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Dimension Heroes Remastered Chapter 3 Act 2
Meanwhile, in the ship, a door opened up. Rose rushed in a room to find Obsidian with Tanzanite. The black armored robot looked at Rose. “Rose, I didn't expect you to be late.” Obsidian said. “Forgive me sir, but I was searching.” Rose spouted. “On what?” Obsidian asked. “For if there were survivors of the drop, nothing yet.” Rose said. “I always have my doubts on you, but I'll let you continue.” Obsidian said. “Yes Obsidian.” Rose said. (She turned around to face the door) “Wait, (The female robot turned around) I'm leaving Ammolite to deal with this mission.” Obsidian ordered. “I understand.” Rose sighed. (She walked away, Tanzanite looked at Obsidian) “She's acting strange.” Tanzanite mused. “Don't worry, Ammolite will keep an eye on her.” Obsidian soothed.

  Back at the abandonded ship, Sonic shook hands with Vectorman) “Nice to meet you Vectorman.” Sonic said. “You are organic life forms?” Vectorman asked. “Yeah, these are my friends.” Sonic said. (He had a hand to each of the animals and human) “Where do you come from?” Shade asked. (Vectorman pointed to the blue sky) “Up there, on another planet.” Billy said. (Vectorman nodded) “Since it's bright, where do we go?” Mario asked. “Continue searching for our friends.” Hunter explained. “Yes, that's the only thing can do.” Billy said. “Vectorman, do you know this place?” Sonic asked. “Yes, I explored this planet.” Vectorman said. “Okay then, lead the way!” Mario cheered. (Vectorman walked through the jungle. Shade gave Billy his cane) “Thanks for letting me use this.” Shade thanked. (Billy swiped it from Shade) “Be more careful with this!” Billy chided. “Are we just going to act like children?” Hunter asked. “No!” Billy and Shade yelled. (Hunter sighed before following Vectorman. The mountain goat and Akita followed.

  Trudging through the mud, Sonic looked at Vectorman. The robot brushed through the jungle's plants) “Vectorman?” Sonic asked. “Yes?” Vectorman asked. “How did you spring to life and why try to kill us?” Sonic asked. “My programing, something reactivated me and corrupted my systems.” Vectorman explained. “So that's what happened.” Billy muttered. (Everyone looked at the goat) “What?” Hunter asked. “Last night, something entered the ship and activated Vectorman.” Billy said. “Must've been someone with electric powers.” Mario said. “No, not electricity, I felt something hack my circuits.” Vectorman said. “Can you remember who did it?“ Hunter asked. “No, I was still deactivated when it happened.” Vectorman explained. “Okay then, let's begin our search.” Hunter said.

  After a while, the group gazed upon a web covered cave) “Anything Vectorman?” Shade asked. “Yes, be careful.” Vectorman ordered. (He went inside the cave, brushing webs aside.

  Meanwhile, Rose jumped around trees. Slashing through sphere bugs, she landed on the ground. Thorn blades in hand) “How much longer is this, I hope their dead.” Rose thought. (More bugs flew around. The female machine kicked the insects. They fell down, Rose brushed her armor) “How much farther will this be?” Rose asked. (She began to hear rustling in the leaves) “Who's there?” Rose thought. (Spiders appeared, surrounding her) “Great, more filler for me to deal with.” Rose sighed. (Plants rose around her, red irises glowing.

  Inside the cave, the heroes looked around. Green eggs lied around, filled with unknown entities) “Any idea what these are?” Billy asked. “Eggs filled with bugs, Black Widow Queen?” Vectorman asked. “Who's the queen?” Mario asked. “I wasn't able to have enough data, but she harmed me.” Vectorman explained. “I wonder what happens if these hatch.” Shade mused. “Bugs, don't provoke them.” Vectorman ordered. “Calm down, wait, can you hear that?” Hunter asked. (They began to hear something) “Help me!” Someone echoed. “What was that?” Shade asked. “Come on, it could be someone we know!” Billy yelled. (He ran off, leaving the others to chase him.

