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Dimension Heroes Remastered Chapter 3 Act 3
Near darkness, a flame danced. Orange and red illuminated from the water. Water splashed from an unknown figure. The flame illuminated to reveal feathers. It was Rojo, the rooster looked around. Green mist surrounded him) “Do you see anything?” Rojo asked. “No, just darkness, and this mist.” Someone answered. “I see, I feel the water, its getting shallow.” Rojo said. (The rooster felt itself getting out of the water. Drips of water fell from his feathers. A figure fell from Rojo's back. Flames revealed ivory fur) “We should keep quiet, who knows whats hidden.” Ivory whispered. “I see, but, how come you didn't swim?” Rojo asked. “Two reasons, I had the flame, and I can't, um, (Ivory looked away) swim.” Ivory paused. (The rooster laughed) “I thought otters could swim from birth!” Rojo laughed. “Otters can't swim right away.” Ivory explained. “How come your parents didn't teach you?” Rojo asked. “My father was too busy, and my mother couldn't do anything.” Ivory explained. “Anything, how come?” Rojo asked. (Ivory looked away, gripping her jacket. Both saw green spheres) “Look at these, are they eggs?” Ivory asked. “Looks like it, are you going to answer?” Rojo asked. “No, please stop.” Ivory whispered. (She felt feathers down her waist) “This place is cold, I'll warm you up.” Rojo whispered. “No, (Ivory backed up, bumping into an egg) understand that I'm scared when people mess with my body.” Ivory said. “Yeah, why do you keep your suit on?” Rojo asked. “If I told you, (Ivory looked at the egg, seeing the devolving larva) you would never see me the same way.” Ivory answered. (The rooster tilted his head) “I understand, but for now, we've got to get out of here.” Rojo said. “Right, (Ivory's ears twitched) do you hear that?” Ivory asked. (The two looked around, buzzing echoed throughout the darkness. Eggs shook, hatching into wasps. They flew around, forming a green face with glowing red eyes. It glared at the two animals) “What is that?” Rojo asked. “I don't know, but get away!” Ivory yelled. (She pushed Rojo to the ground, the swarm flew by the two. Looking up, Ivory noticed white fangs. The red eyes glowed as wasps flew from it's mouth. Ivory got up, dragging Rojo to the mist. They both lied down, hiding for the swarm. Rojo shut his eyes, but only saw green. Ivory looked deeper into the mist. A figure formed from it. The same coin figure, now formed of mist. Glaring at Ivory with yellow crystal eyes, mist moved away) “Ivory, reach for the past, awaken that memory.” The figure whispered. “Why, you almost killed me the last time.” Ivory chided. “No, you listened to a goat, he wasn't anyone but a mere person.” The figure said. “Ivory, who are you talking too?” Rojo asked. (Ivory looked at the rooster) “No one, (Ivory looked at the figure) where is it?” Ivory asked. “Now's not the time, (The figure reached it's hand for the otter) gain my power.” The figure whispered. “No, I felt so much pain from possessing the Memento Mori, what are you?” Ivory thought. “I am related to you, now take it!” The figure yelled. (It grabbed Ivory's hand. The otter's eyes widened, this person, how powerful was it? She disappeared into the mist. Rojo reached for the otter, but missed. Ivory vanished, leaving the ignited torch. The rooster heard the swarm. Scrambling, he gripped the torch and stood up.

  The swarm let loose wasps. Rojo flailed the torch, igniting the wasps. They flew around the mist, leaving shades of orange mix with green. Some bugs hit the swarm. The face of the swarm moved away. It slammed into Rojo, but the rooster ignited it. Screams echoed in the darkness. The swarm turned into a pile of dead bugs. Rojo went forward, moving his head. She must be somewhere. The rooster paused, moaning echoed through the green mist. Rojo looked down to see Ivory, eyes closed. The rooster knelt down and nudged her) “Ivory, Ivory, wake up!” Rojo yelled. (Nothing, the rooster looked around to see the eggs. With a sigh, he fell down to Ivory and warped his arms around the otter. He fell asleep surround by green mist. Unknown to the two, a thick door's gem glowed. The door opened up, and a figure stepped out.

