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Dimension Heroes Remastered Chapter 5 Act 1
A dimension portal opened up, letting the heroes slam into ice. A loud crack echoed, with the heroes buried in now. Mario looked around, sighting on Shade, Solar, Toxic Dune, and Vectorman. The man got up, brushing his overalls. Animals and Orbot got up, snow dropped down their bodies. “Where are we?” Shade asked. “Don't know, but, I just remembered, I still have Billy's jacket.” Toxic Dune paused. “At least you have something to keep you warm.” Solar chided. “Calm down, we shouldn't argue. (Mario went between the dinosaur and scorpion) We're going to find out where the others are.” Mario said. “Fine, but I'll never accept you in my life.” Solar chided. “Fine, but don't try to argue with me.” Toxic Dune chided. (They both yelled at each other. Vectorman grabbed onto Mario and Shade's clothes)

  “Do you see that?” Vectorman asked. (He looked at a giant mountain in the distance) “Well, it's going to be a long walk.” Mario sighed. “Yeah, but it's worse with them fighting.” Shade sighed. “I've never seen ice in a long time.” Vectorman said. (He picked up snow with his three thick fingers. Shade went up to the cold blooded creatures) “Guys, we've found a place to go.” Shade said. (Toxic Dune glared at Solar) “We'll argue somewhere else.” Toxic Dune said. (Solar looked away, shivring, the horns on his body glowed. Red cracks appeared all over Solar's body, flashing orange. He walked towards the mountain. Ice melted on every step he took. The others followed through the ice.

  In water, another portal opened up. Something escaped, hitting the water. A big splash echoed. Luigi swam up, escaping to the surface. The light vanished, leaving Luigi alone. Swimming around, Luigi bumped into something) “Mario, is anyone here?” Luigi asked. (Nothing but an echo in the darkness. Luigi jumped, spooked by how loud it was. Reaching out, the man felt stone. He dragged his hand across the stones, soon finding an opening. Luigi slipped through the unknown.

  The man hit a hard ground, causing water to splash. A bright light blue color glowed above. Luigi felt something on the back of his head. He rubbed his wound, feeling a cut. Luigi noticed a darker shade in the water. Copper scent, a few jagged rocks covered in the darker color. Luigi's heart stopped, he placed his hand onto the sharp tips. He felt a sting, but he then moved his hand to the light. It was red, Luigi shook his head, he had to get going. The man walked through the tunnel.

  Luigi continued his way till arriving into a large room. Water filled almost all of it. An opening let sunlight enter. Luigi swam across, getting on top of a tall pillar. He looked at the sunlight, shielding his eyes. Looking above, he noticed a symbol on the celing. The room became dark, Luigi jumped, slipping into the water. Looking in the water, he saw the light return. Fish swam around, and tunnels leading to the unknown. Luigi swam down, entering into another tunnel.

  He swam to the other side. A pocket of water and sand. Luigi looked around, still in the water. The man got onto the sand, brushing it away to find a shiny object. He grabbed it, putting it into his hat. Nothing else to see, Luigi dived back into the water. Swimming through the tunnel, he felt something grab his leg. Looking, his eyes widened at the shadow. It's thin arm pulled on Luigi's leg. The man screamed, kicking, trying to get away. His brown shoe hit the creature's face, causing it to retreat. Luigi swam away, reaching to the main room. He got on top of the pillar, gasping from what he just witnessed. Sunlight was the only thing to soothe him. Luigi shook, he looked down to the water) “Luigi!” Someone yelled. (The man jumped, slipping into the water) “Whose there?” Luigi asked. “Find us in the water.” Someone said. (Luigi looked down to the water) “I hope its the others.” Luigi thought. (He dived into the water.

  Luigi entered a room. Within were fallen pillars and a broken tile circle. Luigi swam around, nothing to see. He noticed another room and entered. Within the room, there was an opening to air. He swam up to it and got out. Luigi froze from a figure's shadow. This figure was examining a wall of writing. Samus, Luigi smiled and went up to the woman) “Samus, it's good to see you!” Luigi cheered. (Samus turned around, looking at the man) “Have you found the others?” Samus asked. “No, but do you know where we are?” Luigi asked. “I can't say, we need to find a way out.” Samus said. “There was an opening with light.” Luigi said. “Show me.” Samus paused. (Luigi nodded, jumping into the water. Samus followed, landing onto the ground. Luigi gripped onto Samus' hand and pointed to the opening he entered in.

