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Dimension Heroes Remastered Chapter 2 Act 3
Climbing down the mountain, Ivory, Shade, and Hunter landed on snow. They saw boulders leading up to the mansion. Heading forward, their ears twitched to noises. Hunter went close to a boulder and saw Tanzanite. The wolf glared at Ivory and Shade. He had a finger to his mouth. Ivory and Shade noticed Tanzanite and hid with Hunter. “General Rose, what are you doing here?” Tanzanite asked. “I came to find the Memento Mori.” Rose complained. “Master Obsidian forbid you to find the Memento Mori.” Tanzanite said. “I know, but I couldn't stay cooped up.” Rose said. “You will receive punishment if you don't leave.” Tanzanite said. “No, I don't care if I get hurt or not, what matters is to please Obsidian.” Rose said. “I will follow orders, your lower then me in power.” Tanzanite said. “I don't care, help me find the Memento Mori!” Rose begged. “No, wait, someones watching us.” Tanzanite said. (The three animals froze) “Now's the time to escape.” Ivory whispered. (Hunter nodded) “I'll distract them and you two get to the mansion.” Hunter ordered. “Will you be okay?” Ivory asked. “I'm not so sure, but go.” Hunter ordered. (Ivory and Shade ran away. A bomb went flying and exploded near the two. Hunter turned around to see Tanzanite glaring upon him. Another figure appeared near Tanzanite.

  It was a smaller female machine. It had no animal features. The neck, arms, and legs were silver. The mint green armor was thin. The head had an upward rose quartz spike. The fused eyes and muzzle were a lilac amethyst color, but had no irises and mouth. The chest armor has a Lilac Amethyst 'belt' with many white quartz locks. Rugged blades of desert rose in sphere shapes were the shoulders. Rounded ovals in the shape of desert rose were the forearms. The hands are lilac with sharp white quartz spikes on the knuckles. On the middle of the palms are big rose quartz circles. The mint green rectangle legs have small white quartz rings on the knees. The foot part are silver with a rose quartz tip. She looked upon Hunter) “So we have a rat eavesdropping.” Rose said. (Fire consumed Hunter's hand. He threw fireballs, Tanzanite retaliated with bombs. They exploded from the fire and left a bright flash. Hunter rushed to the injured Ivory and Shade. Right as he got close, plants wrapped around his legs. Hunter fell down and looked back. Rose went up to him) “Is that the best you could do?” Hunter asked. (He broke free, flames danced. Rose backed off as Hunter punched Rose. The female machine fell down and kicked Hunter in the chest. Hunter landed near Ivory and Shade. The two were awake and got up. They all glared at Rose. Bombs hit the snow and they exploded. Rose glared at Tanzanite, throwing more bombs) “What are you doing idiot?” Rose asked. “This is your punishment!” Tanzanite yelled. (He threw more bombs and fire from his flamethrowers. Everyone ducked as the explosions revealed stone. Hunter fired water at the bombs, defusing them. Rose went up to Tanzanite and kicked him. The robot bear looked unfazed by the attack. He swiped Rose away before firing more bombs) “Will you stop hurting me, attack them!” Rose ordered. “I'm not your solider, I'll do as Master Obsidian orders.” Tanzanite chided. (Rose glared at the three, they ran for the mansion. With a raise of her hand, plants rose up to trap the three. Shade and Ivory looked at Rose and Tanzanite. Hunter punched the plants with a burning fist. Rose then had vines wrap around Tanzanite. The bear hit the ground as Rose ran off) “I'll find that Memento Mori for you, just relax.” Rose soothed. (She ran off for the mansion. Tanzanite broke through the vines and threw another bomb. Rose noticed this and a vine swiped it away. She disappeared behind the bomb's smoke.

  Hunter broke through the plants. Shade slashed through the opening. The three got out to see Tanzanite throwing more bombs) “Rose will never learn.” Tanzanite chided. (He saw Shade, Ivory, and Hunter) “Are we going to continue this fight?” Shade asked. “No, I have more important duties, Rose punishment.” Tanzanite answered. “Are we going to treat this like a race?” Ivory asked. “No, my mission is to find the Memento Mori.” Tanzanite said. “This is going to be a challenge.” Hunter thought. (The animals saw Tanzanite revealing a bomb. He threw it, Hunter pushed Ivory away. The otter hit the snow as the bomb exploded. In the smoke, Hunter pointed to the mansion) “Go, we'll take out Tanzanite!” Hunter ordered. (Ivory nodded and ran off. Hunter and Shade glared at Tanzanite.