  Meanwhile, pillars of steam rose. A place of magma, formed of black. Flames rose from cracks. The rain ended, leaving the sky purple with red from nearby volcanos. Miler flew around, scanning for signs of his scorpion friend) “Anything Miler?” Shade yelled. “No, just lava, I'll go further.” Miler said. (He flew farther from the others, leaving the heroes on a slope.

  Down the black slope, pillars of steam rose. Heroes avoided cracks of magma. In the distance, pools of lava had floating pieces of rock. Vectorman jumped onto one of the rocks and it moved off. Making it to another platform, the Orbot made it to the other side. He waved his hand, letting the others get on the platform. It moved towards Vectorman, everyone moved to the bigger rock. Steam roared, cracks becoming wider.

  Miler airborne, goggles covered his eyes. Still nothing, except for giant bugs) “How can they live in a climate like this?” Miler thought. (He saw the others catching up. Miler landed, letting the heroes get near) “No sign of Toxic Dune, I hope he's alright.” Shade sighed. “Toxic Dune's been through a lot worse, but for now, we must remain hopeful.” Billy said. “What lurks here?” Zero asked. (Vectorman pointed to two giant cockroaches fighting) “Those, strange how the scorpions are absent.” Vectorman mused. “Could they be attacking Toxic Dune?” Billy asked. “How come, invasion of territory?” Zero asked. “No, Toxic Dune is a scorpion, (Shade noticed Miler with his binoculars) what is it?” Shade asked. “I see Toxic Dune fighting the native scorpions!” Miler yelled. “Give me those!” Shade demanded. (He swiped them and looked. The Akita saw Toxic Dune fighting against other scorpions. They had shades of yellow and were more scorpion like) “Miler, go help him the best way you can!” Billy ordered. “Understood!” Miler said. (He flew from the others) “Vectorman, what's the fastest way to get up there?” Sonic asked. “We have to take the platforms, their our only way of progression.” Vectorman answered. “Right, I'll help your friend!” Zero said. (He dashed forward, landing on top of a moving platform.

  Scorpions lunged their tails, with sand rising around Toxic Dune. Sand protected the anthropomorphic scorpion. Wind blew the sand away. Looking up, Toxic Dune saw Miler) “Grab my leg!” Miler ordered. (The movements of the main scorpion arms. Sand waves caused the other scorpions to fall. The anthropomorphic scorpion gripped Miler's leg, the pigeon flew up.

  The others arrived to the location of Miler and Toxic Dune. Scorpions glared at the heroes, almost all at Vectorman. Stingers lunged, Huner impaled two stingers, Zero slashed with his saber. Vectorman shot electric spheres, with Hunter making the trapped scorpions collide. Sand rose up and impaled every scorpion. Everyone looked up to see Miler and Toxic Dune) “Nice one!” Hunter cheered. (Miler let go of Toxic Dune. The scorpion landed, sand formed back into clothes) “It's great to see you guys, (The scorpion stared at Zero and Vectorman) who are these?” Toxic Dune asked. “My name is Zero and he's Vectorman.” Zero introduced. “I see, I thought you were a.” Toxic Dune paused. (Zero had a finger to the scorpion's mouth) “Don't say it.” Zero chided. (Toxic Dune's turban formed a hand, slapping Zero away) “I understand, where's Rojo and Ivory?” Toxic Dune asked. “They flew away to a temple structure.” Miler explained. “Well, lets just get going.” Toxic Dune said. (Everyone nodded before walking towards a volcano) “Is this the only way through?” Mario asked. “Yes, I still remember everything.” Vectorman said. “Miler, can you wait for us on the other side?” Toxic Dune asked. “Yeah, although this magma filled floor is hurting my feet.” Miler said. “Where are your boots?” Shade asked. “I left them back in Mario's Dimension.” Miler sighed. “We'll find another pair, now lets move on!” Sonic said. (He ran into the volcano, leaving the others to chase him.