  A bright green light flooded the pathway. The group went inside to find a room covered in webs. Green eggs lied around with baby black widows sinking their fangs. In the center of the room was a long egg sac. Sonic went up to it. He noticed a small rip) “Are you okay?” Sonic asked. “Yes, please help me!” Someone begged. “Don't worry, just calm down.” Sonic soothed. (Vectorman looked up to see a bigger black widow) “Look out!” Vectorman yelled. (He fired energy spheres above Sonic. The black widow screeched before moving away. Sonic spin dashed into the spider and moved back) “Thanks Vectorman.” Sonic thanked. (The robot nodded before firing more electric spheres. They hit the black widow and it screamed. Eggs hatched to reveal deformed bugs. Billy hit them with his cane and Hunter stabbed them. The black widow fired red spheres, letting Vectorman fire at them. Sonic dashed forward and rammed right into it's brain abdomen. The spider screamed in pain and slashed at Sonic. He landed with an egg hatching nearby. The new born insect gripped his arm and bit. Sonic paused as his body became paralyzed. Mario went forward with flames on his fist. He punched the bug and it combusted. Ashes landed onto the ground and sent the webs aflame. Mario pushed Sonic away as flames consumed the spider. Flames engulfed the room. The person within the egg sac screamed. Hunter slashed the webs connecting to the ceiling and floor. The sac fell to the ground. Sonic grabbed it and ran. Mario, Vectorman, Billy, and Hunter ran through the hallway. Billy noticed Shade missing. The goat ran back and saw the Akita looking upon the flames. Gripping Shade's hand, Billy ran. Shade kept looking at the flames.

  Escaping, Sonic placed the egg sac down) “Your safe now, just have to wait for the others.” Sonic soothed. (He saw the others rushing away from the cave) “That was close.” Mario sighed. “Yeah, Shade, are you alright?” Billy asked. “Its just a bad memory.” Shade muttered. “Well, (Hunter looked upon the egg sac) don't move, I'll get you out.” Hunter soothed. “Okay, don't worry.” Someone said. “This won't take long.” Hunter thought. (The wolf slashed through the webs. It opened up to reveal a blue android. He wore thick blue armor. Silver details on the helmet and chest armor. A red gem embeded on the helmet's forehead. He looked to the heroes, green irises shining in the light. Gripped in his hands was a crystal topaz gauntlet) “Thank you for rescuing me.” The person said. “Your welcome, are you alright?” Hunter asked. “Yes, (The person looked around) where is this?” The person asked. “Unknown.” Vectorman answered. “Oh, well, who are you?” The person asked. “We're just people looking around for what you have.” Billy said. (The person looked down upon the gauntlet) “This, I found it while escaping.” The person explained. “From what?” Sonic asked. “It's all to blury, I feel weak.” The person moaned. (He collapsed onto the mud) “Great, well, (Hunter knelt down and took the gauntlet) we got what we came for.” Hunter said. “We should let him recover.” Sonic said. “Right, Vectorman, did you see him before?” Mario asked. “No, but his signals are robotic, more advanced then mine.” Vectorman said. “How, your a pile of floating orbs!” Billy yelled. “Not in technical design, but in programing.” Vectorman said. (Sonic pulled the robot from the mud and dragged him to a tree) “Well, we've got the Memento Mori, but no sign of the others.” Sonic sighed. “I'm sure their safe, just far apart from us.” Mario said. “It seems the flames are only effecting the cave.” Billy mused. “I didn't want whatever that was to hurt Sonic.” Mario said. “Thanks, (Sonic looked at the robot) he doesn't look to injured.” Sonic said. “Yeah, but with him down, how can we know his identiy?” Billy asked. (They looked at Vectorman) “I'm not an info dump bot!” Vectorman yelled. “Will you stop arguing, now then, (Sonic went up to the robot) what do we do?” Sonic asked. (A vine rose up to slap Sonic. The hedgehog hit a tree. Everyone looked around as more vine slapped the heroes around. A figure jumped through the trees and landed. The heroes noticed it to be Rose. She grabbed the robot) “Thank you, and see you later!” Rose yelled. (She jumped away, more vines rose up to attack the heroes) “She just came out of nowhere!” Billy yelled. “What do we do now?” Shade asked. “Just slice these in half!” Hunter yelled. (He slashed through them with his armor blades. During the slicing of plants, laughter echoed) “No.” Vectorman said.

  Rose lept across the trees. She held the urge to chuckle) “Too easy, shame I couldn't get the Memento Mori.” Rose thought. “But why should I, for Obsidian, never.” (She looked at the robot's face. The female machine landed onto the ground and walked away) “Hold it right there!” Someone yelled. (Rose turned around.