  The two got up to the pillar. Samus looked at the light, with Luigi shielding his eyes. The woman aimed her arm cannon towards the light, firing. Nothing, Luigi looked away) “Any other ideas?” Luigi asked. “There's a symbol above, and a marking on the ground.” Samus mused. (Luigi took off his hat, revealing the shiny object. Samus grabbed it, shinging it onto the light. She placed it down into the pillar. A bright beam of light errupted, causing the celing to open. Blue sky shined with the sun above. Light flooded the room, with stairs forming a way out. Luigi and Samus walked up the steps. They looked around to see water. Luigi looked down) “Where do we go now?” Luigi asked. “Luigi, Samus!” Someone said. (Luigi and Samus looked down. 

  Zero swimming, with Billy on his back. The goat waved) “Glad to find you.” Zero said. “Zero, Billy, I'm glad your alright, but, where's Ivory?” Luigi asked. “No clue, but, I'm worried.” Billy sighed. “I understand, but, where are we?” Zero asked. “Don't know, but we've got to find the others.” Luigi said. “We're in the middle of the ocean, nothinng to see.” Samus sighed. “We'll find something, I just know it.” Luigi said. (He jumped into the water, with Samus making a big splash. Luigi, Zero, and Billy were afloat, except for Samus. Luigi swam down, seeing her in the oceans depths. Zero and Billy dived down, all four gathered to Samus. The goat pointed to a tunnel.

  In another air pocket, it was another room. This room had more fallen pillars, but light from a circle above. In the center, where the light entered, Ivory lied unconscis. During this state, something was next to her. Billy pulled out his pistol) “Who are you?” Billy asked. (The figure looked at them. It was a pure shadow. Eyes glowed yellow) “Billy, I never thought I would see you here.” The figure said. “How do you know of me?” Billy asked. “Because I saw it all, you remember, Greed's Gold.” The figure said. “No, I know nothing of which you say, now leave Ivory alone.” Billy ordered. “Not yet, (The figure knelt down to grab onto Ivory's cheek. He lifted her face) I wanted to say goodbye.” The figure said. (He plunged his hand into Ivory's chest. It entered and the otter's eyes twitched. Billy ran forward, passing through the shadow. The goat turned around, firing bullets. They passed through the shadow, causing everyone to scatter) “Leave this child alone!” Billy yelled. “Why don't you do the deed then?” The figure asked. “What deed, I don't know what your talking about!” Billy yelled. “Perhaps time flew too fast, it's only your choice to end it.” The figure said. (It vanished, causing Ivory to close her eyes. The group went up to the otter)

  “Ivory, are you alright?” Luigi asked. (Ivory roused, she faced Luigi) “What happened?” Ivory asked. “Did he hurt you?” Billy asked. “Who, all I could see were visions, fire, screams.” Ivory explained. “Do you feel anything different?” Billy asked. “Yes, my power, its growing, and I'm scared.” Ivory trembled. “Its alright child, lets get going.” Billy soothed. (Ivory nodded, letting Billy reach his arm for her's. The otter gripped it, the goat pulled her up) “Well, it's time to get going.” Zero said. “But where, its an entire ocean.” Luigi said. “I saw something out there.” Samus paused. (Everyone looked at her) “And?” Billy asked. “We should look there.” Samus added. “Fine, if we don't see anything, we'll swim.” Billy said. “I can't swim.” Ivory said. (Silence, with Billy looking at Ivory) “Lets get going.” Billy said. (He and the others walked out of the room.

  After a while, the group was back in the main room. Standing on the edge, they looked down to see water) “Any ideas?” Zero asked. (Samus jumped into the ocean, she stood up, appearing to stand on ground. She moved her arm, allowing the others to jump to the water. They hit the ground, feeling sand. Luigi scooped up sand) “How come we didn't see this?” Luigi asked. “Hidden, we were unable to see it with the water.” Samus said. “Its like the place is flooded.” Zero mused. “Guys, do you feel something?” Ivory asked. (They looked at the otter. Something rose up above Ivory. Sand poured down, revealing an anthromorphic horseshoe crab.