  Inside, the heroes looked around, lava was flowing down amongst the rock formations) “Are we to reach the top?” Mario asked. “No, we have to make it to the other side, follow me.” Vectorman said. (He jumped up, then making a double jump from boosters under his feet. Everyone jumped through the rock formations, red illuminated from the sides. Magma glowed while pouring down to the unknown bottom. Toxic Dune went up to Mario) “Sorry that I wasn't able to introduce myself before.” Toxic Dune apologized. “Hey, don't worry, we didn't talk that much, held prisoner and all.” Mario said. “Yeah, (Toxic Dune had one of his arms shake Mario's hand) let's get across this volcano.” Toxic Dune said. (Sonic was farther off, leaving Vectorman to reach for the hedgehog) “He's fast.” Vectorman sighed. “That's always been Sonic's thing, but he knows how dangerous this place is.” Mario said. “I hope he knows enough.” Vectorman sighed. (Billy noticed Zero's face. Blue irises glared at the falling lava) “Anything wrong?” Billy asked. (Zero looked at the mountain goat) “No, it's just that I'm thinking.” Zero explained. “About X, how we failed to save him.” Hunter sighed. “Yeah, but now, I have no clue if he's safe or not.” Zero said. “What's all this talk about?” Toxic Dune asked. (The group continued to climb the rocks) “Well, what happened was... (Billy explained what happened) and that's why Zero's with us.” Billy reiterated. “Sorry to hear what happened Zero, but I'm sure they wouldn't kill your friend.” Toxic Dune said. “Your right, they've kept him alive for almost five months.” Zero mused. “That long?” Shade asked. (Zero nodded) “We haven't found anyone else, are you alright in this heat?” Zero asked. “Yeah, I live in these climates.” Toxic Dune said. “Don't you mean the desert?” Hunter asked. “Yeah, but I meant temperature.” Toxic Dune explained. “We're almost at the end, where's Sonic?” Vectorman asked. “Right here!” Sonic yelled. (The group looked up to see the blue hedgehog) “Do you see the exit?” Vectorman asked. “Yeah, follow me!” Sonic ordered. (He jumped down, letting Toxic Dune form sand steps. The group climbed up to where Sonic last stood. Looking where the hedgehog stood, a red light glowed behind him. Sonic ran off, letting the others chase him out of the volcano.

  The group stepped out of the volcano. Heat became intense, clouds disappeared for show the sun) “I never seen anything like this before.” Vectorman mused. “It looks nice, so where do we go?” Miler asked. “It's going to be a long trek, but follow me.” Vectorman ordered. (He and the others walked across the volcanic area.

  Meanwhile, Ivory opened her eyes. She saw the mist, a figure in front of her and Rojo. Even in the darkness, the otter saw orange and red glowing) “Who are you?” Ivory asked. “You cannot see me, (The mist cleared up with the lights glowing brighter.

  It was a male anthromorphic triceratops. It had dark grey skin with red markings. On the neck frills were two horns formed of magma, glowing in shades of red and orange. Above the horns were three magma diamonds. At the top, magma spikes curved forward. The face had unfused eyes with orange irises. Extended muzzle was thinner towards the beak mouth. Behind are black nostrils and another magma spike. The body had a red underbelly and a magma diamond below the head. He wore a thick brown tunic with fur underneath. Covering the face and frill was silver armor. The magma horns and gems still stuck out. Brown gloves and thick boots had silver rings. Those rings had rubies. On the tip of the thick long tail was a sharp silver piece. He looked down at the otter) here I am.” The triceratops said. “Who are you?” Ivory asked. “My name is Solar.” Solar introduced. “Solar, how long have you been here?” Ivory asked. “A while, I was waiting for you to wake up.” Solar explained. “What, who's side are you on?” Ivory asked. “Side, I don't know what your talking about.” Solar said. “Do you know of anyone named Obsidian?” Ivory asked. “No, if you think I'm a bad guy, then your wrong.” Solar chided. “Okay, sorry for doubting you, I just woke up, so I feel tired.” Ivory apologized. “I know why you asked those questions, want to get out of here?” Solar asked. “Yeah, but, (Ivory got up, shoving Rojo's arm away) Rojo, wake up!” Ivory yelled. (The rooster sprung up, yells echoed in the darkness. Rojo saw the orange and red lights, Solar tilted his head) “Ivory, your awake, thank goodness.” Rojo sighed. “I know, but we've got to get going.” Ivory said. “Hold it, I saw you getting dragged away, what happened?” Rojo asked. “I blacked out before anything happened.” Ivory sighed. “What's this all about?” Solar asked. “I'm talking to my girlfriend!” Rojo chided. (Ivory kicked the rooster) “Don't call me that, I don't remember anything!” Ivory yelled. (Solar pushed Ivory and Rojo away and glared at the otter) “Calm down, I know that your not his girlfriend, and he's just ignorant.” Solar soothed. “Your getting carried away with me being alone with you.” Ivory chided. “Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.” Rojo laughed. (The otter slapped Rojo, causing Solar to push Ivory farther) “Enough, now can we go find a way out?” Solar asked. “Fine, as long as you stop trying to get my affection.” Ivory chided. “Alright, (Rojo glared at Solar) now who are you?” Rojo asked. “I'm Solar, now stop fighting and lets get going.” Solar repeated. (He walked through the darkness, illuminating the way.

