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Everyone remained silent as the ship flew through the air. Ivory looked to her left. Hunter hasn't made a noise. The wolf looked upon the red lights. “Are you going to do anything?” Ivory asked. “I'm still thinking, we're Dimension Traveling.” Hunter said. “That's why it's so bumpy?” Ivory asked. “Yes, I can't or else I'll disappear.” Hunter answered. “I see, how long do you believe we'll be stuck here?” Ivory asked. “When the travel is over.” Hunter said. (He became silent, everything slowed down. Rumbles echoed through the entire ship. Silence echoed as the ship stopped. Hunter and Ivory slammed into their cell doors. They heard everyone groaning from hitting the doors. When they recovered from the door slamming, a door opened up.

  Rose and Tanzanite entered) “Hello fellows, sorry for giving you a headache.” Rose apologized. “What do you want?” Sonic asked. “Well, today is special for you.” Rose said. “H-h-how spe-spe-cial?” Miler studdered. “Farewell.” Rose said. (Everyone but the two machines screamed. The floors opened up and the heroes fell into the sky. Wind blew, causing everyone to get separated. Miler tried flying, but the harsh winds cause him to fly away. Sonic, Shade, the man, Hunter, and Billy landed onto trees. The branches stopped their falls. Hunter formed his cloak as he landed on ground. Swamp water went flying to form a circle around the wolf. Billy fell on top of him. Sonic, the man, and Shade hit the ground. Getting up, Sonic looked at the man) “Mario, I never expected to see you.” Sonic said. “Sonic, what's going on?” Mario asked. “Well, it's a bit of a story.” Sonic said. “Before you begin your info dump, we should find the others.” Billy said. (He stepped off Hunter, the wolf sighed, armor covered in mud) “Right, at least they didn't kill us.” Sonic said. “The fall would've, but the trees shielded us.” Billy said. “Lets hope the others are safe.” Shade said. “Okay then, lets get going.” Hunter sighed. (The group walked through the swamp. Sonic began to talk to Mario about what happened. They passed by small grass with red bulbs. The swamp's mud make murky noises. Footsteps marked their place before disappearing. Hiding his face, Hunter fixed up his visor) “I hate the swamp, nothing clean and filled with bugs.” Hunter thought. “How's your cleaning Hunter?” Billy asked. “Pleasant.” Hunter chided. (During their walk, they fell down a hole. Landing on top of each other, they found bugs. Blue bugs attached to the ceiling and giant yellow snails with blue heads. The group moved back as the snails fired energy. Mario threw fire and ignited the slugs. Sonic attacked the blue bugs on the ceiling. They exploded and the heroes walked around the unknown location) “Any ideas to get up?” Mario asked. “No, but there must be a way to get out.” Shade said. (He walked around the underground place. Others followed the Akita. It was dark, showing shades of red. Mario went forward and ignited his hands) “Hunter, can't you light the place?” Billy asked. (Hunter placed his visor on) “My ring's stolen, so is your katana.” Hunter answered. “What?” Shade asked. (He felt his back, no blade) “Great, we're at an unknown swamp and our equipment is missing!” Shade yelled. (They saw a floating platform and stepped on it. The platform went up to reveal an opening. Everyone jumped out to find more insects) “Time to call an exterminator.” Sonic said. (He jumped on to the bugs. Some made of spheres. The group kept moving, searching for the others.

  Up in the sky, Rose and Tanzanite walked) “Any sign of them?” Rose asked. “No, we just sent them falling.” Tanzanite said. “Has Obsidian given orders?” Rose asked. “No, but we have to wait.” Tanzanite said. “I'll find those heroes.” Rose said. (She felt a strong grip on her) “We will wait.” Tanzanite ordered. “Fine, but don't blame me if they defeat us.” Rose chided. (She ran off into another room) “It will be your funeral.” Tanzanite thought. (He went to the same room.

