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Dimension Heroes Remastered Chapter 2 Act 1
A dimension portal opened up, Sonic and other animals. They looked around to see sand. Wind blew, sand flew in the air. “So we're in a new dimension.” Shade said. “Yes, we're in an unknown desert.” Rojo said. “Just what I need!” Toxic Dune cheered. (Everyone looked at the scorpion. Sand went to the scorpion and formed clothes) “How were you able to do that?” Ivory asked. “It's been a talent of mine to manipulate sand.” Toxic Dune explained. “Interesting, can you be able to search for anything other then sand?” Hunter asked. “Why not ask Miler, he's the flyer.” Toxic Dune said. “Want to challenge me?” Miler asked. “No, I just provided the wolf some help.” Toxic Dune said. “It's Hunter, now pigeon, how far can you go to find civilization?” Hunter asked. “Many miles, I'll come back when I find something.” Miler said. (He flapped his wings and flew off. Rojo went to Ivory) “What a warm heat, do you have any elemental powers?” Rojo asked. (He had an arm around Ivory's shoulder, fingers touching the wires) “No, just let go.” Ivory muttered. “What's wrong, you do look nice, that suit doesn't bother me.” Rojo soothed. “Please, leave me.” Ivory begged. (A pillar of sand rose up below the rooster and he flew. Ivory moved back before seeing Shade and Toxic Dune. The scorpion had one of his arms up) “Sorry about Rojo, he's into girls.” Shade apologized. “Do I look too different?” Ivory asked. “What do you mean?” Sonic asked. (The otter gripped her jacket and looked away) “Ivory, everything's okay, that rooster learned his lesson.” Hunter said. “I know, thanks.” Ivory soothed. (She went to Hunter and felt his armor) “Ivory, how did you meet this wolf?” Billy asked. “I met him at my camp after saying goodbye to you.” Ivory explained. “Wouldn't you fight him for being in your territory?” Rojo asked. “He wanted to rest for the night, and I talked to him about Billy.” Ivory explained. “Yeah, and she mentioned about wishing to see you again.” Hunter explained. “And your still keeping the dimension travel method a secret?” Billy asked. “Yes.” Hunter chided. “Guys!” Someone yelled. (The group looked to the sky.

  Miler dived into the sand, a sand fist caught the bird. Toxic Dune smiled, the hand melted and Miler got up) “Are you okay?” Shade asked. “Yeah, I found something.” Miler said. “What is it?” Ivory asked. “A giant pipe!” Miler explained. “A what?” Rojo asked. “A giant pipe, is the color green?” Sonic asked. “Yes, how did you know?” Miler asked. “I know which dimension we're in.” Sonic said. “Are you sure?” Shade asked. “Yeah, just show us the pipe.” Sonic said. “Okay then, (Miler flew up and the others followed) here we go!” Miler yelled.

  After a while, the heroes saw a giant green pipe) “Yep, it's a Warp Pipe!” Sonic cheered. “What's a Warp Pipe?” Billy asked. “Miler, can you help me get on top of the pipe?” Sonic asked. (Miler nodded and flapped his wings. Flying, Sonic grabbed Miler's legs. The pigeon flew to the top of the pipe and Sonic let go. Sonic looked to the others) “Why are you on top of that pipe?” Shade asked. “Toxic Dune, can't you get the others in here?” Sonic asked. “Why?” Toxic Dune asked. “We can transport to another pipe by going down here!” Sonic answered. (He went into the pipe, making a noise. Toxic Dune made sand rise up to send the others into the Warp Pipe. The noise echoed as the scorpion jumped in.

  Popping out of the pipe, Sonic looked around before jumping down. The others got out and hit the sand. They looked around before seeing something, a city) “Wow, how fast we are to civilization!” Hunter cheered. “Maybe we can find the Memento Mori.” Billy mused. (They all began to move towards the city.

  In the city, the group looked around. White walls surrounded the city. Creatures in red robes looked at the newcomers. Houses were of mushrooms, all having white caps. Hunter noticed Ivory gripping her jacket) “It's okay, they're thinking of the others more then you.” Hunter soothed. (Ivory nodded and the otter and wolf looked at the creatures.