  It was short, but had a huge shell. The body underneath had no head. Only ten arms, with the top two having pinchers. The others were three fingered hands. In the center of the torso was a tan opening. Below the torso was book gills, connecting to the second part of the shell. The brown shell had two large compound eyes. Ivory jumped down to the sand. The horseshoe crab fell to the sand, letting it's eyes to look at the heroes)

  “Who are you and why did you ruin my sleep?” The horseshoe crab asked. “Sorry, we didn't know you slept here.” Ivory apologized. “You should've looked before jumping, what did you do?” The horseshoe crab asked. “We did nothing, whats wrong?” Ivory asked. “Did you flood the island?” The horseshoe crab asked. “We found this place at this state, we had nothing to do with it.” Zero said. (The horseshoe crab got up. Water rose up, forming legs around his book gills. The crab streched his arms) “If your not to blame, where did you come here?” The horsehoe crab asked. “We're dimension travelers, all seperated from the others.” Billy answered. “Can you help us find them?” Ivory asked. “Your from another world, you look like the part of travelers.” The horseshoe crab said. “Yes, and we need help to find our friends.” Ivory said. “I understand, I'll help, (The horseshoe crab fell to the sand, letting everyone get onto his shell. Movement started, with the horseshoe crab entering farther out into sea) my name's Carapace.” Carapace introduced. “Thank you Carapace, now, onward!” Billy ordered. (He stood in between Carapace's eyes. The horseshoe crab swam through the ocean.

  Back at the cold landscape, the other group arrived to the top of the mountain. At the peak, everyone looked around. Ice covered the place, thick shards stuck out. Solar saw a part of the mountain, brushing the snow away, he saw ice) “Looks like it leads to somewhere underneath.” Solar mused. (He exhaled fire, horns glowing. Ice melted, causing the group to fall through the ice.

  Everyone fell into snow, breaking their fall. Mario brushed his hat, snow fell on his face. The man got up, pulling Toxic Dune up) “Thanks, but, why didn't Solar warn us?” Toxic Dune asked. “I didn't know it lead us down here.” Solar said. (Ice illuminated around the cave. Bright lights of orange shined from Solar's horns. Ice crystalized in everyone's breath. Shade walked up to an opening) “Look at this, where do you believe it goes to?” Shade asked. (Solar went up to the Akita) “Don't know, but this feels fimilear.” Solar mused. (The group walked into the tunnel. It became dark, with Solar, lights glowed. This let the heroes follow him.

  In the darkness, Vectorman fired electric shots, letting light flow through the cave. Shade stopped, looking down at the ice. Toxic Dune noticed this, he paused and went up to Shade. The others moved on) “Shade, is everything alright?” Toxic Dune asked. “Yes, why do you ask?” Shade asked. “Because I see it on your face, tell me whats wrong.” Toxic Dune demanded. “Nothing.” Shade paused. “Nothing, it doesn't sound like it.” Toxic Dune said. “I messed up, okay, if Billy handled the Pure Glove, then we would've ended the war.” Shade answered. “I'm happy for that mistake,  we wouldn't meet these people.” Toxic Dune said. “Your right on that, but, I lost the glove, it was our only hope.” Shade said. “Don't worry, we'll get it back, just have faith.” Toxic Dune said. (Shade looked away, sighing) “Hey guys, we found a new area!” Mario yelled. (Toxic Dune and Shade ran off towards the voice.

  Shade and Toxic Dune caught up with the others. They saw themselves on a small platform. A skeleton bridge lead to another island. Solar stepped on the bridge) “What's wrong?” Mario asked. “My home, how could this happen?” Solar asked. (Toxic Dune looked at Solar before walking across the bridge. Everyone else followed to the other side. Toxic Dune looked at Solar.