  Ivory ran, her shoes hit the snow, leaving a trail. She made it to the mansion. It was big with ice consuming it. Four pillars supported the front patio with frozen flowers. The front door opened to let cold wind in. In front was icy steps. Ivory climbed up them and went inside. The frozen main hallway decorated with expensive vases. There were two stairs leading up and an opening. Ivory went forward, heart pounding) “Shade, Hunter, be careful.” Ivory whispered. (She went into the next room. It was the ballroom. Pillars supported this room, platters of frozen treats lay on long tables. A glass chandelier hung from an opening. Ice extended it to the ground. Ivory heard footsteps and crawled underneath a table. She looked down under the frozen table cloth to see Rose's feet on the ice) “Nothing, what a shame, if I find that stupid dog, I'll!” Rose yelled. (The two heard a beeping noise. Rose sighed and looked upon her wrist. It formed a hologram of Obsidian) “Rose, what are you doing here?” Obsidian asked. “I'm searching for the Memento Mori, for you my master.” Rose spouted. “No, that was for Tanzanite, you cannot get it on your own.” Obsidian said. “I can and I will, you can't stop me!” Rose yelled. (She ended the transmission) “I wonder why Rose can't find the Memento Mori.” Ivory thought. “Strange how Tanzanite isn't here, too busy dealing with those stupid animals.” Rose said. “How long will she be here?” Ivory thought. (She saw Rose walking out of the room into the entrance hallway. Ivory slipped out from the table and walked into another door) “I can't let her catch me.” Ivory whispered. (She walked into another room.

  Inside, more ice in the kitchen. It was big with food on the counters. Frozen statues of anthropomorphic turtles trapped in poses of horror. Ivory passed by them, closing her eyes. Making her way to the next room. More turtles trapped in horror. The frozen living room had couches and trays of food. There was a fireplace with no logs. Ivory went up to inspect it. There was nothing special. The otter moved back and found a spiral staircase. She looked around, no where else to go but up. Ivory sighed, her breath crystallized before disappearing. The female otter climbed up the steps, trying to be silent.

  Upstairs, Ivory looked around. No sign of Rose or the noise of footsteps. Ivory saw herself in a room filled with trophies. All awards to someone named Taisie Koopa. Ivory looked upon the light blue trophies before walking into another room. It was a hallway with doors. She heard footsteps below her, Rose. Ivory paused before walking to the right. All the doors, sealed shut by ice. That was until one open door. Ivory went inside to find a bedroom. It looked to be a girl's for the pink underneath the ice. Ivory looked around before noticing a small chest. A part of it looked opened. The otter peered inside to find a piece of paper stuck in ice. Ivory reached in and got it out of the ice. Must've been thin. Ivory read the paper) “Dear Taisie, this is my Will to you. When I pass on, you'll have all the treasure in our hidden basement. You remember how to get inside, correct? If not, say these exact words. Baby Taisie, under a star, you bring us joy. Say this at the fireplace, and don't forget to think about me. Love~Maggie.” Ivory read. (She felt a tear down her eye) “Such an unfortunate fate, what happened to everyone?” Ivory thought. (She went out to the hallway. A window looked to the outside. Ivory gazed at it, no sign of the two animals or Tanzanite. In fact, where's Rose? Ivory went down the stairs, looking on the sides. No sign of the female machine. Ivory made it to the fireplace in the living room. Rose disappeared, with her gone, Ivory saw a star symbol on the fireplace. She went close to it and looked at the paper) “Baby Taise, under a star, you bring us joy.” Ivory sung. (The star glowed and the ground began to shake) “What's going on?” Ivory thought. (With the ground shaking, something echoed from the ballroom. Ivory headed over to the big room.

  A stairway revealed itself in the center of the ballroom. Ivory looked down to see steps. Moving down, Ivory looked up. Rose should've felt this, where is she? Where is everyone, are they alive? Ivory made it to the bottom. It was another hallway. Walls decorated with lit candles. Ivory walked forward, heart racing from the bitter cold.

