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Dimension Heroes Remastered Chapter 4 Act 1
The dimension portal opened up, letting Hunter and Ivory escape. Gripped in the wolf's hands was the topaz Memento Mori boot. They both were in an empty room. A door was the only thing of interest. “What, where are the others?” Ivory asked. “The Memento Mori must've effected our path of dimension travel.” Hunter mused. “Yeah, but, Billy's words still make me wonder.” Ivory said. “What did the goat tell you?” Hunter asked. “About the Dimension Heroes, what do you think the legend is?” Ivory asked. “No idea, but we'd better find the others, staying here isn't going to help.” Hunter said. (He walked up to the door and opened it. Bright flashing lights entered the room. Hunter ran behind the door to equip his cloak. Ivory shielded her eyes. Lights dimmed down, Ivory went up to Hunter. The wolf had an arm cover his visor) “You alright?” Ivory asked. “Yeah, but dang did that hurt.” Hunter chided. “Come on, let's go figure out where we are.” Ivory said. (Hunter looked at the otter. Her smile made it hard to resist. Both stepped outside the room.

  Bright lights revealed a casino. It had many slot machines with various themes. Up above hanging wave structures were openings for lime green rails. A pinball rolls around the track. Many people walked around, placing tokens to start machines. Techno blasted through the place. Ivory looked at Hunter) “Any idea where to go?” Ivory asked. “What, I can't hear you!” Hunter yelled. “Any idea where to go!?” Ivory asked. “Yes, follow me!” Hunter ordered. (The two walked around the casino, passing by many alien creatures and humans. Bumping into the creatures, Hunter gripped Ivory's hand. The otter looked around. Cheers or screams from the slot machines' decisions. Coins rolled around, hitting insert slots and hitting the cups. Jackpots for the most part. Ivory gripped her jacket, only focusing on Hunter) “Nice place, isn't it!?” Ivory yelled. “I know, we're almost there!” Hunter yelled. (The two made it to a building. It was dark brown with hanging neon signs. They formed a single coin encircling the front. Two pillars had giant spinning coins) “What is this place?” Ivory asked. “Come inside, you'll find out!” Hunter yelled. (The two went inside the building.

  Jazz bellowed through the building. Lights of purple and orange flashed onto a stage. On that stage were aliens playing jazz with a pianist. A bar was nearby, glass had rows of bottles. Brown tables and booths filled the place. People and alien creatures sat on them, talking. Hunter grabbed Ivory's hand and the two walked around) “What's this place for?” Ivory asked. “Bounty hunters.” Hunter explained. (Ivory's eyes widened, all these people, killers. The wolf kept moving till noticing something. Ivory tilted her head)

