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Dimension Heroes Remastered Chapter 2 Act 2
A harsh wind blew through the desert. Sonic and others saw the forest. Consumed in ice, everything felt cold. The blue hedgehog tapped on a tree to feel the chill. Clouds appeared in the sky, snow fell down) “This is strange.” Hunter said. “Toxic Dune, Miler, are you okay?” Ivory asked. (The scorpion shook, gripping his body) “I'll be fine.” Toxic Dune moaned. “No, (Hunter's cloak disappeared, revealing his armor. The wolf went to the scorpion and hugged him) I'll help.” Hunter soothed. “Miler, can you go through this weather?” Ivory asked. “Yeah, (Miler landed, shaking to let snow fall) you can go through this snow, right?” Miler asked. (Ivory nodded before picking up snow) “I remember seeing this when I was younger.” Ivory said. “Before the Ten Year War?” Billy asked. “Yes, now let's go find the Warp Pipe.” Ivory said. “Let's hope we can find Mario.” Sonic said. (He ran off, snow flew in the air. Hunter got his shield from his back. Placing it above Toxic Dune's head. This shielded Toxic Dune from the falling snow) “There, if you start to get too cold, warn me.” Hunter ordered. (Toxic Dune nodded.

  The group walked through the snow encased forest. Miler and Toxic Dune huddled next to Hunter, Ivory, and Rojo. The wolf had fire on his fist. Sonic looked around, not knowing that the others were catching up. Billy and Shade looked behind to see the five) “How are you doing?” Billy asked. “Fine, but I don't know how long I'll last.” Toxic Dune said. (He collapsed to the snow. Shade's eyes widened as he turned around) “Sonic, slow down!” Shade yelled. (The blue hedgehog stopped to see Shade and Billy running away. Eyes of concern, Sonic ran back to see everyone huddling near Toxic Dune. The blue hedgehog joined in warming the scorpion) “How far can you go without passing out?” Hunter asked. “I don't know, (Toxic Dune saw Billy getting up. The goat took off his jacket and gave it to Toxic Dune) Billy, what are you doing?” Toxic Dune asked. “You need this more then me.” Billy soothed. (Toxic Dune got the jacket on, now feeling goat hair) “Thanks, I'm never used to these cold climates.” Toxic Dune sighed. (The group kept walking through the snow, footprints imprinted upon the white.

  Through the snow, the group found a Warp Pipe covered in ice. It was far in the center of a lake of ice. Blizzard winds blew upon the lake. Sonic and others moved back. Looking at the pipe, Hunter trudged onto the frozen lake. His armored boots kept him from slipping. Harsh winds tried to push the wolf back. Hunter snarled before making it to the pipe. Fire ignited his fist and he melted the ice consuming the pipe. The wolf began to slip and break the ice. Ivory took her jacket off and ran. The wires and bobbin holes disappeared as Ivory slid on the ice. She made it to the broken ice and found Hunter in the icy depths. Without word, Ivory dived into the water. Hunter's eyes widened, he felt a strong grip on his arm. Ivory began to pull him up. She popped her head out and felt talons on her shoulders. Looking up, Ivory saw Miler flapping his wings) “I'm helping you, pull Hunter out!” Miler yelled. (He pulled Ivory onto the ice. The otter and Miler both got Hunter away from the water. The wolf fnesed, with Ivory and Miler pulling him away.

