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Dimension Heroes Remastered Chapter 4 Act 2
“The ship Obsidian's after fell to the planet!” Miler said. “Yeah, how do we get there?” Sonic asked. “There's a ship rental service.” Someone answered. (The group faced Billy) “How do you know?” Rojo asked. “Someone mentioned that after I got my drink.” Billy explained. “Do you know where it is?” Shade asked. “Yes, it's at a hanger, follow me.” Billy ordered. “But what about Hunter, Solar, and Luigi?” Toxic Dune asked. “Eh, I'm sure they'll find us.” Billy said. “I hope your right, (Miler looked at Mario, his doleful face aimed at the floor) cheer up Mario.” Miler said. “I know your upset at your brother, but I'm sure Solar can fix this.” Ivory said. “I know, but, I feel so stupid!” Mario yelled. “Calm down, Solar and Hunter are with him.” Ivory said. “I hope so.” Mario muttered. “Come on, let's find the hanger!” Billy cheered. “Find, you don't know where it is?” Miler asked. “Yeah, I forgot.” Billy said. (Everyone groaned) “Now where do we go?” Shade asked. “Lets find a sign.” Miler said. (The group walked through the mall, looking for the rental service.

  Luigi ran through the mall, tears streamed down his cheeks. People passed by, puzzled by the tear filled face. Luigi kept going, passing by a huge fountain. During his run, hands covered his face. He tripped down stairs, falling onto the steps. Luigi didn't see it, but the pain went through. Hitting the bottom, Luigi noticed DO NOT ENTER signs. He ran off, entering through a hidden curtain. At the fountain, Solar and Hunter looked around) “Luigi, where are you?” Solar asked. “No sign, he couldn't slip away.” Hunter said. “I'm getting a bad feeling.” Solar said. “Yeah, no one else is around.” Hunter said. (Two security guards went up to the two) “What are you doing here, this place is off limits!” A guard yelled. “Wait, before we leave, did you see a man wearing green?” Solar asked. “No, but this place is dangerous.” Another guard said. “Are you sure about that?” Solar asked. “Yes, forgive us for not knowing anything, enjoy shopping outside of this area.” Another guard said. “Okay, we'll get going, what place do you recommend for us to look?” Hunter asked. (A guard revealed a map) “You should go to this part.” Another guard said. (He pointed far off) “Thanks, we'll start searching.” Hunter said. (The two walked off, leaving the guards to keep watch.

  Meanwhile, Zero and Samus climbed out of the ship. The whole place, consumed in purple fog) “We survived, where do we go now?” Zero asked. “This fog is dangerous, (Samus noticed an opening underground) this way.” Samus ordered. (The two walked down to the opening. Purple fog vanished from the underground. The gems on Zero's body lit up. Zero walked around, illuminating the place) “Obsidian's after us, we've got to hide.” Zero said. “Understood, there's an unknown signal.” Samus mused. “I feel it too, let's find it.” Zero said. (The two began their way underground.

  The heroes arrived at the hanger. People surrounded the opening, red shined from within) “What's going on?” Sonic asked. “Hanger's closed till the rubies get destroyed.” A person answered. “We can get rid of them.” Sonic said. “Sure about that, we don't know where they came from.” Another person said. “Yeah, we can do it, just let us through.” Billy said. (People moved away, letting the heroes enter. The hanger filled with rubies. People had tools, trying to get rid of the gems. Billy went up to one) “Obsidian did this, but why here?” Shade asked. “Who knows, but we might as well help out.” Miler said. (The group began to work chipping the rubies.