  “Zero and Billy, hey guys!” Ivory yelled. (Hunter covered the otter's mouth. Bounty hunters looked at them. Even Zero and Billy) “Quiet, don't get us kicked out.” Hunter whispered. (Ivory nodded, gripping her jacket. The bounty hunters went back to their business. Wolf and otter went to Zero and Billy. A pistol and brown glass bottle lied on the table. The goat kept reloading. Zero looked at the two, now sitting down in the booth) “I'm glad to see you here.” Ivory said. “Yeah, we searched all over, but Billy decided to take a shot.” Zero chided. “What, oh, your just angry that I got something, eh?” Billy asked. (He took another gulp of the bottle. Zero pulled it away from Billy's mouth) “Look who's here.” Zero paused. “Oh, Hunter, Ivory, sorry, I just couldn't help it.” Billy said. “How did you get the money?” Hunter asked. “Found coins lying around, also stole.” Billy said. “Why did you steal?” Ivory asked. “I see, this outfit means more then you think.” Billy explained. “You were a captain who stole from others?” Ivory asked. “A pirate captain once, things went downhill.” Billy sighed. (The group noticed Zero tilting his head) “See something Zero?” Ivory asked. “Does Mario wear green?” Zero asked. “No, he wears red, wait, (Hunter looked out of the booth. He saw a taller, leaner Mario look a like. The person wore a green hat, shirt, blue overalls, white gloves, and brown shoes. He sat at a table, a glass of water nearby. A green L was on the hat) never saw anyone like that before.” Hunter said. “Hunter, how do you know of this place?” Ivory asked. “I work as a bounty hunter, this is one of my go too places.” Hunter explained. “Bounty hunters in my dimension never have a good reputation.” Zero chided. “I don't know what you do for a living.” Billy said. “I'm a Maverick Hunter, Reploids that fight against rouge Reploids.” Zero explained. “A robot, (Billy hit Zero with his cane) how come you never told us this?” Billy asked. “Hey, there wasn't enough time and I had to deal with loosing my best friend.” Zero sighed. (The three boys noticed Ivory, still looking at the green Mario) “Do you think this is an alternate dimension?” Ivory asked. “No, I've been here many times, although there is a person who left their mark.” Hunter said. “Who?” Zero asked. “A bounty hunter by the name of Samus.” Hunter explained. “Is he infamous around here?” Billy asked. “Are you kidding, Samus is the most well known hunter around.” Hunter said. “Is this person around here?” Zero asked. “No, (Hunter looked around) but I do hear that she shows up from time to time.” Hunter said. “She, well, it's better then Samoose.” Billy mused. (He continued to drink from the bottle) “Right, where's the rest of the group?” Ivory asked. “Does anyone have the Memento Mori?” Billy asked. “Yeah, I believe it effected our travel.” Hunter guessed. (He revealed it) “Correct, without the Pure Glove, dimension travel will split people apart.” Billy explained. “May I take a look?” Zero asked. (Hunter tossed it to the Reploid) “Why do you need to look at it?” Ivory asked. “To see what it is.” Zero explained. (Hunter looked at Billy, now moving his pistol) “How do you still have your pistol when I lost my ring?” Hunter asked. “No idea, but I should be lucky.” Billy said. (He smiled, right as the jazz stopped. The crowd cheered, letting the alien jazz players leave. The pianist stayed, letting curtains move. The four heroes' jaws dropped.

  Obsidian stood in front of the crowd. The four became tense, with Zero, Ivory, and Hunter hiding under the table. Billy took another gulp of his bottle. Obsidian went forward towards a mike) “Obsidian, what's he doing here?” Zero asked. “I don't know, but lets listen.” Ivory whispered. (The group became silent) “Bounty hunters, I searching for certain people.” Obsidian said. “What certain people?” A bounty hunter asked. “Names are, Sonic, Zero, Vectorman, and Mario.” Obsidian answered. “Your looking for my brother?” Someone asked. (The three heroes moved from under the table. They saw the green Mario walk up to Obsidian) “Brother, Mario never told us he had a brother.” Ivory mused. “Let's watch, who knows what will happen next.” Hunter mused. (The green Mario went onto the stage, Obsidian looked down at him) “Your brother is Mario, then your name is Luigi.” Obsidian said. “What, how do you know my name?” Luigi asked. (Obsidian grabbed Luigi by the neck. He turned around to focus on the crowd) “If the Outsiders don't show themselves, I will kill you!” Obsidian declared. “He knows we're here!” Ivory thought. “What will the other hunters think?” Hunter thought. “Show yourselves for Master Obsidian.” A bounty hunter said. (The heroes jumped, two bounty hunters ripped their skin.

  Ammolite, and a new figure glared at the four trapped heroes. One was Ammolite, the other, a thin robot with full lazurite armor. The head had a thin horn with curves going down. Three thick fin ridges went to the back of the head. A thick black line went down the faceless front. The shoulder pads, horseshoe crabs. Hands with webbed fingers, thin claws on tips of fingers. The torso, plain with only data lines of dark blue. Ridged back had small holographic fins of seahorses. Legs with spikes of a sea urchin with a holographic fin on the outer side. The two glared at the heroes) “A trap!” Billy yelled. (The other bounty hunters looked around. Right as they to do something, red lighting hit them. Ruby statues filled the room. Luigi started to cough, choking)