  Hunter lied on the snow. Ivory and Miler looked down to the wolf's visor. He coughed up water) “Are you alright?” Ivory asked. “Yeah, thanks for saving me.” Hunter coughed. (Ivory gave a weak smile, wires and bobbin holes returned) “You should thank Miler.” Ivory said. (The pigeon saluted) “Now we can move forward, Hunter, are you still mobile?” Shade asked. “I can still move.” Hunter said. (He stood up, letting Ivory support him. The otter looked at Hunter's visor) “Come on, we've got to find the Memento Mori.” Ivory said. (Miler gave the otter her jacket. Sonic looked at everyone) “We should go one at a time, Hunter, Toxic Dune, be careful.” Sonic warned. (He ran through the lake, avoiding the big hole. Jumping into the pipe, Sonic disappeared. Billy took a step onto the ice. Cracks echoed, all hidden by the blizzard's wind. The goat made it to the pipe and looked at the others. He waved his cane in the air. Rojo went through the icy lake. Miler looked at Toxic Dune's tail. Wings flapped and he swooped in the air. He bit Toxic Dune's tail and he screamed. Miler flew around, ice formed around his feathers. Ivory and Hunter marched through the blizzard wind. Hunter felt his heart throbbing. He looked to the ice. Both made it to the pipe. Miler dived into the pipe, Toxic Dune screamed. A noise echoed, Ivory and Hunter looked back) “Shade, where is he?” Ivory asked. “We've got to head back, the others can find the Memento Mori.” Hunter said. What if the ice breaks?” Ivory asked. “It won't, now let's find him.” Hunter said. (He ran back to the main land. Ivory chased after him.

  Shade snarled, his gappa and katana buried in the snow. A figure looked down upon him) “You may have the upper hand, Tanzanite, I will never loose.” Shade said. “You have quite the guts, surrender now or face more pain.” Tanzanite said. “Never, I will find the Memento Mori before Obsidian ever will!” Shade declared. “Then you will die in a frozen grave.” Tanzanite said. “Enough, I will defeat you Tanzanite!” Shade declared. (He yanked his katana from the snow and rushed forward. Tanzanite slammed his fist, causing snow to rise. Blinded by this, he felt a fist to his chest. The Aktia landed to the snow, footsteps made their way to the dog. Shade turned around to see his foe. It was a tall machine in the shape of an anthropomorphic bear. Thick tanznaite purple armor covered it's body. The head was brown with two round ears. Covering the face was a tanzanite gas mask. Behind the mask were black unfused eyes with red irises. The body was a thick egg shape was plain, but on the back were two tan fuel tanks. Black tubes connected to the top of the tanks. The other side connected to the cylinder forearms. Both have an opening which reveals a flamethrower. The tan hands were thin with tanzanite claws. Thick rectangles legs had tubes wrap around the legs. They connected to the ankles. The foot parts are tan brown with more tanzanite claws. It looked down upon the Akita, aiming it's arm at it)“If you raise your fist, I'll push it down.” Tanzanite threatened. (Shade looked up to see Tanzanite. Fire built up in the flamethrower. Before Tanzanite could fire, a wall of water hit the flamethrower. Ice formed in the trapped flames. The robot bear moved back before firing flames. Shade moved back, water rose to shield him.

  The Akita looked back to see Hunter and Ivory. Hunter had water in his hand. Tanzanite looked at the two newcomers) “You two, thank goodness you didn't leave.” Shade sighed. “Get back here!” Hunter ordered. (Shade got up and ran. Tanzanite looked upon the three. Ice shattered as flames went flying. Shade ducked as he got his katana. Gripping it, Shade noticed Hunter firing spheres of water. It hit the flamethrowers, allowing Shade to slash at them. With ice consuming them, the katana hit, but the flamethrowers didn't shatter. Tanzanite fired flames, causing Shade to hit the snow. Hunter went forward to help Shade. Tanzanite stomped on Shade, causing him to scream. Ivory watched Hunter dodging the flames of Tanzanite. The wolf unleashed water at Tanzanite's flames, causing more ice. It melted and causes water to hit the flames. Hunter kicked Tanzanite's flamethrower before unleashing fire onto his armor. Shade went forward and slashed Tanzanite's armor. The bear unleashed his flames onto Shade and Hunter. While they felt the sting, Tanzanite slammed his fists onto the two. They both hit a tree before collapsing into the snow. Tanzanite looked at Ivory, now horrified. Thick steps hit the snow as Tanzanite approached Ivory. He noticed the otter, weaponless. Tanzanite rose his fist and slammed Ivory into another tree. Ivory fell to the snow, passing out in pain. Tanzanite looked away before forming bombs. He threw them to the three. They exploded and caused more snow and ice to fall. Tanzanite looked for signals of life, nothing. Tanzanite walked away towards the pipe.