  People left the room, leaving the heroes to destroy the rubies. Shade sat down on stairs leading upwards. He saw Toxic Dune making sand tornadoes to get rid of the rubies. The Japanese Akita went up to the scorpion) “Hey Toxic Dune.” Shade said. (The scorpion looked at the Akita with red irises) “What is it?” Toxic Dune asked. “I want to talk to you.” Shade requested. “Why?” Toxic Dune asked. “Because I have some questions.” Shade said. (Sand fell, reforming into clothes. Both dog and scorpion went behind a ship, hiding from view) “What did you want answered?” Toxic Dune asked. “About you and Solar, what happened?” Shade asked. “Nothing, I don't want to talk about it.” Toxic Dune sighed. “Hey, I'm your friend, I can't leave you in pain!” Shade chided. “Fine, people believe I killed someone.” Toxic Dune explained. (Shade's eyes widened, Toxic Dune looked down. Tears formed on the black eyes. Shade wrapped his arm around Toxic Dune's shoulder) “You didn't do it, who framed you?” Shade asked. “I know who, but, he pulled the strings.” Toxic Dune chided. “How come you haven't told anyone?” Shade asked. “Because no one would believe the truth.” Toxic Dune sighed. “I do, and it's not because I'm your friend.” Shade soothed. “Thanks, but why?” Toxic Dune asked. “Remember when we first met, you protected me and my mother from the Rebellion.” Shade explained. “Yeah, Rojo was my only friend during this time. He wanted to find girls, but didn't want to go alone.” Toxic Dune explained. (The two saw Rojo with Ivory, both breaking a ruby) “He doesn't give up on her.” Shade sighed. “I still remember his face when he found out Linda was.” Toxic Dune paused. “Don't talk about it, that's one part I don't want to remember.” Shade chided. “Sorry, I dig into things too much.” Toxic Dune apologized. “Don't worry, I just don't want to go through those memories.” Shade sighed. “Wonder how Solar and Hunter are doing?” Toxic Dune asked. “Who knows, but what did Hunter mean by knights?” Shade asked. “We should go back to work, I'm glad to let all that out.” Toxic Dune sighed. “No problem, but I'll talk to Solar and Hunter later.” Shade said. (The Akita walked away) “Hey Shade, (The Akita looked at the scorpion. Toxic Dune's turban turned into a blade) you might need this.” Toxic Dune said. (He threw it to Shade, letting the Akita grip it) “Thanks, I miss my katana.” Shade said. “We did loose some items.” Toxic Dune sighed. (The rest of his clothing formed sand tornadoes. Shade slashed at the rubies.

  Hours passed, rubies shattered, leaving a few at the doors. Miler flew around, with others on ships, attacking the rubies. Ivory walked away, she noticed Mario sulking at a rental booth. She jumped down) “Hey Mario, are you okay?” Ivory asked. (Silence between the two, Mario drooped his head. Screams of others in rage. Ivory saw them still attacking the rubies) “How powerful are these gems?” Ivory thought. (She went up to Mario. Kneeling down, she had a hand to the man's shoulder) “Is everything alright?” Ivory asked. “Yeah, (Mario looked away) why are you here?” Mario asked. “My body hurts, it's sensitive to pressure.” Ivory answered. “Then why are you talking to me?” Mario asked. “To see if your alright.” Ivory explained. “Thanks for your care, but I'm okay.” Mario sulked. “It's about Luigi, I don't have siblings, but I know how it feels.” Ivory sighed. “It's my fault that he ran away.” Mario whispered. “Don't sulk, Solar and Hunter helping him.” Ivory soothed. “But, I didn't bring him up, and never thought he would go looking for me.” Mario sighed. “We all get carried away, that's just how things go.” Ivory said. “But I sounded so selfish!” Mario yelled. “You weren't selfish, you were forgetful, we're all that.” Ivory explained. (Mario got up and walked away from Ivory) “I'm going to find Luigi, that Dino and wolf haven't shown up.” Mario chided. “Did I make things worse?” Ivory thought. (The man went up the stairs, but bumped into something.

  It was Solar, the triceratops looked at Mario) “Well, did you find him?” Mario demanded. “No, we searched all over the place.” Solar sighed. (Mario punched the triceratops' stomach. Solar moved back, rubbing his chest. Hunter moved forward) “What's going on?” Hunter asked. “Mario's here, asking about Luigi.” Solar muttered. “We couldn't find him, not because we we're idiots!” Hunter chided. (Ivory went up to the three) “No sign of Luigi?” Ivory asked. “Not a trace, he vanished, we searched everywhere.” Hunter sighed. “Then where did he go?” Mario asked. “We have no clue.” Solar said. (Static roared through the place.

