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Dimension Heroes Remastered Chapter 4 Act 3
The ship flew through space. E. Gadd watched the stars. Everyone but Ivory and Billy looked around. “Look at all this, I've never seen these formations before.” E. Gadd said. “All because we're in another dimension.” Vectorman said. “I knew that, but it's still amazing.” E. Gadd said. “You were able to create a way to dimension travel, we had to find statues.” Miler said. “The one we found in my dimension?” Vectorman asked. “Yes, but the main reason this whole mess started, me.” Shade paused. “It wasn't your fault, Billy didn't tell you how to use the Pure Glove.” Miler said. “Pure Glove, what's this about?” Solar asked. “Well, it started before we met you.” Miler explained. “Only me, Billy, Shade, Miler, and Rojo.” Toxic Dune said. “We have to gain pieces of armor so we can destroy it before Obsidian gets his hands on them.” Shade explained. “The same guy that tried to kill Luigi.” Hunter explained. “Uh, yeah, I thought I was going to die.” Luigi said. “Calm down, he's not here.” Mario said. “Right, how is he so strong?” Luigi asked. “No one knows, except for his creator, Realgar.” Shade explained. “He was the one that started this mess.” Toxic Dune added. “What will happen if he attacks us right now?” Luigi asked. “I don't know, but it will be hard to escape.” Rojo said. “I'll just check on the other room.” Luigi said. (He opened a door and left the room) “Luigi, he's a lot more scared.” Sonic said. “Obsidian, we saw what happened, maybe his white eye stared into him.” Hunter said. “He'll pay for hurting my brother.” Mario chided. “Now's not the time, what matters is that we get the Memento Mori.” Shade said. “How much longer?” Sonic asked. “Still an hour away, but I know what I'm doing.” E. Gadd said. “I hope Luigi isn't messing with Ivory.” Rojo thought.

  Entering into another room, Luigi heard the rest of the conversation. He couldn't stop thinking of when he almost died. Obsidian's eye, no, he'll pay. Luigi shook his head) “I've got to be strong like Mario.” Luigi thought. (He noticed Ivory sitting on a piece of metal. She turned to face the green man) “Hi Luigi, are you okay?” Ivory asked. “Yeah, it was stuffy in there with all those people.” Luigi explained. “Can I talk to you?” Ivory asked. “Sure, what's wrong?” Luigi asked. (Ivory gripped her jacket, looking away) “Come closer, please, I don't want others to listen.” Ivory said. “Okay, (Luigi walked up to the otter) what's wrong?” Luigi asked. “The Memento Mori, that's the armor of Nettogrof, God of Death.” Ivory paused. “Armor of a God, death, I understand why it's evil.” Luigi said. “Yes, it's cursed, and cause negative effects, deep inside me.” Ivory paused. “Something wrong, are you suffering from it's effects?” Luigi asked. (Another door away from the cockpit creaked open. Silent for both Luigi and Ivory not to hear. Someone looked inside to see the two) “I feel I have a connection with the Memento Mori.” Ivory explained. “How, are you related to a God of Death?” Luigi asked. “No, but when I wore a part of the Memento Mori. I felt it's power bonding with me. Now, I feel like I have something hidden.” Ivory explained. “Has anyone told you about this?” Luigi asked. “Billy, he warned me not to use the Memento Mori, but something forced me to.” Ivory sighed. “What's this something?” Luigi asked. “Don't know, but he says that we're related.” Ivory sighed. “This sounds like a mystery.” Luigi mused. “Yeah, even if you don't understand, I'm glad to get it off my chest.” Ivory sighed. “Good to know, (Someone closed his eyes, then closed the door) did you hear that?” Luigi asked. (They both heard noises. The ship shook, both Ivory and Luigi fell. Lights turned off, leaving the two in darkness. Luigi screamed, Ivory reached for his overalls in the darkness.

  The ship shook in the darkness. Outside, Miler and others saw Obsidian's ship) “They found us!” Miler declared. “What do we do now?” Shade asked. “E. Gadd, you have that device working?” Vectorman asked. “Yes, but what about Luigi?” Mario asked. “We have no choice, (The group felt the ground shaking. A bright light erupted from the doors of the cockpit) get ready guys.” Solar chided.

  (In the room behind the cockpit, Ivory and Luigi hid behind metal. Obsidian arrived, gripping his ruby blade. Luigi bit his lip, with Ivory looking at him) “What do we do?” Luigi asked. “Remain calm, we should be able to escape.” Ivory soothed. (Luigi nodded, they both saw Obsidian look at the door leading to the cockpit. He glared at it, then teleported) “Where's he going?” Luigi asked. “Duck.” Ivory ordered. (Both her and Luigi lied down, a flash of light hit the ship.