  “Surrender now, or he perishes.” Obsidian ordered. (Zero dashed forward, but the new robot appeared in front of him. The blonde ignited his saber, slashing at the robot. It guarded, letting Zero pass by. The robot kicked Zero in the back, sending him towards Obsidian. Ivory, Billy, and Hunter glared at the two of Obsidian's followers. Rubies shined of the imprisoned innocents. No windows, no one could see it happening. Zero glared at Obsidian, Luigi's eyes widened. He began to turn blue, gasping for air. Obsidian pointed his blade at Zero) “Let him go Obsidian, he has nothing to do with this!” Zero yelled. “Force me then.” Obsidian said. (He slashed at Zero. The Reploid jumped away and impaled Obsidian's hand. Luigi fell to the ground. Zero noticed his blue face, the Reploid slammed into glass. Impact, both glass and bottles shattered, liquid poured on top of the blonde. Obsidian grabbed the motionless Luigi. The machine threw the Mario brother at Zero, slamming into him. Zero moved Luigi away from the glass, he wasn't moving. The Reploid pushed his hands onto Luigi's chest. Ivory, Hunter, and Billy fought against Ammolite and the new machine. Hunter slashed at Ammolite, punching at him. The new machine went for Ivory. It kicked the otter in the side. Billy fired bullets, but they fell. The goat placed his gun away, now hitting Ammolite with his cane. This did nothing, letting the goat get kicked towards a ruby. Ivory hit the ground, looking around, Hunter vanished) “Hunter, where are you?” Ivory asked. “He gave up on you, (Ivory saw Ammolite gripping Billy, struggling to escape) how easy this is.” Ammolite said. “Ivory, run, get away!” Billy yelled. (His eyes widened, feeling something sting into his back. The goat lowered his head, closing his eyes. Ivory moved back, hand to her chest. Something gripped her arms) “Let go of me!” Ivory yelled. (Obsidian went up to Zero, gripped in hand, ruby blade glowed. He stepped on glass, alerting Zero. The blonde turned around, slashing at Obsidian. He guarded, ruby blade flashed. Zero kicked Obsidian, rubies formed on the glass. The blonde dashed for Ivory. Her eyes widened, the new machine lumbered towards her. Zero dashed and pushed the otter away. Ammolite threw Billy, slamming into the Reploid. The three became surrounded by Obsidian, Ammolite, and the new machine. Billy noticed a shadow. Three beams hit the three robots. Ice encased them, letting the heroes run towards the door. They saw a figure, aiming it's green arm cannon at the machines.

  The figure wore orange armor with red, and lighter yellow. Red helmet with a green visor and two tubes on the front. Below, the red upper chest armor had two green marks. Big orange shoulder pads were sphere shape. The torso was a lighter yellow, with legs having the color on the inner side. Outer was orange and more thicker. Knees had a black color with a thick front of orange armor. The boots had orange with four green spheres below the knees. Hunter and Solar rushed in, grabbing Ivory and Billy) “Hunter, who is this?” Billy asked. “No time to answer, we've got to run!” Hunter yelled. (The ice shattered, Obsidian slashed at the heroes. Hunter and Ivory hit the ground. Solar went forward and slammed his hammer into Obsidian. The hammer pushed him away, but did nothing) “Impossible, run everyone!” Solar yelled. (Obsidian slashed at Solar, but the dinosaur slammed his hammer again. Zero ran for Luigi, still unconscious. The blonde picked him up and ran towards the door) “Come on, hurry!” Zero yelled. (Solar kept slamming his hammer into Obsidian. Zero noticed the orange armored figure rushing in. It fired another beam of ice, encasing Obsidian. Solar looked at the two. The orange armored figure moved it's arm cannon away. Solar nodded and rushed out. Hunter closed the door as Solar left. It locked up, people look at the heroes) “What's going on?” A person asked. “Run, there's something that's trying to kill us!” Ivory yelled. (Obsidian's ruby sword impaled through the door. The heroes ran, with Obsidian tearing the door down. Everyone ran, screams echoed the casino. Samus fired more beams at Obsidian. The black armored machine slashed through the beams. One ice beam hit Obsidian, freezing him. Samus fired energy shots, letting the others escape through the casino. The heroes stopped, heading back to Samus. Obsidian shattered through the ice and aimed his blade at Samus. The ruby blade charged and fired a laser. Samus moved away, charging her arm cannon. Obsidian fired red electricity. Rubies formed across the ground, Samus fired a charge shot. Obsdiain moved back, but retaliated with red electricity. It hit Samus, consuming her in rubies.