  A television turned on to reveal a figure) “Greetings everyone, the Dark Carnival opened up today.” Someone said. “That's nice.” Billy cheered. “Now, I request only five people come, your prize.” Someone paused. (The lights turned on to reveal Luigi, trapped in a cage) “Luigi!” Mario yelled. “Mario, anyone, help me!” Luigi yelled. (Someone covered the screen) “If anyone's coming here, I'll be waiting.” Someone said. (The T.V turned off. Mario ran up the stairs, passing by the three) “Luigi's in trouble?” Sonic asked. “Yes, but we don't know if it's a trap!” Ivory yelled. “Someone's got to go after Mario.” Solar said. “I'll do it!” Hunter declared. “Not alone you will!” Solar said. (He and Hunter ran off, Toxic Dune went up to Ivory) “I'm going, you wait for us to return.” Toxic Dune said. “But.” Ivory paused. (The scorpion ran off, Vectorman followed) “Mission set!” Vectorman said. (Ivory remained silent, watching the scorpion and Orbot leave.

  Back on the underground planet, Zero slashed through roots. Samus unleashed beams, blasting the duos way through. Walls covered in roots, Zero's gems illuminated the path. Dirt formed small hills, roots all over) “How far have we gone?” Zero asked. “Deep, near the core.” Samus explained. “Is it just me, or, do I feel, sad?” Zero asked. “How can you feel sad?” Samus asked. “I'll never return home.” Zero sighed. “Huh, where did that come from?” Samus thought. “We'll never make it, it's time to give up.” Zero said. (Samus went up to Zero. She looked at his doleful face) “Tell me why your acting like this?” Samus asked. “Something tells me, we're goners.” Zero answered. “Something, (Samus noticed the Topaz Memento Mori) what's this?” Samus asked. “Memento Mori, but I feel a voice echoing, from both this and far away.” Zero sighed. (Samus noticed an orange glow, a voice echoed) “He is nothing you remember, Eveilebsid.” Someone whispered “Tell me your name.” Samus said. “Zero, did you hear a voice?” Zero asked. “Yes, Eveilebsid, what does it mean?” Samus asked. “Don't know, but I heard it, along with Ylohcanlem.” Zero explained. “This gantlet, is it causing this?” Samus asked. “Yes, I feel nothing, we have nothing left, we're dead.” Zero sighed. “What's wrong with you?” Samus asked. “Nothing, let's move further, even when I know we're going to die.” Zero said. (The two went deeper down the tunnel. Samus remained silent, hearing Zero's words. No hope, no future, all is to end. The bounty hunter noticed the topaz Memento Mori glowing brighter. Zero kept it near his chest, his eyes becoming weaker. Samus heard Eveilebsid, who was the blonde?

  Mario, Solar, and Hunter looked around. People remained the same) “How come they didn't hear it?” Solar asked. “Who knows, but where do we find the carnival?” Mario asked. “Let's ask.” Hunter said. (The cloaked wolf went up to a guard. They both talked) “I wonder why Hunter has that cloak.” Solar thought. (Hunter went back to the two) “Remember that place blocked off by the guards?” Hunter asked. “Yeah, it was the only place we didn't look.” Solar said. “He told me that part isn't accessible.” Hunter explained. “But not anymore.” Someone said. (The group looked to see Toxic Dune and Vectorman) “You, Dunexic, why are you here?” Solar asked. “I'm not going to hurt you, will you stop acting like I committed the crime?” Toxic Dune asked. “I'd suggest we rescue Luigi rather then kill each other.” Hunter chided. “Hey, where's Mario?” Vectorman asked. (The group looked around) “Dang it, we've got to find him before he gets into more trouble!” Toxic Dune said. (He ran, but Solar grabbed the scorpion's tail) “Remember my rules.” Solar chided. (Toxic Dune broke from Solar's grip) “I know, and I will remember them.” Toxic Dune snarled. (He ran off, leaving the others to posthaste.

  The heroes arrived to the empty area. No guards, just empty. Hunter went down stairs, he noticed a curtain. The wolf pulled it open, letting the others enter.

  Inside, lights illuminated the darkness. The large area had many rides. A castle was the largest of the attractions. Broken statues lay on the path of the carnival. The four looked around, black, no sky or space, just darkness. Light flashed, consuming everything. Hunter kept his cloak on, snarling at the sudden flashes. The lights dimmed down, allowing the group to move forward. They made it to a ticket booth. Filled with maps, Mario grabbed four, he gave them to the others) “Do you see the green L?” Vectorman asked. “Yeah, Luigi, (Everyone paused, Luigi's scream echoed from the castle) now I know where to go.” Mario snarled. (He ran off, letting the four chase after him.