  Back with the heroes, they made it to a tunnel with glowing lights) “How deep do you think this tunnel is?” Hunter asked. “From memory, it's a long track, (Vectorman's feet turned into roller skates) follow me!” Vectorman ordered. (He ran off, leaving Sonic to chase the Orbot. Hunter went through the shadows, with Miler flying. Toxic Dune's clothes turned to sand and made waves. They carried the heroes through the tunnels. Sonic passed Vectorman) “Nice power that you have.” Sonic complimented. “Its something we Orbots have, an ability to help when cleaning up.” Vectorman explained. “Is that why your ship had oil covering it?” Zero asked. (The hedgehog and Orbot saw Toxic Dune and others catching up) “Yes, we would take toxins, sludge and other pollution and take it to the Sun.” Vectorman explained. “Then how did your ship crash?” Sonic asked. “A missile hit it during my daily sludge deposit.” Vectorman explained. “Well, I'm glad that your okay.” Miler said. “Thanks, but this will be a long path.” Vectorman said. “Yeah, I'm alright with it.” Sonic said. (The heroes kept moving through the long tunnel. Back with the heroes, they made it to a tunnel with glowing lights) “How deep do you think this tunnel is?” Hunter asked. “From memory, it's a long track, (Vectorman's feet turned into roller skates) follow me!” Vectorman ordered. (He ran off, leaving Sonic to chase the Orbot. Hunter went through the shadows, with Miler flying. Toxic Dune's clothes turned to sand and made waves. They carried the heroes through the tunnels. Sonic passed Vectorman) “Nice power that you have.” Sonic complimented. “Its something we Orbots have, an ability to help when cleaning up toxins.” Vectorman explained. “Is that why your ship had oil covering it?” Zero asked. (The hedgehog and Orbot saw Toxic Dune and others catching up) “Yes, we would take toxins, sludge and other pollution and take it to the Sun.” Vectorman explained. “Then how did your ship crash?” Sonic asked. “A missile hit it during my daily sludge deposit.” Vectorman explained. “Well, I'm glad that your okay.” Miler said. “Thanks, but this will be a long path.” Vectorman said. “Yeah, I'm alright with it.” Sonic said. (The heroes kept moving through the long tunnel.