  Back in the swamp, Miler felt tangled. His eyes rolled in confusion. He hadn't faced winds powerful like that before. Eyes looked around to see himself at the opening of a cave. Light erupted from the top. Wrapped around Miler's body were black webs. Like a bug in a spider's web. Miler began to struggle, wings trapped in this sticky substance. The pigeon wanted to scream, but he heard scurrying noises. Heart racing, Miler shut his beak. The scurrying began to get louder, something big appeared close to Miler. His eyes widened at the disgusting sight of a giant black widow. It's fangs moved with delight upon the captured bird. Miler saw the glowing red eyes. So many for one spider) “You know that pigeons aren't good for spiders.” Miler lied. (The black widow did nothing for a second. Looking around, it began to scurry into the cave, leaving Miler) “What's it doing, treating me like, bait?” Miler thought. (His eyes widened, heart raced) “I've been through worse, don't let a stupid spider say otherwise.” Miler whispered. (He felt his heart rate slowing down to normal) “Just have to break these webs.” Miler thought. (He snapped through webs around his chest with his beak. Breaking through that, Miler forced his wings to move forward. Snapping through them, Miler flew in the air. Wings freed, strands of webs wrapped around his legs. Miler flew through the air. He looked back to make sure the spider didn't see him escape. No sign of bugs. While looking back, Miler hit a big bug. With enough force, the bird fell to the trees. Wrapped in vines, he was hanging upside down) “Well, that was an escape.” Miler sighed. (He began to hear footsteps rushing for him) “Oh no, I'm pigeon meat!” Miler thought. (He saw vines moving by an unknown entity) “Who's there?” Miler asked. (His eyes widened as he saw the figure.

  It was a person wearing thick red armor. There was a black bodysuit. The helmet had a white front with a blue upside down triangle. Two white pieces on the sides of the helmet. There was a long blonde ponytail tied by blue ribbon. The chest armor had two green sphere crystals. The red forearms with silver rings with thick triangles pointing to the white hands. The boots had yellow details and a white diamond on the upper front. On the sides were round white disks with a green circle gem. The foot parts had a white tip. Miler looked upon the person, was it a girl? The person went close to Miler with it's blue irises examining the pigeon) “Need help?” The person asked. “Who are you?” Miler asked. “My name is Zero, and I'm searching for someone.” Zero introduced. “Well, I'm Miler, I can help you, please get me down.” Miler introduced. (Zero nodded and moved back. He grabbed out a handle from his back) “Don't move.” Zero ordered. (Miler saw Zero igniting his blade. A laser blue light. Miler's eyes widened, but felt his muscles become stiff. Zero slashed through the vines, Miler hit the ground. The person knelt down to the pigeon) “Ouch, thanks for getting me out.” Miler thanked. “Your welcome, are you native?” Zero asked. “No, but my friends are all scattered, are you willing to help?” Miler asked. “Sure, besides, I'm lost myself.” Zero sighed. “Hey, at least you have company.” Miler said. (He flew up and looked around) “See anything?” Zero asked. “No, but we just have to start looking.” Miler said. (Zero nodded and the two began their trek.

  The sun was setting, things became a darker shade. Sonic looked around, no sign of anyone else. Hunter had his cloak back on) “It's getting pretty dark, we should find shelter for the night.” Billy said. “Yeah, with these bugs swarming around.” Mario said. “It could get worse.” Hunter said. (They began to hear a loud cry) “What was that?” Shade asked. “I don't know, but we'd better run!” Billy yelled. (The group ran through the swamp. Rustling of the trees became louder as there was a laugh. The group kept running before making it to a cliff) “Where do we go now?” Hunter asked. “I don't know, but we have to fight!” Shade said. “With no weapons?” Hunter asked. “Yes, let's see who our enemy is.” Shade declared. (They all glared at the trees. A shadow walked forward towards the setting sun's light. The creature made it's reveal. A humongous black widow appeared. It's face had extended fangs and many red eyes. It's abdomen was open to reveal a human brain. The heroes moved back by it's disgusting appearance) “What is that thing?” Mario asked. “I have no clue, let's just kill it before it kills us!” Billy yelled. (The spider spat out a red sphere. Hunter got out his shield and deflected the sphere. It hit the spider's face and it screamed. Sonic ran around the spider to see the exposed brain. He spin dashed into it, causing the spider to scream. Mario had flames in his hands and threw fireballs. The spider combusted into flames. Sonic and friends ran off as the spider screamed. The group began to hear loud screams in the swamp) “One thing to do now, (Hunter ran to the right) run!” Hunter ordered. (The heroes followed the wolf. Sunlight was fading down the cliff's edge. Looking behind, everyone saw many spiders. Shade looked down to see more trees) “Jump down!” Shade ordered. (The heroes jumped down into the trees.