  The dinosaur shook, the horns glowing bright) “You okay?” Toxic Dune asked. “Yes, wait, did you ask me?” Solar asked. (Toxic Dune nodded, taking off Billy's coat) “You need this.” Toxic Dune sighed. (Solar pushed the scorpion away) “I don't need help from a killer.” Solar snarled. (Toxic Dune glared at Solar) “I'm not a killer.” Toxic Dune remarked. (Solar ran off through the ice. Toxic Dune sighed, putting Billy's jacket back on. He looked at Mario, Shade, and Vectorman) “Toxic, is everything alright?” Shade asked. “Yes, it's just that Solar, well.” Toxic Dune paused. “Lets go find Solar, he couldn't get too far.” Shade said. (He, Mario, Vectorman, and Toxic Dune ran through the ice.

  Passing by more ice, Solar stopped. He looked at a platform in the distance. On it was a giant frozen flame structure. Surrounding it were three tall spiral pillars. Solar went up to a frozen bridge) “This can't be.” Solar paused. “Solar?” Vectorman asked. “This is my home, and yet, what happened?” Solar asked. “We're in the Volcannon Continent. Maybe we'll find someone.” Toxic Dune said. (He walked forward, with Solar grabbing the scorpion's tail) “This is my home, your never welcome.” Solar chided. (Mario punched Solar's hand, breaking his grasp) “Listen, we need to figure out what's going on.” Mario said. (He walked across the bridge.

  On the island, the tall structures shined. Solar went up to the giant flame. At the front were two doors encased in ice. The others arrived to Solar) “Is everything alright?” Shade asked. “Yes, but we have to go inside.” Solar said. “How strong is this ice?” Toxic Dune asked. “Haven't tried to open it yet.” Solar said. (He formed his hammer. The dinosaur slammed it onto the doors. Flames erupted, steam flew. Solar moved his hammer away, revealing a hole to the door. The dinosaur hit the doors again, forcing them to open. A blizzard wind roared, letting the heroes enter into the ice structure.

  In the frozen hallways, the group saw nothing but ice) “Solar, I know what happened.” Toxic Dune said. “So do I, how come it didn't effect me?” Solar asked. “What are you talking about?” Vectorman asked. “Remember when I mentioned the Volcannon Crystal?” Solar asked. “Yes, what does it have to do with this ice?” Shade asked. “It gives this volcano life, without it, (Solar looked around) it becomes this.” Solar explained. “How come you didn't recognize your home?” Shade asked. “I never saw it like this before. Only way I knew was because my father told me.” Solar answered. “He must be suffering the same fate as everyone else.” Toxic Dune sighed. (Solar glared at the scorpion. He slammed his hammer onto Toxic Dune's chest. The scorpion hit a frozen wall, ice cracked) “I'll never believe you!” Solar yelled. “Will you give him a break, he just said one sentence.” Shade said. (Solar glared at him) “I still hate him.” Solar chided. (Shade sighed, he, Mario, and Vectorman saw Solar walking towards Toxic Dune.

  The scorpion slid down, Solar lifted his war hammer. He glared at the scorpion) “Listen, I think I saw something.” Toxic Dune said. “Tell me, what is it?” Solar asked. (Toxic Dune lifted an arm, pointing up. Solar looked up.

  Everyone saw markings in ice. They formed a word, Psykaiathin) “Psykaiathin, what is that?” Vectorman asked. “This, we'll find the answers by asking Iethis?” Solar asked. “I didn't write it, but it was this way before I hit the wall.” Toxic Dune answered. “Solar, (Both Triceratops and scorpion looked at the other three) whats going on?” Mario asked. “There's a place known as Psykaiathin, their the wisest beings of this world. Their leader, Ithus can see all.” Solar said. “He'll know where the Volcannon Crystal is.” Toxic Dune said. “Where is the Psykiathin?” Shade asked. “Its located in the Duneadris.” Solar said. (Toxic Dune looked down) “I'll stay here.” Toxic Dune said. “What, why?” Shade asked. “They'll kill me.” Toxic Dune said. “They'll?” Shade asked. “My own species.” Toxic Dune sighed. “Don't worry, we won't let them harm you.” Shade said. “Thanks Shade, Solar, are we ready to leave?” Toxic Dune asked. “Yes, but if your caught, then that's the end, for you.” Solar said. (He walked towards the exit, with the others following.