  After a long run, the heroes made it outside. It became dusk, with the moon glowing. Stars shined in the night, letting the heroes traverse through the barren land. With enough steps, the group sat down on rocks. Everyone but Sonic and Shade remained awake. Hunter was missing) “Where do you think Hunter went?” Sonic asked. “Who knows, he's a mysterious person.” Shade said. “I'm sure he'll show up.” Sonic said. “Hey Sonic, I've wanted to ask you something.” Shade paused. (Sonic looked at the Akita) “What is it?” Sonic asked. “I've always wondered why you joined us to begin with.” Shade paused. “I saw what danger you guys were in, I always help others.” Sonic explained. “Without asking, you rushed to help us, I've never experienced this kindness.” Shade said. “I want to know more about the war your going through.” Sonic said. “The one Billy told you? I understand, you already know the three sides. What else do I put in?” Shade asked. “How you met with the others, Miler, Billy, Rojo, and Toxic Dune.” Sonic answered. “Those memories, six years ago, my mother and I met Rojo and Toxic Dune. They were more Outsiders hiding in Rebellion territory. Afterwards, Miler and Billy joined. Miler appeared many times to deliver mail from the Outsiders main base. During one mission, Miler broke his wing and met Billy. He stayed with us, starting three years ago. Now we've all became friends, with Miler giving us a message of Obsidian's plan. To find and use the Memento Mori. Billy gave me the Pure Glove, but now it's missing.” Shade sighed. “I'm glad to know that you go well with your friends, and your mother?” Sonic asked. “Her, she adopted me. My father left me in her care after my real mother passed away.” Shade explained. “I know how hard it's to say goodbye, but you have your friends.” Sonic soothed. “Thanks, she was a Rebellion member, but was kind to us Outsiders. First, she let me stay, and an event caused her to become an Outsider. With that, she opened to take care of passing Outsiders. She also gives them a way to escape the Rebellion territory.” Shade explained. “Your mother sounds caring, that's always nice.” Sonic said. “She's worried for me, I've been gone for an unknown time. I hope she holds on.” Shade said. “Don't panic, if she cares for many people, she'll still have faith in you.” Sonic soothed. (Shade nodded) “It's best you get sleep, I'll search for Hunter.” Shade said. “Okay, (Sonic stretched his arms before lying on a rock) night.” Sonic yawned. (The Akita jumped from his rock and looked around the wasteland.

  Trudging through the empty field, Shade searched. No sign of the wolf, he couldn't have gone astray, did he? The Akita's ears twitched, he looked at his shadow. Another figure rose out, it was Hunter. The wolf's cloak vanished, letting Hunter brush his armor) “Thanks for leaving your shadow.” Hunter thanked. “What were you doing this whole time?” Shade asked. “Listening to you and Sonic, I scouted around the area for the morning.” Hunter explained. “You do a lot under us.” Shade said. “I don't work for the Rebellion or Obsidian, I'm an Outsider.” Hunter said. “I just wanted to make sure, I've heard of stories where spies would back stab us.” Shade said. “I'm not one of those.” Hunter said. “What did you find?” Shade asked. “A cave, it's a long walk, but we'll be closer to our destination.” Hunter said. “You should get some sleep, I'll do patrol.” Shade said. “No, I'm nocturnal, and I'm more active in the night.” Hunter said. “I'll be fine, just get some rest.” Shade ordered. (Hunter nodded, walking back towards the others) “He'll understand.” Hunter thought. (He went back to the heroes, falling asleep in Shade's view. The Akita scouted around, nothing.

  Glowing red and orange flowed through the darkness. Solar went through the darkness, Ivory and Solar followed. The dinosaur looked at the otter) “Did you finish your argument?” Solar asked. “It's over, it's been over ever since we started to move.” Ivory answered. “Is that why you've been silent?” Solar asked. “Yeah, I wanted to make sure that the fighting was over.” Ivory sighed. “Thanks for your concern, so why were you here?” Rojo asked. “I have been searching for a treasure.” Solar explained. “Then how did you end up sealed here?” Ivory asked. “A room had a fake treasure, I became trapped.” Solar explained. “Did you break down the door yourself?” Rojo asked. “No, it's too strong, but you managed to open it.” Solar remarked. “That's great to know, (The trio came upon a stone wall) a dead end.” Ivory sighed. “Not one, this is an opening, just sealed off.” Solar explained. “Right, I'll get us out.” Rojo said. (He punched the wall, nothing. The rooster kept punching, nothing. He shook his hands) “Are you okay?” Ivory asked. “Yeah, almost broke my fingers.” Rojo snarled. “I can't believe it, the wall, nothing, let me try.” Ivory said. (She kicked it, but moved back. The otter gripped her leg, screaming in pain. Rojo placed the otter down) “You okay?” Rojo asked. “Yeah, that hurt.” Ivory moaned. “This stone, if I remember, I destroyed it once.” Solar muttered. “How, we found an opening, went inside, and it collapsed!” Rojo said. “Calm down, give me a second, (The horns and gems on Solar's head flashed. Slamming his hand, magma formed a war hammer. It was of black rock with cracks, lava emitting. The triceratops slammed his hammer to the wall. It exploded, moonlight rushed through the darkness. Rojo shielded his eyes, Solar smiled as he walked outside. He faced the others) are we ready to move?” Solar asked. “Yeah, (Ivory got up, she snarled, gripping her leg. Rojo picked her up) thanks, please don't attract me.” Ivory said. “Alright, so where do we go?” Rojo asked. “I don't know, but I'll try to lead.” Solar said. (The two males walked through the midnight. Solar illuminated the darkness.