  Heading down, the heroes landed in the mud. It gave of a thick scent of oil. Sun light became harder to see. Darkness revealed no sight of bugs. Getting up, the group looked up to the sky. Spiders nowhere gone) “Dang, it's too dark.” Billy said. “I'll light up the place.” Mario said. (Hunter gripped Mario's hand) “Don't try to risk it.” Hunter chided. “Yeah, do you smell that?” Shade asked. “Indeed, maybe that's why bugs aren't here.” Sonic said. “Maybe there's a place we can rest.” Mario said. “Let's follow this oil trail.” Shade ordered. (He went forward, the group followed the Akita through the darkness.

  After a while, the group came across a brown rusted space ship. In the darkness, it was hard to see any of the words engraved on it's side. There was an opening on the side and the group went in. The scent of oil became stronger as cracked oil cans laid in the darkness ) “This will be our shelter for the night.” Hunter declared. “But is there a way to turn the lights on?” Sonic asked. “Let's go further in, the cockpit may be near.” Billy said. (He walked around, his cane hit the ground. Pushing it around, rust stuck to the tip. Billy's cane hit a wall) “Found something, now let's go right.” Shade said. (Billy went to the right and his cane hit another wall. Mario went around Billy and felt stairs. He and the others went into the cockpit.

  Lights glowed as the group entered the cockpit. Two cracked glass windows still stuck in place. Vegetation was visible outside thanks to the lights) “At least we found a place.” Hunter said. “Yeah, hey, (Sonic noticed a red button) does this turn on the lights?” Sonic asked. (He pressed it, casing music to play. The others looked around as Sonic bopped to the techno beat) “Sonic, this isn't the time to play music!” Mario chided. “Hey, don't worry, I'm sure it'll stop.” Sonic soothed. “Yeah, techno, think we should sleep in the back?” Hunter asked. “It's bigger then this, but still dark.” Billy said. “Okay then, (Sonic found another button and pressed it. The techno beats stopped) night everyone.” Sonic yawned. (He sat on a chair and closed his eyes. The others had left to the main hull. In the darkness, Shade kicked something. He paused, something rolled through the ground) “What was that?” Shade asked. “A bomb?” Billy asked. “Calm down, there isn't any beeping.” Mario said. “Yeah, must've been an oil container.” Hunter said. (Billy picked something up) “Feels like a sphere, metal.” Billy sighed. “Well, it's just scrap, (Mario's eyes widened as he kicked another object) another one?” Mario asked. “Yeah, it's just more scrap, we should get some rest.” Shade said. “Don't start any fires.” Hunter chided. “Your the one who causes fires!” Billy chided. (They heard something hitting the ground, Billy started snoring. Everyone groaned before hitting the metal.

  Meanwhile, a fire started around stones. Zero and Miler looked upon it. Miler had twigs in his beak. The person looked at the pigeon) “No sign of your friends, sorry.” Zero apologized. “It's nothing, I've been alone for missions.” Miler said. “What type of missions?” Zero asked. “I deliver messages through enemy territory.” Miler explained. “War, are you delivering any messages?” Zero asked. “No, not until I get back to my dimension.” Miler said. “Dimensions, so it worked.” Zero muttered. “How did you travel here?” Miler asked. “It was a machine, but it busted after I left.” Zero said. “Why are you here to begin with?” Miler asked. “I'm looking for my missing friend, it was my fault.” Zero explained. “I'm sorry to hear that.” Miler said. “Months passed, my friends helped make a machine that could travel dimensions.” Zero explained. “Wow, we need powerful gems to travel.” Miler said. “Interesting how dimension travel works.” Zero sighed. (He sat down on a log. Miler hung upside down and looked at the person) “What's wrong?” Miler asked. “I feel guilty.” Zero sighed. “About your friend's disappearance?” Miler asked. (Zero nodded, head low) “Our base was under attack , I was on a mission. It was a placebo. I fought against someone who was after my friend. He defeated me, and took my friend away. (Zero looked at the flames) He will pay.” Zero snarled. “What did this kidnapper look like?” Miler asked. “He had black armor, red gems, and one white eye.” Zero explained. “Obsidian, why would he do that?” Miler asked. “He said that my friend he thinks more advanced then us Reploids.” Zero sighed. “Reploids, as in, robots?” Miler asked. “Yes, you've never had machines?” Zero asked. “Oh, we have machines, but we're at war against them.” Miler explained. “You think I'm a bad guy?” Zero asked. “I can't trust you since your a machine.” Miler said. “If that's what you think, then go ahead.” Zero said. “I, Obsidian attacked you and your friend, and your machines.” Miler said. (He looked at Zero. The pigeon hid his face) “There's nothing to get embarrassed about.” Zero said. “I just can't think, can you go to sleep?” Miler requested. “Fine, just think if you want to trust me.” Zero said. (He kicked dirt onto the fire. Smoke flew to the sky. Miler saw Zero lying on the log. Miler looked to the stars, letting Zero's words repeat. The pigeon got up and nestled upon the leaves.