  On the white cobblestones, the group saw two thick giant black capped mushrooms. Inside, the group found more white mask wearing red robbed figures. There were stands with many items. A giant spiral staircase was in the center) “Where do we search?” Shade asked. “Who knows, if only we could gather information for unknown events.” Billy said. “Old or recent?” Someone asked. (The group looked to see one of the creatures behind a wooden stand. Surrounding him were clay pots) “Who are you?” Sonic asked. “I'm an owner of a stand.” The creature said. “We want recent news of events.” Billy said. “There is one event going on.” The creature said. “Go on, we're willing to listen.” Billy said. “Well, something strange has been going on.” The creature said. “And that is?” Ivory asked. “There's an abandoned mansion located far east, it's giving off a massive blizzard.” The creature answered. “Sounds interesting, is there any way for us to get there?” Billy asked. “Yes, a Warp Pipe's located in a forest far east, I'm not sure how long, that's the only way.” The creature explained. “Right, thanks for the information.” Shade thanked. “Be careful, two people already left to investigate.” The creature said. “And their names are?” Miler asked. “Mario and Luigi.” The creature said. “Who?” Shade asked. “I'll explain later, we've got to get going, thanks Shy Guy!” Sonic thanked. (He ran off and the others followed.

  Outside of the city, the group trudged through the desert. Sand blew in the wind and the sun shined. Miler flew around the humid dunes. Goggles were covering his eyes from the small grains. Looking below, Miler saw Sonic and the others walking through the sand. Everyone but Shade had their arms shielding their eyes. Hunter covered himself in a black cloak) “Am I the only smart one around here?” Hunter asked. “Says the only person who's afraid of the sun.” Rojo thought. “Toxic, can't you just get rid of this blowing sand?” Billy asked. “I can't, I only control sand on the ground, not that in the sky.” Toxic Dune answered. “Great.” Billy chided. “Hey, I'm the one with the shielding hat!” Shade said. “Yeah, gripping it to your face, watch out for cactus.” Billy snarked. (Rojo began to whistle while ambling towards Ivory. The otter caught notice of this and rushed to Hunter, gripping his arm) “Again?” Hunter asked. (Ivory nodded as Rojo slapped sand into Shade's face. The Akita coughed with eyes becoming bloodshot. Shade glared at Rojo, now laughing. Reaching his hand underneath his cape's collar. Shade pulled out a red scarf from underneath and covered his mouth. The Akita was brushing his shut eyelids)f“What was that for?” Shade asked. “Ivory looked at you.” Rojo muttered. “What?” Shade asked. “Get away from the otter.” Rojo chided. (He walked away towards the others, eyes at Ivory. Miler landed, sand went flying from his wings movement) “Are we going the right way?” Miler asked. “I'm sure we are, we're still going east, right?” Sonic asked. (Everyone became silent. Billy reached in his pocket and picked out a compass) “Yep, we're heading east.” Billy avered. “At least we aren't going west.” Shade sighed. (Ivory went up to Sonic) “Who are Mario and Luigi?” Ivory asked. “Oh, that's a good question, their my friends.” Sonic answered. “Just who are they?” Ivory asked. “They're the heroes of this dimension, I've known of them for a long time.” Sonic explained. “There's only one thing that bothers me.” Billy paused. “And what's that?” Sonic asked. “How did someone get the Memento Mori this fast?” Billy asked. “Who knows, let's just hope that the armor is at the abandoned mansion.” Miler said. (Shade looked to his Pure Glove, eyes still red from the sand on his eyelids. The group kept walking through the hot terrain.

  After a long trek, the heroes made it to a big rock. It was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by dunes. Sonic and the others looked around. It was already dusk with the moon illuminating the sand. Rojo lied on the ground, sand covered his feathers during his rest. Sonic and the others were near the rock. Farther then the others, Shade looked around with Miler's binoculars. Hunter had fire on his glove with the obsidian ring. The flames gave an orange light, contrasting the moon's blue. Sonic looked at Billy) “So, what was your real reason for dimension traveling?” Sonic asked. “We didn't expect to travel through dimensions.” Billy said. “It was my fault.” Someone sighed. (The group looked to Shade, head low and binoculars on the sand) “Shade, we didn't expect Obsidian to injure me!” Billy yelled. “Then how come I lost control of the armor?” Shade barked. “Obsidian stabbed me, my blood tainted the armor.” Billy explained. “How, you never told me.” Shade chided. “I didn't expect it to happen, (Billy went up to Shade and placed his cane onto the sand. He then hugged the Akita) I know how you feel.” Billy soothed. (Shade looked at the flames before closing his eyes) “I'm sorry for my outburst.” Shade apologized. “Don't worry, we should be happy that this had happened then the later.” Billy said. (He moved away and grabbed Miler's binoculars. The goat gave Shade the binoculars. Shade brushed the sand off and waited as Billy got his cane. The goat walked away, heading back to Sonic and the others. Shade looked up at the stars, their shine illuminated in his eyes.