  Morning rose, Sonic and friends woke up, they saw Shade sleeping. Hunter went up to the Akita, cloak back on) “Asleep, wake up sleepy head.” Hunter soothed. (Shade opened his eyes) “Give me a few more minutes.” Shade snoozed. (Hunter kicked Shade, causing his eyes to widen. The wolf walked back to the others, Shade rushed in front of Hunter) “What a jerk.” Shade thought. (Right before he could yell, Hunter grabbed the Akita's muzzle. The wolf dragged Shade to the others) “Ready to go.” Hunter sighed. (He let go of Shade, the Akita punched the wolf) “Don't mess with me!” Shade yelled. (Hunter sighed, the group began their journey. 

  Vectorman lead the others through the wasteland. Much to Sonic's annoyance. The group make it through foggy caves filled with crystals. Climbing out of the caves, they pass through an abandoned industrial factory. Even with it abandoned, flames gave the sky a bright morning red.

  After passing through the factory, the heroes end up in another desert. Hunter vanished) “Another desert, I wonder if we'll go through more.” Miler said. “What, I enjoy these climates, (Toxic Dune formed a sand wave. He rode it around) you can see why.” Toxic Dune said. “Right, let's just get through this desert.” Billy said. “We have a long way to go.” Miler said. (He flapped his wings, going high in the sky) “Is it always his thing to fly up?” Mario asked. “Yes, that's how he starts flying when delivering messages.” Shade explained. “I saw him do that when we first met.” Billy said. “How did that go?” Sonic asked. “Well, wait, do you feel the wind?” Billy asked. “Yeah, it's feeling more harsh then usual.” Mario mused. “Where's Hunter gone this time?” Zero asked. “Who knows, this is just making me more agitated.” Billy snarled. “Why, he told me that this was for scouting.” Shade explained. “Oh well, hey, is the wind getting more stronger?” Sonic asked. “Yeah, oh no, Toxic Dune!” Shade yelled. “Shoot, I forgot, watch out for the tornado!” Vectorman yelled. “What?” Everyone asked. (A giant tornado formed from the sky. It landed, sand flew into everyone. Toxic Dune rose a wall of sand, but it blew away. Everyone ran, the force, too strong, for it pulled everyone into the sky.

  Meanwhile, Miler landed, he saw the tornado far away) “Oh no, I hope the others are okay.” Miler thought. (He noticed Hunter coming from his shadow. The pigeon jumped, leaving Hunter out of the pigeon's shadow. Hunter glared at Miler) “Miler, get your shadow back on me.” Hunter demanded. (The pigeon nodded, walking up to Hunter, his shadow covered the wolf. Hunter pulled himself out of the sand) “Sorry Hunter, you surprised me.” Miler chuckled. (The wolf slapped Miler, brushing his armor) “He's not too happy.” Miler thought. “Need anything else?” Miler asked. “No, did you find the others?” Hunter asked. “No, they're swept away by a tornado.” Miler sighed. “I see.” Hunter paused. “What do we, wait, (Miler's eyes widened, he saw three figures. The pigeon got out his binoculars) oh my.” Miler paused. “What's wrong?” Hunter asked. (The wolf got Miler's binoculars, looking further, it was the other three) “Ivory, and Rojo, their alive.” Miler sobbed. “I know, now it's time to say hello.” Hunter sighed. “Let's hope the others can wait.” Miler said. (He felt sand his his body. Hunter ran off towards the others. The pigeon flapped his wings, flying towards the wolf.