  Sonic and others saw the light vanish. Things moved, stars appeared, air escaped from the room. Mario went to the edge of the cut opening) “Luigi!” Mario yelled. “We have to 'cough', escape!” E. Gadd said. “Right, we've got to leave!” Hunter said. “What about Luigi?” Mario asked. “We have to leave, (Solar grabbed Mario, pulling him away) I know they'll survive!” Solar said. “No, Luigi, brother!” Mario yelled. (E. Gadd began to cough, air vanished through space) “Sorry Mario, but I know Luigi will be okay.” E. Gadd soothed. (Tears formed in Mario's eyes, the cargo with Luigi and Ivory vanished in the darkness) “Go on.” Mario sighed. (E. Gadd got out the G.A.D.D and pressed a button. In a flash of light, everyone in the cockpit vanished.

  Ivory and Luigi got up from their hiding spot. The cockpit gone, but a shadow loomed) “They split our path, where do we go?” Ivory asked. “Outside the ship!” Someone yelled. (The two looked to see Billy near a door) “Outside, there's nothing!” Luigi yelled. “Come with me.” Billy ordered. (He ran to a ladder, climbing up, he unlocked a door going outside. Ivory and Luigi both followed. They saw Obsidian's ship with a cannon charging up. A part of the ship in grip's reach) “How do we get up there?” Ivory asked. “Climb on top of me.” Billy ordered. (Ivory got on top of Billy, letting Luigi jump above the otter. He grabbed the part of the ship, letting Billy climb up. The goat got onto the platform, pulling both Luigi and Ivory up. They both saw an opening and went inside. Right as they did, a loud noise roared outside. Without looking back, the three walked in the darkness. Billy in the lead, with Ivory and Luigi grabbing onto his coat) “Thanks Billy, how did you know Obsidian was going to kill us?” Ivory asked. “I saw the light and Obsidian's appearance.” Billy explained. “Mario, I hope he and the others survived.” Luigi cried. “I'm sure they did, besides, E. Gadd has the G.A.D.D.” Ivory said. “Oh, so they went dimension traveling, that means, we're alone.” Luigi cried. “Hey, we have to be quiet, lets find a safe place to hide.” Billy chided. (Ivory had her arm around Luigi's shoulder) “Please stop crying, Mario and others are safe.” Ivory soothed. (Billy sighed, he hit his cane on the ground. The three heard a noise. Light rise out from below. Billy knelt down to see emptiness. Looking at Ivory, he nodded) “We wait up here, if anything happens, we go down here.” Billy ordered. “Fine, since there's nothing left to do, we wait.” Ivory said. (They moved away from the light.

  Time passed, Ivory and Luigi fell asleep, leaving Billy awake. He looked down to the light. No one, a sudden shake, Ivory and Luigi woke up) “We landed?” Ivory asked. “Yes, come on, we have to find Zero and Samus.” Billy said. (The three ran across the darkness. Footsteps echoed towards purple smoke. Luigi, Ivory, and Billy began to cough as they escaped the ship.

  Landing on ground, the three coughed more. They tried to hold it back, unknown if they were alone. The three ran around, trying to find a place to hide. They saw an opening leading underground. Jumping in, the smoke vanished, letting the heroes breathe. Running through the darkness, Luigi has green flames engulf his hand) “How deep is this place?” Ivory asked. “I don't know, but we must get going, Obsidian might be behind.” Billy said. (Luigi looked back and sighed. He ran off towards the others, going deeper in the darkness.