  Zero saw the battle, he tossed Luigi to Billy. The goat caught him, letting Zero pass. A giant door fell down, locking Zero, Samus, and Obsidian in the room. Ammolite and the new machine appeared. Zero ignited his saber and slashed at Obsidian. Ammolite grabbed Zero and stung him. The blonde slashed at Ammolite. Rubies shattered, letting Samus fire shots at the hornet. Obsidian charged his blade, Zero noticed the flashes. The blonde impaled his blade to the ground. He slashed through the floor, making an opening. Both Zero and Samus fell through the hole. They landed underneath the casino. Obsidian fired red electricity, sealing the hole up. He went up to the ruby and slashed it in half. The other two machines went up to the opening) “Head back to the ship, I'll deal with them.” Obsidian said. “Understood Master Obsidian.” The two robots said. (The two teleported away, letting Obsidian dive into the hole.

  The blonde and Samus ran through the pipe filled corridors. Zero looked behind, no sign of Obsidian or others. They both continued to run, passing underneath pipes) “How much longer is this path?” Zero thought. (He felt something grip his arm. Samus ran for the right of a split path. They kept running till making it to a dead end) “Where do we go?” Zero asked. (Samus looked up to see a small opening. She jumped up, letting Zero follow. They walked through the small hallway. Finding a hole, the two slipped through. It was a hanger, filled with ships. One of them was an orange and red ship. It had green glass. Samus went for it, but red lighting hit the ground. Rubies formed, letting the ship get sealed from view. Zero and Samus turned around to see Obsidian) “Dang, so close, but the others, hurry up!” Zero thought. “Too late, I won't let you escape.” Obsidian chuckled. “We'll see about that!” Zero yelled. (He dashed forward, igniting his saber. The blonde slashed at Obsidian. Obsidian grabbed Zero and threw him to the ground. The Topaz Memento Mori slid across the floor. Samus picked it up, Obsidian grabbed Zero's hair) “The Memento Mori, give it to me now!” Obsidian ordered. (Samus charged her arm cannon, unleashing a shot, it hit Obsidian. Zero slashed at the machine, letting him fall to the ground. The blonde dashed away, both destroyed the ruby barrier. Running for the ship, Zero glared at Obsidian. The Reploid and bounty hunter got on the roof of the ship. A part of the ship's roof opened up, letting Samus and Zero enter. Samus went up to the cockpit and flew the ship. Obsidian aimed his blade, red lighting hit the wall of the hanger. Crystals formed around the walls of the hanger. Zero went forward to see through the glass. Rubies shined, the doors opened up, letting the ship fly through to space. Obsidian lowered his blade) “You can't escape.” Obsidian thought. (He teleported, leaving the hanger filled with rubies.

  Doors kept closing, sealing more of the casino. Hunter, Ivory, and Billy kept running. People ran through, still screaming. Ivory looked back, no sign of Zero. Her heart sunk, but her focus kept on Luigi, still in Billy's arms. Everyone escaped the casino, letting a massive door seal the place. Other people saw the event happening. Armored guards rushed for the closed door. They pushed the others away) “While we deal with the ruckus, have fun at the rest of the mall.” A guard said. (The heroes and others left the hallway. Hunter, Ivory, and Billy sat at an opening with chairs. Luigi lied down on an automen, still unconscious) “He hasn't woken up, is he dead?” Ivory asked. “No, I'm sure he passed out, lack of oxygen.” Billy sighed. “What about Zero, should we search for him?” Hunter asked. “We don't know where he went, if only the others were here.” Ivory sighed. “Here we are!” Someone yelled. (The others turned around.