  Zero and Miler glared at them. The blonde's saber ignited) “Zero, I can't believe you made it.” Rose startled. “Let go of X, right now!” Zero yelled. “Your demanding a fight, (Rose placed X down, body hitting the mud) I hope your ready for a beating.” Rose chided. (She moved back and formed thorn blades. Zero dashed forward and slashed at Rose. The female machine retaliated by stabbing Zero. Miler slammed right into Rose's back, causing Zero to slash at Rose. The female machine hit the mud and slashed at the air. With mud on Rose's visor, Miler slammed into Rose. A cactus shield formed around Rose. Zero went for it and stabbed it. Spikes fired out and Zero guarded. Miler flew around, avoiding the needles. Rose brushed her visor, letting her shield open up. She saw Zero running for X. Zero fell in the mud. He looked to see a thick root wrapped around his leg. The saber began to sink. Zero rushed for it and grabbed it. He slashed through the root and got up. Miler dive bombed into Rose, but missed and rammed into the mud. Roots wrapped around the bird and he began to sink) “Miler!” Zero yelled. “Surrender now, or the bird suffocates.” Rose demanded. (Zero threw his blade, letting it cut through the roots. Miler flew up and grabbed Zero's saber. Rose turned around to see Zero. He punched into Rose's visor, letting her fall. Zero looked upon the fallen Rose. Miler landed next to Zero, saber in his beak. Zero grabbed it and aimed it at Rose's head) “You've lost.” Zero chided. “Now tell me where my friends are you pile of scrap.” Miler demanded. “Their getting slaughtered right now, hehehe.” Rose chuckled. “What?” Someone yelled. (Zero and Miler looked back, they saw the robot looking at the two) “X, your awake!” Zero yelled. “Now's my chance.” Rose thought. (Roots rose up, Zero and Miler flew to the sky, Rose ran to a tree. Both blonde and pigeon hit the ground) “I've had enough, you can go check on the corpses of your friends.” Rose said. “Where are you going coward?” Zero asked. “Don't waste your time screaming, someone else wants to say hello.” Rose said. (Zero looked at X. He then glared up to see Rose. She disappeared) “Dang it, that coward escaped!” Zero chided. “Calm down Zero, we have bigger things to worry about.” Miler said. “Your right, (The blonde saw X acting teary eyed) X, what's wrong?” Zero asked.

  (X hugged Zero) “You don't know how much I miss you.” X said. “I know X, but now's not the time.” Zero whispered. “I understand, for those people are in danger.” X said. “Right, we'll save the reunion for later.” Zero said. (He and X dashed off, letting Miler follow.

  Hiding behind trees, X, Zero, and Miler found balls of webs guarded by spiders. X looked at Zero) “Any ideas?” X asked. “Yes, (Zero looked at Miler) since you're the fastest of us, you'll be the distraction.” Zero whispered. “What, but, will you protect me?” Miler asked. “Yes, we'll take the spiders down and you fly around.” Zero said. “Okay, watch.” Miler said. (He flew into the opening. Spiders screamed from Miler's presence. Zero ignited his saber, X's forearm formed into a buster. They both went out and Zero started attacking. Zero slashed through the spiders, but X paused. He saw spiders getting sliced in half. Brain matter splattering the trees.

  Miler noticed X standing. A spider appeared behind him. Miler dive bombed into it, pushing it away) “You alright X?” Miler asked. “Yes, but.” X paused. (They heard Zero screaming. Black widows rushed for him) “Is something wrong?” Miler asked. “I can't fight them, their organic.” X answered. “X, their not human, they have no hearts!” Zero yelled. (He slashed through red orbs. X charged his buster and aimed. A black widow went onto a tree and jumped at Zero. The blonde faced the spiders, not noticing the jumping spider. Miler yelled as X fired a charge shot. The black widow went flying, screaming in pain. Grey clouds began to form as X, Zero, and Miler fought through the remaining spiders. Thunder erupted from the clouds, rain poured upon the two robots and pigeon.

  The slaughter ended, Zero and X had their weapons out. Miler landed upon the corpses) “We survived, but was it right?” X asked. “Yes, they were going to kill my friends.” Miler said. “They didn't have emotions, we had real lives to save.” Zero said. (He turned around to face the balls of webs. Passing by brain matter, Zero sliced through the balls, releasing the heroes. Miler went up to the group) “Their still alive, what a relief.” Miler sighed. “Yeah, they were the ones who rescued me.” X said. “So they did, (Zero knelt down to examine the heroes) I think their waking up.” Zero said. (He stood up as the others got up) “Ugh, what happened?” Sonic asked. (He noticed Miler, Zero, and X) “Miler, your okay!” Sonic said. “Yeah, and I made new friends.” Miler said. (He moved his wing to X and Zero) “Your awake!” Shade said. “Yeah, are you alright?” X asked. (Everyone got up) “Of course we are, thanks for saving us.” Sonic said. (Vectorman went up to X) “It seems you both are more advanced then me.” Vectorman said. “Oh, I guess your not a Reploid, you do look interesting.” X complemented. “I am an Orbot.” Vectorman said. “Where do we go now?” Hunter asked. “We have the Memento Mori, but there's no sign of the ship.” Billy sighed. “What ship?” Zero asked. “One where we arrived.” Shade said. “We can tell you.” Someone said. (The heroes looked up to the trees.