  Watching above on the tallest tower of the castle. Someone smirked) “You won't get away with this!” Luigi yelled. (A figure chucked, it walked up to Luigi, still behind bars) “Remain calm, it'll be over soon.” Someone said. “Mario will fry your robotic wings!” Luigi chided. “I'm scared, how you rely on your brother, I thought you hated him.” Someone said. “Uh, I got over it!” Luigi chided. “Is that so, (Someone revealed the ruby Memento Mori gauntlet) what does this say?” Someone asked. (It flashed in Luigi's eyes) “Noitpinnoc.” Luigi whispered. “Excellent, Master Obsidian will love what you do next.” Someone chuckled. (He began to laugh, Luigi shook) “Effects worn off, I see, only in battle.” Someone thought. “Mario, help me.” Luigi whispered.

  Mario, Solar, and Vectorman passed a drawbridge. Before Hunter and Toxic Dune could follow, the bridge fell into a moat) “I didn't expect that.” Hunter paused. (He jumped for the opening, but something flashed. The wolf hit the moat. He struggled to swim up. Toxic Dune extended his tail down to the wolf. Hunter grabbed Toxic Dune's tail. The scorpion moved forward, gripping a light pole, he pulled his tail upward. Hunter gripped a side of the ground. He pulled himself out) “Thanks, it looks like we're stuck outside.” Hunter sighed. “How can you get inside?” Vectorman asked. “Don't worry, we'll find a way in!” Toxic Dune yelled. (The three nodded, now running into darkness. Toxic Dune and Hunter noticed a giant ferris wheel) “Looks like we know where to go next.” Toxic Dune said. (He ran off, letting the soaked wolf follow.

  Inside the castle, it was dark, Solar and flames illuminating. Bricks formed up the structure) “Where's the others?” Mario asked. “They left when bridge fell down.” Vectorman explained. “Must be finding another way in.” Solar paused. “We have no where else left to go but forward.” Vectorman said. (He and the other two went further into the darkness. Solar had horns and diamonds glowing) “Hey, do you feel something?” Solar asked. “Yeah, train tracks.” Mario said. (Vectorman pushed Solar's head down, illuminating the ground. It was train tracks with a mine cart) “Stand back, let me do this.” Vectorman said. (He morphed into a train. Solar attached the cart to the Vectorman train. Both human and dinosaur jumped into the cart. Vectorman had moved forward on the tracks. Solar closed his eyes, letting his horns and gems glow brighter) “How deep is this castle?” Mario asked. “Unknown, but I'll keep going.” Vectorman said. “I'll keep my focus, the flames will illuminate our way.” Solar said. (He kept his eyes closed, making the lights brighter.

  Outside at the ferris wheel, Toxic Dune and Hunter looked at the controls) “Want to start climbing?” Hunter asked. “Yes, but shouldn't we get the controls running?” Toxic Dune asked. “No, these controls look busted.” Hunter sighed. (The scorpion grabbed onto a part of the wood. Hunter followed the scorpion.

  Making it to the top, Hunter grabbed Toxic Dune's tail. Pulling him up, the two looked around) “How large is this area?” Toxic Dune asked. “No clue, now push me up and we'll be able to see more.” Hunter said. “Got it, (Toxic Dune's clothes turned into a sand pillar, lifting Hunter. The wolf looked around) see anything?” Toxic Dune asked. “Yeah, an opening in one of the castle's towers!” Hunter yelled. “Which one?” Toxic Dune asked. “The one closest to us!” Hunter explained. “Okay, I'm going to make a bridge.” Toxic Dune said. (The sand formed a bridge leading to a window. Hunter and Toxic Dune walked across the bridge to the opening. Both slipped into the darkness.

  The train roared through the darkness. Solar and Mario looked around. Floating orbs of blue vanished from the triceratops' horns and gems) “HWere you born with that?” Mario asked. “Got them from my father, another item gave me more.” Solar explained. “What was it?” Mario asked. “The Volcannon Crystal, a sacred item, only the highest ranking can get the power.” Solar explained. “Is that the item your searching for?” Mario asked. “Yes, no sign of it anywhere.” Solar said. “What are you in ranks?” Mario asked. “I don't want to say, too personal.” Solar answered. “Fine, but you do remind me of another dino friend.” Mario paused. “Who?” Solar asked. “Yoshi, he's a dinosaur and likes to eat fireballs.” Mario explained. “You should've introduced us with Luigi.” Solar sighed. “Hey, I know I made a mistake, now I know what to do!” Mario snapped. “Calm down, I wanted to see if you still care for his life.” Solar explained. “Why, how come you tried to break up the fighting?” Mario asked. “I dislike fighting between friends or others that could cause harm.” Solar explained. “Thanks for caring, but I've always knew what to do.” Mario said. “Good to know, hey Vectorman, how much longer?” Solar asked. “Not too far.” Vectorman said. (Solar nodded, noticing stain glass windows.