  They found everyone except Zero. They went forward) “How lucky to see you all here!” Billy cheered. “We heard screaming and thought you were in trouble.” Sonic said. “Yeah, Obsidian tried to kill us.” Billy said. “Where's Zero?” Shade asked. “He's back in the casino, and has the Memento Mori!” Ivory said. “Just great, now what can we do?” Shade asked. “We did rescue someone, Mario, do you have a brother?” Ivory asked. “Yes, why do you ask that?” Mario asked. (Hunter moved to reveal Luigi) “He claimed to be your brother.” Hunter explained. (Mario ran up to Luigi) “Luigi, are you alright?” Mario asked. “Obsidian strangled him, we can't tell if he's alive or not.” Hunter sighed. “He did that to my brother, (Mario clenched his fists) where is he?” Mario asked. “Calm down, they sealed the area off.” Ivory soothed. “I hope your right on that.” Miler muttered. (Mario turned around to face his brother) “Luigi, can you hear me?” Mario asked. (They heard moaning, the Mario brother opened his eyes to see Mario) “Mario, (Luigi jumped up, smiling) I found you!” Luigi cheered. (He hugged his brother) “Since when did Mario have a brother?” Rojo asked. (Luigi's eyes widened, he backed from Mario) “You, never told them about me?” Luigi asked. “I didn't know you were coming.” Mario explained. “You didn't think for a second that I would look for you?” Luigi asked. “No, calm down Luigi.” Mario soothed. “You forgot about me and believed that I wasn't important at all!” Luigi yelled. “Stop it you two!” Solar yelled. “No, you stop it, how could you be so selfish against your own brother!” Luigi yelled. “Listen, I never expected to see you, I thought you were with Peach.” Mario said. “With Peach, is it just because you think I'm too young?” Luigi asked. “Yes, and I'm afraid of you getting hurt.” Mario chided. “Then why don't you say, oh, and I have a brother named Luigi!” Luigi yelled. (Solar pushed the two away) “Just accept the mistake and move on!” Solar chided. “No, I'm not dealing with my selfish brother anymore!” Luigi yelled. (He ran off, sobbing) “Should we follow him?” Sonic asked. “No, just let me talk to him.” Solar said. “I should go, he's my brother!” Mario yelled. (Solar glared at the man) “Let me do this, he won't respond to you.” Solar said. (He walked off, Mario ran, but Ivory grabbed his hand) “Don't stress yourself, Hunter can go check on them.” Ivory said. “Me, okay, just stay here and wait.” Hunter said. (He went for a shadow and vanished. Right as he left, explosions roared outside.

  The group went to giant windows. Samus' ship flew around, Obsidian's ship pursued) “Obsidian's after that ship!” Shade yelled. “What can we do, that's far away from us.” Rojo said. “I can't fly over there, I'll get fried.” Miler said. “If only Hunter we're here.” Ivory said. “He left thanks to you.” Rojo chided. (Ivory glared at him, light entered the room. Obsidian's ship fired a laser, hitting Samus' ship. It rushed for a purple planet) “Why is it going towards that planet?” Milve asked. “We can't find out, there's no way we can get there in time!” Shade said. (They could only watch, for Obsidian's ship kept firing.

  In the ship, Obsidian aimed his blade, letting troops operate the lasers. It fired again, almost hitting Samus' ship. Two doors opened up, both Ammolite and the new robot entered) “Master Obsidian, why did you call us back?” Ammolite asked. “They aren't our focus, that ship has the Memento Mori.” Obsidian said. “So your trying to blow it up?” Ammolite asked. “Yes, the gauntlet can take a beating.” Obsidian explained. “Sir, the laser finished charging!” A troop said. “Fire!” Obsidian ordered. (The troop nodded, the ship fired a giant laser)

  “Samus, what do we do now?” Zero asked. “We land.” Samus answered. “Okay, we've got to brace impact!” Zero yelled. “I know what to do.” Samus muttered. (The laser fired, hitting Samus' ship. Zero fell over, the two felt power shaking the ship. Lights flashed red, with sirens blaring. Samus focused on the purple planet) “We have no choice.” Samus thought. “Brace yourself.” Samus ordered. (The ship moved forward, consumed into the planet's atmosphere. Everything shook, Zero gripped a part of the ship. Samus tightened her grip on the ship's handle. Purple gas covered the screen, making nothing appear. Zero looked at the machinery, this is going to get worse. Everything then became black, with a loud roar.