  Outside, Shade and Hunter glared upon Tanzanite. All three exhausted) “How much longer can this fight go on?” Hunter asked. “I've had enough, may your lives end here.” Tanzanite said. (Two big bombs appeared on his hands. The bear threw the bombs, they hit the ground and caused an explosion. An earthquake occurred, causing the ground to break. Both Hunter and Shade fell into the crevice. Hunter gripped the edge, Shade held onto Hunter's boot) “No, this isn't our end.” Hunter snarled. (He fired a fireball at Tanzanite. He had another bomb in his hand. The flames caused it to explode. Shade pulled himself out before helping Hunter) “What do we do?” Hunter asked. “I don't know, Tanzanite's built like a tank.” Shade said. “We should head to the mansion.” Hunter said. (Shade collapsed into the snow, his hat fell. Hunter knelt down to the Akita) “Shade, (The wolf saw Shade unconscious) dang it, what will Tanzanite do?” Hunter thought. (The wolf knelt down to grab Shade's gappa. Dragging him through the snow, Tanzanite saw the two) “They still don't give up.” Tanzanite muttered. (The three began to feel a harsh blizzard) “What's going?” Hunter asked. (He glared at Tanzanite) “This isn't from me.” Tanzanite said. “Then, who?” Hunter asked. (They saw an unknown figure in the blizzard's wind.

  Rising, a giant ice sphere shattered. Inside was the skeleton of a dragon consumed in ice. It roared at the sight of the three) “Is this the guardian of the mansion?” Tanzanite asked. “It looks like it, dang, we're tired, but we've got to take it down!” Hunter yelled. “Ivory, find the Memento Mori and our friends.” Hunter thought. (Fire built up on his glove and he fired a fireball at the dragon. Tanzanite threw bombs, causing them to explode at the dragon. Parts of the ice melted, causing the dragon to roar. Ice spikes rose up around Hunter and Tanzanite. The robot bear punched through them. Ice shards went flying as Hunter jumped on top of them. The Ice Dragon fired an ice laser at the ground. Hunter jumped over it and fired a fireball at the face. A part melted to reveal a light blue diamond. The Ice Dragon made powerful blizzard winds. Hunter went behind Tanzanite as he stood his ground. Tanzanite got out two bombs and threw them at the dragon. It moved away, letting the bombs hit the mountains. The Winter wind stopped and Hunter threw another fireball. It hit the light blue gem and the Ice Dragon moved back. The gem glowed and caused the dragon to fly away) “Where's it going?” Hunter asked. “It's heading for the mansion!” Tanzanite said. “Ivory, she might be in there!” Hunter yelled. “Wait, you can't go alone!” Someone said. (Hunter and Tanzanite turned around) “Who are you?” Hunter asked. “Now's not the time, your friends are in trouble.” Someone said. (The three ran for the mansion, leaving Shade in the blizzard.

  Meanwhile, in the mansion, Ivory made it to an opening. The female otter peered inside. She found a large cyliander room filled with treasure beyond anyone's dreams. Everything was shiny, treasures sparkled from the bright lights of a lit chandalier. The treasures wasn't the main thing Ivory looked upon. In the center was the Ruby Memento Mori Guantlet. It let off a ruby reflection. Ivory took a step forward to look upon the glove) “The Memento Mori, Billy, should I keep away?” Ivory thought. “The power of the past.” Someone whispered. (Ivory looked around, there was no sign of anyone else within) “Who's talking to me?” Ivory asked. (She noticed some golden coins rising up to form a figure. It looked upon Ivory. The otter moved back. Gripping the Memento Mori, it revealed the gauntlet to Ivory) “The Memento Mori can't fuse together when far apart.” The coin creature said. “Who are you?” Ivory asked. “Far in the past, unlock the power of the Memento Mori.” The creature explained. “Billy, (Ivory began to hear a noise, footsteps. She turned around to see Rose) you!” Ivory yelled. “Ah, I see you've got the, (Rose looked at the coin figure) Memento Mori?” Rose asked. “Ivory, show her your hidden power!” The coin creature said. (Vines rose up around Ivory. Without hesitation, Ivory put the Memento Mori on. The coin creature disappeared, leaving Rose and Ivory alone in the ice treasure. Rose looked at Ivory, the otter's irieses turned black) “My body, what's happening?” Ivory asked. (Rose went forward and kicked Ivory. With Ivory on the ground, Rose grabbed the Memento Mori) “Let go you stupid girl!” Rose yelled. “My body, hot, everything, blacking out.” Ivory moaned. “I don't care, it's time you give me the armor!” Rose yelled. (She tried to rip it out, but felt her hands becoming warm) “She's right, but the cold should counter it.” Rose thought. (She looked upon Ivory's arm below the Memento Mori) “Who cares, (Rose formed a thorn blade) you give this to me, with your limb.” Rose soothed. (Ivory's eyes widened as Rose hit her blade onto Ivory's arm. The blade didn't work, but Rose had both hands on the Memento Mori. Everything felt warm, Rose's red irises widened as she felt pain) “Why can't I let go?” Rose thought. (Her arms stuck to the Memento Mori. She felt herself becoming weaker. Her temprature was rising as the Memento Mori let go. Rose backed off, panting. Ivory got up, her right arm trembled. The otter looked at Rose, now having her lavender irises) “What just happened?” Rose muttered. (Ivory looked at Rose, her body became black with thick vines wraped around her body. The otter looked with determination. She rose her hand and caused vines to rise up. Rose moved out of the way before throwing sharp leaves. Ivory formed a cactus shild around herself0 “She copied my abilities?” Rose thought. (Needles went firing and Rose jumped over them. Rising plants surrounded Ivory. The otter looked at Rose and formed her own vines to slash at Rose's plants. Rose looked at Ivory's face, consumed in shadows. It left glowing ruby eyes. Right before Rose could attack, a part of the wall erupted.