  The Vectorman Train stopped, both Solar and Mario got out. Vectorman reformed into spheres) “Thanks for the ride!” Mario cheered. “Your welcome, I feel much better then on that insect infected planet.” Vectorman said. “Right, let's get going.” Mario said. (They heard screaming, Toxic Dune and Hunter slammed into the ground) “Whoa, you fell from the sky!” Mario said. “Ugh, you should've made stairs.” Hunter moaned. “Great, here it comes.” Toxic Dune paused. (Sand poured on top of the two. That sand reformed into Toxic Dune's clothing) “How did you get here?” Solar asked. “Found an opening and slipped in.” Toxic Dune explained. “Lets get going.” Vectorman said.

  Through the hallways, the group made it to a spiral staircase. They climbed up it, leading to another room. Through the shadows, Hunter kept vanishing from view. Entering another room, they were outside. A tower in the center, candles on the sides of the walls. Another spiral staircase leading to the top of the tower. Lights from the carnival glowed) “Mario, help me.” Someone whispered. “Luigi, I'm coming!” Mario declared. (He ran up the spiral stairs. The others followed. Passing by the candles, the red flames turned green. Same shade as Luigi's clothes. Mario made it to the top, with the others behind. The man looked inside the tower's open door.

  Inside, the room was larger then outside. Stain glass windows illuminated the room. Stained glass windows of Obsidian, Rose, Azulite, and an unknown one of yellow. Four pillars supported the room. Darkness surrounded the pillars. In the center, Luigi lied on the floor. He looked to be sleeping. Mario rushed in and picked up his brother) “Luigi, are you okay?” Mario asked. (Someone hid a smirk. Solar and others were about to enter, but a barrier prevented entry. Mario turned around to look at the others. Solar slammed his hammer onto the barrier, nothing. The spiral stairs collapsed, letting the others fall. Mario's eyes widened) “Noitpinnoc.” Someone whispered. (Mario noticed a red glow from behind a pillar. The man felt a fiery fist hitting his face. Mario hit the ground.

  He saw Luigi standing up. Green flames in his hands, irises glowed red) “Luigi, did you hit me?” Mario asked. “I've had enough of you, you hate me!” Luigi yelled. (Mario jumped at Luigi's outburst. He threw green flames, Mario hid behind a pillar) “Luigi's what's wrong with you?” Mario asked. “I hate you, I hate you!” Luigi yelled. (A punch forced Mario from his hiding spot. Luigi glared at him, staring with flames glowing bright. Mario noticed behind his brother, a red flash from a pillar. Adjusting his hat, Mario went forward, pushing Luigi out of the way. The brother hit a pillar, irises turning blue. Mario went behind the pillar and did a fiery uppercut. He hit something, causing a screech. Mario hit the ground and went over to Luigi. The red glow grew brighter, with a figure appearing) “A brother's bond, able to overcome the Memento Mori's hatred, amazing.” Someone mused. (The lights flashed, both Mario and Luigi saw the figure.

  It was an android in the form of an anthropomorphic yellow winged bat. The face had a long calcite nose reaching between the black unfused eyes. Calcite irises glowed in the black. Below the nose was a small mouth with two silver fangs. Long calcite ears above the leaf nose. White body had fragments of calcite. On the back were large calcite wings with metal claws. Arms had more calcite fragments with a golden ring on the wrist. Black hands had long fingers with thick red wires. The left arm had the ruby Memento Mori. Legs had calcite fragments. Tip of the white foot was calcite yellow. The calcite tail was round) “Who are you?” Mario asked. “Calcite, Obsidian Force's wisest general.” Calcite introduced. “Why force me fight my brother?” Luigi asked. (Calcite let the Memento Mori gauntlet glow) “Research, hatred, alongside power make a combination.” Calcite said. “Don't hurt my brother, your going to get it!” Mario chided. “Calm down plumber, I have all that I need finished.” Calcite said. “Your letting us go?” Luigi asked. “Yes, I've spent enough time playing around.” Calcite said. “No fighting, aren't generals more strategic then fighters?” Mario thought. (Calcite pulled out a monocle) “Tis time to say farewell, if you can make it.” Calcite said. (The ground started to rumble) “What's going on?” Luigi asked. “My illusion is collapsing, make it out or stay forever.” Calcite explained. (The barrier to the outside vanished. Mario grabbed Luigi's hand and ran out. Calcite looked upon the Memento Mori) “Time to file my research.” Calcite thought. (His monocle shined, wings closed, letting Calcite vanish.