  On the branches were Rose and a new machine. It's a robotic Japanese Giant Hornet with bright yellow and black armor. The head was a rounded tear shape. Dark red mandibles were on the tip's face. Ammolite eyes shined red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. On the forehead was an ammolite upward spike. Black lines formed plates of face armor. Black thorax armor had thick ammolite wings. The abdomen decorated with vertical black and ammolite stripes. They looked upon the heroes) “I told you they were here.” Rose said. “I know, but we'll make a deal.” The hornet said. “We'll never listen to you!” Shade yelled. “Come on, just give us Megaman X and the Memento Mori.” The hornet demanded. (X went behind Zero) “No, I'm not going back to you Mavericks!” X yelled. “That's the problem with machines like you.” Rose sighed. “You'll come back to us, no matter what you babble.” The hornet said. (X fired a charge shot) “Never!” X yelled. (The two machines leaped from the trees and landed onto the ground. Zero noticed X, aiming his buster at the two) “Maybe we shouldn't fight.” The hornet said. (Trees fell down as Tanzanite rushed in. He swung his arms around, knocking everyone into trees. Zero pushed X away and hit the ground. Tanzanite slammed his fist into Zero's body. The blonde screamed) “Hehehehe, you didn't expect that, did you.” Rose said. (X looked at Zero, the blonde looked at him with determined eyes) “X, shoot!” Zero yelled. (X fired a charge shot at Tanzanite. It hit his head, but the robot bear looked unfazed. It glared at X, moved it's arm down. X paused as Tanzanite ignited his flamethrowers) “Surrender, or he's dead.” Tanzanite ordered. (X stood still, eyes focused on Zero's face. The blonde looked at X) “Don't worry, I'll be fine, run.” Zero whispered. (He chuckled, now trying to grab his saber) “Well X, have a choice?” Rose asked. (X aimed his buster at Rose. Zero gripped his saber and slashed at Tanzanite's leg. The robot bear moved back as Zero got to X. They dashed away into a deeper part of the swamp) “I'll get them!” Rose yelled. (She chased them, the robot hornet looked at Tanzanite) “Don't stand there, we've got to find them!” The hornet demanded. (Tanzanite nodded and ran off.

  X and Zero kept running through the storm. Lighting hit the ground in front of the two. X moved back, Zero stopped) “Are you alright?” Zero asked. “Yeah, you surprised me.” X said. “What else was I to do, we'd better find the others before the Mavericks get us.” Zero said. (X nodded and the two dashed through the swamp) “Where do we go?” X asked. (Zero noticed the rusted ship) “There!” Zero ordered. (The two went for the ship.

  Meanwhile, Rose and the hornet robot looked around) “No sight of them, Tanzanite should suffer punishment!” Rose chided. “It was all your fault.” The hornet robot said. “Come on Ammolite, fine, I'll search for them myself!” Rose yelled. (She ran off, leaving Ammolite alone in the rain) “Rose will never learn.” Ammolite sighed. (He flew after her.

  Back at the opening, Sonic and others got up) “Oh mama mia.” Mario sighed. “That felt like a truck.” Sonic said. “Wait, where's Zero and X?” Miler asked. “They didn't get captured, did they?” Shade asked. “I don't think so, I saw them run off.” Billy said. “Then where did they go?” Sonic asked. “Don't know, but Obsidian's Forces are after them.” Billy answered. “I can search, follow me.” Vectorman said. (He ran off, letting the others follow.

  Vectorman and others found Rose looking around) “Where is he, he couldn't have slipped away.” Rose muttered. “Rose, your not going to know!” Miler yelled. (Rose turned around to see the heroes) “You all know how to make my day worse!” Rose chided. “Sorry to hear, but we have to find them first.” Sonic said. “Wait, who's he?” Hunter asked. “I'm not telling, leave me alone!” Rose yelled. (Roots rose up, the heroes moved away. Rose ran off through the storm.