  It was the Ice Dragon. Glaring at Ivory and Rose, it roared, forming ice pillars. They shattered to reveal Sonic and the Outsiders) “What are they doing here?” Ivory asked. (The ice shattered to reveal Sonic and friends covered in rubies. Ivory and Rose moved back, surrounded. Rose lifted her arm and caused vines to rise. They hit Rojo, but Sonic boosted right into her. Ivory looked back before getting dive bombed by Miler. The otter turned around and let vines wrap around Miler's legs. Miler broke free, but tried to dive bomb again. Ivory moved back as sand wrapped around her. Toxic Dune glared at her as Rose broke free from Sonic's boost. She landed onto treasure and threw leaves. Sonic ran threw them and kicked Rose. The female machine got up, but saw Billy running towards her. Rose moved away, Billy hit the treasure, causing coins to fall. The female machine saw Toxic Dune trying to sting Ivory, now trapped in sand. Rose went forward and formed a cactus shield around Ivory. The female machine went to Toxic Dune and kicked him) “I will retrieve the Memento Mori!” Rose declared. (Somethingf pushed Rose to the ground. It was a giant icicle from the Ice Dragon. The female machine and otter became surrounded) “Any ideas without killing anyone?” Ivory asked. “No, all I just want to do is strangle them!” Rose yelled. (Right as Sonic and the Outsiders rushed forward, a loud noise echoed. Looking at the hallway, everyone found Hunter, Tanzanite, and a new person.

  The person was a short plump man. He wore a red shirt and blue overalls. The man had a round nose with brown mustache. He had a red cap with a white circle and red M. The three glared at the Ice Dragon) “Hunter!” Ivory yelled. “Tanzanite, oh great, this is your fault!” Rose yelled. (They felt sand ram into them. Hunter rushed forward, having the Pure Glove. It's gem glowed and the Outsiders and Sonic became trapped in a golden light. While Hunter held the heroes back, Tanzanite fired bombs at the Ice Dragon. The man threw fireballs from his gloves. Bombs exploded in the Ice Dragon's face. Ivory and Rose broke from the sand and threw leaves at the Ice Dragon. It roared before firing an icy breath. Ice extended to freeze the floor. Everyone was stuck to the floor as the dragon stepped into the room. Tanzanite punched the ground before the dragon could get close. He and the man threw fire and bombs. The dragon fired a ray of ice, freezing the bombs and the two attackers. Rose broke through the ice and went forward. She landed onto the Ice Dragon's leg and kicked the ice. Blizzard winds kicked up, Rose gripped into the chipped parts of the leg. The dragon roared and froze Hunter. Golden lights disappeared, causing Sonic and the Outsiders to attack Ivory and the man. Rose climbed up the dragon and formed vines around it's legs and head. Miler flew up to attack Rose with high speed. Rose stopped as Miler rushed for her. The female machine kicked Miler, causing him to hit a wing. Rose rushed forward to the head. Seeing the gem, she started to attack. Vines trapping the Ice Dragon began to freeze. They shattered and Rose held onto the gem. The Ice Dragon flailed around to get Rose off. It's wings hit the walls of the treasury, gold flew around. Rose formed a cactus shield around herself as gold hit the dragon's head. Without hesitation, Rose formed a thorn blade and impaled it onto the dragon's forehead. It screamed in pain, Rose's cactus shild disappeared. The Ice Dragon fell to the ground, ice floor shattered as Rose moved back. Rubies on Sonic and others shattered. They looked around to see the Ice Dragon melting. Hunter went up to Ivory. Rose fell to her knees, Tanzanite went up to her) “Rose, you have done well.” Tanzanite said. “I see, what do we do now?” Rose asked. “Watch, he's already here.” Tanzanite said. (The group saw a big shadow from the outside. Tanzanite threw bombs and they exploded at the heroes. Smoke cleared up to reveal the heroes unconscious) “Well done, now, time to get them on board.” Rose said. “Don't forget the Akita.” Tanzanite mentioned. “I know, now, (Rose went up to the unconscious Ivory) we have the Memento Mori.” Rose said.