  Both Mario and Luigi fell. They screamed as they almost hit the bottom. Sand rose up, catching the two. Toxic Dune lowered them) “Time to run!” Solar yelled. (He and Hunter ran off. Mario, Luigi, Toxic Dune, and Vectorman looked up to see a falling block. The Orbot fired energy blasts, breaking through the block. Toxic Dune rose sand up to destroy the remaining pieces. The group ran through the collapsing place.

  More items kept falling, leaving the four to fire and blast sand up in the sky. Fragments kept falling, but the group kept running. They were at the rails, leaving Vectorman to morph into a train. Mario, Luigi, and Toxic Dune grabbed onto the train. Vectorman blasted full speed. Parts of the castle fell apart. Green and red flames bounced around. Toxic Dune kept his eyes closed, sand made a barrier around, rocks bounced. The four noticed things vanishing) “Hurry Vectorman!” Mario yelled. (The train moved faster, making things bumpy. Toxic Dune noticed the end of the rails. Sand formed a ramp, letting Vectorman fly through the air. Toxic Dune's clothes reformed as they ride away. Vectorman and others saw Solar and Hunter waiting out of the illusion. With speed, the four escape outside of the illusion. It vanished into a run down carnival.

  The two brothers and scorpion got off Vectorman. He morphed into his original form) “Thanks Vectorman, we we're almost goners.” Toxic Dune thanked. “Your welcome, what was that all about?” Vectorman asked. “It was a trap set by Calcite.” Mario explained. “At least we got your brother.” Hunter sighed. (He noticed Luigi walking up to him) “Have I met you before?” Luigi asked. “Huh, no, I've never seen you till now.” Hunter said. “Luigi, we've never seen any wolves in the past.” Mario said. “Strange, but I just feel that I know you.” Luigi said. “Interesting, so who's Calcite?” Solar asked. “Someone using the Memento Mori.” Mario explained. “What, but how?” Toxic Dune asked. “We should go head back to the others.” Vectorman said. “Good idea, Billy might know more.” Toxic Dune said. (The group walked away from the destroyed illusion. Luigi kept looking at Hunter) “It feels like a long time ago.” Luigi thought.

  Walking around the mall, Mario looked at his brother) “Are you okay?” Mario asked. “Yeah, I feel much better.” Luigi said. “How did you get here?” Vectorman asked. “Me, well, I was in Taisie Mansion, E. Gadd found me.” Luigi explained. “Who's that?” Solar asked. “He's a friend ever since I rescued Mario from a mansion.” Luigi explained. “That's nice, and Mario did the same.” Toxic Dune chucked. “Rescuing me?” Luigi asked. “Yeah.” Mario answered. “Luigi, there you are!” Someone yelled. (The group turned to face someone.

  It was an old man in a lab coat) “E. Gadd, nice to see you!” Luigi cheered. “I was looking all over for you!” E. Gadd said. “Thanks for bringing Luigi here, but why are you here?” Mario asked. “I wanted to see if my G.A.D.D worked!” E. Gadd explained. “What's the G.A.D.D?” Solar asked. (Luigi pulled out an orb with a thick red casing. Hexagon glass placed to reveal a glowing green center. On the top was a logo shaped like E. Gadd's head) “Here it is.” Luigi said. “Worked like a charm!” E. Gadd cheered. “He's crazy.” Hunter thought. (E. Gadd noticed Vectorman) “Well, what an interesting robot, is it native?” E. Gadd asked. “No, I come from Earth.” Vectorman explained. “Ah, the future I bet, how do things look like in your day?” E. Gadd asked. “Not good.” Vectorman sighed. “Oh well, so now what are you doing here?” E. Gadd asked. “It's a long story.” Hunter sighed. “We should head back to the hanger, everyone else might be waiting for us.” Toxic Dune said. “Ah, hello Mario, glad to know your safe.” E. Gadd said. “Yeah, nothing to worry about, although I almost hurt my brother.” Mario sighed. “Oh, I'm sorry if anything happened while I was looking for Luigi!” E. Gadd apologized. “We'll explain it all when we get back to the others.” Mario explained. “Okay then, let me take a look at the G.A.D.D while we walk.” E. Gadd said. “Please don't make us dimension travel alone.” Luigi begged. “Calm yourself Luigi, I know how this device works.” E. Gadd soothed. (Luigi nodded, and the group went on their way.

