. Surrounding the lake was many maple trees. Where Sonic was at, there were some carved stairs leading to the town. Sonic ran down these stairs and made pass the log bridge. He was at the small town. There were nine buildings, all made of logs. The one in the middle was bigger then others, having a white flag with three golden leaves. Two other big buildings. One was two stories while the other was a train car. There were signs for the two. One was Memory Lake Tavern, and another building had Maple River Diner. The others were just plain log cabins, possibly homes. Sonic had went for the tavern, opening the door.

  Inside, there was a thick scent of oak. Wood was everywhere to form the building. At the front was a white counter with a vase having a small plant and cash register. Behind the counter is a white door. On the left was some stairs going up while bending right. At the right of the counter was two saloon swinging doors. Sonic went to a bell on the wall. He wrung it and there was silence) “Helo, is anyone here?” Sonic asked. “Must be a vacation, then why was the door unlocked?” Sonic thought. (He turned around, footsteps echoed from the swinging doors. They moved away to reveal two figures.

  One was anthromorphic black wolf. He had an extended white muzzle. His nose was round with two nostrils. The ears were stretched triangles. He had a bushy black tail. The armor was silver with a helmet covering the entire head. On it was a thick visor with three thick opened lines. The main body armor had a crescent moon, the back had two openings for thick leather bags. Covering those bags was a silver shield. The crest was a dark blue with many white stars. Some had lines to form the Corvus Constellation. In the center was a full moon. The boots were metal. Silver forearm armor had a crescent moon scythe for the outer part of the forearms. There were thick silver shoes with metal bolts. On the wrists of the gauntlets were two rings. On the right wrist was an obsidian ring. The ring had four different colored gems. An emerald leaf, a sapphire tear, ruby flame, and a topaz lighting bolt, On the left was a rusty gold ring. It had an old pocket watch inserted on the front. On the ring itself was many curved silver lines. Next to him was a female anthromorphic river otter. Her fur was ivory with most of it being covered in a metal bodysuit. The thin muzzle was white with a small black upside down triangle nose. Her eyes were unfused, but had lavender irises. The bodysuit had small metal bobbin rings on arms, legs, chest, and neck. Cables perforated all across the body. Covering the chest and arms was a short faux baby blue leather jacket. She wore black gloves and dark purple shoes. The two looked at Sonic) “Are you waiting on service?” Sonic asked. “No, we're waiting for someone else.” The wolf said. (Sonic looked at the otter's metal body. She noticed Sonic's green irises and gripped her jacket. Looking at a white vase. The Wolf snarled at Sonic) “Oh, sorry, I didn't know she was sensitive.” Sonic apologized. “You'd better be, (The wolf looked at the otter) it's alright Ivory.” The wolf soothed. “How much longer can we wait?” Ivory asked. “I'm sure he'll show up.” The wolf said. (The two paused as they felt the ground shaking.

  Escaping from the cabin, they saw other people running away as water splashed. The three followed to main ground. Ground kept shaking, clouds became darker. On the main ground, Sonic looked around. The ground stopped shaking, the sky became bright with a flash of purple light. Rising up, Sonic's eyes widened as a pillar of purple rose up. It vanished, Ivory looked at Sonic) “Are you alright?” Ivory asked. (Sonic looked to the otter) “Did you see that?” Sonic asked. “See what, we didn't see anything.” Ivory pasued. “Have any idea where this 'that' was?” The wolf asked. “I don't know, but I've got to find out.” Sonic said. “May we assist?” The wolf asked. “Okay, my name is Sonic.” Sonic introduced. “Sonic, your well known around these parts.” The wolf said. “Yeah, but it's time we get going.” Sonic said. (The ground began to shake. Parts of the ground cracked to reveal purple light) “Whats going on?” The wolf asked. (Flashes of light occured in the sky, Sonic gripped his chest) “Are you okay?” Ivory asked. “I feel something.” Sonic explained. (Ivory looked at the wolf) “Hunter, what's going on?” Ivory asked. “I don't know, but it's something dangerous.” Hunter said. (Sonic nodded) “Right, I'm going to find the source before anyone gets hurt.” Sonic said. (He ran off towards the cave. Hunter and Ivory gave chase.