  Hunter opened his eyes, everything was dark. He found himself in a tiny cell. A door with bars gated off the other side. Hunter got up, the Pure Glove and element ring missing. He went forward to the cell door. Looking pass the bars, he saw a hallway with red lights. On the walls of the main room were more cells) “Is anyone here?” Someone asked. (Hunter looked to his right, he couldn't see it. He knew it was Ivory) “Yes Ivory, it's me, Hunter.” Hunter repeated. “What happened, where are we?” Ivory asked. “I don't know, the last thing I could remember was ice.” Hunter answered. “Is there a way you can pick the lock?” Ivory asked. “No, not yet, I'll do some investigating.” Hunter said. “How, can you open your cell?” Ivory asked. “Not open, slip pass it.” Hunter said. (His cloak appeared and the wolf moved back into the shadows. He sunk into a dark world. Upside down, the floor was a tempered glass version of the cell. Hunter moved away from his cell. He looked around the upside down floor. Everyone else all trapped. Without word, Hunter kept moving) “Just hang on, I'll find our answers.” Hunter thought.

  (He made it to a room with something blocking the view from the bottom. Hunter went off to the side, gravity pushed him down. Still, something blocked his view. In anger, Hunter ran up to the ceiling of the room. Now it felt like a cube. Looking down. Hunter saw a bird cage with a chain connected from the ceiling. Rose and Tanzanite were visible) “What's the problem now?” Rose asked. “The intelligent machine, he escaped in the other dimension.” Someone said. “What, so we have to make a detour?” Rose asked. “Yes, I won't let him mock me!” Someone yelled. “Such pity from you Ammolite.” Another person said. “How dare you mock me!” Ammolite yelled. “Stop it, both of you, we'll find that machine right now!” Rose yelled. “Fine, now Master Obsidian will expect a longer delay.” Another person said. “We'll have another piece of the Memento Mori and the Pure Glove.” Tanzanite said. “Right, set up the ship, we're going Dimension Traveling.” Ammolite said. (Rose and Tanzanite walked away. Hunter rushed through the black world.

  The wolf made it to his prison cell. His cloak disappeared as he went forward to the door) “Hunter, what did you do?” Ivory asked. “A hidden technique of mine.” Hunter explained. “What is that technique?” Ivory asked. “There going Dimension Traveling to search for someone.” Hunter answered. “Which one?” Ivory asked. “Don't know, but they are searching for someone.” Hunter answered. “What can we do?” Ivory asked. “I'll get the Pure Glove and the Memento Mori back.” Hunter said. “Talk to Billy, maybe he knows where to locate the Memento Mori.” Ivory ordered. (Hunter's cloak appeared and the wolf went underside. He walked across the cells before finding the goat. Going back up, Billy's eyes widened. He gripped his cane at the new comer) “Billy, it's me.” Hunter said. “Hunter, how did you escape?” Billy asked. “Not yet, but I want to know more about the Memento Mori.” Hunter said. “Why?” Billy asked. “Because we need to find the next piece.” Hunter explained. “How, we're locked up!” Billy asked. “Are you blind, I escaped from my cell.” Hunter said. “Oh, my age must be getting to me.” Billy sighed. “Yeah, but the major thing is how we can locate the Memento Mori.” Hunter said. “If abnormalities occur in a dimension, then that's where we need to go.” Billy explained. “Got it, tell me more when we make it to the next dimension.” Hunter said. “Wait.” Billy paused. (Hunter looked at the goat) “What is it?” Hunter asked. “Why are we still alive in an Obsidian Army ship?” Billy asked. “They didn't say, but we're lucky.” Hunter said. “I see, in that case, when will we escape?” Billy asked. “When the timing's right.” Hunter answered. (They heard a door opening up. The two looked through the window, a robot moving. Hunter nodded at Billy. He had his black cloak and disappeared in the shadows. The wolf returned to his cell as the guard looked inside. It walked away, leaving Hunter and everyone alone.