  The group arrived to the hanger. Everyone else saw the heroes near a space ship) “Luigi, your alright!” Ivory cheered. “You cared for me, thanks.” Luigi said. (Mario noticed him blushing) “What's wrong Luigi?” Mario asked. “Nothing, it's just the way she said it!” Luigi spouted. (Ivory giggled, noticing E. Gadd) “Found a new friend?” Ivory asked. “No, we've known him for a long time.” Mario explained. “We broke through the rubies and their willing to let us use a ship.” Miler explained. “Now we can go find out what Obsidian's after.” Toxic Dune said. “What are we all waiting for, now's the time to posthaste!” E. Gadd said. (He ran off towards the ship. The others slipped in the ship, leaving the others to enter.

  Inside the ship, it was big, with a large window. Billy handled the controls) “Billy, are you sure you can fly this thing?” Ivory asked. “Yes, I know how it works, just like a boat!” Billy cheered. (Ivory noticed a brown bottle in his hands) “You drank more, how did you get back to the casino?” Ivory asked. “They opened it up after the incident ended.” Billy explained. “Ugh, well guys, it's time to get comfy, who knows how long this ride will be.” Ivory sighed. (Everyone entered the ship, closing the door. Billy waved at the crew outside) “Billy, since you drank some liquid, you should let me drive.” E. Gadd said. “What, I'm fine!” Billy yelled. (He took another swig from his bottle. Rojo grabbed the goat, letting E. Gadd sit into the chair. Mario went up to E. Gadd) “Are you sure, your shorter then any of us.” Mario said. “Don't worry, I'll let you be my co-pilot!” E. Gadd said. “Okay, but we should be careful.” Luigi said. “I'll be the co-pilot, I know how to fly these things.” Vectorman said. “Right, we need to head for a purple planet, it's just nearby.” Ivory said. “Okay then, lets get this ship moving.” E. Gadd said. (He drove the ship off, leaving the colony.

  Meanwhile, in Obsidian's ship, Calcite slammed into a wall. He slid down, glaring at Obsidian) “You used the Memento Mori without me knowing.” Obsidian chided. (He grabbed Calcite by the neck, lifting him up to Obsidian's one eye) “Master, I can explain!” Calcite said. “Go on.” Obsidian demanded. “I researched the Memento Mori, and I gained new info. The Memento Mori can control others, as it said in legend. It worked, but bonds of family or love can break it. I still need to know how to 'awaken' the Memento Mori. Like what you did with the cape.” Calcite said. “You can do your research without the Memento Mori.” Obsidian said. (He threw the bat to a wall) “Understood Master Obsidian, here you go, (Calcite tried to take out the Memento Mori) eh, it's stuck.” Calcite said. (Obsidian sighed, grabbing Calcite's arm, he dragged the bat through the halls.

  Inside a room, the Pure Glove and Hunter's Ring both on a pedestal. Obsidan grabbed the glove and placed it on. He aimed the glove at Calcite's arm, letting the Memento Mori go. Obsidian grabbed the ruby gauntlet)“Now leave this dimension, head back to research with Realgar.” Obsidian ordered. “Yes Master Obsidian, forgive me for this error.” Calcite said. “If you wear the Memento Mori one more time, you will suffer.” Obsidian said. “Understood, but you don't know how much I can't stand him.” Calcite chided. “Leave.” Obsidian chided. (Calcite ran off, vanishing into the hallway. Yellow light flashed before dimming) “The Memento Mori, I felt it's power awake. But now, they must gather the others.” Obsidian thought. The rubies shined in his hand. Obsidian walked away, leaving both Pure Glove and Memento Mori.