  Sonic ran through the woods, looking at the the black sky. Leaves fell to the ground, trees became darker. Ivory and Hunter saw the changes) “I never expected this.” Hunter thought. (He noticed Ivory slowing down. She was checking her bobbin holes) “It's okay Ivory, your suit isn't going to fall off.” Hunter said. “I'm not sure about this.” Ivory said. “I know, but everything's dying around us.” Hunter said. “Does Sonic know of the source?” Ivory asked. “He will, now let's go.” Hunter said. (The two followed Sonic. Another beam of light rose to the sky. Sonic shileded his eyes before looking upon it. The light originated from the Desolate Mountain. Sonic looked back before running for the light.

  At the entrance of Desolate Mountain, Sonic, Hunter, and Ivory looked around. The mountain had a thick shade of red. The entrance was like an opened mouth of sharp teeth, above were two triangle cuts with fire on them. Sonic saw the beam of light) “Is this the source?” Hunter asked. (Sonic nodded before running into the mountain. Ivory and Hunter looked at each other before entering inside.

  Making their way up the mountain, the three reached to the top. The sky was still black, Sonic noticed the light disappeared. On the crater, Obsidian was in the center. Surrounding him were Rojo, Miler, Toxic Dune, and Billy, all on the ground. Shade was next to the entrance. Obsidian and Shade glared at Sonic, Hunter, and Ivory) “Newcomers, those of the Rebellion.” Obsidian said. “Rebellion, what are you talking about?” Sonic asked. “We're not a part of your game.” Hunter chided. “Your not on the enemy sides?” Shade asked. (The wolf nodded before looking upon Obsidian. Gripped in his hand was a Memto Mori Cape) “It doesn't matter which side you belong to, I will end your lives.” Obsidian said. (He let the Memento Mori Cape wrap around his neck. It glowed to a bright emerald color. Gripping his blade, Obsidian glared at the animals.

  Shade rushed forward, gripping his katana, he slashed at the machine. Obsidian moved his blade to follow Shade's moves. The cape began to take a liquid form and splash it over Shade. Obsidian kicked the Akita to the ground. Sonic moved forward, the cape splashed onto the hedgehog. As Sonic ran, he felt slower before stopping. Legs were stuck to the ground. Obsidian walked forward and fired red electricity. Sonic's eyes widened, his body was turning into rubies. Obsidian looked at the wolf and otter. The red gem on Hunter's obsidian ring glowed. With a quick move, Hunter unleashed fire at Obsidian. The machine slashed through the flames and let the Memento Mori splash onto the two. Hunter shook his fur, noticing his ring was consumed in emerald liquid. Ivory looked around, no sign of goo on her. Obsidian moved back before aiming his blade at the two. Red electricity went flying and hit both Ivory and Hunter. Both were consumed in rubies. Obsidian sighed before the Memento Mori reformed. He looked at Shade, pointing his blade at the Akita's face) “Your lucky that you sent them away, you only stalled the end.” Obsidian said. “You'll never win.” Shade snarled. “I understand, but this is over.” Obsidian said. (His sword glowed and he unleashed red electricity.

  Breaking through the rubies, Hunter fell from the broken ruby. The goo was gone from his ring. The wolf looked around, Obsidian was gone and the sky became clear. Hunter looked to see the rubies. He slamed his fist to where Ivory was sealed. She fell out, shilding her eyes) “Are you okay Ivory?” Hunter asked. “Yes, but where's the machine?” Ivory asked. “He left with the Memento Mori Cape.” Hunter answered. “Should we help the others?” Ivory asked. (Hunter nodded before kicking rubies. Ivory helped out as the rubies shattered. Everyone looked around) “Ugh my head, what's going on?” Miler asked. “We let Obsidian get away.” Shade said. “What, with the Memento Mori?” Billy asked. “Only the cape, I sent the others away.” Shade explained. “Where too?” Billy asked. “I don't know, (Shade noticed Ivory going up to Bill) just who are you?” Shade asked. “Ivory, I never expected to see you here.” Billy said. “Yeah, (Ivory looked at Hunter) he helped me find you.” Ivory explained. “Well, if we're out of the temple through the Memento Mori, dimensions.” Billy muttered. “Dimensions, what does that mean?” Miler asked. “We went Dimension Traveling, it's amazing how you managed to do it.” Billy said. “Really, so your from another dimension?” Sonic asked. “Yes, Obsidian, what can we do?” Shade asked. “What do you mean?” Miler asked. “Obsidian is going to get the Memento Mori and rule over us.” Shade said. “Hey, do you need help?” Sonic asked. “Your willing to help us?” Shade asked. “I always help others, and with what your going through, I'll help.” Sonic said. “Thank you, but we're too late, Obsidian's gone and we have no clue where to go next.” Shade said. (His eyes widened as he noticed a pillar of light. Sonic turned around to see the same light) “Does anyone else see this?” Sonic asked. “I do, but what is it?” Shade asked. “You both see something we cannot?” Ivory asked. “Again, how strange, let's investigate that light.” Sonic said. “Only we can see it?” Shade asked. “Let's follow where you see the light.” Hunter said. (They began their descent down the mountain.

