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Luigi and the Dimension Device
A blizzard roared though mountains. Walking alone, footprints made their mark in the snow. The person wore nothing of Winter clothing. only blue overalls, green shirt, hat, and brown shoes. He shook in fear, with the blizzard adding extra effect. A voice echoed amongst the blizzard wind. “Mario left for Taisie Mansion, we haven't heard anything from him.” Someone said. “Peach, (The figure fell to the snow, shaking) so cold, how long must this go on?” The figure thought. (He continued to walk through the snow, soon gazing at the mansion) “So close, Peach will be happy when I find my brother.” The figure sighed. (He ran into the building.

  Entering inside, the figure slid on the ice. His eyes widened in the ballroom. He slid down the stairs, crashing into the bottom. Snow covered his body, the figure pulled himself out. He shivered, another blizzard howled from the deep. The figure pulled himself up, going through the frozen hallway.

  Snow buried the entrance to the giant room. The figure melted the ice, green flames on his white gloves) “Mario, what if someone's here?” The figure thought. (He jumped, seeing the Ice Dragon's skeleton. Boney jaw dropped from the fight. The figure scrambled to get up, he then paused, it's dead. Moving forward, the figure saw many golden coins, treasures beyond one's eyes. Going close to a coin, a shadow developed behind the figure. Something touched his shoulder. The figure jumped, hitting the snow) “Luigi, what are you doing here?” Someone asked. (The green man turned around to see an old man. He was short with a white tuff of hair on top of his bald head. A thick Winter Coat covered the sticking out white collar. The person's eyes, covered by big circle glasses with swirls. Luigi got up, now shivering from the snow) “Oh, E.Gadd, I-I-I never expected to s-s-s-see you here.” Luigi shivered. “Yeah, what's a youngster like you doing here?” E.Gadd asked. “I'm searching for M-M-Mario, Peach told me he-he-he went here.” Luigi explained. “Well then, I'm here for a spike of energy, I believed it involved ghosts.” E.Gadd explained. “Oh, well, I haven't seen any.” Luigi said. “Thank goodness for that.” Luigi thought. “What a shame, I was going to ask you to join me.” E.Gadd said. “So, are you leaving?” Luigi asked. “Yes, but I wanted to tell you something.” E.Gadd said. “And that is?” Luigi asked. “This energy spike wasn't normal, in fact, it was dimensional!” E.Gadd yelled. “H-h-h-how, powerf-f-full is it?” Luigi studdered. “Eh, cold getting to you boy, come on, let's head to my place.” E.Gadd said. “In B-b-b-boo, (Luigi swallowed) W-w-woods?” Luigi asked. “Now he knows that I'm freezing?” Luigi thought “Yes, that place, now come on youngster.” E.Gadd ordered. (He walked off, Luigi followed,

  After a while, the two climbed down a ladder. E.Gadd no longer had a Winter coat, now it's a lab coat. They both made it into a bunker. Surrounding the two were boxes of paintings) “What's with all the boxes?” Luigi asked. “I'm moving to Evershade Valley, heard of it?” E.Gadd asked. “No, but why?” Luigi asked. “Heard many ghosts gather up, it's perfect for my research!” E.Gadd explained. “By yourself, what if they attack you?” Luigi asked. “Calm down my boy, they don't harm people, their friendly.” E.Gadd soothed. “Okay, but I'm still worried.” Luigi said. “Right, now look at what I've got.” E.Gadd said. (He focused on a monitor. Luigi twiddled his thumbs, he noticed a painting. The Mario brother jumped, arms ready)

  “Oh, hehe, King Boo's still a painting, that surprised me.” Luigi sighed. “Nothing to worry about, my gallery's all packed up, but i need more money.” E.Gadd said. “Can't you use your company's money?” Luigi asked. “No, I'll just figure something else out.” E.Gadd said. (He looked at the paintings) “Maybe I'll sell them when I get back.” E.Gadd thought. (He noticed Luigi walking towards him. The green man looked at the monitor. Energy levels skyrocketing) “What's this energy?” Luigi asked. “Dimensional, not in power, but in worlds.” E.Gadd answered. “How did you know it wasn't paranormal?” Luigi asked. “Easy, I didn't get any ghost readings.” E.Gadd explained. “Do you think Mario is in another, (Luigi paused, shaking) dimension?” Luigi asked. “Yes, and you have to go after him.” E.Gadd said. “But how, he's far away, and there's nothing we can do.” Luigi sighed. (He fell to his knees, muttering Mario under his breath. E.Gadd chuckled) “If I'm able to make a time machine, then I can create a dimension machine.” E.Gadd said. (Luigi looked up to the short man. A smile appeared, Luigi knew, he had a plan) “Do you, gulp, have something to show me?” Luigi asked. “Yes, (E.Gadd laughed, he revealed a device. It was an orb with a thick red casing. Hexagon glass placed to reveal a glowing green center. On the top was the Gadd Science Incorporated logo. The old professor placed it into Luigi's hands. Luigi looked upon the glass windows. A sphere flashed in his eyes. While memorized by the mysterious glow, E.Gadd held a chuckle) this is the G.A.D.D.” E.Gadd explained. (Luigi looked up to the old scientist) “What does it stand for?” Luigi asked. “Grand Adventure Dimensional Device, the prototype!” E.Gadd explained. “Prototype, sounds dangerous.” Luigi said. “Indeed, that's why we're going to use it!” E.Gadd yelled. (Luigi jumped, letting the G.A.D.D glow brighter. In a flash, Luigi, E.Gadd, and the G.A.D.D disappeared.