  A troop looked at Obsidian) “They crashed into the planet.” The troop said. (Obsidian looked at Ammolite and the new robot) “Ammolite, you will get the Memento Mori.” Obsidian ordered. “Yes master, but what about Rose?” Ammolite asked. “I will deal with her, now get going!” Obsidian ordered. (Ammolite ran off, Obsidian faced the screen) “We're beginning our scan of the planet.” A troop said. “Good, now where's Rose?” Obsidian asked. “Downstairs, shouldn't be too hard to find.” A troop explained. “Thank you for the information.” Obsidian thanked. (He walked away from the room.

  Rose walked down an empty corridor. She looked around, no one in sight. A door opened up, and Rose entered. Inside was the birdcage. In it was Megaman X, still unconscious. Rose walked forward, but heard moaning. X opened his eyes, first thing he noticed, Rose) “You, (X got up, Rose crossed her arms) why are you here?” X asked. “I wanted to check on you.” Rose answered. “I'm back here, what's going on?” X asked. “Not sure, all I do know is that your friends are in trouble.” Rose said. “What, please don't hurt them!” X begged. “You can't do anything, might as well chat.” Rose said. “Chat, at a time like this?” X asked. “Calm down, just let me understand why you care.” Rose said. “For my friends?” X asked. (Rose nodded, closing her eyes) “Yes, is there something inside you that makes you that way?” Rose asked. “I know what's right and wrong, that's what Dr. Light told me.” X sighed. “Who?” Rose asked. “My creator, I didn't know that much after he passed away.” X answered. “I never knew my own creator, he left me when the Ten Year War started.” Rose said. “Doesn't a part of you regret joining this war?” X asked. “I had no choice.” Rose said. “How come, were you programed to hurt others?” X asked. (Rose looked away) “I don't remember any parts of my origins, all I do know is of Obsidian.” Rose sighed. “Amnesia, I'm sorry to hear that.” X sighed. “You don't know what I've done.” Rose said. “Rose, understand, (X gripped the bars to his cage) if you join us, we can stop Obsidian.” X said. “Why, you know how indestructible he is.” Rose said. “We can know, (X reached his hand out to Rose) if we work together.” X said. (Rose looked at the door, nothing. With a deep sigh, she reached her hand to X. Something yanked the female machine away. Obsidian's white eye glowed) “What are you doing here?” Obsidian asked. “Nothing sir, I wanted to check on the prisoner!” Rose spouted. (Obsidian glared at X) “You will receive your punishment.” Obsidian chided. (He threw Rose out of the room. The door slammed shut) “I was close to make her understand, (X fell to his knees) Zero, be careful.” X whispered.

  Outside, Rose hit a wall. She slid down, with Obsidian pointing his blade at her) “What, I was having a conversation.” Rose said. “Want to betray me Rose, not in your life.” Obsidian said. (Rose got up) “Why don't you just kill me right now?” Rose asked. (Her eyes widened, Obsidian impaled her. The ruby blade shined) “Here's your wish.” Obsidian chided. (He moved his blade upward, almost cutting Rose in half. She fell to the ground, her insides were grey. Obsidian sighed, letting troops rush in) “Sir, you killed Rose!” A troop yelled. “Take her to the Junk Room, we'll dispose of her later.” Obsidian chided. (He walked away, letting the others grab Rose's corpse. A troop rushed for Obsidian) “Sir, we found the coordinates for the planet, there's another Memento Mori!” The troop said. “Excellent, makes my day.” Obsidian said.

  In the main room, Tanzanite looked at the door. Obsidian stepped in) “Master Obsidian, Ammolite landed on the planet.” Tanzanite said. “Good, now I want you to join him.” Obsidian ordered. “Understood Master, where's Rose?” Tanzanite asked. “Already taken care of.” Obsidian said. (Tanzanite ran off, flashing purple before vanishing) “Good luck heroes, your funeral is upon you.” Obsidian thought. “Does killing Rose effect it?” Someone asked. (Obsidian turned around to face a figure) “Calcite, what are you doing?” Obsidian asked. “I was wondering when I will show my powers.” Calcite said. “You can now, go to the colony and find the Outsiders.” Obsidian ordered. “I'll deal with them, my master.” Calcite said. (He vanished into a beam of yellow) “You'd better.” Obsidian thought.