  During the walk to the mountain, the group walked for it) “Your name is Ivory, correct?” Rojo asked. “Yes, we came from the same dimension your from.” Ivory said. “How were you able to get to this unknown dimension?” Billy asked. “It's a secret, we don't want Obsidian or anyone else to find out.” Hunter explained. “I see, but Ivory, why did you decide to come?” Billy asked. “I wanted to say thanks for before.” Ivory said. “Did you tell that wolf?” Billy asked. “Hunter, no, all he did know was the gem.” Ivory said. “Yeah, bloodstones.” Hunter said. “I hope he knows only of the stone.” Billy thought. “Can you still see the light?” Miler asked. “Yeah, how mysterios.” Shade said. “Want me to fly further?” Miler asked. “Sure, (Shade pointed to the mountain) wait for us up there.” Shade ordered. (Miler nodded before adjusting his goggles. Flapping his wings, Miler flew for the mountain) “Shade, I'm glad you sent the Memento Mori away.” Billy sighed. “Are you okay?” Shade asked. (Billy rubbed his shoulder) “Yeah, even if Obsidian has one piece, I hope we'll stop him.” Billy said. “What's wrong?” Ivory asked. (She went to Billy's shoulder) “Just a stab wound, nothing to worry about.” Billy said. “A stab, you could get it infected!” Ivory yelled. “I know how bleeding works, I'll be fine.” Billy soothed. “Are you sure?” Ivory asked. “Calm down Ivory, Billy will get better.” Rojo soothed. (He had fingers around Ivory's extended fur. Ivory paused, she moved away to Hunter. Wrapping her arms around Hunter's chest, the wolf glared at Rojo) “Were you trying to hurt her?” Hunter asked. “No, why would I hurt a beautifl lady?” Rojo asked. “Rojo, now's not the time to attract ladies.” Shade chided. “You try to get girls?” Ivory asked. “No, dang it Shade, I wasn't!” Rojo yelled. “Could we stop arguing?” Billy asked. “Right, we're almost at the mountain.” Shade said. (They kept walking for it.

  After a while, Sonic and the rest made it to a part of the mountain near Tavern Town. Climbing up, the group made it to the top where Miler was. He was preening his feathers. Eyes widened to see the heroes climbing. His feathers were ruffled before he flapped his wings) “Miler, calm down.” Rojo said. “I hate it when people see me preening!” Miler yelled. “Sorry we're in the middle of your work.” Ivory apologized. “Hedgehog, the light's gone!” Shade said. “Yeah, I saw it too, oh, and I'm Sonic.” Sonic repeated. (Hunter moved some plants to reveal a stairway) “Hey guys, look what's down here.” Shade said. (The group saw the stairs) “What do you think's down there?” Sonic asked. “Only one way to find out.” Billy said. (The group climbed down the stairs.

  Inside, they found a large room with a huge sapphire carved tornado in the center. On the walls were paintings) “Wow, what a stone.” Ivory gasped. “Amazing how you two were able to find this.” Rojo complimented. “Yeah, but what does this do?” Shade asked. “Sonic, Shade, since you were the ones to see the location, why don't you examine it?” Billy asked. (Sonic and Shade went forward towards the sapphire) “What do you think this is?” Sonic asked. “I don't know, but I feel some sort of power.” Hunter said. (Sonic rubbed his fingers onto the sapphire. The sapphire began to glow a bright blue. It fired a laser, hitting the ground. It formed a portal) “A Dimension Portal, such wonder!” Billy yelled. “We can travel to other dimensions?” Sonic asked. “Yes, I never thought we would see one here.” Hunter said. “Where does it lead too?” Ivory asked. “Who knows, only one way to find out.” Hunter said. (Shade looked at Sonic) “Do you have anything else left to do before we leave?” Shade asked. “No, all I have left to do is save the world.” Sonic said. He smiled as the others jumped into the portal. Sonic looked outside and went inside.