  Ivory, Rojo, and Solar gazed upon the desert) “How long do you think this desert is?” Ivory asked. “Who knows, but at least your leg's recovered.” Rojo said. “Yeah, I'm sensitive to pressure.” Ivory explained. “Ivory, Ivory!” Someone yelled. (The trio saw Hunter running towards them) “Hunter, your okay!” Ivory yelled. (She ran up to the wolf. They hugged each other) “I'm glad to know your okay.” Hunter sighed. “Yeah, thanks for your concern.” Ivory said. (Miler arrived, he noticed Hunter and Ivory looking at each other. Rojo looked away, holding a snarl. Solar tilted his head, but had a smile) “Rojo, I'm glad to know I was right.” Miler sighed. “Yeah, but how did these two get so connected for a short time?” Rojo asked. “Maybe there memories they don't tell.” Miler said. “No, we've known each other for a year, just a year.” Hunter explained. “Yeah, not much of a connection.” Ivory added. “I'm surprised that you manage to survive this long.” Rojo said. “What's wrong, are you jealous?” Hunter asked. “No, we're just friends.” Rojo lied. “Please be true.” Ivory said. (She hid behind Hunter) “So, where are the others?” Rojo asked. (They saw sand flying. Looking up, the tornado flew towards them) “Run for it!” Miler yelled. (He and the others ran away from the tornado. But wind pulled the heroes inside. Everyone swept across the sky, silence.

  Darkness, the heroes woke to a bright red light. Solar's horns and jewels illuminated in the darkness) “Ugh, what happened?” Sonic asked. “I feel, pain.” Vectorman paused. “Me too, mama mia.” Mario moaned. “Looks like we flew high, ugh my head.” Shade moaned. “How many branches did we hit, I feel leaves.” Ivory said. “No clue, at least I wore a helmet.” Miler said. “Great, pass of a morale no one cares about!” Billy yelled. “Forgot your medication gramps?” Rojo asked. “I don't need medicine!” Billy yelled. “Just stop, your giving me a headache.” Solar moaned. “Can't handle loud noises?” Rojo asked. “Stop, I hit my head on a trunk.” Solar moaned. “That voice, Solar.” Toxic Dune thought. (The group got up, light illuminated from holes made from the landing. Toxic Dune hid in the darkness. He saw the others pass by) “Ivory, Rojo, your both alright!” Shade said. “Yeah, and we have a new friend, this is Solar.” Ivory introduced. “I have come to this planet to search for a treasure.” Solar explained. “We don't have any treasure, unless you count this.” Shade said. (He revealed the Memento Mori) “Never saw that before, but I feel something's not right with it.” Solar said. “Yeah, that's because it isn't.” Billy said. “Vectorman, do you know this place?” Mario asked. “No, I've never been here, how come the tornado did that?” Vectorman asked. “We should be lucky that we're alive.” Billy said. “But, how did it break science?” Hunter asked. “Who knows, but, I feel something.” Ivory said. “What, (The Memento Mori started to glow) it's power, Billy, what's going on?” Shade asked. “We're near, follow me.” Billy ordered. (He grabbed the Memento Mori. Others followed, except for Toxic Dune, keeping his glare at Solar.

  A long path forward led to a giant emerald tree. It glowed, causing diamond flowers to open up) “Wow, this is like the tornado, not the one from today.” Sonic mentioned. “We know, I guess it's time.” Shade said. “For what?” Vectorman asked. “To leave this dimension, we have the Memento Mori, and we're all together.” Shade explained. (He saw Zero looking away) “Hey, it wasn't your fault, we'll rescue him.” Sonic said. “Rescue who?” Solar asked. “My friend, Megaman X.” Zero sighed. “Well, there's only one way to move forward.” Sonic said. (He went up to the emerald tree. Touching it, nothing happened) “Huh, it's not working?” Shade asked. “How come, it worked before.” Sonic said. “Your not the chosen Dimension Hero.” Billy said. (Sonic and Shade looked at the goat) “Dimension Hero?” Shade asked. “Yes, it's a legend echoed in history.” Billy explained. “Interesting, so what are these statues for?” Shade asked. “Not only to dimension travel, but to prove a Dimension Hero's existance.” Billy explained. “How do we know who's the Dimension Hero of this place?” Sonic asked. “Feel the energy, only one feels it more then others.” Billy explained. “How did this come together?” Someone asked. (The group looked to see Toxic Dune.