  Hiding in the rusted ship, X and Zero looked through the cockpit's glass) “Will the others find us?” X asked. “Who knows, I'm sure they will.” Zero said. “It's raining pretty hard, I hope we don't.” X paused. (The two felt the ship rumble. They looked through the window to see the ship sinking. Zero punched the glass) “Come on, we can find another place to hide.” Zero said. (He broke through more glass, letting X slip out. X felt oil on the ship. His armor began to slip towards the mud. X splashed in and tried to grip onto the sinking ship) “Zero, help!” X yelled. (Zero looked out, his eyes widened as X was sinking. The blonde searched the cockpit, trying to find something. In the sinking mud, X tried to move. He began to struggle, trying to grip anything to escape. This only made him sink faster. In this, a figure watched from above) “Zero, I hope he can escape.” X thought. (He felt something wrap around his waist. Looking around, Zero wasn't out in the window. The unknown item wrapped around became tighter. X felt himself sinking below the mud. He was screaming for Zero, mud got in his mouth, he disappeared beneath the mud.

  Inside, Zero heard X's cries for help. Looking outside, roots, covered the glass. Zero slashed with his saber. More roots replaced the sliced ones) “What's going on?” Zero asked. (He kept slashing through them. The roots kept regenerating. Zero heard something echoing behind the metal door) “X, hang on.” Zero thought.

  Outside, Sonic and others were underneath trees. They found the ship sinking) “Why's my ship sinking?” Vectorman asked. “Someone's manipulating the roots to crush it.” Hunter mused. “Rose!” Shade yelled. “That's one thing your correct on.” Someone said. (The group looked to see Rose. In her arms was a mud covered X) “Let go of him!” Miler demanded. “Sorry, but I have to complete my mission.” Rose said. “I'll show you!” Sonic yelled. (Vectorman grabbed Sonic's spines before he could move) “No, the mud exposed to rain will consume you!” Vectorman said. “Good eye bot, but I must leave, have a great time.” Rose said. (Roots and mud consumed Rose and X. When the pod opened up, both disappeared) “Zero's going to be furious.” Miler sighed. “If he's still alive!” Sonic said. “The roots on the ship, their getting sliced!” Billy said. “If that's Zero, I'll help!” Hunter said. (His cloak formed and the wolf went into the shadows.

  Running upside down, Hunter looked to see mud) “Dang, it's getting harder to see.” Hunter thought. (He saw himself under the mud covered ship. The scythes on Hunter's arms glowed and the wolf slashed through. He was now inside of the ship, still upside down. The wolf looked around before going to the cockpit. He saw Zero still slashing. Mud on the floor. The darkness was enough for the wolf to pop out. Zero moved back and sat down) “You, who are you?” Zero asked. “I'm going to help you, (Hunter went up to Zero) grab my cloak.” Hunter ordered. (Zero grabbed it, the ship was sinking faster. More mud entered through cracks. Both Hunter and Zero disappeared.

  Everyone outside stayed near the tree's soil. They moved back when the ship sank) “Did they make it?” Mario asked. “I'm sure they did.” Billy said. (They heard rustling in the swamp. Looking around, they found mud covered Hunter and Zero) “You two made it!” Sonic cheered. “Yeah, but we're almost goners.” Hunter said. “Did you find X?” Zero asked. “Rose got him, we're too late to do anything.” Sonic sighed. “No, not again.” Zero snarled. (He hit his hand onto a tree) “At least we have the Memento Mori, but loosing a friend is much worse.” Hunter sighed. “The only thing left is to find the others.” Mario said. “Yeah, let's hope they didn't get buried in the mud.” Shade sighed. (Miler looked at Vectorman) “Can you still take us around?” Miler asked. “Yes, but there's no where else left to go.” Vectorman said. “Wait, I remember something, when I was flying, I know where the others went.” Miler paused. “Spit it out!” Billy yelled. “Hey, calm down.” Shade said. “Right, I saw Toxic Dune fly towards a volcanic area, Rojo and Ivory at a temple.” Miler answered. “I know how to get to those places.” Vectorman said. “Okay, just be careful, we don't want to sink.” Billy said. (Vectorman began to walk through the swamp. Rain kept pouring, Zero looked down, hiding his doleful face.

  In the hallway of the Obsidian's Force ship, Rose walked around. Her red irises glowed. Carrying the unconsics X. She looked down at his face) “How time passes, every day I think about things.” Rose said. “Never about the war or Obsidian, just you X, how that name brings things back.” Rose thought. “Rose, what's that?” Someone asked. (Rose turned around to see Ammolite. The hornet robot moved back) “Are you suprised at what I have?” Rose asked. “Yes, someone as weak as you, is able to catch him.” Ammolite said. “Since he escaped the last time, he won't ever again.” Rose said. “I still don't trust the weakest general with such an important duty.” Ammolite said. “Don't worry, he won't wake up for a while.” Rose said. (She walked off to another room) “I wonder how Obsidian will handle this.” Ammolite mused. He followed Rose to the other room.