  Deeper down, Ivory, Billy, and Luigi end up in a giant room. Roots and boulders all over. A giant tree in the center. Zero and Samus lied on the boulders, unconscious. Tanzanite and Ammolite had the topaz Memento Mori boot. Above the tree was the sapphire Memento Mori gauntlet) “Heh, too easy.” Ammolite mused. “Hold it!” Ivory yelled. (The hornet and bear turned to face the three) “So you survived, how persistent.” Ammolite said. “You give us the Memento Mori!” Billy demanded. (Ammolite gave Tanzanite the topaz and sapphire Memento Mori. The hornet dashed forward, almost stinging Billy. Luigi threw fire and hit Ammolite. The hornet moved back) “Leave here now.” Ammolite ordered. (His wings opened up, firing lasers. Billy threw his cane, hitting Ammolite's wing. Luigi threw fire, hitting Ammolite's other wing. The hornet moved back towards Tanzanite. Luigi threw more fire, with Billy running towards the tree. He rammed into it, causing the tree to shake. Tanzanite fell down, letting go of the two Memento Mori. Ivory ran for the gauntlet and boot) “Ivory, no!” Billy yelled. (She grabbed both pieces of armor. Ammolite flew up to the otter, but she dodged his ram. Ivory landed onto a rock, she glared at Ammolite) “Give up the Memento Mori!” Ammolite demanded. “You'll have to catch me dead.” Ivory chided. (Flames roared, Ivory turned around to see Tanzanite. The bear moved his fist towards Ivory. Without movement, everything became black.

  In a flash, the Memento Mori fused to Ivory. The otter glared at Tanzanite) “What will happen next?” Billy thought. (Ivory began to sweat, but Tanzanite punched Ivory, unleashing a firey blast. The otter landed onto the ground, panting as the two Memento Mori glowed. Ivory trembled, sweat falling down her face) “If your a part of my family, then why hurt me?” Ivory thought. “We all live in pain, some face it worst.” Someone said. (Ivory's eyes widened, Tanzanite rushed forward, flames on his fist. She moved away and reached for Tanzanite's shadow. Billy rammed right into Ammolite, with Luigi throwing fire. The hornet flew around, still firing lasers from his wings. Ivory moved back, fur pale, lavender irises glowed. Her suit became black, with red splatter marks. Her hands became charred. She unleashed flames from her hands. Tanzanite ignited more flames from his flamethrowers. Billy jumped up and rammed right into Ammolite then hit Tanzanite. The robot bear fell down, crashing into Ivory. Both topaz and sapphire Memento Mori bounced away. Ammolite fired lasers at Luigi before rushing for the armor. He gripped both gauntlet and boot) “Thank you, Tanzanite, mission's over.” Ammolite said. (The two telported, leaving Ivory, now normal, unconscis.

  Billy and Luigi were near Zero and Samus. Darkness vanished, revealing Ammolite with the two Memento Mori. Ivory on the ground, not moving. Ammolite and Tanzanite teleported away with both Memento Mori) “No, they got away!” Billy yelled. (He slammed his fist onto the ground) “Ivory, is she okay?” Luigi asked. (Billy went up to the otter) “She's alive, but, how foolish you are!” Billy yelled. “Huh, Billy, don't be so loud.” Ivory moaned. “I warned you, I warned you not to use them!” Billy yelled. “I tried to pick them up and keep them away.” Ivory moaned. “They escaped with the armor, we're trapped here.” Billy chided. “I wasn't a fool, they just reacted to me because I have a connection.” Ivory chided. (She got up, glaring at the goat) “You shouldn't pick them up, now your tainted with negative energy.” Billy chided. “I'm still alive, it hasn't corrupted me.” Ivory chided. “It will happen.” Billy chided. “And if it does?” Ivory asked. “You'll regret every part of it.” Billy whispered. “Hey guys, these two are waking up.” Luigi said.

  (Ivory and Billy focused on both Zero and Samus getting up. Luigi brushed Samus' helmet) “Ivory, Billy, how did you get here, where are the others?” Zero asked. “We crashed into this planet, and the others are gone.” Ivory sighed. “The Memento Mori, both gone from Tanzanite and Ammolite.” Billy said. “What do we do now, everyone's gone and our reason for here is gone.” Luigi sighed. “My power, the Memento Mori.” Ivory mused. “Ivory, when you touched the Memento Mori, did you feel different?” Billy asked. “Yes, and I feel more powerful.” Ivory said. “No, I was too late.” Billy said. “I'm still myself, what if I can tap into this new power?” Ivory asked. “No, the Negative Energy will corrupt you!” Billy yelled. “I can handle it, I'll awaken my corruption.” Ivory said. “No, don't!” Billy yelled. (He ran for Ivory, but the otter moved away. Ivory's suit turned black with red symbols. Her fur became paler, yellow irises glowed. She lifted her hands and formed a portal. With it formed, Ivory shifted back) “I did it, but the corruption.” Ivory moaned. (She closed her eyes and fell into the portal. Billy ran in, diving down. Luigi looked at Zero and Samus) “Should we move forward?” Luigi asked. (Zero grabbed Luigi's overall strap) “Yes we do!” Zero yelled. He and Samus jumped in, with Luigi dragged in.