  “You, (Solar formed his hammer. Toxic Dune looked at Solar) you'll pay for everything you done.” Solar chided. “What, Solar!” Toxic Dune yelled. “You'll die!” Solar yelled. (Toxic Dune formed a pillar, pushing Solar away) “Leave me alone, guys, back me up!” Toxic Dune demanded. “What's going on?” Mario asked. (Solar glared at Toxic Dune. The magma horns and gems glowed) “He is a villain, a murderer.” Solar chided. “What, Toxic Dune would never kill!” Billy said. “That may be so in your dimension, but mine, your a well known criminal.” Solar chided. “Why are you here?” Toxic Dune asked. “I came for an important treasure, but two Skyathis with one stone.” Solar said. (Rising from the shadows, Hunter went forward, raising his blades. Toxic Dune moved back) “Why someone like you to find a treasure, couldn't it be a random knight?” Hunter asked. “Silence, Dunexic is an enemy to us, and this is my lucky day.” Solar said. “Calm down, if Dunexic committed that crime, then why hasn't he attacked us?” Hunter asked. “What crime is he talking about?” Sonic asked. “Shh, let Hunter tell Solar what's right.” Ivory whispered. “He attacked me.” Solar chided. “That was for self defense, you and I would do the same if danger rose.” Hunter said. “Fine, Dunexic, I will spare your life for now, try to murder me, and your dead.” Solar chided. “Deal.” Toxic Dune said. (He went forward to Solar, keeping his tail tense. The two shook hands, with Solar snarling) “Thank you, now the main point at hand.” Hunter said. (He looked at the tree) “Now it's time to find the Dimension Hero.” Billy said. (The group went for the tree. During the walk, Solar grabbed Toxic Dune's tail. The scorpion looked at the dinosaur) “You keep your promise.” Solar chided. “I will, (Sand formed a fist, opening Solar's hand) when you back off.” Toxic Dune chided. (He went up to the tree, sand reforming into clothing)

  “Such a tree, hidden away by a tornado.” Billy mused. (Everyone but Hunter and Toxic Dune went up to the tree. Hunter saw Toxic Dune's hand) “Thanks for saving me.” Toxic Dune thanked. “Your welcome, but your going to explain the whole thing to the others.” Hunter said. “I'm still a wanted criminal back home.” Toxic Dune sighed. “I understand, didn't you have a question for Billy?” Hunter asked. “Yeah, thanks for reminding me.” Toxic Dune said. (He went off to the goat. Hunter looked at Ivory, kneeling next to him) “Who did Toxic Dune kill?” Ivory asked. “No clue, he doesn't seem to be a killer.” Hunter mused. (He paused, Ivory snuggled his armor.

  Toxic Dune went up to Billy, the goat looked at him) “Hello Toxic Dune, are you okay?” Billy asked. “Yeah, I have a question, who came up with this legend?” Toxic Dune asked. “The Dimension Heroes, they're lost in history.” Billy explained. “Then who created these gem statues?” Toxic Dune asked. “Memoraiasis, written in stone of ancient ruins.” Billy explained. “I thought they didn't exist anymore.” Toxic Dune said. “There is more then one.” Billy explained. “I know, but most well known ones gone, thanks to Obsidian.” Toxic Dune sighed. “Well, at least the legend is true.” Billy said. “Who's the hero of this dimension?” Toxic Dune asked. “Only one.” Billy said. (He looked at the group, still surrounding the tree)

  “We felt it's power, but, nothing.” Sonic sighed. (Vectorman looked at his hand) “Give me a try.” Vectorman said. (Everyone moved away, letting Vectorman press his hand onto the tree. It glowed, everyone moved back as it formed a dimension portal) “Amazing, where does this lead to?” Solar asked. “The next piece of the Memento Mori.” Billy explained. (Shade looked at the gauntlet) “Okay then, let's get going.” Shade ordered. (The others nodded, all entered into the dimension portal, disappearing into the unknown.