  Ivory popped her head from the snow. Bomb ashes fused with the snow) “Hunter, Shade, where are you?” Ivory asked. (She felt pain from her stomach) “He was so powerful, I hope the others are okay.” Ivory thought. (She closed her eyes and lied in the snow. The blizzard slowed down, Shade looked around, marks of fire on his bandages. He looked around, hoping to find Ivory or Hunter. Tanzanite left, but why, did the Memento Mori mean more? Shade sighed before seeing Ivory sleeping. With a smile, Shade went up to the female otter) “Are you okay?” Shade asked. (Ivory looked up to see Shade) “Shade, your alright, I feared you didn't survive.” Ivory sighed. “It's okay, Tanzanite's gone, but he must have a head start.” Shade said. “Sonic and the others are on the other side of the pipe.” Ivory spouted. “Thank goodness, now all that's left is to find Hunter.” Shade said. (He noticed Ivory's doleful look) “Yeah, you did great fighting that bear.” Ivory sighed. “Is everything alright?” Shade asked. “I just feel pain, nothing serious.” Ivory answered. “Right, let's go find Hunter.” Shade soothed. (Ivory nodded and the two looked around.

  After searching, the two found Hunter buried in snow. His armor was sheer cold. Ivory and Shade felt this when dragging him out of the ice) “Hunter, wake up!” Ivory yelled. (Hunter looked around, visor hid his eyes) “Huh, what happened?” Hunter asked. “We managed to survive against Tanzanite.” Shade answered. “Oh, Billy and the others have a head start, Ivory?” Hunter asked. “I'm fine, just a little cold.” Ivory said. “We should get going, Miler and the others, we've got to catch up.” Shade said. (The Akita and wolf walked off, Ivory looked to the snow) “The Memento Mori, ties to beginnings.” Someone whispered. (Ivory looked around, nothing but snow and trees) “Come on Ivory!” Hunter yelled. “Right, coming!” Ivory yelled. (She ran off after the two) “That voice, who was that?” Ivory thought. (The otter saw Shade and Hunter at the Warp Pipe. They looked at Ivory before jumping in. Before taking another step, the otter noticed Miler's boots. She chuckled before grabbing them. Ivory stepped on the ice, marks of shoes and claws engraved. She made it to the pipe and jumped in.

  Ivory jumped out of the pipe to see snowy mountains. Hunter and Shade looked around the unknown location. No sign of the others) “The mansion, it shouldn't be too far, right?” Shade asked. “We have no clue where it is.” Hunter said. “There's some footprints, maybe we can find the mansion.” Ivory said.(The two males noticed marks in the snow. They began to follow the marks.

  The prints stopped at a giant mountain. Without any other option, the group began to climb. Gripping on the rocky ledges, Hunter looked down to see Shade gripping Ivory's hand. Small rocks and snow fell, but it didn't spell trouble. The wolf remained silent as he gripped more parts of the rocks. The sky was grey with clouds and snow. Hunter made it to the top and looked around. Other mountains so close. The location looked like a crater from this height. Ears twitched, Hunter looked down to see Ivory and Shade. The two climbed their way up to reach Hunter. They looked around) “Wow, we've made it to the top!” Shade said. “Look!” Ivory yelled. (The two males looked to see Ivory pointing at something in the distance. Upon closer inspection, it was the mansion) “We found it!” Shade cheered. “Now that we've got the hard part out of the way, it's time to find the others.” Hunter said. They began their trek down the mountain.