  Billy sat down and looked at Sonic's concerned look) “Is everything alright?” Sonic asked. “Yes, we've just been under pressure.” Billy said. “I see, well, where do you all come from?” Sonic asked. “A planet known as Mobuis, (Sand rose up and formed a sphere) before, it was peaceful, now.” Toxic Dune paused. “War, for ten years, we've been fighting.” Billy added. (More sand rose up to form Obsidian and an anthromorphic turtle) “There are two sides, Obsidian, and the Rebellion.” Toxic Dune explained. “We're known as the Outsiders, the middle force that the two sides hate.” Miler explained. “How come?” Ivory asked. “Because we're not on either side, Obsidian wants us dead.” Billy explained. “And the Rebellion force us to join them.” Toxic Dune said. (The sand fell to the ground, forming small hills. Ivory looked at Hunter) “How have you been?” Ivory asked. “Great, weather's pretty warm, but it isn't intense.” Hunter answered. “Are you sensitive to heat?” Billy asked. “Yes, but only when it's intense.” Hunter explained. “Then how come you can manipulate fire?” Sonic asked. (Hunter looked at his glove) “This ring gives me powers of the elements, it doesn't effect my body.” Hunter explained. “Oh, I see, (Ivory noticed Miler lying on the sand, now asleep. She held a chuckle as she looked at Billy) what's the Memento Mori?” Ivory asked. (Billy looked at Toxic Dune) “Go ahead, tell them the story.” Toxic Dune said. (He lied down onto the sand. Billy sighed before looking at Ivory)

  “The Memento Mori originated from a person known as Nettogrof.” Billy said. “Who's Nettogrof?” Sonic asked. “A person who wanted the dimensions to become one.” Billy answered “Why?” Hunter asked. “No one knows, he's been dead for centuries.” Billy explained. “How do you know of this?” Ivory asked. “This memory, passed down for so many years.” Billy answered. “Did Nettogrof try to do something that caused danger?” Hunter asked. “Yes, there was a war with Memoraiasis against Nettogrof.” Billy explained. “The Goddess of Light and Time, involved in war with the God of Death.” Hunter said. “Yes, he died, but his armor is forever cursed.” Billy explained. “If that's so, then how come people still die in our dimension?” Hunter asked. “Memoraiasis takes that role now from the deceased God of Death.” Billy explained. “Are these two figures from your dimension?” Sonic asked. (Billy nodded, looking at the sky) “This story has nothing to do with your dimension Sonic.” Billy sighed. “This is to help involving the Memento Mori's origins.” Ivory added. “Indeed, but I have one question.” Hunter paused. “What is it?” Billy asked.“How come Memoraiasis didn't destroy the armor?” Hunter asked. “No one knows, (Billy looked around) I believe we should get some rest.” Billy sighed. “Yeah, it's already late, thanks for the story Billy.” Hunter yawned. (The flames died out and he lied on the sand. Covering himself with his black cloak, the wolf closed his eyes. Everyone else fell down, except for Shade. He heard the others splashing in the sand.

  Shade slept through the night. By the crack of dawn, he opened his eyes. He saw Hunter watching the sun rise. The wolf wore his cloak, releasing shadow mist. Shade noticed everyone else sound asleep. With a sigh, Shade got his gappa and went up to the awakened wolf) “Hey Hunter, slept good?” Shade asked. “Fine, (Hunter began to mess with his visor) just got sand in my face.” Hunter sighed. “Oh, do you need help?” Shade asked. “Okay, just don't look at my face.” Hunter ordered. (He looked away and took off his visor. Shade grabbed it while looking at the rising sun. Gripping Hunter's visor, he noticed grains of sand. Brushing it, he felt the sand on his fingers. Sand flew to the ground. Hunter rubbed his face, feeling his fur stuck with sand) “Why do you wear that?” Shade asked. “It's something to protect me from the heat, I wasn't born in a warm place.” Hunter answered. “Oh, the fire did puzzle me.” Shade said. “It was the ring itself, it didn't effect my body.” Hunter explained. “I stayed away from the conversation.” Shade muttered. “We know, but why?” Hunter asked. “I'm afraid of fire.” Shade spouted. “How come?” Hunter asked. “I can't tell, I don't want others to be sympathetic just because of a tragedy.” Shade answered. “Okay then, sorry for asking.” Hunter apologized. (The sun continued to rise. Shade gave Hunter his visor) “Here you go.” Shade sighed. (The wolf grabbed it. He then adjusted it to his hidden face. Hunter looked at Shade, eyes hidden by his visor.

  Morning rose with pink clouds, Miler flew around. The heroes continued their trek through the desert) “Anything yet Miler?” Billy asked. “Yeah, I see something in the distance!” Miler yelled. “It better not be another stupid rock!” Billy yelled. “What, we just passed by five of them.” Rojo sighed. “Five, I thought there were twenty!” Ivory said. “Guys, it's not a rock, it's the forest!” Miler yelled. (Everyone looked up to the pigeon) “Lead the way then!” Sonic said. He ran off for Miler. The bird flapped his wings to keep up with Sonic. Everyone sighed before moving forward.