  Hidden by the shadows, a lone figure entered the abandoned ship. It saw the heroes sleeping. Spheres lied on the metal, hidden behind broken boxes. The figure went close to the spheres, seeing something looking like a helmet. It touched the helmet's forehead and emitted a green glow. Billy opened his eyes to the light and gripped his cane) “Who's there?” Billy asked. (The figure rushed away from the ship. Billy caught sight and went outside. He looked around, the figure disappeared in the swamp. The goat looked around before going back inside) “What happened?” Shade asked. “No clue, but I don't feel safe.” Billy said. “Must be you.” Hunter yawned. “Sorry everyone, must be my age.” Billy said. (He fell to the ground, falling asleep.

  Morning rose, Shade looked around to notice the spheres missing. Looking around, everyone else was asleep. An explosion roared through the ship. The group looked around as crates went flying) “What was that?” Hunter asked. “We're under attack!” Shade yelled. “Call the sirens!” Billy yelled. (The group looked to see a robot. It formed of green and blue spheres. One big one for the body, three for head, shoulders, by green and blue spheres. The main body composed of seven spheres. Two for the hips with a blue sphere between. The foot parts were more complex. Hands were blocky with three fingers. Looking upon the heroes with red eyes, it fired energy blasts. The group ducked as the robot kept firing) “What is that thing?” Shade asked. “I don't know, but we've got to stop it!” Hunter yelled. “But how, we have no weapons and Mario will blow this place sky high!” Shade yelled. (The robot kept firing, explosions roared around the ship. Sonic went out of the door to see everyone ducking) “What's going on?” Sonic asked. (He noticed the green robot firing spheres. It glared at Sonic and fired more. The hedgehog ran down the steps and rammed right into the machine. It fell apart and Sonic kicked a sphere) “Nice one Sonic!” Mario cheered. (The hedgehog smiled before looking back to see the sphere robot. It fired a sphere at Sonic. The hedgehog hit the oil stained metal) “All organic life, soon terminated.” The robot said. (It's eyes flashed for a moment to reveal a symbol) “What, are you sure about that?” Sonic asked. (The machine kept firing and Sonic dashed through them. He hit the robot, but it fired at Sonic. The hedgehog hit the ground. Looking up, the robot aimed at Sonic, red eyes glowing. A cane went flying and hit the hand. The robot looked at Shade, bandana covered his mouth. Shade went forward as the robot began to fire. Sonic grabbed Billy's cane and threw it. The Akita gripped it and ran through the blasts. He slammed Billy's cane onto the robot, Sonic got up and they both hit the robot. It's balls went flying and it screamed. Shade pointed Billy's cane onto the robot's deactivated head) “Thanks Sonic.” Shade thanked. Yeah, but is it over?” Sonic asked. “Hey guys!” Someone yelled. (They saw Hunter and Mario waiting outside) “It's taken care of Mario.” Sonic said. (The hedgehog and Akita heard static and turned around. Spheres moved back to form the robot) “Again?” Shade asked. (The robot's red eyes looked at the heroes) “Who are you?” The robot asked. “I'm Shade, he's Sonic, what will you do?” Shade asked. The robot had a hand to it's chest. “I am Vectorman.” Vectorman introduced.
Dimension Heroes Remastered Chapter 3 Act 1